Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ & Travis (HR2)


The monster yeah i'm circling last night's game was terrible. It was terrible when it was still fun. You still football mattered and because it was because it was such a close does game because it offenses. We kept watching every third down conversion every i was at the bar during research of course of course and everyone was tuned in cheering incompletions. It's funny with a low scoring game like that. You find yourself cheering for the oddest things. It was just a perfect example of football's power there because the game was a dog. We were texting talking about about how it's a dog and not one of us was turning it off nobody was i'm turned on my watching this fascinating one of the reasons i was into it is because i wanted to see the dynamic between rogers met leflore. Yeah really wanted to see if in fact it was going to be some little bit of something but in a third. I got a text in at third quarter from my buddy. Dave that you met down rocking hurry. He texts me because he listened to the show and he goes. I was was close. I was three minutes into the second-half right for the iro slam on the ground. When he got sacked rodgers that he is and he was like how close close to what i said and predicted so i wanted to see a little bit of that you know i kinda wanted to see what was going to happen to the little bit won the game so it's hard to really <music> out there but as key porno earlier the lack of celebration for your head coaches i ever defense instead of their house. I'm here. I'm here i'm over here and everyone kept running to defensive coordinator. The fact that the defense aaron rodgers is repeatedly talked about how the defense and was bad last year rung not you can't really tell because you have mitch trubisky and and to me. That's an important caveat to this defense conversation. It's really easy to look good against a quarterback being compared to an early alex smith. It's a lot harder it to be good against a good quarterback. You know what else is important caveat. Though that i kind of forgot who can do it is six fifty nine keys doppler on a friday uh-huh seventy degrees west covina where we will be weaker today high and ninety seven today rush. That's right only research. I did some scott last night. I got a couple more for you uh tomorrow because sometimes we got a preview. The weekend is national salami day long salami tomorrow. I like it dry. He's he's headline presented by sprint. Let salaam. It's not cut us off yeah. It's bigger and it's softer and it's greasier yes. I like like the dry yes salami freak. I don't really eat it anymore. It's pretty good ice. Ice dissolved the go to work on what you did yeah. Oh my guy. I i get the brick oven in china. They've sliced yourself yeah yeah so we'll be thick yeah but i don't. I don't eat it like that anymore. You like your thick <hes> cocco doodoo talk to do to do so. I work yesterday morning. Obviously with you guys and then i had television again last nice so i had to drive back downtown l._a. Didn't get any per diem or anything like that gas money or nothing from radio or television so i took it and and kept him moving so got to downtown l._a. In chris text me in in our text him or something and asked him if he was at the studio but he was hanging hanging out with dan in the secret meeting over at king's fish or king fish rock was raw fish. Yeah rock fish hanging out iraq for just connected. Iraq improves big fans of art. Show of course is that rock music. I yeah that's okay. The scrimp shrimp is really good. Well i'll tell you what do you mean. I see it because i already knew it last night. Yeah you knew it last night. Okay so studio television studios across from it so i went over there with dan in the chris and we watched some of the game together some shore native had their beers or whatever they were wanted buttery and he said forget the may i got a little bit of naked got on t._v. And stuff several hours late. I'm not sitting up there pulling pulling it down. Oh wait three classes. It was to stop and it was light but speaking light ale got chris in in in dan- ordered <hes> roast beef sandwiches or prince tips. That's it's always good choice yeah but you had to see how big they were. Is you had him. That's a big thing there's no way inhale allows have been able to eat all at bread. Can you only get half of it so chris. I was watching him as i said next to him but i don't know if he saw me watching you trying to face adele was watching the t._v. And then i reached for my phone one time to try to pick. I wanted to video pick one going to do injustice. I was on a video high devoured lowered. The sandwich didn't devour because it did take me a while. Don't take you were trying to slow because you knew i was there. He was trying to say a dance. I'm a slow eater accrues interest. You know when you have a lot of food you still leave so i'm not eluding lick the plate like adult the things i was going to go which salad which is usually i didn't because dan ordered the french dip. I thought oh that sounds good my day yesterday