65: More Game of Thrones, Sentient Planets, and the Roswell McDonalds


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And I'm here in Los Angeles with Tess Lynch and over a New York, we have as always a Malir Shida, Molly you make game thrones references without even meaning to there's a character called Ren Lee Barath, Ian in seasons one and two of game of thrones your super superfan. It's amazing friend of nightfall starlet kind kept telling me when we went to the run fair together with other friend of Nicole. Jane, Marie on star studied podcast team was like a real. That's like a a meet up of the ages. It's a convention an invention a coven of podcasters, we enjoyed a fried artichoke and baked potato many many festivities were had and like an old world. Just like olden times. It was great. But starry is a big game of thrones fan as we discussed last week. And this time she kept pointing at people and going. Oh, hey, do you like that? I'd be like, yeah. Yeah. That's cute. She then you like game of thrones. That's game of thrones. You like it. It's a compelling argument. It was great. She like pointed as like a girl who was probably like aria addresses our air or something. And she was like, hey like that outfit. I was. 'cause pay. Boom. You're huge game of thrones fan. She got me. I went to the Ren faire. You're halfway there. Do you love you love mediaeval times? Well, you know, like the like, the juxtaposition also of Calica and. Yeah, and stuff there's a lot of people just like wearing sublime shirts at the ran rare. Yeah. There's like a combo people so dressed up and people just wearing a raiders implem-. Like, they do every day. And that's what I love about it. It's beautiful to me. And casual and they have those coast casually. There's no dress code unfair. And they have those things where there's like a bubble that a kid can run around and the hamster ball type. On water could change the lake. Starry had an inquiry for Milady. Yes. We definitely wanna hear Starr Elise. 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Call also, we we really have to think shea Serano grand alum shea Serano who boasted are patriots to the point of like, I almost cried and feel weird admitting that, but it was it was really it was so nice of him. And yeah, we're we're really touched by all the support. And we have some cool stuff at the tears to give you if you support our podcast, so please do including a book club. Yeah. And some mixed. And we put out a little video that you can see that. I'm Emily did a great job on amazing job. We would love forever to check it out. And check out our patriot. And now onto the night calls. All right. This is a night. Call from starlet, technically, it is a night recording a night field recording that we did in the car on the way home from the Ren faire. While we were still talking about game of thrones. Here it is. I have a question for night. Call her Emily since Molly doesn't watch game of thrones. Even though she'd love it. My question. Emily is who are you personally rooting? I think it's I assuming that you want both these people to die. But who do you want to die more, John donne, snow or Cleese? Cleese Emily who who are you rooting for to die? First of all, I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna stall for second hair. Keep everybody in suspense. So and this is with with all of the love in my heart. I watched the last season of game of thrones with the one and only surly kind. I would bring over a bottle of wine to her apartment, and I feel like most of it would be drunk by the time the episode started, and it was really fun. And usually I watch the show by myself. So it was it was fun to have somebody to yell at the TV with then as the season was coming up. I went back, and I was you know, just trying to brush up like remember where we were. And I started to watch the last season before this which was really short. It was like seven episodes or something I did not remember most of the stuff that happened in that season all the rest of the seasons. I think I had watched the episodes at least twice because I was writing about them. So I'd have to go back and see what happened. But I do feel like I miss Darley this time around we became game of thrones buddies. So so I appreciate this question. In more ways than one thinks star Lee makes a strong argument just for watching game of thrones with star Lee. Yeah. Yeah. He's like the most opinionated person to watch the show with. It's it's real fun. She's got takes usually. Yes, she takes. And I like to argue with people whose opinions are like not mine we podcast, but my conversation is fun. So, hey, Donny love it. She's setting you up in some to. She know what you are going to answer. This question already. I don't think she does. But I mean, I don't know if the answer is what she thinks it's going to be. I mean, if I had to pick, and I don't think either of these people are going to die. But if one person is it's probably going to be drawn snow, and I wanted Rachel just looked at me in the most like incriminating. Well, let's just like how to be clear that he has already died and been out back. Yeah. It's a long way he ghosts. No. The Lord of light brought him back because it was foretold that he would, you know, necessarily to be funny host wins the game of thrones. He's