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Nate Hairston


Live from the Investors Bank studio boomer size and Greg Hardy boomer and Geo on the fan across the country on CBS sports network when the jets were suffering injuries in the corner position and everybody said Joe Douglas has got to go out and make a move and bring a guy in he did just that he traded for a man who is joining us in studio all right now that is nate Hairston who was with the Indianapolis Colts. He's now with the jets and he's playing and he's playing his ass off. He's a temple guy and we're happy to have him here with us. Nate Good Morning. Thanks for joining us our you the morning thank you guys for having a problem with you nate problem with you want to get it off. My chest right now. Is that right has. It has nothing to do with the jets everything you're you're a kid from Washington DC. Yes Sir and you end up going to temple yes sir. Why didn't you go to Maryland awesome question then I mean they were having. We're having some fun here and didn't we just beat Maryland like the last two years. I picked the rice problem happy about it. You were wide receiver there and then converted to corner while you were at temple was. was that a tough thing for you or did you. Did you welcome that it was tough. My coaches would always kind of like those little jabs at me like I would drop a bomb like your. DB You we know every received now I'm wide receiver coach and they stayed only about about it and I finally gave in and Todd Bose. Actually Louis was that one of our practices like an alumni day or something it was like my first week plan corner and he pulled me to this island was like if you take a serious you'll be WPRO. Wow it's great. It's great. That's probably not only your pro. You know you've got. You've got to the jets late. You got traded in the middle of training camp and everything was got a tough situation that happened in Indianapolis to get traded here or were you. was that something you were looking to have happened yeah. I believe everything happens for a reason so it was is a blessing in disguise. I'm here. I'm playing a lot of football having fun. I love my teammates so far. I just WanNa win and hopefully we can. We can get that going. You know it's it's amazing talking to nate Harrison. You're young kid. You're trying to find your way in the NFL you come to New York the media capital of the world. You find yourself on the field. You know there's a veteran that has been sat down because they're playing. You and I'm just thinking like Daniel. Jones is going through the same thing as the quarterback of the giants a little bit more high profile just because of the position Russian and who he's replaced in and everything else like that I mean it's it had to be. It has to be a whirlwind for you like do you realize what's happening to you and what you're in the middle of right right now. Yeah I think I'm pretty sure you can be a testament to this as well and you play football and you clocking in every single day. You don't really feel the things that that everybody sees like my mom. I remember my rookie year. I sacked Russell Wilson and she's like Oh my God. Do you realize I'm I'm like no. I'm just playing football so I don't really see this stuff. I'm just you know tunnel vision worrying about a what I gotTA. Do your mom say man. You're on the field with Tom. Brady House like I just a quarterback where it's just well. That's a good way to look at it but I'm just thinking so you're on on the field against the Patriots this past week and you guys ended up scoring a couple touchdowns defensively in special teams wise but what was that experience like going up against somebody. Obviously obviously we all admire but maybe for guy from your generation he still playing and you got to see and experience at that on the field man I to be honest. I really take it is is the nameless faceless opponent like the whole game. I didn't think about it being Tom. Brady now after when you walk by like you know what's up but you know during the game. I want to compete with the guys at the highest level. He is you know the best quarterback probably of all time so if anything I WANNA make a play against distant you know talking to nate Hairston cornerback for the New York jets been with the team now for almost a month after a trade at the end of August Greg Williams. It seems like a crazy person man in the meetings and stuff like a good thing. We liked that as a defensive coordinator. What's it been like playing for him. I Love Plan for coach. He's superintendents. It's he gets after you but he brings out the best players I think all the guys on a defense love platform and It's been good for me. I I like him a lot. Well about replacing a guy like tremaine Johnson who he's a big money guy who signed to a seventy two and a half million dollar contract last year didn't have a great year. We're had an injury came back seemed like he was benched but you gotta be in the meeting rooms with them. You gotta be on the practice field with him. You're the new guy. Is that a kind of an odd relationship that you so you would have with a player like that not at all match for me. He's a professional man any questions I have he. He helps me out anything. How do you like plan this or what. What about this call. What am I supposed to do. He helps me out my so. I it's never been any attention or anything like that. It is professional. Football is the business we all go through. Is that's good to hear about that. what about all the Odell Beckham junior stuff coming into the game on Monday night and him talking about your defensive coordinator telling on his guys to go after knees and all that other stuff now you know the history of Greg Williams. She knows that he was suspended. You know the head all that bountygate