HOUR 1- Charles Barkley Aug 26, 2020


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You are listening to the Dan Patrick Show on Fox sports radio too big day, Wednesday and the Danettes Dan Patrick Show. Glad to have you onboard Charles Barkley will join US coming up here in about twenty minutes. I think he's out of the prediction business, but chuck will join us the colts. quarterback Philip. Rivers fritzy likes Philip Rivers. Now he hated him when he played for the chargers, it's very true. Yeah. Are You gonNa Tell Philip Rivers when you get him on the phone hey, I hated you almost fifteen year oddly not gonna do that. Okay. Our favorite. NBA reporter Christine's will join us on the program from the bubble that'll be. Eight seven seven three DP show email address DP Dan Patrick, dot com twitter handle at DP, show we all know that often sells sports changed the rules to help scoring the NFL. Did it with passing baseball with balls and although they denied the NBA. Cut Out a lot of the physicality which has created more spread out games. Offense is the rockets don't just spread the ball. They almost ignore point shots and they hoist up as many threes as possible and right now tied with the thunder a two games apiece opening round playoff series in game four in A. Loss. The attempted fifty, eight, three pointers and they passed up easy to point chances kicked back out. This isn't new for them when it works, it's unstoppable and when it doesn't work, it's unstoppable because they can't stop chucking up threes. The warriors won titles with their version of this kind of offense but the rockets go to the next level. If they go to the next level can lead to a championship and you've got basketball coming up tonight it'll be the thunder and the rockets, the Blazers Lakers magic and the bucks the nuggets came back to beat the jazz and. It's three two in that series the clippers rolled the mavericks and they're now leading three games to two yesterday Reggie. Miller. In the final hour of the show said, he needed probably about sixty five points between Paul George and letter and I said, well, I, feel pretty confident that I can give you thirty. I wasn't sure about Paul George but last night Paul George played well, and what was interesting was not during the game and how he played but. After. The game. The bubble got the best of me. I was just in a dark place. A really wasn't here. I checked out these past couple of games in which is difficult. Shot out the people that stood behind me. That was in my corner the positivity, my teammates, my family friends everybody. Thank everybody reached out to me. I was just in a bad place and I found my way back. And I look forward to the rest of his run. Okay. I said you know the last couple of days is there something wrong with Paul? George? Is there something wrong physically with him and as it turns out maybe mentally there has been he was in a dark place maybe depression there and came out of it last night now granted they were kind of hollow numbers but if I'm Doc rivers, I'm encouraged by what I saw that you're taking shots making shots. They blow out the mavericks there the Mavericks Without Kristaps Porzingis and Oh, that's right. We had a bed last night. I almost forgot about that. Yes mclovin I'm so psyched Jamaal Berry bet no no, we didn't do more. We didn't do a Jamal Murray. No, we did. Luca don-shik. Luca would not score over twenty nine points last night and all four Danette said that they would take the over. You said, he would score over. He would not for the series now again. So I got the the big German and tyler they're making I. Think it's Boston Cream pies there. Yeah. So that'll be for the. Latter part of the show. I don't want you having pile all over your face for an entire hour there. But you guys lost a bet it's content and you'll have to pay a little later on. Yes. First of all, there's nothing that puts you in a better mood in this you came in springs on your you walked into the. Boy I know. I did come in and I go pie guys. Hi Guys. Smile in your face and ask you to borrow some money today. I feel bad about wasting pies though like I don't mind getting hit but the waste of the I'm still eating mine. Well we can set it up where I put you over a table in i. hit you with you guys I'm thinking you guys do self-imposed pies like you have to smash your face kamikazes. Yeah. Yeah. What if we have to get one of the other dannettes like, ooh, like pocket get todd or todd can get Andrew or do you want to front row back-row where that can be seen? You do to Paulie and then Paulie do it to Seton. You don't want better Paulie Fritzy. METS TASTING MHM I like it. Toddy. Okay. With it whenever you guys wanted to. Okay. Do you WanNa, do it. That's fine. Do you WANNA blast Paulie in the face with a pie I'm happy to. Sign I'm you guys are looking for violence and broken? No. No I'm looking for violence. No broken noses whatever you sign me. You have Paulie Seton as mclovin for violence and broken. Wrong with you. It's a pie, it's just part of the. Reason for delegating