Ep 60: It's time to pay Grady Jarrett and Julio Jones


Back up the Brinks truck to his house. Just dump it all off. I don't care what they have to do. Holyoke? Jones amazing. I want him on my team forever. Welcome to another episode of the falcons podcast the official podcasts at the falcons on the SP nation podcast network. I am DWI. This. Always I am joined by my co host. Here we go the gym dogs for spur name. The tar Gary NFL consider the quake drama girl Facebook messenger. The trash talker supreme the one and only touchdown balls. She who not be bossed, Gina, Madeleine, Thomas Gina. It's been a longtime. How're you doing? I'm doing great. I'm happy to be back on the Mike talking about the falcons, we've got a lot of stuff to talk about which is a nice change of pace here on the off season. It is it is we we've sort of defaulted to the crossfire podcast for the while which has been a lot of fun, and we have defaulted to it because they have a lot of fun. But we do have a lot to talk about in on that note. Joining us today is one of our writers from the falcons dot com. He's one of my favorites. When a personal favorites, you know him for his in-depth analysis pieces and his his gift Jif gifts. Jeff, whichever his gift reviews on Twitter. Just probably started other Twitter fight over how the pronounce that is Bill while, but we're glad to have Alan Cirque back on the official podcasts. Alan how you doing man. It's to us nineteen is still the law said, so. Gene is gift or Jif? Well, the crater says that it's a hard G, and I would tend to default to the person who holds the electoral property. I think that if he thinks it's a hard g it's a gif. I'm not gonna get into fights about this like hotdogs and says I'm just going to say, it's my preference to say gif, if you say Jif, I'm not going to crack you I think to each his own. Let's just all live and let live. Absolutely. We're gonna leave that there. Because that is that is the fight that I just don't have the energy for. But we have got a hot to talk about because in the off season. The falcons have made some moves. They've some were expected some are unexpected we are basically at the time of this recording. We are less than two days away from the start of the official two thousand nineteen NFL season. Which also means the start of free agency official free agency not the tampering period. Like we're in right now. So I wanted to start first guys with the cuts. We we have not had a chance to talk about this on the podcasts. And some of these are pretty significant, and I wanna start at the very top with the name that I think many fans were caught off guard by many fans are still upset by if you sort of scan it, but in a funny way, many fans sort of understood this move by the falcons, and that was the team cutting longtime fantastic kicker Matt Bryant. Actually, they didn't cut him. I think we should clarify that for those who are wondering they just did not pick up his option for the two thousand eighteen season which technically makes him a free agent. They just they let him go ahead of time that they were locking to pick up that option Sajid, I'm going to start with you first on, you know, your thoughts about Brian whether or not you saw this coming what you think about this move since Bryant's going to be forty four. This may obviously it's an old age for football. You and I both know it's an old age. And okay. Quite there but met Bryant is not a young, man. So your thoughts on a mat Brian this. Well, I mean, obviously, I was very sad to see Matt Bryant go. I mean, he's been such an integral part of so much the team success since he came here. I love him as a person I love him as a player, but when you look at his cap it when you look at the performance of tobacco when he had to fill in for Brian's, and he was spectacular. And so I think when you look at the fact that the falcons could save money by doing that. And that Bryant's career has a finite amount of time left in it. I think that it does make sense to go to somebody younger save a little bit of money, especially considering the cap situation. So I don't like it. But yeah, I get it. Alan your thoughts Jeanne abrupt Vecchio, do you think he was a major factor in the team deciding to move on from the the longtime kicker. Remember the Monday night game has to giants. He made like fifty three archaic that made it to possession game. Oh, is it was reliable based on the few games? They played it in. I know things didn't go quite right in Oakland. But he showed some promise there. I think the one big concern about the movie just met Brian is probably one the eight reliable kickers football. As no kickers guests bear fans. Guess like fans that good hall you for many years ago. Buffs fans as well. Hopefully, don't spend a second pick one. But it's on a stable move. It's under still it does not allow liability at the kicker position Bryant breeze. It's you even though he is spoilt four. But look at the colts have Terry. I know he's alleged. But he's somebody that still kick out also results seal pans out at if velcro is reliable as is or at least the organization Bolivia's, the people get over the loss pretty quickly and tobacco by comparison. Believe is twenty nine maybe thirty years old. So he still has a lot of years ahead of him again, assuming that he? He continues to play. Well, like he did last year. And I I do think personally he was a big factor in this. I think the writing was on the wall when they signed him to a two year contract. I think a lot of fans thought okay, they're going to bring both guys in the camp and let them compete. But at some point, you know, the fifteen year difference between them I think that it was just too much to ignore. And the fact that Bryant did get injured, you know, I think it made the team look at his health and take that into strong consideration. Because I'll tell you guys when you get up to your your mid forties. The healing does not happen. Nearly as fast as it does. When you're in your twenties thirties, it takes much longer to heal from the the Nag's in Bunsen bruises that you you suffer. So. Danny how we're gonna move on the Matt Brian. I think is is similar fans. If you guys have any additional thoughts