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Yeah Ah oh you undo send a good Welcome we had eaten. You can tell the almost voices as clay the Phlegm clan for my third. Now we can do parts here we can do to and and and it's in Kumba little bear a gain of what I said initially a more mature Tom off turnoff another eaten. My energy levels have balance out. We both like okay. Let's do do is okay. So are we so. We'll talk about one spring. It asked. Would you introduce once per nuncios mme one spring meshes coming from the same not as pretty food actually starting the same actor also sometimes something in the rain yes arain. Sometimes I'm from our today. Logos boom global license or refine. We're not actually singing. Who can so this is like this is be addition? Exactly one of the Min- Eh. SAINT PD found. God has better printing food. So there's about about cutting is about a couple leather woman who starts dates lots of outside forces Jump to date Joe. Because he's a Muslim with us in was another man. Meter guy falls in without guy decided to dates in Brooklyn with guy. He sees all of that drama. I mentioned this before the park has some of that was watching it but yeah exactly worker for can catch said woman beats another guy woman dating a guy will be. It's Boring Guy Avenue. All Boring I. It wasn't boring. It was his father and even the governor mean boring. Because this'll be a musician it was it was probably the idol was going to be a so full performer and they told him you gotta sit down to reality but please continue and then she meets another right pharmacist and love him. She breaks up with her boyfriend. This pharmacist guy But no no one had their first nobody her father her ex now ex boyfriend boyfriend's father who works against okay mentally men men men but as soon as the whole bit about you know bring up everybody not wanting to leave leave their father the father of the guy the ex-boyfriend himself. We're GonNa talk about him later. It's also the fact that it's also good like I didn't know this was an issue. Yeah by the way I think she's points. Because they're gonNA douse burners for the beginning. The beginning I think yeah we get to about good diving's fish so the pharmacist of the single father my areas players as you know but it's important because that is such a huge crux of the story the amount of heat because I'm like what what was he done and they can kill somebody. Oh He's taking care of the kid he's a loving father. Ah Values a caring human being in. Oh is all that he on my husband's got somebody and then when he had a consensual relationship with somebody they you have a child. I mean the issue for me. That was interesting because her friends and her family the female pop them also also constantly. Oh my God. He's a single father. I mean the the the Manuela against don't break up of how we stopped this guy for like the the first guy but for everybody else that issue even even his mother year was like you can get a guy who's never had a child be married before because it will be ruining her life her mother when her that she was dating a single follow that our will be tied off. This is the annual your life. I learn issues talks Russell. Sorry that is boy is a single father find anybody already had to dig it for five years at least get your week request but come on. It was funny was issue is checking Medicare and how it works will be a woman as well. Single mothers exactly knows something about being single parents inquiry up. It's of course so I'm closer expensive lawsuit. Apparently live in studio apartment. It's very small spaces the income shares. Not because it was schools wrote down on single parents as well which is such a I just. This is not the norm. I think anything. There's no Long is the father loved. Children were impressed and then giving up to adoption abandoned because I do think they have a very good okay. No semi-conscious perfect but I think there's quite a large amount of adoptions take place in Korea I think one thing is enormous having a single parent is not the norm unless we do exactly so. That's why they are stuck every other society different people people cautiously. I think been adopted as well if you know. The kid has adopted. Dr Hy to certain way. It's not the norm in Congress here because the idea of the very standard way of you two point four Children Bullshit Mitch. I'm sorry it's coming slowly over the years coming not to be. Also realistic is look in themselves and killing each other and anyway divorces or the kind of stuff won't win the men. I felt a lot of it was doing themselves. It wasn't about her it it was about. Oh they wanted him to get married to this woman because of her father as well so I can get a higher position at work because of her ex boyfriend's father was actually his boss and with with the ex boyfriend actually wasn't pride thing and also to please his father as well because he's the second son and the first thing is it's a broad about him on the floor he did very