specific people to specific people. It's content. You and Paulie have a little whatever you have even thought. It might be fun if Paul going to let you go first by the way. Barra. He wants to. He wants to see how you. Administer the. Have Lance Lynn Jessop. Yes, we club can we throw them editor from five feet away to add like flexibility comes into this to instead of having the right to make sure you get hit because you guys might have some kind of side deal where you go a seat and I'm GonNa Act like I throw Paulie can't throw I could barely hit someone who's physically next to me. Yeah. I mean we've got one good. I can't have that. So that's a little bit later on today poll question you gotTa play the day I'm sure Ethan will come up with his stat of the day as well. There was a moment last night. You know the game was out of reach with clippers and the mavs but there was a moment last night where Marcus Morris stepped on Luca Danni chicks ankle this just happened to be the sore ankle this sprained ankle. Now it's hard to read into intent but I'm not gonNA. Give Morris, the benefit of the doubt if this had been Paul George than I would or Leonard than I would. But I'm not going to in this situation here because if you look at Morris when he approaches Luca, he's not even making a basketball play because it's an out of bounds and he immediately it's almost like he targets Luca Danni chick and goes right for the. So of all the ankles he's stepping on he steps on the bad ankle there and what was he doing around Don-shik in the first place? After basket and taking the ball out of bounds. I don't know like the NBA needs to at least say something because you've had the mantras Herrell moment. With what he said to. Luca. Danni chick. There was a lot of chatter last night that the clippers were saying things back to don-shik outlook. I don't want this to be a hey, let's tattletale and all Luca. Don. Chick, by all accounts looks like a grown man, he can take care of himself. But, the NBA has to worry about this because you can't pick and choose when you're handing out discipline or you choose to look or listen the other way and I think that. I hate saying it but I felt it last night. If last night's game was a close out game and the clippers were acting the way they were. On the bench and then this happened, you might have seen something where push came to shove. I think the commissioner got to at least. Send a message here that we're not GONNA put up with this Rick Carlisle got tossed from that game last night because he thought that Morris did it on purpose. Not that he's going to say that he did it on purpose but it looked like he did it on purpose here is Luca after the game. To him you know he's just. Saying a lot of. Bet stuff to me all the game you know and just want to talk to him. Like I say we're going to have their own opinion. And you know I just hope it wasn't. That wasn't action. Does really bad. Yeah. In the NBA at least has to get the clippers attention just to say guys. We're not. GonNa, put up with this And you don't want to appear to just be protecting Lucan this situation but given what has happened already. Never. When Luke got close line and then porzingus got a technical there. You know where they grab even spun him around. So they've been and this is the book you know you're trying to be physical on him. You want to see what he can take. You know they did this with Novitsky when he first came in. They used to make fun of him on the sidelines, his rookie year. Calling him a lot of different things stuff like this happens. But in the bubble where we get to hear this and then we saw this, we saw the actual footage of what Morris was doing to Luca Donncha opinion it looked like he was trying to target him. And find the NBA. You can't judge intent but given the temperature of the series I'd be judging intense right now from commissioner silver. Yes. If you're the NBA and this is an obvious questions like the NFL quarterbacks don't you overprotect stars especially with the ratings, you can't have a game without Luca Danni present and anything to keep those stars on the court. You Ding a guy like Morris and no one will miss a beat if he's not in the game and you know all astros Berkeley about it because I I'm not here to overly protect but I do think that there are moments where you're leading the guy who has less talent dictate and that's the problem I have with the Clippers mantras Herrell. He makes up and he celebrates like he just one game seven. Morris out there you gotTa have these guys. These are valuable guys to win a championship, but you can't let that guide dictate what is going to happen. It's like when you have a goon in hockey and he all of a sudden is going to dictate what happens to the star players. It's just not good for the sport and I think that that's something that any league should be looking out for not just the NBA club, but it never goes away. I mean Draymond is. Dream on every title t marcus. Smart Draymond Green is going to be a hall of Famer when it's all said and done