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Nona. One up world. A welcome to another episode of July. Presentative in partnership is always that's be nations, blog on the boys dot com. Archer showing me of course and BTV and from right here as your son owes you live, you can watch us live every day about three PM central time give or take. Sometimes we have to adjust. Sometimes we're on the road. That's where we are today. It is Monday off over twenty second two thousand eighteen. I'm joined by a very special guest. You know him as Papa Ocho and sky would I know him as today we know him as the birthday boy. Have you been my dude? Thank you very much. Thank you very much. What are we this year? Twenty seven of very young sixteen very, very well. Indeed. Congratulations. That's awesome. That's all landmark achievements. Thank the Lord, feel blessed and glad to be here. So is a great day. We had a great weekend here, CASA Di Ocho, which is why the shows a little bit weird. We like to do show us from here at the bar so to speak. And we're going to little bit later. It's halftime football giants losing shocker, but we'll be back to normal getting kind of back to the normal swing of things later this week. We'll have another episode of the seven. Five, oh, Tony, Casillas on Wednesday. Again, this this week is well. Weird is the by weeks after we start, but the Dallas compass guy, you'll birthday present, man, the Dallas Cowboys. Got you. A brand new wide receiver. Amari Cooper, initial thoughts, initial thoughts, your thoughts on Twitter? Periscope, in the ball of the boy's face mcglinchey a like it eastbound. My fantasy team celeb- means I liked him for some time. I really thought that he was a fast receiver, two time pro bowler. You know, certainly, I think if the Cowboys were thinking about getting the wide receiver with their number one pig next year on next year's draft. I mean, I don't think that you can go into that draft thinking that they're going to beat somebody better or get somebody better than Amari Cooper. That's a great way to go. It's a fantastic move. I think to get him now take advantage of him now. You know, you're only seven games into the season this year? Yeah. I like the move for the player. I like Amari Cooper. There's really a lot to like it's hard to swallow the first round pick with you. I agree with everybody. It's really hard to swallow. It doesn't. It's not. It's not easy to swallow, but I think you can understand the logic when you frame it the way you just well, if you had committed the going to have to receiver with your first round pick next year, which is. I don't say a finite way to look at things, but it's been, it's been a tunnel vision for being honest. But if you had committed to that, if you said that and if you have done your work on the class of two thousand and nineteen, which I can't believe we're already there and you believe that nobody coming in will be better than Amari Cooper than, okay, I can understand that logic. There is the logic from the other side of the coin, though that you're gonna have to pay Amari Cooper soon enough in. So you're essentially committing that you're essentially somebody who really likes him. This isn't the same mood of the Los Angeles Rams made to get Brandin cooks. It's a similar sort of how there's anything like this. I understand the frowns understanding bombed. Everybody that's been around Amari Cooper has had to say about him, Charles Woodson tonight on the night football pregame show who played with them already. During the tail end of his days in Oakland, I was very complimentary, but I get that logic, and I think to me, sort of if we wanna talk takeaways, what does this move? Tell us, you mentioned it. You know, it's only week seven. We gave whatever you're. Three and four cetera. This move doesn't only suggest this move like highlights and neon colors that the Dallas Cowboys still believed that this season salvage and beyond salvageable. I mean, you don't make a move like this. You don't commit your first round draft pick if you don't think it's going to be way back in the back of the first round. If you think that you're gonna have a top ten pick, you're not giving thing of anything, ROY. So the Cowboys if we're being kind here in their best hopes, probably believe that they're gonna have some between the sixteenth in twenty fifth pick, let's call it and they're willing to part with. No. I mean, again, you know, there's a lot of a sumptious to be made, but you know, again, even in worst case scenario, if you get production from Ari this year, then I think it's a win, win all the way around. I think there will think Amari maybe needs that change of, you know of team in needs of different environment. Think the environment. The atmosphere in in Oakland right now is probably not the best. You know, the clue MAC, and you know, there's rumors that Gruden as you know, just looking around for the next guy. I mean he's rebuilding right? And he's got three first round draft next year. I mean, for whatever. You know, his reasoning is on that. Not that I agree with it or disagree, but he's determined to rebuild these willing to part with what he feels is is not contributing on his team right now. And so I think the change of pace change of environment and new team is going to vote well for Mari and the Cowboys. You know, I think that that's an interesting way to look at this. It's kind of like, well, if John gruden's let go of it, it's probably awesome. You're not like, and I know that silly way to look at things I don't. I don't say that is is total truth, but John grim clearly doesn't know what he's doing with the Oakland Raiders. He clearly is lost in terms of what's going on. Clearly has no idea of, you know, kind of what his plan is moving for. Maybe he does, maybe if he doesn't. But the point is is that if John gruden's