Ep. 242 - The Case For The Death Penalty


Anti semitic bigot murdered eleven and injured. Six Jews worshipping at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday. The media are blaming Donald Trump to shoot or hates Donald Trump. And Donald Trump wants to kill the shooter. We will analyze the case for the death penalty. Then Barack Obama reminds us why we forgot about him. Hillary Clinton gets ready for twenty twenty and the Simpsons kill Abu if I hadn't stopped watching the Simpsons twenty years ago. I would totally stop watching them now on Michael Knowles. And this is the Michael null show. So much to get to today. A lot of horrible news, maybe some silver lining, if you can think about some of the Justice that maybe we'll be able to get out of this. But really really tough news cycle. So before we delve into all of it. Let's make a little bit of money. Honey. Let's welcome to my boudoir. You are in my boots war right now. Because I am on the road. I'm in Huntsville, Alabama will be speaking tonight at the university there. 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And they've got a lot of other great free gifts on the website. Text co Fe C O V F E F E to forty seven forty seven forty seven. That is the only way to get this free pillow. You've got to text. Do it right now pullover? I don't care where you are. Text FICO V E f e two forty seven forty seven forty seven that is C O the to forty seven forty seven forty seven. Okay. Let's jump right into this news cycle. There was this horrific shooting over the weekend. This was the largest scale attack on Jews in American history. Apparently there were eleven people. Killed six people wounded, it was at the synagogue in Pittsburgh and the guy was he's not a lunatic. I mean, he's got to be a little bit looney to do anything like this. But this guy is an out and out anti semitic bigot. He's written about this. He's posted all over social media about this right now, the website gab GAB, which is the non censoring Twitter is under fire because they don't censor people. So this guy was on it. And that's what happens when you don't censor people bad guys, you know. You know, say their point of view that doesn't mean that when you don't censor people. People will go out and commit crimes. It also doesn't mean that when you censor people people won't commit crimes, obviously, the two are not related to speech in the act or categorically different, but gab is under fire for this. I mean, this guy had a plan. This guy had a perverse ideology, he went out, and he did it. So what are the media doing their immediately blaming Donald Trump? They've been blaming Trump and Republicans now for a couple of weeks because there was that wacko down in Florida who was mailing the pipebombs. And so now, they're blaming Trump for this guy to it is worth pointing out this guy, apparently despised Donald Trump. He didn't vote for Donald Trump. He posted on social media use that I've never voted for Donald Trump. I've never owned a maga- hat. I have never touched a maga- hat. I don't like him because Trump likes juice too, much apparently. And this is another aspect of the story that's been lost by the media. Which is that this administration is the most pro Jewish administration probably in American. History. Apparently that was part of this guy's gripe with him is that Donald Trump first of all Donald Trump's daughter, converted to Judaism, Donald Trump's son-in-law is Jewish. He put his son in law and daughter in law and George apparently of Middle Eastern policy or trying to resolve the Israel Palestine conflict. He obviously followed through on a long-standing promise of American presidents that no one had ever followed through on Donald Trump move, the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which is the capital of Israel. They built a train station for the guy in Jerusalem. There's a Donald Trump train station. So I think the media turning this and trying to say that somehow the Republican party conservatives or Donald Trump or anti semitic. That is insane. However, the reason that they can get away with it is that this shooter was anti-immigrant is they're saying he's anti immigrant and conservatives want to limit some immigrants conservatives want to limit immigration, all Americans virtually all Americans want to stop. Legal immigration because it's obviously against our laws and a violation of the country. So see he's anti immigrant. They they don't want illegal immigration. See they're the same. It's really cynical, and it's really gross. But that's how they get away with it. Because there is that aspect to this guy's ideology, such as it was really is just bigotry and racial hatred. But President Trump I thought responded pretty well to this. And he's getting a lot of pushback, even though I thought the response was exactly great, which is that we need to zap this guy. This guy needs to be executed by the state as the carriage of Justice through capital punishment. Here's Donald Trump. One thing we should do is we should stiffen up our laws in terms of the death penalty when people do this. They should get the death penalty. And they shouldn't have to wait years and years. Now, the lawyers will get involved anybody that doesn't thing. Like this to innocent people veteran temple or church. We had the so many incidents with churches. They should really suffer the ultimate price. They should pay the ultimate rice. I felt that way for a long time. Absolutely, right. This is absolutely right. And it's shocking to me that people on the left and the right or disagreeing with the case for the death penalty has never been stronger. And yet I hear even hear conservatives say I posed the death penalty. I was on a panel at politic on Charlie Kirk was sitting next to me. I like