right but. Herrell nobody's going to care about his career but I still think draymond legacy might be got booted out of that finals for Young Guy. I know being stupid it cost a championship, but that's the role he plays. He's at least talented. These guys you know dream on as made all star teams, right? What do you think Marcus smart because he's got, he's effective like he plays super hard but he's also seems kind of dirty but I don't know if he's a cheap shot artist. This is I'm grabbing Luca goes to the hoop. This is how this started and then they grabbed him spun him around and then he said something and that's when Porzingas came in and then porzingis ended up getting tossed in a game that had he not gotten tossed they would won in my opinion. But if you're gonNA play hard basketball. A playoff foul is different than a regular season found least it used to be but that to me, you accidentally step on the best player on the floor on his injured ankle I. Don't think I'm GonNa give you and it wasn't in a in a in a scrum. It wasn't going up for a rebound or. I accidentally did it. To me it felt like it was an opportunity. It just did. Club isn't that sports though you go after the injured bar I know it's like football. But I can't do that in the NBA where I'm GonNa, go after your ankle by stepping on it where you're not even watching. Right. But the history of the mean football you would go if you knew the running back at an injured ankle, you'd step on his foot in the pile every time you cook right? It's a different. Football basketball is all in the seventies and eighties I felt like it was kind of like that. But if you got caught then that's where you have to answer in my opinion. The clippers played great. Played Great. That should not be overshadowed. They played great and maybe they looked at what the Lakers did the other night and went. Better step our game up really quick here because we could be in trouble and they haven't played great. They're still getting their pieces together but I'm not GonNa Give Morris or herald the benefit of the doubt in these situations here because you have an earned it. And DONNCHA has said this has been going on. The officials need to police this because basketball doesn't police itself. Because you don't have somebody on Dallas going hey, I'm going to step on Magin if somebody goes down almost up on ankle. I'm going to be dirty to Qui-. You don't want that. We want the best players on the floor. I don't want some marginal player out there dictating what could have imagined if do Luca. Couldn't play the next game. So we get cheated because of that because you allow this to happen or. You didn't step in after the fact to say we're not putting up with this nonsense anymore but. You Got Games coming up tonight you got the Lakers trying to close out the blazers, thunder and rock edge in that one is really interesting tonight magic in a box. The Greek freak is the defensive player of the year and he's also going be the MVP I. Don't Know How many times you've had defensive player of the year and MVP in the same season. But you're seeing something special with the Greek freak I know he's not must see. TV is teams not must see TV, but he's he's turning in one of the great seasons the last couple of seasons and I, always want to see how you improve. He went from averaging six points to twelve to seventeen to twenty, two, twenty, three to twenty, seven to almost twenty, eight to almost thirty every single year scoring has gone up. got. To be a better free throw shooter but I'm nitpicking there. But that's pretty impressive with what he's done by the way. The next great podcast you have your opportunity and the contest will close on. Monday next great podcast DOT COM, you submit your pitch, all the details are there. We're going to select up to ten semifinalists to give them a thousand dollars to produce a pilot episode, and then you're GonNa have people voting on this around the country, the next rate podcast, dot common. 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So yeah that'd be disappointing one more quickly and WHO's The guy? WHO's stars risen the most in the bubble Joel Murray Damian Lillard. Donncha. Spider Mitchell. That's a good one. Jamal Murray's getting there. The problem is, is he plays in the afternoon. So you only get to see his highlights him and Donovan Mitchell but I would say, Damian Lillard. We knew don-shik we knew. I'd say, Jamal Murray because Mitchell was rookie year wasn't he? I think Jamal I keep looking at Jamal Marie and I go Bam a bio Devon Booker and I go how? Kentucky only win one national title with all the Talent Tyler. Herro I mean, could they have so much talent that went through there? I let me get to a Charles Barkley, who of course, the star of TNT Chuck Good Morning. How are you? Good morning brother how you doing I'm doing okay. I was worried about you last night they were picking on you and I thought if Kenny was a little bit bigger, you might have popped him. Now man we just have fun. As, crazy right now working every day. So we