willing to let go, I'm I'm interested in. I mean, if that's the guy signing off on a little. Interesting. Well, I think a lot it's going to depend. It's hard to, you know, pass judgement on route. And yet other than right now looks pretty wild. But if he his first round first round picks that he gets to Cowboys. The bears end their own soon doesn't trait that off of pan out. Then you know, two years from now when might be sending was brilliant journal. Again, it's too early to pass judgment, but it certainly does seem radical right now, and I'm glad we're able to take advantage of Amari think is somebody that's really going to help. We're starting to see Michael Gallup blossom of it. We saw Michael gob have a good game handed touchdown, wiped away, get you feed inbounds against the Jaguars and punch. Down yesterday against the Washington Redskins. He didn't get the ball thrown to him to play the Dak Prescott fumbled. The ball looked like Michael gal was wide open, so we're starting to see my God kind of make that. I don't think that jumping. He's the shoelaces, at least to get rid of gentle, and you've got Kobe working in the slot. Now you have a Cooper who everybody attention to and they won't be respecting your passing game. You holidays have is eagle, and he's going to be able to take advantage of all this all flows through Prescott and so not only needed into everyone. Does this move suggested imply and overly state that the Cowboys don't believe this season is over. This move is more prove if you needed any that the Cowboys believed the Dak Prescott is their guy, and they're willing to surround him with talent because that's their belief. Yeah. No, I don't think Cowboys and believe that I don't think they should believe it. You know, because you're seeing what's happened to the giants there. They imploded several games ago and they're going to continue to employ of Philadelphia's imploded. They're struggling the. The best team that we talked about last night in the NFC east as Washington, and I'm not worried, you know, I think that you know, the Cowboys could easily be five and two right now. And so I think we're very close to turning it around so long as you know, some of the moves that need to be made are moving. This was one of them. We do need a number one white out of the original planning of being able to go without a number one white out. I'm giving back, you know, just the option of throat of wherever he saw was open. I think it was maybe backfire, but glad to see their remedy that situation. And so, yeah, I think that the the racist certainly not over while. You mentioned that. I think the third thing that this move indicates number one, the couch believed that they're still in the hunt this season. Number two, they believe the Dak Prescott is the guy, at least in the short term future. And number three, they, you know, they, they seemingly are emitting a mistake in their wives even by committee approach there seemingly saying. Iran flaw amid era. We're going to go at this thing and you know what to to kind of come back to the Dak point. And I know that a lot of people have had it up to here with that. Prescott people are ready to move on. I get that understand us and that discussion that's debate. That's going to happen all season long, but you're on the precipice of having to pay this dude quarterback money. That's ridiculous that we all know that we all all the NFL and so you have to find out if he's the guy, you have to determine the shadow of doubt if that Prescott is the guy that you want to commit all this money to. And so I mean, I think that beyond helping back so that he can help them from a financial perspective, that way in terms of getting ready to offer that whatever contracts, I think that you're saying to yourself. Okay. Look if we gotta know whether the guy or not, Dax, got to have people around him that can make this happen. We need to put back in a situation where we can determine whether he's that guy and getting somebody like Amari Cooper strongly house. Yeah, exactly. They're putting aside all of the moving. Targets all the variables that exist right now in bringing Amari Cooper in here because you know now he's going to have an elite running back. He's going to have an elite wide receiver. We should still at some point this season hopefully regained some of the close to elite type of offensive line. The only thing doesn't as a leak tight end. But other than that, I think you'll be able to say at the end of this venture. Okay. Dak is the guy. He's got all the package around him all the supporting cast. So you know, let's make a decision on. I think this really puts Cowboys fans in interesting plight because. If your team doesn't get off the ground running, you immediately turned into tank. This season's wash, whatever. I'm ready to focus on the draft to rebuild, etcetera. Block that that routes on. I mean that that is gone. And so a lot of us had talked about how the worst thing that could exist for the Cowboys is that the NFC east is so bad and is so winnable that that could potentially set up the Cowboys to win, and therefore self-induced, you know, an inability to make themselves better with the top draft, etc. Whatever the case may be. But the point is that now they don't have a first round draft pick. So now I mean, you might as well when this division you might as well make a run at this. You might as well give it all you got. I did find it interesting that regimen Kinsey would meeting with the open raiders media. He talked about it with Steven Jones called him. Stephen Jones was the one that called him on Friday and want him said expecting from us on Monday Stephen Jones called the day and said, okay, we're gonna make this deal. Offi this, etc. I know that we've all heard. We've all we've all talked about how there's a sort of slow passing the torch. I think that's