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There's crispy and then there's crispy our new and improved Tyson crispy chicken strips crispy just got crispy welcome to NFL why presented by KFC losing losing those. We've got to win football over the hell we'd be last week. Prescott throws it in the end so I can say that sure we might have sniffed yourself a little bit too much. We know attained. We have we have this year. We had the chance. We have the chance throughout the season. We just didn't get the job done. See yourself making significant changes going forward. I certainly can see myself a lot of change and a lot of and round and round we go ahead on. Nfl Live is decision day. In Dallas with the New Year underway. The cowboys are back at work. And we continue. Continue to wait on clarity regarding Jason Garrett Future as the head coach the redskins however have their man and coming up to eastern they will officially introduce Ron Rivera Rivera as the team's new head coach. We'll take you there live and ESPN DOT COM has its playoff quarterback rankings. A few that may surprise you are analysts weigh in with opinions liens their roads and new. NFL Live this afternoon. Jj Watt coming back. A midseason foreign pectoral muscle a short time ago bill. O'Brien said Watt will. Oh play Saturday against the bills and will be in there. Quite a bit Ryan also says will fuller. We'll be a game time decision the Texans and built Saturday on ESPN AND ABC at four thirty Eastern. And to get you up to speed on head coaches who are interviewing today Brown's interviewing Mike McCarthy. He will meet with the giants tomorrow. The giants giants will talk to cowboys. Defensive backs coach Chris. Richard and the panthers are interviewing chiefs. Ford Mayor. Eric the enemy Chris Rashard word I should say hello and that's it for Thursday. What a week it's been we're having with us on? NFL Live Wendy next Anderson. Victor Cruz Rob Ninkovic. Show again the giants the panthers and the browns looking for a new head coach the redskins about to introduce. There's begging the question fellows ladies ladies and fellows what about the Dallas cowboys. Could it be that. No news is good news for Jason Goats Future and Dallas. The head coaches contract expires any day. Now and deliberations appear continue Jason Garrett Meeting Jerry Jones for the third day this week and there is still nothing definitive regarding his future in Dallas in whatever Capacity et water. Is There Ed. We'll start with what you are hearing on the ground when he the mystery here at the star four days after the cowboys season ended in failure resist. Why isn't Jerry Jones out looking for a head coach? And why isn't Jason Garrett looking for his next job as Jones gets resume their series series of meetings. I can tell you this people inside the building and begun to wonder if Garrett is going to have a role with the cowboys in twenty twenty whether as the head coach or in another capacity after finishing eight eight Wendy for the fourth time remember Garrett after his final game said he wanted to remain the head coach of the cowboys for a tenth full season season. And at this point he has not yet been dismissed. His faith and future remain undecided. What would add the hesitation be With regards to moving on Jason Garrett you know it's difficult to imagine that Jerry Jones could justify that decision to his fan base but Garrick Gary could certainly make a compelling argument for his return by reminding Jones that he deserved blame in this too when they talk last off season about an extension that Garrett wanted I I was told he wanted the security of the contract or if the died enforced to coach his final season then Garrett wanted to control his own fate by calling plays he was denied both requests us and Jones promoted Kellyn more with one season of coaching experience offense coordinator and empowered him to call plays for the first time in his career. It seems Jones referred to this and and admitted culpability when he said late Sunday night that they did some things dramatically with the coaching staff that he is owner had a lot of involvement in and Jones. Said you can't unhanged that totally around Garrett's neck. The cowboys had a record season on offense but exposed their defense first time in the Dak.. Prescott Ezekiel Elliott era. That they cowboys cowboys failed to have more time possession than their opponents and so garrick continues his dialogue with the front office. Here while assistant on Defense Chris recharges interviewing the head coaching job with the giants job that Garrett would want likely if not returning to the cowboys interesting thank you. It has been quite some time since the height of the cowboys. Glory glory days. Dallas won three Super Bowls in Jerry Jones's first seven seasons of ownership but then haven't been back since and have more eight eight seasons and they do playoff off wins since one thousand nine hundred ninety six listened honestly. I do feel like it's what people are talking about. Joe Joe because there's been so much speculation about this really from mid season on. What do you hear well a couple things? WanNa talk to a cowboy service within the hour just trying to even confirm whether or not The Jones have returned from their reported vacation. And Aspen to see if this meeting meeting that was supposed to be the third Jason Garrett in Dallas Cowboys ownership and even taking place They would not confirm whether that was the case or not. But while to Kinda couple as to what I was was hearing last night when I was talking to a voice I thought it was interesting when they said to me that a couple of scenarios have been discussed around. Jason Garrett's it's tenure with the Dallas Cowboys. So that kind of stuck out to me and then I asked well wait a minute winner. Those discussions take place. Are we talking about before the season ended or after the season and then they didn't want to give that indication but I said well. Where is the decision leaning towards you know and then I thought it was interesting the cowboy said to me you know? I don't have a gut feeling about but this one way or the other so the reason why that to me stands out is because this was supposed to be definitive right. All the top going into the season was that Jason Garrett had to win more go further into the postseason not only did they not go further. They didn't even make it. And instead of being more clear it's actually more ambiguous. which could be intriguing or an indication indication of something else maybe happening or not happening or a long long long long long long goodbye along the long right? I mean I listen. I said this to add and we've talked about yesterday the longer it goes on. You have to believe there's at least a possibility. The guarantees on in some capacity. Now perhaps that's not the head coaches coaches robot regardless victor. I'll just ask you what the most important thing right now for Jerry Jones in this organization. I think is just clarity. I think he needs to provide clarity already. Not Just for himself before that entire teen for that head coaching position. If he's not if Jason Garrett isn't going to be in that role who is and clock is ticking because because other teams are interviewing head coaches and all of a sudden that pool is GonNa get smaller and smaller. My question is what are you seeing Jason Garrett that looks like you WanNa keep him on Staff Colette alone as the head coach or even in the front office he's been consistent consistently mediocre. So what part of his you know his head coaching or his leadership capabilities abilities or his talent seeking capabilities. What