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Sharmarke Goalless Shark Communications Inc and Charen. Llc Do not endorse or offer for any purpose but entertainment the views of any guests or other expert on sharp vision or UB N. new things before they happened. From the time I was a child at the age of Eight. I saw spirit at the foot of my bed and didn't know what it was. And in my twenty s I finally realized I had a special ability. That could help others. I have learned that love never dies. There is a spirit world that can communicate with us and we all have the gift of intuition. Join me and together. We will explore the possibilities of the unknown from beyond more. This is sharp vision. I everybody it's Sunny. Shar and I hope everybody is weathering the storm in keeping a great attitude as you possibly can. I'm so sorry for the suffering that you guys are going through that so many others are going through. I feel so blessed at so far touch wood. My loved ones are okay but you know you just never know but the one thing about our Shar visionaries said when we do Lusa someone. We know that when they crossed over they will see their loved ones again who has crossed before them. And that's the only positive news that we really can have about this You know I always said this. Shell passed to but my gut is that. It's GonNa take longer than we know. I I do think there's some reprieve. I think things will start getting going again around the summer but I just worried that they're gonNA do it too fast too soon. And so you know we create our destiny by the choices we make so be smart be wise and even though they're telling you to go out if you have a gut feeling not to go don't go and so now. I thought that this everyone so you turn on the news. Everything so depressing. Everything so sad. I have a dear friend who is one of the funniest people I in. I am so honored. That Russ Matthews is here. Hi Ross I listen I cannot think of a place I'd rather be with the world going mad than to come here you to help me make sense of it all all. Why God I all I can tell you that. I'm seeing all the sad news. And they're closing the the meat stores in there and we don't know what's going to be on the shelves in the grocery stores and then I looked at your instagram and I laughed out loud. You are just so so funny you know. The truth is at the greatest healing that we can have in life. I think is music and laughter. And that's what you bring to us. Well you know I have the voice of an angel so I can deliver on both fronts. I have nothing to do here. Three hours your being safe In Quarantine and so I'm just cooking and I'm trying to make funny things for instagram. Try It you know. I one gift to this world other than making really good case if he has and it's making people laugh so I'm on you You're on the tonight with Jay. Leno I mean and now you're on repulsed drag race a. Ya a judge on that. Show episode airing opposite US. You know right here on the Dvr all my goodness Wrote the forward to my New York. I did not know that. Put a quote for my book. On the back of my. I didn't know that. Oh my God all over. Both of us were so connected so wait. So you're the the name of your book is namedrop. Yes it is okay. So it's the stories that you till at happy hour. I've been working in television for eighteen years. I just grew up in a little farm town. I love the book of their professional. This I grew up loving pop culture wind to meet these people. You Know Shar and then I did and now for eighteen years. I've done it so I would tell. My friends really good celebrities stories at happy hour and they were like you have to put that in the book. I could never at so namedrop easy. You know what I know. It's I know it's tacky to name because my friend. Gwyneth paltrow top that I just eventually figure like these stories are not to hurt anybody either. Just like Oh mg. Most of the time when I met these famous people who adored from afar. They were better than I ever imagined. So and because it's happy hour partner every chapter and every celebrity with a cocktail. Selene Dion. It's my artichoke. Hearts will go on for Faye dunaway. Have at Amami jurists and it just gets dumber from there. He says so slanty and you know I love happy hour sharks. You and I have been to happy hour thinking that we can happy hour together in Palm Springs. Yeah but So my question to you wait. Kristen Bell. What is this your Tracy Ellis Ross. What is this? You may be on my pocket so I have a podcast called straight talk with Ross. And you've been a guest on it and had so many celebrities on it as well this week. We have three great drag Queens Shangila. Bob Franken Eurico Hera from the new. Hbo Show were here. That episode just went out today. So people have podcast. They can get my podcast. It's called straight talk with Ross and it's free and and where do they find it on items or I don't know you go to straight talk with Ross Dot Com. All the links were there. I should know more okay. The drag Queens are just so amazing. New Bubbly Brunch. Tell people about that. Well I am on drags and I have been going to drag shows for I mean ever and I love Brunch brunch combines two of my three