Charlie a lot. But he he says I oppose the death penalty because I'm pro-life. And I just don't think this argument is very strong the case for the death penalty has never been stronger, especially now that we have technological advances that can exonerate people who have been wrongly accused, especially that we have technological advantage that can put a perpetrators and convict. We can place them at the scene of the crime. We can know that they were there with relative certainty that cases never been stronger, but our culture right now is so confused, and we don't have a vocabulary to talk about moral issues. So we say, you know, pro-life, that's the slogan. But of course, this is not a precise way of talking about things. It's the same with torture. You. You know, I think people here death penalty, and because we have feelings I culture, they say, oh death is bad. So I'm against death. So Nanno death death is bad because it doesn't sound doesn't feel good. Same with torches. I'm against torture. As though this is some morally clear position to hold. But that isn't the case, you know, just just to use the example of torture. The reason that we don't torture enemy soldiers is well, it's because we've all agreed to something called the Geneva conventions. But the purpose of that the reason that we don't torture enemy soldiers is to protect civilians in times of war. That's why we don't torture enemy soldiers is we say, look if you won't attack civilians if you won't target civilians in times of war. We will give you certain protections certain pleasantries, you know, you won't be tortured. You won't be detained in this way. You'll you'll have this this aspect of Justice. Okay, fine. So some people want to extend that and say that we shouldn't torture terrorists. But that of course, undermines the. The entire case for the Geneva conventions that undermines the entire case for not torturing soldiers because terrorists by definition, targets civilians to advance their political agenda. So if we start extending Geneva Convention protections to terrorists, we undermine the whole purpose of the Geneva Convention, we undermine the whole purpose of saying, if you don't target civilians, we won't do certain things to you. We'll give you certain pleasantries. If we start offering that to everybody, then there is no incentive and more civilians are going to die and more civilians are going to get hurt. It's the same thing with the death penalty. He's right now, we always focus when you talk about criminal Justice criminal Justice reform, we talk about rehabilitating criminals. So that's the purpose. You know, they go to jail they go to prison to be rehabilitated. And that's true. There is a rehabilitative purpose of punishment and of the Justice system. But that's not the only purpose. That's not the only aspect of Justice. There are at least two others in probably three. There's a. Retribution? There's retributive Justice punishing people because they did the crime. There's rehabilitation there's deterrence you can try to deter further crimes, and then there's defending society from the criminals who have committed these acts, Adam Smith, great economist and great moral philosopher said mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent when we're talking about states in criminal Justice systems. So you'll hear I was at a school the other night, August Stanford University in South Dakota. And someone said you shouldn't you oppose the death penalty? It's more expensive to pursue the death penalty than to pursue life in prison and say, okay, who cares? Who cares? So it's I mean, and he's right by the way between one thousand nine hundred nine and nine hundred ninety seven the cost of pursuing the death penalty against somebody was about a quarter of a million dollars from the beginning of the trial to zapping him. It was about a quarter of a million dollars between one thousand nine hundred and two thousand four that. Number jumped to six hundred twenty six hundred twenty one thousand dollars as the median. So that is a huge increase. It's more than doubled. Okay. Fine drop in the bucket doesn't really matter. Also, we don't execute that many people which is part of the problem of this debate. So the so far this year. I think the in various states we've executed eighteen people seven more are set to be executed this year. It looks likely that only six more will be executed. So you're looking at twenty four or two per month. The majority of death sentences are not carried out in the United States since nineteen Seventy-three sixteen percent of people who have been sentenced to death have actually been executed. So eighty four percent have not been executed and of the people who remain on death row. They've not been pardoned. They've not been had their convictions overturned, they've not had this or that. Or the other thing a full seventy five percent of them or have not been executed only. Twenty five percent who remain on death row have been executed. So there is an aspect of this which. Might be cruel and unusual punishment. But it's not the death penalty. That's another argument that people try to make they say, it's cruel and unusual. Absolutely. Not. It's been carried out by every government for all of human history everywhere at the time of the ratification of the constitution when we were talking about cruel unusual punishment everywhere had the death penalty, it was virtually the definition of a felony. Now. Life in prison might be cruel and unusual. It might be cruel unusual to sentence someone to death. And then have them waiting for thirty years languishing. They've already made peace with dying, but there's a little glimpse of hope or this or I mean that might be maddening that might be grown unusual. I can totally understand