well heaved second son always fell awesome experts from us felt a lacking because the musician too. Yeah you're right because when the father was like just the I want to this time again just marry him I should she marry for you. And for the ex-boyfriends follower it was more ought to me for that. He just wanted. He liked her spunk. Yes it was a Yay so it was. Yeah Yeah because I think when you think about because she's the silky okay so before we just went off kilter so the main cartoon talking about Malaysia in Yes is the second who speak. Hanjour mean is the second `data taught in a family of three daughters. The eldest has a newscast I. We're going to go into history. Little bit she. The secondary is meant to be an impudent headstrong. Sort of a person who's very much on mind and pushes against shows and then the youngest hemu now flighty now homeless interested in the hotel where we meet she. Just anybody go to school. Issues arrested for stalking. Frassoni Rod bug issue that Causes Stockton Autumn love issues shoes and then of course the sterlite single father and all of the sort of things I think with the father half said yes. We'll just marry him for me so that I could get my promotion at work. I can can still work. I'm like well my life is to get yours because of because because you just decided up with his father because he's never met her that's stepfather a father ex-boyfriends farm never met until she decided to break up with him. Yes he met her when she's not going to muscle is gonNA marry. I don't want your son please move you from my life. And then he decided that he liked her spirit as spunk as those things on a UH and because of that he was not like but I think at the same time also see off his son would go because I think when you always Italy some no. He came to me and to my son's reaction and think he signed for a large part wanted to prove himself to his father but also wanted to you say because the firm on Uni Yanji John Go. Oh Yeah Gio is younger than him. So he's his home base so he is. I mean something he kept saying I was. I used to you because of you when you're younger. He's a single father doesn't have as much as he does. So always a losing team would be the worst subtle. I also was on couch. Recommend I can't live without her but it was interesting. Okay we're GONNA take this big twitched the end you see the solution in I think is Kwok's Kwan. Kiesel by Kim Jong UN and towards the end you see there was an evolution the ones in that blind date. That was very interesting. I'm not sure the sensible wetness or says of letting go of the past but interestingly she wants to be an then also took lead the oldest sister go to that so the older sister of Jong is h rush. No Lee Johnny j Legia Donkin leader yet. So the News Kosta. She's married to a dentist. Who is a donkey for that? He is the son I think of as family and he is an abuser Asia. He's a simple he bit. His wife rapes his wife and he controls her life in a way that she she tries to escape. He tried to find another way to integrate himself into a life so from are going on to a TV station. She works and being on the show there to to breaking into the house to demand attention from her and then literally at some points when certain things happen. This is all consider. Why do these things because of love now? She tries to divorce him numerous times and said they'll never be divorced. You're never going to get divorced now. The studying till anyway in our family that is abuse facing social you. Just listen I want to get divorced. Her sisters knew that she was unhappy. They knew they will records in for her. But do you know why. So I think what was interesting for me was the unraveling so I told the sister told the two functions get divorced was Blah Blah Blah Blah. The mother comes to our house yes and she notices something. Chanel says what no I think the the husband husband comes out the mother. Why why are you trying to come into the house? What the heck is going on here? then I think I talk about divorce it was she should then sisters. Should the mother the evidence of the APP use yes the modell whose career I love that she does go so so. He's well she. This is Jim Hill and as you will his asom bitten of course a lot of tears and had break then the father. The father finds out about the abuse. When does it won't divorce and finds about the time when she says she's pregnant and yes and the fallacy? We can get it. I know you have a child get your and because the the allied only happened once and follow like aim forgiving wars drunk. The father had no compunction in defending his daughter for is obsessed with keeping the status. Just call me my wife. My children were all married. bewigged Silopi success like he was so Darla was it complete twice take up and then of course the two sisters found out the youngest to hold her back. She was ready to bit him. I was like leave. There have been I mean I would have I really on so I mean there's a lot of stories to it and I think