favorite meals and so I had this idea of creating drag branch and then it took off so we had up until recently everything's postponed cause a chronic. We Seventeen Seventy Shar including Puerto Vallarta Mexico and not crazy like knew that head of time. I think I told you. I thought that it was going to do really well. You didn't tell me you did tell me now and so it was doing really well until everything you can tell. We no longer combranch It'll come back again but I have to tell everybody when it does come back. You have to see if because I went to the one in Palm Springs with my sister. My aunt. Did you brought your family. Yeah it was fantastic. Brunches are three sixty I think. Everyone in the splash zone. Because there are queen drag Queens will be everywhere up close and personal and it's just about shutting the door on the outside world and smiling together as a communal experience laughing hour and a half's it's it's it. I had the best time and I hope everybody else would. What other states are they? So people can look forward to doing that. When we're out of this quarantine yes. We're in Ohio. We up in Washington. State's all it's all of the California from San Francisco to San Diego and everywhere in between we're in Newark. And if you go to Ross bubbly brunch dot com Ross bubbly wrench dot com all the cities there and when we get back to normal. Come laugh with us now fun. Oh my God. I can't wait so now you're doing things on instagram. He said all your friends said instead of doing the stories on top which I hardly ever watch those will see. I love the stories because they are like. It's almost like A magazine versus a TV show. You know like the stories. You just sort of flipped through republic but boot and the. What's on your main grade of your instruments there forever. So I always was always putting funding Steph my stories and then my friend said you know that disappears after twenty four hours. No one could people's miss it. They can't see it. Why do they it so much? Smarter for you to keep those because there will things. Just don't WanNa be annoying you now. I'm doing it for email. You're not annoying because everybody's so sad everybody's so depressed. Everybody's having such a hard time in when we watch you it's like you make us forget about it okay. That's my friend said them so I thought okay I'll do it and then the first one I did there were like one hundred thousand views eight hundred comments people you know so I thought okay maybe I do need to keep doing this a little bit. I kinda think who I'm just in quarantine that was just me and my bet. I'm just doing stupid stuff but people are liking it so I'll keep doing. No it's hilarious. I signed the one where you're eating popcorn and then I started doing workout my exercise routines. I'm GONNA do a mask tutorial but it's going to be with just a beauty mass so I don't know I'm just keep trying to keep my in my brain. Fresh how're you doing? Are you sweet to ask actually doing well? I want to thank our friends. Stuart crasner offering of us our friends. He's helping sharp visions while were on Wherever we are I'm remote. This is very cool. I have questions. I don't know how to do this doing my podcast on zoom and. I don't know how to do this. Split screen thing with all the stuff around. I'm certainly going to be emailing you and Stewart after this to figure this all out. Okay maybe Kurt. Who's helping us out. The engineer can help you too. Because he's very talented at what he does. But okay so you know gossip about people in. I know that when we had our our our little drinks together. You've told me some things but I can't remember them all and also I never liked to say things out that maybe private. Can you tell us that is either in the book or not in the book? That's very gossipy. Well I mean so. It's just really truly coming from a good place. I think my gossip comes from a great place from someone who loves this stuff so much and just can't believe that Ted touch it and see it. I mean I've been. I used to cut everything out about the Oscars from every magazine. And now I've covered like Eighteen Oscars you know and what I realized when my first Oscars I went. I turned to my left. And there's biggest star in the world on the red carpet and OMG and then. I turned to my right. And there's a gas station with like twelve PORTA potties. In front of it and Hollywood is so glamorous but it's also not completely just a street you know and I think celebrities are that way as well. They're everything you think they are. And then they're also very real people and that that's a running theme throughout his book is that I'm fine. I'm I'm finding out that they're just kinda normal they're they're human beings so But they they can also Inspire US Lady Gaga is a great example of that. You know I love your work so I met Lady Gaga I. I saw her at the Golden Globes once I was covering it for eats when she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress Mini Series American horror. Story and I'm about to platforms above the red carpet. And we lock Eyes Shar like I see her and I never met before and I see her and she locked eyes with me like this like really intently k. And I