big. I don't know that necessarily says anything, but I just think it's big and it should be noted. Stephen Jones was the one who gave up. First round draft pick to go to Monaco? No. I mean, I think that speaks volumes of what you're saying where the passing of the torch is very evident and the dealmaker is now Stephen applaud that you know that something that I think a lot of Cowboys fans are looking for signs of, and this is certainly one, it's it's really interesting. I think you can. You can really talk yourself into. We're going to have two weeks to do it because the Cowboys play in for our until two weeks from tonight when they play on Monday night football, November, fifth, and Jason wind returns to its state and what we'll be Mark Cooper state byu, Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Kobe's lead. That's that's hard. That's hard to be. I mean, that's saying hard to be in that it's the best receiver in the NFL it's hard to be displeased with that. That's a great trio to have a great show for that Prescott and we've said this before, but there really are no excuses left for Dak. He now has a guy in America first-round talent. Hi pedigree player, obviously, played collegiately at Alabama. He's got all the stars and stripes the you could possibly have you gotta gun. I mean, the only disclaimer I would say to that is just the the offense of line still not where we weren't one time still not horrible the worst league, but Dax running for his life a lot of time. But yeah, I mean, he's got sporting cast and we'll see what he does with it. Very, very, very important. Question is, wet number should am I, I saw tweets. If this has become official since we jumped on July, please let us know. Obviously nine is preoccupied because Blake Jarman whereas in Appalachia could be that guy switch it up for Ari sake hypothetically flakes has. And that's my number. I give it up whatever. Here's my petition, let people were. Number eighty one. We need it. We need to maybe one. I wanna see that let Amari Cooper where anyone and if he wears anyone off, I feel. Better than I like eighty one four. Again, interesting. We'll be what we see from jar win. But you know, I'm okay with eighty one. We'll see what he does. Anyone would be good. Eighty four. I could get down to, you know what I mean? Like I just it's been a long time titan. I mean, really. I think eighty four in terms of Calvin, Patrick Crayton than we can't Novacek as drew its point. And so that's that's kind of where mad. But yeah, I mean, you know, whatever he wears, even if it's double zero. Roddy gives it to him Llamas, he's fours. I'm good, I think. And I know this will sound religion. I don't mean to sound the one way it's going to sound. I think in some way, there are a lot of ways to feel about this and it's it's possible the feel multiple ways about this, but I think that the Cowboys in one sense should be applauded, the Cowboys set, you know what? We need a guy. Let's go make a move. Let's go get him that they overpay and we all absolutely agree that they did the Cavs have had success in the first round. So you're talking about a play that they generally would have found that would have impacted their team. I mean, the late Vandross doing this season, but I respected the Cowboys are saying, you know what? We think we can do this. What I read a punt on this. Let's go do at now. I wish that that philosophy. Affi in that mentality that disposition would exist in the games as opposed to only in terms of how they build it. No, that's very much needed in the game time scenarios, gang type situations. But you know, again, you know what we look at first round pick for from Ari of versus, and I'm glad now that wasn't on the board to give first round pick for Thomas. But even then I think that even if we have gone out and given a second round pick for Thomas, how much more could have helped start the offensive stout. I mean there with the gains we've lost defense has done their job. So if we look at it again from that other perspective, I think it was well worth holding on holding off of, you know, going out their old Thomas saving this for, you know, potentially what might have been needed, which is now and given up the first round pick for Mari. I think that that on its surface, it's something that. Nobody went scoff at all. Do come on. Earl. Thomas is very play that Amari Cooper. That's totally true. Obviously, all this. Now we're talking hindsight. I'm talking early that agree with you that Amari helps the countless a lot in most currently constructed more than all Thomas. And that's fully knowledge -ment that all Thomas's superior player, he's far better at his job in the Marlins his. But I mean, you can only have two times is on your defense. You're you're far better defense than you already are already grains. You said, but your offense is still struggling and you've nobody. We're not losing because defense. That's true. That's a good point. And that's where I wave the options. Brice Butler was the is the man out from our Cooper to return. He posted on his Instagram wrote about this was not calm. I just find the whole Brice Butler redo weird. I think all remember, kinda weird. Countless set off, you know, stack chemistry with dad's gonna be awesome, etc. The add to the groin injury, the hamstring, whatever it was and then. Didn't even have a catch. So. I think this whole thing was it was the Cavs kind of saying, you know, we messed up, man, we, we messed up. We got over Perec now and we're hoping that tomorrow. I mean, he's without question the best receive around the Dallas Cowboys day one. Yeah, absolutely. He walks in, you know, he's king. He's better than anything we have right now. Not that one of the other guys may not develop Gallup. But yeah, today a snapshot of today definitely walks in and he's number one receiver. I don't think a lot of