getting rid of that. But we shouldn't. We shouldn't speak in a confused way about the death penalty. There are many good purposes for it. So we know it does deter crime, by the way there have been studies about this since nineteen sixty eight general deterrence theory, but then studies in the nineteen seventies. Even recent studies that show that the death penalty deters crime and in places where it's shown not to deter crime very much of one likely cause of that is that the death penalty isn't actually carried out. So it's deterrent effect isn't very strong. But we know in places where the death penalty is carried out quickly where it's carried out swiftly that the deterrent effect is significantly stronger. So it does have that as a as a defensive society, obviously by definition, it defends society because you're taking the criminal, and you're setting up a meeting with his maker only God can judge, but we can arrange the meeting, and then finally there is retribution there is you know, when when the terrorists killed three thousand Americans on September eleventh two thousand and one President Bush sat in the Oval Office. He spoke to the American people. And he said these attacks Phyllis with horror with great sadness, and with a quiet unyielding anger that unyielding anger might be expressed in a couple of ways that might be expressed because we just want a little revenge fine. But that's not what retribution retributive punishment. Does. We also are angered because of the in Justice of that. And what retribution and retributive punishment? Does is not gets revenge. But it corrects the error of the miscarriage of Justice. 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You know to look at those people who were slain in Pittsburgh worshiping because a bigot because of a wicked evil bigot came in there and slaughter them in cold blood in the house of God. While they were praying. One feels a quiet unyielding anger in one feels in need to in any way. Restore a balance of Justice. We also want to protect society. We also want to deter. Further acts, and I hope that this guy can get rehabilitated. Well, he's waiting to hang because it will be very good for his soul. I don't care that much on much more interested in the other aspects of Justice on this, but he should hang and it should be swift. And if we're going to have criminal Justice reform, the first thing we should reform is reinstituting that Justice because our current death penalty regime is not particularly just obviously the media or blaming Donald Trump. This has been going on for a long time. Those those pipebombs sent by the worst bomber ever this looney toon extra per from Florida. The media were referring to those bombs as Trump targets bombs. So they say, oh, yes. Bombs were sent to Trump targets as though, you know, Donald Trump with their mailing the packages themselves. This creates a big issue. I mean, look they're even doing it with this guy who shot oldest people in the synagogue, and they're saying they're trying to connect him in some way to Trump even though he hated Trump in front page him and wants to kill him. We should not do this in our political rhetoric. It's a really bad idea. And I'll point out Donald Trump is pretty reckless sometimes in the way, he speaks. He actually hasn't really been reckless on this. And he explains it when the left has committed lunatic fringe acts of violence, the right has not really exploited it here. He is explaining the difference. What a Bernie Sanders supporter dried you murder. Congressional Republicans and severely wounded a great man name, Steve Scalise and others. We did not use that. Hey, this attempt at mass murder for political gain because that would have been on. It would have been the wrong thing to do. That's right. That would have been the wrong thing to do. It's the right thing to do to remind them that you did the right thing because you won't get credit for doing the right thing. Unless you tell them that you did the right thing, which is a little boastful and might seem like the wrong thing. But it is the right thing, I assure you. But this is absolutely right. You don't want to take these fringy lunatic examples and try to pretend that they're Representative of the whole group that is what the left does. And so you'll we've been talking about left wing violence all over this country. But we're not talking about the congressional baseball game guy. We're talking about the mobs of people who have gone out into the street threatened. Conservatives harassed them assaulted them go onto their homes where their children sleep and further. We weren't even really talking about that too much. We'd we didn't talk about antifa, a whole lot until the elected democrat leaders encouraged all of it and not just one of them. Not even just Maxine Waters, but waters holder Booker, Hillary Clinton all of them. They're trying to take. They're trying to wait one radical fringe guy who did an evil thing. And not talk about it as evil per se, which it is. But try to pain to a conservatives or a right wing Republicans that way. Whereas on the left, it is the mainstream that they have to answer for this is also one of the truly off last Bex of identity politics, which is that in the United States after the nineteen sixties nineteen seventies. There really wasn't a much of a white racial consciousness in American politics. It had really been wiped away the US had gone a long way over the course of about one hundred years eighteen sixty to nineteen seventies to wipe away the sins of slavery, and the du jour inequalities and discriminations that were wrought by those systems, and there wasn't really a white racial consciousness. And there were there were some fringe writers who actually called for one. They said we need a white