Men in Blazers 11/09/20


This is rebecca. Lowe will rebecca if you listen to sub optimal radio and you on this thing to men in blazers on the nbc sports network from the embassy row studios in the crap part of bedford and the crackpot of long island it's the blazes podcast we back. Oh chula how are you holding up dating. Not much happens since we lost padre. It's been quite a week. Raj it's been quite a week you talking about the us men's national team getting together for just the second time in twenty twenty. Well not really. But i'm sure we'll speak it nap briefly a little better. That was that was a little thing. Called malection roach an erection the room and add known election. Not doing that. We'll do that later. Don't know anything. Is it because david ice to sports really. You'll find listening listening to sports roach. Well good good. I'm happy we're going to unite this country. We're going to focus on the things we agree on and we're going to go forward. I'm being so positive about everything for now. The election may be. It's kind of like there's been a goal scored and we're waiting to see if somebody comes up with an arm pit that's a little off side or something. They've been counting the they have been barring them. That's why it's taking so long. There was little stock peapod. Actually i'm just shocked that the we have a new president and the names not sell. David thanks again. We don't have a new president but we we've got a president elect. Yes so do colossians. The president-elect's yeah after what felt like the longest penalty shoot our awful time. Really what this week's emotionally been light took brought squeaky boomtime. It did end saturday with a twenty eleven twelve gweru stoppage time winner vibe about the whole thing. I do think that it is important to mark this moment. And i want to thank you for. The couple of youth tweeted over the past couple of days. They do prefer it when we stick to football. And i would say we've never really been about the football. This cost if someone else may wa- is the core of men in blazers. I you support cost. That i've always believed that. It's a deep sense of love and empathy and unity and kindness. That's wa who david. Yeah i mean look i. I may be having a little bit more sympathy for people sort of feel. Sometimes some people in media can be very dismissive of That politics but i'm a lot more sympathetic to people who feel completely disenfranchised by the entire system. But look i think this is a time not to focus on any of that differences or any of the things we complain about. It's time for everybody to come together. I think the one thing we do do and the one thing we do believe in is football is a safe space where we can just love football where you're not a better person if the reds win or if the blues win whether you're read or whether you're a blue fuck we're just here having fun enjoying football enjoyed talking to each other about it and i think you'd have to be the most halton soul to say right now. Also the news of a potential vaccine breaking overnight from our great friends adviser than Be hard pressed for anybody to feel negative at this point. I will say. And i'm going to stick to football for now. The i am i am. I'm just going to say the right now. I feel the same kind relief as it did. When solid ice was far by epoch of justin rey. god. It's crazy to think that joe biden will be the president of the united states in twenty twenty two when the us. Men's national t windsor. I will cup is say you just in an evil so please be the president when the equal pay for women twenty twenty did take another great this weekend and we were both by this one day. Where the parsing of brooke cost legend. Alex trebek's david host of jeopardy since nineteen eighty four forty six years a life. Yeah i mean amazing canadian host and had a long career before jeopardy as well. I don't personally just got over the loss of regis philbin and then to go riding to losing next as well embassy row is many of you know is part of a sony pictures. Entertainment jeopardy is a sony pictures. Entertainment television program so everybody at has taken this really hard personally. I didn't know alex. Particularly well. But i did talk to him And meet him several times and particularly around the time when millionaires. I went on the air in nineteen ninety nine and became a big prime time. Hit an alex was gracious and so Just so generous and so kind about a show that in some ways you know for a second you know. Put some shade on jeopardy in terms of the sort of true via gameshow world. And i wasn't really prepared for him to be as gracious as he was but he trudy wasn't in multiple emmy awards afterwards. When i think. I told you the story that bob barr. I kept on kicking the back of my chair. First i i want an emmy saying you're gonna lose you're gonna lose. You're going to lose alex. Rebecca was never liked that he was just gracious. What a gentleman and uniquely qualified to do that program so much so it's hard to imagine anybody else doing it. Great loss for sony pictures of great loss for american television a great loss for intelligence. And grace you know. I love that bob. Barker story just gives you a insight into football primarily football is cut throat competitive but just a competitive nature of a league game show. host is next level. That is where it gets really. Tough roy keane nothing. Compared to say jack say chat with takeout keyed in a heartbeat was introduced to this world as a kid. When i first came to chicago. Nine eighty six. I stayed down. North shore talk tobias but the blue house stadium. My pen pal. Inefficacy lived a slack along. Stop before twelve say eat. Spend the morning. And i've just written about well. Listen my memoir. I'd spend the whole morning just watching in the guest room television. We had one television in the pool and we had to wheel it room to room. America television in every bloody room even the toilet. Even the shower shower televisions couldn't didn't have to miss one second of just this battery of daytime television shows. I mean they they were. They were genuine wheel of fortune was on a knee in the morning. Jeopardy family feud these are all like a syndicated. Hollywood squares was on. There was an amazing world. Press your luck if anyone watch that. Well no women. No women stay home. I was more this this easy. Come easy go nature of america. You win it all lose it all it. It just everything was bloody possible and favor was jeopardy watching. This man jess mesmerized by the positive cash. That will win the lost one again on that show. I just come cool. This man shebek who gave and took away. But it wasn't. The money was really giving us giving us wisdom and he really talk stage with me. A multi in curiosity america was a place where everyone at least on his show had the shot. And i love the ethos of in-interviews when white does what he does. Because it's hard to do something over and over again forty six years and he said you never have to apologize for acquiring knowledge. Even if it's not going to be of immediate benefit having knowledge makes you better able to understand the world in which we live the more. I know the less surprised. I'm going to be as vape words to live net so true and A great loss and it's interesting. I mean what. He presided over newsweek. About knowledge trivia is something which doesn't have a lot of value to young people today because they can just search for everything on google but there is something about the acquisition of knowledge itself and to be able to recall it at any point which is just phenomenal. it's becoming a lost art. Hope jeopardy though