was like I didn't know what to do. She just kept staring at me. What with purpose. And she wouldn't look away and so I I should wave or if I should cry. I stared back and then like she was pulled away. And I like what was that about and I thought I would never find out. Shaar but I was wrong so fast forward during Paul's drag race. Its first episode of season nine. I don't know who's going to be the guest judges. It's top secret. I walk in and the microphone. Person Says Oh. Let me put your mic on on this lady. Gaga will be on that side of Mike. Why why so? Then she comes out. She comes out and she says hiding. Abreu and and Michelle Carson and then in front of the whole crew on the sound stage doing here. The story yes okay. I don't want to bore you but it's too long. I want to hear the story. I knew that you did. I just wanted you to beg for it. Okay Stop Lady in front of everybody on a cruise. She goes Ross. I need to talk to you as I and she goes. Do you remember the Golden Globes and I was like what are the Golden Globe I do I remember seeing seeing you there I said I I remember to an end. And she says I'm I was in my hotel room that day and I was nervous of petrified to walk the red carpet because I'm just a singer that's just. I'm just a singer. These movie stars and I was literally shaking and then somebody turned on the television. And do you know what I saw? I was like and she said I saw you. And do you know what you said? A really didn't mean it or meant it or I don't know I didn't know what I said. But she said you said I'm just excited to see lady Gaga and I remember saying that Shar but of course it didn't occur to me at the time that she all she could have heard it and she said and I took a pause and she's so dramatic she actually took ause as I took a breath and then she went and she said and I said out loud for everyone to hear and she pointed Glam squad and they're all there and they're nodding she said I'm going to go out there on that red carpet and do this for Ross and all the other Ross's out are you serious completely serious completely serious and I said to our. It's so funny because I I you made eye contact with me and I felt like you were saying hi or something and she said no. I was saying thank you. Wow Yachts and then she rocked. She goes and you can tell everyone. I said it. So that's exactly what I just said. Wow that's amazing. It was the most amazing Lady Gaga Story. I just couldn't believe it. She was so kind and so sweet and the fact that you remember that she was piloting. She knew exactly who you were. Because you don't think people know who you are no very helpful so you don't you don't realize that people know you from drag race in from from Jay Leno's from everything else you've done on E. Network you don't. You're you're humble about it. Well I I think it's more selfish. I'm just so happy that I had that experience that it's just I can only see this far. I don't see the over the you know what I'm saying. It's just happened to me. I don't think about it. Seemed to be seen by the world's that freaks me out widow obsessed with when it's Paltrow's Goo. Yeah Yeah you know. She's facing she's a great friend of mine. She has been since the first time I met her. Oscar accidentally. Got My book to You. Could you accidentally get it to her? Of course you would I. I would be so excited. She's lovely. She would love you and you would love her. Wow and and in celine dion I mean. Did you know her when her husband was alive or it was right after he passed and I had always wanted to see her and so I was going to go to Vegas. It's the first time I've ever done anything. Like show Biz in my life where I was like how to publicist something. Oh but you know you pay publicists so I was going to go to Vegas for work and I was going to buy tickets to Selene and I thought why not just ask. Maybe they would give me a ticket. If I like tweeted about the show right I mean but I did it last time. I did it but it was the best time because you know what they said. They said yes. We'd love Ross and a guest to come. We'll give him seats and then bring him back stage to meet selene after the before the show and I'm thinking to myself. Oh my God celine. Dion must be a fan right. This is so exciting to bring a head. Shot the deer now. I'm thinking they picturing her being like you know list of different celebrities who want to come to a show like no no no and then. Ross Mathews yes. He must come so I'm so excited. I'm nervous I'm planning what I'm GonNa wear what I'm going to sing. And they brought me back when I got that they brought me back with like a bunch of people and then he brought me and my friend back to in a deeper room like way back with just roses. The temperature was think sixty three point seven degrees at said stand there and then I hear. Click clock appeals. Selene dion coming in and she walks in and she goes hi folks and then she turns and smiles for the camera and then she walks out. She had no idea who I was not enjoyed the show and then left my God. Oh well so during this quarantine how many pounds by gained I wanNA talk. I haven't weighed myself because I don't want to think about. I bought an exercise bike. I'm going I'm walking three and a half miles a day and none of that is living in your exercise bike. Eating I suck at you. Were you were eating a sub a breakfast burrito keep moving. I'm crying Char. How much have you gained? You look great thank you. Well that's on you know what Dean benefits is. I'm last week in will everybody that I was going to do by routes and my dear Tim Burke who's my hairdresser like did a tutorial with me on facetime. Lemon help me do my roots. I did look in tastic. Thank you but you can't see back here. 