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The Anunnaki Pt. 2: Space Kings


So there's an old biblical story. One many of probably heard before it's the story of lot's wife in the Old Testament. It tells of two cities Sodom and Gomorrah set to be destroyed by God's wrath after years of sin, and decadence. But Abraham pleads with God, if there's a single good person there. He says you must find them and spare them. They find lot a resident of Sodom who they determined to be the city's one. Good man. They tell him that he his wife and his daughters may leave the city, but they must move quickly for destruction is imminent as the family reached the desert, the rumble of the city's demise. Booms out from behind them. Unable to help herself and against God's orders. Watts wife looks back at the blast and becomes a pillar of salts in the bible. It's a lesson on following the word of God. Even if you don't understand it, it's about having faith, but what if the bible is trying to tell us something else to, to cities wiped from the face of the earth in a massive blast and onlooker reduced to salt or ash, maybe the people in these ancient stories weren't smited by God's fury alone? Perhaps there's a secular historical interpretation to other ancient writings, Telefe samarium cities that around that same time fell to what they called in evil wind the sudden death of props poisoning of water all of the symptoms of nuclear fallout. But what could have caused such an atomic? Last in ancient times, humans didn't have that power, but perhaps ancient aliens did. Are we alone? Have we been alone? Will we be alone stories of alien visitation have been engrained in human history alien life may not be confirmed, but our obsession with it can't be ignored welcome to extraterrestrial apar- cast original, I'm Tim. And I'm Bill every Tuesday we visit the marvelous and strange stories about our encounters with beings from another world. We're aware that some of these tales may seem completely unbelievable others may seem all too real, but these stories shed light on human nature, human beliefs, and human psychology and each story has garnered, hundreds, if not millions of true, believers, and for that reason we think they're worth exploring today. We're continuing our discussion on the unarmed ancient extraterrestrial astronauts, who supposedly came. Earth, created humanity, and then obs- Condit, the only record of the Inaki, left was the knowledge they passed on to us, that is, if you believe authors Zachariah, since version of events at par cast, we're grateful for you. Our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help is leave a five star review wherever you're listening really does help. We also now have merchandise head depar- cast dot com slash merch. For more information. Last episode. We dug into author Zachariah since nineteen Seventy-six book. The twelfth planet a reinterpretation of ancient Sumerian texts. Most significantly he proposed an alternate translation of the word sheme where scholars had often assumed this meant temple sich in had other ideas, he said it meant Rocketship from here. He laid out an entire story of the creation of humanity by ancient aliens drawing from Sumerian myths, and taking their fantastical details at face value. The result was an astonishing tale, ancient aliens known as the NEF Aleem lived on the planet, newbie rue the twelfth planet of our solar system. They came to earth to mind, the planet for precious metals in need of minors to do the digging on new son Anki began to experiment with DNA. A eventually by mixing alien genes, with primitive earth apes, he invented the perfect species for hard work human beings. But when the aliens began breeding with humans, the highest ranking Neff Aleem were disgusted. They recalled their species backed in a be ru leaving some of their scientific knowledge as a parting gift, that's where the twelfth planet leaves things with their home planet, Nibiru on a three thousand six hundred year orbit around the sun. The Netflix aren't do back in our neck of the solar system anytime soon. From the start since theories were controversial critics dismiss them out of hand when the book was released in nineteen seventy six one early reviewer less Shaw called it learned. Well, researched carefully documented piffle another James Oberg called it an astronomical flop. But the criticisms couldn't stop the momentum of the book or of sich and himself before long. He became a minor celebrity among proponents of the ancient astronauts theory in the years following the twelfth planets release sich and became a frequent attendee of conventions such as the ancient astronaut society, which featured a lecture from sich in, in nineteen seventy eight hard, as it is to imagine, though, sin wasn't even the first person to suggest that an alien race had created humanity in the sixties and seventies ancient astronauts were growing field of study among conspiracy. Theorists and sin wasn't even the first to publish them in a book most of the credit for the theories surge in popularity probably goes to Eric von Daniken whose nineteen sixty eight book chariots of the gods had put into the mainstream the notion of aliens coming to earth and building the pyramids Stonehenge and other marvels of engineering throughout early civilization. The idea caught fire and the book landed on the New York Times bestseller list in nineteen seventy it was adapted