just trying to make people watching and enjoying the show master ballsbridge. Good. But are you out of the prediction business? For today. I'm GONNA take some time off I'm three guaranteeing. Time House. Yeah. But you have to have something attached to your guarantee like if it doesn't happen, then this has to happen. Well. The good thing about my guarantees I'm not in one of those states rock embed only on the APP right now for fan do so and I'm not near Cassino so. Reading. That right. Right now they're just works. Well that's probably a good thing. I did love the blazers prediction just from the fact that you were so strong with it and shack broke your broom. When you said there is going to be a sweep. That was good TV. Yeah, man, you know the Blazers looks like they've run Outta gas but the main thing, the Lakers of making shots, they were the worst three point shooting came in NBA all season but the last three games they're making shots I, mean we knew. And Lebron, we're GONNA play great. But. Now, they're making shots the kids can they keep doing it? I, mean because it even on a hot streak. Their. Track records said they had the worst inmate three points Jane in the NBA. Season Yeah I don't know if Portland is going to solve everything for the Lakers to me. It was kind of the perfect team to face because they don't play any defense, but I don't know what's going to happen this next round I mean Utah's been surprisingly good considering commonly left the bubble Bogdanovich had the wrist surgery there. So I don't know who WHO THE LAKERS WANNA FACE BETWEEN DENVER IN UTAH. The don't they played a rockets next. Read she reggie was saying yesterday that. That the Lakers facing Utah would be great. Well. First of all. Utah I can't remember the brackets right off the top of my head club in check that for me did see if chuck is right. Yeah B-. Lakers rockets, Lakers rockets okay or. KC Okay Allison it. It all depends on Westbrook, but they'd be favored over the rockets. Denver Series Democles Defense I'll pick them to win that series. They played great last night but. That's still a pick concerns in my opinion. I'm trying to figure out what the rockets I mean that philosophy you live by it and you die by it. You know. Do I mean they'd pass up twos chuck? To take. You know what listen? Style go with you know in the third quarter. Eighth Straight. Theresa Start. And went out to a good lead, and then down the stretch, they were five for twenty six. They were asking for for twenty six through on up at the Buzzer that went and then count. I mean accounted. So they will flow really four, twenty six. It was great. It works but I think shooting a basketball is probably the hardest part of Ascot Ball. And you just GonNa go through streaks, we can't make them. You know that year they against the warriors. Thirty in a row. And Mike my question is, can they against an elite came on the lead the team? Can they make four out of seven days and I think that's too hard to do. Yeah. I'm with you on that I. Think they're a great regular season curiosity. But when it gets to the postseason I, just think that's system is flawed because they're shooters aren't as good as golden state shooters and Golden State plays defense as well when they were having their title runs. And also thank you so much presser. Own One. Guy James is the best one on one player I probably ever seen. You know no disrespect, a Michael Kobe but James Harden when I said a few years ago everybody said I was crazy. Now they know this guy is unstoppable one on one but the problem is you always get tired I mean I remember when I was living I live in Phoenix I thought Steve Nash wore down every year I believe that I just think it's too hard to do that. For Two straight months. And the same with Iverson. These guys who have to carry that every single night people don't realize. The pressure and just the energy that you. Do exert tried to do that every single night. Well. Dan One thing I've said is. You have to do it every single night. You think about it Lebron had a bad game and they still be. You know You know Jamal Murray's had some bad like James. Harden is the only player in the NBA. WHO has to play? Great. Team to win every night because he has the ball one hundred percent of the time. He has the GLADE. Great. Every single night there's no other player in the NBA who has to play grades for their team to win. Argue Luca has to play great for that team to win. But I'm saying he can get. The other day when he scored applauded once that was fantastic but he got twenty five points they can still win. James has to get in my just my range as asa get a minimum of thirty. But have team because he he's the guy especially with no Ross. Yeah I I understand what you're saying and speaking of Luca last night you know the clippers blow him out but you know there's that moment where more steps on Lucas Bat ankle. Now if you're the NBA. You read anything you. It's hard to read intent into something Charles but given the physicality what's happened with the clippers to Luca and what