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Hey nuggets andrew's coach blowing up the denver nuggets. And you're listening to the whole show. Thirteen ten ks k twenty minutes after the hour welcome back. We're live from the collision specialists studios a lot to unpack today very excited though about. What's getting set to happen tonight. Or as twenty twenty tells us we gotta wait until we actually see some players out on the floor or hear from players on the floor. Unc tonight against colorado christian joining us now head coach for the university of northern colorado. Men's basketball team coach steve smiley coach. Thanks for being with us. We really appreciate it as always per se being air it's It is an exciting day for the program. Did you ever think you'd actually get here to this point where you're gonna have you coach. Your first game for this bears team is the coach. You you start to wonder after this. You know what you see nasally. You have positive stuff with program you start to wonder a little bit but like you said. We haven't thrown that ball in the area. So i mean until it happened. It hasn't happened yet but we were really excited. This is i mean. This is strange for every coach but Here you are coach. We've talked about. This is your dream. And and you take over this program I tweeted this earlier. Coaches aren't going to be judged necessarily on just the xs and os anymore. It's gonna be judged on how you handle covid nineteen how you handled the scheduling all that stuff. I mean it's i've talked to me. There's so many different things with now. Well i'm looking at our at our little shoot around planet at shoot around today. We've gotta talk about got to review How we're doing the locker room. Howard doing where we're entering. How to wear masks before the game chairs alignment. We gotta talk about all that different stuff. You've never had a talk about that before you know but yeah it's unlike anything we've ever experienced a you know all hi. How do you do with the rest of your coaching staff. I mean we we see it at the nfl level. I'm seeing nfl coaches. They have like a guy that's in charge of bringing the coach back so he's not stepping out onto the field. Are you going to have a guy that's like. Hey coach. don't forget some of these. Because i can't imagine how you can keep all of this Rolling when you're trying to pay attention to the actual game well you know. I probably should have a guy holding me back. Because i have a habit of walked on court point this sheer for the coach. It's really state coach box. But yeah i mean. I think our staff we we spend a lotta time just the in our meetings on kind of going through the scenarios all the different stuff and really you know relaying. The information came so we try to stay within compliance of you know contact tracing and everything else like that. So it's gonna kind of be a team after but we've got a great staff and and that includes their coaches are trained our strength coach. Everyone's on board and In sync with how we gotta get this done. So we'll see how it goes but i'm still going to be a lot more twist and turns coach. Talk to us a little bit about the pause from from a week ago or two weeks ago. What what is that process like. And i mean what what. What are you supposed to do at that point in time. You're told the program needs to take a pause. What are we talking about like. Shut down everything. The players confined. How can you take us through some of that process. Yeah yeah no. It was our first pause in terms of timing of this teams have been paused different times. And you don't ever want to get a pause because that means you have you know subtype of coke case within your your your program your personnel and so you know we We had a case at that point in time. You know the kind of guidelines set everyone down fourteen days and that means exactly what you said like. There's no practice. Everyone's on a formal quarantine. I believe all players were unaffordable. Portee based on contact tracing of that time can't leave your room All kinds of different stuff. And then the coaches you know. We were masked up at the time and so it was more like an athletic type of quarantine. I believe but everyone was gone. You know no one knows allowed in the building It was just a quarantine and forty about guys. You know their their bodies and and One or the eating okay but to you know. Losing fourteen days of practice Strength conditioning at this time of year is brutal so it was. it was hard You know when we got back a little bit late last week we started doing small group work which really consistent like thirty minutes of scale work. Thirty minutes of five hundred thirty minutes of very light weight lifting did that for a couple of days took a day off. And then sunday i believe was when we started going into you know more of a practice and so today being wednesday we've had sunday was very light shorts. We really had about two practices overall but we have had five or six days of getting their bodies back together. So we feel like we're in a you know a decent spot it's not gonna be You know midseason formed by any means. But it's it's we're where we're at right down a lot of the deals. We're talking to unc. Men's basketball coach steve smiley again First