'cause there's a little bit of gray right right back here. They can't see I've been trimming the bottom here and I accidentally shaved a little square back there but it looks good. Not If you turn it no it really really looks good if it looks fantastic. I mean you look fantastic. I don't know that you really gained weight. I don't think you did my clothes. Tell me differently. So we're going to work it out. Why close telling me differently too? Even my bra is tight. Mine too what are we GONNA do? Because we're flutie's we love to eat I now so I've been trying to eat really healthy and then the thing is I lose if at night you know. It's hired at night and I know I started to weight out. You did. Yeah I think the food stares back at me I'll eat less you know if I am friends with Caroline Ray. Yeah I'm caroline and we were just done. We just had a birthday and we were very spiritual you know zoom in. We're wishing her happy birthday so anyway so So on her instagram. She says I have eaten all my weight. Watchers points till September. I saw that and I thought. Oh my on cross same same right I mean what else is there to do? I mean but if you're working three miles where you walking in are you wearing your mask. Yeah so I live where I live. There's beautiful streets really wide and so I can walk and I never see. I mean it's like you just crossed the street but I have my math with me. There's no one around and take it off so incomes I put it on. Yeah it's an do go to the store a lot I. I haven't been to the store and a month. Yeah I do. I go once every three or four days. You do I do because I I'm I'm older than you are so I'm more paranoid. I think well I also it's just me so it was like I don't want to buy a ton of groceries. They just go bad you know. Yeah so I I do. I MASK OFF. I do this. I go early because I wake up really early. Shar sound like the first person open open open at the store all that. That's really good but you have to be sixty five or older. So have you get away with that will not everywhere not everywhere so I have some some things that I know that lasts long like carrots. Last long salary last long Head lettuce lasts a long time. Tomatoes last longtime dill pickles are good to have in the refrigerator and sunny days looking on freezing. Shar freezing soups yeah. I might freezer every time. I can't get closed. Oh that's good and if the food supplies GONNA go a little short. That's good to have out there. Yeah it's it's yeah flu. That's it's crazy. What's going on but what about like hot dogs canned tuna so I should be stocking up on that stuff. Do you think he had just maybe stack up a little bit ahead of time just in case because you know. I'm somebody who always bought a years worth of toilet paper before any of this happened. Nikki always made fund me. She says I think you're a hoarder. Said no I just WanNa make sure I have toilet paper now. I'm glad I'm a hoarder. It's I'm a hoarder with toilet paper. I'm not good at any of that stuff. And I I have an assistant who works with me Forever she sees she buys it and drops on the front porch or read so sweet. I know it's so nice out. What's now okay so you were on a book tour. I wasn't a butcher thirty cities. I did twenty three of them and then We had a pause and the schedule right before this happened. So I have seven more. And they're being I think. The two are being rescheduled to are not. And so your. It's it's really weird. I was sharp just like energy wise. You know I was on the road in every night meeting like performing in front of five hundred people in meeting. A hundred of 'em in the meet and greet and hugging so much energy. But then I come home and it's like you know it's like literally the world's top so it's a really seismic shift in terms of my my give and take of Energy. I it's just me isolated. Now Yeah but you know what you know how to entertain yourself to with your puppies. You know it's but it's but at least you got those book signings. At least you got to do all that. Yeah it's fun. It's like a ninety minute. Stand up show. I do the whole thing. We do a game show with the audience. We you'd find people theater. I mean they're all over the country. It was just so fun. It was a lot of hard work because I just went nonstop for twenty three cities. I did it over High weeks so proud of you. That's a lot lot. 