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WKPWP - Friday Mailbag - Keller & Powell talk Reigns, Bryan, Kofi vs. Orton, Nakamura, Graves, AEW's impact, Jungle Boy (7-19-19)


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Nakamura has been pushed the last couple of weeks. It looks like they're setting him up with Ali at Summer Slam. What are your thoughts on him? Moving forward we didn't talk about that's Shinsegei very much on the flip yesterday other than to talk about the the way that since gay got his title shot and other way Elliot's getting his title shot which is walking at the end of a promo that said I talked about L. Sigler. You know we talked about him. Yesterday like is ship assailant it being a top top guy. They should put their energy into someone else but if you're gonNA present present him and main events give us a fresh look with Shinsegei I I'm not sure that they've given given us a story line reason to believe that we should be excited about him at this point and from an entering standpoint he's kind of you know Randy Orton. You know he's like this. This legendary figure not to the degree that randy is in this country but overall he has who who goes out there and gives you a kind of Minas effort pretty consistently be modest effort be might as match. It's good. There's some signature spots. I just don't think this that we're going to that. Shinsegae's going to be what we all thought he could be. I think he's been defined defined by W._W._e.. In a certain way and that's who he's GonNa be now and you know he is the Rockstar but he isn't really you know what I mean. He's just he's a guy who has a certain amount of charisma thirty nine years old. I I think this is what we're going to get. It's going to be a icy title level. Guy Who gives us a three star match nauman then and unfortunately I wish I could say that I could imagine him being motivated and push to the higher level but I just don't chase him I'd been I'll take what we're getting right. Now over what we were I mean how sad was it at the end of the for well. That's a whole Saudi show in general but he's in the battle royal is just another guy and you brought some of that on himself but I really liked what they did him the television match they had him just dominate Vin valor with dishes kicks and knees. I don't think it's like taking a big coal on him. So if I give us more of that in your talk yesterday about squash smashers have him be the guy that just hor mentoring any poor soul that gets in the ring with him and all he can be the guy that kind of plays in his character you know he he ease the guy kind of standing up for people in inviting for justice or whatever it is they're going for with those vignettes and MC speeds willing to stand up Shinsegei. I think the what I worry though about is W._B._Z.'s awful habit. All of their secondary champions lose non title matches on television all the time they need need to avoid that they need to send the message that even though it's a secondary champion Shinsuke Nakamura is back and he's back in a big way and I think that's you know we got that. I was so happy that they that they actually doubled down on that. <hes> that's before we knew valor was going to take some time off on Sunday. I hadn't heard that yet and so I would say like okay. Shinsegei gets the win on TV and they're going to be stupid and just have Ballard beat him at the pay per view and put Shinsegei right back where he was but they didn't you know they gave him the win at extreme rules now. I think the key is follow up. Yes I but I I'm more down on Shinsegei than I am the booking because I just his promo was he couldn't even hear what he said. It's not yeah that was weak and in the ring he seems very content to just like Orton. You know kind of go through the motions of some signature moves and I'm not even like I'm of mixed feelings because it's like hey I mean he's he's the wear and tear on his body. He's going on forty eighty and he's earning money and he's playing a role in that's fine. I mean I'm not like wishing for guys. Tend up like we'll asprey where you're just basically buying a member. <hes> you know renting a room full time at the local hospital for for the the wear and tear and the consequences of it but I think there's a middle ground between a guy who just seemed I mean from the onset. His reputation was lazy when he arrived in W._W._e.. And so I think there's a middle ground I think he can show a little more fire and I think that would be can maybe maybe they give him a convey to the audience and a hammer sense that we want to do something a little bigger with you. He's a guy that you should be able to put against a Kofi Kingston. Roman reigns Seth Rollins as a top hop he'll opponent and if they can rev him up to that that should still be in him but I'm he's a good kickoff. Show match guy. He's a three star match or three and a quarter star match on a good pay per view. I I want him to be memorable and I want that special feeling I just feel like he's Kinda clocked out of that way so I think motivated Shinsegei who still safe and conservative in the rang but just feels like he's doing more than a video game derivative version of what he wants was is what I'm hoping for and put them in a room Paul Hammond payments at the master-motivator. Let's see let's see what he can get out of him but I do think that style amash duty had with valor he's dominating the offense throwing kicks and knees the you're playing to his strengths without asking him to do much and yeah I mean I think you can take that approach a lot of times on television and then you know hey pay per view time to deliver an you. Get to kind of do your thing on T._v.. Speak because it showcases you nicely but we do expect you once a month to really dial it up on these papers prevention I maybe that's the way to get through Yup Yup every Sunday night catch wrestling night in America on C._W.. Torch Telecast Dot Com hosted by me P._W.. Torch columnist Greg Parks each week. I'll welcome a CO host from the torch family to discuss the big shows and pro wrestling taking your calls and emails you can listen live most weeks beginning at eight P._M.. Eastern on Sunday nights with the W._W._e.. Or impacts pay per view go on the air at the conclusion of that pay per view. You can listen live but of course the full show is available for download on demand anytime shortly after it airs visit P._W.. Torch daily CAST DOT COM and click the livestream linked to find the next scheduled live show link P._W.. Torch and apple podcasts or your podcast APP to subscribe wrestling night in America every Sunday P._W.. 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Much of the discussion about fight for the fallen has surrounded. It's like then cody. Rhodes is tone deaf comments about quote letting the wrestlers play their music. I think Awa will find its footing timing out shows once they're on T._N._T.. Yeah that's true by the way Jason. This is not a problem that that that they have to voluntarily change their approach to they will have a hard time to fill T._N._T.. You know unfortunately they're going to be forced to force to do it so he says once in their pay. Per views are paying out stories from weekly T._v.. As opposed to doing the mostly exhibition condition shows they've been doing for the last few months but anyway I wanNA talk about Lucia Soroush in jungle boy with Marco stock. If anything surprised me on Saturday it's how over those guys are Awa presented them as legit contenders. The crowd loved them. Lucia source is a big strong Guy Guy who can go and jungle boy who looked so much like his father is quite talented too so it's no surprise the crowd took to them even stunt on the perfect row form he can't be taken seriously as a wrestler but as a mascot of sorts it works. Let's be honest though event said these guys it would be laughable. Sideshow Africa grace to make fun of Awa deserves credit for seen these guys as talented wrestlers in treating them as such. I intentionally didn't bring this up on the flagship. 'cause we had a good email on it and it is a topic that stood out to me on the bright side of of what was a good show but not a great show last Saturday. <hes> fight for the fallen is I- Lucia Soroush with Markelle with with jungle boy and markle stunt. I agree with that. I think that was there was chemistry chemistry there. I thought Lucia source look like he was much more than just a indirectly gimmick. He looked like a credible wrestler out there. In jungle boys is really likeable character in the dynamic between them is I think effective and I I. I don't know that they need that markel stunt. It might be a net gain. It might be neutral. I'm not sure yet. It's pretty early ended. I wasn't against it when I saw it but a jungle boy in Lucia source acetate team with Marcos stunt as a a little body and whatever they do with him I I'm. I'm optimistic domestic about it. I I liked what I saw Saturday. I like elements of it. I still I've seen Lucci source enough that Amanda she this big guy a- great physique can do some really impressive things. Why is he playing this role as the Lucci source chorus well? They're making it work in Awa. It wasn't working for me at all in ring of honor. I still think there's more upside than being kind of part of the the you know the fun tag team. I look forward to the day when ideally he's GonNa turn on jungle boy and maybe reinvent himself with a different name. I just there's something about again. It's working now. I'm not taking that away but I think the guy they're gonna be slotted lower on the card. I think the guy has the potential to be much higher on the card with the right overhaul but for now yeah they're doing a good job with the mixed bag it comes into what they did at the pay per view Wade who is Marcus Dont I if you aren't a Superfan who seen him on Indie shows and I have I know who marcus don't is what did he w tell us about here's Marco Sean well. That's because the rest is needed time to play their music so the promoters couldn't do their job of introducing characters lake so they are no. You're right that that aspect was missing and again if we take sacks optimistic approach and I think there's validity to it when they have a weekly TV show all this will take care of itself and robes air will yeah exactly. I think it's realistic optimistic position to take not only is well they not have of an issue with the length of the shows because they haven't they have heart out at the two hour. Mark Fingers crossed but they also by definition are doing a weekly T._v.. Show so unlike Vince McMahon's lack of character development for so many in the starting stop and the arbitrary arbitrary random turns and all that stuff yes. There's room to screw this up but the the format lends itself to telling us the Marco stunt story when the time comes and when you're running a free show oh on bleacher report live pay per view on T._v.. Internationally and you just want to kind of showcase your talent you can't introduce. Everybody and I thought the focus was better. I thought they had more than their. Why did he need to be there in jungle boy? We're doing just fine without him. That's true yeah. He didn't need to be there. No you're right I. I'm not like strongly opposed to it but I think you're right that it was. Hey let's get another guy in the show and you have to make sure that it doesn't seem like hey everybody who we like and are friends with Alex Marvez joined in on the booth then hey <hes> whatever you can come up with a bunch of people where you're just like really necessary for the show or is this just an appendage or extra or are they trying to say hey we think this will work out well and we're going to do sit and we'll flesh it out later and this is all to be we seen and there is plenty of room for them to be awful at a lot of these things that are being critiqued for and stubborn and incompetent they have not ruled out yet but also I'm sorry go ahead but they also haven't but I also think based on the format of the shows does in excess. This is different than doing a weekly T._v.. Show where you're telling all these stories and building characters it's possible this is sort of not a necessary evil but sort of like yeah. We're just kind of we understand