under incredible stewardship of mike richards jeff. Gop's lovely guy who produces jeopardy and wheel of fortune long. may that show continued. Good luck to him trying doing his best to try and find a replacement of some kind for that broadcasting legend robbie mistake is available the oak. Okay both robbie's to amazing Give it to rebecca low. Just give everything to rebecca okay. We've got a packed show. We're going to break down the bellwether matchup that's helped decide. The last three primarily titles man city one livable. One you duck and cover raj as we recap evidence. Three one loss to resurgence. Of course this weekend majesty. United plus harry keane's last-minute when aston villa's beatdown of arsenal the frat house and chelsea cut through a dull sheffield united blade side. It's everyone's titled to lose roads but before we saw any of that. Can we get a toast. I wore raise this third first birthday the day to the moment of history. We're all living to global connectivity to love a pain incredibly move. what chasing people all around. The world celebrate america with joy. The parties across india to celebrate the first indian-american vp. Speaking i rish mates. About how genuinely pride day on the a son of oil has become president and a speaker much altered. Make jamie glassman. Have you heard on the podcast to lockdown features. In sandwich memoir. We grew up in liverpool animated by america and he was pouring in london. And just to see. The goodness in america radiate our in his words to dream about america. It's a thing of wonder and if anyone doubts it just look the irish television broadcasts clip celebrate in this moment this weekend in which they sat was occurred to the shameless heaney poem the curate troy and i raised my bud fan blood to toss of that poem. And its lines. History says. don't hope on this side of the grave but then once in a lifetime the long four tidal wave of justice can rise up and hope and history rhyme makes me think keeping efforts and david is going to be okay when i read that poem carriage the blues. Who had a bad weekend roche. Okay before we get to the football we have to say this sunday will truly be a sunday. Like no other raj ev. It's not gonna lose because the international break. Which i need in the fact that there's also this weekend's major golf tournament along with both professional and collegiate football. There's going to be no shortage of action. 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Th minute when carl walker clipped saudi-omani in the box conceding his second penalty of the season promptly dispatched by your mate roj mosala one livable city. Got one back after nineteen pass. Move was finished off by a pair of j.'s touches so miraculous. They could turn water into wine. City had a chance to take the lead from the spot in the fortieth minute after joe gomez hand ball but the typically robotic katie be short-circuited raj and he put it wide a slightly more. Leggy second half ensued which saw ta go down with an injury and in the end. The points are shared liverpool. Now in second place city are stuck in tenth game which klopp hailed as the most difficult in the world of football lived up to its billing an epic battle the bastard slug through the rain mud. You couldn't take your eyes off. It all began with a tactical exclamation point by klopp. Going into this. Who would be liverpool's front three red hot diego. Jota slamming six goals in four games. Klopp forced to spend the week. Defending bobby for me and the only played the. Oh four and of dave lovett me credit taking the best tree i in football tenny into a fab. Four watching navona. Morphine say the greatest from liverpool. The ones that change the musical world yes. The flock of seagulls clot all the fireworks offer. One's mandate bobby jota said if you want to get something. Hey ad then. You need to be really brave i go. It was to blue the bond doors off city right dave to overwhelm them to smile from the off and it worked for the first twenty minutes. Say yes they were sort of all over them but it certainly dulled city. They suddenly got very slow. Very defensive minded kind of playing the kind of football not used to watching them play exactly skittish and home. And femina plain talk alongside saleh jota amana tearing up the flank. It was a four to four. Billy watching the pittsburgh steelers defense. Blit every single down a manchester city shell-shocked as you say from the off liverpool at seeded city in sherman in midfield but the one rotary there so slow the couldn't live with it and they couldn't cope early exchange in football. We've really celebrate the full. Snowing ticky tacky days. This was liberal almost plan with full mid midfield and they tore it city in a way that city normally tear their opponents at home manet charging and car walk cutting inside them and the was lost as soon as he did position right. David yeah when he just he hit that reverse gear. Bp people completely skin called walker called walker comes across clips him obvious penalty. They didn't even need to var but didn't even need to hear from stopping partner on you've been made come walk has had a phenomenal season. Just got done. In the same way as he did against leicester earlier in the season semi outcome walker as good as he can be is decision making key moments permanently. The sex party salalah finished. Cooley reward for klopp's brave approach to the game but in three of that lost six games liverpool of taking a lead and they've not held onto it and it was really wild to see because it was the press getting going in the mid failed men they had so much possession but really hemmed in and i thought they rattled. I thought the first twenty minutes. I thought we were going to see this. Modern city trump with the players of tuned out guardiola where they get frustrated where they start to trump fee katie bay and say make magic happen but then oh my god what a gold fantastic of at the point. I believe it was all only dixon. But everything blends into one with me. Just were decrying. How pool city look of course and the fact they couldn't get katie bay involved in the gay rights at that moment. The ball literally went to katy. I'm really mentioned the woods ginger bed yeah katy perry immediately put it to jason. The box who either made the greatest offensive move in the history of vogel organized seeding lucky. Whatever did he seized on that mistake or brilliant move immediately and put it past amazon one. One let's talk about it kids even before the ball got debate. Who was having a quote terrible game. Nineteen passes in the build-up incredibly team double incredible against liverpool and cabriolets as fortunate a law and won't say is that he essentially trent alexander. Wrong with exposes. And these people will kind of move the only not many humans mystique kunakey could probably what jay z or dennis. Bergkamp the rules. And i couldn't believe almost everyone in the english media on twitter suggested it didn't mean it and they miss control it but he didn't mean it didn't need david. I think it's hard to imagine that he reacted that quickly to a mistake. Not knowing where the ball was going to go he just seem to be on it so quickly. I can't believe that he didn't know but look it's tough to tell you've got to give him the benefit of the doubt. He scored the goal. Got like. let's say it's much more beautiful idea if he meant it. S less tree. That's why we watch football. And i will say. English broke. Costa's they are limited in really. What the english imagination allows them to believe. Humans could do in the instant. Very of rinaldini. I david seaman and england at