And you see for me I like it because maybe some reason I liked prisoner. Who I'll put is that it's almost two more realistic institutional depiction of Korea poets? This car design their thirties. Okay the to Manhattan. Thirty five the experts about the seven to eight. I'm not is he's the four. How old is it says Promo about the same as the youngest assessor will be thirty two or something like that? I think thirties and above. So these are all grown-ups. Huynh ops trying to navigate a complex life. Having to conform to the light space the life choices they made and Ellos ECHINACEA realism. But there's just a steadiness. Yeah that's industry. Yeah those issues with the tone another show as well this quiet autumnal. Yeah Brown you look around neutrals and even the way the show is filmed and the way the show is actually reproduced. People say the word slow thinks Lewis not in the word matures. Just yeah it just chugs along rabble. Naturally it's not like cuts is not an all right job as much into one episode digital. I think just natural and I quite like it. The only anything that might drive some people crazy is probably the soundtrack Dr to PD's doing the same thing that he does wounding two tracks and playing over and over again now. Obviously okay drummer his signature track that they always play by think. Could these these shows. There's a bit. He plays a bit more because it plays a very pointy embiid's and he has to shift scenes winds as well. It's I'll experiments of actually checking. How many times episode? This track is two shots by ended. I did end up. Buying on-track at the end is a do like the songs i. It's better to me than the previous drama. You know over the standard color. Yeah I preferred this and actually in the desert so I agree with you I do. I know you spoke doc bustle overnight and I did hear it quite remember it as much as I could our by default but I do like the after putting up with me because they knew that something into my head I found out about ritual. Your Mom Yamamoto I think is the one of the people who among the singers one of the truck. Those being paid so I really liked her song. It out by listened to that song now when I Kazan someplace at a woman and then in sh tells us a lot I trust obviously original by this. This version was the Brunei version Asia. That in this in this particular show I went back and actually once investigation which I think is your motto. I can't is not something. She's an American Japanese artists went to she's worked with James Taylor bounds in the US and she worked. She actually look is very much. So I think you're starting to study for a lot of doubt is very very self funded but she seems beautifully shutdown yard. She's one of the songs she's on this as well. She has no action. Is it you then. The song I keep saying. He s Spring Rain Dome. So yes I think for me. I am about retirement because of that Yamagata Yamagata thank you because of that. I I got an inter songs but I didn't. I do that. Sprang Ready Daily stick in my head program. I think I've learned super blackouts because because of gossip the venue for playing and music is playing in. I always see Colo so it's very tough it's block music when I especially dramas I I'm always aware of where music playing those. Okay when is consistently anew was constantly annoying very yeah okay. So what is going. I give it a solid eight so I flew thirty eight. I feel as though hit it. Hit Very Nice Jimmy very above me Hegira hitch facto. We saw it is I think that was very mature very mature picture of adult relationship. It was moving as well acted that actual I realized because I loved absent him obscene something. The reign of also sending in while the sleeping I on we jerry liked so they are those he was. We're foreign juice. She has forgiven chefs to junior. And so yes that's h so so that's that so I'm not sure what they so there's a show. I watch called J Drama Your House. Is My business started. Okay so I've watched it. There's about tweet actually. Yes but it's not the case house. My businesses on kqed drama about an agent whose main goal is to any means necessary history. So it's like you want to sell your house. How s the real estate agents? My job is to sell your house. What needs to be done to get to that point? Sell Your House. I will do it now. The millions of female. She's one of the women obviously But I mean it was a good show I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the interactions. Because they'd be more real than Korean. Drums infidelities issues around abuses. Looks of near so I think what should I think he was definitely should watch it. There's a lot that goes on. But I think my issues the depiction optimism fuel lead is operatives almost like a shrew ish a shrew of a person like shoe had gold uses prestige to go through the heart of gold. And I think because of that I mean I watched everything. I really only really enjoyed it but I'm always almost her moms always offended when we are portrayed in a