where we are. Now in. This is just the Beta stage. Don't freak out too much. We we have a plan in place and we'RE GONNA execute. I hope so I really do but they haven't proven they haven't had a chance to prove it but they haven't proven it yet. Yeah because ring of honor has weekly TV and ring of honor makes people feel like they're late to the party all the time. Here's this hot indie act. You should know everything about because you ring of honor apparently even though we're not gonNa tell you should just know because we assume you watch everything I don't want A._W._b.. That and a barometer for me is going to be well guys like Lucia Sorus and and it just all the undercard guys including best friends who bring honor just always throughout their like everyone in the world knew who they were and they would play in all to audience in the crowd that they they were into them so they just assumed everybody knew our best friends got to do more than just hugged. Once a match is is is A._W._S.. Have real characters for these guys. I hope so I really do I do too and I'm it seems so self apparently obvious that they need to do that that until I see otherwise I'm going to assume that the format in the length of the show show and their priorities are elsewhere right now. It's editorial decision a conscious one and they will do the obvious self apparent thing to do come fault. Let's hope it should accompany that's owned or at least a family owns it but a guy hi who is a Superfan who during one of his one of his Co.. Show or I don't know if it was a media session after show or a during an interview but I we man he talked about how real wrestling fans don't want wrestling all the time doesn't matter for Christmas or like wait a minute. I'm a real wrestling fan. I I don't need you know holiday shows all the time and I think he is in that superfan world where you know he surrounded by people who feel similar you know they can't get enough wrestling. They WANNA watch it all the time and so a long show is nothing to him anything sit. There's a you know that that's what the average fan wants and hey hopefully he's smart enough. No that's not the case and that he does have superfan tendencies and he's going to do things differently but too tight altogether you know he just because I guess the fear is well. He seen all these all. These different acts that that that <hes> kind of new to the national stage so he's GonNa assume that everybody else has what impresses you the most about Tony Kahn so far and and is what you just said your top fear with him. It's it's a fear yeah. I'm impressed well. I mean this is going to say he's not putting himself on TV at the most impressive thing I liked his enthusiasm. You know I think he comes off very excited about what he's doing. He is a fan that that's not you know the fact that he's a Superfan isn't just isn't isn't a negative <hes> I it's it's a he just needs to realize not everybody fits into that that same category you're you're playing to a bigger audience and I hope he does I think he does. I think he's a bright guy. He knows wrestling history. I mean it's crazy to listen to him. Just pull up dates of things and you can tell it's not like he planned coming to work in one comment about show now I mean he's pulling finished off the top of his head. <hes> I do wish he'd let the poor reporters asked her full question rather than cut them off every single time yeah yeah I it's having another person in power with his enthusiasm and optimism and energy with the funding and the T._V. Clearance and the wrestlers it just from a pure human interest standpoint doing the jobs that we do and people who follow our shows where we're not just wide eyed Fan Mboya approach to things where everything is positive or just going to rave about the latest high spot but contra step back and analyze the business side of things and look at the power brokers and the personalities that are involved in all that the bucks cody and Kenny and Tony is a whole all new fresh batch of people to analyze but at a level that is is amplified compared to what we're used to outside a W._W._e.. And watching Tony Kahn <hes> grow and evolve or not as a big big time promoter who has big responsibilities to and and who knows how short that window is with T._N._T.. To produce at a certain level before they're doing what T._N._T.. has done in sliding backwards and so I I'm I'm curious to the see of course how this all plays up yeah and I can't leave out I mean I think we're kind of taking it for granted now how quickly he's made things happen. You know it evens it well. It's it's the family and it doesn't matter. He landed a spot on T._N._T.. Whatever that deal is he's making? These paper views happen. He's assembled you know it sounds like they could use more work or more help. I should say behind the scenes with production and things like that but he's you know they. They've been able to produce these shows. These struck the deal with bleacher report live so you know there are some good things happening on the business side that I think maybe just the average fan is going to take for granted because they're more focused on in the show quality and things of that nature which God Dang it. I made the mistake of I let so last when I uploaded go to the audio last time for my appearance on this show for summer I got distracted and I just had the audio on in the background for a minute or so and I think I said on things of that nature like seventeen trying to eliminate that we all have those things that we listen back encourage but you know what if we're going to sit here and talk about A._W._s.. To do to kind of improve and all that it's good to listen back and take some notes and try to you know oh no totally accidental I will not listen to much better things to do than listen to my show like what I just talked about for an hour and a half but you gain something from it which is I'm going to stop saying that phrase I did. That's true yeah. Although you cannot listen to yourself and just tell people to email you about things that bug you about you know I'd be in the field position. Yeah I know I know it's going to happen anyway. I mean social media all right. Well deepen the show well. Let's set the stage introduce ourselves. <hes> set the table. This is the weight Keller pro wrestling podcast the Friday M._l._B. Edition for Friday July nineteenth two thousand nineteen on yesterday show Jason. I talked about eighty W W it's hard to say eighty W fighter fast no. I just totally got that wrong. It was about to say I I I get nervous when I get to the name of the pay per view because of the fight and fighter aspect of them back to back so it always throws me off when I'm doing a W 'cause I'm still not fully used to saying that yet so we covered indepth my shop so hard people should feel bad e w fight for the fallen we analyze that and talked about a variety of aspects of that show ended up yesterday at the top of the show we talked about Jiwan talked about evolve and a lot about the developments with W._W._e.. Now we have a bunch of email questions. We're getting to a wider topics that we did not cover on yesterday's program. <hes> Jason Powell from progressing dot net is my co host. He's from the website pro wrestling dot net and the pro wrestling boom podcast which features Todd Martin this week so check that out just search pro wrestling boom in whatever podcast APP listen to it is everywhere and check out his website pro wrestling dot net as your one of your sources for for news and commentary and live TV coverage alongside P._W.. Torch Dot Com of course and yes so Jason. Let's let's get back to the mailbox sure well. I do WanNa make one suggestion you remember with this whole fight fight for the fallen fighter Feldstein Yeah so Tina had this weird thing where they had this Phil Collins thing going where with you know like genesis and against all odds like they just had like these names it somehow went back to Phil Collins as a guns and roses fan. I think you can go with Awa. Welcome with the jungle and Awa Paradise City Awa civil war something like that just to avoid future references to fights police. I do have to say you've got me distracted. I'm thinking of some of my favorites in papers over the years a pseudo Leo was was was maybe my favorite easy lover I would put on the on the on the bottom half of them. Although don't lose my number that I think that was one of their better one of their better paper series all told I'm glad I'm glad Adda. Groovy kind of Love was just was never never took place. I know they came close. Hi It's Jamie Progressive's employee of the month two months in a row leave a message at the Hi Jamie. It's me Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay hey hey hey and the trombone goes Wah Wah Wah and you say we'll help you find coverage options that fit your budget then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes savings coming at Ya savings coming at Ya yes no. Maybe the anyway see you at practice tonight. 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Many matches are already made and others assumed but there's a lot of people they need to get on the card so I could see hill authority figure Shane Making Kofi Compete in a fail four way. Why did you have to say that they need to get ordinance rains on the on the card so probably those two and maybe McIntyre or is he a smackdown wrestler? What good what's what was good about smackdown this week? It was for the most part they only featured. smackdown starts as opposed to raw when we have no clue what brand people are on no. I know that's the thing I mean I don't even I don't even think it's set in stone. I mean there's people weren't even in the shakeup and it's not even firmly established no I I seriously I lost track and somebody did point on twitter. They by the way eight wake up my dog snoring in the background. I Roman reigns was listed for the wrong brand by something that W._w._f.. Another website I don't even know yeah. I don't blame the web team. I mean good luck keeping track. I know so he said what was good about back down this week. As for the most part they only featured smacked smackdown wrestlers as opposed to raw when we have no clue what grind people around a lot of people are saying Dacre McIntyre Summer Slam but I think summer slam cells on its own so they don't need taker. Maybe he'll come back for survivor series. Since that was his debut pay per view I mean yeah I wouldn't rule out a fatal four way. I mean the assumption coming out of the match scored. The Pin or Kofi makes total sense one on one match but I mean there was there was a parade of of wrestlers who who were coming out <hes> for to grab copies attention and I guess we can't rule that out if they did if if you heard they were going to do a fatal four way Jason who do you think would be in it to make it the best case scenario and how would you feel about it. Which title are we talking about title Co Fjord? They were going to do a four way <hes> i. I don't know why you would food so it's kind of hard so they say they're going to you know or it totally makes sense or to be in it and so then do you have you can't do Elias but it makes sense based on W._B._Z.'s booking to put Samoa Joe in there because he keeps losing in that gets more title matches pair. That's yeah there's they haven't groomed enough people to be didn't really have a need for four way. Although then you put Roman reigns in there and you could do Randy Roman and Andrew although that wouldn't make sense even though he's I think I'm almost positive he's raw wrestler so it wouldn't make sense but they could still do it but I to me I mean it's like it's weird. We're entertaining. I'm entertaining the email here but it just aren't mix is ordinance. Kofi is just obviously obviously the thing to do with summer. Slam not try to everybody on the show and do a fatal four way for no reason exactly yeah I think I thought it will I think they've officially announced the match now but I thought and they can still change this. I thought it was more likely you would see them. Add to the smackdown women's championship match with maybe that Shirley's reward for Kissing Shange ass in the town hall meeting or something like that yeah this kind of. I think it'll