about what you see and Jason Garrett lead you to believe that you want him in your for an office or in your in those offices? This is making decisions on players. What about what he has done or has he accomplished? That leads you to believe that he'll be good at that capacity. Well my question. I think it's a fair question. What's interesting to me? Is that Jerry Jones. And we know he's loyal to Jason Garrity obviously feels connected to it and he's felt connected to a lot of folks over the years but never really stopped him from making the hard decision. He has moved dawn when he felt it was best rob for his organization so in some ways he must think maybe it's not best or I believe he would have already done it. We'll he even said that. Some of the coaching decisions that were made in this off season came through him and he had to make those choices and Jason Garrett not having the office coordinator position of calling the place but yet they still led the NFL and passing right and they were at the top of the list. When it came to offense and production time of possession is down yes so you pay your running back a lot of money to run the football but your time of possession down from where it was previously and that all comes down to running the football and kind of setting up your team team with offensive line that they have to controlling the tempo of the game I understand that is a great quarterback and he led the NFL? He did some great things this year. But when you can't establish the running game early with the guy that's one of your highest paid offensive players. You have some high priced offensive linemen. That is a tone setting running the football as a defensive as a player when you're going against an offensive line that's moving off the ball and they're really just affecting you mentally. I think that goes into toughness. You talk about running the football. That's all about toughness. How how tough is this football team there? Eight eight eight five hundred for many years now so I think they need a little bit more toughness and Accountability at the head coaching position. Now the friend at the head coaching not the good close friend. That's going to encourage everyone. I want somebody that's GonNa make everyone accountable and push people out of their comfort zone. Because does that sum grow as a team. I just WanNa say thank Jason. What he does well is work with Jerry Jones and the Group of Stars in Dallas? I think what we're wondering is has his message grown stale to get them beyond eight nate and get them beyond just three playoff appearances in ten years. It's valid point though because we've said time and time again not just. Any coach can work in that environment. It takes the right one but you got you got to win two. So we'll see cowboys haven't had a coach. This century make back to back playoff appearances. Speaking of the playoffs they kickoff in Houston on Saturday afternoon. The bills will look for their first road. Playoff win since ninety two against Texans and then later that night. It's the titans who will look take down the Patriots in Foxborough where New England is playing. Its first wildcard game in ten seasons and it is the first time since two thousand nine. That New England will play on wild card weekend again. The hosts former Patriot Mike and his surprising Tennessee. Titans powered by the League's leading rusher Derrick. Henry here is Mike Reese with more in Foxborough Foxborough Wendy Bill belichick arrived at this podium behind me a few hours ago and said we're closing on the biggest game of the year. He noted that the titans are very very explosive on offense and said the Patriots would need all the remaining time. They had to get themselves ready. One way they did that was different from the norm is practicing on the game field today as music from Roddy rich blared receiver. Julian Edelman noted the Mild New England temperatures for this time of of year around forty degrees and the practice began around twelve. I watched number twelve. Throw some warm up tosses with accuracy as he occasionally shook out his his right arm to get loose windy. And you heard Mike. The weather the weather is going to be all kinds of bad on on Saturday. Night and Fox win the titans have the football one of the most pivotal matchups will be Stefan Gilmore against a rookie What do you see when you look at those with Jay walking tell you what? Ag Round does not play like a rookie. He's physical at the point of attack right. We don't call them up. Nobody's rookies right after eight games. You're not a rookie anymore. But he's physical at the point of attack. He loves the to to get up on you as a receiver. Bahira found Gilmore does a good job but just undercutting looks like. He's beat on the shallow cross but he undercuts makes the play. Now here's Jay Brown right press coverage a couple of yards of physical at the point of attack and it's just all wheels from him he sees a single hardcover teasers. Nobody'll overtop to help. So he goes out there and makes a big play. This was found. Gilmore is good at preventing is the big play. Being physical is another pressman coverage Johnson Joseph. He opened the gate for. And that's what you don't want to do as a cornerback versus a guy with speed and the ability to make big players opened the gate and let them get right by a J brown understands how to make plays. He understands how to position his body. What's the found? Gilmore obviously understands how to stop the premier wide receiver. And that's by being physical. And that's being in your face and getting hands on so. Aj Brown as well as I often have to move him around things with him in the slot using things outside put him emotion so Stefan Gilmore just isn't sitting back pending pending his ears. Back and getting getting physical with him. At Atlanta's scrimmage during press coverage M- around gives you more to back up please in space as opposed to being from I think the interesting now for. Aj Brown is that you know when you're a rookie. There's less tape on you. And then when veteran cornerbacks Jonathan Joseph Gilmore get an opportunity to play. Okay maybe I got my hips open this time because I'm trying to gauge your speed. I didn't really have a feel for it the first of the second time around now C.. You come in so you fast asked you say we won. I tell you what New England plays exceptionally well at home but every year is different. I I will say I don't feel like the titans have the Patriots. We're good team. They have a great history. I don't feel like they're going in there. Scared I really don't I don't I don't know especially when he's going to have those guys prepare care enough new on. NFL live our eagles reporter. Tim McManus with a report from practice no sign of running back mild sanders as the Eagles Begin practiced today Lane Johnson and Zach. It's our here but off to the wayside start sanders by the way dealing with an ankle injury the NFC playoffs began on Sunday. The saints host of Likings. They'll be seeking revenge. enj For the Minneapolis. Miracle from two seasons ago and the seahawks visit the NFC east champion Eagles both teams playing wild card weekend for the second straight year. So I guess we must call this a postseason edition of cruise control. It's not just any old run of the mill regular season edition roll the marvel the Marble for which means the ultimate destination. Wherever you're driving is to get to Miami Okay so let's look at these four? NFC playoff teams. And you tell us where they end up they go to Miami. They exit early. Are we talking about the Eagles starring with. EMC going right to it. Just like I am