particular shoe is light which is to it one proceedings that you allowed or these like you are in your difficult all those sort of words used to depict a woman who is not a the ideal right when the first episode of the first episode in that they did portray has. She's good at her job. She's very drained they they did get those like well. She's quite. Did you see who go Yay so that was like so. Just think about that for ten episodes breath. It's not again good story. Well told story alike. Monthly action here is just a bit about the way she's he's portrayed. All Standing Spectrometer business spectrums days. But I think this happened to find as you watched the show that makes you think also with the sense of society behavior that she does so I gave it a five and a half out of ten and is because of that next is talk Utara Robbie goals. Oh okay. So it's job. Ehrman laugh that was made into TV. Show it was the lives of three friends. WRINKLE coury ankle. You Got I'm so good Arizona stuff that I can only imagine that is delicate. Form love perfect man relationships and lives. Unfortunately as this didn't happen. That isn't enough on this thing. Now while all by the Olympics in my Lebron who's waiting by Asoka above anyway so unfortunately I wrote is up one day New Year. These guys were after via playoff by twenty twenty husband. We have your spend and the jammed the Jazz John Iman Child. I remind child because Lewis Human won't be blunt headman child while it'll give walking through the end up going back to. I think it's his father's bar where she works as a waitress and they said talking and talking about their what is you know what e bought me and this guy turns up sitting it's in there and ecosystems gets shot in Atara realized that means. What if what? A indecisive sort of Percy always waiting to happen so Tara Raby by it has opened therapy calling them terribly. Goals split and then because he says this to them on business foreign incursions the world he said take actions about what's moving their lives forward now Rinku is a screenwriter options guessing her screenplay produced stare so it should be going issues she's trying to get screenplay produced rights more screenplays oversaw four cowry is a real Jewish girls ridge girls follow the notion of four and as we mentioned Kukui key is which was father's bar so entrenched move forward in their life. They now decided to get things done. And the Astros I take spurs good or bad results in their lives and the lives and their careers. I mean did these God that God cowry Steinman. Oh God yeah just survivor enemy. So I'm GonNa tell you I think you we ought to watch it for those of you. The guy should watcher city is like wrinkles sex in the city so so that is featured. I mean talk feature there really said I want to the Manga joins and win. They look almost similar to keep the way that with the glossies on the. It's very very good distraction. Now overall. I said it was a good drama. But I think the man with winter the most in the they will whiny whiny low bitches and they were and they're also tyrod him. Oh yes there where they were like I think by the time you watch share like pork meat cattle relieved exactly so I think that for it was what it was that not only Good I give it a ten six really. Why why did you pick up? I watched I am. I'm watching blue. If bats dramatic think which one is called a I'll get to that venue John Murray tasting talks about that issue bit did better. I do regard. Do you get that six. Okay Oh you were six. Finally that I watched she was pretty Transactional chose it's pretty park. So do the she's been queen of Comments I knew that she was in a show with them on June. It was on dateable giving the brothers. There was end up being in that kid historical K.. Drama the one about the king. That became the Yankee guy that I said. Well it. Perfect crazy sorry. Doesn't doesn't mushers pretty you know. Oh yeah you remember crazy with breads car all the time but then he goes. Oh yes I remember. Yeah she was pretty so then the thing he has she wanted she wanted. Yes she on the Super Junior. Yes my guess visit my fellow citizens now. It was interesting because I actually liked his captor. Hey Michael knocked me very fun. Easy uncomfortable the death which you finally stupid but death yes your fun loving server character so she was pretty follows the the story of a something l.. She does your twenties. You're studying. I think those thirty year old. WHO's in for job to finally get an internship of some sorta wait contract with internship about zinc company in the admin department for someone's together moved so machinations to the editorial team and they'll miss the guy from Secretary Passover? Yes who bowled some journeyman. Es conscious his name is how great. I was finding hearts. Also one on one gets awesome. So she gets moved in this guy. The issue issue this gap. He said relationship she should be as though first of all 'cause passage in character and have his friends so yeah yeah sqi