into a documentary film by nineteen seventy six when the twelfth planet was released audiences were prime to hear more about visitors from distant planets, bringing their futuristic ways to primitive humanity where sich an innovated was in going all the way back to the ancient Sumerians, and in using some of the earliest written texts to back up his claims his knowledge of Sumerian and Syrian writing. And his ability to synthesize, various religious tales into a mostly coherent creation story made his version seem, especially plausible, plus his visual evidence was substantial and convincing. There were the carvings of strange giant figures, wearing helmets other ancient art showed pyramid-shaped Ziggurats with what looked like intense at their tips, and most importantly, a Sumerian picture of these solar system. Boasted twelve planet's, not just eight office success of this first book and the gleeful reception at conventions. And among the Elliott astronaut community, Zachariah sich had to find a way to keep them a mental going. He'd already spelled out his theories in the twelve planets. He was giving speaking tours reiterating, those theories and answering questions, but there was only one way, he could think of to keep the ideas alive growing. And spreading he wrote another book. The stairway to heaven was released in nineteen eighty and it packed in even more astounding revelations about on Inaki society. It told how they influenced human evolution and revealed what happened to the honor, Nakae after they left earth, if it seems extremely convenient that sich and manage to uncover yet more details about the Inaki enough that he could publish another book. It's worth remembering that he had plenty to work with in terms of sources thousands of years of religion and legend, in fact, which could easily be reinterpreted to connect to the honor Nakae, and his primary source the Sumerian texts provided more than enough. Material thirty thousand clay, tablets could easily feel a series of books about the supposed true story of humankind's creation. But of course, the big question is whether his connections were rooted in legit. Archaeology and history or if he was simply making tenuous links to fit his pre existing theory since whole theory, rests on the belief that all human mythology and religion stemmed from these alien visitors and the stories passed down about them. So anything from the bible, the Koran the Hindu Vega's it was all relevant and could be connected. And that's exactly what sich and did the earth chronicles a series of seven volumes detailing, all of since discoveries from the tablets, and other religions was released in installments over the next thirty years, each one expanded on these story of the NEF leam, the on Inaki and mankind's early days in the second installment sich and began to expand the story bringing in other cultures. Besides ancient Sumeria and involving disparate figures from world history. He started in ancient. Egypt. According to sich in the oldest gods of Egypt came to earth from these so-called celestial disc. He describes it as a long cylindrical object with fire at its tail and lights at its head. These headlights could change color from blue to red when Faeroes died, they would ascend the stairway to heaven and joined the oldest God's at their home in the celestial disc but for sich in the stairway to heaven wasn't a metaphor for passing on to the next life. It was real. And how exactly did a real life Phero use the stairway to heaven to ascend to the stars? It was easy. If we understand the stairway, to be another name for the launch pad for a rocket for Faeroes headed to the next world, the path laid out in gyp shin lore yearly mirrored how an astronaut might make their way to a shuttle launch. Join from the book of the dead. And from writings about Egyptian king Pepi, the first sin compare the journeys peppy departed by ferry from the land of Horace what we call Egypt's and made his way into the land of Seth the do art. The do what is described as the realm of the dead or as sich inconspicuously, titled it the abode for rising to the stars. The launchpad it was here at the duet that Pepi began to meet technicians gods who prepared his vessel for final departure. They were the ones who provided flame and fire to the boat of raw though, sun, God, another figure is described as the captain of the boat of the gods. To more are described as those who order, the course of the stars like technicians, working on the Apollo missions, these figures moved. Hurriedly. Wasting no time getting ready for the journey here. The pharaoh changed into a new outfits, one fit for a journey to the stars, a spacesuits then it happened. The king ordered the ship did the ancient writers, who recorded this process means ship, as in boat, or ship. As in Rocketship, whichever it was, it was propelled by what the text calls the smoke of the great acceleration, and it was headed upward toward the stars. But there's obviously no ancient spaceport in Egypt today. And Zachariah sich in knows why. Because it was destroyed by the unoccupied sich and followed up the stairway, to heaven with yet another sequel nineteen eighty five's the wars of gods. And men by now since following was secure he. Then you'd appearing at conventions and soon, even began to lead expeditions called sich and studies. These were tours of some of the archaeological sites described in his books and