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Ladies and gentlemen, to another episode of the box voice radio. Today's preview in prediction day. For a huge monumental moment in women's boxing as Clarisa shields versus Christina hammer, throw down for undisputed, and we're going to talk obviously, Loma chanko versus Anthony Corolla and Hyman Ghia Verney versus Denis HOGAN and so much more. Just a lot of hob and topics to talk about plenty of box in new heavyweights in the mix and Wilsey action this weekend. What are your thoughts? Are you going to check them out? You know, the number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one. If you want to voice your opinion, right here on the voice of the people hotline. We may have a few guests treats just never know stick around. So the front telephoned don't forget the subscriber. Trying to hunt down that two hundred thousand we got to that hundred. You also add Nestor gives on Skype and be part of the conversation that way download that Skype absolutely free on both Android iphone respected at markets. Why? Are there? Download that paycheck and receive exclusive content only from TB never seen or aired anywhere other than patriot. Let me jump on out to a couple of my co host and get this thing started big weekend of boxing, a lot of boxing. Dot com. Stuff. Dot com. Yoyo with everybody turning TBB universe back you another one for Thursday, and yes, Kristina Hamm versus versus she in women undisputed middleweight title fight. I'm pumped about this. Right. They've been building up building up for about a year about a year and a half. Now. So I'm glad they used to women have found the there what the man's have a heart problem doing this biting the bist getting men ring. And I'm glad to see that these two women actually did that. And why I'm thinking about it just want to give my shutout the whole city of LA the people that put together the the funeral service. Great thing today for an and yet my whole whole lot of boxing angling, bore you with my voice Ranji was going on a long time. Era era. Jack. What's going on everybody with the dry weaken of last weekend? We have pretty much had a whole bunch of fights come between Friday and Saturday all combined from ESPN two Showtime to dissolve on to ESPN. And with that, you know, we definitely have the undisputed women's middleweight championships. The women showing how the guys had a really do it. But from that point. We also got solo Machiko financing Cruella nother title will. I don't even think it's the title Gilbert. Oh ramirez. I don't know if he's defended on it. We'll look into it. But in addition to that, we got Sergei during chanko, and if the Peter Quillet card against Caleb chew acts that would be eliminator Chris kolber money, pow Joey Spencer, talk about tons of prospects on FM one card in addition to that we also will see some heavyweights newer heavyweights televised on Showtime underneath clears shoes. Undercard? And if you got the design your high moon gear and Diego delahoya family member of. Oscar de LA Hoya personal hose, a win against Oscar vowed us and amateurs break all these cards down and have some fun. Maybe we'll give you some predictions, and what would be maybe a preview to the bench show 'cause you guys like to make money, right? We like to make money. That's what we do. So the start this show, man. Well, where do we start on top of the list? We obviously have showtimes card with Clarisa shields versus Kristina Hamm. It's going to be ten rounds for IBM WB, a WBZ WBO woman's mid away undisputed unification. I'm gonna just take shots at the three of you. Mike run in con- not here right now. But I think he used that analogy earlier like how the women got it. Right. How was it to do? Women are able to unify before the men, and it's like, bro. Stop it. Like come on its in house like in-house Crawford unified and became undisputed because it was in house when it's easy. It's easy. And I don't mean that in a disrespectful way. I mean that in a sense that when fights are easy to put together. The we put together for the women they need this. Yes. We haven't seen an undisputed heavyweight in a long time. But for women this is like moving the needle this is bringing awareness to the to the to the sport for them. Quick. Even our in house doesn't mean they're necessarily easy to make the conquer broke having that may but wanted and another fight that I had a right on top of my head that are forgetting about right now all year. My guy Crawford wanted many pack. Yo damn that didn't happen. Either. Aerospace pets, many Pecci out damn that's not having in house. People got to actually agreed to fight each other. Yeah. But in houses a lot easier to make it's just that simple. It's a lot easier to make what I'll definitely say. It is with that statement, you know, of the women showing what the men, you know, should be doing. It's just a simple fact that if there is some type of negotiations problems, no problems, very simple. They did it, and that's the whole constantly came to terms. And sure I agree that the women division the women in boxing has never been glamorized. So for this is kinda more like they need to do this. Why wouldn't they do this? They need to. To have some sort of a Super Bowl and undisputed fight to bring some attention. So as much as we can also give him credit. I get we can bash them. But I'm just happy as happening as a fight fan. I can appreciate what this means for boxing in women boxing. I'm not bashing. I just don't want the comparison. Like stop saying, oh, they did with the men couldn't do. No, it's harder. Does less women boxers less women boxer promoters, and less money less people to just negotiate with the so many more boxes on the male side is difficult. I think it's also less money involved. I think that if this was like a tremendous humongous money-making fight, we could probably see difference. So maybe one day the women divisions to the point like that. But don't have the problems that the men. This was Ronda Rousey, if she had success in her fight didn't lose that girl Nunez ended up coming to boxing because she dealt with the by a boxing trainer that would be a super fight. You know, that would be where it's like, whoa. It's gonna it's it's hard to make its rousing, but bro in-house to people signed to the same promoter. We know it's going to happen. I definitely agree with you in the sense of ways to make this fight. But definitely have to tip their hats off because they didn't have to sign. These feisty didn't grow while is on too much everything right going to