not a go. If a ghost word win, the game of thrones doesn't count or do you get like a mulligan? He's not a goes movies Brokeback from the dead. He's Zambia case. Well, there are there are several people who have been brought back till I guess by the Lord of light. And they are kind of like. You're telling me people can die on the show and be brought back immediately. Rear favors, cool show. It's extremely like specific circumstances. Well, like Dan said last week, it's really rare for there to be this kind of magic. But it does happen. But when it happens, it's like to be jerked around by show into thinking that your beloved characters of died, and then a wizard goes, boop. And they're like, oh, they're alive again Harrington. So we meet a lesser character more minor character who's had this happened him before he meet, John snow. So it's not like, we didn't know this could happen. We just knew it was because it has been said I'm gonna answer. Like, I'm heard of you know, I'm here to answer star Elise. I'm going to answer. Charlie's question. I want all of them to die. Cool. Great. All men must die. Yeah. He loved game of thrones. I all the time. All men must die a good volume more Hulas. Yeah. In in the spirit of that. Like, I hope the Jon snow dies. I more than Khalidi. Yeah. I mean, I think it may. Less sense. Like, I don't think it would be very satisfying for Kalisa to die. I feel like the rug is going to be pulled out of her in some way or another. I don't know if that necessarily mean she's going to die. Maybe they're gonna pull that bad rug off her head finally can be like, wow, we have an expensive budget, but the Whigs on show or so bad and unbelievable. The roast master has arrived tasks you're also the row the game of. Warf the roasts more of the roasts neck. Oh would love to host euros. Please higher. I called. Oh. Yeah. Rose hosts where it'd be like the friendliest gentlest forget people have. We we just SU Vida. Warm back. Hus Molly ties, you're also a game of thrones fan. D you have a feeling about this. Who would I whom who would I prefer to die? Jon snow ordinary. Tar garin. Yes. I would prefer John snow to die. Because a he already has and be I. Yeah. I think that like I the only person who saw last night's episode which is now to in the past. If you're listening to this. I feel like I have not been wowed by John, snow's charisma. A while. I'm kind of over it never. I am a as we all know him deniro's fan last night. And this is not a spoiler. But let me just say that there's a scene where they're at a party and denarius is like sitting there looking at everyone. She super paranoid like everyone's gonna take me down. Everyone's talking about me really identified that need to keep her around for that reason. I know that feeling nearest like hit the Bong. And she's just like, I don't know seems like every Cates me here. Reasons. I saw that me about how Jon snow looks just like George Costanza. Yes. Cannot unsee a riveting joust a riveting joust. Indeed, I'm betting on brand brand. I mean, it's clear. You don't watch the show if you're bedding, but I watch veep. And I think veep is going to end with split being president, which is my dream. And I feel like you just always bet on like the person that nobody would bet on. Oh, you mean, you're betting on grand seems to know he's on the way out. Yeah. To win the game. I thought you were betting on. I was like what no third area. Unlike. Molly calls a game of thrones not even brand anymore. Molly. He he's a three eyed raven well brand here of the three eyed snake in nature. Let me know that bring was assigned three hundred gonna win the three eyed snake? Yeah. That is definitely the night. Call mascot of the month. We love it. Moving onto more creepy things. I believe we have an Email regarding Roswell. Yes, we have a somewhat belated but nonetheless, incredibly appreciated Email from Seneca who is a Roswell native while ago. We were asking if there is anybody that listen to our show who is Roswell resident or former resident or native, and yeah, we hear back from you Sonnia, and it was a great Email to get. So I'll just read it he night call pot. I am finally writing even though your first episode wrangled with its whatever time it was in Roswell New Mexico since then there's been a lot of Roswell chats. So I felt I had to write in as a native of the city sees town. I was born and grew up in Roswell and left when I went to college. But my family is still there. So I visit it really is such a small place fewer than fifty thousand people. So it was always really interesting to us. Has children when people come from all over to hang out with the aliens? I'm neither confirming nor denying that. They're still here. I remember our family took a trip to New York win, the Roswell show is at its peak and my sister, and I saw billboard of the show and just turned to each other and laughed the significance is only really hit me as I've lived outside for ten years. And it always starts cool conversations when people realize from their Roswell definitely caters to the tourism. There's a UFO McDonald's the lamp posts downtown alien heads and the main theater is called galaxy eight with a UFO esque front. There's also a UFO museum and people love taking picks of the Roswell city. Limit sign not to mention alien paraphernalia