racial consciousness and people said, no absolutely not we reject identity politics, but then the left has forced a white racial identity, which is which is unfortunate because by embracing identity. Politics as their means of ascent as their means of consolidating political power on the left. They have forced a white racial identity. It only only makes sense if you're going to try to say that we have what is it a coalition of the ascendant? You've got all of these people in your explicitly appealing to their skin color or to their ethnic heritage or whatever. And you're uniting them by saying that there's a common enemy in what? Now, we jokingly refer to as the straight white male two straight white sister, gender male, the straight white, which is an absurd term that. I try not to use this straight white male who thinks that he's a male or whatever if that is the personification of evil, then you're going to create an identity around those groups, you you've done it. The left has done it. We didn't do it. We didn't paint. This guy is the worst guy on earth or that color or this woman, or this gender, whatever we didn't paint that as the personification of evil, but the left in order to assemble their identity politics coalition had to do that. And. As a result, you see a white racial consciousness or remain male sexual consciousness. I don't know. It's pretty stupid. It isn't good. When the left does. It isn't good when the right doesn't but the left is going to make it inevitable. The left is going to force this to be inevitable, and that is a really ugly and blame lies there. So if we're going to stop identity politics, which I strongly encourage everybody's got to do it, otherwise, otherwise, it's simply going to grow. It is only going to fester. It's only going to get worse and it is zero sum game. It is truly gutter politics, and they're going to keep it up. I mean, you know, talk about the Bernie, bro guy. We're not talking about the were Bernie, bro as the main. We've got one shot up. The congressional baseball game. We're not talking about that is the mainstream of the Democratic Party. But the New York Times is in the New York Times just last week published assassination porn published this novel. Alleged novelist. I've never read any of her works. Obviously Zoe sharp who wrote a whole piece fantasizing about the secret service, assassinating Donald Trump. That wasn't published on gab that wasn't published on some fringe social media wacky board that was published in the New York Times, and that is a huge distinction. There isn't a moral equivalency here. And you've got to be able to do it it requires moral clarity. I know that it is insane to suggest that Donald Trump playboy for thirty years, you know, tabloid legend somehow has some moral clarity here. But he does when you see an active like the shooting of that synagogue. You've got to kill that guy by the arm of the state because of Justice Justice demands, many kinds of Justice demand that when you see these heinous identity, politics and ideologies that come from that you've got to call it out for what it is. And you've got to reject it. You've got to reject it full-throatedly wholeheartedly not just for one guy. Why not just for one group? But for everybody, you know, in speaking of the fringes versus the mainstream Barack Obama he's out on the campaign trail again. And he is perfectly identifying this distinction because he is out there calling Donald Trump a shameless liar. He is. When I'm talking to Michelle. Sometimes I'm like on demand that you see all the dishes, and she's all like. But that's like the first time you've done that in the week. What's what did you do wrong? And I said well. We all do that to some degree. Right. I mean, it's human nature. But we have not seen before. Cool. A recent public life. At least is politicians just blatantly repeatedly. Baldly seamlessly. Making stuff up. Calling up now. Calling doctors that you can't keep doctors that you can keep calling terrorist attacks in our consulate in Benghazi a spontaneous response to a YouTube. Wait a minute. No. We have seen all of that. From you from you, you shameless cynical leftist hack shoe Kogyo machine. Oily every time he opens his mouth, Donald Trump gets ten thousand votes. That's how it works. I can't wait. I hope the NRC the NRA see the orange the all the GOP all of the conservative institutions are paying Barack Obama's speaker fees because every time he opens his mouth, we get a lot closer to winning in the midterms and in the twenty twenty election, by the way, I'd just like to make a point people always talk about Iraq, Obama what a what a rhetorician. Oh, he's the greatest orator since parak- lease. Oh, what wonderful soaring speeches from Barack Obama compared to Donald Trump who can't even spell on Twitter. First of all, I was never horribly impressed by well. I wasn't maybe I was horribly impressed. But I was never I never terribly much admired, President Trump speeches with one or two exceptions. But listen how we open to that. You know, the guy who apparently possesses this tremendously, advanced and superior command of the English language. He opens up he says, you know, sometimes I'm all like, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then Michelle she's all like, blah, blah, speaking like a little millennial girl, and I'm like, and then she was like, and then he was like this. And then I feel I just feel like LA, LA, LA, LA, LA. But obviously the essence of this is absurd because when you compare Barack Obama's lies to Donald Trump's lies. There is no comparison, they are utterly different. He's saying the Donald Trump shamelessly lies shamelessly. He has he is exaggerated the truth. I'm willing to say that you said a couple of things that quite literally are