the two thousand two world cup. I was at that game. You're saying that that game inch shizuoka boiling hall and ronaldinho stepped up for. It was one of those free kicks. Just i believe inside being than exactly the only stepped up and blocked semen duluth back like me going for an overhead at age fifty four years old and he just was. He just was some pathetic. I was at the other end. Now right behind ronaldinho and just watching him pathetically go back and does not have. The idea to remedy knew was going to chip. It was impact david. Seaman who arsenal goalkeeper ledge pie name ledge a pioneer of the early adopter of the momberg. Which real thought would never ever catch on. But michael semen was in that earlier who got shares in it because they're probably worth a fortune now but if you watch and it's on youtube it was an incredible goal. Sore semen cheating chip. Tim from his dave says near the halfway line and the commentator immediately laughed at in english are we miss hit that he was kind of played into the into the mixture. He oprah hit. I couldn't imagine that was lacking and the reality is role l. Denia had vision relative new had technical ability him. Most of all roller denia had courage and lack of fear of humiliating himself to pull that off he was going for. The crossbar. challenge was pretty disappointed. That ended up going onto the crossbar in the movement. I believe zeus hundred percent east back buying the bit to impress. I just do it. I i thought was remarkable human moment. It's why we watch and the rest of the first half was a similar bent breathless both teams just chancing the opportunity any opportunity to crush go but i gotta tell you off to that goal and you saw how easily city i mean yes. It was a great finish but does that passing move. You just saw how city cut through liverpool's midfield and back to back four and you suddenly thought you know city can take them. I suddenly thought city had this katie. Be missed one. A few moments later from that one that you would pretty much put money on putting on at least on target nine times out of ten and then forced penalty the rest of the first off it was in that same bent breathless. Both teams chance and the opportunity to crush the go. I mean by the way lost in the delight of this attacking. Cunning was both goalkeepers. Your incredible when called upon in the rain. David jordan pickford and kappa. Were playing this game. What would the score been halftime up. Nine eight it'd be fourteen much. If carriers was in goal for liverpool. Joe facility pickford would have dived to save kdb's penalties flicks it back into his net somehow the penalty. Thirty eight minute. Joe gomez for me harshly judge to handle the hate that new penalty where you don't stick your arms up on purpose you're human you're running. You've go that she job. I mean we seem to talk about this every week. I'm sick of this. i'm really. I'm sick this penalty in the first place penalty because it was given. But look i'm going to give you my final thing. And i do agree. We should not talk about the second convention. Not talk about that ridiculous bamford situation this weekend. We have this handles that. The rules of football were designed for the human eye so the issue is not var var is just giving us things in slow motion at such close up fast. Moving cameras just brilliant pictures that it's enabling the rules of coming mockery because they're being interpreted not by the human eye but by thirty frames per second in super slow motion and in ultra hd. And so it's making a mockery of this inhuman. I you would never call that a hamble in the human eye. You would never patrick. Bamford offside but said you're going to have to be rewritten in order. If we're going to have var we're gonna have to ride. I feel like we say this. Every bloody we and jay dubb's you can just cut this podcast. Because i'm sick of saying it just like we're all of watching. This crap is in english. Law does the lure of statue regulations. And there's the lure of equity fairness and that humble ruling doesn't seem fanfare by the lure of equity and it's not why we watch football. Ns watch football to have human emotions of every kind and they scientifically have worked out the if we leave pissed off and on those is out of joy. It's an emotion. it's a hot phone one. that's also a positive who steps up. they take katie with new jinja. Goethe sent allison their own weight and the the other room white the wrong side of the left post and a swear. I could heya in american accents. Just i'm sure as audible faintly across this whole nation of ours american-based liverpool fans screaming ball. Don't lie yeah. I'm sure a lot of that. I mean you just don't see. Penalties missed the target very often. Just don't see it. You see penalty saved. You might see them hit the woodwork. But clean missing the post. You just don't very weapon to seen that since october two thousand eighteen which also couldn't believe same fixture. I'm failed riyadh morass plus the ball over the bar. Matchy surprise. it doesn't happen. More and by the way man city of now may six of the lost ten penalties in the primarily. Then not very good at finishing in that they have at least thirty passes before the policies for this. The katie bait. I believe that if he was clean shaven wouldn't miss interesting thing. Just the way of thought. Ginger muttering sh- mia well. It's changed his body weight throwing him off his buddies. Wildly and calibrated revolt. Ginger forestation david. He looks even more like he's a character in a brogel brueghel. Mitch penalty is being missed. Still there's that bruegel somewhere far. I fall in love with the hurt in the past. Yeah oh does he ever broil a flemish painter. Maybe around what the fourteenth fifteenth century. No sometime around then check about. Maybe just thing work famous for pay in terrible terrible penalty. Takers patty mess. And he slept state way to and really an incredible hall of all our open. Space jaw dropping louis. Football praying clubs. Halftime tactical adjustment would be to add more attackers. But the second half didn't continuing up vein. It was read. J zeus missed a sitter from range trent alexander on the went down with an unknown injury which will keep him out of england duty but to see a plague down new contact off the ball. Really the product of the ridiculousness of this current. Covert footballing schedule. Kid is played twelve and a half games in two months of the human body at the elite level cannot take that punishing schedule. You kind of start to think physios are going to be the. Mvp of the season. David sorry brogel. Fan sixteenth century born fifteen twenty six in bree. Belgium died september ninth. Nineteen sorry fifteen sixty nine in brussels. God you've just saved the places mailbag from being in the database the full to fifteenth century. What a joke. Stick to football and politics doc. Saying trent alexander all down before international break not a very important international bringing. Frankly but i know he's trying to hold that right back spot. There's a lot of competition there. Bizarrely sadly england only fifteen candidates to replace him so true is a brutal and it took the stuffing of liverpool by the and even the fake crowd. Noise sounded like it was through the rain. Chill to the bowed. Happy to get the hell out of a one. One draw as a game fizzled out both teams. Dave would you say clearly weaker than law season opposite problems liverpool conceded sixteen goals in eight games city managed to score just ten times which for them for both teams do seem weaken the last season. And i think this was a better point for liverpool