try to use many bag gal and Terence Crawford to they got hell options. You know what? I mean dudes that grace the pound for pound list to have been prospects of the year to do just on the tip of every writers tongue. He wants to compare that to LaRussa shields in and Kristina Hamm got options like like hamburgers say, you know, what I don't want to unify with Clarisa. So I'm going to go fight Earl Spencer. No. Christina hammock can't turn around and fight. But Daya Crawford. Right. It's not gonna happen. So like, that's why this is happening because they have nowhere else to go. Like, do you think all of a sudden release your Napoleon is a bigger name than hammer? And and shields. No. That's what she's not in this fight. Fight on Roy Jones junior. You have see fight passed the other day two days ago. So shots are going this. I was just murdering my, but I guess he's dead. No harmful. He just over there. Man. This is. Yeah. Yeah. Break narrow quitting Bank. Hammer has a tremendous job. She has a nice pie, selection, and she has good boxing technique. And by she has good ring. I q and watch the fight against, Tori. Nelson. Coming opponent wick with shields. We've seen that she had a good guessing too. So going into the fight. I think she's going to try to work behind job. And it's going to be on her if she's able to keep Christmas pressure offer. And of course, last by I could see more boxing. I not just going out there. Trying to get the big knockout. She was working on a job. And I think that's directly tied to the the acquisition of John rejection. So I pay it's going to be a damn good boxing match in it's going to be a chestnut soup. But I I'm going with the home team Shiels all the way one thing. I I would say I went to the the media luncheon the other day. And shot up to them the extra treated immediate very well. But John diva Jackson was there Clarisa was their whole squad. Tom laughlin? And when I was asking Clarisa in John D definitely emphasized that. This was an extremely tough training camp. We've heard many times that clear Spar men. It was verified as she was sparring men in this fight. She was feeling very confident in this training camp. She came out saying, this is the the most intense you strong. She really put a lot of work in and seeing the fact that they really treated us like a big super fight rightfully so for women and boxing. They did all access, and you guys can see the two party on YouTube serious, and she emphasizes that she don't have one bag of chips of Doritos and training camp. That's it like this one. So I saw a different side of these two women fighters like a hammer I saw running in the snow these girls. Really look like they ready to fight. Now. There's always this looming thing about women boxing. Traditionally don't see knockouts. But I think that they're gonna at least temp to make the knockouts if they don't happen to really gonna give it all out in I'm going to favor Clarisa to simply because of the fact that I'm just going after gresh that she's going to bring this fight. And I know that Amer has probably the best jab in that division. Maybe argue Clarisa, but if she can get past hammers job, I think she was going to bring a lot of pain in the inside if hammer can keep she was from a distance concede. It's just being a big boxing exhibition. And so I'm gonna go with shields because I eventually gonna get past that job. And I want to give him a big shot onto Showtime knows during the all access to two part and the the little sit down with. I don't forget his name. But that was tremendous also really pushing the women's. Boxing on the forefront and marketing in the right way. Not we're I also just want to say, I think a lot of people also going to bring up the fact that the smaller girl Hannah Gabriel's dropped Clarisa shield. So this is also going to show that maybe closures got hit with a good shot or there is some defensive flaws with her fighting style. So this I think this Faisal answer a lot of questions because I think hammer Dettori Nelson better than Clarisa did. And we all know style makes fight. So in this case is going to be interesting. I just don't think hammer has that type of power though, an uncle went down. But we watch the Tory Nelson fight on film study Tuesday. And I was impressed. Thoroughly would her box. But I am really Sinoe power. She landed a lot of shots and Nelson never stopped coming FU. I mean with that being said, we're definitely gonna see who hits harder. We've definitely see that. There's really not this overwhelming height difference between the two their shoulders definitely side by side hammered slight little taller. But from that point, I'll be there to fight. Okay. Big, man. Are you scared to pick? Oh. Clarisa is the hometown fighter. She's. She's done with hammers done in less time. But hammer can box and she boxes. Well, she boxes tall without keeping a chin out there. She she she shoes some good shots on the inside. I'm interested in this fight. You know, wanna see what's what's going to happen? I'll pick Lorenzo by decision. Obviously. The thing. We gotta Jemaine Franklin Booker. Jimmy, Franklin Salita, right? Yes. Have you seen? Seen what they showed on Showtime. They did a feature on him. Yes. Yes. That was pretty good though. Those. You know? What's funny? No, let's not gloss over. I wanted to actually do a show on it. Because. I think in the production thumbs down I was like damn. I wanted to talk about this. 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Offer ends four thirty nineteen morning show introduced the world to this new heavyweight and stuff and he's talking cash it right? But he'll he'll got that body. I wanna see him Saturday with no shirt off. Because I swore I seen a gut and he's like talking like he worked so hard. I don't know. I'm not saying either from a like a nitpicking point. I'm I'm looking for inspiration like damn champ. Could you be great with a stomach because I want to be great with stomach? I mean we've seen with. With so far, Adam Kolonaki. He's he's doing. He got big baby. Miller you got. Facing his Aston. You can't really say be Miller, even though he's bigger. He's not like the stomach, Gary. Oh, not key. Who's kinda like, you know, a bigger guy any down re release too. But he's trimming down. Also, man, he's he's back pretty soon. Tune and sleet also told me that Miller is at the smallest is he's ever been so far in training camp. So morning don't sleep on Milliman. He coming for AJ head. Sarah. No, it's all good. I I agree whichever way we talking about that. I just wanna make sure that