it'll be a good match but it just kind of this odd. We're GONNA have to work hard to create some tension here quickly quickly between Bailey number moon okay. Let's go to Sean who says with hiring of Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman comes to return of more hardcore fans and a more hardcore fan base while I would agree with that premise a fan base this Roman reigns was never over with Rome has gotten booze or no reaction lately of course usual pocket of cheers from women and children just like Sina with the addition of Kevin's going baby face. I don't see any room for Roman at the top unless he becomes he'll bishop has already said he would do so. Oh Romans window as the top guy seems to be closing rapidly or maybe already closed in recent weeks. Seth in Kale have done what Roman could not do in years so what are the chances Roman goes he'll and Roman and Kevin and become the new rock and stone cold. We've been talking about this for breeders. Is it more right. I mean with Bischoff gaining power on the brand presumably on the brand that Roman is on Kofi succeeding aesthetically as is a champion who's getting pushed. He's a senator sky. Having good matches randy seems like a good opponent and you got seth really establishing himself in seemingly heading towards a win against brock without a low blow to further establish that and the vignettes talking about ignite the flame and the twitter standing up on twitter and showing that fortitude and ruthless aggression on social media that Vincent man loves so it does seem like in that sense there are two top baby faces on each brand and Kevin Harlan's on smackdown as another top baby face I do you think Shaun's got a point in that BISCHOFF coming in said he would turn enrollment if the window has closed on Vince thinking Romans this dream scenario and he's looking to spark business and create news and frankly put Roman slot. That's probably a better fit for him. I think I think the odds have got up from two percent to seven percent that this happens Jason. I think it's more than tripled I don't I think that because he's now getting cheered more than he's getting booed. Even though there's not the same passion there I think that's all all of the validation Vince needs and just biding his time until Fox gets to shut them down our throats again. I think he I think I I forget the name but I think he's right yeah Sean. I think Sean is absolutely right but I mean we. We've been and right about this for a long time. They the invention budge. I I just yeah you're GONNA have it might be one of those things. BISCHOFF brings up one day in a meeting Vince screams at him for two minutes. He never brings it up again yup. Oh totally I mean Eric Bischoff is not going to have the power to turn Roman reigns against Vince McMahon's wishes he will have his ear to make his case and maybe vents well out of desire to to show that he eric relocated and took this job and did all the research and Vince gives Eric and Paul each one or two moves that he's against but the out is well. I was against it if it fails but I went with it and they can blame Eric for it. You know as opposed to a writer making the call or whatever Michael Hayes suggesting it or something like Eric can be a scapegoat if it turns out bad but maybe deep down Vince thinks. That's an intriguing idea. I I think it would be great so I think it'd be great for Roman great for fans great for business so I'm trying to make a case. It's a scenario where it seems more likely than it used to be. I think it's more likely than it used to be but I'm with you. I think that even though they spent years telling us that what matters most is a reaction any reaction what they really meant was we're trying put a positive spin on all the booze and now the they're going to put a positive spin on that and ignore the fact that the reactions are so much less than they used to be yeah. He's a baby face and you will like it even if you don't and even if he doesn't seem to care about his job at all. I don't think that's really I mean I think he genuinely cares. I think he has a weird way of showing it on camera. Yeah I'm saying he comes across as if he doesn't care. I don't think he cares as much as every other top guy. Who got his level of push in his level of pay TV time has cared? I'll put it that way I think he's on the lower end of caring among people in his position. I keep prime well maybe aged. He takes a different approach to it where he cares about the company and and being a good guy backstage but he's not going to be as cut throat because he doesn't have to be because they just keep in endorsing him. No matter what the end result is if you it's one thing ended to fight and scratch and claw your way to the top he didn't have to do that. I mean he put the work in. Don't get me wrong but he didn't have to do the political gamesmanship or any of that he just tried to go along with what they told him and hope to make a million dollars. Whatever that line was yeah yeah? 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That's reliability liability investment dot COM NAPA know this month at Napa when you buy a five four jug of babbling full synthetic motor oil for just twenty four and ninety nine we're making a donation to the intrepid fallen heroes spunk which means your purchase makes a difference so do some good and get a five point jug a babbling full synthetic for just twenty four and ninety nine quality parts helpful people. That's NAPA know how I know how general states pricing sales president include include applicable state local taxes and recycling fees rents seven thirty one nineteen like you know at some point I mean you got it like actually really express some passionate about something and I just I mean you make the case as for it I just I. I'm waiting to see him care about a push going away even or I'd like to see him. Take well the better parts of the south approach. I it just doesn't seem looking at it or maybe you're right. Maybe it's because he lacks that it's not it's not a character flaw. It doesn't make them a bad person. It might mean he has better perspective than Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin and the Rock and triple h and Seth rollins he you might have a better perspective on life and his priorities straight and might be a better dad and a better friend and a better colleague behind the scenes all these great character traits but there's something about being a top guy who so nonchalant what about his job and his approach to it that comes across in a way that undercuts people's enthusiasm for what he does unless they think he's a larger than life superhero because you're a kid or your swooning over him because of Oh my God does is in that chest. You know like I mean there must be something more than just the aesthetics and he gets jeered because of his push in his aesthetics and his kind of video game move set but he's losing the eighteen to thirty four year old audience of males because he does sort of seem like this was the fourth choice on his checklist of jobs and he's overtly said that he would rather played in the N._F._l.. He tried furniture building before he crosses mind to. Maybe do what his cousin had some success doing. I mean it's just a weird story so at such in contrast to seth who I think is so positive about everything being a so enthusiastic about being W._W._e.. Wrestler doing back up on the furniture building thing correct me if I'm wrong. That seemed like okay. I'm out of football. I don't know what to do with myself. I'm going to go do this for a while and he's far from the first guy I mean. Steve Austin tried football I as well right but when rains talks about it. He's he's like Oh God yeah number one dream N._F._l.. Player that would be true but when you're the top push guy who's struggling to win over male wrestling fans. Maybe you ought to give a little. Maybe a non underline that your dream would be to play the N._F._l.. The CFL was Bush League for you. It was to minorly it was such a letdown and then yes I'm sorry he did try his head at Furniture Building Eddie Gilbert or graduated high school and he drove off the high school parking lot to go take bumps in a wrestling ring. You know like there's the guys who have a passion for this had a passion when they were eight eleven and thirteen and you can show the pictures of them dressing up wrestlers and being research. That's the part that Roman just it doesn't even stuck his foot as well so many times these mainstream interviews it's like he's oblivious to playing the game. You know there's a lot of N._H._l.. Stars and they do the post game interview and they go. Oh we went to one without the crowd. I don't know if they really believe that or not right you know but but every player's told by veterans we get paid based on people watching the Games and also ticket revenue and we want fans to feel that it's important and they generally obviously when you're in a building full of people charon you it. It gives you an adrenaline rush but it's also sort of the right thing to say because you you know the owners go we wanna fill the seats and we want season two oldest reveal valuable so talk about them when you get a chance and I'm a little cynical when it comes to that one player said not that it's always phony but I say it and I think Oh that's right. That's a checklist in their head of what they're told that the players players meeting for how to market the League Roman didn't ever pay attention to that meeting. You know like how to market himself. He can't even fake this genuine enthusiasm for the furnishing didn't work out so I then across cross my mind maybe to follow in the footsteps of my entire family like it was so the last resort for him. It's just weird and it's so in contrast to seth you. Don't want twitter and in that video this week so that's my point. That's why I think you'd just be a great deal. I mean for that reason in many others. I just oh audits but that's when I bring up the furniture it's like yes. He chose to build furniture before he thought let me drive to some. Let me let me call Vincent Man and go. I have a passion for this. I just don't know enough about that story because it seemed like that was kind kind of his loss times where it's like. He's coming back from you. Know just kind of I think it was a family furniture business. He needed some money. He's going to do that and and kind of sore right and Eddie Gobert hydraulics next but any Gobert drove out of highschool in to the wrestling ring any Gilbert no but that's my point is seth rollins is bred harder Shawn Michaels our lakes you. There's these people enrollment is the polar opposite and it works against him with the very fans who don't see him as one of them and and I think he is just too honest about the journey he took and the happenstance of getting into this and I don't think anybody believes that this is actually a passionate hits I if it is he has not conveyed that and I think if you're a top guy getting getting this kind of money whether it's faking it or picking and choosing your words or emphasizing certain things a little more about your biographical story I I've listened to as mainstream interviews and it's just it's not there in I mean when he talks about being the top guy in the company he talks about the logistics of having to go home and plan meticulously what roads he's going to drive onto get quickest from the hotel to the arena and it sounds like work and because it is right but you're talking on an interview. Is that really what you want to emphasize emphasize is that do you really WanNa make I appreciate the window but it's part of this large pattern with him that I've never seen with another top guy where it does feel like work to him. It doesn't feel like a job of passion or joy and it comes across on television. He's a chill cool guy that it who is a nice guy and one of the nicer guys locker more popular guys but as a top guy who showing passion and fire and selling tickets. It's not there in any context that I've seen him. I mean that's fair. Uh I mean at the same time you're you're taking something that we pointed out with Roman being a problem with W._W._e.. As a whole that this guy only has time to go home and plan things out he doesn't ever let