so we ordered what seven p._m. I had been in the office office in three a._m. And i barely eight so yeah i was hungry. I understand but if it okay you need some time you because you don't know even know oh you said you eight is slow. That's not eating slow. I was pretty slow note. It's not here's the class thing gone and ten minutes not ten or fifteen minutes yeah well now. It's fifteen chris fifteen chris's french dip sandwich or the tuna gulfstream. The sale was the tuna because he had the debris it. You got a lot of brands so yeah a lot out of chewing the going on but he finished that whole thing and then dan actually is little is he is he actually finished too. I watched him at all the fries he ate every little skinny guy's yeah. I think once you gotta watch you gotta. Watch them high behind videotaping right. It's kind of like the skinny girls. Hey <hes> who <hes> what was. I gonna say oh that was keys headline in the morning. This is what i'm talking about this morning. You're listening to me. Hey s._p. Key i think all right so antonio brown may or may not get suspended. We're still waiting to find out whether or not that's that's gonna go down deactivated whatever it is. Here's his agent drew house talking about the latest. Can you tell us what the latest antonio brown is right now. I'm talking the raiders trying to get the situation worked out. Nothing has been finalized. I'm not aware of any final decisions just trying to get back on track at this point t- nasty antonio the state hong today and obviously we want him to get back to work so we're trying. I'm working on right now. Is there any chance that he could play or will play week one. That's up to the raiders. If it's up to us he would like to play but ultimately that's going to be their decision. He would like to onerous contract and fulfill its commitment of the raiders. That's what we're trying to hammer out with the team right now. Do you feel like this relationship can be repaired going forward i did. I think he can be repaired and that's something that i'm working on that tonio working on so hopefully we're successful with that moving forward so he's on standby just waiting for the next up. We're communicating. Both sides are communicating to see what it would take. Hey for him to be able to move passes and rejoin his teammates so that's antonio brown's agent drew rosenhaus speaking with e._s._p._n.'s rob demob ski before the the <hes> packers in the bears last night key just really quickly. Antonio brown is in uniform playing monday night absolutely not he's so toast. I can hear it in druce answers that a._b._a. Toast i can hear it by the tone or by what he said by the tone and and what he said i could hear it. I could totally the words that he was choosing to us. He wants to whom maids he he he later. We hope to work it out. He's already been told that it ain't gonna work out now. They're just trying to figure out what it is that they need to do to move forward with the without antonio that that that's saying so when okay work it out without antonio antonio is though is is not gonna play monday night no he won't he won't be he's not going to push. The raiders. Purists getting ready to be a week to week thing they. It's getting ready to be a week to week case by case type. Were they decide week to week to suspend him to deactivate them doesn't matter which of those things that is i mean i get the money if you suspend him. There's no money to begin with no money to be had if deactivating all they're saying is he's on our team but we're not gonna using this week. Take and we're going to pay him the payment but if he's not if if he's on the opening day roster as of saturday at four p._m. P._m. eastern time fourteen million dollars of guaranteed money is due to him. That's a decision that the raiders gotta make. Is that why we're waiting. Is that way until one o'clock on saturday afternoon or are we going to be waiting to find out with all the different boxes to find out what it is that they actually actually can do from an n._f._l. Legal standpoint to save money or you know. It's one of those deals where if you do this you still gotta. Pay me the money. If you do that it you don't have to pay him the money but a grievance is gonna come and they're going to lawyer up and you're gonna be in a war for this amount of time and now it's. It's that that sort of stuff. That's going on because remember mike mayock in my opinion kind of mess with a fragile guy in an unnecessary situation that created this sort of firestorm that we're out right now. I don't know if i'm what do you mean a._b._c.'s acting like this that true but you gotta understand. General managers do not go on on the field talking to players doing practice at all. They stayed on the sideline. They wear their little caps. They got a little sunglasses on with the tease polo shirts tucked into their pants with their paper folded having a conversation with trainers having a conversation with scouts that are watching. Maybe a coach or two maybe a player. That's on the sideline but they're not engaging. No matter what the situation