CBS 2 News PM Update 081720


I'm Erica sergeant hear the stories making news at this hour big headlines. In Jesse, Small Lead Investigation Special Prosecutor just announced Cook. County state's attorney Kim Fox's office mishandled the case. The report says the office abused its discretion but did nothing criminal Fox dropped charges against the former empire actor last year only to have him charged again with staging a racist and homophobic attack the body of a missing teen has been found in Lake Michigan. The teen was with some friends yesterday when they started to struggle in strong rip currents four of the made it out. But the teen never surfaced his body was found this morning near the Portage River Walk Break Wall in Indiana. The Chicago bears are back at it. They practiced in pads for the first time today. The first game is the middle of next month against the Detroit lions and turning to the weather cloudy skies tonight, temperatures remain in the seventies tomorrow sunny and seventy three join us on CBS to or CBO Chicago. Dot Com for news updates around the clock. I'm Erica surgeon.

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