fat but okay okay. Okay okay sorry. I'm trying to give you the spoiler. Here he when we yes so their best friend Yang found beginning interesting and he's now the see your the managing editor of this magazine Editor magazine and she works. He doesn't remember. How Haratiya Larry Tins us as the two things happened? Transcends magazine I love the I am the managing editor over the talk always as writers in fake Italian. E Panzer vaguely follows. How it is that? The she'd try I. The Romance Develops between these two main characters. The one guy who who get into the mix of all of this I I think that really is the story. I mean they doesn't get more complicated than that doesn't always actually quite from. Yeah I would say Yeah I. I'm very fond of this drama. Only because it was the first job I was to Viki. 'CAUSE I was like display to work work in England. I read John My Watch. It's just because of my own K.. Drama delving into the motorcade. I do I thought it was is good. Anything he was awesome. I fell pucks. Jews character was a bit Zizic shouting and all that other. It is interesting discipline. Yeah yeah interesting. How did I feel about it? Scored artem six. Okay give to fight. I knew I didn't have what I was. I think the extra one is just because of the historical on Vicki. I think John was said so. Ah I lied. I'm sorry so this is how many two for one gets called into the enemy. Okay Yes yes which is meant to be a documentary mentioned about. The anime industry mean Japan limits. Why to waste Munger and I'll hoeger impressively because I think it's like a lot conventions I see on nets examined produced by people within that culture? It's not doesn't have in deep dive as a I think because he was a comedian. Something just there's also soon to be almost like a gap between what they're trying to say on the stand where they're trying to say and I didn't like it anyway let me to watching a Enemy called at school carries Outta me. Okay which is about a very sickly screams. Yes every a deck even though screaming the Cleveland. Sarah knows there and licenses kitty. This is really the. Yeah Yeah 'cause I it's interesting I mean it's big there's a whole Japanese Malays punishable desma career so last one twentieth century boy and go. I think I understood how I got into the admission last. Yes yeah. I got this idol jammed Jon Dahmer Western and let's say you some tenement districts that point the reason why is firstly. I think the realistic very that could be celebrity. Highrise with your mother in the next floor never dated anybody you know I have heard stories actually is not story this topic right okay and then this guy who was your friend Ryan from child who disappeared into your life and maybe that is listed me I remember I remember her disturbing but I do like I like him. Okay so the friendship between the Gulls loved. The French was so it was so cool. I Love I love it and I got. Actually you know the guy that he's also in she was pretty she has season was hunter show. Yes yeah glad. Like the the jugs position of the cartoons and she was pretty added as a geriatric like that also. I like the friend. You know the lawyer whose Komo striving striving life is the smarter which ends up being. The Muslim world was quite interesting parents. I like parenting nation ship. Shame putting a bit. Who did we know? It was Dowman who is on multiple of career and her brother who who is just like yes. I'm going to be a kid of star idol year. Yes it was it was it was okay. I don't think it wasn't isn't there huddled that that I was the breakout of the guy was low. Asks donors she does show. That's onto the yes. I know Gone Lamari go unpunished. Yes and then the interest of the director like but yeah so it was a muezzin because I think this really what you could make it to like. What did you which John what you I'll give it same score? Yeah it's it's offensive episodes as well. Yeah get forever. And so that doesn't it is episode. Sixteen episodes of all of the trip is that an forty wasn't in the weekly time ahead it's already bubblegum piece. I finished great show which I mention the previous Nuno's which is about a ex assemblyman WHO's trying to get back into power he Piece I don't want to spoil but has somehow inherits for children and he kind of uses that to get into power. He's why love about what is that. He's not worried he's not like a straight laced all good guy. He's a good guy but does of swarm swarm. He's he's like he's like money. Whatever is not as bad? It's not like Kim was not anti hero like white night. Because there's no redeeming feature is not how I look good anti hero like Lou here to hear. The tone of the show is mobile loaded. It was I thought is there. I liked it very easily by is that by is that by because look similar. Yeah is actually I think probably from Saint PD. But I really enjoyed having watched it lots of things against against in the I. I'm not gonNA guess as well pertaining to the female character but it's tweet bless that's what you expect but I thought it was good. Okay I would give it sort of six seven six to lane this atoms then full people that like just straight frothy romance stuff. That has no like I collegial. TRAINED GUMP is the world has moved. I Love Oh God I saw the power for the first two represents. 