your Franklin. There's also another heavyweight it's also going to be on their Oto Wallin Swedish fighter wins. No losses. Thirteen by stoppage. And I think he's ranked in the top ten within the one of the sanction of bodies. So I've never actually got a champion see him. He's twenty eight and we'll be the first time. So this is definitely going to be something where I'm really interested because all these heavyweights Naven brought a vintage heavyweight back brought Mr. Samuel Peters, WBZ champions who neck. He will be on the undercard at the age of thirty eight the Nigerian nightmare we'll be back on this card. And I'm why beyond what you're you know, why 'cause they'd be made Franklin or walling on they need to feed them. Like come on, man. I gotta understand how this works. Ron if you turn into a fight. We'll be going to put you in there with bug Crawford. Or we going, you know, warm you up hundred. Build your confidence. Man, you start beating old legends like Samuel Peters. You start believing your own hype? Absolutely. I'm gonna be honest. I can't tell you the last time I seen San repeaters minus. So it's like back in the days who neck moment wanted Klitschko. At least, you know, the last Inigo was power. He catch you out. He dropped the Vladimir three Charles, right? Like a war. I mean, I'm just trying to remember what happened to his career. Like, I need to go back Lewis. Are you making money are eating you start getting outta trainload? I'm just like what trae hard like he was always short fat out of a heavyweight. They had a big punch, and then he got and then he wanna title oh shit. He wanted. The what was the he's like. Toby coma. Everyone knows when he went to end any for something. Like, I'm the WBZ. Say everybody knows that clip. He's fought for tons of different times of both declared goes he's one of the few. You fall all of actually I think he stopped all of. He stopped massive. And then that's how we got the Klitschko fight. Then you lost Eddie chambers. Only. Trick. But this guy, man. Zilly's Zang still has visa issues, man. He has a son imagine yet. Now, the the. Now, I already still over there. He said James Toney happened the same refuse for James Toney. He did. Film study e beat James Toney twice. Man, the journey could bucks. I'm looking back right now he lost a pool of in two thousand sixteen got stopped by. Yeah. You're right. We're going to move on. Just used them natural. You're right. Consume me. I was like, whoa. Over in Bulgaria. And then he hid hidden behind the shit. We a title fight Elena grander versus Brinda, Karen Caravaggio and a ten round vacant IBM women featherweight title fight. I just feel like that since. Title fight. We should definitely mention it. And give those women. They're just do. Because those before we move on for. Guys. Interim I research came from all this all these fights came from ESPN. Okay. So you're the for featherweight title at one twenty six believe right for the way, it is one twenty six. Yeah. ESPN card. No that's timer. Who is it? Elena grad near versus doesn't interim. I'm looking right at it. Okay. Worry raking. So it was a good interim. I don't know, man. The second built. Vacant ignore me. All right. This. Not title. It isn't it says interim boxer right here. You said vacant about the same thing. I said it I need to correct myself. I own to. A low tech low tech. What's his name? Like, it's a little nickname much Inca. I tech high tech. I said, oh, my better which. They say in Chad, Tom Little's, fighting's Delile bang. Get the fuck out here. No to London that I'm checking I'm checking right now. Little scheduled defiance on little got knocked out. His last thing for the new year. But Philly Vilma Trinka with facing Anthony crawl in a twelve around for a Machiko WBA WBO title. Bob Arum, hasn't things to say about this is that. Really think it was worth put known. He was really kind of agitated that that they had to guess overbid that much Chico's on paper like in my one point two. But he's he's like guaranteed like pre something and getting thousands. So because for them, which they are over again on paper a lot of money. But yeah, I don't really see much resistance coming from Anthony Crosland. He he lost twice to Hoy Korea Llaneras, and I really think that much Inca was gonna stop them. I just don't know win. But you know, I think he's going definitely gonna go to distant. I think he's too many angle to punch punches too much be into much just better overall boxing. He's gonna come from Vasily, and it's like. The deafness of good safe. Stay ready. Stay busy kind of fight for him for this particular fight. If you're just like Aloma Ching-Kuo fanning zoom in here, and you really don't know the history of this. I know Loma chanko you was originally sub to fight Richard Komai for a unification fight. They had like a mandatory situation where Croly was next in line. Obviously when you get unification's while they're both each tend to Trump the mandatory in this case Richard coma was injured. So now they had to go with crawler on the fight will be on ESPN. Plus. So at this point like Mike said loss of Horry Lenore is twice who Changle was beaten. And at this point. I think for this particular a lot of people is looked at women Ching-Kuo and seen him to be this guy who's tend to slow down a little bit from the quote, unquote. Vintage Loma chanko where he was making everybody. Stop by them quitting in the corner. To now having some adversity being dropped in a fight going to distance with draws a someone who devante taint Davis his stops. And been rivals wanna fight with each other. So Anthony crow is a person where I think that he needs impressive performance, a stoppage statement just to kinda shut a lot of the critics because the only good as you're not last fight. But maybe last two fights. And there was a lot of holes that people felt in those to fight. So this is a fight where he just has to look like Loma chanko high tech move around make him quit drop them, whatever it takes. So that he can proclaim the be pound for pound fighter. Many. Writers put other than that. I think if he struggles crawler he's gonna be dropping on that list. And I think rightfully so. So I pick Loma chanko. Stoppage. I'm flip the coin landed on heads stoppage. But. Yeah. That's my pip. What do you think? Nece? I'm not watching. You know, man. This is like terrible the fucking already right now man or a broadcast on YouTube from from this Enron. No camera on these guys can see what you gotta talking about Nestle Ritter. Fucking quiet camera was. Okay. Yeah. Man. I mean