they've said and done do you say or do anything to the clippers if you're the commissioner? Plays not look good. In my opinion because if you look at the play, the balls are in place already dead. The balls in the basket does no reason for him to be going toward the basket you would be getting back on Defense I. Don't WanNa get on your show accused somebody that plan Bertie but I will say this that was no reason for him to go into a lucrative that situation I mean the balls in the basket. And you normally begin back on defense is not a good look. I mean. Adam's have to take a look at that, but it doesn't look good. I'M NOT GONNA lie. Yeah. Once again, it's hard to read intent in there but I agree with you I said that about fifteen minutes ago Moore's is not making a basketball move. There's no reason for him to be going towards Luca because it's an inbound pass there, and then he steps on the back of his ankle there. So I mean it listen I don't ever want to get on TV accuse somebody doing something dirty but I'm saying Listen evidence does not look good. There's no reason I mean the balls in about I've looked at it. Hundred Times I'm exaggerating obviously I'm like, okay. The balls ended up basket. Up He's not even close to the lane when the ball goes in the basket and then he runs in the lane and stepped on the guy. Ankles is not a very good look. What do you think of the clippers right now last night change anything. Well I think they saw the Lakers play with great energy and effort, and like you know what? We can't beat the teen away where plan. Listen, I. think that one hundred percent of people in the world going into the season thought it was going to come down to the Lakers clippers. Think it's fair to say is still gonNA come down to legs clippers in the West. You know Denver's really inconsistent. Bad. Defensively I thank you taught loss of mcdonagh bits is the really big deal. I thought Donna's play. That was a creek I'm series. So I don't think anything changed. My mind is GONNA. Be the Lakers and the clippers. In. The Western Conference finals in my pain. Charles Barkley Lawler Famer T., and T.'s inside the NBA joining us on the program. Greek, Freak is defensive player of the year. Now, he's going to be the MVP. It's can you be the best player in the sport but not be the face of a sport? Well listen what he's accomplished at this age. Is Incredible, and I'll tell you what Dan, he such a great kid. Humility I think about last year when we had him on a award show and he won the MVP he was crying. I mean even last night we gave him to defensive player of the year. He was emotional. He's a great kid. I heard you guys talking about earlier one of your poll questions, I? Mean he's only twenty six. Michael Jordan win his first championship until he was twenty eight. I think the same thing with Lebron. I get frustrated when these guys immediate not you guys in the media time but we'll have you don't win the championship this year he's got leave Milwaukee I'm like nobody said that Michael Jordan when he was you know. I love the way. These guys like, oh, he hasn't wanted. He's got to leave Milwaukee to win the championship I. Hope He wins the championship be great for the NBA. OB STAYS MILWAUKEE. I'd hate to see him join a super team. That, the NBA. But what he's accomplished so far is incredible and our love for him to be the face of the NBA because he's such a great kid and a hell of a player. Whose reputation has gone up the most in the bubble Damian don-shik Tomorrow Murray Donovan Mitchell. Oil. That's a really difficult question at a great question listen. I think. Dame was. You know that came mandate got a lot of talent I. Hate they ran out of gas i. wish they could be together for the entire season because they would have been one to see. but. Donovan has done so far. and. What Lucas Don. Man I listen the NBA is got some young some great players. They're really close to ban superstars. I mean man I feel really good about what we're going in the future but I don't think you can say. I'll take any one of those. You've mentioned man to be honest with you I mean they've been great in the bubble and listen I WANNA give Adam several shout out. Let. Me Tell you man I have been on the record I thought it was no way this thing would work. I thought it was no way to stay work with my boys in hockey. Shoutout to the Tampa Bay lightning game last night by John Cooper coach watching the whole gang. But let me tell you something. I thought there was no way to stay in could work without a bunch of positive tests but shout out to Gary, Bettman, Adam Silver, and also to the players. But the fan really I mean, we had a couple hiccups, but I cannot believe we made a diff- for with no positive tests. Now, that's going to change the next round we start bringing in families and things like that. But. We've already been father than I ever thought we would get. Also Paul George said he was in a dark He was battling depression in the bubble there. Yeah I'm not sure what that was about. I have already talked to a couple of