question is would a player was he down there explicitly and not not that antonio brown doesn't share a ton of the respond to see it. I'm not i'm with you. I'm with you but didn't go down there explicitly to bait him into exactly what he got in and what will go down there. I'm going to get him to react then. We're gonna suspend him then. We're gonna get our money and then he's gone. Was this a i don't i don't think it was. I don't think it was a blatant plan. I think mike may i think he's a tough guy like he thinks i play football. I played in college. I intercepted dan marino. Nobody nobody cares but that's his personality that sweetie. I don't know if you watched him on n._f._l. Network for even knowing yeah but he thinks he's a tough guy like man. You upset down somewhere. That's in so you knew the the only yesterday when we were talking about this in allegations. What what was it case came up first thing i said was we win this something that a kid you said it it had to be some sort of may are antagonizing a._b. In kind <hes> messing with a fragile guy that doesn't like you any damn way. He doesn't like you because you finding fifty four thousand dollars and all you had to do as a general manager was sent in him that little letter in leave it alone that's it. You don't have to do anything else if he put it on facetime or facebook or whatever he did so. Oh damn what it's not that deep but you went and mess with him. Why did you do that. We'll get to this anthem in just a moment congratulations to f- i in vegas sun valley picks those rams saints tickets for opening day. Thanks to corona extra game on lime in more chances coming up all day long playing this song before the game elsie. I hope solve this is still jam goes up yeah happy happy birthday date gainer seventy years old going. She's still with us. Yeah don't run down right exactly that's exactly why would they birthday brought to you by jaguar landrover newport beach off the seventy-three toward to see visit land rover newport beach dot com land rover above and beyond what she a when when he wondered us all i can remember what about we got to follow up. A big following liz here so i will survive was a number one song of nineteen seventy nine. This was a number nine nine song. Oh that disco fill you do anything with disco back. In this time you get top twenty five drivers. You know this all right sounds like donna. The summer never can say goodbye yeah we of course you'll know what you did. A chorus here comes here. Comes never can say goodbye met you. Oh hey kristy studio. Fifty four king chris has passed the plate man pass the plate in an amazing disco queen this. This feels like studio fifty four time so there's i come looking at some do coming down the stairs. Krista boy got his colleen shirts for sure yeah just like that and got a plea just holding a plate to roller skate with the unicorn horn ahead all the unicorn. It's nice mustache. Yeah no worries in a world where somebody over to them and said hey keyshawn what you come. See this table all right. Here's i don't know how to say this without sounding really bad here. You want me to say it is antonio brown an idiot. Yes because that's it. Here's the deal no don't don't call him an idiot to ask the question. Is he an idiot into you call him and say is he not bright right not smart not aware tonio brown not connect the dots that are a millimeter apart be because here's here's the deal saying the same thing because in what if everyone can see that the person who actually is in charge of the raiders is jon gruden and keyshawn you keep telling us he doesn't have a problem the jon gruden. He has a problem with my maniac but everybody else can see the puppeteer is telling me i work too. Why is everyone able to see these dots be be connected except for antonio brown and i'd say probably drew rose reminding you yes exactly but if every single time i am somebody tells you it's not me him then. You like okay well. That's what it is. I'm dillon. I'm nice to you. I'm cudi you. I'm cool you we could we could. We good and i'm having chris them. Make you look bad on the radio but it ain't me stimulants to keep pushing the buttons but i'm telling them. Even though i'm the one that's running the whole show too old apartment but i'm the guy telling you i like you. We cool. Don't worry about it but creasing. Keep pushing the buttons keep doing that. You're gonna eventually only at some point in time. Figure it out but right now as long as i got you you don't listen to me at some point in time is the part that i don't understand because in tokyo brown can have that. I understand you do understand. I've always told you know a lot of guys that are not aware in a national football league of things that go on around clearly 'cause. They're not really a tension. This is my point. This is being he may not understand and i don't know this for a fact that a._b. A._b. A b may not understand the league which means that he's not watching okay. Everything is unfolding before us is li like he may he may have tony. He may have two years ago. The jon gruden got one hundred million