you talking about shit. Ain't nobody watch right on 'em. Sorry. You're trying to be politically. Correct. Ain't nobody. Out. Man is a plus a minus six thousand bro. I got Tom six. What a silly. My this numbers what should Krizan? She as decision. I'm would. I think the for the show, but. I'm gonna keep my mouth shut now. ESPN plus though, so is that signifies that it's a fight that they don't care about. So it goes to the platform. Remember, they got more money on ESPN. So they gotta give my men and dollars would Bob's it. All. Five one time a year only as being plus, oh, maybe this one time. But you we can move on a Birtles remember versus well right now. Tummy Karpinski kit around like heavyweight, so apparently good Birtles going go up in the water at once any fire. We gotta do fuck in. A bench show tomorrow. My god. Deputy. I know you playing devil's advocate can see by everyone know Corp Pence. He's been a dude that it's been stopped by every probably named if she heard of in a division. That's great. For way, go favorite Monday through Thursday. From me. I'm I'm not going to Marlin. Thanks to to throw it out. I'll be around for the begging show if you wanna not that before you go to gym or. I said we do before the gym Dan among fan. I'm not going to tell you you can put your gym back to twelve or one. We can do it. Right, right. After the morning show. We will talk about I got zero winning. I'm just confused on what the fuck is don't career because you moving up. He's still got his boat. Didn't have a picture with Kevin Smith and any Hearn and Bob Arum. So, you know, and Billie. Joe Sanders is I don't for the bell and going to be here and then find him ending psych. He's like what? Yeah. Desert OSHA when this fight, man. And if he if he doesn't I don't know Tommy Cup talking like that you bunch of bummed. He's been stopped by everybody. Man. Who did any stop though, who did any stop who he upset who he upset who he may a TB family family member a thousand Dawson, right? Someone in our family one twenty five thousand dollars. We were the twenty thousand wins. It was Chad Dawson to do is not supposed to be Chad Benson. Supposed to be Ramirez guesswork. Remember, as you know, what show man? Decision is my pick. How many years ago remembers Bobby decision is my pick man if you want if you want more details on car pencil, you know, what if I'm who? Already this cafe. Okay. Mic. Everardo versus Arnold Barboza. Doing your. Top prospect. I believe. He would I think not I think here the top prospect Mike is going to be fair to them as I'm saying let me are not undefeated so much. I looked at the Mike thing like might get upset on no power it. Oh, man, Mike. It's just like that Brandon Rios getting face. This could be on some was Humberto serfs who kind of soon. Beat Mike re Danis crazy beat might Reid. Oh, yeah. Didn't drop Mike Reid. Get the pop. I got seven I'm going with. I'm going with damn, bro. Sub Arado man. He might have a Soto moment, bro. Zo y'all two hundred and thirty five rounds box roars. Little run. But I mean, they not versus the names. You wanna see an he's he's in wars with them do to you know, if if Arnold is any good he gives this win. I don't know that he can't. I mean, look it's been a long time since he's loss, and he's only loss to elite level fighters once upon a time when he did fight Rio's elite level one definitely Napa know. It's love your car month and Napa and to show your car. The love get a Napa bucket for two ninety nine and save twenty percent on almost everything you can fit inside car wash car wax and tire shy. So save some cash and look good doing it by getting twenty percent with the Napa bucket while parts helpful people. That's Napa know how. No participating all parts stores. Exclusions apply. Minimum three items may not be combined. With other offers offer ends four thirty nineteen. It's Jamie, progressive's number one number two employee. Leave a message at the hey, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your Capella group mad harmony, but you will bounce back. I mean, you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk. Now get out there, hit that high note, and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year. Sorry pitchy. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Le- rules line elite. You know, he didn't really lose anybody else. Those are the name. So I'm gonna give out of the benefit of the Dow man, I don't know Barbosa. Or it is by bozo. And last week. We just seem one of those top rank top prospects get upset in the machine. So and we've seen thanks to this again NASCAR, very guy. Cafe I'm just looking with a guy named did a the one everybody's money. A couple of weeks back to this day. Bookie mistake. I don't know. I would probably would be that was a buggy mistake. Somebody had to recognize it and carefree definitely recognized for be a big up to him yet Rangel here. I mean, this is definitely one of those like prospect versus a veteran very seasoned veteran. And it's just seeing so many wars is he shot warn or is this is pressure. His relentless just gonna be too much for the you know, the up and comer like we just saw Luis Collazo you just fought someone I think two ago where like people expect him to win you came into school. This guy David Evans school want to lewd Bill, the top top prospects. And we all know at this point record of twenty wins and only seven Cao's and a lot of his Cao's was in the beginning of his career versus the later half is just one of those things where he's going to have to box d I don't really seem stop in might in Mike's gone after just Mike. Mike. The one thing and his record, man. Those at the time Brandon Rios was that dude at that time losing to like who is it. You said Marquez. He's also lost the Marquez. He lost. No bom. I mean, that's solid, man. Roussin with killing people, man. So like this. This is going to be interesting fight, man. And if Arnold can be Mike Alvarado always up says Moore, I'm telling you never we give somebody going to get upset just fucking law. The Mitchell guest try to mention we see Magaya Helms go with a guy named Paul Buller who was top prospect over England got in the ring with a journeyman crews away got the knocked out. So a mistakes happen come on the. Ten years ago shit. Number. I just want to highlight something I've never seen this before. When you go to box wreck, and you look at the vents on the ESPN card. They are advertising here. Click here to start your free trial ESPN pleasant watch Loma Changle versus Cruella interesting. You're going gonna be a lot