them you're Kinda using against him in this case on saying that when that no other wrestler I have heard word chooses to talk about that as like other would be like oh I go home and I watch wrestling or I think about my dear John Moxie. Oh when I'm on the road when I can think about is my promo what I WANNA do with Roma's like Oh God audie I get home and it's just like all I gotTa do is plan the logistics to try to find out how to get from the hotel to the gym to the arena. He's taking something that is a dream job and focusing on the work aspect of it instead of coming across as if it's this this dream job that he has and it just over and over again comes across that way I mean fair enough. I just I do work that schedule. There's obviously a level of passion for you're not you can only go through the motions for so long and and it's I guess I'd be I think there's a passion for the company that exists. I would be surprised if we see Roman reigns deals up and he's jumping to aid for lighter schedule. I yeah you're going to grumble about things I believe me. I rumbled on Saturday when I was covering. All those shows didn't mean it doesn't mean I don't love it doesn't mean I'm not enthusiastic and passionate about it it. Just there are times where you're going to grumble about things yeah and I'm looking not. I'm not plucking one thing he said once I'm looking looking at the totality of I just do what I'm told hope to get rich. I mean it's just like the foot and mouth disease when he lets his guard down shows a lack of acumen that I have not seen in any other top guy when he's had the chance to do mainstream interviews going back to Verne Ganja and ric flair. You know I mean and it just I watch I watch I listen. I just shake my head like the judgment call that he uses when he when he portrays what it's like to be chosen top guy in the biographical story that he chooses to put out there. I don't think it's productive. I think it's counterproductive. Counterproductive Berna quitting your burgers coffee table. If you WANNA eat a bird or put it on a bar volume sticks to be dubbed for the new all American cheese voter fresh juicy fiefs till it's crispy around the edges covered in cheese and stacked to the ceiling with deliciousness and knocked that baby Dow with the frosted beer at the bar just like the sports God's intended but new all America cheeseburger at Buffalo Wild Wings. You're please drink responsibly armed. Josh Philadelphia Much like a lot of fans. I hate this Brooklyn run. I hate as matches. I hate his booking. He even has made Paul Heyman Boring as there's only so many things things you can say about a guy who barely shows up by the way Bruce Mitchell would say that's great old school. He'll eat what the feelings Josh just. Just I even go so far say that looking back the match was seen has established suplex city as one of the worst things to happen to the product because it set the stage for what brock and therefore the raw main event seen would be moving forward. I know the easy thing to do is blamed Vincent Brock but when can we start blaming the fans or universe for brock remaining on top. I was at extreme rules on Sunday and for the second half of the Kofi match catch and a large chunk of the main event there were allowed. We want listener chance they were countered by the often lottery sponsor of no we don't that's interesting but the place popped huge unless there's music it at the end to cash in including many of those same people who were chanting. No we don't if you listen to your callers and e mail or was even read the comments on any W._B.. Social media seems to be nobody who enjoys having around and especially not as champion however the response in the building on Sunday begs to differ and he seemed to get a decent pop at the start of raw to our people like me who hate listener actually in the minority. Is there a big appeal for this version a listener and what will it take for him to stop being the crutch that been fault Vince falls back on every time he feels like he needs a big splash well. We're while we're in question and Jason. I'm curious for your thoughts I I don't I think he's in the minority. I think what you get especially on Sunday it because I did hear those chance yeah and I think you're getting a surprise. People are gonNA react to that and and you're getting the money in the bank cash in and people are gonNA react to that when it comes to brock coming out at raw it's still it doesn't appear every week and you're getting rock listener so I think there is naturally going to be reaction it like if he were on television weekend and week out like everybody else thinks some of that would fade but he is you know they they kind of keep them as a special attraction so you're going to get some of that I think to a casual viewer. Rock is a huge deal to somebody watching watching every week that may resent him because he's not on regular basis in part because they coached you to feel that way <hes> or you're tired of Suplex city or it so I see both sides of it but I do think brock lesson <unk> as universal champion has run its course i. I'm just ready for something different not just for the championship but for Leisure and I've been saying this for probably a year now I feel like I was late to the Party of people were grumbling about broad. I WANNA see Brock. Do something different sprint. I WANNA see baby fish. Do something you something other than this prizefighter who shows up when he feels like it yeah I mean marketing the aspects of brock that accentuate that he's I'm GonNa give the bare minimum effort and it doesn't have to be framed that way and it might even be an unfair way to frame it but they've taken something that feels believable defense and made them think it's real and there's a lot of and I think there is a lot of re real to it in marketed that with the endgame being Roman reigns being the chronic champion and everything would be fine if after we beat them and then the you know it it would not have anyway but the cancer diagnosis and the time off than derailed that and then they did a bad finish with seth listener and now there may be going to do the right finish or a better finish at summer slam to to give seth actual definitive statement win and some rub but I'll say one of the reasons people pop for Brock. Listener is the reason they popped opt baron Corbin had the money in the bank or whoever it's a gimmick and they wanna be part of history. They want to say I was there when money in the bank was cashed in so you have to account for that that is absolutely a big part of it if if it was Nikki Nikki Cross running out with the briefcase I mean like people would be like yeah. I'm going to be here for history the money in the bank briefcase. It's not just another role of finish when a baby faces abstracted by heal people want to be part of that in there they want to be part of news and say I was there went so that's a big part of it so do you have to take that into consideration. When evaluating the the the response it listener got? I I think having somebody in the universal world title spot that Leshner holds when when he's around is the wrong role for somebody WHO's part time in treated as something a specialist leshner is lessner should be part time and should be treated as something special but I'd like to see him not the long term universal champion whose marketed marketed a guy who doesn't want to be there and barely shows up and then when he does has entertaining matches but they're not fulfilling in the way that W._W._e.. has conditioned their audience to feel fulfilled their different outlines and there are some pros and cons to the way there's some better and worse matches along the way that he's had that but but sometimes it does sort of feel like wow brock wasn't in the mood to do anything tonight and they've convinced you that they told you that's kind of part of the deal with him job so I would rather leser not be the universal champion holding the belt hostage storyline I think having listener show up now and then as a threat is fine and I think having them cashing money in the bank in July and then become champion and losing August. I'm fine with that story line. I don't want to be talking about brock as the universal champion in October or January or April of next year so to me have rocked being in a different role <hes> because of all the baggage that Josh brings up in his email totally with you. Yeah this turns out to be a one month thing and then rock does what brock does okay. That's fine. <hes> used him to ideally elevate seth rollins if you don't if if that's if that's the goal here great but if if if man if they're going into Fox with this and you're looking at it realistically and it's Brock's going to be the champion she who's going to be as challenger and you know it's Roman ranch and and you're you're you're you're going to that which is already been rejected many times over and you're going into not just Fox with it but you're going into. Hey W the alternative is starting up on T._N._T.. If I may w ongoing thank you please give us more of this <music> with brock in the way that he is portrayed. It's good for brock and it's good for brock matches to feel important but if you have somebody who's treated as above everybody else to the degree that brock. Yes in terms of power in the ring in terms of power behind the scenes and all that the path has to be so great to make up for the fact that it diminishes everybody else relatively speaking you know if ages styles and Finn Valor and Shinsuke Nakamura stayed stayed in new Japan Kenny Omega one to have been elevated to where he was <hes>. If wrestlers didn't age out or go other places there would not have been a stone cold Steve Austin run so at some point having listener have have so much oxygen takes away oxygen for other wrestlers who could be getting a push where the machine gets behind them and they're framed is the top star so I think there comes a price with lesser now. The counterargument is show me someone who can be brock listener and I'm like well. There's a lot of guys on the on the roster who are not seen as contenders to be someone who could fill in and absorb the push that listener gets and produce because they've been so successfully defined down. We don't even look at them that way as a possibility but that's that's not that is not proof in fact you can use that as evidence the other way there should be more wrestlers who feel like brock lessner level stars but they are not treated that way so therefore. We've been convinced that that's not their role. There's a lot a lot of talented people on the cart. bizarro could absolutely mean more than he does for instance Andrade could've given a bigger more meaningful push out of the gate for sure Fin Ballard could have been more protected and treated as a bigger star same with Shinsuke Machimura Joe Absolutely Samoa Joe so in that just grabbed if you'd it so there is there room for a Matt Riddle or a velveteen dream to come out of the main roster and not look like they're just the the schmucks who work every weekend until brock shows up and works the main events and you have to be careful that that's not the image that you're projecting when Vince needed to he he listened to the crowd reaction to Stone Cold Steve Austin and pushed him because he lost tall and ash and not have Hogan in his prime and went through the lex Luger in the CID stage and it was like and then all of a sudden he made something out of Steve But if he hadn't Steve would just be another job we look back on and go God. I wonder what could have been if he had gotten the right if he had been the right place at the right time with the right booker but we didn't have to do that. He turned into the biggest star in the business. Because circumstances forced Vincent Montana. Give them a push and as long as brock's around being treated as above and be above everybody else. It's GonNa take away that opportunity were or even that situation. Revenge forced to really make the best of somebody else and that's that's what concerns me about brock in that's where I think the rationalizations of pushing him full short brock has an amazing resume and great size scrape look great charisma a great mouthpiece and and I'm not saying don't push