you want a reminisce about some of the stuff that he's done for falcons Goto, alcohol dot com. Do believe we've got some articles dropping in the very near future talking about Matt Bryant and commiserate with your fellow fans. The next on the list in element go that you first on this one. Because honestly, he is he is a player that are fans have absolutely hated or have eight and and he he arguably had one of his worst seasons in two thousand eighteen I don't think anyone's going to argue with that. But that is Robert Alford. He is obviously already been picked up a by the Zona cardinals. Again, a rough two thousand eighteen but I feel like and you and I've had this conversation before I think we're sort of on the same page with where Alfred concern I feel like they hated him more than he deserved. So what are your thoughts on Alford what he meant to the team and sort of that long going perception about him being a bad player heavily penalize you're gonna get their reputation. They offered especially coming into league Beckett's thirteen or fourteen at first us over all tr- aggressive. But then you'd also by the lose, but then calmed up with sixteen started year ten pounds. He's the first big games are pal. Andrew Hirsch posted. Crazy step than the last eight games in the Super Bowl run helium three penalty. So heavily penalised said burn every hour. The distance highlight this moments where you're on the receiving end the pilots people. It's always miss together your mind, but I thought offered best seasons actually tell seventy really. Up his game on their forget that book Rams where he was blocking up semi Watkins where he was covering the I always thought he got criticized for too often just because of his style because he is aggressive any pillow, grabbing, but you know, it having that number two corner that somebody's gonna make plays as when that's gonna be overall reliable. You'll see a lot of those offer was rightfully re-signed twenty sixteen in give he was definitely liability in. It's justifiable move to cut because at this plant trying to get young position that we know the over wasn't always Quinn's guy. They drafted John constitutes fifteen. Osceola. Alber now choice. Great way to summit up Allen. Print off for though, he persevered because I think that kinda wanted to eventually fade away from but he held his own. Go which best Arizona if you saw that contract. They still believe in abso- how. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. Big numbers, gene. Any additional thoughts on offered in his departure. I mean, I liked rob LA. And I think that he. I think that over his time here. Yeah. He'd commit a lot of penalties. But he also made a lot of big plays. Like, he was a fun player watch. He's very athletic as extremely fast and one thing that I do want to encourage everybody to do edited this today, and it's going up tomorrow by our own odman. I catch he wrote just kind of a retrospective about alford's creer, and it's really interesting to look back because his good years were really good. And he really was a difference maker. And the thing that I'm going to remember robber Alford by as definitely that pick six in the Super Bowl. I really think I mean, I remember sitting in our DC offices next. A Harry Lyles, and Harry, and I were like we were talking about how we are going to get that photo of Tom Brady on the ground and Alfred running it back into the end zone. We were gonna get it like fringed on canvas. And we were going to hang it in our houses as arch, and I'm telling you, I was de serious. And that thing would be hanging my house until I die if we won that game. So that is my fondest memory of Alford, and that is the one that I'm always going to think of him. Next on the list. Gina will start with you on this one. And he. Interesting signing. I think when when he first came in I feel like he's he was reliable. He was never a big contributor. But when he played he played decently. And that was Brooks read, I think many people saw this move coming his cap hit this year was going to be a bit more than what you would wanna pay for someone who is just a rotational piece. I don't think anyone is crying river over him. But whether your thoughts on read and his short stint in Atlanta. Well, you know, I think that read would have been more of an impact player and Atlanta and over the course of career if he hadn't struggled injury the way that he had he had a lot of injury issues while he was here. And I really think you know, the the team signed him first potential. I think ceiling was always very high. But that's really what held him back. I just want to take a very quick moment to just give some respect to Brooks reads hair, which. Tackler just really lovely. Those owning gold locks. I just I have so much respect for this man's hair. And must also take a quick moment. Suppor- one out for the accident on the name that I gave Brooks freed during training camp when I was typing on my phone, and I forgot my sunglasses. It was so right outside, and I was very sledding hydrated and Brooks teed people have never let it out. So I think migrating crate us wish for free this that he's able to keep that hair. And also that people will now forget that I called him Brooks teed cow. The falcons community is not good about things. Oh. They're not. Hearing about this one for years. So yes, but anyway breakfast, very nice. And I wish him all the best, but the cut makes sense because of the cap situation, and because of the fact that injuries have just really hindered. His ability to be a consistent player for them. Ellen four words for you. Brooks read spin move the glorious move on. Twenty six twenty seven the things people forget about books that he was at work course, what he was healthy like they had a reliable because Claiborne wet down during the Super Bowl run and free me of only place must snaps givens age they books, really. Snaps in. He give up see was limited. But you could ever question motoring. I thought twenty sixteen twice puts a good years together. But this year kind of decline a little based in c make that statement. Peggy was a great pass rusher. But equally make for please. But a ethical hurl. I know the signing was heavily