more as on that damn site. Will year? I mean, you gotta pay gotta pay the bills somehow. But we had a move onto with only of car for reputa- vendor. Best Putin versus afraid of Blanco. I'm no best people in another one of those top top become when I am prospects. Toppling has so I haven't seen a fight chet-. So I'm kind of interested because he is what the weight. So it does not give me a gauge of how good he is. I think he has a little bit of pop too. Eisai fa me your I'm picking pick last night. No, you leave. We can move on. What's the next one? Oh, fuck spores one borough. Yo. Cardis fire. Baby this shit right here. The prospect Laurie here, Matt even a good fuck and main event to me. No. But there's some good Feis on here. But it's just the fact that if you're just itching to learn about some of these new guys man when is this on Saturday, all three therapy alone. Three. PBC am fucking design. Get some TV. Got TV time last time he was and he was at the bottom of the list. I haven't seen his name. I'll put him on there. But we can start from the top Caleb. True experts. Peter quilting to around I'll be of middleweight eliminator. Okay. I didn't read this shit. I was copy and paste. Kella plant the IBM champion. So hopefully, I'll prayers and closest to him hopefully, everything is going to go with him. But yet Peter quoting killer ex I am going lean women them to break down. I was picking tracks. I was. Can I can I'm fucking build up to pick it away. I'm big. You gave it away on another show. You told me this. One hundred hundred listen right now don't mean is the same on this last time. And if you are listening right now, go Smith at them with the billing show if you wanna go once farther and check out some boxing this weekend on zone. Check out the Lincoln are description box. Go into sign up for your first, my free and nineteen thousand nine months after that. But back to the show macula treks last took jammed James Gail. I know it was just a worn out general Gail, but both fights were pretty pretty close. And thank you, maybe get denied imbo fights. And he came back somebody on a Minneapolis car that didn't get televised. But I think he's been at the division longer has maybe has a little bit more pop computer, Colin we'll see, but I'm leaning towards Caleb true in his hometown, Minneapolis. The hometown fight, isn't it? Why could the promotion be against Quinn? Seaman? I definitely know that I think it's going to be driven down with this. I wanted to comment on one thing, and I'll piggyback a little bit of what Mike sane about this and being Manipur, Minneapolis. This is just a really interesting thing that they're having a ton of fights over there like at feel like every other month. There's a fight over there. And the building of a whole bunch of stuff. They did a little countdown also on this for f- as one they did a count on. Loma chanko fight the all access on women's by. This is actually that they're doing all these type of things because for a lot of people who don't follow Peter colon wouldn't know that he's back for he's with Sosa. He's with big baby. Millage trainer Chris. Colbert trainer. And he's over here training in New York opposed to being Virgil hunter so shot out to them for taking time and building these type of fights. But I think I'm gonna go with Peter Colin on this, man. I just think that. Scene. Peter his previous kinda fights in one sixties always made his claim that you know, he had weight issues or you didn't feel comfortable there. You know, he missed weight before one in this title shots and definitely had some layoffs and some complications. But at one sixty he seems very happy seems more focus a lot of the craziness that seem to happen is life is behind him. I think that he understands it at this part of his career that you can't mess around. So I think he's took that that break, relax. And I was ready to go anything. He looked healthy when I saw him in the gym. So I'm gonna go with Peter quoting based on. I'm I wasn't to a purse full Peter corden last by with Jalen Lou. Yeah. Well, I'm going with Peter coiling. They're both. It's it's equally. Equally matched up. Believe Cullin is the favourite and should be the favorite, but they're equally matched up. I mean the same age. Does Peter have he has a significantly less amount around box. But that's because he has a higher knockout percentage. He's only been in this too unanimous decision. Kind of. Stretch before. But it was higher level position. It was Winky ri-, you know that. Real quick. Okay. True. Ex only losses are to believe. Jemaine Taylor is prime draw. Okay. Okay. Even better on like shit. He dimmer got a draw with Japan and tell us oh death evening. Fucking better for him in a James gale, which again is a fucking question withdrawal. And there's more. You're looking at his losses and the death. Yeah. But look at some of his wins. Right. So. Do let's go into tracks. Right. So start on the NRA, obviously. I mean, what is this is kind of like a Huat works who kind of fight right to access. Definitely like a a busy fighter. If you think it falls into that. Then you gotta give true X better. A better shot at winning. I think he lets his hands. Go more than Quilon. I think cooling right now is still in a. Stage ways trying to find himself. You know, he was a puncher. And we're not seeing that like I said he's been in this to unanimous decision stretch before. But it was Winky ri- and Hassan Dom, you know, these two guys is like Jalen love and nothing does Shawn something, you know. I don't know. He's going to have to step up to the play. But I wanted to talk about some of the winds that to true act- actually did get so not Chianti leather Leatherwood, you know, which good to hear that. He got he stopped him. Derek NS the brother of Gironde is it went a U D. All right. And you know, that's. You know, what there again is's ac- Duran? Wow. You know, a lot of people know him. I mean Durant four years ago was he in shape was he in his prime and tracks got a decision draw. You know, you gotta draw. Donovan George I'm impressed that he knocked out. Donovan George George was a tough to fighter. Impressively knocked out Michael Walker. Another tough little journeyman. You know, but he's got a draw some do named Phil Williams of never heard of. But antwon echoes another dude another you d so I'm just saying if he can even pull it off is going to be by decision. But he just hasn't beat that level of Peter Quillet outside of James gale outside of that one time. So I gotta believe the coolant has been here longer, and he will be here