'cause you're repartee is so so quick. Thank you yeah. You're so good in your such an angel. I hate to say goodbye but I promise people that I would do readings. Oh good. That's what people want before we go. Tell us how we can get namedrop. How can we get that? Everybody needs a good laugh now. It's the most healing thing you guys can do is to read his book. You all the links for I. This is the easiest thing I can tell you all the links for the book the Brunch. The podcast the tour everything it's at. Hello Ross Dot Com and that's my social media on everything. Hello Ross I and Hello Ross Dot Com. Okay I love you. I love these I love you more. Thank you thank you for having me on all day long. Well I look forward to it. I've been trying to get you on for months so and I know you were busy on the roads. I'm so grateful to you that you were on anytime. You are always a family. You are always welcome on sharp vision in. Please send my love to your mom and we'll do that. Thank you so much love to your whole crew. Nikki store and Kurt Kurt Her. Thank you current. Thank you up and everybody and enjoy shirts reading. They'll be watching. Well all thank you. I'm looking to buy everybody. Okay guys Don't go away we're GONNA have a short break in then we're gonNA come back. I'm GONNA do readings. I know the number is up somewhere. Kurt puts it up somewhere. So you guys can find it. I don't know what the number is personally and then I also WanNa talk about At the very end after I do readings I wanna talk about something that can help. Bring peace to you. Which is my shock therapy shape I had. I had music composed to balance your shockers. We have seven major energy centers in our body and when they're all balanced you can feel so peaceful and people need that right now so let's have our quick break. Don't go anywhere. I'm going to do readings in then we'll play a little. Bit of the shocker therapy later. Hey everybody sunny and Shire and I am so excited I am over the moon to share with you that I have a new book coming out called. The Universe is calling you. And there's an amazing forward by Rupaul. There's an endorsement by Chris Colfer. It's about understanding your intuition. It's about protecting yourself from negative energies. It's about understanding your essence in your true purpose. In your soul's purpose on this earth you can get it at Barnes and noble dot Com. You can get it at Amazon Dot Com. I would love for you to order the book and let me know what you think of it. Right a review for us. If you feel like it thanks so much. Hey everybody it's sunny and Shire and I just wanted to answer a couple of questions. People have been calling the office and texting and emailing do I do. Private sessions will. Yes I do and I love reading for my clients. I do phone skype facetime and in person if we're in the same city I also teach intuition so if you have an interest in doing that or if you have a if you're interested in getting your family together and you want a group reading do those as well so just call two four eight nine zero nine two four two seven as for Nicole and I look forward to reading for you. Thanks and we're back okay. We're back so Somebody's making fun of me. 'cause either I'm touching my nose or they want me to touch my nose to say hi to them so that's my hello to Chris because actually my nose is okay. Here's the deal I have. Sonny's hairs all. I know since making me allergic okay. Let's get our first caller in all right. I have a nine one four area code New York for you here. Okay okay so I need a wait. Hang on hang on okay my secret. Hi How are you are you? Are you there? I'm good thank you okay so please just be open minded about everybody. Living and deceased. Don't say the name unless I stayed. I okay Yet still I want low if you have somebody who's a an M. or a de inicial ideas and dog or B. as in boy Yet by have initials with that in my family who are are living which is a D or B B Maiden. Name last name as being. Okay so you have a lot of people by that last name in his there. Do you have a parent who's deceased. That's a be Now you also mentioned it m. My first name is an image well as my brother to. Mto Okay is there a mike or an M. I? Or Yes that's my brother who is Michael's your brother. We have a little bit of a delay so I apologized for everybody listening at home And I are you near him now. about physically about an hour away. Okay I kind of feel like there's a grandparent here you must have somebody deceased. That's a grandparent. My Grandmother's name. Anna's Willmar Margaret Margaret okay. I was thinking that yeah. Don't say names but but she's deceased correct correct just like she's watching over your family. I feel like is this. Is this And I feel like she was there. A health issue with your dad recently Not that I'm aware of but not that they may tell me whatever it is. I feel like he'll be okay. Is is is Margaret. Canoga Your Dad. Your mom my mom's side okay. I don't know there. There might be a health issue with one of them. But I feel like they'll be okay and there's an s in s or C person I haven't F- person. That's that's passed away is that is that a female. It's a an uncle is is he s with the end or in the name He hasn't ended after the of first initial and he has an end in his name as well. Is it Stephen or Stanley? Are you say Epson? Frank or is is is your s like in Sam O. S. Now not that I can think Feasts Okay. I I'm yeah. I'm not sure what I'm getting but there's an Al- also urged J. person definitely. Yes he deceased as