everywhere. And of course, the Afo crash site, which is a little north of the actual city though. I have to admit I've not visited it's a big deal. I appreciate it. And I'm sure Roswell New Mexico does to all send a postcard next time down there. Thank you so much any ah. This is great. I mean, this is sort of how I would imagine it like even the UFO McDonald's that like even the national and international chains will like catch Roswell fever, if they have an outpost there seems very appropriate. Had this made me wanna go to Roswell so bad a lot of things that made us want to go to your house. Well, to be honest, we send I called her else fall. I'm kind of jealous. I mean, I love LA. But like it could use that extra layer of like a weird event. That's not bad. Oh, we have too many weird events with. They're all about what about like a not a neutral weird event to add a layer. It's like a clarity of theme with Roswell. It's like, they're lots. Yes. Desperate LA, and it's all kind of competing for your attention. And you can like ride different wavelengths of of weird Ellie history to go down, and then places to get your picture taken or whatever. But like the fact that Roswell is just all about this one thing is. Yeah. Really pure. I feel. LA doesn't have a central theme or location. It. I feel like it does have like central seems there are few themes. I mean, we also we have some good ghosts ghosts very big fan of our goes, what if you're not what have you don't believe in Elliot's and you live in Roswell. I must be terrible. Not believe in lands. If you live in Roswell, but like, I don't know like not being the protagonist in your own life. No. I don't know just seize the opportunity, you don't think everybody just rebels against whatever town is serving them when they're young. No you yet to go along with it. Otherwise, you're you're out listeners if you live in Roswell New Mexico, and you don't feel like the protagonist of your own life night. Call what's you for? No matter where you live. If you don't feel like the protagonist idol feel like the protagonist. Much weirder starving. The protagonist in a long ties really unnerving when you start feeling. Bull cast the terrible, right? Nothing is better than a non samba movie. One of my theories about game of thrones. That I said to start that. I was like this is why I think game of thrones good is because I like any on samba show that tricks men into carrying about a bunch of female characters by ceding them with an equal number of male character. Which is I think all good on some shows the sopranos like every show, you're like ha you tricked men into like getting involved in the emotional lives of a teenage girl because they won't see what happens with dragons. Yeah. Yeah. So bully to you thrones. Yeah. Bullied. This does make me think about like like not be into the thing that your town or like where you grew up was about like, the feeling of Ilyushin that is very common for for growing up and even place. But when that's at like, if you grow up in a football town, for example, but you like hate football or you just really like, I don't know lacrosse and stuff. But like being being at odds with the thing that your your town is known for. I mean, the the UFO thing is such a strong idea like around that. But I do feel like probably a lot of LA kids grow up feeling really like alien aided from show business or or any of that probably as many kids who who grow up wanna just be actors directors or whatever to. But. Yeah, what about the people who live in Maine, but they're allergic to shellfish? That's terrible. That's worse that honestly because if you believe in Ilyas or not that doesn't affect your ability to appreciate like all the alien kids stuff that goes right in Roswell still better than being from Connecticut where the theme is repression freight get. Yeah. And if you can't do the thing like as I say so eloquently to have the good thing or it's good. Like, I like lobsters in Maine or something. If you can't do that that always feels like a bummer like if you're lactose intolerant. And you live in Wisconsin. For example, exactly. Exactly. Guys think we should take another night. Call this one I've been thinking about this one a lot. Okay. So this one comes from A, m hi Tess, Emily, and Molly, I'm listening tonight. Call sixty three the scary statistic. You cited about twenty two percent of companies using data on their employees movements reminded me that a temporary job. I had at Amena redact this in queens required me to submit biometric data at the start and end of every shift. Here's how it worked after signing my employment contract, a manager told me to stand against a wall in the store. I didn't know what was happening until she had me move my head up and down. And I realized a camera was reading my face we clocked in and out of shifts by putting our faces in front of a scanner and could only unlock slash log into our registers by touching a fingerprint scanner it didn't really matter that I hadn't given my permission to the store security slash surveillance team to collect data because I needed the job. But I still wish they'd offered me a chance to opt out. I'm certain it would never occur to the stores managers that this was a breach of privacy or that. There's any legitimate reason we wouldn't want our biometric information