going to go with the taxi cab because he'll be taken a taxi because they'll be out by the wild car around. I think they will lose to the Seattle seahawks here Rob Feel free to chime. And I think they'll we'll get to the division. That's where I think they will be. They beat the Seattle seahawks. I just don't see that I feel like they are being the toughest and the things that they've gone through with injury has made them all hardened team in the playoffs. It's GonNa be it's GonNa be fun to see them play Seattle who's dealing with. It's not having a running game is speaking. How the Seahawks I'll see you? All got them chugging along nicely but they make it to the division around the Philadelphia Eagles but they lose in the next round to the division. I think Russell Wilson is going to be our exit road exit row here but Russell Wilson is the key. Obviously we understand who he is what he president incident team. I think he's the most important the most important asset to this football team because he's the one west and make the big play after big play in order for that team to have overall success. That's next to Vikings. I got the Vikings here hasn't signed. I am going with Look I think they lose in the wild card as well. I think they're both from taking a cat because they look like cousins on this year but I just think that they don't have enough to make it to the next round or even to the suit on one and I know that it's been the one knock on kirk cousins that he hasn't been able to win that big game a win that pivotal game to get this team over the hump but I think that trend continues nonetheless frame auto makers in the Patriot or those pictures to say the saints. No if you haven't noticed I've only I haven't picked anybody when super yet because I believe in the New Orleans Saints Michael Thomas Alvin Kamara. Drew brees Amaral plan with a chip on their shoulder. Older look what happened to them. Last year I'd be type two if that happened to me last year I'd be playing with a chip on my shoulder to drew brees. I saw a video of him and just by yourself up doing hours before before. And he's he's against list Reggie Bush. I think he was only some more on the same day. Going the only and winning. I'll say winning. Obviously somebody else's gotTa take this exit. We won't do it today. 'cause look at the AFC next week. Somebody's GonNa shut down this road to meet the saints in the Super Bowl per her victory but I mean relative agreement but you disagree with the Eagles are going to be the the Seattle. That's all I think but then I also I agree with you that the saints are going over. I think the saints it's their year Seattle. Also seventy one on the road. It doesn't matter. Eagles got control. Thank you travel company. I coaching vacancy. has been filled. You're looking live and to Ron Rivera. Introductory press conference we. We are waiting the new head coach. Two o'clock eastern. And we'll take you there as soon as he is speaking in the redskins officially named Ron Rivera their new head coach yesterday. Washington Fire Jay Gruden on route. Two a three and thirteen season the Redskins have not won a playoff game since two thousand five. That was when Joe Gibbs was their head coach Washington looking for some of the stability ability that Rivera brought to Carolina. The Panthers never won a title. They did reach the playoffs. Four Times under coach Rivera including a super bowl trip in two thousand fifteen. The redskins last made the Super Bowl in nineteen ninety-one and in a matter of moments the redskins will introduce Ron Rivera as the new head coach. You can see see. They are getting ready now in the nation's capital and as we wait for coach Rivera. I'll ask you this. What do you want to hear this afternoon? I think from Ron Rivera. I I just want to hear why he was attracted active to this job. Several Head coaching vacancies out there. And and why he took this job and and presumably so quickly when there could be potential other openings out there even in Dallas as we wait for that one and then secondly I wanna hear his evaluation or just thoughts overall Dwayne Haskins in what he might be thinking with regards to the offensive coordinator position. Since we're thinking that he's going to interview the current Guy There Kevin O'CONNELL and and You know what he might be looking being out of the coach from nap position. If he doesn't go with the guy who's currently their jobs I think the the the maturation process of dwayne Hassans is important for this football team. And I think that's the number one issue for Ron Rivera. Moving forward is how do I get my quarterback if he feels doing Haskins is indeed his quarterback How do I get my Guy Ready? Ready available with the right mindset because we do understand doing hasn't silly young player. So how do I get them in the right mindset to be successful in this football league and I'm a little sour about this. I'm a huge huge Ron. Rivera Fan. I sat with them while I was out. During my tenure with the giants was over and I was going to different Teams and sitting down with their coaches. He was the one that struck me. The most is just is a straight shooter. Honest about what. He does with his with his teammates. Everybody loves them. Teammates loving other coaches love. Him and I think he's walking to the podium right now. We'll take Noon I happy Thanksgiving everybody. Today's the beginning of a great new year for the Redskins Organization and its fans I I'd like to thank Bill Callahan. Those here five years did a great job for us a great guy and we really appreciate him with the Redskins have needed is a cultural change. Someone that can bring a winning cultural to organization at starts and ends with our head coach when looking for that man. I looked for a class. Act That's how you describe coach Rivera. He was two time coach of the year. And for those of you. That don't understand. That's very very hard to do. You should google that Because it's impressive oppressive He was fifteen to one which is extremely hard to do Did my research spend a lot of time talking a lot. Allow People A lot of coaches and one thing that came across certain words and these words. We're integrity honesty. Knowledge Grit determination. It's all about winning. Ron Rivera knows how to win as a player player as a coach as a new head coach of the Redskins. One thing. That's very very important. We're GONNA have one voice and only one voice alone and that's the coaches like to welcome. Ron's wife Stephanie. We've gotten over the last few weeks and our new head coach of the Washington redskins coach Ron Rivera. Thank you you know with about thirty days ago that your team. This team got me unemployed. So just so you know. We're good now thank thank you. It's an honor serve as a coach in the NFL. It really truly is their only thirty. Two of us at anyone given time and these jobs are scarce this one the Washington the redskins. This one is special. This is one of the almost original teams started in nineteen thirty two. There's a Lotta history behind football team in order for us to get back to where we WANNA be. We've got a study that history embrace it history and prepared a repeat that history because if not we're doomed to repeat the most recent history. We're not gonNA do that guys. We really aren't everything we do is going to be about winning. Okay we'll do things the right way and that's the only way we're going to do them because if it doesn't help us we're not doing it man that's just as simple as it gets. So why did I choose the REDSKINS. Probably the question. I know a lot of you guys are wondering that right now with everything. That's out