This former officer is fighting an effort to decertify him as Washington lawmakers seek to make that easier


A desertification hearing is underway for a former washington state patrol sergeant who admitted to sexting and having sex while on duty the hearing comes as a legislature is advancing a bill. That would make it easier to certify officers for their misconduct. Here's kyw's austin jenkins as public radio in the seattle times first reported monday. Sean carr admitted to a years long sexual relationship with a worker. He would meet the woman for sex and center explicit videos and images while on duty. He denied allegations that he coerced the woman to have sex car. Who's the son-in-law. The chief of the patrol resigned as a sergeant but is now fighting to keep his state law enforcement certification his attorney. Ted buck told the hearing panel that it's a high bar to decertify an officer in washington commission must prove every element of its claim by clear convincing evidence. This is not a situation like your typical civil trial. Or it's just a preponderance of the evidence more likely than the state's criminal justice training commission alleged car committed official misconduct and failure of duty and says that decertification is appropriate and necessary. I'm austin jenkins in olympia.

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