game tip enough tonight at a bank of colorado's six thirty we'll have it. We'll have it on the air here. Thirteen ten a coach dealing with. I'm just picturing like okay. All these players they go to their rooms. What are they doing to stay. Are they just punch crunch push ups or what are we doing in there. Stay fit and ready. I mean that's all i can view because of the flip side of it. There's there's some other rule and say that you know you can't do Let's just say zoom workouts strang coach room because there's not a certified athletic trainer on hand when you're in your room in case something goes wrong physically you know where you need. You know cpr or the ad or trainer helps so really. You know you can get You can get you know workout suggestion. just try to stay in shape. So it's it's it's tough man especially this time of year There's no way to kind of get out of your room and you know even if you were able to. The weather gets colder. Nineteen go out. Shoot the park for an hour and half is twenty. Seven degrees outside so It's it's really hard and and for us going through the for the first time our program you could really feel it and as a coach you had to really when the guy's got back as much as you say we gotta catch up. You gotta be really careful slow down and just work on very basic stuff for make. Sure they're moving right nothing alive and make sure they don't get any you know any soft tissue injuries ankles hamstrings things like that just because they haven't been moving up so it's a. It's a scary time. For all of us i refresh. Unc bears dot com on an hourly basis just to see updates on the schedule tonight competition. We saw regis that. You've added that game friday coach. Let's get into this the elephant in the room. I'm on twitter yesterday. I see men's basketball tweets out that it's game week and ic- issue pueblo on the schedule saturday. But then i remember in my little brain. I thought that was playing on saturday. Can you can you. Can you help us out a little bit on. What's going on. yeah. I think it's just it's just. It's it's the perfect perfect example of cove it Where you have all these plans. I mean you know colorado state which which. We're not playing on saturday that game. We've lost so just as an example. You know my my staff. My sister's they've prepared. I think six scouts now and tonight will be the first scout. The that actually is gonna come to fruition where where we where we play and so you know going back to the room. Yeah you don't see if you had had a pretty pretty documented a pause as well their program With a little different than ours. I guess in terms of terms of Kind of how their their paws went but at the end of the day You know disgusted. Is this the right time right now to play the game so what i say is the game is going to be played meat. Neither side is trying to not play the game and as our two admits administrations are working on it. I think the game will be played not a fissile day. But it'll be played after christmas. 'cause there's just no time right now with both of our schedules to put the game back in but ultimately it's a you know covert induced Situation and the game will be played and it looks like it'll be after christmas and i do think that there will be an announcement on that date you know within the next twenty four to forty eight hours once paperwork finalized out but it's disappointing on just waiting for us just because again it's our fifth game that we've lost in cs. He hasn't played a game either. And so just kind of goes into that whole deal. But you know we're gonna play the game and and we're gonna make that happen I believe after the start of the new year. Were you guys like. Did you see this tweet. I'm sure it was talked about. What was that news to you at that point. Did you already kind of know. What's the plan was. Well you know yes. And no. I mean i talk with their coach as well about kind of situations but both for programs. We've been talking a lot about you. Know the status of our health and how many healthy players like. There's a rule in our league. For instance says you have have some healthy players play game so each program is going through different types of pauses. So you know we've been in communication a lot Going back to three weeks not only issue. But you know we got see. See you coming on monday. They've got a couple of pauses. We've got div. Cover the falling wednesday. So it's not just see us. She was playing all. The coaches are communicating like. Hey what's the saudis your program. What's the help because can't play game. All of us need to refill games especially uh us in cedar susan. Dan play the game either yet this year. So go back to your point though Yeah we saw the tweet at you know the they're playing and i got on twitter to kind of looked at it who they're playing. There was some confusion on both sides of the What was going on in. So i think that point. You know it's like okay. We gotta figure this out a both ministrations. We're able to hop in. i think. Come to a solution so that the game wasn't lost because the last thing you wanna do is lose for both of us. The opportunity in cova year where people are trying not to travel much. Try not to get on a lot of commercial flights. We have both for programs. Were were forty