there. I can tell you right now. All this talk about the money I want the money I'd still be out there trying to pick a couple teams against each other. I took this job for one. Simple reason one simple reason because because Dan Snyder came to me with a very interesting perspective for weeks he's explored the reasons why some teams win and some teams. Don't he told me. The common. In fact that transitional success of teams like the Patriots the Seahawks and the chiefs. Some of the other ones was that decision to take it and make a coach centered approach each not an owner centered approach or a team president or GM. Coach centered approach. I told Mr Snider that I appreciate the fact that he believes the head coach matters but I would be honored but under one condition it had to be a player centered culture a player center culture. Something I truly do believe in my responsibility to get the most out of the players to work with them teach them mentor them. Five five to one by one. I most certainly. We'll do it. I've done in the past and I'll do it again. I'll do what I can't help. These young men become not just the players we want but the men in the community we need. These are the guys that can help change things not just on the football field but in this world I really do believe that I was fortunate enough to have that in Carolina and I hope I'm a work to have it here. In Washington. Things will begin with one. Simple principle off discipline. I come from a military family. We're disciplined it isn't taught it's live. It's expected from day they won. I have a philosophy every player every coach everyone who works for this organization. They'll know what day one you're not gonNA play for this team. You're not gonNA work visist team if you don't have the discipline to give us everything. You have no exceptions no excuses. That simple guys. We have to hold each other accountable. That's something that we most certainly will do. We'll expect most from each other whether I was in Chicago Carolina with our very best when the players knew. Do the coaches had their backs. And this is the thing I'm going to ask from the players. Do it the way we teach you do it the way we ask you do it that way. The success will be yours. Okay you do it that way accessible be yours if you don't excess is going to be yours but it's not gonNA be right. Why because if you fail it's on you do it our way do it the right way and if we fail it's on me okay? It'll be on me. The head coach at simple. I truly believe that I ask of. You doesn't work I'm to blame. I told Mr Snider. I wanted to assemble coaching staff. That was truly dedicated. The players and teachers and teachers. Okay I don't have to have a great big names would have to have is great teachers. We want to teach these guys how to play football to the best of their abilities to the best of our abilities and also it'd be good quality young men off the field. I want players tough. Hungry will do whatever it takes to play redskin football fall in January and hopefully into February. I told him I wanted to work. Hand in hand with the head of player personnel could spot potential and others that even. I didn't see another didn't see. That's going to be important because it has to be a collaboration no matter who it is no matter. WHO's working with us? It has to be a collaboration. This is not a one man. Show I don't have all the answers I'm going to rely on people around me. Relying the coaches and the personnel that. We've put in place to help us. Put this football team together. I told him I didn't want to go through a five year rebuilding process because quite honestly I don't I just don't have the patience from what I've read. Neither does he. So we understand that. I told him this team. This team has some raw talent. It really really truly does. It's got some quality veteran leadership that can help this team become contenders so at the end of the day guys. This is what the team is going to be made up so we made a good quality young football players and solid veteran leadership. Help US take this football team to the next level so you know what he said he said coach. I want to be the last job you ever had in the NFL. I want you to go from coaching the redskins and collecting social security. I'll turn fifty eight next week so I'm getting close but that sounded pretty good to me and so I say for the very first time. Okay from the very first. Where'd you guys? I guess there is no Jersey are supposed to be Jersey up here but you know what they say. Hail to the Redskins this role. Let's go so within like to take questions if there's any questions more than happy to if not appreciate you. I think we've got a couple of run. Jay Finley NBC sports Washington. We see Jack del Rio here. You talked about the coaching staff. You want teachers and leaders. How is it going filling out the rest of the staff and some of the folks here internally namely Kevin O'CONNELL what we're in the interview process assists right now you know? We've got several names that we've reached out to. We've gotten permission from some teams to bring some of these guys in and we'll be going through that process now again we're right in the middle of it Washington Washington Mill. We're in the beginning of it and it's GonNa take a little bit of time similarly with the Front Office Eric Schafer Doug Williams Santos cosmic those guys similar timeline. Well with those guys just about meeting them getting to know them as we start going forward as I said everything that we do is going to be about a collaborative effort There's there's no one pure authority on this other than the own but the key is is really we are going to collaborate. We're GONNA talk. We're GONNA work together. We're GONNA come to decisions that we believe best for this organization not best for an individual with best for the organization. Michael Phillips Richmond Times dispatch. Yeah I would imagine had some time to reflect on your time at Carolina. What are some of the things you've learned that you'll put into play now in this job? mm-hmm anything else. It's about the players if you've got players that are right players. That are where they need to be players doing the things that they can. Do you give yourself a chance to win. One things things that I really truly believe is that we as coaches gotta give these guys the opportunity and put them in position to have success. If we don't do that we're failing the players. It all falls back on us as I said earlier early to the guys you do it the way we ask them. We have success at your success if you fail. It's on me but please don't do it your own way Ron John. ESPN DAN brought this. It's up about the cult centered approach. You seem to appreciate that in the one voice. Why is that important to you and to an organization? Well I think because you don't want people going back and forth everybody's got when we step into the room or we step out of room. Everybody has to be on the same page okay. So like when when when when Jackson put the defense together we can have one coach. Tell somebody thirty something else as opposed to what Jack Wants. That's that's just the way it's going to be. You know we want. Everybody focused on what their job is. I got a little bit of saying these guys are GONNA get tired of hearing it but it's true. We need eleven guys doing one thing at a time. Not One guy trying to do all eleven. Do Job Man. We'll have success. I promise you that Ron Ryan and Walker with yeah. You mentioned the fact that this team has some young talent the some pieces of build around as you guys currently look at it. Jack said that they're going to run a four