him but I'm saying there's a price that comes with pushing them the way that they push him and I think they have given him so much power to the degree that Vince is almost emasculated by lessner even according to what Moxley said to me in terms of changes things on the spot depending on what he's feeling Hogan used to do that back in the day and a wrestler having that much power is in some ways satisfy but in other ways real detrimental and I wonder benefit. What's IT GONNA take for Vince kind of veering off your but still the ratings plummet live event numbers are down? <hes> you talk about if it wouldn't have been for others leaving for Nitro or W._C._w.. And just being in that battle Steve Awesome wouldn't become what he became at this point. What is it gonNA take a four Vince McMahon to stop and go? I need to do more with different people because it really is basically the same someone I think it was jake was telling me I don't know where it came from originally but somebody was pointing out or we'll Pruitt I think it was was pointing out that there was something online that said basically everyone other than Kofi Kingston was that was a champion like two and a half years ago currently have bullshit was included in that yeah it's just revolt weird revolving door and they just everyone has this glass ceiling below them Yup. I use an exception Yup and the Kofi Offi story has been so exhilarating because he's an exception and it's not a story that needs to be as rare no. There's just so many great pieces of talent that they have that they've they're squandering think about. We're Braun. STROWMAN was heading into that first dispatch with brock listener know can have that gotTa Save Rock for Roman so many mistakes were made totally all right here on James says I applaud. He's from the U._K.. I applaud W._W._e.. W._W._e.. For the Kevin Owns Promo last week on smackdown end at extreme rules it was fresh and exciting over. I just can't help but think they are again holding out an olive branch to jaded fans at the end of the day they're allowing the frustrations of fans to be played out on screen and taking credit similar to the Danube any Brian Push in two thousand fourteen just over to be mocking their own fans. Have I become far too cynical and too jaded kind regards V._I._p.. Member cure on well. I think what Kevin Owens is saying is this is fit storyline enough that it doesn't come across as an olive branch to jade advance it might that might be a side effect or an added benefit but I just what Kevin Owens says totally fits what somebody would say if they were Kevin Jones. If wrestling were real and Shane McMahon was doing what he was doing have power behind the scenes determine who the challenges are dominating the main event seen in wrestling it would be obnoxious and you would expect somebody to stand up and say something and Kevin owns would be the guide expect to stand up and say something nothing in what he's saying totally fit storyline so I don't see it as co opting in trying to justify Shane's push as much as I mean if anything it's a it's a wink in and out of the audience that sort of says you know we know and and now we're going to give you a satisfying payoff of having somebody who articulates how you feel and this because we don't want to Belabor the point which was fine for a while but now it's time to wrap it up and if that's what it is I I'm fine with that Jason. I don't see that as an insincere coopting like with Daniel Bryan. Were there like see how well this paid off. I push back hard against that. Danny brand could have been way bigger and they could have made so much more money on Brian if they didn't tell that long winding road where they were trying to find an exit and at two momentum that Danny Anti Brian had because he didn't fit their image of what somebody getting that level of a push from their machine should look like and be like Kevin Owens. He's not Laghi the pipe bomb thing we talked about yesterday. I think it was and it's it's not that because if it were something along those lines I think he'd be coming out and saying Gee Shan you just lost to undertaking Sherlock finding I dropping some inside reference at their over pushing him to the point that he can't even bring himself or undertaker two days later Yep <hes> which which is very valid but you don't want that on your show I think they are trying to plan to. It's just a matter of will shane actually go away. That's kind of the concern that I have. I think they're Yeah Kevin Owens is saying what other should <hes> but what what fans are saying and would but it makes sense for his character to a point it it just came out of nowhere all of a sudden. He's a he'll who just decided one day's GonNa reject chain McMahon but he the things he saying yeah I mean he's a owner sewn abusing his power and all that but again ish ain't GonNa go away. I was hoping he was going to after taker beat him. No He's just fine on Tuesday. Look in Tan and rested like nothing happened to him. I know I mean there's there is an absolute ludicrousness to the Shane McMahon push that storyline does not justify at all. I mean there's I it's it's there's a level of oblivious nece that has to be going on here where Shane in is so privileged and insulated that he 'cause I just I in granted. I've I've heard over the years. He's he's nice to work with behind the scenes and people were they don't they don't resent him as as a person but there just has to I mean there's just it's like it's it's so over the top. He's so over the top and oblivious and it's not done out of ego. I think it's done out of a lack of self awareness. You know it's not like I feel malice towards him. As much as I won't say <hes> pity but like just sort of like I I don't think he knows any better you know that that what he's doing is is just cartoonish Lee stupid and and undercuts the actual wrestlers and I've always felt that way about him but you know he's the side of the promoter having wrestler fantasy camp and feels flight because he gets POPs in wrestler cell for him. I don't know if he if he buys into. I don't know I I can't fully figure it out but I don't think he's doing it because he's on a Matt on this Madman Eagle Rush like I think it really is out of just a lack of self awareness that he isn't long-term selling that he's moving out of the next thing because of the Lens through which he watches and things professional wrestling should be presented which I don't think they particularly the winning formula which is why a fifty year old Shane McMahon is not in the conversation become executive director or head booker or heir apparent Vincent Man. It is just a resolved issue that it's triple H is thrown to take over and that Heyman aim and Bischoff should be executive directors but not chain. I mean it is at the point where that's just as they would say settled law by the Supreme Court. I hope chains reached a point in his life where he doesn't even want. It's not going to happen. There's no way it's going to happen and so I hope he's just aside from what he's doing on television just content with that and not still trying to make the big play behind the scenes to get control and all this because he's not the guy for it. I think you you know that's really come through. I wonder one of the reasons I don't think Shane is going away. I think they're going to Shane to take their petty jabs at Tony Kahn. You know it's it's a daddy's money. Not is that sort of. I think they'll they'll. They'll do it in a way where it's GonNa be obvious if you're paying attention but they'll they'll it'll fit into their story lines in some weird way too yeah that is something to look for. I could totally see them doing that in having fun doing so and they've got the resources and the brain power behind the scenes to to take some pretty effective shots at Awa w turns out to be a group of people who stumble in places that they shouldn't leave themselves vulnerable and you know that skepticism out there in the industry right now I think this is bracing for potential legit competition but also ready to laugh in the face of anybody who thinks that they can compete with him and his machine also and if hey w does stumble out of the gate the way that you know <hes> t._N._A.. Did and if we stumbles it'd be for different reasons yeah yeah <hes> Gosh I there was something that was going to ask you about all of the Oh are you at all surprised. That venture reached out. Jim Rawson invited to the I don't get that at all. I think he expected a no. I mean I can't imagine vince thinking that the lead announcer for eighty w would show up on raw. I mean I I think they expected to know if they gotta Oh yes. They were gonNA find a way to humiliate him but plausibly deny it if I'm Roz from lake sure if I can wear my W. T. shirt yeah yeah I mean it's just so inappropriate for so many reasons like A._W._s.. Should not allow Jim Ross to to go on raw when he's there lead announcer because you don't have control over how Ross is portrayed and it could get personal or embarrassing or he could be just greatly diminished. You know I mean they could put three wrestlers up to standing in front of Jim Rawson crowding him out. I mean like I it's just whatever they could find ways to mess around with him and diminish him in stature so to me it I highly suspicious there was an ulterior warrior motive or they did it and they fully expected to know but they did in any way but I it is. It's an intriguing story that that that that came out and I certainly had I think there are a lot of people did which is they did what that I wonder. I wonder if it's something her sheriff would like to because he likes to surprise everyone now. We don't know if you've been invited but if they invited Ross who's to say they did yeah but boy you can. You're you are in their house and they have control of the cameras. The Mike the Lighting and you are badly outnumbered and so I don't know I get the creative right like if you will we'll do we can do that. Chris no problem. There's nothing saying that they can't have the broadcast team. Take potshots shots. Yeah I just I just I don't see why you'd go play on someone else's field at this point I just I don't think I it's not it's not something that I see a big upside to for for anybody. I found it interesting that the invite came from Vinci himself according into Ross's tweet it wasn't leg reached out yeah Yup notes from Cincinnati this thanks so much for all the great wrestling talk. There's been a lot of talk about cameras being placed in odd areas to capture the story. W._W._e.'s me it's telling I think people are forgetting too. I think I believe people are forgetting to accept that. This is a T._v.. Show in sport show. Your team seems to have the issue of suspending disbelief when it comes to filming in W._W._e.. World I view the W._b.. Product is a TV Sitcom show not reality W._W._e.. Me Yes I do feel that would be better better with increase shots a camera and chasing down the action yet. I still enjoy seeing W._B.. Storylines played often situations like the twenty four seven hotel room scene Renault cameraman explanation could be possible so he's got a second point Jason. What do you say to that? We hear that sometimes you know. It's it's it's just a philosophical difference in some people are they can just turn the brain off essentially and be okay with that sort of and I don't mean that insulting way it's just I think there's an audience that grew up and it's not just all older fans but there's a lot of us that grew up on wrestling being different and you know if there was a camera present. There was a reason the camera was present and I can come up with one drake. Maverick wanted to approved was gonNA consummate his marriage as silly as it sounds at least there's a camera crew there to document not the actual deed but he showing people just even been fine by me. It's silly as an contrived as it would be. At least it's better than all. We're just cameras here. We're just doing our thing. I'm not a fan of it. I'm sorry no no I'm not either and the line that people are forgetting to accept that it's a T._v.. Show and not a sports show is to me. I'm sorry but not a reasonable argument and it's preposterous because professional wrestling is a T._v.. Show about sport