dollars in full control of the organization. He may have not known that he may just. I think all they hired coach. Okay cool. We with the raiders now on t._v. You've just <hes> yes. I think that's a possibility but again too l. z's yes and the the thing that i was struggling to put into words that you did very nicely. Well done then that makes him in idiot. If if he's because look like anybody that does any job if you're you're serious about your job. You need to know the land. You need to know who is the person that's ultimately making this decision. This person may be sitting in an office. This person may have a title but the the decisions actually coming from that guy down there. It's your responsibility to understand that and by the way that the raiders are jon gruden just not. He's just here's here's say who runs the new england patriots bill belichick okay bill belichick. Lets you know that he runs the new england patriots churn crude and let you know no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. It's not true he went and got a shield see but what he did is shield sheila late. He got a guy calling him the general manager. You've never heard bill say. This is my general manager. I understand i can go get a guy for shield but keep yes. I understand what you're saying really at the sneaky thing but it's not sneaky right out nielsen obvious nope you because he's a b and the rest of the team that i'm just a coach. He makes all the decisions like susan susan right in your wife. Yes down in your household. Yes your wife says go ask your dad. He runs this. He makes the decision even though she makes decisions even though she makes the decision congress she's yeah she's telling the kids that shirt a woman making the decision. Okay perfect example the perfect. My children are fully aware that it's her decision. She may send them to me and they may say hey mom wanted more copped out and tone daddy. No no no no no no no. This is a perfect example. Actually that much like antonio brown in this situation. They've been paying unlike antonio brown. I should say they've been paying attention. They know that i can say yeah. We'll do that but they know that. When all of a sudden it didn't happen. It's not because i changed my mind because no no no no it's because they live in the the house. They have experience. They pay attention. They talk to their brothers and sisters. I honest- honestly man in the swear to you feel this way. I don't think he knows what you know. Then that's dining then it becomes one could be an idiot but more brand carbon dan idiot but but to their serious malpractice happening withdrew coke and its client and maybe it may not happen today. Maybe ramon would nine hundred thirty five years. Even there's something even withdrew drew suppose has even with drew telling him that it doesn't mean anything because grooten is going going to counter back and say look i'm. I'm coaching team troncoso. Bogging footba okay mic was one general manager. He makes those decisions. I don't you know i'm coaching. I'm here to coach he just met john. Drew is his agent. He's supposed to have known no drew. Drew knows so drew but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter sadder withdrew says because the guy in the building is jon gruden and he has the ear. He's right there with a._b. Drew over there if he's that easy. He's he's got. He's dead easy too much because you remember when i'm telling y'all apprentice apprentice. Remember what i'm telling you. Remember what i'm telling you travis. The letter on the bottom says mayock signed mike mayock general manager oakland. Yeah i get that letter says his name i'm looking at it doesn't say may ox less jon gruden jon gruden. He would have a problem with jon gruden. He has a problem problem with mike and that's the reason i got into the altercation in mayock approach if may i didn't approach him ages since the letter. We wouldn't even be having this conversation. Uh we will be talking about fifty four thousand dollars loss and that's all we that's why a b. is what l z suggested. He is because he just he cam. They do it so you know. I was a garfield guy but raj garfield ruins garfield the caddo garfield and i know key he was the fowler who was on you know i didn't. We know it's going to get into garfield on going somewhere president to anyway. He was more of like aroma do he was real bunk. Shis cat hi josh here. That up man was heathcliff. Even wanna say none because you know every time i watch a word. They always say i botched it. You guys watch chris bit but that's okay. I couldn't tell you the heathcliff in garfield gar villas white. I think it was just cool. Calm laid back sarcastic. He cliff was like a troublemaker bad yeah. I liked ti cliff so you originally did. That's my point. Is you call raja heckle and jacob but also it could be heathcliff live on garfield just to <hes> just to just to put the cats hanging out heckling thirty five years ago heathcliff premiered mirror lord. I believe i i skipped the cat cartoons. Yeah i'm not. I'm not a ca though i will say the means of some cats oh he does