three. How do you guys currently on the roster? What does it? That's it for the personnel. And what are some positions of need for the four three for you all. I think it fits very well. I really look at the defense alliance. We've got guys that we can play the one in three Technica Ready We also believe we've got some guys that have played outside linebacker position that going to transition to playing the defensive instant spots for us specifically the six nine in the five so we feel Ruben about those guys. I like the linebacking. Core is a pretty solid group of guys. They run while they play physical. What we WANNA do is get these guys playing downhill through their gap? We're GONNA play the runaway away to the Quarterback A. Rod NBC Sports Washington. When you look at Dwayne Hassans he's going to be a big part of your success here in the next couple of years? What did you see from him out of year one? And what do you think he can become for this team. I think he'd become a franchise style quarterback I do. I think it's going to be a time. It's it's a process so I'm not gonNa say it's going to happen overnight overnight but I've been fortunate that several years ago we drafted a guy as the number one pick and we plan and we'll we're trying to do right now develop that plan for his development as we go forward. I also also think. A couple of good veteran quarterbacks obstacle gets an opportunity to play as well. We won't know until we get ready to open up in September so until then everything's just a process. It's a work in process. We can't get ahead of it. We've got a state of the plan and make sure preparing ourselves properly to win football games. Hey Ron over over here. Let's carpet washing post us a couple of things first of all why not take some time after After get fired you know. It's not say maybe a year or something to kind of recalibrate recalibrate and then secondly why jump right away into a job rather than maybe you feel everybody out over the next few weeks. Well first of all I had four weeks off. I'm ready to go back to work. Work really out you know. I got tired of getting up and having to do dishes so I'm serious. I think I'm kidding. I'm serious truth of the matter is is people. Ask Me when I first got let go. I told everybody I wanted to get back in the football and they asked me well. What is that you're going to be looking for and I simply said fit? Okay simply said The timeline is that right after. I think it was Friday of the week I was. Let go Mister MR started reached out to my age and so the two of them talked for a couple of days and then I got a phone call from Mr Schneider on Monday the following week and we started talking and we talked the first day for about forty minutes a second day for about twenty and then I went and I got a bunch of tape I've seen about six games. These guys played Including the one that That when I was in Carolina that they'd be distant and I had to take a real good look at this team and so I I've got write ups on on every player that played in those six games. And and that's why as part of the reason why I chose this team because I did like what I saw. I watched the last four on television as well and got an opportunity into. CD's guys fight to the in the Dallas game. We got a little bit out of hand near the end. That's understandable to a degree but for the most part the way they play the way they fought. Some some of these young guys didn't know any better they just knew they showed up and they played hard That was impressive to me. Then the other thing was in talking with Mr Snider. The thing that I got was was that we talked about his vision. Okay his vision his vision of getting back to the tradition of Washington redskins football and I was really impressed about that. We talked about the history of we talked about the things that have happened in the past that made this such a great franchise had fans that were rabid fans. I remember when I played. We used to go to the stadium early. And there'd be all those folks tailgating and letting us know how much they appreciate it us when we walked into the stadium and It was tough place to play. And and that's what we wanted to bring back. That's what he wants to bring back and I was really impressed by his vision and then he's here with his plan and he shared with me ideas that he he he had he had he had studied and understood Like I said the one where it's it's more of a coach centered approach in terms of decision making And Again I. I'm not omnipotent. I mean at the end of the day. Hey Guys I've got a group of men that I'm going to collaborate with all of our personnel. People are very vital to our success. Because things that they've done in the last three droughts That was one of the things. Also that Mr Snider asked me to study those three drafts. I'll look at those guys that are on that roster and I did that and I looked at the veteran guys that were there that were leading this team. That we're giving these these guys some hope some chances Being the mentors to these guys and showing them how things are supposed to be done and I really liked what I saw bay began to feel feel the fifth and the more we talked about the plan and the process that he was talking about the more excited. I got This didn't happen overnight. This decision was not made on the thirtieth eightieth okay. This decision was made over a period of time of getting together with him sitting down Spending probably probably thirty five hours in the freezer room is a place. That's just frigid. And and I think he did it on on purpose to make sure I stayed awake so But we went for thirty five. I mean really we. We seriously we went through every aspect of the organization. That's what I was really impressed with that. He was willing to sit there there and go through it piece by piece and we truly did. I spent a lot of time getting to know the organization getting understand the the the structure of what he he was looking for so to me again as I said it was it was it was hearing his vision understanding has plan and then learning the process of what he was trying to accomplish and I talked about my plan of what I wanted to do and it really seemed to fit his very well and so those you know the four weeks I was off. I was really only off for about five days and and then A couple other days where I got I snuck out to the golf course but that that was it other than that. I was really it. Just kind of looking at these guys trying to prepare going forward Russell Seven hundred and SL. What's it's one of the one or two of the things that maybe WanNa do differently or better? You come with a lot of accolades a lot of success in Carolina but everybody always wants to change something in their our lives. Is there anything that stands out to you that you learn about yourself when the Super Bowl I mean to you know one of the things that the only reason you become the head coach in this league in my opinion is to win. That's it. That's the bottom line. If you for any other reason you raw okay. And that's what I wanted to do and I really do. I'm not just saying because I met a press cups. I say because I truly believe leave that okay. I've been very fortunate. Footballs been a big part of my life. This is going to be my third or fourth year in the League. Okay so I've seen a lot of done a lot and the one thing that I've I've had. Yeah I've had the success to be on the Super Bowl Champs team. I would love to give these guys that opportunity so they know what it feels like what the experience is when you're standing on the podium. That's what we want to work towards. We want to work Torda going forward and I want