criticised back in twenty fifteen. But I think we'll roll he'd panel four seasons in was injured pro the we look back at that Super Bowl kinda like all he was big time contributor. Yeah. I feel again like he's not a player people were passionate about I've never felt like he was a bad signing as depth guy. So. It's the hair the hair was fantastic really was twenty fifteen twenty to fifteen that season. I was the first sees on quitted signings. Like just Duran litter anchor Sohn, the kind of flop the other thing clayborn read those the only success stories, but cripple in tribute lot. Yeah. And I think there's something to be re remembered about the with those free agent signings is that. They're often hit and miss even with the big guys with the big number. So keep that in mind falcons fans as we go into free agency, which we'll talk about a little bit. Last name bring up, you know, we'll just touch on this quickly as you know, a player who came in on drafted. He had some history with Quinn out of the university of Florida, and he showed a lot of promise. But it seemed like the past couple of years that he hit his ceiling in Atlanta. And that was Brian Poole. He was you know, for several years are nickel corner. He was never what I would consider to be a fantastic corner. But he seemed to be well rounded could sometimes slider to safety. You know seem to have Cam Newton is number for. Picking him off in coverage. Again, he wasn't cut the the falcons just decided not to use a restricted free agency doesn't nation on him. They have said that they they would like to bring him back. But I think he is a victim of Demonte Casey's success so Allie request your thoughts on pool, and what also led to the team sort of potentially moving on us a little surprised by because pools such a fiscal player. I think he's one of those. It's kinda tone set are the quit definitely freesheet that. But I think it's limitations. He's not the fist is scoring. Does get grabby quite a bit in. You're playing the slot. That's probably like you saw penalties really picked up this year in his tackling. Definitely full obey missed allot tag, especially early in the season. But. One of the study players would fit while better defense plan covered through most of the time. But I I thought he could was maybe be more loads of things one of those guys. But sometimes it's just money does up in the AB going to do ratio. But I think pulls in our player that deserves curve for being when the state contributors for several seasons, but kinda like most defenceless year self cliff. Gina your thoughts on on pool in this move moving away from him. I mean, if you look at the amount that they would have had to pay to place a second round tag on him. It doesn't make any sense if you consider the cap situation, objectively, and so I understand why they wouldn't deal with ARA face stuff. Pull one thing that the coaching staff has universal Lee liked about him is that he is just so intense when he plays like he'd try to hit people like he tries to us SAS Nate them. And so I know that Quin likes that. But he's not really a prototypical Quinn a bag. And I think that there's just gonna be a little bit of change in the secondary this off season. It all makes sense. It'll be interesting if they're able to bring him back, but if they do Casey has earned his spot on the fee. Field. So pull might land somewhere else. I do really like Brian pole. And I enjoyed watching them play the whole time that he was here. But this makes sense to me. I think it comes down to Casey just having an explosive breakout season. And you know, we know that kion there's gonna be out there. When know the Ricardo Alice could be out there. The team is gonna roll with true font and Oliver's starting corners Casey is absolutely earned the right to be the nickel. At least you know, if the beginning season. I don't know how you justify keeping him off the field after the season that he had last year. Absolutely. And with that it, you know, if Brian pool slides down to your fourth corner, your time corner three million for that second round tenders. That's a lot of money. So I think it's it's it the cap is. What is that's a separate conversation for another podcast, but we will leave the cuts there that is the the four main names that the falcons boot on from didn't want touch on those and just get some thoughts. Out there, though fans probably still reeling from the Matt Bryant cut more than anything totally get it. But now on the talk about some of the players that the falcons are looking to keep or give extensions to and the first name on the list, which I think caught a lot of fans off guard was quarterback. Matt shaab? He's he is back. Again. The guy has got another two year contract. I will say it is very team friendly contract for a quarterback that even Matt Ryan has said is a very important piece to their offense. He he helps him a lot in the quarterback room. You know, heat. The the team basically has a two year deal with twenty twenty being an option year. So it's really a one year deal. Maybe two. So Jean I'll start with you. First your thoughts on the team keeping Matt Shaab yet again when everyone kind of thought he was going to disappear into the either. Has been a balcony tradition. The make really weird decisions backup quarterback. MS surprised? No. This is exactly what I thought was going to happen. Do I think that it makes the most sense? No, I'm the same person who has been saying draft amid around quarterback and let him learn develop behind Matt Ryan. And then sif he's good. And if he is if met still good than you trade them like Jimmy Garoppolo. Okay. I mean, maybe not that good. But you know, what I mean? And if he if he is if he is good than that. Sure. You know, Matt Ryan air parents. I mean, they've gotta start thinking about life after Matt Ryan, and I can tell you one thing with great certainty life after Matt Ryan eight Matt shop. On that play. He came in for Vic in the first game that I ever went to two thousand five against the Minnesota Vikings. I watch Mashhad play. I was so much younger than and so was Matt Shaab, and he actually not very good. Then this. Any sense? I would rather just roll with Kurt banker and