and it's presented in the framework of it is these are these are like wrestlers work so hard to make their moves look good. We'll some do some don't work very hard to make their moves look real so when they brought up the bleachers and end up in the concourse in apparently a random choice of which staircase climb during the heat of a fight right and securities already moved fans back fifty feet and it's clearly took place long before the decision made to brawl up there that is that is more fake than somebody selling a missed move so I think it's just crazy disrespectful respectful wrestlers to not work harder and it doesn't take much extra work to create plausible explanations for everything that happens everything on a wrestling show should other than the like produced vignette where clearly bray wide light like hey he's for whatever it is. He wants establish who he is play mind games and he's he submitted this footage and we're airing it like that that's fine but during the course of a wrestling show when you're shooting it it should be there's these wrestlers or fighting for championships. We're all gathered her to film at documented documented and comment on it and we don't know what's GonNa Happen next. It's raw it's uncut on centered unscripted and it comes. It just undoes that vibe when there's no logical explanation for the way that a shot in the thing is again this is it's not like a philosophical difference in the sense that there's no way to do it the other way the way that I advocate for without a downside there's literally zero downside to doing it the way that I advocate in eliminating all this other stuff. There's no downside other than it takes. A little extra thought like main seconds of it like that's the it's when you just said let's have drake set up a camera in film himself because he wants evidence or proof. Hell even invited the crew. Crew I mean we've had a live sex celebration on raw before right exactly so this is not this is not hard to do with the brawl in the concourse from a T._v.. Standpoint you could have fans backed away and not in the shot but higher one hundred extras to be mingling and scatter and run when suddenly Lashley Lebron show up in the and the brawling of the concourse like there's a way to to film it like a T._v.. Show would do to do it so if you're like filming. If you're doing a courtroom drama you follow certain rules to try to make it seem realistic while you're doing it but it's accepted that it's a scripted show with multiple multiple camera angles and all that but the narrative structure of progressing is such where it's presented as a sport and so the idea of a camera being stationed on a dashboard of a car that Shane McMahon's head is about to go through the window of is ridiculously stupid. There's the upside of getting that shot is so miniscule compared to the suspension shattering stupidity of telling everybody. We knew this was going to happen had time and it was staged for you so I very very strongly disagree with the idea that it's a T._v.. Show not a sport show. No it's a T._v.. Show that is simulating sports and if you're going to simulate a sporting event it should feel like take a sporting event and not like a scripted preordained show. It just takes away the sense of spontaneity so I especially because it's so easy to do it the way that I'm advocating and there's no downside there's I don't see even a smidge of an argument to do with the way that they do it because it would even the dramatic and everything I mentioned this on on the Po show earlier in the week when drew overheard sad record the Ruckus in the locker room he went over there. The camera was filming drew walking and then he heard a noise and went to the locker room so so it was clearly just staged. Okay now. We're going to say we're going to start going to film drew walking. Nobody believes the cameras following drew around constantly focused on him like that. That's not believable so I'm glad it wasn't filmed as like live. It was like hey something interesting happened but he could have been about to interview Schreiber and she could have started. Ask Him a question and then he could hurt a Ruckus and it could have been basically an outtake. He gets irritated he goes. I think I hear the voice of somebody I have an issue with and he walks out on the interview it would explain the camera was there it would explain that was an outtake and it would totally explain why it happened and that's not like genius. It's not profound what I'm saying. It's just sort of the obvious thing you would come up with. If you want to have it feel more spontaneous and to me that makes it better when it feels like the cameras the film and event it's spontaneous. We happen to capture this as opposed to yeah we have this all set up and preordained. Don't remind us of that will the show is going on the idea that well. That's what T._v.. Shows do they don't T._v.. Shows try to make what you're watching as realistic as possible and W._W._e.. Flawed flawed stare nonchalance towards that constantly which is a result of laziness or not being aware that it's better to feel real and spontaneous if as opposed to not while the weed killer perusing post shows and progressing podcasts and P._W.. Torch daily casts are all ad supported free programs. You can make the ads and plugs go away and went to be great to listen to the straight through without ads and plug you can become a v._i._p.. Member and unlock access to thirty plus years of archives podcast Retro Radio Shows and over fifteen hundred back issues of the progressing towards newsletter dating back to the late nineteen eighty s and get our new podcasts every single day adversary and plug free not just the free ones but the exclusive ones only for V._I._p.. Members including about a dozen others per week that I am part of you can do that by becoming a v._I._p.. Member full details at W. Torch V._I._P.. Info Dot Com that's beautiful you torch V._I._P.. Info Dot Com it averages eight twenty five a month. If you choose the one year option or you can go month to month for nine dollars ninety nine cents checkout full details at P._O._W.. Torch V._I._p.. Info Dot Com thank you for listening to the way Keller pro wrestling podcast be sure to subscribe also if you haven't subscribed to the weight Keller Pro Wrestling Po shows this show the podcast have our blue logo the weight Keller pro wrestling coach shows have read logo just search Wade Keller and Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to progressing podcasts and click subscribe to the red logo and you can download unload our post raw and post smackdown shows. I'm joined by CO host to add a different perspective to the analysis for the show where we talked to live callers onsite correspondent in the building. Tell us what did not air on T._V.. And we also went through Mail Bay questions though shows are available for download download just a few hours after Ron smackdown and every Monday and Tuesday night so there's a fast turnaround to get your fixed with analysis of W._w._e.'s flagship shows so check it out. That's the Wade Keller pro wrestling Po show just search wave Keller you can also stream the show live Ah Wade Keller post show dot com about five minutes after raw and smackdown air and coming this fall. We'll have an all elite wrestling po show so stay tuned for that okay so nudge also said how about that pop that Roman God at the beginning of raw when his picture show on the Titan Tron insane how audible kids and women pop for the man he will be he accepted as a champion his I knew phew after the rematches would be great with Seth Rollins and he goes rock on Wade. Thanks not <hes> yeah I just I think when you're in the business of producing television for T._N._T.. The Anti U._S._A. and they're paying you for eighteen to thirty four year old males and they are abandoning abandoning the show in droves saying looking trying to put a positive spin on Roman getting cheered by the same people people who is always been cheered by <hes> the women the kids but not but ignoring the idea that he hasn't won over the men and the men just don't react anymore because of the because of the cancer the cancer situation and so now they've sort of checked doubt and the the the thing that said is all that counts. It's just a passionate reaction as polaroid better never action than actual now. He's getting no reaction from the crowd that was doing him any still getting cheered by the same people I just. I don't see that as a I don't see that as as something you put a positive spin on as it's not a significant achievement for W._W._e.. And I think it's dangerous to go with him as as your lead baby face again against seth is a baby face and saying that that's those rematches will be great storyline. I think you're if they do that. I I don't see that as a tremendous direction to go in this fall will in how it inches different in different areas but how many of those fans have they run off completely now that that just gave up they're they're. They're done whether it's not all Roman but just the product. If people are disappearing you should get in the viewership you see the attendance numbers Yep. I mean a year ago Rod at one point nine six. They did a point eight seven in the mail eighteen to thirty four demo this week that it'll one point seven four down from one point nine six and they did a point six in the mail eighteen to thirty four demo by the way it was the best male demo since back in May and then they underwent a big drop off for back on June twenty-fourth they were at a point five three which was real bad and so the goal is get the fans back who you have been losing more of and the drop off in in that group that group is is worth focusing on and I'm just not sure Roman is currently portrayed is the solution and saying hey look at the women and kids cheer them. It doesn't doesn't change the pros or cons of pushing at all because that's always been there yeah are we didn't talk about this but <hes> Zack doc from Jamestown Indiana brought up the Danube Ryan situation and we got did we get a payoff on Tuesday Jason to the Earth shattering industry changing announcement from Dan O'Brien. I would leave you know just the the dead silence but it would make for a good podcast. No no no they <hes> they teach us with that. Were they playing on his history of a career altering announcement in hopes of getting people to watch. I know I don't know but that crossed my mind so Zach emailed about this. He says I've been thinking about Dan. O'Brien Brian may have meant by aiming higher today wait. I know you had some theories on the hotline. If you're smackdown about I had an idea that you hadn't mentioned what if Brian Targets someone at the top of the car. My first thought was Roman since he doesn't seem to have direction for summer slam also had the idea that he could attack a returning running legend next Monday night at the reunion triple h triple h checks the theoretical boxes for aiming higher Dobie legend. It'd be management a McMahon by marriage and still active for big shows. I think I've just talked myself into thinking it's triple h do you do either of you think. This makes accents. Are there any other possibilities come to mind. Thanks for taking my question and everyone go v._i._p.. P._O._W.. Torch V._I._p.. INFO DOT COM if you're interested P._O._W.. Torch vetoed DOT COM. We'd love to have is a member Jason. What do you think do you do you think there is is going to be a path to this? They just decided to get out or do they not bring it up again and it just Brian saying you know setting the stage for leaving the tag division and it's not really a big thing I would be vouched for it so I I mean the heat's not on Brian. It's on them yeah. I think there's I mean they'll. It'll be a payoff for it. I don't think it's just going to be as simple as Oh you stole my thunder and I didn't know what to say. I really did want another tag title shot. He's throwing a tantrum about failing when it came to the tag thing so to me. It sounds like he's he's ready to move on. I don't know if it'll be triple. H could be <hes> I I don't. I don't know AAA just get beat by Randy Orton. You know it. I don't know how high you're aiming with that. I mean I get it. He's a legend and all that