again, and I'm gonna pick coiling. So. True. Onto the Komen event say, I'll take Sergei chango, you know, don't know much Jacko Klay other than when he full Dmitri, Sandra, very bad, boring corny fight. So hopefully, chanko make look better. He fought select also to. Amateur background. I think he was like at the Olympics or had some Olympic trials. So, but that's about it. I think Sergei during chanko put a hell of a great fight with Danny Jacobs. I even a lot of people felt some type of way of gained Jacob should have got like a draw or something with that. So surrogate trained by Andre rosier the same trainer as Danny Jacobs. I think surrogate is going to win man thirty the probably gonna win but won't be Jack golden there in. For thirty hand a little bit in an fighter out of. He's on primetime American television. If only to be said about them, maybe to make a nine for so true. Someone say coca coal K can't even made draw wobbly is that true. I know that not impressed with the coq lay wind from undrawn. I can't remember all the details. What else say is that the auntie was right? When he said in an interview that sometimes the loser. Sometimes it's better for you to lose. You'll get more opportunities. Because look look at coke laymen. He just keeps getting opportunity now he's being brought to the US for some US TV time only on the card is Chris Cobra taking on Mario be Reno's never heard of Berea knows. But I know that when I check the betting line, Chris is huge favorite. But. But damn and like, I say Chris Culver is finding dues with light tons of fucking winds. Every time. Tended. Oh, and he's finding out his twenty nine eight into now record of eight losses, but for do on his eleven fight, and he's finding guy with that many fights. And that many damn wins early. Chris Cobra fucking light top prospect prospect or guy that has a lot of. Were winning records. This guy is a common opponent. That's why. No, I knew this face. Scott quick just for this guy. Out. October twentieth. Two thousand eighteen fresh. To death. No, no, you don't let the barrel. But he's still young. There's something to be said about kid who still young still hasn't necessarily develop their manpower. Yes. So be patient with krizner. I think later on when you start moving forward and get older. Drink. I got a son in because this do for Orlando, Laura. This like, whoa. Can Eric's in lube. I mean Hoy lower than on a low. Okay. I'm thinking or Landau law. Right. Who would lower fight he fought Jose raum. Just got knocked out Murata to model like a draw Aroha. It's Jamie, progressive's number one number two employee. Leave a message at the hey, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your Capella group mad harmony, but you will bounce back. I mean, you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk. Now get out there, hit that high note, and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year. Sorry pitchy. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's number one number two employee. Leave a message at the hey, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your Capella group mad harmony, but you will bounce back. I mean, you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk. Now get out there, hit that high note, and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year. Sorry pitchy. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Remember? So I mean, this guy's been in, you know, some people loss to some people. So we'll see what Chris Cobra does. But I know that when I checked huge favorite huge, no money in their favorite book regular enough killing went six thousand bro. That's crazy. That though I was at the list last Chris Cooper fight. And a lot of times people criticize him for not knocking people out or being way. More superior boxer. He was in the pocket ninety last by and I'll tell you that was very impressive to see him just slug it out in a way where he took minimal punishment and gave a lot out and on the ropes and was in a corner. I like that man. I liked that critical were taking a lot more risk in more of these type of exciting type of moments without getting hit us much. But this opponent office will see what who do with them are moving on. We got a dorm price versus can you? The he still rank four hundred in seventy two in the world on box, right? Chris kober? You plan. No word up in the world. Like, he's sixty two in America. But in the world, he's ranked four hundred seventy two two in America. Critic. That's kind of disrespectful Kanda in his way class. Yeah. The this. I mean, I don't know who though to be honest, these I just clicked it these names crazy any records like, but but auto I mean, Chris got ten wins. And and these names on pas oh shit gave over his junior's rank the above him. They probably need to be updated. Probably a little bit. Computer? Koba sixty two number sixty two in the world in the world. But for what reason when you know in America skews me in America. But but you said gave floor think that much hard to America. Gaber floors is one one one notch above them. Yohane Gaber four is is actually one notch above them in the world to they disrespect. The fires. This crazy Tom brand. Fuck is them. I man got nineteen losses. He ranked. That's crazy. Check must have had a glitch though. Keep a real this. This don't make any sense. Like, my main Ray says release these Peres's number four hundred and fifty five on track knee while he's seventeen in Lebanon, but he rock in a better ranking with the focus those guys are fighting guys with winning records like solid winning record or a lot of fights gave her floor, then crisco ver this is strange, but I'm still going Colbert Mun should hope. I hope this way you. Yeah. Me too. We have Dr price versus Louise e fluorescent, Iran. What were fighting don't know who the guys are? But I put him on. Anyway, move on Joey space. Bro. He stop. Somebody wasn't supposed to stop goes. Right edge, Avantis stocks. Yup. Yellow and that do don't even fuck in the Haning were Heyman. No more. Devante stocks was like he had -ffiliated Ericsson Lumine. Hello, I mid west golden glove champion. So I think I remember. Highland is Ireland. Let me see. Ono? This guy's a whole nother Highland women's Starks. Get shot or something in like, I heard something like that. And. Yeah. Like anandas common opponent, Robert the ghost who. Nope. And eve. Bigger chatman boxing for Abby of h money was good, Mr. the design build it got criminal only out there. Many got burned in my region. What's going on, man? Fat was good. What's going on? We'll