not true. You know, what what does he do? He exaggerates a crowd size every now and again, he exaggerates this. I mean, he's been doing this whole career. It's huge. It's going to be the biggest the greatest. Okay. That's that is what Donald Trump does his allies. Graduating how many people came to his rally, by the way, tens of thousands one hundred thousand people come to his rallies, and he exaggerates it by ten thousand and they call it a lie. What are Barack Obama's lies like they're like, hey, you can't keep your doctor? Like like like, you know, and I'm like, and he's like, those are those are what those lies are like he says that you can keep your doctor, then he upends a sixth of the US economy, and you can't keep your doctor. He says that an attack on our consulate was caused by some poor guy who made a YouTube video we're little YouTube video that nobody saw in reality. It was terrorists in a preplanned premeditated attack on September eleventh September eleventh twenty eleven or twenty twelve twenty twelve those are totally different. Giving me the guy who lies about the crowd size any day of the week. Another another great lie that Brooke Obama told is he said in an interview he said that Donald Trump will never be president. You'll never be president. Donald those the best lie he ever told. I'm actually quite a fan of that lie because he got that one wrong if you know, okay? I guess if we had to have a liar as president. I I'm glad he was wrong about that. But broadly, speaking a lot of this comes because the left has not let reality dawn on them. They're still running around in these fantasies. Barack Obama's still going out there pretending that he is a rockstar pretending that it's two thousand six two thousand seven before he even ever ran that he's the rockstar compare the crowd sizes that Obama gets to the people that Donald Trump gets how many orders of magnitude smaller is the Obama crowd than the Donald Trump crowd. They're still running around in these fantasies like people haven't caught on. And the perfect example of this. The, you know in a tough new cycle really something that could give us all hope that can give us a little little smile. A little joy is former future prisoner and Hillary Clinton planning out twenty twenty here shoes. Well, I'd like to be president. I think hopefully when we have a democrat and Oval Office in January of twenty twenty one there's going to be so much work to be done. I mean, we have confused everybody in the world including ourselves, and we have confused our friends, and our enemies, they have no idea what the United States stands for what we're likely to do what we think is important. So the work would be worked that I feel very well prepared for having done in the Senate for eight years having been a diplomat in the State Department, and it's just going to be a lot of heavy lifting. You're going to be doing any of that. Let's do you feel like, oh, I have no idea care, but I'm going to I'm not going to even think about it until we get through this November six election about what's going to happen after that. Well, I'm not going to think about oh. Well, we are Ilori don't where we're going to think about it right now. And we go to the ballot box November six I love how she opens at your said. Well, you know, I would like to be president. You don't say or you heal Hillary Clinton the girl who's been in politics since she was twelve the girl who dis- basically launched her campaign to run for president when she graduated from Wellesley the woman who's run now for president on two separate occasions and really ran as her husband's co-presidents on other to. Okay, you want to be president Hillary. I'm shocked to hear that the really telling aspect of this is when she says we've confused everybody. We've confused our friends we've confused our allies. We've confused our enemies. Yes, you have. Yes. You did that I think that was a Freudian slip where you say one thing, but me, and your mother, I think she certainly has confused a lot of people. But it's the left that it's confused them. Just use that line. We've confused our allies and our friends the. Obama administration while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state confused, our enemy Iran as a friend confused him as a free they sent pallets of cash they allowed Iran to humiliate or sailors they gave them the keys to a future nuclear weapon. That's not all all the while abandoning our ally in Israel, all the while funding a campaign opponents fun sending operatives over to try to unseat, the prime minister of Israel, an awful relationship with them, how confusing is it when the Democrats have been running for the last two years about Donald Trump's collusion with the Russians and yet during the entirety of the Obama administration. The US went soft on the Russians the US. Joked Brock Obama made fun of Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was an adversary. He said well met the Cold War. Not today's called they want their foreign policy back. Oh, Brock Obama. The you know, how about when Hillary Clinton signed off to sell uranium to Russian interests about that. And now now now, I'm quite confused. You're absolutely right now, we're supposed to believe that Saudi Arabia is the worst government on planet earth. And yet during the the Obama administration Saudi Arabia was donating millions and millions of dollars to the Clinton foundation. I'm very confused. You are also very confused Ilori. And fortunately, we've got a little bit of clarity coming out now. And we're tweet treating our friends our friends, and our enemies as our enemies. This is really important. And that what a distinction what a perfect way to explain the difference between now and then between the Trump administration in the Obama