see if he can develop and not spend this money on shop. This is probably the signing. The I am most up in arms about I didn't even realize I was fired up about until I started talking about. All right. That's my time. Alan any passionate thoughts about the backup quarterback for the kids. Could of crazy things. Matt Ryan if he plays sixteen games this year, it'll be ten years since he last the game because we're a ninety suffered miss do games and miss. And a half. Yeah. He didn't start two games and missed another. Maybe it was like three quarters. He's been durable. It's believable by still basically look concert because just like helmets. How much longer could keep their street live. But nothing is this match thirty eight this year any hasn't star born to game since two thousand thirteen and that was the raiders, which as knows the dumpster fire. So at the. So I I don't get the resigned though. Look if you'll have somebody that's if Lynch law crew so bed vice guidance but wanted so that some play baking billion anxious. I think mesh off at a coven for snap your resists. These are less. It was against the eagles. Because I remember I was there. I think it was actually opening night. Maybe because Matt Ryan Denise hurt. Like is the brace initial? NS? Yes, Sean came any Bosch the handoff. Like, you couldn't even hand. Sony. That's able to move in be sort of threats downfield. I'll. He just won the guys that, but you would hope at some point. Yeah. I think he's a player that. People. Call him a coach in in on the field. But he's really just a two million dollar voice. Here. Here's here's a suggestion because they could actually cut him hire him as an assistant coach same amount of money that doesn't count against the cap and he can stand on the sidelines and hold the goddamn ward. And they can get an actual backup quarterback. Who's not under navy years old like I'm not a GM or anything. But it's just an idea. Major coach belly's is still play. That's what they were talking about New York. So he's a that's that's if you want someone that's like, pork. Coach port somebody that's capable planes before games. I think we all agree. Shaab is. I'm not gonna get to up in arms. But it is such a weird. It is a very falcons move. So there's a very Felker's move. Yeah. To the Chris Redman nears. Chris Redman stick around until he was like seven. Felt like he was Wren's court or backup forever. Yeah. He social security by the time he left so. Yes. I'm pretty sure that he was. So I like I like that shop don't get me wrong. But I just don't think that this makes any sense like, you know, get with the times, he it doesn't make any sense. So the next name on this list before we get to the big one that I know all fans wondering about the next time on this list is the one that some fans or little bit and the by because he's tentacle still under contract in that is star receiver Julio Jones who the team last year they did a little bit for him as a part of his like half today. Hold out. And they said that they would address his contract this offseason. So we know that they want to work something out. We know that there are big wide receiver deals happening over and over every single year Julio is bar. None. The one of the best receivers in the in the in the league, and as of this recording, by the way, guys we know that where do they Tony overland has he Oakland so antennae Brown? You know, his team couldn't stand him so bad. They took a massive cap. Hit to let him go clan. And Odell Beckham has just been traded to the Browns. So at minimum falcons fans can say we have the best wide receiver in a league whose team actually wants to freaking keep them on the roster. So Alan I'm gonna go do on this one. You know, obviously the team doesn't have to rush to make deal happen here. But what kind of money? Do you think we're looking at for Julio? How long do we think he can play? I think he's what he's thirty turns thirty this year. You know, what are your thoughts on one extension say Hello for another four five years? As of course, he stays healthy. But just this work regimen. Just the way he bosses out corners if he lives to step he still some. Just body any it's they'll be affected. And bulletin is less year. So it's financially. Say whatever he wants because he's the best Acevedo legally. I. Served just whatever they feel is right or not doors ation because they kinda wanna get the best possible. But Louise, he could demand whatever he wants because he's premium east of receiver. Everyone wants have only seen this though by that. He's the best was relieved just at this point. So you hope for five years he still played a high level and knows after that. But to be dig up to prioritize because of course, vulnerable Chlor last week before the Dion Jones Goshi lift so it's gonna be just progress with that so icy who is offset number permanent but for St. on Jones as the centerpiece defensive at the gate of soon as well. Yeah. That's a lot of stuff coming so just for comparison Sammy Watkins Tonio Brown or both making right around seventeen million per year on their deals Antonio Brown. His new deal is giving about thirty million guaranteed on the over three years. So Gina your thoughts on Julio in. And what the team may do here. Have you seen this man's closing speed? Like, I watch this highlight video the other day of holy cow playing defense, and it was you know, after interceptions and things like that. And he was running down receivers from like the other side of the field. And he is like a cheetah. This man is human, and he shouldn't be paid like one give him all the money that he wants back up the Brinks truck to his house just dump it a lot. I don't care what they have to do. Holy jones. Amazing. I want him on my team forever. Pay him. Everything is that. Listrik? No. But that is what I want to see happen. I love it is a matter of fact, I'm marking that section eight minutes fifty seconds because that's our Colo can anyhow. All right. So we're at roughly the halfway point of this podcast. We're gonna take a break. We will be right back. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seems smart. It seems mart as the show about people doing things that for some reason or another seem smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it Tele friend, I'm Spencer hall, don't do anything smart. Hey listeners. This is Luke Thomas show hosted MA finding if you like mixed martial arts and combat sports. You should check out our weekly show. Our each Monday, we speak with the top athletes enemy from world. Champions two rising stars also bring you in-depth analysis on technique in our Monday morning enlistment. We talked to some of the brightest minds in the game. We answer your questions regarding the latest news and headlines of the world of professional finding find us on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. And we're back with the Takahara podcasts with Gina Thomas. Allen sterkcx. This is w the the next and the last thing we wanna talk about for falcons free agents that we wanna get signed is the big one Grady Jarrett, obviously the falcons right before the deadline. Put the franchise tag on Grady Jarrett is non-exclusive tag. We'll talk about that in just a second. This does give the falcons until I believe June sometime in June or July to get a deal done with Jared. If they can't get a deal done by that deadline whether deadline is he actually has to play under the tag for the two thousand nine hundred season, which is about fifteen a little bit over fifteen million dollars for that defensive tackle position. So gene, I'm going to start with you Grady Jarrett. We've heard that the sides the fall. Far apart? There have been rumors that he wants, quote, unquote, Aaron Donald money, whether your thoughts on Jarrett as a player what you know on whether or not he should get paid. How all of this plays out? Well, I think that they will probably work something out with Jarrett. I think that Jared chair is going to want to stay here. I think that they'll be able to come to some kind of agreement, but I understand why once the test the market, and I understand why the team had to apply the franchise tag. We've got a few months now that they're that they've decided to go that route. And so I think that over that span they'll be able to figure something out the one thing that concerns me is that they applied the non-exclusive tag him. So that he can still talk to other teams. So if they had applied the exclusive tag, I feel like I probably would've been more comfortable with it. But yeah, I still think that the work something out. And to to give some context some fans asked about the nature of the tag, first of all, the mon- exclusive the non-exclusive tag is what most teams use to genus point it does allow him and his agent to talk to any other team. They want to however, if another team gives him an offer sheet the falcons get the right to match the offer sheet made to him by the other team. And if they turn it down. In other words, they will let Grady sign with whatever team offers him contract. They actually get two first round picks as compensation from that team for leading Jericho. So it's as a matter of fact, someone asked me the other day if that has ever happened, and I cannot think of an instance in recent memory where a team actually gave up two first round picks to sign away a free agent like that if you guys can think of any. Me. No. But I could not think of any in recent memory. So it is exceedingly rare that a non-exclusive tag results in the player walking away. So Alan with all of that said your thoughts on Jared. How you doing? Defense attack position. There's so much Greytown there. So that's why I can't see team trae away for two trumpets course, viz look to us route fix even so crazy Jon Gruden would put. I understand. For Trent Brown. Linda conflict the deals they've got the highest paid players position. I'll either players top-five cons these top five, but you understand why? Jared wants to end the lion. He deserves the jobs at the he's the most valuable offensive player on the roster consistently excellently huge away just crime. He's really Volve as a pest at the something earliest creates struggle with banana seemed just make impact we get week out. I told this day was to get paid like it because he's one of the centerpieces, so and I think also people need take into consideration. Just because you're the highest paid player position. Doesn't mean. This could be time. Devante Freeman was is payment league. We all the, but we all agree that he's not the best league, especially that time. But Jared I'll put he's not here. Don, he's not Fletcher caused by Pullman that secondary. He's that good. He's entering his privates east. You got the value players like the whole thing. They would have because he somebody that is going to be like I said he's gonna be on the franchise cornerstones he's improving since twenty sixteen. And I think in fairness he is if anything he has improved every single year that he has been on the falcons his his level of play has only gotten better, and he's not one of those players that suddenly had a great season his contract year. He is literally every season become a bedroom better player and even this past season just became one of our best pass rushers from the interior and the best pass rushers period, you know, interior or on the edge. He was one of our best ones for reference just looked it up. Fletcher Cox who elementary and recently got a six year contract hundred two million little over one hundred million with about sixty three million guaranteed averages out to about seventeen million per season. I think that is kind of number that he's realistically gonna get. I don't think he's going to get the same numbers. Aaron Donald got 'cause Donald is a generational talent that very very few people can compare to. But I would not be surprised to Ellen's point. If he gets let your Cox money because as we've seen and this comes up a lot I want to if you guys take just a quick second to address this because this comes up. Even if you think a player is not the top his position. So you think you know, he is not the best defensive tackle league. The the question isn't whether he is better than their Donald or whether he's better than Fletcher Cox. The question is if you let him hit the market will another team pay him like he is. And the answer is absolutely undeniably. Yes. If