anybody else well. You're not don't put me all in in their. Y'all be having cats and stuff. No not in the roster castle want to be bothered with willing for sales house and he had a catalog me. You said he's like those bob. Cat those those those big ones so yeah. The cat cats was moving around. Let me repeat what do you mean is moving around. I'm curious okay. So how do i say this without sounding like <hes> antonio brown campbell's creek l. z. Just moving all slow and you sit in there all of a sudden he appears. They're very quiet stalking the always on the prowl. That's what they do what their purpose in the planet is to prowl in pounds when i was <hes> when we were trying the figure out if i was going to the cowboys bills living by self big old place to stay in my house and you don't have to stay at the hotel or anything like that i said no alkyl trump cool man you got cats and dogs because we don't really as a people we kind of do. We like dogs right right. We already fu cats. No cats can't do anything for you can protect you. They won't dispenser the doing. What do you want what open open that can give it to me now. Cats are well. What's up talk to discuss all right so there's an interesting piece on e._s._p._n. About baseball one hundred years one hundred years of the live live ball era and it's fascinating because baseball we talked about all its chains has changed now. Really you look at all these different things you look at the numbers. The one thing that has changed drastically ascoli is home runs but the rest of it is very similar to what it was as far as the frequency of a head frequency of a base runner frequency of all of these different things with the obvious exception option of home runs in the question is which is better baseball with a boatload of home runs or baseball were home runs are scarce or according to the story back in nineteen nineteen nineteen fans five games one hundred nineteen thousand nine hundred. You'll see a home run once every five games now mm-hmm twenty nineteen. You're going to see a homerun you go to a game. You're probably going to see a home run. We're gonna see more than one probably going to see more than i like seeing home runs but i but <hes> i like seeing them because i like it's just exciting like all of you know all of a sudden bang all were down. We're up. All you know it's like i. I liked that part of baseball so i don't understand why people complain because it's scarcity right exactly in one thousand nine hundred nineteen you could go to three games and never see a home run they <music>. You're listening for this who said of apply to get it out over one thousand nine hundred go back to one thousand nine hundred sixty when probably participation participation for african-americans baseball's okay but dad that's where it was when the best players in the league were a lot of black players and and then the seventy s same thing in the eighties kind of the same then it starts to trail off to where you have fewer and fewer branch out because then more latinos yes started to be allow shola way and baseball. They just lied it enough that same were you saying they're brown. Brown's with the point about the scarcity is if there's three home runs at night it's still fun and because it's fun to watch the ball over the fence but it's also not unusual whereas before when you saw him run it with something special and the other part is a little bit of aesthetics that and i've have come around on this i was i was more of the home run type of fan like i wanted to see home runs now because there's dodge you're gonna see four or five home runs in any watering-down water ordered to have -solutely well. I don't want to just see home. That's right gimme a single still a base now hit a jack good. That's good opportunity to steal a pace and opt in to hit and run but i don't with three solo shots. I don't want that and i don't warring boom. Play you want the defense. After play. You want plays at basis as if as fun as the homerun is it is but when the ball when a budgeted in the left centerfield gap and that guy takes off out of the fun you know there's going to be a play at a base could be a play at second base. It could be a played third gyco sliders valley way. There's a guy on base. There's going to be a play at the plate another thing. That's going to happen in like stealing bases just movement. That's not happening anymore. Because why are they going so basically if someone's gonna hit a home run they're not putting out at risk so there's way let's move to strike out or homerun strikeout homerun guess what's not going up right now. With that are ratings nineteen eighteen nineteen you could see a steel wants to twelve games now twenty four games and the big thing travis and i were talking about not at all in one thousand nine hundred nineteen once every eighty games. You can see a triple now. It's once every two hundred and four hundred one wow it triple which i don't know if it's like a guy's second base he goes. I'm tired. I'm good. It's a the the risk of trying to advance to third is not <hes> is is is too great as opposed