administration or before that the Clinton administration. They're the campaigns are zeroing in on this. The Trump campaign has great ads out, and we will examine why is just right out of the Ronald Reagan playbook. Why we're living in the eighties. Again. But we can't do that. Until we go to daily wire dot com. We've gotta check on the caravan to got to talk about the student Bill of rights so much more to get to go to daily wire dot com. The main reason you've got to go to daily wire dot com right now is that my speech is coming up tonight. What time we're I think we're going up at seven thirty central time. Eight thirty eastern time five thirty Pacific time. I'd have three in the morning Hawaii. I don't know. I don't know how to do the other times. It's going to be tonight. Five thirty Pacific eight thirty eastern seven thirty central go over there. The topic will be how to write nothing and sell one hundred thousand copies. I've never told my secret before I've never told the secret to the number one bestselling status of reasons to vote for Democrats at comprehensive guide, I will go through it entirely through the entire history of the wonderful system that let me do all that. But you gotta go daily wire dot com. Why else me you get the replacement? You get the Ben Shapiro show. You have to ask questions in the mail bag. Yet to ask questions in the conversation. That's coming up. None of that matters. I've nearly drowned because this is all I have right now. I have this little paper Cup full of coffee. I don't even have FA in here. I just have coffee because I left my leftist. Here's tumbler back in Los Angeles. If I can make it back to the west coast, I will never be without it again. And and you're going to feel exactly the same way. When you get yours. It is the only FDA approved way of protecting your leftist tears, and it's really important, you know, right now on on Monday. So on today. Subscribers get the another kingdom show. So this is the show that Andrew claybin wrote that I perform all the roles in. They get it on Mondays. Non-members non-subscribers have to wait. And they'll just get the audio on Friday. They don't get all the video. It's not cool. Get it because there is no better way than relaxing on a nice Monday, kicking up your feet long day at work. You got your leftist. Here's tumbler guzzling all this delicious, leftist tears, turn on little conservative, or at least non leftist entertainment. Another kingdom who you're going to be. You're gonna feel snug as a bug in a rug. Go over there right now. We've got a lot more will be right back. So the Trump campaign for twenty twenty which is now in gear. I know it seems like we only focus on the White House. But there is a Trump presidential campaign as well. They have just released an ad that is unoriginal it is entirely unoriginal. And it's excellent. It is exactly what they need to release right now. It also tells us a lot about their political strategy. Let's check it out. Members to twenty three thousand net new jobs created in when I look at the way things are made you and mine's me. How far we've come these numbers? They are depressingly. We'd the punch growing even more slowly than we thought things are starting to change. Opportunity. Security to invest in the ones that matter. It only goes up from there only ends with violins playing. And it's obviously showing how much better things are. Now. Does that look familiar does that look familiar you for probably not to you? Because I think the median age of my audience is like two and a half years old. For people for the other part of the audience. It's a little older you probably remember that from the nineteen Eighty-four. Ronald Reagan campaign. Here's Ronald Reagan's version. It's morning again in America. Today. More men and women will go to work for ever before countries. With interest rates at about half the record. Highs of nineteen eighty nearly two thousand families today will buy new homes more than at any time in the past four years. This afternoon. Sixty five hundred young men and will be married. And it goes on and on from there. But you even hear the same uplifting orchestral music. Just looking at the economy just looking at how things have improved. It's morning in America. And Donald Trump has just releasing his big ad thus far right before the midterms. It's morning in America. And that's the argument. And this is the argument, by the way that President Trump has been talking about since twenty fifteen I think people say he's reckless that he's unpredictable. You can never predict him. It actually turns out he's pretty predictable. And the reason we know this is the guy looked back at the most successful Republican presidential administration and campaign in modern history. Ronald Reagan's and he has copied it almost one for one the make America great against Logan came from Ronald Reagan. He puts a little Trumpian twist on it. Of course, the Reagan was let's make America great again with them. And sure as the let's Trump drops the Letsie makes it imperative you do it make. Erica. Great again. Okay. That's fine. Same exact idea same themes. And now we've got morning in America. Because just like the Reagan administration things have improved dramatically. Now, there's a difference here. The Trump one you might call it higher energy in part. This is because our media have just gotten much more frenzied. So, you know, the quality of the video the pacing the video people don't have attention spans anymore. People want to constantly be Hampton up. Okay. That's part of it. It's also because our culture now is a little more individualistic. So you don't at the you heard about halfway through the morning in America. Reagan. Add people say more men and women are going to get married today than