'cause admiral what she that's really bad at sexing up. I think but I wasn't mainly because of the lead. The main lead Guy Causing Lynn. Because I watched the show called D internal love not to be confused with internal of which two thousand miles of Pete Blossoms. The eternal love is a show about a stage of time travel to the past Friends are so fast the second wife of this king and he plays the Kenyan it. And it's a really good show. There's been Desi Turtle of two which which is worse res coming out I think this month I think I've seen that that guy has been working since taking oldest insane. Listen honey let's say a hug you as well which is a well no web to now clunky too so so this debate anyway. So he's in for so many because of him. It's it's good is Chinese. It's it's frothy. It's very every visually Is Thinking really waiting watching it. But it's enjoyable because in this aisle ten. That's fine add on the greatest twitter. Yeah I enjoyed because it's like not you know what you're expecting. So there's no like don't have love expectation. Oh my God you have to keep the acting here. I feel you yeah. It was good it was good away it was cute. I thought it was cute. I watched Hallo again. which is Taiwanese piece? Is that the one about the guy who dies. Lincoln's backing on the Business Buddy Utah. No no no. This is one that this is is also in the same vein. It's about one man who she didn't she didn't end up going to school and finished University because of some family problems and she ends up working at this supermarket so department store with the CEO. quit school with also frothy. I don't think he's as good as the world owes me phys love. It's okay though I will give that a five dollar ten. This is for people that wants to watch forty romantic. I check not thinking in my head kind of shows. The institute shows that I could actually slow into those categories and that thing that the booth I think about twenty four episodes as well and they are forty five minutes local chains drums. Yeah Yeah So. I'm looking forward with me. I love his Chinese and elegance Taiwanese and what's key about hello again exploiting the Japanese. They have Cobra. Downs moves and beginning when he went down to the things. I always find it by hand and when they switched scenes as well. It's cute. Cheer I feel like again more. So than the world who was angling tied to the what was the actual name is lucky walkies. I love but I could see what you feel. I'm not I was finished Wi fi signal but I will delay that watches. She's somewhat in signal at the moments in the next news. In December we will talk about signal So fact Do you want to move into what we're currently watching what I have to. I'm watching. I bought my boyfriend on. You was on drama fever and thank you thank you think. He has now bought sits as well do the work because I knew what to buy was number fever because I I haven't been translated but he's got it now so they've to watch it from the title alert. You think this is some bullshit. Oh Shit about some woman boyfriend because she was looking for someone to go with charter by hand. And then Oh my God Sung hilarity ensues. They fall one of the wrong. Code is a Japanese number. One could be a real exactly very surreal. I would say this is one of the most insightful shows. I seen talk of Wendy talk about gender roles norms shoot emerges. I know so I'm society. Expectations have been in women. It's very interesting. It wasn't on my and this was going on my list intellect drama. Yeah it's really good. It's basically gets short synopsis. It's about this lady who works in receptionist that this investment firm and introduce them has triple the triple. T's a triple eight triple threes. Remember the three of them and she was sitting in the center. Basically they say that what they're therefore when introduced to this show to bring their bizarre sh for their thanks miles for the fashion. So that is window-dressing at this investment firm and their their their what their true purpose versus. It's basically find a Richmond's Mary 'cause they all want to be housewives which is interesting well then investment firms. OBARA somebody exactly exactly so if something happens with this lady when she ended up breaking up her boyfriend but this seemed to be like on on the rocks drunken nights she basically goes online and buys of boyfriend. Did you glow nudging. Basically this guy has money problems. He owes money to gang so she basically responsible for the alone but basically has guy to be happy slaves talking and I will stop there because it sounds like something I would really like if I did my best brilliant. I mean Ming I learnt from the show that is no such thing as drink carts