than city. Who had who had quite a few quite a few places in the primarily table below them. But i think he's see some problems. Both teams are facing city as you identified already rotary under one and that sort of manatee midfield just not really buzzing in the way that it has before sitting deeper moving slower. Some finishing problems. You know Katie be looking one moment. Brilliant little moment a little out of little bizarrely out of it and then liverpool. You know this team that have sort of self selected again and again we knew the starting eleven injuries To some key players going to make a real difference to season and in this. You know slightly congested. You know covid post covid schedule you know. No wonder these big teams are sort of pushing so hard for five substitutions injuries. And i think klopp said this gonna play a major part in the outcome of the season. Yeah i mean liverpool five points ahead of sixty probably happier with the point of the two teams. I ain't the trent injury worries of a duh outcome of this game be tr gay and for being on track to return by the time the international break ends. My question is can you see clock assisting his shelter or campaign filled in all four taros at the same time because say this premier league. I do think it's a trick play. The works wants but my lord there next game against broad jin team broad city if they play such an imbalance lineup. You've got to think that bastard ramsay bolton football. Jamie valdes feast yeah. I must say liverpool did not look unbeatable in this game and unbeatable by city team. Who nowhere near what they were. You know i've been assuming every single week that livable we're gonna come back and win this league in trump. my do still believe it's titled lose but this weekend. I started for the first time to actually doubt that they were going to do it. Facility from eleven th though they are way off the pace in this game. I believe will be seen as a failure to close that gap and i'll look at this team so much talent. Yes but compared to greet city teams past. You think yeah. Yeah yeah's you'd have it silva companies aquarius young's warriors all over the failed. And it's a difference between made meant in scorsese movies and just soldiers you've got your rhodesia can sell as you diaz as you have good players but they're not made men in the goodfellas pep said before this game. This fascinated may do team will need a mammoth points. Total to win the title this year and i realized what this forty points used to be the mark deemed to be safe from relegation erratic nature this campaign. David you get forty points probably win the title this season though. I don't think it's going to be that extreme But you know we could see we could see you know. Eighty points winner this year. Know that entirely possible in this happened. It's happened before okay. I team that are likely to get eighteen. Points wrote everton. They lost three one to manchester united at home with a guillotine precariously dangling over his head ole again manages the great escape after going down to a nineteen th minute pint-sized behind the strike united stormed back angular portuguese assassin. Bruno fernandes netted twice in the first half and substitute edison. Cavani added a third in the ninety. Th minute to give united their seventh consecutive away win in the league and keep ole at the wheel dude be the o. Gs and he in all allies on sauce. Kiosk future ahead of their swan following to insipid losses with schettino looming reports. Have old trafford had only remaining popular wherever woodward and say we've in the locker room for results wise. I mean his you know he did have been ricocheting from wonder to excruciating humiliation in the blink of an eye. It's time to fail the ole error. You know it is just endless. Endless purgatory. so how'd that feel of this one this inevitable fan filter. Dread of i mean everton's fast start to the season is really only have two feelings before game numb and filled with drugs this more they make us to self leaving those those appre. Well dem's new and we've had one point from the lost nine available and the worst fear was that you know it'd are so bad. Of course that you reset gave to the top of their cycle again after dark dark defeats and they always play inspired. Socio is back. Football just went. Boom is upon them. I couldn't see beyond a classic case of united pulling out a win for ole when he needed and we only went school too early. Didn't we david. It was a good little gull from bernard spiking. The ball who are in whimpered legs. Put it through his legs and little goal for the emotional little. Brazilian gains scored on by bernard in twenty twenty is a sackable offence. In itself thought freshman. He's been called up from the v. To help the varsity team but they proved to be evidence only shot on target. We used only shot on target to blow dearly. How would you respond. The was at ripley. Resilient attacking shameless colin's flank. Because hamas rodriguez would be slightly. Stole injured testicles. Hopefully named we'll both injured or is just one injured test one was injured by virgil van in the other one. By just the extent to which i've been thinking about it but he doesn't. It doesn't do the defendant leftist till the exposed. Luke shaw crossed bruno finance. There's not enough people. Had your team concede a goal. What was so bloody good. Just timing trajectory team play finish. They don't really feel a thing on also just had the end of it just one of those classic jordan lattes dives where he just died so high loops up in the air but he ended up being nowhere near sounds great. God we share because he did the balls in the pattern that long in the bucket. Fifteen seconds after it. I'm sure it's still moving in the back of that. You just see little picky. You just see him diving slowly angrily desperately across the cool though. He's possibly maybe forty minutes late in fifty minutes they. I love how bruno headed in from the penalty spot. If it's the only place he's willing to school from centrebacks didn't learn the lesson they were really bad in this game. My mypillow bad mason holgate back still rusty and within seven minutes again from the left fidesz chip towards rash fit. You can grazie state. And maybe i'm just like let's give rush fit all the goals because he said a great human being dave anytime he's in the vicinity the of a goal and should become his this season. I should be the rules. Pickford i think usually is natural instinct was to go inside him down to footed an end to season. But you can't do that to rochford. Nba rose matt matt. But way colo before the game in reinsuring pickford. It wasn't gonna talk about this. But he said i picked back in. I couldn't believe this. And i have encouraged him to quote. Use his natural instincts more. No no why would you do that when the man's natural instinct together bed in the morning and just take a couple of shots at brandy and then walk counts of the world and see what he can fuck up. One man united go ahead and they. They deserved it. I don't think they were playing incredible. Football marcial to me make a lot of plaudits. We looked off the pace for me. Man united still look disjointed in many phases of play but everton sort of went back into their shells. After that one bernard goal. They definitely look shaky the back fernandez. He suddenly became old. Diego cost up becoming sort of a circus within the sort of within the action winding everybody up seemed to be in a constant running battle with shameless coleman. Oh my god i mean taught. The game was just life from file. Finance says and shame re-litigating