the number of these sites was expanding with each new addition to the series, the third book centers on Mount Sinai and attempts to explain what happened to the space port and why the key don't continue to visit earth to this day, according to in, there's a simple answer for the disappearance of the spaceport the aliens, and the ancient world is he describes it nuclear war up next modern technology melds with ancient history. You've heard of haunted houses, haunted, cemeteries, and haunted islands. But do you know how a normal place can become a paranormal minefield every week, the park cast original haunted places, takes you on an audio tour of different spooky landmark using the same dark storytelling? You here on our show, you'll explore the mysterious legends weird histories and tales of the supernatural the turned once normal locations. 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In nineteen seventy six Zachariah sich and laid out his theory for how the alien race known as the on Inaki settled earth, and created humanity in his book, the twelfth planet of few years later, he followed that up with the stairway to heaven, which suggested that the on Inaki built, a giant space ports in the Middle East, and to explain why there's no spaceport there today, sich and proposed that ancient nuclear war among the aliens at destroyed it that's the subject of the wars of gods. And men, his third book published in nineteen eighty five. The soil of the Sinai. Peninsula is famously dry. The land is flat the ground hard and the dirt of the central plain is pitch black viewed from space. It almost looks burned, according to situation, one should look to two thousand twenty four BC to find the. Answer for how it ended up this way. He said that at this time, the auto knock you controlled the cities of the Middle East, and frequently warred with one another eventually and on Inaki peace council was convened, but peace talks quickly turned to further on Inaki infighting Marzouk, the one time wild child of the Nakae had been conquering city after city across the region, but his father Anki defended him, an argument broke out, and one of the aliens era, stormed out declaring his intention to use the ultimate weapon of the nuclear warheads. Era was supported by en Lille, who city, Marquette sacked, and even on new, their great leader, approved of the use of this alternate weapon. The text reads, quote at the mount most supreme the hero arrived. He raised his hand. The mount was smashed the mount. Most supreme was Mount Sinai says situation where the space port lay then era moved on to Sodom and Gomorrah the story goes, quote the city's he finished off to desolation. He overturned them. The infamous deed was done the cities of the plane and the spaceport between them were obliterated. The fallout from the blast in modern day. Saudi Arabia was felt as far away as Sumeria almost a thousand miles away versus from ancient poems, described, the sudden desolation of Sumerian communities in the twenty first century BC right around the time of the bomb says sich one expert reads, quote, causing cities to be desolated houses to become desolate. It's rivers flow with water. That is bitter. It's cultivated fields grow weeds. Could it be a coincidence, that at the same time the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah fell Sumerian villages were brought to their knees by an unknown malady, what makes since theories, especially compelling is that scientific advancements often came along to support them in the years following the publication of his first book, Zachariah sich in. And kept a close watch on developments in astronomical and scientific circles often seizing on them as evidence of the claims he made in his books in April two thousand, for example, a paper published by the magazine geology attempted to explain the fall of the Acadian empire by analyzing nearby ocean. Basins researchers found that the region had taken a sharp inexplicable turn for the dusty. And aired about four thousand twenty five years ago, the result was drought and famine whole cities were abandoned sich in did the math, writing in two thousand one he subtracted four thousand twenty five years, and he found that brought him to twenty twenty four BC that's the exact year sich and had already said the nuclear bomb went off. Could it be that the sudden shift in weather was actually caused by the nuclear bomb? He believed he'd uncovered in ancient writings, if it was the scientists, whose research was covered in the magazine geology didn't make such a link but the paper declined to speculate about what did cause this climate change throughout his writing career sich and continued to weigh in on scientific findings that might connect to his theories in nineteen ninety six the world was taken with a rare visit from an ancient satellite, the HALE, Bopp comet. Here's a strana Mer. Richard Berenson, on the approaching comet. The comet is Nell. Oh, approaching us on quite rapidly. It'll seem to be going hundred thousand miles per hour, and it's an only ancestor of ours really it's made to the same water and carbon that we ourselves are. Its discoverers Alan HALE, and Thomas Bopp, the hilltop, comet made waves with its extraordinarily bright, body, and unusually long orbital period HALE, Bob only passes by the earth, every two thousand five hundred thirty years though, it's visits for long in the nineties, it was visible to the