shopping. Got this fight, man. I might be on tomorrow, man. Just gotta wait be patient. I'll turn into the generates me Joey Spencer versus. I was I was saying. Oriole's shit. Go come out broken. You're right. My wrong it away. Man. Your guy. Joyce. Yeah. Joey Spencer, man, he's a highly touted prospect one fifty four at the age of nineteen by like a week or two ago. Very very talented kid. He was ranked the number one in the amateurs, I think under eighteen team United States PBC's pushing them really hard. You got the prospect of the year war from PBC N. He's getting a lot of TV time. He's been getting coal Maine's or on the tripleheader Khanna approach. So we had him on the show a couple of times, and he's very aggressive in its approach on his fighting style. He's knocking his dues out six win six by devastating Cao's. And you know, he's he's definitely in his learning stage on just how to become professional that you know, guys like in Chris Culver has fought. Some of these guys were really high records, but part of the game these prospects. Learn how to deal with the lights deal with the crowd. And I think that's where they're just pushing them. But expect to see a fun fi. I'm going by knockout, rightfully so just because you know, they are putting a lot of money behind this kid. Absolutely, man. Joe absolute analyze perform in the guy beat the shit out of somebody time. He very very impressive thing. He's going to be problem. And then the vision, and I think the trains don't keep on keep on moving guys out them, but spent for him to be on his ass. I think this is I six round fight. So you want from four to six now. I just want the box was to be like on. Plot. Secret surprise. But yeah, the my gun first name currency northern you'll tell the money out of fourth finding a guy named Kristen a girl. I don't know. Two. Much expensive. Let me take away. Sure me me. Okay. Yeah. You go because these some good ass prospects on his damn car, man. This shit makes me happy money pow and Joey Spence and critical. We're all on the same card about those guys. They have a competitive friendship. So I know if money get stop is going to stop and vice versa. So. I'm very excited to see money pal. Again. I'm glad that we are able to fight multiple multiple times. In a short span. I'm glad they're bringing star are putting him on big cards light this card in the world the. Yeah. Very very impressive catching shoot knockout on the last episode car last one, but the one that he was on in a yeah, I think money. Money. To a young man invest so much in the body early on and to see that he has defense has punch election. Same has compounder and he's going east grown into body. So we don't know what division. He's really going. He probably wants to. Five big as. Do he's in a new division. And he just looks bigger and bigger every time he's in the rain like. He's definitely filling out man, I think waiver division. He he's going to be a problem in. Thank the power is going to on a carry in your man, he just one of those young young line. And I'm ready to really excited to see his progression from this year in the into the next twenty one right? How did? He's. News. Okay. Yeah. I think there's twenty them. But this is I. Scotch them on neck right on? This is good. I'm all the prospects on a car, and I'm Phoenix right now. Your man and all the money before we move onto the I I like I like what you already said. Like do invest to the body. I think that's a great trend. I'm seeing all these prospects. They're all going to the body, man. Like, that's something that a lot of young prospects. They wanna come out and do the headshots pretty knockouts, which will be great for highlights and promotional reasons. But I definitely like when I see young prospect take time to break their opponent down, and then take them to school because at that point is only going to do volumes for them in the near future. Upper body movement defense, I like money Powell always the highly of him. I think a lot of people seen him on U2. when Faisal rec- so shot of everyone on this card. Big show. Everybody card in in the worry. Great as money say the best but last zone card high may monkey versus dentist, HOGAN and twelve around five for mcgeough WBO title. I believe Dylan mandatory, right? Ryan, I believe. So I think they were going to. Did you watch this press conference for this moment? What's? Still Stu first of all was recorded to potato and they have so many microphone issues like they gave everybody different my Oscars. My I don't know how God is big. That's what I didn't change the channel. Because Oscars entire speech was like muffled distorted. It was ridiculous. Whoever was recording was so zoomed in. There was recording through a stocking cap. I get it was really really poorly done. I'm telling you. Paulie pulling. And then they had the nerve to do translation they didn't out to know who was taught. I mean bad, but I'll tell you what when J J always calling Jamie Hymie came or they didn't even come 'cause everyone's city, but when they passed him, the my there were some cheers from a lot of choose strong jeers Elise and down in Monterey Briscoe. I mean, it could be because it sounded that press press. Kind of. Yup. Thank you say if Monterey it might be, bro. Because I'm telling you the press conference ounded extra Spanish, and it was only sixty seven people on the stream. So maybe that's what it was. Maybe like, I just clicked it 'cause I seen as recommended in. I didn't notice I was the Spanish version. I don't know. But it's I if a lot of Spanish. How do you and this? I don't know much about dinner. Totally. I know he lost the jet. Cool. I can't say his last name. Kuechley coke coal forget. I know he lost the dude back in the day. It was for an intramural boxing. But yeah, I I guess this is one of those fights where you know, eventually at some point unit have to fight you mandatory if you're gonna hold onto about and Hymie Muya has been very active. He's fought many times with that belt hasn't unified. I think a lot of people know why you feel that maybe he's not ready to fight other champions or heard specifically. But at this point keep talking about moving you. On sixty. I mean, jeez, man. I don't I met one. When bro but lacks dissolved stop it. Let this man just learned let him defend his title. And let them unify someone in that way class. Could you go to one sixty you got oh my God Cannella like they keep bringing up canola. I know it could be a marketing thing. But do I mean? Ready for canal triple g out things ready for damages and dry d Danny Jacobs