her fans. We're going to work for. I understand they're disgruntled understand. They're upset and they deserve to be. We haven't won so we've got to start winning okay but I type title give us the opportunity to get behind us. We're going to give you give us. We're going to give you our best effort. That's what we're GONNA do as as a football team Ron Korean Copeland from the Washington. Post Post over here. Okay What was it about Jack that you wanted to that? Made him such a priority and they'll get him locked up here so quickly. Because I knew Jack is I know who he is as a employer. We competed against each other collegiately and professionally. I've got tremendous respect for who he's been he's been a very successful coach in this lake He's had opportunities in this league and he succeeded in this league thing about Jack I really truly do will appreciate having him on the staff to one of the things that I've I tell young coach. Is that the one thing you have to have on your staff to the guy that's been in their little saying. Don't draw me a map unless you've been there. Well Jack Spin there and Jack had this conversation earlier today and I tell the Jack if you see something wrong. UC something that we need to think about. Please tell me because that's the only way I'm GONNA know and I've said the same thing to the players that I've met. I've said to him a couple of times that you need to tell me if you see you've got to tell me because if you don't if you did it yourself on Rian Walker the athletic you talked about being a consummate winner. You were a part of that eagles team in the early two thousands that had those back to back championships and ships there hasn't been a consecutive. Sec Champion since those teams what will it take for Washington to achieve that success not only winning division but repeatedly doing so making conference championships. Certainly getting to Super Bowl. First of all we've got to make sure we get the right kind of players and then we as coach has got to make sure we teach them and coach them up to the best of our abilities. And then we've got to stay true to. We've got to stay. Stay true to to to to what I believe is a little bit of a philosophy and that is the best team as a great sense of family. The family has great culture and within that culture there's tremendous character her and that's what we've built. We've got a bill that we've got to build character. We've got bill culture. We've got bill team. We've got to build family if we can do that. we can win. I watched Andy do that. I was on Andy's original staff. My first five seasons with them okay. I was on three straight. NFC Championship Championship Games. And that was it's tremendous. It was a heck of a feeling to be involved in those kind of games. That's what we want to get to the only way we can do. It is if we truly do become family. Ron Ben Stanford with the Athletic Athletic. We've we've heard talk here about this coach. centric approach and also you want to collaborate with people but from the perspective of personnel the draft. Where does it come? What can you say about having final? Say where does your The level of power and such go into those decisions the biggest thing. That's going to happen and I'll say it again. It's we're going to collaborate elaborate. We're going to get together as a group and we'll discuss if we have to continue to discuss things. It goes a little bit longer than we'll ask Mr Steiger to help okay. But for the most part he's given us the opportunity to be a group of work together to collaborate to do one thing that's on the same page pick the right kind of players and then put him in position of success at Paris from the Washington Washington Times right. You mentioned Duane in that process but what are some of the next steps but you think he has to take well. I think first of all he's going to have to step up and become a later. I mean the all the great ones have become leaders and they become leaders. Whether they're they're rookies. Okay are there ten twelve year vets. But you've got to step up. You GotTa be where you need to be. You've got to do the things you're supposed to do and it's all going to stop. Start with your your off season. How do you prepare yourself? How do you get yourself ready? I think it's probably one of the biggest things that we've got to do And not just with him but everyone of our players have got to understand. There's an opportunity to lead. You know I'm GonNa do something where I tried to create opportunities for every player to step up and be the lead at one time. He doesn't have to be you know one of the greatest players to play running back okay. He's got to be a guy that's willing to step in front of his teammates and tell. Hey let's go man. Let's run David goes with the athletic Washington argue. There have been other coaches who have stood at that podium who we thought had the coach centric approach. Marty Schottenheimer remember was there. Joe Gibbs was there Mike Shanahan was. They're all great coaches and none of them really worked out the way we all thought including I'm sure so what is what is it that you have been told that makes you feel comfortable knowing that you'll be allowed to see this through to the conclusion you why well nobody really knows. But I'll tell you this I believe in me and I'll bet on me we'll see what happens That's all I can tell you but I will give you one thing that is. I'm GonNa work on a work very hard art. Do the things that I believe. Stay true to WHO I am. That was head coach. Ron Rivera the newest head coach of the Washington Redskins introduced officially a lot of interesting things. Not The least of which was happy Thanksgiving from Dan Snyder but I think he just you know what they've been busy. Lives Live New Year's Eve so bottom line is this one of the first things That came out of this and I think it was from both Daniel Snyder. Enron varies there was going to be one voice there had to be. It had to filter through the head coach. Now it's interesting especially with the redskins because they don't have a GM. Obviously with Bruce Allin having gone you know having parted ways with Bruce Allin so it does make you think. Joe Joe that Ron rare will have a whole lot of say in in the way this direction the direction in which is organization runs. You know first of all just watching Ron Rivera. Stand behind that podium. You can't help but like not notice the presence that he has their instantly and how that kind of just washes over the organization from day. One and I kind of gives you an illumination as to why he was brought there in the first place. And then you talk about the one voice and how he wanted to explain why he came there because he could have leveraged other teams against one another and gone for more money and to hear that from Daniel Snyder particularly having this historical experience with the with the Redskins in the past. And how it's gone in the past to hear that from dancing I know was definitely very very important and then also for him to say that It was very important for him to say to Daniel Snyder that he wants to have a players rich environment that that's really important or into him to in terms of making everyone feel included in how much he also wants them to feel value in a part of the fabric of what they're trying to do henceforth and making this a better a place to succeed beyond what they've already a conscience you know is important and I thought it was interesting. controver said look if you do it my way and it goes well. The credit is yours. If you do it my way and it doesn't. It's on me so already a tone. This is about the players