in a security database the scanner sometimes wouldn't work if I wore dark lipstick or took my coat and hat off. Do you? Remember seeing stories several years ago about makeup and hairstyles that could thwart facial recognition tech. I feel like I've been waiting for the anti-surveillance punk Luke to come in fashion since then obviously only temporary solution, but a fun one and wonder if it works. Thank you so much for this. Terrifying. Email I just want jump right in please say, but I just bought one of those face blocker things. Oh, what are they like a full face shade pictures of it? I worked to the run fare hike. It's like the visor that goes all the way down is like I did. I had no idea. What that was posted it visa Veon. Oh, Bianco Serlin. Yeah. Stress one. But they're also just pop. Yeah. It's like big like grandma look in LA like I'm into that will be is that your face is. Did you do it for fashion purposes, did it for sun purposes, those run fair, which isn't super sunny and also found when I've been thinking about getting one for a long time and then night, call friend Karina Longworth had one. And I was like, oh, I totally do on just do it. And then I was wearing it around. And it was like the most amazing feeling because people can't see your face. Yeah. It's incredible. You walk around seems implied. It's it's amazing so-so. Like if you're a woman, especially it's like, oh, men cannot see your face. They can't even see if you're smiling. Right. They like could see your body. But who cares? The kissy your face. It's amazing. I love it. But does does that inhibit your ability to like connect with people? Yes. That's what I point wearing it for a whole. Day kind of amazing because it's like you have this little like bubble around you. Yeah. Yeah. I was like vaping inside of it. I was very hot boxing your own head. But you sort of get a Darth Vader from talking under it voice. Yeah. Do you think it's healthy? Does it breathable? Like is there? Not your. Yeah. I mean, it's just a shade. So yeah. Geyser? It's not gonna key mask or like a or. Yeah. Like a fencing mask or something like that. Yeah. See mascot, also good look. No. And also Jane Marie was like some dudes might just be into that. That's true too horror just body, especially if I'm wearing it on like Star Wars day, and it's a little stormtrooper. But it is really fun do recommend it. If you're going to the beach or something check it out. I don't know how I feel walking around without my face in front of me. You know what? I mean. I I'm an over wear of sunglasses like I wear sunglasses on cloudy days. I started doing it because I squint in the sun, really badly and. It would like hurt my face all day. If I was like, I remember like on snowy days in Iowa. If I was like squinting all day than my face. You got a headache? Yeah. Yeah. So I started wearing sunglasses really obsessively like all the time. I can't leave the house without sunglasses, even if it's raining, and that I feel like affords enough freedom makes you look like an asshole which I also kind of like. I dunno. Nobody's going to really try to talk to you on the train. It's funny. I always I didn't wear sunglasses for like until I was like eighteen or something because I thought they were like pretentious. I have a really hard time wearing sunglasses because the difference between my peripheral vision and my forward vision gives me like a little bit of a vertigo. Imagine a shield that covers your whole face with my problem as Molly knows from hanging out for a longtime at random like corners. I really I liked talking to strangers. It's like it gives me my juice. Not always. I mean, definitely not always. But I've I've kind of like it's become part of the texture of my life that I wouldn't wanna get. I'd be like sad. If people if I couldn't connect with people's faces, but at the same time like this, you know, the sunglasses issue. Well, it's interesting to think about this a facial recognition technology blocker. That's true. I wonder if it work because I love that idea. And also that whole story about getting the biometrics of people at a company super we're not just crazy in clock in it, you stand against a wall. And like the scan your face for you to clock in. It's like what they they're just. It seems like it's all a front and I- redacted the name of the the store where she worked, but it was not like a national security for her. She's not working at Google like we exact much like it's not like huge high security like it feels very excessive. If the if the businesses kind of business at the name makes it sound like, yeah. Yeah. I feel like that all of that tech is really really easily compromised to like, I take a picture of like have a full color scan of your face, and like put it in front of your head and walk in front of the scanner and probably like get away with it. You know? Somebody really wants to take your identity, and it's just your face. Like, I don't know. I like that that facial recognition technology will never be as good as like a crow is right recognizing human. Well. But I mean like we have to say like crows are extremely intelligent superintendent, really intelligent. Yeah. I just think like the idea of putting so much of your identity on your face. Feels like a really like slippery philosophical argument to not only