players complaining about the food and things like that. I'm not sure when you listen the people who live in an pandemic who've lost their jobs. You Know Got Hurricane Bob balanced down on the Houston to hurricanes. You know so I don't think guys make May. Should be were just stuck in a place where they can go fishing and play golf basketball and make million dollars. That's not a dark place the thing that just happened. detained happening with his pandemic audit people lose their jobs. Those people are dark place. We are the luckiest people in the world dribble stupid basketball to make Manza dollars would never in a dark place I I just think we need to be careful what we complain about. I mean those people getting ready to get hit with those two hurricanes in the middle of a pandemic. That's awful. Man My thoughts, those people. You brought up what happened in Wisconsin with Jacob Blake and there was talk yesterday that some of these players were looking at maybe sitting out you know the the Raptors, a couple of Fred Benfleet. That maybe they would sit out a game in protest of what happened when he was shot seven times. This might come down to does Lebron. I don't how much pressure is on the Brown to do something because when Lebron does it than everybody else does it? Do. You think that that there's a potential of these players may be sitting out a game as a show protests with what happened. Yeah I'm not sure what that would do to be honest with you. I think got an amazing platform. I don't like last night. That reveiz I thought stole the show I thought he was amazing. Just motion. Dan I say I'm Never GonNa tell anybody that right around the way they WANNA protest but I'm not sure how sit out a game bore conduct game would have affected the situation. You know we need police reform, prison reform. Those are two things we really need. You know I talked about it. Last night on the show said know I'm disappointed that because backups are making it unsafe for the good cops. That's what the dessel what what I I I said last night. If audit good copter most cops are great i. don't Care What anybody says. I. Most of the cops are great. But they're making an unsafe flooded good cops bad cops disappointed in the police union. I think the police need to get together and get rid of they're doing to be honest with you because they're making unsafe but a good cops. We need cops. If it wasn't for cops, I mean everybody called on things are bad. COPS shouldn't be cops. My my bodyguard is a COP, but thirty years is why was accomplished thirty years shutout out the James Heywood. And he talked, we talk about it all the time I always get his opinion on only shootings. And he also hey, you're timid when it comes to write it timid when the cops are wrong and. This clearly was. You know the shooter guy back with kids in the car. I know that was case Cason beforehand, which I'm not sure. I'm not sure what's going on with the media. They did not show us the altercation in advance that was an obligation in advance. Before he went to his car, they have a show that but that being said I. think there's a vital gotta find a way to de escalate the situation without shooting a guy that back seven times with his kids in the car. And unarmed. And on arms. Right. You know I think you have to be Catholic there Dan like I. Say I know he was alarmed but you know if you get in a fight with somebody, they go to their car a really scary situation but that's gotta be a better way to shoot Shuna guy seven times in the back with his kids in the car. Good to visit with you. You Got Thunder Rockets, Magic Bucks Blake Blazers Lakers. Exciting know Dan this is. A real job. NCAA tournament. Yeah, but that's only A. You know. Then I'm fifty seven I've never worked every day of my life. This is no joke. I'm starting to like you add nerds a lot more. Man Get up and go to work every day. This is Joe I. Don't know how people don't get up everyday and go to work. Well, they call professional players. They're called jocks. We don't go to work every day. Are you playing golf today? No Man, the weather has been awful in Atlanta. You know we're in a bubble in Atlanta. It has rained every day for. Getting the remnants of those two hurricanes. So is it has rained everyday ball week and it's GonNa rain every day another week because like I? Say we're not in the path a hurricane but we get. The side effects have you had checkout playing golf. No No. No. No shock is he's too busy smoking hookah to play golf. Video Shack. Smoking Hookah. Shack does every single day. Bam Hookah. I. Been I've been a couple of times because I'm not a bit who guy but he loves his hookah man he loves it. What kind of feeling does it give you? You. Know it. It didn't do anything for me I I. Don't know how to other people do it remains like when I smoke. I smoked pot like five times in my life and all it made me WanNa do is eat potato chips. I got a couple of homeboys who love bottles smoking all the time I've tried about five times in my life. Magazine all it makes me WANNA do is eat potato chips. You don't need to do that. No. No. But I'm saying like I love potato chips obviously like most people do would. Be like one of my boys man tried. And I tried and I'm like. It makes me feel no type away I'm like Yo manages making me hungry. Of like Yoga. Yoga I've done yoga before like. Well, don't it take you to a different place I'm like Nah don't do anything for me I feel like I'm stretching. It doesn't free my mind anything. It just makes me feel like I'm stretching. Good to visit with you and thanks for joining us. Thank you for having me. That's Charles Barkley would take a break play of the day is up next here. 