naked eye for a year and a half, its closest passing was on March twenty second nineteen ninety seven it was a marvelous site in an article from nineteen ninety seven sich and claims that he was besieged with phone calls surrounding the appearance of HALE Bopp, concerned, fans and fellow theorists were desperate to know was this Nimby rue the home planet of the under Nakae and Neville, EM, Nibiru. You'll remember had an extraordinarily long orbital cycle three thousand six hundred years according to sin, but sin disagreed. This was a cop. Not a planet and certainly not Nibiru, perhaps he simply realized that his claims wouldn't hold up if the comet came and went with no word from the on Inaki or may be contrary to his usual willingness to make huge leaps sich and recognize that turning a planet into a comet stretched the limits of believability even for his readers at that same time, the discovery of planetary body dubbed nineteen ninety six t l sixty six also fed fuel to the fire. This latter body was not a comet making it a better fit for Nimby ru according to sin. But it was too small for strana murs to consider it a true planet, again, sich was inundated with questions could nineteen ninety six t l sixty six b Nibiru and again, sin said, no. He said that newbie ru was. Three or four times the earth size, much larger than nineteen. Ninety-six T L, sixty six was supposed to be, but he seized on both HALE Bopp and nineteen Ninety-six, T L, sixty six as proof of the gigantic orbital periods that can characterize a satellites journey through these solar system. Hale Bopp was only discovered a year or so, before it became visible in the sky, if Nabih ru really does travel along, the gigantic path sich and said it does, it's entirely plausible that it's simply too distant for human devices to detect and that means it may still be out there ready to return when we least expect it. While since fans were eager to confirm his theories, he had his skeptics, as well such as Dr Michael Heiser, Dr Heiser holds a PHD in ancient semitic languages in the mid two thousands. He began analyzing the work of Zachariah Sicheng immediately. He found the translations suspect in his first book sich, and claims that the word on Inaki literally translates to people of the fiery rockets that sounds like an inaugural point in favor of ancient alien astronauts, but Heiser breaks down the word and shows that it actually means princely seed that is offspring of the prince presumably on. Oh, there's simply no plausible reason to read the word the way, sich, and does none of the words components resemble his claims. The only explanations are and. Int- misunderstanding or and intentional deception. Another core pillar of since argument is seal VA to forty three which we discussed in part, one, it's supposedly shows the sun above the heads of several under Nakae, a sun surrounded by twelve planets, surely this indicates that ancient people had observed celestial bodies that we still don't know about or maybe not Heiser points out that the peace of the carving that sich and interprets has the sun doesn't align with how the sun is depicted in any others who Marion carving in all likelihood what looks in the carving. The son was, in fact, just at a picture of a star the dots surrounding it represented other stars, the largest star, the one that looks like a son was merely depicted that way to emphasize it in the picture likely. It was a star connected to the ritual being shown in the carving a star the Syrians associated with agriculture, for example, clearly a slightly deeper. Look into claims suggest that at best, he made huge assumptions and misinterpretations in order to craft his theory about the auto Nakae, Zachariah sich in never commented on these objections. In fact, he seems deliberately to have avoided doing so Heiser was a frequent guest on coast to coast AM, the same program on which sich pedaled his theories, but though, Heiser frequently requested a debate between the two sich and never responded. This despite his eager attitude toward answering the questions of fans wondering about HALE Bopp and other planets sich in didn't let the criticism stop him though. His output was prodigious. He wrote four more books. In the main earth, chronicle series, and number of compendiums side, projects and more to eliminate the history of the Nakae, but as we've already seen with the second and third installments, each new book, brought with it gigantic revelations. That seemed improbably tacked onto the existing the holidays where the twelfth planet declared that the unarmed had left earth following the flood. For example, the sequels conveniently find that they returned shortly thereafter and continued, as if nothing had happened and later books give the under knock you credit for everything from Stonehenge to South American civilizations. In January two thousand ten a New York Times reporter wrote a profile of sich at that time, he was living on the Upper West side of Manhattan, eighty nine years old with thirteen books to his name and still insisting to the last that the ancient gods of the Sumerians were alien. Nhs from the planet Nibiru. Sin died peacefully in October of two thousand ten even since his death, though his theories have been widely promulgated, and in two thousand fifteen scientists made a huge discovery one that my just prove sack Araya sich and correct. After all another planet in the solar system, just