custody in Japan of children. Yeah that is definitely single custody and give it to elements of women actually can say yet he on us in your child and to divorced husband and he will not see. The child is brilliant character. Captain that would absolutely love. I don't think she because kids start unpopular. Because it's just one other finish early AIDS is it's no. It's finished this excessive but it hasn't the bully now translated to episode five door fifty three percents yesterday so they will bill or if it is by next week signal though. That would have been done by that. But it's the men's particularly the man's arguments for why he acts like a Douche guys. Lousy is a very interesting argument as Weimin sheets and White Act issues. He's argument was finches. Intakes I feel like the dad or the rights of the mind. uh-huh anguish mad skipping issue. It's really good. I think one of the well the best deputies dramas I've seen so far. I must admit I'm watching extraordinary. You know everybody's team however would see on on on on instagram. I'm still watching the show about the what the first episode one with the with the goal. Sky Castle yeah we brought on to are still watching hoping I I think I hope to finish it next week in all running mountainous this Friday and Saturday bar would trump finish up because I want to be spoiled online. Everybody's frigging talking about and I'm about to starts. The epic is a beautiful life. Wonderful Life has just added Vicky like four something episodes of the thing is it. Looks like a famine was sorry we can't drama was not filmed one which is interesting full episodes for episodes uh-huh so it looks like a weekend drama but it's not it's not filmed like one so it's very I started. Its at lunch at work. Okay I'll get to uh-huh gets of it so much that but yeah I think that is all. I am watching at the moment because I was thinking to myself this month month. I didn't watch this last few months. Watch those also trying to watch a lot of my other language shoes so some new Niger. Bollywood stoff and then in just different English speaking shoes avenue watching so I think I'd give myself a lot more. We've watched what has in hard hyphen get ourselves. Something something I should be getting test you for the pollock's TV show thirty years ago like Major. I'm making major moves in my life so you know exactly. Sometimes you just need indicator advantages basically. Just which is basically my whole life like once every single part of my life than me getting upset at the I in the real world emerging Keijo. Hey Joe was thinking about Rick Warren. Blow up by Kidron obsession with the Kingdom Korean dramas. Oh hello exactly like side salads. Brilliant by understand I understand that your ooh Sept- of entertainment is only stop on basic stuff. They know what you discover to you in time. Exactly why crank anyway thank you for joining us. Ask to episode so it is the ethic of the newness apprehensive news. I'll Montevideo positive thinking that so like Schrool like cute grand guys online in Korea. The Korean Boo I. I hate the expression question. I absolutely fucking hate because I just find very almost insulting grows actually solve that he can be called. I just this idea is that you're able to about citation. Relationship will be I think honestly for some people it is. It is a thing and it's it's been talking about we. Just let me show you. Who Number K pop drummers? Visiting keeping. Thank you sean we are so. I'm just thinking that safely. Say He is with us out very creepy it. Oh I think we Krugman. Oh baby in that new retro. I been here anyway steak for the next the next Nigerian News. I am African. Keach you mow. Can you can find us on our social media pages and stuff yeah apple podcast. Pursuant twitter at pub Graham I think within a campaign at the moment of the UC see that is to grandma's well like subscribed share comment let the world number greatness journeys because later exactly on email us as well as know what you think about what shows you are watching more about it. I I think if you send us like unsafe times I think review Office on the you suggest what you probably food we should what we should watch dramas out there. We haven't started the new goo flour. See me softly awfully a multi. It's on my list. I haven't started you know my issues now because I'm I never liked the idea of canals like I'm not against how dare the world news now like there's what screwed watcher. Yes no I think I'll interested in other shows that potentially I haven't seen that almost every single show that but make your commend dacians in particular one if you if you disagree with us because conflict gives you disagree with us on any of our review. Now why you're listening here. Nobody should tell us why you disagree exactly because we tell you where we're right exactly what say you might have one point with highly unlikely. Listen entitled to be wrong all the time here. Thank you guys.

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