Ajay person on my I J person on my husband's side who is deceased. Two of them is there is Zero J. O. R. J. Definitely J. O. Like John or Joseph or Joe yes John. Is that John that your husband. Is that your husband's father or grandfather. Father and anger grandfather and brother. All three are deceased. Yes I feel like all three. John's are there watching him and he's he needs to. Are you more of a believer than your husband? Yes okay they're telling him to shape up in start opening up his heart to the loved ones who you will see again when he gets to the other side there lasting islay. It's time for your husband to be more open minded about loves never dies and that his okay rather his father All watching over him in hopefully he'll bank hill. Understand found that more as time goes on in. Hopefully it'll help you when your spiritual connection with your husband. We've got good perfect. Thank you thank you take. Good Care bye-bye so Kurt. Let's get to somebody else would. Is there a way to stop the Delay the delay is making me nuts. It's kind of the way. Zoom is right now with everyone using it. It's it is what it is. No HAVE ON RHINO I. I'll call up zoom right now and let them know. I have another one for you. We have an Ontario One. Five one nine area code five win nine on. -tario Still Ontario Canada. I think so. Yeah yes hi yes. I'm pretty good. How well you want to connect with you all. It's so my plan hoping healthily okay. I'm having go ahead. I'm having some constant peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet legs and arms for the last two years so you know what the root cause of it is and will get better so oh boy you bear your back. I'm here. I'm not allowed to give medical advice. But when you say neuropathy what what do you mean like you can't feel it or well it's like pins and needles in my in my hands and feet and it's moving into my legs and arms. I've had many tests have been to a neurologist. I'm GonNa Find Your Path Dick Okay but if if you can find someone that does either acupuncture or somebody that does If it were me this is what I would do. I would find someone who does acupuncture and I would also find somebody that does ozone shots and looking at a medical doctor that does holistic stuff can help with all that super. Because that's what I kneel who I'm going to right now but Greek I. It's just I you know it's not clearing clearing UK all getting better. I don't know who totally clearing good as see the nitty. I also feel like Ju Ju I feel like they need to work on your neck. Okay girth I will have. Well we have this having worked on my neck it yet did. They say it's stemming from the neck. No THEY DIDN'T. I had an. Mri have my neck come. We thought it was you know spinal stenosis but they didn't think it came from that area the. Let's be positive with that but I just feel I think acupuncture or ozone shots could help you and I I also WanNa know who Either middle name an or an A. N. N. at and my middle name. Anne Marie my name Anne. Marie is your Middle Name. Okay so that's just validates for me what. I'm is a positive message for you. Okay could wonderful. Hey take good care of yourself be well thank you sorry shaded love you okay for by to fall by okay. Let's get another caller in all right. I have an eight six four which is a South Carolina number South Carolina. Hello how are you today? I'm well how are you far all? I'm well thank you for asking I just need you to be open about everybody. Living and deceased is there in a or m person connected with you a or an M name hair harden if you say that again I said or a middle name of first or Middle Name. That's A. R. M. Not that I can think of digital what about a grandparent or was there a Mary or Marie or may know or a middle name. Like this no okay and the other thing I was getting there might be an. You might remember when we hang. Up Is C. J. Initial Ajay or g smoothie. Jay Is that a male yes is and is he a a J with an M or n in his name is he john or Jason. They said yes in is Jason Family to you. Is it a WHO is that? No HE'S A. He was a friend who passed away was. Was it just a good friend or romance or just a good friend? Good friend and was this. An unexpected death was yes. I feel like he didn't expect to die but I feel like he made it to the other side. Okay and I feel that. He's he knows that you cared about him that you gave that the love you gave him. Why is he showing me something by? I don't know either like a truck or a vehicle in a bridge. Yeah Yeah and of the young requirement. Yeah a car wreck. He showing that to me and he sang. It took him a while to figure out that he was deceased. 