it is Summer Slam I. I guess I can't rule it out but it didn't jump out of me is like Oh. This is the direction they're going. I don't know what to make of it but I think it was bad to advertise a mystery partner that turned out to be Bailey. Where like why don't you just that's ahead of time and then to not pay off Daniel Bryan thing and you can make fans forget about it if you do something really special otherwise even that I would advise against it but you can certainly mitigate some of the some of the negativity of promising and not delivering but w we can't be in that business of they did this mystery partner thing they do it? It's always like someone who's on the active roster all the time anyway. They're just ruining that gimmick yes searching for more great pro wrestling talk join me Jason Powell post them to flee weekly pro wrestling swing boom podcast each week you'll hear the latest news and analysis for me and my team at pro wrestling dot net along with other wrestling media members plus the pro wrestling boom podcast features long-form interviews with notable names in the pro wrestling industry subscribing to stitcher sure downcast and all your favorite secondary apps or visit us directly at P._W.. Boom Dot com once again. That's P W DOT COM JAMAIS FROM CHICAGO SAYS I've a question about the current boom period progressing seems to be in I live in Chicago and there has to be close to fifteen indy promotions that I know of within an hour of Chicago along with all in out stark asked over to be events special events like the cruise emerged suppliers grossing tease who also host meet and greets. How much longer can this seeming oversaturation of the wrestling mark continue last year we went on the cruise and all in and had at least two independent shows a month we had shirts for all the elite in the bullet club and a lot of local wrestlers this year we stop going to shows in February we could afford the second Jericho crews after a lot of unexpected costs during the first cruise in having purchased a single shirt in six months? I can't justify buying bullet club less a bullet clubless elite in A._W._S. shirts. I really enjoyed double or nothing in pay to watch it but that's the extent to any money spent on wrestling this year. There's only so much money to go around and I see fans already abandoning W._W._e.. Like I did after the announcement of the first Saudi show but how long until independence and even a w start to be affected by people's budgets surf long email l. go vegan Jim a from Chicago <hes> Yemi Jason I mean I don't know what the metrics are on it but you know you. There's got to be a low. I think promoters and wrestlers should be cognizant of the fact that fans who were looking to be super served happened super served and they've opened their wallets and there can be a point of diminishing returns in terms of how much they're willing to lay out for the latest t shirt and the latest meet and great or for that matter going into shows yeah. I think ah you know he said boom period. I don't think we're in a boom period when I see W._W._e.'s numbers I think there's we're in an era where the fans there's there's more superfan very very passionate vans and I think maybe there'd been in the past or it's just there. It's easier to chart them now. Compared to when it was more territory specific going way back <hes> so yeah there's more of those types of fans it would seem but it will find out. We may be heading into one if A._W._S.. Gets off to a strong start and things go well for W._W._e.. At Fox but we're not there yet but the overall thing yeah it's it's going to be a very interesting year ahead here for not just the obvious reasons you know the the the Fox deal and a w but <hes> also also who survived you know how it is is ring of honor going to bounce back or with one thing when they're dig at their annual twelve million dollars budget and they come in a little over whatever whatever it's been what if they go under this year in terms of not reaching that budget. I'm just throwing it out there not saying I've heard anything but I mean just kind of look at the attendance and things everything's aims to be down what happens if impact wrestling doesn't land on access TV. How long can they keep? Keep going so it yeah. It's it's the ripple effect because I think eighty W is going to replace some of people's alternatives that they were seeking out before because they're going to have a bigger stage to do it so that's it's kind of where I'm at with this in the the idea of this boom the browns well up super fans. If there I mean there are some super fans are GonNa Watch everything but not all you know and so it is going to be trickier. There's only so much money people have to spend in most cases on whatever their hobby is and there's so many choices now they're m._S._W.. Is Out there so many that. I don't think everyone can survive weight. I really don't yeah I mean I got a email this week on on the pros and tease out weekend meet and greets with Kenny Omega the young box and then Mardian and flip and there's five tickets tickets left to meet the bucks and twenty five tickets left for Mardian flip. I mean these these are. This is real money for wrestlers but when you're on T._N._T.. And your running pay per views and you're competing but W._W._e.. W E you know the I assume at some point the meet and greet incentive diminishes in terms of the time in your schedule when you start traveling every week for television sitting down for hours of meet and greet to sell t-shirts. It's going to seem like relatively relatively small amounts of money based on the the salary you're earning and I are asked to do this all the time to. I'm not saying it goes away completely but at some point it you become too big to meet everybody in person and take pictures with them and sell them t shirts so I think some of it takes care of itself in that sense where the next you know Awa becomes big time and the restaurants associated with it do and other wrestlers become by definition more accessible. I mean that only goes so far to T._N._A.. Tried to sell themselves the House show experience you get to go backstage and meet people in all that and that's good but it is your loudest yes yes and some of it but some of it has has is only done by a company that that's looking at at the cash register at the end of the night in trying to make ends meet and keep wrestlers happy in Awa just as aspiring to be something more than that <hes> but I mean having that many indy promotions within an hour is fantastic and the ones that do a really good job earning repeat business are are going to survive. I think regardless of a w charging people for pay per views or whatever I and shame on the national stage I think you know and also because you also have to factor in it not just who who does the best job as far as what you're seeing but also who does it behind the scenes managing your money and things like that yeah all right James and Clemson says after consuming anything and everything eighty w the past few days. I have a talking point and a half that I haven't heard anyone talk about. Not yet my point is empty F he's an amazing. He'll who does a line of cool he'll and Trujillo beautifully. I believe he's going to be huge game changer for a w when they go to TV is work on being the elite is amazing. It is entering skill is good enough for me. My point is that to me. One thing was clear coming out of the show. A baby face jungle boy against he'll Adam page has money written all over it. I like page but I think he's being horribly miscast. If he wants to carry a stone cold persona. He's got to turn heel after all three sixteen came from a hill and not a baby face as far as jungle boys concerned. Don't do what W._W._e.. Would go with what your fans are telling you in call that audible go V._I._p.. To everyone it's worth every penny thank you James and Clemson P._W.. Torch V._I._p.. Info Dot Com for information ongoing V._I._p.. Adjacent so Jeff I think jeff will be really valuable <hes> with a weekly T._v.. Show I don't know if he's a top top guy or if he's more Kinda MS maybe visits made event but he sort of a second tier utility guy it could compare them to other people to the three and impact top guy because he see through the top guy in impact but he was known for his talking and his obnoxiousness and the rich boy snobbish judgmental Persada is m._g._M.. More that or is he more ms where you SORTA. I hope there's other people who look more serious than him. Who are the ones actually working main events and I don't think that's answered yet? He's super young and there's plenty of room to tell tell that story and take it slow if they want to but I think it'll be a big a big part of every just about every weekly T._v.. Show based on his his what he's already done to refine the Jeff Gimmick yeah yeah definitely I think secondary champion is kind of where I've settled in on him for now is being realistic upside. It's wrestling. They can do whatever the hell they want but I think that's would be the right slot for him. I don't think he's a headliner just yet <hes> but I think there's a ton of upside there as well I wanted this is kind of a side note. Somebody brought this up committed this week so they do these polls show press conferences with which is cool that they awa does that Tony Kahn Speaks M._j.. Comes out and just causes swears who the hell can use that footage yeah by AH somebody made that point. I'm like wow never thought of that great point yeah and I'm I watch him and I think there's a lot of talent there but I feel like it's it's trying to figure out a non journalistic example but I like you Telstra. If the book is element writing by strunk and white it's like everybody who wants to write for living should read it especially journalism but they write about you know the whimsical letter from letter from your semester overseas and and and you write in this kind of flowery went to go the weather was this in my chums and I did this and all of that and it's like you're you're pretty quickly like that's fine in a certain context but to be a professional writer you have to convey in your opinion and do so in a way that is more journalistic and less kind of undisciplined and hey look. There's no word limit. There's no word count. There's no paragraphs structure and I'm just GonNa be me. I'm going to be an artist. A singer has to sing zinc and it's like no now now. You've got a job like with M._G._M.. It's like I feel like you sort of in that. I can get away with anything because I have a microphone and I'm GonNa get heat in front of these two hundred twenty thousand fans at this intimate setting with a bunch of guys during going crazy and I don't think he's edited his act enough to fit the stage that he's about to be on and I don't think you can edit it just for T._v.. But then go unleashed at the press conference to me some of the stuff he's doing is coming across as hack cheap heat that if anybody we did it they would get attention and he's talented to to use the tactics that anybody could do to get attention and instead be more edited and refined in in defining who his character tourism. I think there's a lot of ways to get he'll he without doing the the the the swallow punchline which is just I rolling and in like the ranting and raving where you're swearing basically like you said Jason Creating unusable footage so there's all this talent there but it's young it's undisciplined and he just needs to be somebody with a little more. Wisdom needs to WHO's down that path needs to just pull him aside and say let's. Let's edit this fifteen percent here on this engine thirty percent on this edge yeah. I think you'll get there etta james the other part of that. I can't say that I see would he seeing necessarily when it comes to hang on page because I don't think they've told the story yeah so. I don't think he needs to be a he'll. KINDA WANNA see like well if he goes. That's he's you you can because they haven't told the story of you be like he's b-better opposite heel. They can do that but if they can continue on the path they're on. It's still very much to be determined and ring of honor didn't do a great job of establishing who hangman page was was when he was there either he was kind of the