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The latest from our daily newsletter at pod news dot net sell audio than audio sounds. Profitable on next is now live with more than two dozen companies taking part promoting that new show in an old podcast upfront. You can learn more at sounds profitable or start listening now. The feet also includes panels had a look at the trends behind podcast consumption defined the links in our show notes and our newsletter. Today iheartmedia released that a one. Twenty-one results podcasting revenue grew one hundred forty two percent year on year according to the earnings call overall though the company's revenue fell nine point. Five percent year-on-year aussies quarter one. Twenty-one results so weaker results in podcasting says ceo david field. The company formerly known as entercom so overall revenue full by nineteen percent. Here on earp hellofresh manscaping and better help are the brands that people remember the most from podcast ads in quarter one. Twenty-one addison research says in their podcast consumer tracker the former ceo vice uk motto mara has joined premium podcast company novel has director and chief strategy and operating officer net flakes might be working on a portal called n plus which could include podcasts according to reports the podcast academies first annual awards the ambi will be hosted by cameron s. They've announced he'll be streamed live on sunday from seven thirty eastern time clubhouse is now available on android in the us only the android app is missing number of features from the live audio companies ios. Podcast one has signed a first look development deal with picture perfect federation poltrak has published its top publisher data april. It's the five year anniversary. If these numbers which lists participating publishers only total global downloads fell by two percent in comparison to march but then april has three point three fewer days than march. On where brown's brave has added a playlist feature in their irs. Which allows users to save an access audio and video including podcasts. It's a mondays. Oh time for some tanks staff apple podcasts crawler which now exclusively powers new apple podcasts app. He's getting better at visiting feeds to check for new episodes if all feeds or anything to go by rss stats show. That it's now visiting every twenty minutes rather than every hour and a half the costing two point. Oh project is working on an alternative to web saab. Which could fix that appalled. Paying dot cloud is a distributed alternative. That is say developers better suited to podcasting so crawlers can be told to come visit when you publish episode as a get hub repo and pod paying watcher that lets you watch in real time and we are now picking. That service is apple. Podcasts crawler also reporting itself has something else we've seen requests from the same. Ip address calling itself jakarta commons that bug. And if it is how do we re bugs to apple anyway and something that looks like hold facetti but running in the browser might be of interest wave form playlist might be for you to build on oiling to the full source code today. I mean podcast. News teenager therapy a coming of age. Podcast by five teens has been pronounced as the winners the audio impacts awards at the ambitious part. Podcast pot radio show. Chill debates is new from former bbc radio. Dj phil taggart. And i'm sure it's pronounced that way. The spotify show with music has run. Since december starts a new season with guests and a weekly mental musical massage talk. Sic the britney spears stories a new investigative documentary coming july from witness dogs. A unit of sirius. Xm's stitcher and birds are in trouble. The population of breeding birds in the us has declined by nearly a third. Since one thousand nine hundred seventy a new podcast. All about that called brain birds back a podcast that aims to make bird conservation accessible to everyone. The first episode will be on wednesday. May the nineteenth make sure you tweet about it. And that's the latest from our newsletter f. All the links were appalled news nets.

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