that great conflict. The irish portuguese pickford flapping at mcguire at the to square. It up just a classic moment of english. National team leadership. I actually read. What the two will cup two thousand eighteen icon said to each other day. What was it said to sold off slop hat. And maguire said you've got child homes leaders. The ball that was hit epidemic. New pace couldn't believe colo was not bringing a moist keyed five goals in five games suddenly for ps jay. I was crying. Put their own by your own office. Some theo cup some look. Yeah i mean. God can keep look too big i now. He's playing for the table football now. Oh god scored. Late walked off at the final whistle looking astonished like a candidate who just keeps finding county ballot boxes in fulton county. A performance even more phenomenal when you remember played wednesday in istanbul been shattered physically shattered mentally and some resilience than reflected in the father. These impulse in interviews to lash out the insane fixture congestion which is absolutely correct. But if you you know he did fan you like us three points. You like bad news. No potch spoke to one of my mates today. The united fan is just confused. He has no idea he's no idea who is team. Oh no idea how good they are. I think arsenal fans probably feel the same way. No idea whether you'll great or awful from one week to another. Just keep buying kola taps. That's the point of it all at the end of the day. I'll say ole the whale. Is kate gold truck. He's been away too long just before. He swears off the road. Sending this car of whatever they would have in the back just takes another five hour energy drink and put in effort to blow for another week for everton. We say this every week. Two new rich all less said no chance are primarily greco without ricky since he joined drooled law strong gerald gerald loss loss. Loss crimor roach. Is this just regression to the mean. David well clearly is has been a regression to the mean. Just factually regression to the mean. Everton have had the greatest League star in memory and yet. They're still several points down on where they were at the same stage last season. I week it's tough to figure out and just wanted performance anxiety. Ricky that one piece of terrible judgment in the game just undid the boys evidence. Toto bona fide as now kanye west presidential campaign levels. I'll say liverpool fans we say enough payback on you just less get season of fleeting joy. Call enchilada but that said this. He said on the phone to me goes wrong call Wate has never lost three games on the bounce before. Let's see if we can make it for a. Oh my god that makes no sense. Also is perfectly understandable. All at the same win okay. That's why we watch. We're going to marvel. At ralph hassle huddles roman like revitalization at southampton and talking about good friends at roman. Here are a few words from them. How often do you use excuses. Like i had a long day at work. 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But now this and completing online visit today to connect with dr and take care of it. Just go to get roman dot com slash. Mib get fifty dollars off your first old rabih treatment of free online visit and free two day shipping get roman dot com slash. Might be for fifty dollars off your first order beatty treatment get roman dot com slash. Mib whose initials rebate whose f. Gavitt listen to this whole promo again and just imagine when we talking about date. It's not easy to talk about edgar. Davids okay rods. West brom nil. Totten ham one spurs when thirdly game on the spin thanks to a quite remarkable eighty eight minute. Hurricane had it one hundred and fiftieth primarily goal result was enough to brief the spurs top of the table the second of three teams to hold that mantel just this weekend alone at the end of this round second and more importantly continued to serve as muse marino's instagram account gareth. Bale made his long awaited second coming premier league star and it wasn't really that good. I mean we expected spurs to overrun the cellar dwelling opponents. They didn't frustrating from marina every single sour. Not my fault for sake. Ingenious space inside the first forty five minutes really a testament to west brom who defended wear face collectively and could a negative but for a fine laurie. Save spurs frustration dug deeper. Not second off the should abroad. Alex morgan made a return to the super league. Twenty minute cameo the day before. I've course say that she then pose a door six whole future. Us international charlie. Both of them in spurs jerseys. Look it up on the internet. Smiles will warm your heart. The world needs love right now but grass marina when he thinks about love he thinks about how much he loves winning a few things. Give him more pleasure. Dave the match way to win so in the eight minute cruel on you working back east fans you've made block after block who rose up to nod home even harry kane and what a not home it was royal just not the kind of of you see very often certainly not from an englishman. It took imagination. Roger took believe it took confidence. Just a fantastic had from sort of halfway towards the near post over the keepers backpost beautiful. I once asked him. You always inch of space and make it seem like the ball just automatically comes the waiting for the answer and do you know what he said. Well i don chewed. That's true story. Visit huge lone lined up. Just how much like the wind up being constantly covered any footage of him just like turning up finishing close range forward. He saw no really. It was just hilarious. I think he does. The one thing that i'm fresh off. Ringing two hundred goals up for spurs industry the games. This is one hundred fiftieth primarily. Man who loves round numbers olmecs more than scoring goals back and i will say it's an incredible. We seem to lure them now. Every every week by the way the british press do seem to find a new record a new threshold a new mark for him almost every blood. The game at this point ten play to score fifty goals on the ellen shakira and says uruguary did it faster than him to in one thousand nine appearances for harry and spurs went top of the table for two glorious delicious hours. This is not to drill spurs fans. Never never forget the two hours fifty minutes when you were top of the table for the first time in six years it was in mazing dis. They'll be printing. Dvd's ballots be be right in ballots. David sewing tapestries. But this is the kind of win where you know you look back on the season. You say this was important. This was an important points and these are the kind of games that champions have to win chelsea any managed. I think a three three draw against west bromwich albion This was an important win a game that until those final minutes. They were lucky to be level. I will say next five games. Four spurs games. Oh destiny chelsea away are still who palace away liverpool. Leicester enjoy it all or nothing fans. Yeah certainly team and fans pretty miserable about toddlers. Early season form arsenal. They hosted aston. Villa lost three nil dean. Smith's frat bros shake off back to back defeats and comprehensively dispatch an uninspiring arsenal team. Despite john mcginn warning strike vard off in the second minute. The defense continued to hit snooze conceding a twenty fifth minute own-goal of piquet asakusa boot goners spurned. A couple of chances leaving it open to village do what they do. Best take shots. Shots and shots ollie. Watkins a one kids secured a brace in the space of three minutes and villa march out of the ever. Three deal talks ming. A what kids grills. These