down there New Orleans and all that other stuff as he ever said anything like that to you guys in your meetings. Go after this guy go after that. Let's try to knock him out of the game and injure never he's never told us to to purposely you know her to guide guy just told us the playoff. Miranda football which is tough hard nose you know blue collar football but he's never told us to intentionally target someone or something like uh-huh. was there any chirpin going on against the Browns on the Monday night it wasn't mine. I'm not really that type of player. I liked to line up and do it. I'm with you. I'm not a big talker so it wasn't too much talking going on. What do you make Odell when you see him out there to three hundred thousand dollar watch and he's got his is is Orange Bentley and all this stuff doesn't like talk. You don't seem to flashy little understated fashion. I'm getting from a guy like that as you get onto your skin like I don't want. This guy kitchen understated fashion. What kind of how does that Gucci Gucci because I know the Gucci Logo. I Know Great Fascist. He's got remind you how did you get it on Canal Street. In Chinatown now thinning it is okay and he's got a denim jacket genomic normal big fan of the denim jacket about this Denham Jackie the moment. I walked Denim Jacket Denim Jacket. I listen Nate Outta Debt Jack. I'm not killing you. I'm loving it because people have given me crap about the Denim Jacket Open. I have mine and I'm trying to show that this guy who's in the NFL vel. WHO's a fashion guy? He rocks denim jackets and that's why it's cool. I'm not been on you man. I'm with you. Probably here's a problem I'm with Geeta Gio and his wife. I just had a new baby geos having tough time coming to grips now that he's a dad with debt Jesus man so he came in here one day with Jean Jacket thinking that it was going to make them look like he was twenty five again and it's not happy can't pull it on what's going on yeah so I was just using you to say like look cool. People do wear the denim jackets. That's what it is so trust me. No I'm with you Dan. I was like this guy speaking my language outfit. Show my Guy Nate Hairston right here. It says hip aboard. Go that's right absolutely so I got some Gucci Shoes Man. I do wear them tomorrow to show off. Whatever you whatever you which is funny I think it was. I I think it was Emmanuel Sanders Alan. I were watching this and before the show and he's like man. You know it's like you were just in a world suck right now and in behind him. He's got like six Pairs Gucci. She shoes in his world of sock and you be in. Nobody wants to lose. That's that's the problem so you guys. Maybe the by we came at the right time for or you know with a given number year. Bigger players bigger name players a chance to get healthy. Have you seen Sam Darnold at all in the last week or so. Yeah he's been backing facility back back in meetings and he looks like he's turning the right direction so we're happy to get him back. Oh dear about C. J. C. J. He's going through his treatment and he's getting better to AH. We use surprise what happened you guys. I'm going back now to week. One and I know you guys all WanNa look forward but I do have to ask he gets hurt and then all of a sudden Josh Allen the bills play. Hey you know what is almost a perfect fourth quarter to Mike. Your defense lost their leader and you guys were were a little bit loss there in the fourth quarter. How important is cj to what you you guys are doing? Oh Man cj he. He's a huge piece today defense I didn't know much about CJ. I just seen him signed a huge contract and then I got here in our Washington play and I was like okay. I understand why he well. He signed for that much money. Oh Yeah Yeah He. He's a leader on and off the field and like you said it showed the buffalo game. We lost them now by week. Early on is generally something that players don't love because you still feel refreshed refreshed and then you know mid season later in the season by week but it seems like it comes for a perfect time with you guys having the Star that you know all the injuries when you look at Alwyn three the and the bye week and hopefully getting healthy. What's the team for what's Adam gays telling you guys about this season and trying to keep it together so it doesn't totally slip away. I mean if you if you look back in the history of the NFL like last year. When I was with the colts we started. I think one in five and one ten straight right like it's doable. It's happened is is it can happen so I mean I think the coaching staff just want us to know that it is possible so take at this week. You know get your legs. You get your mind right and you know get ready to start stacking up some games now. Nate Hairston is with US jets cornerback. You're a guy came came in. You're not promoting anything. He just Kinda WanNa be on the air. It's by week you try and some stuff out which is great. We love that and we're happy to have you here now. Jamal Adams who is of course captain in an leader the defense and we love Jamal and field he just cancelled his weekly radio spot with another show on this radio station because he was thinking. I don't know the advice. His family is too much of an issue d. Do you believe that the media can be a a big distraction with when you're a player and to try to stay. Stay away from that because it seems like you don't agree with that. You're embracing it because you're coming in here not promoting anything yet. I mean I think everybody's differ man. We'll worse for this guy might not work doc for that guy so I mean if that's what you Ma needs to do for for hisself and being the right mental state then I'm all for I'm about Sunday's and whatever gets the best out of a player where he needs to do during the week if that's been on the air or