we'd let Grady juror at the market another team will pay him big money. And that's why you have to pay these guys you pay them to keep them. Because if you let them hit free agency they will walk away, and they'll get a big deal. Elsewhere, and then you have to consider what is the cost to replace a player of that caliber, you cannot draft a Fletcher Cox in every single draft class. You cannot draft a Grady Jarrett in every single draft class. Maybe you can find another decent player, but a player of this caliber, even if he's not the number one player at that position. If he's the number five. Player that position pay the man to Allen's point you pay him. Now into three years. He's not going to be the highest played paid position player that position it all fleshes out. But the worst thing you can do is nickel and dime and try to get his salary right under Fletcher Cox 'cause you think that's where he ranks technically. This is this is not Madden. Not how this works in the real world, you pay the guys, and they keep resetting the contract deals every year, and it may not seem fair. But that's how the NFL has always worked Sajida you want to add anything onto that that my little mini rant there. I just want to reemphasize that great chair have three sex on Tom Brady and the Super Bowl. And so again that is enough in my mind to keep him. And since that time I mean that whole season. And then since that time he is really established himself as instrumental to the fell cans. He has such great burst off the snap. His size really helps him be disruptive. They've gotta keep him. He's just a great player. He was such a steel where they drafted him. They've gotta keep. Eight hundred nine hundred snaps thought more season. It's harder. Yeah. Does I mean he is one of the most consistent forces on the field for the falcons new fat? And he had six believe he missed what two or three games into Mateen six sacks from the interior missing two or three games, which for defensive tackle is pretty good. And if you watch the games he pressured quarterbacks far more often than when else on the team did he was a wrecking ball. So yeah, I'm with both. I think also they will get him to a long term deal. It's going to be I believe in of Fletcher Cox money fans will in in Dubai complain about it. But he he's he's gonna get paid. And I'm happy with that. Because he is a fantastic talent has Ellen mentioned. He's just continue to get better every season. It's going to happen. He's going to stay here in Atlanta. And. Couldn't be happier. So with that said that wraps up the the free agents and the guys on the team we wanna keep let's jump now to our flannel saving. I wanna talk about some of the signings or potential signings. Because technically as of the time of this recording team can actually sign a player. We're in Gina whether they call it. The legal the legal ambling Jared. It's legal tampering is not legal, but tampering is overlooked during the three days, so in essence. Supposed to happen is you cannot it used to be the NFL said you cannot negotiate with player that is not on your team until free agency opens which is always four PM on the day that the new league year starts this year. The league year starts March fourteenth so four pm March fourteenth, which is Thursday is win free agents can actually sign the NFL. However, they did this years ago. But they finally wrote in the rule that said, okay, we know, you're doing it anyways. So we're going to let you talk to other players, and you can agree to terms and principle. You just can't make it official until free agency actually opens, and we actually saw today a very interesting. Consequence of that where ethnic bar was correct me if I'm wrong he was going to the jets. Yes. Alan you wanna finish what happened with with cool. Cool feet. Minnesota better offer inside the state of Minnesota. I'm gonna -ssume that Greg Williams scared away because as we all know, quite Williams is terrifying slice horrible human being. So all my buddy, I live at York's L of your cell further yet, they're like on the Justice. Of course, they hid of the top science day. Just couldn't get but get Moseley, but still. Yeah. So to the point we just made on paper, he agreed to sign with the jets and the day later, you know, nothing was official and it became unofficial. So that said there are a couple of names falcons have been officially unofficially linked to as the first part of free agency. I I wanna talk about what happened that made this move possible as of today to recording this on Tuesday, March twelve. Earlier in the day. The falcons actually used a clause in Matt Ryan's contract, which is an automatic clause. Allows them to convert his salary into a bonus which subsequently allows them to prorate that bonus and push off some of the cap hits a future years. They converted eight point seven five million of his deal in ended up freeing up about seven million dollars cap space. Obviously that kind of move got people thinking oh gosh there there now fring cap space to make a move which they did. And I do wanna dress something because I saw people trying to give you know, Matt Ryan the credit for being a team player in doing this, which I am the biggest Matt Ryan fan you'll find but he had nothing to do with this. It was. It was his contract. This is a standard sort of for Matt for big contracts. Like, what Ryan has this is a boilerplate type of deal that they put into all these contracts where they it allows the team caps lex ability to you know, as we said kick the kick the can down the road a little bit with the cap is concerned. So guys, you know, we all love Matt Ryan. But this was not something where he went to the team and said, hey, let me take a pay cut. He is still getting the same amount of cash this year. Nothing changes for him the team just get some cap relief. So I wanna put that aside. But now onto the today that we saw Gina. I didn't know anything about these names. We're in the falcons chat when these sort of dropped in came out of nowhere. The I was John Brown who believe came from the jets is that right? Yes. The giants. I'm getting these to mix up. Yeah. Yeah. The guy the guy name the Spanish him came from the. No came