to all. Stay here and wait for them to drive dry ed very quickly here. Think about this vince coleman couldn't get the ball in the infield every time that guy came up to bat you're watching because if he got on base even even if vince coleman or ricky henderson ricky henderson had some pop but you had these guys like vince coleman who he couldn't get the ball in the infield he comes up to bat. You're paying attention. Must dude was going to be on third base really really quick so far. That's gone and that's no good. He was so fast and you know the day next friday friday. We will be live in west covina al pescador restaurant far football friday party next friday september thirteenth also it's the kickoff to mexican mexican independence day weekend l. pescador restaurant west covina eleven twenty five west west covina parkway off the ten freeway across the street from sizzlers. We got happy hour specials starting in at seven a._m. Breakfast specials get on our v._i._p. Was to be there and you'll have a better chance to win. Those rams saints rams home. Opener tickets texts corona to four zero zero seven zero five corona to four zero seven five. We got morning. Show t-shirts going to be a party. You know how the show the people does it all brought to you by corona extra game on lime. I'm in to make sure we get that bacon order in there too and it's buddy holly's bertha eighty-three would have been eighty yeah. I did run down eighty three years old buddy holly plane crash with yes yes and the big bopper they're all. I knew they all died in their altogether yup. I didn't know that part of it all right so remote thirty for thirty five come on now out. She's really good reporting talk. I saw the buddy holly movie. There was a great balls of fire during the louis. Hey you know what else is really good. I didn't pay it off. His birthday is brought to you. Jaguar land rover newport beach seventy three toward the sea visit land rover newport beach dot com land rover above and beyond no one else is pretty good all right it is football. Season key will start with a football topic. The chiefs are the odds on favorite to win the super bowl according to las vegas. The chiefs are the team to beat as a super bowl champs coming into the season. Take shake. I would take it right. I mean new england yeah. Oh yeah why not cause new england goes to the super bowl every year my wants. It's my it's there to step down one day right. Is there time to slow down. Is there time to let somebody. Somebody else grabbed the trophy. <hes> it's it's their time. Everything sometimes things go on forever but then eventually it stops and people take over the lakers win forever. No celtics win forever. No new england will be back at some point in time but they won't be back this year because kansas city to me in the a._f._c. is right there. They just got to figure out how to change that defense and get the defense to play is so hard for me. Evoke key to see someone be the favorite to do something when you have a historic season to be successful fifty touchdowns historic season. I need to see a normal season. It can be sustained and you still have a great deal for me to believe it but i said this to you. Before coach that you don't have to have af fifty touchdowns from patrick mahomes to be a successful winning team they can do it with four thirty haven't seen him do it yet. That's my point. They could do it with thirty thirty. Five in nike kit the rest of the touchdown somewhere else defensively special teams. I'm gonna adding one here because what you just said the new england patriots and tom brady. We'll finally start to show their age this season taking a shake it no they won't show their o._t.'s shake. It shake it. I gotta shake it. She's they won't show their age is that the pages won't finish the deal to be like a._f._c. Championship loss in kansas city type type situation for new all right. Stay with the patriots for second rob gronkowski in an interview. Yesterday said that he could quote easily return to the n._f._l. That it would take him one month month to get back in football shape rob gronkowski will play this season. Take it shake. It shake it. He won't don't play this season because bill belichick is not going to ask him to come back and bill doesn't want this in and out in and out in and out in in and out. That's not their person. It's not his personality so gronkowski. Pick up the phone sekou kubrick week nine. He'll be like well. We'll we'll let let me talk to let me talk to tommy. Let me talk to craft it. Let's figure it out that day and he'll come back to say now. We're okay because by the time what if author not but then they're not okay if they're not okay then the seasons probably gonna be over with them and then i'm going to need him back anyway. I know oh right that was that was like it either. Nobody likes being sad. Oh yeah he passed ready in a month key yeah yeah that's a long tastes for the he's already. He's already in finland guys stop. He's already in shape red-carpeted new slid. It takes different tasks about a month before the grilled chicken and grilled