like sich and predicted a planet that perfectly fit the description of the bureau. Next will discover whether scientists may have finally found Nibiru, thou back to our story. Authors. Zachariah sich in continued to release books throughout the eighties nineties and early two thousands. With every new installment came a new revelation about the unoccupied, but he wasn't just writing. He was reading to constantly keeping up on the newest scientific developments right? Up until his death. In two thousand ten each new discovery could be folded into his theory of the on Inaki seemed every passing comet and astronomical phenomenon aligned with something. The ancient Sumerians had described on a clay tablet, four thousand years ago, as we've already seen a lot of these connections were tenuous at best the existence of long orbital paths for celestial, objects alone is not proof that the bureau exists, but other findings after the author's death were more compelling in hinting at a possible truth behind his writing. Things findings like planet x in January two thousand fifteen to astronomers at the California Institute of technology in Pasadena made a startling announcement. They had uncovered evidence of a new planet in the solar system. They hadn't seen the planet through a telescope or any advanced detection technology, rather, they'd simply done the math. The scientists looked at the path of celestial bodies like dwarf planets and icy objects things they could follow in attempting to account for the specific and sometimes strange orbital, paths of one dwarf planet, in particular, the astronomers were baffled its path. Simply didn't make sense. Not the gravitational influence of the objects. They were aware of anyway. They decided that the most likely explanation was that another extremely large planet. One. Outside range of detection must have been affecting its orbit planet x so they called it thus began a search for this massive potential new planet a search that continues to this day, but fans of sins work, pounced declaring planet, x to be a likely candidate for newbie Biro, whether in would agree is another matter since he died, five years before the planet's discovery his thoughts remain a matter of pure speculation. But unlike HALE Bopp and nineteen Ninety-six T L, sixty six planet x is genuinely believed to be a planet, and a big one that the reasons sich in had for dismissing those other objects, simply don't apply to planet x. And so the possibility remains that before long will see the return of new bureau and the Inaki a return that if sins. Series. True brings with it. Major upheaval catastrophic floods nuclear disaster. Everything's on the table in verifying or debunking. Since claims the best place to start seems to be the twelfth planet. That's where the most fundamental ideas about this theory are laid out by examining these, we can evaluate since theories on the scale of believability from one to ten with ten being extremely likely the first book is, of course, where we learn about Nubia rue, the titular twelve planet, and it's the one that's sich in most directly ties to actual samarium texts, and ancient carvings, the later materials often require huge leaps. But even in that first book, there's plenty of reason to be skeptical as we heard from Dr Michael Heiser much of sich Sumerian. Translation, simply doesn't track with. What scholars know about the language and Sumerian understanding of strana me was probably weaker than sich and claims, in fact, Sumerian writings affirm again. And again, that ancient Sumerians knew of only the five closest planets in the solar system. Mercury Venus, Mars Jupiter and Saturn. As for newbie rue the name, sich and gives to these supposed twelfth planet sich, and isn't wrong that the text sometimes use the word Nibiru to refer to a planet, but that planet isn't one beyond Pluto. Usually it refers to Jupiter. Sometimes it's also used to refer to the God Marzouk who these Sumerians associated with Jupiter at no point in the texts is Deby referred to as a twelfth planet as the home of the auto Nakae, or as a planet with a three thousand six hundred year orbital path the fact that astronaut objects. Can have massive and long orbital paths is not exactly rock-solid evidence that gold miners landed on earth, and even more intriguing findings like the climate shifts within the Sinai peninsula, can just as easily be attributed to the kinds of sudden droughts and desertification that plagued the region to this day one would expect a nuclear bomb to leave a little more evidence than some charge soil and dry strip of land. But that characterizes since approach to the mythology in general stretching, the existing evidence to its breaking point and ignoring what evidence disagrees with his claim. It's an unfortunate tendency, especially in light of what reviewer James Oberg pointed out about much of the twelfth planet. He wrote in nineteen seventy eight since grasp of near eastern archaeology is excellent. I would recommend them to anyone interested in a survey of that field. But that section of the book lasts only about one hundred pages. And in so frequently flipping between accurate descriptions of archaeology and his own less reliable versions of Sumerian history and culture, sich, and only further muddies, the waters, and discredits his own theories, still the theories were undeniably, influential legions of fans continue to learn about