people we talked about what this move suggests an implies. I do think it's just the college believe that they can still win this season. I do think it's the Cowboys believing that Prescott. I don't think that this move necessarily guarantees that they believe in Jason. I do think that a lack of a first round draft pick now inhibits your ability to go hire new head coach. That's the route of the Cowboys go because odds are that coach is going to have opportunities where he does the first traffic two thousand nineteen. So that is totally true. The cows might be want to risk that you know for this season and whatever that would be. I just the point is I don't think that this means off. They believe in Garrett, their role within, etcetera. I think this just means that they think are offense needs this, the spark of on it could be that. Yeah. I mean, I I don't think that it puts any Inc of on thing that they're thinking long term with Garrett. So it's it is what it is strictly around the wide receiver role right now. And I think that needs to be limited to that early prediction because you won't be on again for a few weeks. So you won't be on the farm is first game as a member of the Cowboys against the titans. I know this is ridiculous. Early prediction for what Amari Cooper does two weeks for tonight in his debut and stadium, Monday night football with Jason went on the call. I'm going to say he does four catches for something like sixty five yards get in the end zone. Four catches six yards. I think he's going to serve more as decoy initially until he gets fully ingrained in system, but he's a great decoy is going to open up -tunities for coal and and and maybe the tide core. Yeah, you know what? I know the Cowboys moved on from rice faller if they wanted to move onto the Thomson to this point, let's go ahead in. I mean, you've got a nice core, they'll obviously draft somebody else or bring somebody else and free agency. But you know, they have to recycle Beasley, and I think that that's four on conclusion in this time because now you've got your outside guys in Marin Cooper, Michael gal got called easely. You got that Prescott you've got, you got an offensive line. I mean, there are far worse rosters in the NFL there are far worse, rosters on paper in just comes down to coaching and these guys scheme Amari Cooper properly, that remains to be seen, but at least we know that because before it was okay, you guys have you guys have to be the best chess players in the world. World with the same with these pieces that are inferior everybody else. But now it's. I used to play chess growing up, and there was a game if you plant chess, there was called bughouse where you would have teammate. And if I was if I was white newer black, every piece I captured, you can plant on your board because we were captured opposite pieces. And so this could be a bug house and the Cowboys just captured a Queen. And now you can plant that clean on the board. And so you might not be the best chess player in the world. I'm giving you one of the best pieces that you can possibly play with for this overhaul of bughouse so to speak know exactly. A lot depends on a lot of success is going to depend on them being able to being able to use them to his strengths, but at least he has his own individual talents which end exists before that was my. Yeah. And the thing that comes to my mind is and I talked about this with you with others, many, many times with ROY Williams. You know, we never did use them. What was his strength with? Like, you know, coming out of crossing. I mean, he made his name on that and you know, rarely did. We use them on some. Like that and you know, so yeah, I think that Murray has a portfolio of extremely good talent. And so we need to export that interesting. It's been almost ten years to the at the Dallas Cowboys traded for himself. Hopefully, this goes a lot better than that. I mean, because at the time we got to go. The mile, whatever. So those good times, let's hope some better ones are on the horizon. Hopefully the falcons win this game. Hopefully you have a fantastic rest. The birthday hopefully had a fantastic day. You deserve. You'll be back soon enough on OSHA live and I'll be back for our normal on Tuesday at three PM central time. I know you'll be watching and I know you'll be getting a lot of the dot com like everybody should make. She subscribe to the bottom of the podcast feed on all apple and Android devices, new episodes of Bruce and the boys talking to star Ocho live and the seven, five two time SuperBowl changing Tony Casillas on the way have man. Good. And the next step on this weekend or the last of my birthday, I'm gonna part this cake and I wanna show everybody what this looks like. This cake is pretty impressive. You had this made and it's pretty appropriate for the day that Amari Cooper was traded to the Dallas Cowboys. So you're going to cut it right? I mean, not now, but we're going to cut this cake. AAC and we're going to eat. I don't know if we can eat a lot of it, but we're going to eat some of it and you know, it's a fantastic looking cake as you can see before dropped this thing. Hope everybody got a good look at it, but now I'm very happy with it. Thanks to forgive me the cake. It's spectacular. And what enjoyed as much as Maris joined the contract. Thank you, everyone for all the birthday wishes. Everybody enjoy the rest of Monday night football, great. Tuesday morning, we'll be back again on Tuesday at three PM central time. It's always go Cowboys and peace out. Hello. You're listening to Simone Rocha for one of the hosts of the Pali gone show. It's a show all about the video games that you'll never have time to play brought to you by four friends who are just as passionate about food soft drinks and TV shows as we are about video games. 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