from a giant say, I can't even keep a straight. All I knows his name is Spanish for him. And and he is a very a very large, man. These of the things. I'm gonna look it up because I had no idea this guy was and let me see here. Jim Jim Brown. Yes. He is six foot four three hundred and forty pounds. According to PF. Spent some time in LA and most of the season with the giants big big do which we'll talk about that in the second the other name, which I think I was getting him crossed up with was James carpenter. And I believe he came from the jets if I'm reading this, right? Yes. Yes. He came from the jets. I knew that. Because one of our local radio guys Brandon leak. Rached outs made stay when Chris or walking our dog and asked me if I could get a jets and Chien's writer from Espy nation to talk to him about the signings. And I was like, that's right. They're both New York's EM. So that's why it's easy to mix them up. And then I had to look up our posts to be sorted that I was asking are jets giants guy to talk about the right people because I had never heard of this guys. So anyway for reference James carpenters, six foot five three hundred twenty one pounds. So. So what does that tell us? Boy is I think it tells us that we're gonna move away from the zone scheme. Because those those men can't move that fast. And I'm just being honest. It's not a criticism just being think that is. The big thing here that these are two massive human beings and. On the plus side. It looks like they're going to be far more stout impasse protection. If there's one criticism, you know, people have of the design blocking scheme when you have those smaller more athletic offensive lineman. Those seven step drops for quarterbacks tend to be more painful. And we saw that with Ryan we saw Ryan last year. He got sacked allot Allen. I know you saw it firsthand and doing your gift reviews where Allah. Ryan was constantly sort of under pressure in those deep drawbacks. And when we talk about the zone running scheme to lie people just say the zone blocking scheme, but in reality all teams run some variation of inside zone. It's the wide zone where you've got the backside cut blocks you've got guys, you know, really having to cover a lot of ground going out. Why giving the cutback lanes the running backs? I think that is what's going to be drastically reduced so Gina. I'll I'll ask you. What do you think about this move? And what it may signal as far as the falcons making that change, even though, you know, again Quin sort of said, no, we're not going to change our scheme. This seems to indicate there may be some flexibility there. I mean, I don't know unless they're planning on doing some kind of like platooning. Lineman. I don't and that's a terrible idea because chemistry is just integral to this accessible line. You can't really change the lineup. Yeah. I just I don't see how that works with these guys. And even as roads or even as backups like I don't see how that works with these guys. I think that this. If you think back to the Paul Eli enticing Tyson Jackson signings, and we're like, oh, man. They're moving to three or four. There's no that's three or four like we are all amped about it. And then remember, it wasn't do some kind of like, I guess fell kipnes related post traumatic stress syndrome where I'm like they really could sign these big guys. And so me planning to do that. Which would be terrible idea. I don't think so like, I just think that that is way too unreasonable. Go. The take was so hot Jeanne dropped out. Right. Well when she comes back. We'll ask her Allen. Whether you think about these these moves and bring in these two big big bodies shook it because she is such a great athlete outs. Even though his getting older still good size. When the best him. Jason Kelsey, see them gets a second level to flower job and socks done. I guess tie somber athlete of we'll see. I'm still not convinced he's star mislead. But oh. She'll jump back on. We're good. I'm not I'm not sure if he starts but Todd tell but it's gonna be it's too. I think one thing that Dan quid you can tell you get really sick of I'll have to staff about this up with the fell be. There is one of the worst. Show yours convergence us day could not convert on the report the short-stay allies last year got support. Muhammad, Stu Heather while the converged show yourself bandit bar. I could see why they wanna get necessarily front. I do corP knows a former first round pick actually was with Quincy. I know D coordinator, but Quinn, new Seattle or lively to thirteen to fourteen. So so I think there's some ties they Brown was actually the first year would show McVeigh star. But then he injured in preseason. I think also Blake is named took the spied never looked back. So these guys do have star experience as encouraging. I do wish they could may be spent more money on. I know the couldn't for Roger Seth. But may civil with those little worker, but the cap space, do I guess is someone encouraged gang gourds store experience because it's no doubt. That was the weakest position on the roster. Just no star is like vitro Kim years, but he's injured prone. I don't think west showing serve we've seen two years of now. Don't these NFL caliber star diesel back of best zanesville, same Beatles? They really need to go. Get guards. It would've been cool to see them drifts gore. The frisk ride gets younger, but I think they see there's a lot of flaws on the roster at do believe this is a draft where there's gonna be a lot of good defensive lineman. Log of detectives as well. So why not just get up veteran guards coz? Yeah. Yeah. Now, I think too especially with ofensive line that can be a couple years before those guys pan out defensive line, especially defensive interior you tend to see a little bit quicker production from those guys. So I can understand that. Especially with Ryan at the age that he has probably wanna make sure that they keep him much cleaner in the pocket, and they had in the past and is much harder to push around the three hundred forty pound man than it is a two hundred ninety five pound. So real quick. Alan your thoughts, on Beasley is this. The right move was at the wrong move should the team of gone head