because like everybody gets work done now and stuff, and that's like fairly common, especially very philosophically scary thing when you look on Instagram, and it's like every beautiful person has the exact same face very weird phenomenon. Yeah. What if everybody had no face at all? That would be worse. No think about it. The blink. No. That's like the stuff of nightmares like, wink, Feng cute. Well, this show this. This is my shadow person experience with this. No face. There's no face in dick, Tracy. Yeah. Turns out to be Madonna then spoiler for decreasing. Look it all comes together. We're just talking about dick Tracy last week. All one team. It is all one theme. Well, this this Email was amazing. Thank you so much for. Yes. It was awesome. I wanted to say real quick and kind of on the subject of of guests like future dystopia xtss. In the broad category. I went to Hudson yards today. Like, I wasn't planning on it at all. But I I went to a screening this morning, and I happened to run into a buddy there, and we ended up writing bikes like Iran, I got a city bike, and like I've never biked in New York before because it scares me a lot. But I we biked up to Hudson yards. And for those of you who don't live in New York. Don't know about this. Hudson yards is like this. Terrifying development that now exists basically over the Hudson yards the train yards for for Penn station, and it's really kind of in the middle of nowhere like super super west side midtown. And there wasn't much of anything there before except for the job at center. But now there's like five I think there are five currently hotels condo type, you know, mix use buildings and like a big stupid shopping centre with like a Cartier and a Lululemon in it. And that is what? The Hudson yards is it's the most charmless public space I've ever seen. There's actually a really really good just complete burn of it in the New York Times that came out about the I think the day that it opened just about how like anti-human the spaces. How it's it seems so counter to like the needs of a city like the funny thing is is that the high the high line you near the Highline? Yeah. So it goes up all the way to Hudson yards now. Oh, basically like runs into this wall of steel and glass that just like you one right into the giant skyscraper. And it's funny because I think of the highlight is being something that like is actually pretty humanistic. And like a nice space, even though it's a total people's zoo. Like, it's a nice like thing that they decided to put money into but purpose? The Hudson yards is like totally from this like post human dystopia. It's like. Very there's there's this big thing in the middle of called the vessel. Yeah. That's what people have been concentrating on. That is like it's like an art installation in the middle. And it's literally a staircase to nowhere. Apparently. Really? Yes. So the vessel the crazy thing about this. And this is I'm looking now at this article on curbed, New York the vessels basically made to be a Instagram trap. Because it's so crazy looking it looks like a big like producer Rachel is calling the showroom. I think that's like the nickname that they're working on for people are trying to make that one stick. Because it does look like a meat tornado. But people take these pictures of it, and there are like terms and conditions. If you visit the vessel, which means that you agree that if you go into the structure, okay, when you attentive readers notice that hidden within the cels visitor, terms and conditions which ticket holders agree to. When signing up to climb the structure, there's a clause that more or less gave Hudson yards the right to photos audio recording video footage depicting or relating to vessel for any purpose whatsoever in any and all media in either case now known or developed later. So like, basically if you it a trap. Yeah. You to use? That's why you said it's a sliver. Yeah. Yeah. It's like this. It's a staircase to nowhere that everybody gets like Instagram photos in. I think I read somewhere else that there's photo recognition for it. Like the structure because it's such a unique structure. So that like there's some kind of algorithm that can tell when somebody is taken a photo of of the the vessel and then can use that to use that photo for promotional purposes or whatever they want like the confined photos of it. Just automatically on. So it's super skinny also if the stuff with even at all charming or kind of fun to look at it would be one thing. But it's so ugly all of it. It's so in like everybody goes there because they know that they have to get a picture taken there because it's like the Instagram thing now to get your picture taken there. But like, what do you do like, what is inside nothing? It's just stares. It's literally stairs to nowhere. Honey comb thing of stairs. That's like a kind of half. Like a basket, basically. So you can call their exits. It's a great question. I think so. Yeah. That's my main question about it seems like a death trap. Yeah. I don't think there's an elevator anything in it. Like it's all stairs. So it's not accessible like a water slide that got grounded. You know, it's just like really like it and the super skinny towers in New York that like appear overnight that like oligarchs park their money in right? Are like really really