minutes away. The worst case scenario would be to completely lose the game. So i've probably the same way that you Brady and then. We got to kind of figured out. What i think's interesting and again coach. I think i told you this. I i wanna see. I wanna see both programs healthy ready to go. I want to see the best game possible. It's great for the state of colorado. It's great for both programs. I i really feel that way so with me. I'm looking at the tweet going. All right. I wish there was a little more explanation of okay. We think it'd be a better situation to play you. See when we're you know. We've got a few games on herb like. I don't mind that kind of thinking but yeah when i'm reading that tweet yesterday it came across as what you see game almost like no we just we just. We're this was our schedule. This is what we're doing and three different schools you included had Had different schedules that they all had different opponents at for saturday. The ad the amount of and rescheduling we're all doing right now because the cove and the other nationwide perspective zag at shutdown. Recently they lost four games and everyone losing games at refilling games. And it's amazing. We'll get you know calls and emails daily behavior of a given opening on this day. You have to fill a game. it's just. It's just a musical chairs all year long. At least get your conference but yeah it was It was you know it was strange. And i think that For us you know once we finalize the date. We're going to move it on our schedule. But you're right. You're to our schedule. If we we've got the issue on the twelfth they got on the twelfth and everyone's confused and So that there was some some mystery mr case or have you want to say but i do think we'll get this thing resolved so that we can't play the game which at the end of the day. That's the most important thing. Yeah no question about it. I know you Coaches both at both administrations have a lot of respect for one another so Miscommunication what it looks like what it appears to be. There was a lot of frustration yesterday. But it sounds like moving forward. Okay coach tonight. Speaking of moving forward. Are we expecting a full roster. Are there guys. That are maybe not ready to go. Just because the layoff can be interesting and like you said you wanna be careful. You don't want guys coming at this thing too hard and getting hurt. So are we expecting a full roster tonight. We'll we'll have all we have sixteen guys all sixteen guys dressed out. There are a few guys in the program that been out a little bit longer Children quarantine and so you know for us there. Were probably if you guys that we don't anticipate planning to be honest with you and You know they just got back and you look at it in terms of their bodies and the same thing like the worst thing i could do in. Our train stops the same way as put a kid in hasn't done anything you know. Fourteen fifteen sixteen days a few cases seventeen eighteen days and played them and their bodies their minds still sell them where they want to go their bodies but their buys. Just don't respond the right way. And then you get that injury and so we're going to really protect ourselves from that so there will be a few guys. That'll be outside that that would be part of the rotation that Probably won't play tonight I do anticipate the probably by friday. That he's got a couple more days of workouts and and Just some training under their belt to get their bodies back. And i think by friday we should have the full sixteen but i do anticipate of guys that. Were gonna hold out out of precaution coach. We're looking forward to it man again. I said oh congrats to you on this job. I know this was a dream job. I know this is gonna be a great opportunity. I didn't think we'd be the ninth of december. Where i say. Hey good luck in your very first game. I really appreciated radiant. If we go back door and this will this will schedule november. I think we already have like eight games. Then by now and i told the guys couple days guys we've been practicing saugus we're we're we're all about practice and developing and keeping the The sauce but at some point you gotta get a game and so there's just all that time our guys just so excited get out there and play. It's going to be pretty but The right now. It's just about getting out there. Competing getting used to a game get into that flow and then go from there. But i do appreciate it. It's exciting and and that's been such a weird year such a weird situation but at the end of the day we're playing tonight. We're happy to do it. I want to mention something to i've been. I'm happy to be a part of this. This round ball banter zoom chat. We're doing coach. I'm honored to be a part of it. You have that in the midst of everything you got that too. We have that tomorrow afternoon. Can you our listeners. About that and how they can get involved. I'll absolutely so. Yeah so that when we Schedule this one. Every three months you know give or take. We're trying to do one of these kind of quarterlies zones because you know the basketball banter and You know just supporters fans alums donors anybody that wants to get on just kinda here the state of the program. We've picked that date at the time. We didn't have games right around