ever before. And now, we don't talk about that. Because marriage is a bad thing in our popular culture. I mean, it's not really it's actually a wonderful thing. I'd be living in the gutter without it. But now the culture is too individualistic. So you saw in that Trump version of it. It was a woman she was woman just doing it. And she was the center she was the. Tag inist. And then her daughter became the protagonist of the ad at the end one. It's because President Trump wants to appeal to women he wants to repeal in particular to young people in part. This is a little bit of identity politics. It has become unfashionable to put old white man in things this is, you know, as we discussed before old white men or the great enemy of the popular culture. So you focus on that. But it's the same message. That is applying that message to the present day, and you got to remember that nine hundred eighty campaign from Reagan was a huge campaign, and it was a huge victory. And then what happened in eighty four? He won every single state with the possible exception of Minnesota. I had. Spoke to a chief strategist on that campaign. He insists that they won Minnesota too. But they didn't wanna look like sore losers. But they more or less swept the country. And I think President Trump has just counting on that. You know, he he's a ironically a pretty rational guy in the campaign is at least being run pretty rationally. And I mean that in in so much as when Donald Trump looks at what issues to focus on he he just sort of seize what issues people care most about he in a way that other conservatives other Republicans didn't figure it out. He realizes people hate illegal immigration. Why weren't why wasn't every Republican running on an extreme position on that? I don't know. I couldn't tell you why they felt that you couldn't get away with it. Maybe the culture was against them. The media would they were afraid of the media. I don't know President Trump isn't and and I suspect this will be successful. Unless of course, the economy tanks. And then you know, all is lost. But it really does show those parallels. And it's really great because I missed the nineteen eighty s so I'm glad that I can live through it again. All right. Let's check back in on our caravan. This crazy caravan marching toward the the US Mexico border. Do we have an image of it? I can't hear all those home durins traffic people look gross the border do. Boop. Boop. Boop. Boop. I always whenever we hear caravan. I just think of that van Morris. And so the good news is it has been reduced in size. So it was up to fourteen fifteen thousand I think now estimates are that it's around seven thousand people highly orchestrated a total stunt by the left. I mean, you'd have to be insane. To think this were a spontaneous uprising, you probably also believe that the attack on Benghazi was a spontaneous response to a YouTube video, we've got the president of Honduras, one Orlando Hernandez admitting that this is an orchestrated leftist stunt that it's not spontaneous Judicial Watch has already gone in and talked to some of these people they've done an investigation, and it appears the way the left wants to present. This is it's mothers and babes just trying to come over to freedom to get asylum. Whatever. But there are a lot of bad Ambriz in here. Guatemalan? Authorities have already recovered seven unaccompanied minors who were just being ferreted across by human smugglers, by human traffickers, bad Hombres could really screw up poor little kids lives, and this is what is being encouraged by the left. This is what the left is applauding. You know, the way that conservatives need to respond to this. I hope President Trump responds in this way is to speak about this in Hort, tugging -ly moral terms. It's good apparently General Mattis as secretary Mattis has approved plans to send troops to the border troops to the border, but we need to speak about this in really moral terms watermelon. Authorities recover seven unaccompanied minors who are being brought across by human smugglers, human, traffickers, scum of the earth where bad things can happen. You know, there was a study by fusion was reported in the Huffington Post that sixty to eighty percent of women. Amnesty International puts the number at sixty percent think fusion puts it at eighty percent. Sixty to eighty percent of women and girls who were brought across that border illegally or raped or sexually assaulted. That's what the left is encouraging when the left is encouraging illegal immigration when the left encourages amnesty. When the the left encourages not enforcing the law. What they encouraging is for sixty to eighty percent of women and girls brought across the border to be raped and sexually assaulted. It's as simple as that. I know that sounds harsh. I know that they don't intend for that. Nobody wants women and girls to be raped. But when you support the policy you were supporting the consequence of the policy and the policy is in defensible once again somehow magically miraculously, the Trump administration has a great moral clarity on this issue. We've got to speak of it this way all around, you know. Because there's people are seeing things in such a narrow shallow way on the death penalty on illegal immigration, even on the culture. Just before we go. Some really sad news. The Simpsons is killing off Apu here to react. We have Apu. Boy, I need you who you might not need the quickey, Mark. But we need, you know, we don't really because people don't watch the Simpsons any more. And they probably haven't since the late nineteen ninety s the Simpsons work right though, in in its heyday, the Simpsons was absolutely terrific. They finally given in. Matt graining all of these other guys who were behind the Simpsons have resisted the