chicken. Didn't the muscular broccoli all broccoli. We saw the game last night. It was ugly. It was bad especially offensively both teams james. Look like you know what if we get a week or two of bad football like that n._f._l. Coaches will rethink the preseason. Take it or shake shake. Yeah that was one game was a little bit of an outlier. It's not something that happens to. Let's say we get two weeks of that. You're not it's no it's not going to happen is the key the coaches some coach who's gonna play their players in the preseason because that's what they know and they taught and they learned and that's what it is some coaches or say no so if the rams went seven games this year we the people do you think people all of a sudden go back to plan their guys know. Mcveigh is going to say i'm not putting my guys is again next year. Here's the here's the scenario that i was thinking about last night watching this. It could be one of those where somebody says. You know what we're right on the bubble. We might be a playoff team. We might not this thing could go either way but what if i can grab a couple early. Games didn't set a split in these two. I can get him in what i'm gonna do is. I'm going to be a little bit sharper for two weeks right out of the gate. That's the scenario to me that makes she's thank you know what maybe i will play my guys certainly after watching the rams first half against the raiders and then watching what we saw thursday there is something to be. He said about not having any preseason for starters. It just doesn't look right so you're right travis. A smarty pants may play their guys. The last two preseason gains because because then for them. They don't have the kinks to work out but if you're a bad team is not going to matter in my opinion because a good team is going to rise to the occasion with in the course of a game. Hey whereas a bad team. It doesn't matter if you've got a head start playing you guys. Not you stink you still think and and guess what why would you say your guys in the preseason last couple of games when when people were playing dogs your team's gonna be planning against dogs the last couple of games it doesn't it's not going to happen and out of the huddle sharp. You could do that in practice obviously not doc no. It's just that first of all they green bay green bay went up against a good defense in chicago aaron rodgers sack five times he was hurried. I don't know how many so so it's it's a little bit different. That's all it's your bisky going mean bitch bisky. You know that's for sure. Eagles head coach doug peterson said carson wentz. Let the team work for oh you carson. Wentz will take that advice. Take it or shake it. Take it take it all carson. Wentz will let the team worked worked for him. He got players. They brought in tucson jackson. They got a nelson aguilar. El al sean jefferies they they're toying around with the idea of adding melvin gordon to the backfield so when you start to look at that they're trying to give him as much weapons around him to be successful as possible. If you allow allow other people to do the job for you and you just get the credit. You'll be successful if you try to do it all by yourself. It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. Ezekiel elliot will touch the ball twenty five or more times on sunday. Take it or shake take. I'll take really know camp. No nothing no soft torino renault joey bosa first time you go you pull something worse. I i said thirty five earlier i think between twenty five and thirty touches for him twenty twenty or so on the ground in a couple of screens bags balls out of the backfield to now check now's in all that to buy to check swing passes rail routes. I mean he's gonna they do fifty million dollars. You think they've just be like because then. I cut both ways though key. I just gave him fifty million dollars. I don't wanna blow a tire in the first game in china blow a tidy cleanest giants. They're trying to blow all four tires four of them right. I mean there's no there's no late. Let's we got sixteen games. We gotta play. We got the playoffs. Hopefully let's. Let's make sure that we don't have z. Cam leasing workhorse. We got two years. Maybe three you can't do that. Two or three years to utilize is him to get the best out of him. Running the ground like a dog. That's that's the terrier believe i know it is reported reported that the deal is like six or seven years eight years or something like that mess a two to three year deal. That's it. We're going to run in the ground. Get the most out of here and while we can because if we don't don't we're gonna wind up missing the playoffs this weekend. You don't want to be rusty and the packers and bears with my regular season for one look like it's lombardi level right lombardi level performance go to bluetooth dot com b. l. u. Each shoe dot com like you chew a chicken wing use promo code seven ten and you're not gonna have to pay for anything just five dollars shipping you too can perform lombardi level all weekend long and chew it and do it.

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