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Crisis on Trendfinite Earths 5/15: AP US History, Space Force, SCOOB!, Scarface


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Hello the Internet and welcome to this episode prices on. Earth. That is courtesy up. Someone whose name I did not take down. While you were talking at one point during this recording miles I will look that up. But for now I'm Jack that's miles and this. Was Trending this afternoon Oh. Yeah, do you like my announcer? Voice affiliates working? No, I told you. Don't ask for my opinion. When you know might not be the thing you're not gonNA WANNA hear. Yeah, it's mean a rough spot. Okay, my bad, my bad, because I love it. No it knew. You brought me I knew. As my announcer voice faltering. Cheese actually not unlike that announcer voice. I think about it. That's sucks. It I think it stinks and this is what's trending Hashtag a push would not have known that is. Doing now because I, have not seen a push in what helen them like nineteen years or something seven eighteen, whatever however long old I am ap US history is what that's downs for, and my goodness of for all you nerds out there. That took AP classes. I forgot that the this is AP test time right now and the AP have been happening this week and apparently there's just been. All kinds of problems to the point where HASHTAG AP US is trending on twitter, which is such a weird thing for me that we're now. There were like gripes that I had in high school I don't know maybe I'm just taking a paying more attention to these trends, but yes, a lot of people have been having trouble uploading. There's been a lot of criticism. Criticism because they're like if there are people who don't have access to computers or high speed, Internet like then they can't even take the test because normally AP. Tests for people who don't know their tests that are administered in a school normally, and if you get a passing grade of a three or up on a scale of five, you can receive college credit. And it was you gave the let these kids do. Normally. These things are three hour forty five minutes. Just write something down, but it seems like a lot of people were confused by how the document based question or you? I've been writing as a proctor for these just going to various students, windows and peering into. Make sure they're not. On the test, good Gig. Good work if he can get it. How do they ensure that people aren't cheating using the Internet? It's that's the thing so what they did was the College Board? Who Administers the test? They're like. They were basically saying like. Should we cancel to cancel these? And then all the students were overwhelmingly like hell. No, I've been trying in studying for this thing the whole year. Do not take this from you. I've been working so hard, so they pivoted very quickly and march to try and do an online version where it's like they have to verify their work. It's not even clear to me how it works, but that's why I think they went to a writing question rather than like multiple choice, because it's open book open. Like, let's just test people in their writing, and then we can check against plagiarizing from there. Make sent. Space Forces trending. because. The flag was unveiled, and it's basically just star trek level. Like they legit seem to be stealing things from star. Trek right like that's just a. that's just the STAR TREK LOGO! Yeah I think that there's been a lot of talk about that form being used since time immemorial, but it's just a lame. I mean we saw these mockups really early on, and you're say okay five. I feel bad for them like parading this flag around like it's meaningful. It's whatever it's like such a weird. You feel bad president. Yeah. I really feel. I'm really really feeling. Forum I. Mean I've just honest. Maybe we go to market on him as you. You know sort of intentionally lets people die in the country I don't know maybe. He looks like a child at a parade whereas this flags being unveiled. Beaming in the background, no mask obviously standing right next to a human another human space force. Alright, that's the thing. Oh, also just you know. He was also saying the president something about a super duper super duper one. He illiterate, he s. he used the words. I call it the super-duper missile. I'm glad we have him in charge of naming stuff. We the super. Yes. They're working on some kind of mass murderer objects, and it's a super duper missile, so don't. Don't get the wrong idea. At least all those people who are killed by whatever missile they're working on will have the dignity of being killed by something called the super duper missile. which goes seventeen times faster than current weapons? which are already as I understand it pretty fast so? Yeah meanwhile, people are starving in our own country. Well done well done guys. Scooby Doo is trending because a new movie called screwed just came out. It's all caps SEO OB exclamation point. So that's you're required to say it that way. It's an all animated Scooby Doo movie and I don't know why this exists, yeah! I'm sure I'll be watching it this weekend, so I'll be able to. Is this supposed to be a theatrical release I? Think so yeah I. Think I remember seeing trailers for this while. Man so they're going for it, they're they're following trolls into the bring. Everybody is like