for the players and an environment that we haven't seen in Washington. It's certainly didn't have the reputation for that with the rich guy. That's exactly really what he's doing. When he's setting the tone I I love when he says I WanNa Levin players doing one job not one guy not one player doing trying to eleven. That's the epitome of what he brings to the table able. He wants his teams to be disciplined. He wants his team to go into every game every season with a plan. And he's GonNa and we've seen what he's done with Cam. Newton writer his maturation process throughout all his time and Carolina. I think he's looking at that. Same type of blueprint for doing haskins making sure that he's in a position to win in a position to make plays without feeling unlike the pressure of the weight of the world is on his back. And I think that's what Ron Rivera does. Best is set the tone for his players and that disciplinary talks about Israel and that's going to carry over Through the entire team once he once he gets in that facility and starts to talk the players and get his hands on guys and I love what he talked about the history thing about the redskins they were the team before these new teams came to be. They were the team. It was the Redskins and now you look at the last ten twenty years. They've Kinda just become another other team. That hasn't really had any success so I think that he's going to take that history and he just. He said that he wants to show the players that this was the history here and we need to bring that back. We need to have that winning culture that winning history back now and I am excited to see what you can do when they ashtrays in the building to Doug Williams is there her beat the Broncos ten back so there there's there's some remnants of it right right around the corner days Offi say. This man really wants to coach. He took five five days up any rights Brown interview. Mike McCarthy he by the way we'll meet with the giants tomorrow. The giants are interviewing cowboys. Defensive backs goes Christmas card and the panthers talking to Chief Offensive Coordinator Eric the enemy. It is time now for a cup of Joe and this timing here. There's always planted talk about especially with these coaching jobs. Talk about the browns. Because you've got Mike McCarthy. They've also requested permission to talk to Josh mcdaniels. What do you hear? Well the interview with Mike McCarthy scheduled for today and I talked to a brown source last night and I was asking them. Hey listen you know. What is zero impression of Mike McCarthy as a head coaching candidate and one of the things that they told me that they do not feel like football has passed Mike McCarthy by although he was out of football last year and I said Oh you know what about you know all the talk that the packers offense regress with him? The last two seasons in the source said quote. Aaron did a lot of what he wanted to do. So I don't necessarily put that all McCarthy and the other thing he says that felt like Mike McCarthy is really good at load management because one of the interesting things that came out last night and my conversations. Some of these browns players were feeling like Pretty Kitchens Kitchens worked hard and training camp in terms of padded practices in terms of tackling. They felt like that bled over into their week. One loss against the Titan. So they feel like Mike McCarthy's he's a little bit better than that and then when it with regards to that and then when it comes to Josh mcdaniels a lot of excitement. Obviously he's a grew when it comes the offense. They got texoma player. That said I'm saying no he call call with that offense. That offense is crazy. Obviously the sixth super bowl speak for themselves and the instant credibility. That Josh mcdaniels would brain from his tenure on the Patriots and working with Tom Brady. Now Cleveland. One is also without a GM because they let John Dorsey go. Jimmy has them. The browns owner spoke a while ago and he did address a what we can expect from this hiring process. I do think sets us up Well too I however a head coach and then have the head coach be involved in the hiring of the GM. I want to stress. It will not solely be the head. Coach's decision will be collaborative process involving ownership and several other members of top management. Uh if you will as we hire the GM interesting to they're gonNA hire head coach first and then that head coach will have to sign off on the GM. I it seems like that's what we got in Washington they hired Ron Rivera. They too will need a GM so sort of an interesting trend. I think you're well. I think speaks to the experience that they're alluding to that. They want to bring into the building in comparison into what they had as far as Freddie kittens resume when he got that. So that's letting you know that and typically a head coach of that stature wants to know who the GM is going to be in that they you can work with that person as well in terms of having some type of consensus on the players that they need to afford to have greater success is we do know whatever it is they have to be on the same page or it's certainly doesn't work on Sunday. The the Vikings will head to New Orleans they will face the saints running back. Dalvin Cook looking to be back for the first time in two and a half weeks A. What's his status? Well first of all I talked to a Viking source last night it and I actually wanted to start off with. What did you guys learn from the saints? Loss against the Falcons because that was one of their worst loss this season with breathing they he said when we went back and looked at that. We don't feel like the Falcons did anything really different from what they typically do. It's just that they were more physical and more explosive. In terms of not allowing explosive plays is rather so. That's what we notice with that. And then when I asked okay well you guys also lost against the saints last year thirty to twenty. Is there anything that you want to do. Defensively that's different. And they said well breeze only only had one hundred twenty passing yards that game and I said but they still put thirty points on the board and they said but if you look at the turnovers they had authencity with. PJ pick six. And then also Adam Phelan in having a a fumble loss right. When they're about to four? They feel like that was really more of the difference and then when it comes to doubt and cook as you were mentioning so what do you feel like. He's been the impact of his absence. Since the last two games and clearly just beyond the fact that they're rushing twenty plus Russ yards per game. Less per game was what I'm trying to say. Thank you They also know that we got. They also noticed that defensively that they're coming back on the field a lot quicker. The time of possession went down seven plus minutes with Dow Cook a game out for the last two games so they were feeling it in terms of that way and lastly I said. Do you feel like Kirk. Cousins can rise to the moment and then can really live up to this Playoff game and stuff principle is just one player Kirk cousins. It doesn't block tackle or cover anybody so we gotta do it together and I said as a coaching staff. Are you feeling more pressure to get back to the NFC championship game. And they said no right now. We are concentrating on trying trying to get this win when we got the Texans have activated. Jj Watt as. We expected off the I.. R. This week they're getting ready for the bills. What's mutant Houston well? I talked to Texas cornerback. Jonathan Jonathan Joseph about an hour ago just to try to get a feel for how they're feeling going into this