'cause you know you have a physical body and then we have any cereal body. What happens when we crossover Our physical body stays here but are serial body floats to the spirit world in some people stay earthbound for a while so I think he was trying to find his way but I feel eventually found his way and there's somebody that helped him out in their somebody. That's in the M or a person that I was seeing earlier. Is the one one of the people that helped him out. But you probably don't know his whole family but that's who helped him in and what happens is they see the white light but they don't always want to go to it but I feel that he he had. It was his time. It was his time. He he sending his love to you. You'RE GONNA. He's watching over you during this corona virus thing awesome. I need it well. I hope that that gives you some peace. Take good care of yourself. Thank you for calling thank you. I appreciate it. Thank President by my pleasure bye. Okay who do we have now? Kurt I have a three two three four. La Oh la. How're you doing? I'm good how are you good? It's so hard isn't it? Yes it is but you know taking the eastern I. I'm seeing somebody around you. That's an hour or be initial or are you in are or are you said A. B. as in boy Not that I can think of it. You haven't been drinking. Have you know a little bit? No okay who is there a Robert or Richard around you. Richard like that for a Bible or home bill. No okay let let me come back to this. The other thing that I'm getting is a J or INAM or my brother Jonathan Gun the Jay is Jonathan. Okay you away from him from him. And who's the one that's neat while I guess? A lot of people are needing money now but did he want to borrow money from. You always always like a constant thing. I feel like he's going to ask you for money. But it's better for you to hang onto your money right now do you. Are You doing anything? Are you supposed to drive somewhere now? You know I've been doing a lot of driving but I don't have any plan drives convenient. Are you driving so your work sometimes? But sometimes I'm not driving okay and I just I want you to be careful with driving for some reason and It's funny you say that because when I drive sometimes I always feel like I have to be extra careful in a way that you say that. So thank you for telling me that well you know. Sometimes we all have intuition and we all get gut feelings. It's like I'll be driving on a freeway and think. Oh I better slow down. 'cause there's going to be a policeman in that. I forget and then there's a policeman so if your gut is telling you to be more careful with driving even if there's not a lot of people on the road which there right now list using to listen to that yeah you did before. Did you WanNa move your home or move your job? I just recently moved actually to Atlanta. You moved from Atlanta. Do you want it did? Did you WANNA GO BACK TO ATLANTA? No I moved to Atlanta from New York actually from Atlanta. Now okay. I think that was a really good for you. I think that was a really good move for you. Yeah Yeah I feel like it's a safe move for you. What how's your romantic? Life is great. Actually it's good I in a better place Been with him for nine months now and in are they with you now. Yes yeah I feel like? Are you guys talking about getting married or home? No talked about it but It's hasn't really been you know confirmed or anything. But yeah it's been on our minds S. or see with that person or C or a K or some not that I know okay not not their last name right. Yes yes what no. That's not sorry. I'm going to say no alley. No is that I just feel like your romantic life is going to keep doing better. It's a good thing. Must've hit someone in your past S. I said you must have had someone in your past. That was Esser C or K. K. or in L. or an E. L. bounded my grandmother. Lynn also depends deceased okay. Your grandma's spirit must be with you and I might. I'm probably not hearing everything exactly right to be honest with you but why don't you don't have like marijuana around? You're drinking or somebody that did that was a drug addict. You or or alcoholic marijuana and in Asia. I've had constant like friends that who drink some always around like well. I used to always be around drinkers and A lot of smokers. Well just be careful. Don't be careful driving with somebody with alcohol or marijuana. I don't know why they keep bringing that to me but also just be. Just listen to your gut feeling about it and I feel your grandma lives around you. Okay thank you so much for calling. Okay Bye bye thank you so much spending you a big hug and stay well and be careful. Okay you guys so I talked about my shock therapy tape. There's we have seven different energy centers in our body that helped balanced us in. So I'M GONNA I'M GONNA say goodbye to you guys but don't go anywhere because Kurt is going to play the heart shock. Refer you just take a nice deep breath and let it out slowly and thank you so much for watching and I'm GonNa see you next week and remember intuition. We'll take you places logic. Never could okay. Kurt you can start playing the hard shocker. This is to heal your heart skies heart. Chakra your fourth shock. Greg is located at your heart and associated with the Sinus Clad. Ishak veteran extra spirit to your physical body and allows you to channel energy. Goes inside your body. An outage compassionate sense of humor is the sign of a very healthy heart Chakra. You can see this people who know how to laugh at themselves and are good natured. Healthy Heart Shaqra allows one to keep a healthy perspective even in situations tune. Your heart shot to the fish rising off Carrie that he will see you next week. Or by

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