move on. I don't think it's the right. We will buy a power move on Dan quince, but this is his first ever draft pick in. No. From also pests experience Thomas to be likes to hang onto first rounders as long as possible PR, Jerry. Leave it some early sicker. Lamar holmes? If your players that have that draft pedigree will be valued for even though the production never really met the Bruce row status or higher status. But Beasley at has been impact place on sixteen even when he was I guess you quote impact player over flesh of it just hasn't evolved often tackles, but mainly right tackles this figure out they get the hands on he's doing anything. He just hasn't developed counter moves to really use that speak. Our knows. He's a freak athlete knows that. I I just hasn't quantified the need to see this only games where he's not this, especially big games to see. Right. Tackle get control. Just look does. No justifying pay 'em out by could see why Dan Quinn's do inches because he wants to see if he could get scwhab because he is somebody that has the first pick of his tenure end is still someone that's really forgetful at may be just figure out ways get creative would have been those. But do I think bees? For long term. Now. I think he somebody that just gonna realize that was a mistake that he just he's kind of the bench at dimension. Just isn Sunday. You could keep t- in the win on special player has says. Yeah, I agree. I was firmly in the boat that they need to move on. I'm with you. I understand why they did it. I think the Dan Quayle is thinking, hey, if I get my hands on him and spend more time with them. I can help him to develop those moves. But honestly, I think if we were going to see that we we've seen the progress in. That's the thing that I just don't think we saw any of we didn't see any progress from two thousand sixteen seventeen seventeen to eighteen I think we're going to suddenly see that progress happened between two thousand eighteen two thousand nineteen. I don't think he'll be you know, worth what his agent is gonna wanna try to get for him after the season. Even if he gets double digit sacks. I think the best thing for the falcons to do is to on in not treat dislikes Sam Baker situation where he has one good year. And then they come up. It's another name. Yeah. There's a as well. Right. So I honestly if he does have a good season, maybe you can hope that he signed somewhere, and it gets you a Compaq as a free agent that that signs on the another team maybe three or four team will think that they can do more with him as an outside linebacker. But I just think it's time Atlanta has been a bust. What makes is that? They fully commit to him as an edge rusher in twenty eighteen because we aren't so seventeen deploy little straw Cy linebacker, right? Partly due to injury. Also because I think would wanna try there. But it says eighteen they're gonna make enough to you're gonna rush the passer hundred time and to be plagued the seventeen sluts decent games rep. But at last year there were very few flashes. Like, all that's the Beasley that was ironically, the sacking twenty sixteen looking back on who led the league in sacks. Just Vic visi tells it sixteen that will never make sense. Though, it won't hurts because it was really excited because you've twice exchanges because everyone knows falcon fans a bit crazy for Russian for years ever since John Abraham cut. They just one that explosive big play this week depend on week in week out to generate pressure in Spezia, just has been unfortunately in the I think this is one thing they keep an eye on in two thousand nineteen is you know, what he does also what what tat McKinley does and potentially a draft pick as you mentioned Allen. This is a. Potentially very deep deep class defensive line talent in and hopefully the falcons will take advantage of it. So with that we're going to wrap up this week's podcast Allen. Thank you for joining us. Again, it's been longtime one have you back on more frequently. So why don't you tell our listeners where they can find you what you've got going on. Right out folks afraid, I know the falcons aren't gonna be that active. But this definitely still things that should come up is free agency. Most teams have thanks that that going to change their franchise. So maybe one or two more sonny's than of course, we at the draft come up. This is the pivotal year for franchise 'cause when's now the full fence according responsibilities and the pressures on because sees only again berry seemed teams at the Packers improving. So this team's gonna have to keep a was because NFC eight nine teams play. So that's exciting. But cover news, hopefully within April May June. That's where or create. While for my dears. That's when I start you being that mad, scientists fun three. Three right now between more Sonate boats allow cover the news because there's just so much stuff coming out right now. Yep. Absolutely. Guys, Gina sense her regrets for melting her internet, you can find her on Twitter at Thomas, and of course, articles at the falcon dot com as for me. You can find me at falcon d-w and my write ups at the alcohol dot com as well Ellen. I think he gave the Twitter handle for our listeners. I just realized that. Of course, there a below E N underscore as TR guy attention to detail. Sometimes I like, no problem Sopher Gina met online melting down her internet Thomas and Alan Cirque. This is David Walker. Thank you guys for tuning in. And we will talk with you next time. My name is Spencer hall by name is Jason Kurt. My name is Ryan nanny combined. We've form the shutdown full stran- keep telling you this forecast is technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We love Tennessee Batman, homeowners associations bears in video games. Pittsburgh Batman the hell of being trapped into group. Text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having us contracts coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot and it escaped and it wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay village. If you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this one full cast. It's not voltron unless it is.

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