game against the bills and one of the things I said was what was the impact of. Jj Watt being out. and He. It said guys like Whitney Mercilus Jacob. Martin had to do double duty. The feels like diva reader definitely stepped up even more it was a physical mental tax without. Jj Jay walk through looking forward to the boost that he brings. I also asked. What do you feel like you lost Or learn rather from the loss against the Ravens When they went there forty one seven? Everyone one saw that and he said look Dishonor Watson was not happy about that he knows that his career is forever linked with the Lamar Jackson as far as people making that contrast in comparison so he took up from that game going to everybody else and saying listen. We can't take the playoffs for granted. And we gotta rise up every level and and he feels like he saw that and lastly I said well. What is your impression of Josh Allen? Played them last year. They were still able to beat him. Although Josh Allen didn't play the entire game I think Nathan Peterman came in in the third quarter. He says he remembers. What Jalen Ramsey said about the Josh Allen when he was a rookie and how he was impressed even after Jalen Ramsey made some controversial comments about but he said what they're noticing? When you're looking at the film it's how many more design runs Josh? Allen is is having in the red zone not just with his scrambling but with the lead blocker. And that's something that they're going to be looking out for when they play The bills on Saturday all right and they get a boost and bill. O'Brien did say so that we can expect. Jj Watt to be out there quite a bit Yes for his work. Our Colts Nation reporter. Mike Wells tweeting some notable quotes from coats. GM Chris Chris Ballard regarding the future of the quarterback position and ND. Here we go. He said Andrew Luck is retired. We need to accept that and move forward. He he went on to say the jury is still out. He's talking about his current quarterback to Kobe debt. Right now yes to Kobe. Is Our starting quarterback for week. One of the twenty twenty the season. Listen the operative words right there right now. It's not always the case but a lot of their time when you hear right now. It means we're open and we're looking victor under. Yeah I think there are definitely open and looking and just seeing. Obviously how Jacoby started the season I think he did. Great for seven games. He beat teams like Tennessee. Kansas City he had a great first seven games But then at the end of the season things change and he kind of kind of wavered a little bit. You didn't see that same conviction in his throes. You didn't see that same kind of attention to detail throwing the ball down the field some turnovers in between there so I think when they're looking at it it's a constant evaluation everybody everybody knows in the NFL at every position is a constant evaluation of what you've done. And what have you done for me lately and and I just don't think that the colts are you're not necessarily sold on what they've seen from Jacoby Brusett from the beginning of the season all the way throughout the end of the season. Although he's been there for some time he understands the culture obviously has a great the report with all the players. But I just don't think from natural quarterback position they've seen enough to really make Jacoby their franchise guy. Yeah and if if Andrew lucked decided. Hey I WANNA come back next year. Here's the clipboard. Doors doors open south to say I'm feeling pretty good. Now that I've had a year of rest and I think he would be the week. One starter and You know I bet you that they would be hoping for that at this point like you said early in the season. Look I I. I had said that the colts were the second best team they see around week seven and then a started to just slide quickly downhill. So maybe you're seeing other teams game plan dealt with ty having an injury For some of the season so he lost some key pieces look. It's not easy when you're a first year starter in the NFL. He had some great When luck was injured he had some great time to understand and learn how to adapt to the game but now how he was the guy he was the guy he had the keys and the second half of the season? It didn't look good for him. Just think is an interesting comment saying that the jury still out. Well I mean how many GM's our coaches would we hear saying that E- even some of the younger quarterbacks that are still out there whether it be Calamari Daniel Jones. Or what have you whether we know that adequacy a coach or a general manager still conducting an evaluation of a player. It's still another thing for it to be said publicly. And I just think back to a comment that I just read about the players what they think about Pete Carroll how he keeps some of that stuff indoors and just don't know eighteen touchdowns six interceptions with all the transition. I still think is pretty good. It's funny because he's been there it's not like he's he's new to the jury's out I don't like that either because he never reading in depth this season Prescott the other thing is that sort of close the door for now and you leave everybody go. What what and that's certainly not gonNA help confidence anymore right to what end better over to said we're evaluating positions at this time in celebration of the NFL's one hundred season we look back at this date in NFL? History January second nineteen eighty two. The chargers beat the dolphins forty one to thirty eight in the epic in Miami. San Diego raced out to a twenty four zip lead but that was cut the seven points just before the half when the hook and ladder played a Tony Nathan sent the Orange Bowl into a frenzy. The game of eventually went to overtime tied at thirty eight and the chargers won it on a twenty nine on yard field goal by Ralph preneurs the iconic image from the game tight end Kellen winslow who had one hundred sixty six yards being helped off the field is and Saturday's. AFC Wildcard game. It will be the Patriots host the Tennessee Titans. Tom Brady had an even even second half of the season which saw the patriots finished poor poor. He spoke about the match up against Tennessee earlier today. Just pre pretty folks on what I need to do and and You know it's this week. Felt pretty much like every other week for twenty years so just you know trying to folks on what I need to do and his team that gives you a lot of challenges and You know just how about and try to play really well and they're going to force us to You know really be tied together. We're not sure how great good when we have been tied together. It looks yeah listen he is. It's so interesting to hear him. Say for the last twenty years. Let me just sort of mind boggling but you look at the bottom there and you see that twenty and three record and that is not in no small way. Why Patriots your favorite going into the weekend? Twenty three twenty three incredible really well. No I mean Tom. The body worked at he said over the the last twenty years. It's a lot of hard work dedication. I mean I. I don't know anyone else that puts more time and Tom and and he's ultimate professional. So we'll see what happens. I know it's going to be a tough match up up. Israel's very smart and you understand exactly what bills telling those guys. I love teams. That don't have that layover between one game to the next and according to what. He's bold prediction addiction. That might be his last game patriot. All the bowl game the Birmingham Bowl Boston college coming up in Cincinnati. Enjoy the game. Everybody will see you tomorrow.

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