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There are one and a half games back the twins at the top of the central I believe the nationals traded g Lido to the White Sox in two thousand sixteen for Adam Eaton. I like the White Sox's talent. I don't know if anybody even in Chicago cares about the white. SOx. Talent. Sell side I guess they do but. It feels like they got a little bit of a base there of maybe be in an interesting team they're. Play the day is brought to you by home depot when it comes to flooring options for the pros, no-one covers floors better than the home depot with everyday low prices even bigger savings when you purchase by the Pallet, the pros best option when it comes to floor the Home Depot where doers get more done I mentioned the number of players who went to Kentucky and I'm watching Devon Booker go off and Jamal Murray Bam, Atta Bio Eric Bledsoe, you start to run down Anthony Davis and then you go Kentucky won one title. With all of that talent that went through there. It's like the Atlanta Braves. You know the braves won one world series title and all of those divisions I'd like fourteen playoff appearances and they won one title and had one of the great rotations in the history of baseball. But you start to run down like I didn't even mention Darren Fox Chad Gildas Alexander. Amos kanter. Kevin Knox. Maliki monk who else is on the kid can. Nerlens Noel Patrick. Peterson. Julius randle Rajon Rondo Karl Anthony Towns John Wall PJ Washington. That's probably twenty five players from Kentucky who were in the NBA right now. Man. In you know the Giancarlo Pari when he's recruiting those kids put that list front and Center on the desk. Here's the what my guys have made. Here's what he always talks about his foreign players who made a billion bucks, but you brag about it because I would then go. How many championships did you win? I know you're only there one year and coach cal is upfront. He's transparent with that but. Like accidentally, you'd think you'd win another title with that group and didn't they win a title and Anthony Davis in the title game did he not score in the title game? I? A couple foul shots or something he got on the board but. Yeah. But Man. That's a lot of talent going through there. It's of like when I watch an NFL game and I'll go oh, that guy went to Lsu in that guy went to Lsu in that guy went lsu. Like. You just go. There are just some of these schools have so much talent. Yes mclovin but it's not as bad as a North Carolina football that had eight first round picks and they're not good at all. Yes. There are times when you go to North Carolina, he went to northern how has North Carolina? Not Any good Lsu You expect them to be good coming up next hour Philip, rivers will join us on the program the colts quarterback. Would you rather have the career of Philip rivers. Ben Rothlisberger. Eli Manning. I'll hang up and. Listen. Philip rivers no titles. Rothlisberger couple of titles Eli couple title? I'm going to go rothlisberger because Rothlisburger I think has been great during the regular season and he's also got a couple of super bowls. Eli was just sort of present during the regular season, and then he had a couple of magical postseasons but Philip hasn't. Hasn't done anything in the postseason they're all three going to be hall of famers. But Ben would be a first ballot hall of Famer. If Eli is gone, I don't want to go down that path. Where is Eli Elite? Is He a first ballot hall of Famer and? I can't do that to you. Did. We settled on the poll question mclovin we good. We have a very intriguing option that I will tell you after the break look at you teasing. One hour on the books. Two more to go Seton Paulie Fritzy mclovin yours. Truly. This is the Dan Patrick Show My name is Carmen and I'm a black man who loves conspiracy theories. 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I can't say that I'm going to be right all the time but unlike the rest of these shots I'm always real. Let me tell you something Patrick Mahomes is not the Michael Jordan of football but he is the Steph curry and you know what else Janas pulling Kevin Durant and leaving the market bucks to build a super team would be great for the NBA. These are just the facts folks do yourself a favor and listened to straight fire with Jason Mcintyre? Heart radio APP apple PODCASTS, or wherever you get your podcast.

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