not being on air support it. Are you a your social media guy you are you out there on twitter and all that stuff instagram. I do have instagram. I do not have twitter wage started following you will i. I don't use my twitter. I haven't been why have star profound social medium and would you have it though I feel like a half the habit because I play professional football. I don't like get non-food. Powell Nataliya stealing stone on he's not gonNA tweet. There's no point tweeting again or not. I'm not going to start tweeting. I will I will post on instagram. All right was blown away by all this crazy. Social media stuff with Antonio Brown. Is everybody else's I is that because I don't it is crazy. It is crazy especially the player of that caliber. You know to see him going through whatever he's going going through you know. I I really just want to uplift them. Sim positively towards them. I wish him the best I hope we can bounce back from whatever's going on but the social media aspect of all of it though it let's. LSU In the people's lives are for like in if this was fifty years ago and he was going through whatever he was is going through. I feel like it would be a lot. More private and people couldn't really take the shot said I'm not taking what this day and age is with the social media the and everything is now. I'm looking at your instagram here. You're you got one pose in front of this beautiful car here. Take that car here today or no. How'd you get here Pitcher Gotcha. There's a picture right here. You got your next legs beautiful Tahoe. You're you're in that tale models. You take that big. Tahoe and trying to park it out front. Guba took a new better. I knew better from Florida Park over there. So how did that cost God into the tunnels gusting. You can reimburse reimburse anybody trauma where Box Fox. What's the deal a little less. What's the deal with the ripped ripped jeans and stuff man gets all he likes it. He's got a good fashion. I could tell L. as that is. A Nice right. Is that you're right that is that is was what was in front of the People's cars. You've got this huge signing bonus or anything I like that. That's what I'm saying. I mean and you because we're you're drafting because your age you know you're still playing for that next contract great which is a great. That's wise in front of a Tahoe Soroti exactly yeah. I hear you but I'm just like man. That's a you look good there. Maybe a little modeling in the future. Do you see the one where he's working out. They give me hill today. Good man listen if we if we didn't like you would be gone already told me Gio going shopping. I I got to help them. I felt like he really liked shirt on their watch out. Watch out. Let me show you this one there. You go check the one which one the one bottom bottom left there but this one here yeah who he's ripped. Oh that's a corner for yeah man. ESPN the body all the body that you would tell them to call me all right yeah. He's ripped night guy. I mean and that's why they traded for him. They got him gazing. Greg Williams. Look a look at that picture like you. GotTa get this team here. Aggo just got some followers for you and appreciate no problem all right so by week then you come back you gotta stretch against the Eagles and and you're hoping that Sam Darnold is back and then this is where the long climb starts from there but you guys still have the confidence that this season is is not lost. That's your message to the fans right. Now are thinking Oh and three Oh my God. This season is not lost in your is yeah most definitely it is in. I was with the coats and I seen the team that we had there in and people seeing how we turn these around last year and now being here with the jets I look around at this roster and I say is some guys on payment is a roster and I feel like we can turn it around and I just wanted to stay locked in and we'll get it right well. WHO's the best corner in football right now. I don't know come on. You know I know like who do you think it is this Stefan Gilmore for the Patriots Yeah. He's really good. He is good. What about Jalen Ramsey bad year last year. He's got some weird stuff going on now. I thought it was you would've asked me a couple of years ago but it's Jalen Ramsey Ramsey off the top of my head yeah. He's a good player. I like almost game. I feel like he doesn't get enough recognition but he's a good football. Team is playing well right. Now you know and I know there in your division. I think everybody around here talking about how good they are. Most definitely they put together right you know the the jets are going through the new coach new team new players all trying to figure everything out guys getting injured guys getting sick and I kind of said the same message. It's like hanging there. Men You know there's still thirteen games to go and there's a long way to go and and plus it's only sixteen games with five hundred or better records in the AFC right now so it's not like you're falling behind everybody. I mean the Patriots are out of everybody but the loss of the bills hurt so somewhere somewhat how you're going to have to get one back where many people don't think you can get one back all right so now you gotta take two hundred hundred dollars bribe back to park mark unless someone wants to give them a ride outside. You take you take like an Uber like with other people in Hoover Share Uber Sheriff Pool at YEA. Maybe go with like five of the people back to my child who was expensive guys laughing but we know this is. Why we laugh is living every day around here. It's no fun all right. Native was great having in basketball and thank God. We hope to see you guys. turn this thing around have a great year appreciate it date. Hairston of the New York jets all right.

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