discuss and propagate Zachariah sins ideas about the under Nakae, and the NEF Aleem to this day, his niece, Janet sich in is the webmaster of sins official website, answering questions and providing updates on his theories in two thousand fifteen she edited a book of previously, unpublished writings by her uncle condensing, his work into a single volume and allowing it to spread even further. But the theories didn't need another book to make their Mark Hollywood have long ago taken the basic tenets of since I. Lia's and use them for a number of films via original Stargate movie from nineteen Ninety-four, drew considerable portions of its mythology from the auto knock, you legend, in particular, the idea of ancient aliens using humans as laborers to mine for precious metals. It also connects these aliens to the pyramids of Egypt, though, that theory isn't original sin, and Roberto or see the writer of the two thousand eleven film, Cowboys and aliens said the aliens of his film, were loosely based on the Babylon, Ian legend of the on Nakae. If the spread of his ideas into science fiction, film, and literature is any indication sich in would have made quite the successful scifi writer, his inventive narratives, and massive millennia spanning mythology is clearly, the work of a strong imagination, but by publishing his supposed findings as nonfiction sich an open himself up to scrutiny that reveals how his work either through misunderstanding or outright, deception repeatedly misrepresents the actual mythology and science of Sumerian, culture, ultimately, we must conclude that the consistent misreading of well understood Sumerian mythology and the obvious stretches required to expand that first book into twelve sequels and spinoffs hurt the theories credibility. However, there is something compelling to the way, sich and connects distant world religions and mythologies. With no real way of knowing exactly, what occurred on the distant past. We must leave open the possibility that some cosmic event might have inspired the Batholomew as of many different cultures throughout the millennia but without stronger evidence, and with the contradictory and absurd nature of many of since claims that possibility is extremely remote as a result, this theory, earns a two out of ten on the believability scale. Even if Zachariah sins increasingly outlandish claims provoked doubt, it's worth considering them in the context in which they were published his supposed discoveries about the honor, Nakae often corresponded to what was going on in the world around and especially in the sciences at the time of their writing, for example, the auto Dokki DNA experiments that sich and claims led to humankind's creation, mirrored, the same DNA experiments that American scientists were doing in the seventies Frederick, Sanger. Invented a method for sequencing DNA in nineteen seventy five the year before since book was published a discovery that netted the scientists a Nobel prize just a few years later, and since third book focused, as it was on a civilization's destruction by means of nuclear weapons was released in nineteen eighty-five. These were the waning, but still terrifying years of the Cold War. Due clear standoff between the United States and Russia even if they relied heavily on conjecture or outright fabrication since books were clearly exploring real fears and interests of his own time period in that way, they might prove more useful as an insight into what was occupying the minds of Americans in the nineteen seventies and eighties than as a historical document about ancient Sumerian aliens as scientific progress continues to rapidly changed the way we interact with the world around us. There's some comfort in the idea that maybe we've already figured this out once before an increasingly complex world might find some solace knowing that ancient people had the answers to questions about space in the universe about our origins, and about the deepest questions of our existence and may be if since descr. Option of the three thousand six hundred year path of the planet. Nibiru is accurate. If the auto Nakae the NEF Aleem will return as sich and predicts, maybe we just need little patients answers and aliens might just be on the way. Thanks for listening to our story on the sake. You can find all previous episodes of extraterrestrial as well as all apart cast other shows on Spotify, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts. New episodes, come out every Tuesday, several of you have asked how to help us, if you enjoy the show, the best way to help is to leave a five star review. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. We'll see you next time extraterrestrial was created by max Cutler is a production of Cutler media, and as part of the par cast network. It's produced by maximum Cutler. With sound design by Russell Nash production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Moller. Additional production assistance by Maggie admire and Freddie Beckley extraterrestrial is written by Thomas. Dolan, gavitt and stars Bill. Thomas and Tim Johnson. Don't forget to check out haunted places each week it explores the mysterious legends and weird histories of different. Spooky landmark be shirt, a search for and subscribe to haunted places on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. And please don't forget to rate and review.

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