guys cachet cashman. Catchy they just love playing football with each other. Rotate playing beer pong. They love playing football. Russet traub amazing etty. Martinez would've been smashing those red solo cups on his head and they love him dead spot. Do they funny enough for. The electorate was really the stuff coat from oslo funds worse. Read it snuff movie fan fiction narratives and own goal and injured thigh for thomas party and ask whipping at home to aston. Villa signaled of attention from the off with more fresh. For how a goal decision inside fifty seconds it should have been a warning shot. Maybe for us. No but they didn't take any of the chance to refresh a second stop began so ponderously entire ninety minutes. Essentially summed up by the site of care dribbling towards his own. Goal doesn't like some kind of functioning westworld host simply full in over for no apparent reason also as they say up north arsenal so lumpen lackadaisical trademark mess when easier to score will the end who suddenly looks fifty-five plastic over wildly and hilariously. Ober just even have the ability to control the ball in the penalty area anymore. Mind score six hours and twenty six minutes since also loss. Go to go from open. Pay in the premier league. Big problem for this team has happened to arsenal dave. We were singing their praises just a week ago. Did it give it to the heads. Did they still think that better than they are so quickly because we were seeing that prices. I think this is another team that you just don't know who they are. We can we get out and despite having you know shed some of those. Typical awesome tropes the softness in midfield the lack of fighting instinct the inability to put a tackle this team still showing some form of mental untidiness. They don't seem to be able to find their leaders on the pitch and turn it around and are tighter. I gotta tell you. He just looked confused and mute almost on the sideline. it was a very very strange performance from the entire team manager. Highest hard to watch and assaulting play with such little creativity. I mean no os is like a stick politics. It's like a calf book in its own right and that is complicated. Banou willow is is crazy. Amish with the size been so good tested and there's unimaginative has also work aston. Villa will lightning quick surgical creative clinical flick tricks. I mean just ross barkley creating six joneses and pops a hardest thing to watch rossler funds. Jat greeley is beautiful stunning carbs and is his golden buttocks. Is he such an arsenal player. David lewies it's it's easy to obsess about grills and his calf muscles in his peaky blinders. Good looks and but he was the best player on the pitch by a mile every time he gets the bully. Feel like something magical is going to happen. He can run with it and control. It is an amazing. I for you know plays developing. He seems to see two three moves ahead. An up and down the pitch. I thought they goalie look better than astros. Goalie tyrone mings defense. Just look yes. Those guilty i e both hostile scuttling tyrone means lote outrageously good in defense. Just human what a great story you know and we've got to ali night. It feel barkley putting in. I haven't seen barkley hit a volleyed cross like that in ever. You've ever seen a plane forever and dane. Smith said just hit that ball as if you lie in a phone it's not easy and he said no one's ever told no one's made it that simple before gafa and meet someone that only walk ins head getting mahomes half past any spot. A soviet talks talks honestly does look like he's the crazy one who i would never trust. Who does things just. Don't let dogs leave. You're still not helps all all the kids two goals for inside three minutes you right that that first. One spunky in volley cross onto his head for what can finish by ross barkley. He's only played in seven top-flight league games only what kids and he's already scored three against liverpool now. A brace against hostile. Why is the opposite of a flat track now. He's amazing he must be on the edge of eating then up as well. I mean just doing superbly. So many good strikers in english football right now and what an incredible story for where he's come from know signed in the offseason from brentford and Just good for him and this is a team. It just really shows where asked. Were last season rod. So nearly relegated relegated only safe from relegation because of that ridiculous var incident. The aclu uson. I believe was the technical word during the game against sheffield united where shefa clear sheffield united goal. The crossed the line was included by all of the cameras. By the seventy five vol cameras. It says everton fans are will say they are the greatest case that could be made by the quite controversial in america currently greek system. That is what is behind the frat boy renate on could have been more three at one. This allowed another cleared off the line. Clean shake kazoo twins. they're back. Yeah looked absolutely fantastic. Saf hampton to newcastle nil. Row hampton also coming alive. Despite missing danny ings comprehensively dumped newcastle. Behind a ninth minute. Sh- adams goal great. Finish on the volley. Roger and second half. Scottish insurance from inverness is stuart armstrong at the end of the day friday southampton top of the table for the first time since nineteen eighty-eight one year before you'll hero the're will call was even boom. No danny ings. No problem yes. The week began sadly for southampton. They lost their redemptive here. Danny ings underwent knee surgery set to miss the next four to six weeks which is humanly sad news. Because he's just four is way back into the england. National team squad deserves to add to his one star. But this was shay addams game fantastic finishing full the southern dc. Al agent ridiculed by his own fans for being a strike. Who could not score. But this found this form and then this one swaggering exclamation point of a finnish against newcastle. Whose game plan increasingly seems to be to hope that opponents will miss every single one of the many chances that they're allowed to create everton southampton did not want briefly briefly to the top of the table for the first time in thirty two blood years. They tweeted out their official club. Account stopped the count but we had the still away. Goals and military ballots for livable would not counted dave. Ralph hasn't huddles redemption story though. It's as beautiful as he is terrifying. It's just remarkable. It was just a year ago that they'd just got thrashed by lester. Remember that game that we were watching than in austin at the fan fest and where he's turned around that team since then a completely different sort of incisive strong. You know it's a little bit you know what you watch with southampton's little villa. You're watching a bunch of you. Know young men just really enjoying playing football with each other couple of pieces of key experience. These amazing stories. Danny ings coming back to the club doing so well for them. But they rallied around it was. I mean honestly. You've got no nothing if you don't watching chatham school even theo back in place. That loves him where he feels comfortable and playing great football. He's not. He's not been a professional football for several years. Given up completely phase back plan the game that he loved a clubby loves and hasn't held till the media. This is not been achieved by investing lot of money. It's been achieved investing of work and huge respect for what he's done. Remember as you say. She's you're giving up that premier. League existence vaporize no nell home biped roj only