calls to get rid of Apu by radical lefty lunatics who are offended on behalf of Indians. Because you know, it's not Indians who are complaining about this. It's decadent white liberals who are complaining it's little white girls. Complaining on behalf of the subcontinent and saying, oh, it's so offensive that Apu is a stereotypical Indian character because he says thank you come again. And this is considered offensive again by little white girls on behalf of Indian people for whom they do not speak. But also if we're going to get rid of stereotypical characters in the Simpsons, what happens to all the other characters in the Simpsons know what happens to that. What happens to the chief of police whose bumbling fat idiot who just eats donuts all the time. What happens to groundskeeper Willie this screaming, angry, violent Scotsman? What happens to the Italian? Chef will looks like he's a Mario what happens to the mob. Boss who portrays Italians as mobsters what happens to the Jews? What happens to every other stereotype in the Simpsons what happens to the Latin American guy in the costume? I kind of forget their names. And it's been awhile since I've seen it. But there are these characters Jewish character Mexican character. Whatever what happens to them. It's just up. It's just up. Right. What is the end game? The end game. Here is the lowest common denominator. You know? I had an experience of this yesterday. I have wonderful friends who are left wing and the vegan. And I've got I've actually got multiple friends who are vegan. Okay. You know? Do what you want the way you wanna live? And so we were going to go get lunch, and they took me to a vegan restaurant now. I'll point out when I take my vegan friends to lunch. I don't take them to a barbecue restaurant. But so they take us to a vegan restaurant. And why why did they do it because we all eat vegetables? We can all eat bread. Right everybody. That's the bear. Minimum of what you can eat. So I said, okay. Well, you can eat that we can't eat meat, but you can eat that. So that's fine. This is the lowest common denominator when somebody in your family, and your friends becomes a vegetarian all of a sudden, everybody's got it become a vegetarian because that's fine. You can you don't need this. You don't need that. You don't need me. You don't need cheese. By the way. I I don't know anymore masochistic cultural trend, Dan veganism to I could do vegetarianism for like a week or two because at least you get cheese and cream and Alfred sauce, or whatever you can veganism is not tenable. It is. I'm deeply skeptical that anybody is actually maintaining that diet regimen. Nevertheless, I digress. It's all this lowest common denominator that's offensive to one person up who was offensive to one person in the world. So we've got to get rid of him. He brings enjoyment to millions of people, but one person's offended. So we gotta get rid of them. The Turkey sandwich is delicious to billions of people on earth. But one person gets offended for the Turkey. The Turkey is upset or something. So okay, we got to get rid of nobody can have anymore. What are we going to end up with? We're going to end up in a perfectly clear white room with no windows, staring at a wall like this. And then someone's going to be offended that it's a white room. So it's gonna have to be a beige room or something and all of the little diversities eccentricities and lovely little aspects of. That gives us enjoyment. We'll be stripped bare, but at least no one will be offended. That's the world that they're proposing. And fortunately, the right offers an alternative, I think this is why the right is finally cool. I think this is why Kanye west now has produced a t shirt line for blacks, it he calls the black exit. This is why he's speaking. And so in bracing, the right is he says there's dragon energy. You says, you know, there's masculine energy. There's this. What what he's really saying is it's enjoyable. It's nice. Jerry Seinfeld is no right winger. He is four from right winger. But you hear him a sailing political correctness because it's just not funny. It's just awful. It's terrible. So I think this is an important message. I'm really sorry to Simpson's caved on this. I mean, I also don't care because I haven't watched it in twenty years. I hope that the rest of the cultural realizes this is a loser issue. This is a loser. Don't I know it seems like the screaming wards? Why don't you get pool where I know it seems like there were a lot of them. There aren't there like five of them. Who cares what they think they'll toughen up they'll get they'll grow out of it. All right. That's our show. We're we're out of time. I'm even running late. Check it out tonight. We're going to be back. Eight thirty eastern five thirty Pacific seven thirty central on how to write nothing and sell one hundred thousand copies, I know that you lost mega millions last week. Unless the unless the winners are actually listening to this show in which case, you should call me. But if you're not a union to you'll need to figure out how to write nothing and sell one hundred thousand copies that'll be tonight university of Alabama Huntsville, I'll be back in the studio tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm Michael Knowles. This is the Michael Knowles show. I'll see you later. The Michael Jackson's produced by sending a villa re executive producer, Jeremy boring senior producer Jonathan hey. Our supervising producer Mathis Glover, and our technical producer is Austin Stevens. Edited by Jim Nichol, audio is mixed by Mike core, Amina hair and makeup is by Jessica over. The Michael Knowles show is a daily wire forward publishing production copyright for publishing twenty eighteen.

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