great visual metaphors for. Yeah. We have those too. And like we have way too many of now that you guys also have a lot of New York or those pop up museums than are museum's opening one down the street from where we record here called the museum of fruit that we were getting mad about because it's like the space that used to be an art store, and then it was like recently a Halloween store, and then they're turning it into the museum of fruit, which is like an Instagram thing with different rooms in each room is like a fruit that you take photos in front of it. It's like we need housing so bad leak. This is insane. And then I was in the Beverley center, which is another kind of staircase to nowhere of its own. It's been under construction. For like ten years now like the finished it. But it hasn't like they didn't change anything. It's hilarious. They like just put this kind of Frank Airey great on the outside. And they're like I thought that was part of the construction though, it's on the top floor. It's also like does a weird labyrinth thing to my brain. Because it's the took out the movie theater in the food court. So when I go to the top, and that's not there anymore like we now. Yeah. One thing and it's like being in a video game where you like go down the wrong way. Because you're like, I know something here, but it's not anymore. And when they put in its place is nothing. But then there's like a playboy pop up right now. That's like I didn't pay because I wouldn't pay for a pop up. But it's like the playboy museum like go in the room. That's the fake playboy club and take your photo in front of some stuff for fifteen dollars. We're like the the word museum is becoming completely. Yes. Like we. We a road freight, and it's interesting because obviously the way museums or program did start to cater to Instagram like Caesar. Yeah. Like when it which was smart to be like, you can take photos in front of the art. Yeah. You know? I mean, I went into the Hilma f clip show. Like, I I did my part I didn't post the photos there. But like, you know, it's not the appeal of that for mainly. Nobody saw a lot of people posting about that one. I thought it was funny because I just kept being like Hilma. Clint af totally. Well, so she's cool. So no, it was it was a cool show. It's just like, but and I really really genuinely enjoyed it. But I, you know, there were people who are just going through and taking a photo of everyone and not even looking at taking a moment to look at the art with their own eyes. Which is you know, just kind of rate experience Konomi has gotten so weird also gonna call it. Now, not that I'm going to stop using it. But in a way think like Instagram might be the most insidious social media platform in what way go on. Well, I just feel like talking about facial recognition and having these kind of Instagram traps like it takes more legwork to kind of draw a person to a physical location, and then expect to for them to give you exposure. If it's in a written piece versus just a picture. I mean, it's obviously Cross's language barriers. That's like easily interpreted by anyone and there's a lot of data that. You can collect from that. Without the person really understanding how they're interacting with the platform. I say conversely tick tock, which is the new vine yet. I think might be good and save us all. It's old town road came from. Yeah. Right. It's it's we're town road came from and then J kings been posting all these amazing. He's got. Good stream. And it's literally a stream called of stream cooking. It's like foraging in a stream and the cooking in the stream. And it's the most relaxing, great cooking in the stream. Yeah, you have to and a street. I almost don't want to like spoil the one that he posted because it's linked. Okay. I almost screamed when I saw what happened at the end of it. I was like so delighted. That's all right. In the show notes. So everyone can see low internet will return is so slow internet. The other thing I think of when it comes to Instagram about, you know, maybe being secretly the most insidious is just the way that certain visual things are normalized in it or patterns and behaviors or just repeated over and over and over again until they become reality. And for some reason like there's obviously the linguistic version of that. But then there's the like visual version of that. There was an article recently in the Atlantic about how the current batch of new Instagram influencers are like abandoning what we think of as the Instagram aesthetic, like they're not doing the super bright colors and food arranged just so and that they're like it's blurry out a focus. Yeah. Yeah. They're like, you know deal with it grunge Instagram. But I still thought that was interesting at least like 'cause he sent tend to think of these things like the. Of influences as being like this big lake just one big movement. But the idea that there are some people who are I don't know. I also feel like it must be so weird for like like if you're a kid who knows people that are making a living as influencers. Yeah. Yeah. That must shift your perception of like, if you're like bad is what's valuable and like nobody thinks about like when will this end, right? Like, both also like if no career is sustainable, why not go for the career that everybody knows is