Henchman of the bullet club. <hes> you know he kind of a fall guy at times to for them like if somebody needed to lose he'd be the Guy <hes> so yeah. It's it's that one is like defining that character. It's still be chapters yet to be written with him and jungle boy. I think there's real upside. I think it's cool that there's a young pretty boy type that has a chance to connect with a younger audience with female demographic. I think there's a lot known for but I have no problem with them doing what they're doing with him right now. I don't think you need to rush him into a singles program. No Yeah I don't it doesn't jump out to me. It's like Oh yeah this is. This is what you gotta do any got to do it. Now that doesn't feel organic to me and Hangman Hangman Pay Yeah I think he pays can be or face <hes> but I think they'd have him slotted as a baby face in I don't think they should call an audible and all right. Now I think it'd be I think they should do a better job with the play that they called their plan. All along has been well. We're going to have them lose Jericho and then he's going to snap and hate cody okay fine but if that's not the plan no just leave it alone yeah sailor from Surrey B._C.. Canada says why score grace still on both shows I can't stand him his smugness dismissing Iro his gleeful cheering on how brilliant the heels when they cheat is there no one who can replace him on at least one of the shows one of my favorite things about survivor series of saw the announcers used to root for their brand. Even if it was arrested they didn't like Corey beyond Bo shows takes. Is that a way of course the best thing about A._W._S.. That they didn't have a heel announcer and it was so refreshing. I think there's question in there somewhere go v._I._p.. Everyone P._W.. Torch V._I._p.. Info Dot Com actually type that out for me. He says I've been a V._I._p.. Member for three years and loving it. I thank you appreciate the kind words four years ago. Yes that is true so yeah core grace I mean I think less of Corey would would go would would be good then corey. I I like Oregon commentary not everything about it <unk>. I think he's I would want him one of color commentators but I wouldn't want them on both shows. I think it is it is overkill. I don't want him being raw for his brand. I don't long for that but I'd like to see more consistency to what determines Herman's how he reacts to things and I WanNa know that he's always for cheating and I but having a he'll point out baby faces doing dumb things is helpful but most of those should be edited out of happening in the first place. You know what I mean like back Jim Roscoe and yeah you know the baby face should be punished for what they just what they did or they deserve to lose based on turning their back in their opponent or celebrating before they got to the end zone. You don't want that opportunity to be there for core graves but but I do do I think you can. I don't think a bad heel commentator or an inconsistent he'll commentator or overexposure. Commentator should make should be the opening and closing argument of there being no he'll commentators. I think he'll commentator can work. Don't don't let bad versions of it or sloppy versions of it determined that that said. I don't think they're as necessary as apparently vincent man thinks there yeah I like always work. I but I do agree. One Show is enough. I think it always look silly at the paper views when he he's the concert in every they switched broadcast team and he's still there like that but I think it would make his work better as well <hes> it'll be a little more staggered once they moved to Friday so it's not gonna be on pay per view weeks three nights in a row. This guy asked to call everything. Thank <hes> but still I I just think it would help him to do less and I don't feel like their grooming that next guy I mean they've kind of moved eight Nigel McGuinness. I think he's very good. I don't know the Vince McMahon is GonNa want an Englishman on ah part of his broadcast team as as silly as that sounds as doomed that for Vince really and then like aiden English is just getting started I might be he's okay <hes> I just I don't see you a lot of work being done to find that replacement for him and there are some wrestlers who would do a good job that have sat in on commentary and you can see it but I don't think the those guys aren't necessarily ready to call it a career yet so but yeah I mean some of the things he's complaining about the eye rolling like he's being a heel so that's what he's going to do. I have a bigger problem with I just <hes> well the the play by play and it's not their fault you know it's just that's not the fault of the play by play. That's right. It's not Tom Phillips or Michael Cole. It's just they're doing what Vince McMahon wants them to do and I wish we're naked do more than the L. O.. Allot <hes> I think she was phenomenal nominal backstage interviewer. I just don't really feel like they have put her in a position to shine at on this broadcast team or don't i. I don't know maybe she's just not that good at it <hes> it. It's hard to say because I think she she is a very likeable personality. That's always stood out about her from gay one he you you like her. She's upbeat. They're just something about her that works but <hes> so far I just I don't really feel like a deal and then she added to the raw broadcast cast team in my mind is that she's replaced Booker T. from saying stupid thanks yeah I'd rather have her not be in the way that have booker just dominate everything and being awful and undercutting be obvious in a very very apparent goal of a segment and just just undercutting all right sean our says we'll smackdown shift the Fox feel more significant address to the viewer than the move to go live. If years back when smackdown I let live show felt very different and fresh compared the programming leading into it well. This stark contrast happened again in October or will it be a smooth transition from the last U._S._A.. Episodes into the first Fox ones Jason. What do you think I hope? There's a radical change. I want a different look to the show. I wanted a different feel to the show. I wanted to feel different than raw. I I mean I don't know what they're GONNA do but I hope that they just have a different vision for this and it doesn't involve best of three falls matches and elimination matches Yup Yup all right. Amy Has a solution for the twenty four seven bedroom scene. I am listening to the podcast this morning. Well are well. We're running errands and there is such a simple solution to the twenty four seven championship and the camera last night Drake Maverick could have looked at the camera like like you was talking to the cameraman and say I know it's your job to follow the twenty four seven title around in case someone tries to pin the champion but in the bedroom and then the cameraman can move up and down like the cameraman is shaking their head yes so now you've established for the remainder of the twenty four seven belts existence. There's an assignment segment for the camera man to be with the champion no matter what anyway I'm a V._I._p.. Member I love the content can remember watching Memphis wrestling on Saturdays in my little town in Kentucky at age five and my love has only grown over the years. Thanks amy appreciate any torch V._I._p.. EPI Info Dot com like you could have the other thing which is drake instead of saying yeah film this I want proof of consummation. You could also have drake going now. You will turn the camera off and turn your back when we get when whatever whatever euphemism that'll be wants to use for sex your going to turn the camera off and turn your back or you're gonNA leave the camera footage but then not whatever you can have a fun line in there but yeah there are absolutely waste to address why the camera was there in the fact that W._W._e.. Just thinks it's not important to do that. Is What's frustrating because there are a lot of actually fun productive options and solutions. I like Amy's ideal on and I think that the cameraman should be forced to wear gloves like the guy who has to follow the Stanley Cup around everywhere goes. Yes that's good. That's good all right. <hes> job says the main event on raw showed why W is going to be a major force W._B._Z.. Just doesn't understand today custom their customers first of all they give about a royal twelve minutes really for ten guys. I think it was H I thought it was ten but okay so more not enough for ten guys. Give me a break plus. Look into the final. Two guys were rollins and Orton. That's not fresh. That's more of the same Rawlins is not a tough guy. He is P._G.. Tough and he has been sick man company kiss ass tough Rawlins summertime will not bring fans back to the network or back to Monday nights. rollins does not equal ratings listener does not own a wrestle. Maybe that would be can have input on a fifteen minute match for a change and make the guy worked for once I mean they pay them all that money. Get something out of him. Make an earnest paycheck October can't get here fast enough. Jason Fane Awa is going after is that that Fan who looks even some of the better aspects of W._W._e.'s product or the top guys atop Bush guys and it's like I. I don't want this. I this isn't for me and I'm not buying it. I think there's some valid points the the one about seth being P._G.. Tough I I'm not trying to disrespect anyone but is Kenny Omega tougher than Seth Rollins is <hes> cody I mean who is it made of you that has has that that much more streetfighter type credibility and I'm not talking to video game yeah yeah all right Jason. Thank you very much better. Blasts always fun and yes I know cody was an amateur wrestler and a very good one so I'm not trying again diminish anybody just saying I'm trying career myself some emails so follow you on twitter at pro wrestling net check out your website pro wrestling dot net and everybody subscribe to Jason's podcast. He's got Todd Martin on. You're GonNa want to hear that and Jim Ross last week. Just search pro wrestling boom in the podcast APP. You're listening to to now apple podcasts or otherwise. Let's let's see a surge of new people listening this week pro wrestling boom listen to Jason every week not just here every three weeks holiday do Jason. You didn't wonderful perfect. I don't even have to say anything. We'll we'll see you next week. Could I wish it'd be fun looking forward to it doc well. Hello Torch Faithful. This is Kelly wells host of U._T.. Talks and x not every Thursday you can hear me and my rotating group of annexed loyalists banter about the highs and lows of the booking the progress and young talent and the big takeover matches hardly pageant provides annex t all time statistics. Tom Stop shears thoughts. Lots from the live tapings and Justin James tells us which talents will be wasted most on the main roster search P._W.. Torigian apple podcasts or your podcast APP to subscribe or listen on demand and see the entire Pete of you towards daily cast schedule at P._W.. Torch daily past dot com jeers. Hey kids I'm earlier passionate. I'm emily fear and we host the torch stigma cast talking on her joining us in our team of correspondents every Wednesday as we discussed the week in ring of honor including Arledge T._v.. Honor Club events breaking news and Listener Mail plus exclusive -clusive interviews with top Harwich stars like Jeff Bob Kelly Klein Tracy Williams and beer city bruiser just search P._W.. Torch in Apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP to subscribe poor. Listen on demand and see the entire P._W.. Torch daily Carr's schedule at P._O._W.. Torch cast dot com that turnover okay. I think that was good. WanNa try to calculate version now sure howdy y'all money. Now is the chance to use reliable full energy to grow your money with the Dominion Energy Reliability Investment our new investment product offers competitive returns no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money make the reliable investment in reliable energy energy the Dominion Energy Reliability Investment to find out more go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com. It's sizzling spring weekend for A.

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