this. We have literally a captive audience of parents. This only would've worked if our if we were like generation. This isn't going to have the same. No like it would have taken an elder like. Parent or boomer parent to be like. Oh, yes, scoop I'll take my to that. That's like our parents like I. Would I remember like? I would say my parents were like. Yeah, let's Scooby Doo on I. Don't know if people who are parents now we're like Oh. Yes, school! My kids love it I. Don't know, is there? Like are your children aware of the existence of? No they are not at not at all. The reviews are all basically like presold fans. Especially, fans with kids of Scooby Doo Shaggy Vilma Daphne and the third named Fred are in the bag. I don't know what to tell the rest of you like. That's the best review I could fault It's just like people. People are saying it's not good. which is not fully yeah, I mean the CNN headline is. Scuba isn't much fun and either are those meddling cates. But it's written by like a old guy who doesn't seem like. He would think anything is fun. Unless it were like some going through a picture book of Classic Av, Club has a review from Katie. Rife who is a young person with dyed hair? And she says any hopes one right have of the film exceeding the low expectations set by its unnecessarily punctuated title should be abandoned forthwith, so she just basically said this. Movie Sucks in a lot of wordy way using we just need our favorite critic Jay Sherman to come back and just tell us. scarface is trending and this is. This is something. I'm very I excited about to watch with my kids so. There's apparently been a push. Since two thousand eleven to remake scarface, which is a is a movie that has had like has grown in two very iconic status, since it was released, one, thousand, nine, hundred eighty, so make sense that they would want to remake it, but it's written by the Cohn brothers. Yeah, because original screenplay is Oliver Stone, and the Brian to palm of Ryan and Dat. Weird like. That we're, we're needing a modernized reboot of scarface. Because I mean for the thing was like scarface was so huge because every rapper, it became like just absolute necessary viewing for any fan, because scarface is constantly referenced by Rap Rappers, and just like that sort of drug dealer culture know the glamorized drug dealer comes from scarface and I feel like that was my responsibility to watch it in the first place, because I wanted to be literate in the films that rappers were talking about which is drove me and I think many people young men in college to have the poster. Is just. Of like. Bro Yeah Yeah, exactly classic classic, but now like I'm curious I don't know at the same time like I love I think it would be. This sounds very interesting, but it just bizarre that this is where they've put their focus on second now we need. We need them to scarf. I mean it makes sense to me in the sense, the very first scarface. Came out and I think the thirties. it was the Hays Code I think is what it was called was like the morality that you know they use to judge movies at that time so before ratings and it was pretty violent. `Bout like. Capone like nine hundred thirty s gangster. That's really like all. They took I. Think it was Chicago Bootleg era. And I think the only thing they took was that he had a scar face and that. He wanted to have sex with his sister. Those were like the only two traits that carried over to the one thousand nine hundred eighty version, and then ended he did he Merck his manolas. I watched it like for college and a class about movie violence. Like it's interesting to me to like have every four years. There's A. There's movie that's about the gangster culture of the time I'm just curious what I think I read somewhere that they were GonNa do it as like a Mexican drug lord, which would be. I mean the thing that interests me most is the Coen brothers take on this. That's by far I mean no matter who's direct I. mean no no shade for Luca but. To the Cohen Brothers take on a gangster flick like this I think is probably the most interesting aspect of this entire and I. The guadagno aspect is interesting, too, because you're like the last couple of things you know him for like superior. Your name. Yeah, I mean I or the eighties one had. Personally with interesting things to say made by like a real s that like artist and Brian Depalma so. Maybe this could be another repeat of that formula we'll say. All right well. We gotta get off because there's a I blue angel flyover coming and we have to. Go out and salute. Oh you're going to do, I'm going to sell actually. No, IT'S A. Notes thunderbird flyover. I'm blue stand so I will be doing They'll just the the actual. The entity, not like what they're doing or what it stands for, because it's still I I am appreciative of the military for Saluting us with this flyover for completing. Three Yeah I mean look we take shots sometimes at the military industrial complex, but in in this instance very specifically very narrowly. If you're using the might of the United States Navy to get us, you know. Are you know to give us our roses via a flyover codeine? So all right miles have a great weekend. Listeners have a great weekend. Wash your hands inside declined to each other, and we'll talk on Monday. I.

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