not sustainable, but like burns the brightest. And at least you you're prepared going into it. Yeah. I also just say that the other thing that I think is kind of unsettling about Instagram is the story. Well, first of all, it's it's the the platform that I think is most kind of explicitly expecting you to document in real time, you know, and I think that the stories feature also gives this weird like you're able to really track a person's movements. Not that. I would. But the irregularly you could like a. Looking at Molly stories. I was like, okay, she's moving through the renaissance fair. And now she's here. Like, I can almost do like a map of where Molly goes, right? And then I could pin it to my bedroom wall and. Seeing real time. I tomorrow interfered steps and look for. We know people are posting in real time. But I feel like sometimes they're not. But I think across the board most people do it's something that you do without thinking. And it's also it seems to be like less incriminating. You're not really expressing opinions as I'm gonna go ahead and say, I do think about it. And I generally post after I'm not at that place anymore stare. It'd be so like here's where I am. Right. This second. But it's also like with Twitter, I think after the justina on the plane thing went I mean after everyone realized that like a bad tweak and kind of ruin your day month year, career, whatever there's there's nothing an Instagram. I mean, you've gotta terrible Instagram couch in, but for the most part most people I follow are not writing like little mini as as very often harder to get cancelled from Instagram. Yeah. It's harder to get cancelled from Instagram. And as a result, you can thoughtlessly document things without I mean with Twitter, I think now everyone gives like a little more pause before they express something chat. Rubicon exactly. No, I remember like seeing David show had Snapchat. And I would not he brought it to Disneyland. I was like why would you document like every five seconds of things that are happening like who wants that? And then that just became how everyone does everything do I like don't I think it's too much the amount of energy that it takes for me is like not worth it. I it's not actually thought was me to post a selfie like I have so many selfie. That's because you're such a director the directors. But I'm just like oh like. On the on the top nine photos on my Instagram. If if any more than three of them are selfish, and I start to get really self conscious that the everybody thinks I'm just an idiot who post selfies I don't think you post too many self Emily. And I tell you I think also once you're past a certain age like it doesn't feel self conscious anymore. Yeah. Kind of like here's my face. It's what I was part of my body. Saw got I think it took me a long time to be like to not feel like it was just really vain to post selfish to be like it's fine to just be like, right, right, documenting that I exist that sort of the funny thing about launching the patriot on this week as like photos of ourselves video out there. And like it's not that we're don't have photos of herself out there. We're just like not primarily I would say like visually represented people. And there was somebody who responded to one of them be like it's so weird to see like sound coming out of their mouths at the same. Like, I always thought bunch of people. Maybe. Yeah. It was like maybe we've hidden our faces like to well, people don't realize that all of the whole video is CGI Emily had to computer generate. I mean, that's why I was saying a lot of work because she accidentally really. Yeah. Yeah. So much wire work. He goes before we wrap up. Can we take one last night? Call. Yeah. Lutely, can it be the abject cosmic horror one okeydokey? This Email comes from Christian. He night Khali says still of the podcast lot, whatever crazy days and lonely nights are in store for us all in the last ups owed you asked about listeners reactions to the black hole images, and I can tell you abject cosmic horror. Why the online community is celebrating this image of a giant piece of nothingness is beyond me. I have always had mainly fear of the vast -ness of space, usually bigger than any sense of wonder or off. However, this brings me to a question to you connected to the sense of cosmic a few nights ago, my girlfriend, and I were sitting on my terrace drinking white wine and looking at the stars one particularly bright and blinking. One particularly bright and blinking star. Caught. Our I in my girlfriend's night sky app. Told us it was Arcturus of red giant thirty six light years away. One hundred ten times brighter than our sun. We both shuttered at that thought then I remembered reading about pan psych ISM, the idea that the entire universe and everything in it, not just us. But every tree in rock has a consciousness one piece of evidence for pancake ISM is that stars movements in the galaxy. Seems to be explicable only if we assume their own volition, the idea that Arcturus might have some sort of incomprehensible consciousness scared my girlfriend, even more, but I got a weird sense of constellation from it that there is this being there instead of just a cloud of very hot gas, which would you prefer in which scares me more. Christa? Oh such a good night climbing. I know the answer