by bourgeois new players. Just throw football can turn around light. Life can be filled with darkness and turned to light southampton fans whose club been besmirched by Nations have ownership changes. You deserve get glory of just approach. Talking about his players winning nine dylan. Just you got to credit the place they were. They were so tactically. Good though shoot a lot of what. I told them footstep for footsteps for ninety minutes. It's so good okay. Talking of broughton lester. They wolves one nil. No amount of baby oil on dhamma our his arms could help wolf slip. The fox's as brendan rojas side continue to tick off the winds fifteen th minute jamie vardi penalty after discussion. Sparking hamble was the difference on sunday. Volley source second penalty saved late in the first half but in the end it was wolves the when gentle into that. Good night a clash between the most powerful houses in the midlans. Both clubs verge powers both experimented. We've changed fighting to make the teams more unpredictable. This warm one by less controversial things against which must have been on old school settings twelve minutes eight harsh penalty. Max shulman handing a natural position. Bs s. this is why we watch football right dave for the bureaucracy. Jamie verde is not a god of mercy and he finished the penalty but later blew a second wolves do admire. They seem to step in the loss of a game and they really did deserve a point but fish. Michael who is excellent down the stretch insane. Save of ruben nevarez. Which i don't think enough credit respectively to our old mate veteran warrior christian the original christie and he was a total warhorse. What do you make of. Leicester's challenge beautified as david. They've won six of eight. The best of star in a top flight season looking fantastic. Well raj than they just faded horribly after the re-start This still sense the when it comes down to it when it comes down to squeaky bum time this is a team who are the teams are. The managers are going to figure out right. Now they are playing you know. They're playing exquisite football in some ways you know. Yeah young centreback for fauna roach. I mean playing almost better in the position than anybody else in the league except maybe tiago silva it is They look class. They look pure plus they know the kind of football they wanna play. They got a striking put. The ball in the back of the net again and again midfield player. Y plays centrebacks schmeichal experienced goalkeeper. Makes great saves. i gotta tell you. It's like tough to imagine them not being there or thereabouts. At the end of the season complex rela games to come liverpool. Manchester united everton and tottenham in their next seven as discussed in the wake of that but both these teams they do deserve to think top for why not us now last week. We talked about bridges new dating app on which he's the only member so it's the perfect match for him. Every single time looks lifing. It's me again with a perfect match. Gop jesse tk. See as the big question. Dave you ready. Do you think the broad has his face painted on a central as body in his bedroom. Like alex rodriguez you know. He's probably got a little portrait of himself. So he's he's he's probably Really has so different versions. He might have reached the central face. I once went to degrade singer. Johnny mathis who only wore white and then lived in a room where every piece of furniture was white and he had like one hundred oil paintings have himself a white couch. They were paintings of himself just wearing white. Which i thought was genuinely amazing. Did you dream. this really happened. No never knew that that really really really have much bridge as probably got something similar apart from it will be involved black velour but his bedroom. But i think it's probably over. His bed saves out for a painting of a central body with. Alex rodriguez his face on top of the a speech bubble. Coming out of alex. Rodriguez mouth saying oh. I wish i had just face a tactically brilliant today. Central shows canucks up. Okay pal four. Lead united one twenty two year old. Ab right she. As a introduces 'electricity to roy's steam powered outfit the england under twenty one international grabbed assist and scored a phenomenal free-kick to send palace out to a two nil lead held the cost own-goal an a second half brother strike. We don't know which one overcame. Patrick bamford seventh of the season to see the eagles walkway four one winners all hail your palace. Who all had chick one of the joyfully erotic teams in the premier league that stuff for them they can take the field like a dead battery well. Just unfurl julius collective football and in this all hail j as a boss for the hot so he's the type of player who does make you lean forward every time the ball comes to his feet because the possibilities and list the joy of his presence means opponents game plan dave can no longer be just a murder yemen wolf. Sahan take the point. Now that he's another skill platt read about another skill play. They've just got some very very good football as their unearthing at this club. And it's just fun watching them. Play leads truly miss the presence of phillips at the back. And we're exposed here. I felt for bamford. The negated gets took the stuffing. It was ridiculous out. The performance he did eventually get is go which i love. Because he was marooned that palace under alum. Paul j. couldn't get a look in the vitriol. Surrounding the ludicrous nature of that decision. Really must just how badly leads were here. There's a wildly mind still inside roy. Hodgson any absolutely took advantage of all of lee's weaknesses. Be also going to have to find a plan bake if this primarily campaign is going to continue to chug along with joy as he prepares for us not a week on that gay west ham. One fulham nil s- another very improved team wrote a pile of ash the united right to the bitter end. It started in the ninety minute. When thomas sue check opened up that six foot four inch frame to stay home what looked to be the winner but in the final seconds tom. Kenny was attacked in the box. By iran's new boy saieed. Ben roma giving fulham a chance to draw level with the final kick of the ball. What ensued rod one of the worst penalty kicks in football history. Adema lamon who we should say had been sensational in this game up until that point limp that allowed lucas. Bobby anstey l. Fat to dive and then go back up and catch it. You got a couple of phone calls in that time you can take the look out of everton rods that you can never take out of. Look i mean how. Would you describe the penalty. Dave ever really the penalty in the clutch for fulham which desperately need points had one handed to them this relentless fulham deserve the point rarely they defended solidly. And then you have. Ninety-eight committed walked up towards the ball. Really it was like was the four. Season landscaping yeah. It was so bizarre. I'm only seen it. Was that pat nevin penalty for chelsea in the nineteen seventies the only penalty arguably worse in the top flight of english football. This was shameful as scott parker said. Afterwards if you're gonna do that you better hit the net. Oh my god. I wanted mike pence when i was seven years of age public. And that's pretty much. What the mola day whip the game on the line but really that penco the balloon. Palanca shoes you just. How much confidence all the other peninsulas thrilled our spirit lifted. Our hearts made a sing because my god. When it doesn't come off you will never hear the end of and penco is named after human being ponente. I think now a penalty a look which is which is