there. We thought this would be a good time. Couple of days off now sandwiched in between two games. It's between tonight's game. Friday game but really. Just talk about the state of the program. Think in this episode. We'll talk about covert a little bit. Talk about The game tonight. Kind of recap. What happened in that. Colorado gave hope was highlights social sell And then And then also just talking about a recruits. We have had a chance to talk about the two kids. We signed in november. Which we're allowed to talk about and it's kinda go through it from there so you know the easiest way On twitter account or on our unc alumni page you know people just go to believe unc alumni dot. Org that event would be right up there and it's free It's just four o'clock. You know by gopher just under an hour four two four forty five. Forty four fifty. It's about the state of the program preview. The schedule coming up there will be more and more even how that goes so you can see alumni dot org is probably the easiest way to the pop onto that and we'd love to have people on their take that into a big deal so it's been great and and you open up a lot of folks that normally don't we have these interviews but really they can get an inside. Look what's happening with With your basketball program. So i absolutely love it questions or fired off to so coach. We appreciate all. You're doing man and good luck tonight. We're we're happy to have it on the on the thirteen cave gay tonight for the first time. That sounds good. I appreciate it brady. That's unc. men's basketball coach. Steve smiley guy and yesterday was nuts. Yesterday was madness. Here's what i'm going to chalk it up to colefax to be very fair here. I think there was a tweet out about its game week for colorado state without any without anything else. It was just a tweet that sentence game week you click it. S you blow on saturday. There should have been more in the tweet. Because i have no problem. Let's call it what it is. What is the issue pueblo to see issue. It's a tune-up game. I have no problem with that. What is tonight for you and see. It should be a tune-up game colorado christian. I wouldn't say that to coaches. I wouldn't say that But that's what it is has been in a longer pause. Then then the teams around this area much longer. I think what november seventeenth their stuff going on there with the covert with the covert situation. And i understand that. And so that's my biggest thing is i'd rather see both teams hundred percent healthy and go at it and if that's the case let's let's let them get a couple of games under their belt. Let's let them get a few weeks. No problem with that the way it just the way it came across yesterday was it's game wake issue pueblo saturday when you and has you on the schedule and there's really no mention of that so yeah i was all over it yesterday trying to get this but i as you guys know if you listen to this program i have major respect for niko medved major respect for colorado state and obviously the university of northern colorado so the last thing i wanna do is paint these programs into a bad light but i got a call like it. Is you know i love that basketball program i love the fact that nico ed's gonna be there for a long time but i'm going back to the tweet. I think that's where the miscommunication started and as jerry jeudy can probably attest to. Sometimes you need to stay away from twitter until you get everything ironed out. Because i think that's where bears fans immediately went to. Oh see issues. They don't wanna play us. They are they scared of us. They don't they're not even going to respect us and mention the fact that That the that we were supposed to play them. I was listening yesterday. Colfax on noko now. Tanner was interviewing kevin lytle of the colorado great front of the station and tanner flat out asked him. He said hey. Colorado state scared to play you and see on saturday and you know kevin mentioned. Hey they play do clash cheer colorado. State's not scared of anything. The problem with that though is e- everybody expects you to lose to duke. I would say rams fans do not expect to lose to the university of northern colorado. That's that's what it is just like see. You doesn't expect to lose to see us you so that i think that was a lot of thought. A lot of the thought process going through everybody's heads yesterday. That probably could have been solved easily with a couple of sentences in the tweet. Because i have no problem saying hey. We haven't played since november seventeenth. We don't want to go play a solid. Unc team right now. We'd rather kind of have a tune-up game to see you blow and get a few practices games on bell. I don't have any issues with hat. None at all. In fact. I'd i would support that. I would promote that but it wasn't really painted that way yesterday. Thirty nine minutes after the hour. We're going to take a short break when we come back. We'll talk more on our poll question. Power to a power play. Sports poll question of the day failed the whole show dot com a list of quarterbacks there if you could choose who who would you take is matt stafford the guy on your wishlist right now. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash.

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