mmediately are need the lack of consciousness is so much more scary like I mean, yes, that's a very quick way to feel okay about the vast -ness of space is that like some somebody up there, you guys know in Griffith observatory in the museum part, the there's sort of that downstairs area where there's like a huge mural on the side of the IRS, and it's supposed to be if you hold up your finger, and you're looking at the night sky like your index finger like kind of close to your face, the amount of the the night sky that fits into your finger is approximately what that part of the wall represents which is about three stories high. And I don't know it cannot be over overstated how big spaces. Yeah. I think the thing that's upsetting about that. Is the fact that there's not anything they're like the as far as we know or that there's not anything comparable to what we understand as being consciousness or life or sentence out there. I think that's immensely more. Than the stars having consciousness. Well, I just wanted to say that the Griffith park observatory has been closed for the last week. Oh, no. And we are start. No, it's fine. They remain. Well, it supposedly to install LED lights along the path. But at night, call we are starting the rumor here you heard it first that it's because they found an alien. Oh, good one. Right. Totally disseminate that great Molly referred if think of planets as being sentient or just objects. I'm gonna tell you I like make everything sentient whether it wants to be or not I was a kid. I was really into like giving numbers personalities. Nice. I know. Exactly. Yeah. Sign that. I would not be good at math because at world building. We went to a camp and laments called Astro camp. Oh, yeah. That was like a sleep way camp for couple nights Idyllwild where it's like space themed. But it was like you're supposed to go on this night hike. And there's this whole thing was like the big thing is the night hike and the new like shoe winter in lifesavers in the dark to mix parks and look at the stars through. Tony. You can't. But it was too foggy to see the star. So instead, they showed us powers of ten. By the eases. And I'd never seen it before. And it's scared the living daylights out of me because it's just like here's space, and then it just goes here and further away and further away and like it just never ends. And we don't know where it ends. And there's no end the end the beginning of contact. Yeah. But I think I think now I find it weirdly consoling I like that. There's no order to things. Maybe I'm a anarchist. You definitely are an anarchist. I've been told that if you and I'm like, but I like order to some things right? You're a Virgo anarchists. Yeah. Yeah. Like a. An uncluttered chaos. Yeah. Definitely felt bad for the planet. Pluto in my life. Oh, for sure I mean, Pluto was also always kind of like an emotionally accessible planet. I think I like also that when you see things, and it's like, we don't know why the moon exists. Oh, hey, speaking of which I just wanted to spend a moon minute with you guys really briefly to let you know that a new study that was conducted by American Japanese researchers hypothesized that the moon was formed when a proto planet crashed into earth way back in the day. When earth was just like a ton of it was covered with like a sea of magma and the magma splashed into outer space, and then it expanded. And then it like jell together and made the moon. Great theory flow of it. And they're like this theory is just as viable as all the other theories. None of which we know if they're true. Well, there were like problems with previous theories is the there were like gaping holes. And I didn't we didn't know why the mooning says, well, they didn't understand why it was its materials were so earth-like, but also not earth. Like, I looked at the moon through a real Parab Oculus recently that also made my brain explode. Yeah. It's like I really like. Yeah. But it also against comforting. You're like we matter so little it's great. Well with that without I think that does it for this week's night. Call thank you so much for all your night calls a night emails this week. And we're glad we had a chance to get some of them. If you have any thoughts or night calls. You wanna make yourself, please? Give us a call at one two four four six night or an Email at night, call podcast at g mail dot com. You can also follow us on Twitter at night. Call pod Instagram at night, call podcast. Cast and Facebook at night, call podcast and subscribe to our patriarch on. It's it's it's it's chugging along now weekend. So go to patriotic dot com slash night. Call and. Check out our newsletter or club all sorts of stuff. We have come in soon in the night. Call verse also watch the video Emily made. It is so amazing especially now that you know, it's all CG. I really appreciate I mean, I wanna be up for an Oscar this year. So yeah. Animated short. Yeah. We'd like to support the new season of an EMMY for Megan which yet not believe it's not an EMMY for me again. Give me an Amraam an EMMY. And then give. Yeah. Of innovation award, or let's just beautiful animated faces threat against them this year like time. Yeah. Every season. Your call. We'll see everybody next week. Thanks for listening. Bye.

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