the opposite the opposite of that. It just looks so cheating. The child i should should be look away. One is probably what it should be. I do enjoy that role. That you air quotes. Want crap your pants in public when you at quotes seventy s old. Did i say seven okay. Brighton hill burnley a game. Best summed up by the fact. The closest either team came to scoring was went. Burnley's matt loudon hit the bar on. What was clearly an attempted crossed. The neal flat planets get their second point of the campaign as they continue their worst start to top license season avenue goals in four games for them not much better news for the seagulls who haven't one in six played tennis with a university of north carolina. Legend this weekend roach rob kelley of rob kelley huge brighton. Just so heartbroken so worried about his team thinks they might go down off. He's just putting it all in daddy. Well he's all in for danny whaleback. I will say is glorious to watch this team. Apart from the end product they find no nineteen shot shots by any side without scoring in the primarily so far old friend. Danny welby may well ray well. It's made it rain wrapping short after short. Unfortunately straight and nick pope to no avail slight panic. Not just for your mate. But for every fan of graham potter team who plays so optimistically but the point return for moral victories. Really good enough. To stay in the top-flight let us know that's not a little table. You want to lead really okay. During my whole i really chelsea sheffield united. One after a slow start in which they allowed the blades to go ahead through a very clever ninety minute. David mcgoldrick flake was spotted. Them one of the shell storm back by goals from tammy chilly tiago silva and turbo team. Verner the blades remind on one point. Deadlocked chelsea are unbeaten in eleven straight in all competitions thereafter. The much improved team from last year. As i said last week roach yeah. The game started the single. Most epic way. I've ever seen a football game began. Nbc bump straight in an ounce a forty six president of the united states and cut right from that to chelsea again sheffield united which might just be the biggest moment in american football history or at least up there with brick cheese state in the top five. All get into this well. Chelsea's defence vastly improved the laid back with turf edge. Edward mandate four straight clean. Shape are looking relishing. A game against the played sake only score three times this season. So of course chef. They only go into opened the scoring. Glory first mendy conceded in five hundred and fifty six minutes diction definition scored too early. He wound worried for a second way. You dave no no. I wasn't chelsea good. Yes sheffield united scored against the run of the play but then chelsea took over and just played some beautiful beautiful Football and it all starts at the back they look so solid tiago silva and kurt zuma learn everything he knows evanston wrote just starting to form a really great partnership that wide plas- so good reese james and cya roj just combining so beautifully down that right hand side and superb routine win some go fascinating kovachevich carrying the ball back man city style. Who's he find. Tummy abraham a if it was up to him what is blasted up all over the ball but luckily for chelsea fans tummy misfit perfectly. Yeah bruce up right into the left corner finance shave yeah no. He was unbelievable. A did so many things plays but so much joy raunchy chiesa play. Whoever you support you got to enjoy watching him play football. He was just great. I incredible wet bull in new. Exactly what he was aiming for. They must train on this. He whipped it right up against ben. Chill wills peanuts yeah. La takes it for the team testicle bullet but that third goal david the whipped in free kick off bonds. I mean i love the ac three assists two goals in four starts six chances created in this arrest barkley numbers. I mean not just football and there's imagination but his personality is what the do does not hide off the field. He's just a showman using science. They can you prove to me that he is not in fact a wizard would be very happy. If he's a wizard rod you know. I'm full in on possible And that goal that goal that quality that ball in and then go silva you know not many setbacks capable of the we've ever seen in the primarily capable of scoring that goal Amazing subtlety great celebration. His first his first goal for the club wrote. And what verna miss. The chance to deny hat trick of assist technically known as g raina but the german would eventually get his goal scored his last six attempts on target or which is a bit tasty chelsea and shut it down at the the butler with the addition of men damning if zuma can forget what he learned it everyday chelsea get them improve week till we a wind so comfortable that could even bring on giroux to win the eye candy competition. I'm feeling very good about this team that they've improved and even the games the points we've dropped the season you know very unlucky in some of those games and made some very uncharacteristic mistakes and they've certainly tightened up at the back. The mendis made a huge difference. I love what they've got going. On with reese james and saying now yet all around them with you know hopefully if christian pulisic comes back from injury. Okay which would really hoping is gonna happen. News doesn't seem to be so grim from stamford bridge. A half hour him yet. He it's going to be cuts season. It's going to be good season. Okay roger can we please get a final toast with that yeganeh. Mr liquid joy to bring us home. I raised my short of yogi meister taste of human emotion in a glass to the us. Men's national team the european core of which will unite like the avengers. Assemble for the first time in wales for just a second camp of twenty. Two thousand eight feels like such a long time. I like said jake relief. That young squad filled with talent. Jere raina weston. Mckennie tyler adams off chris rich at police. It will be there. But he won't play still coming back from iraq. But yunus mussa the valencia seventeen year old stall sniffing out the field of us camp before committing internationally will be a blow to watch average age of the entire squad twenty one years three hundred days. Which thing is the exact same age as i actually did lost crap myself in public the trimmer of two thousand seventeen done so much damage to our hopes and dreams it's made to suffer could also make his hyperbolic kind of when we are dreaming but suffice it to say be bloody great to what your boys pull on those jerseys again against wales on thursday in swazi and then panama a week today in austria and look forward to watching again. I raise this year my staff to joy to wonder to courage and two baby steps. They've baby steps absolutely. I'm excited to watch this team. Play roach okay. You can follow us on twitter avenue. Blazers i m. C davis spent on instagram places embassy under school davies on facebook. Men and blazers. You can always send you ravens. The crap soho you can always email us at men in blazers g mail dot com vendor punk. Roj dave dave i wa. Thank you. you've done this whole punk cost under the giresse of finding out the apartment door and quite of an. I'm selling it anyway but it's fine. Anybody can get in there right now. But i did find that busy yet exactly to knows then to put roads paying sex matombo like snack baldwin baldwin take that gloria bolts. Lose to tweet gotta roca mate kung fu fighting. America love you dave. Look your branch you america.

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