shit Charl by rob brand. I just don't see it, man. He's a stall punch. I'll tell you this. This is a very strong aggressive kid, how strong you learn house dog we go to around with them goes to around with a guy that you told me it was for sure going to stop a cousin of a month. Let me know where you're you're. Right. I mean, I guess I thought he was going to stop. They're definitely not related, but. Not really. But I I guess the thing is you feel that they're serving people Hymie Gill that he should develop and be and you always get this for Nando Vargas field this guy where he's like, he's very talented. But you just don't wanna put them there yet. And then keep talking about at one sixty one sixty I think it's just like practically just wanted to shoot this kid's corrup- early. Because at some point he's going to lose one of those guys. I don't I don't I wanna pick him against any of those guys. Like you said once they just pump the break for right now. I don't think we anybody on the panel picking didn't hope. Even champions like Billy. Joe Sanders can come down to one sixty two. Boxing, lesson in my opinion. Like, it's just I think that era. Very selective. And how the Progress M in one sixty and if there's a way issue, and the reason why he can't go in there with us fine. Just be very smart and developing this kid because I still see flaws in this kid, and that's one of the most deadly divisions often been so in the Coleman been we got the Dylan all your birth in Comanche in a ten round the way fight there. Go like the a nephew of. No, he is. Nephew. I can't. The entity like the nets. Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the hi, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool. So when it's like tell us what you want to pay. Hey trombone goes, blah, blah, blah. And you say we'll help you find curve jobs that fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes, savings coming at ya. Savings coming at ya. Yes. No. Maybe. Anyway, see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. The stylized lounge presents an evening with the progressive. Tickling the ivories. He just saved. By bundling home and auto progressive gonna finally that gal of yours Ugo, send my condolences. Nice. In my. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Discounts on available in all states or situations. Z's a cousin Vasco. But yo he's not. He got that ask a pedigree, bro. Okay. He's he's highly ranked in like the sanctioning bodies. I know that he's lost. But also be Oscar vowed as an amateur so. Is a few hundred. Is he still with Joel d as I think, maybe, you know, like, I'm not seeing the improvement in you know, Joel's had them for some fights. Now like, maybe he living off the name. Who knows? I know. They were really big him up on that. I can oh g. Bamenda never heard of this do. He's been fine. His level of opponent for a long time. You know? Well before any don't get the fuck out. Is semi ma'am. India who former governor. During the hell. Randy get high. This law is fine. Diego. That's way, man. Randy look our yet. And my he was pretty good, man. Really cut it. Shit too. He was a chair of official to me do re like, I I remember that's the fight. I said that they really big him up on Gennady Cannella undercard that was the fight the first car or the thicker the. The president. You get this win. I'm not to watch this fine manure I mean, 'cause I I know it was like a straight boxing clinic. They've been moving up of any should have been the big guy. This don't even make sense. You don't remember this fi knob versus where you know, what you are doing shave is event. I think the first time, right? So I don't think you were oh, this was into mobile out, the I can I can notify so damn what was the own my God. But they had them. Why damn ninety one hundred what the ninety two ninety eighty manning with no rounds? Onto scorecard. Showing up scorecard maybe in my chick, but we can move onto Petra Texteira versus Mario coulda Stevens. Vano? Bringing them you lem you'll. The writers. Back on the Cannella card me golden boy, metro router versus the MU. And. Limiters keep getting English muffins to. Then he just have the other do with the sim barrow with the with the twisty Bill. Twisty mustache have. Writer. What are quick way? Thought it was everyone was. It was going to go to a war going to be your man. That's the Antoine. Douglas knockout by. I mean, he was beaten shot himself. He was so just in general that you're gonna call him. That was another one duties. Occurs. You bang for me fucked bike up a book. David getting fucked up so bad. I was like damn spite bells bad good again at one Doug with. Then. I was like, I don't know. I just forgot man and the mmu fuck despite the for the end of that car. I believe. Notes Mikey Garcia Eric morale. Morales an exhibition for charity may eighteen I think is a good look for my own, San you, balanced Beck, real quick show. The word that I'm not necessarily a Allison. Finish. My you got you got plenty of time to come back. You guys say showed a word that not ashamed of allows you you you take on. And you're doing a good thing. For charity, you giving back to the community and boxing me anything that can promote box in a positive way to have Mike Garcia face front of it is good for boxing, man. So I'm glad to see Mikey out here again in a interacting with the public. Go ahead and already know what you're going. It just is is not him bag. This is an exhibition. In the public north saying, he we all know. Yeah. We all know at the charity of he's going to get a lot of questions that he might not want to answer. The only got a lot of questions. Bob arum. Low Machiko question. Devante Davis questions just going to be a lot of questions bombarded about Mike day might not necessarily want to do with. But. That will be amazing. He should do that do that. Bra if he takes them, Tom Wolfe, we'd rather. Yup. I'm buying. You may devante move up and do another fucking pay per view off laws. Fuck. For grandma though. Oh, devante Mikey net. Now we talking because you know, my Earl. Happy. I what happened. To get that win. Mike, Mike, get the. A one. No, you're right. But I mean, he'll be able to get some money with devante and possibly win. If vaunted knock him coal out. Earl could knock him out you right? But this is Mikey move back down. Don't shit go up to heavyweight Tony targe Rabbani, right? Bound or either going up then you coming back now versus tank. He made them meal with neck babys- net. Going to have to top shake snack said gonna have to shave this fight. I mean, he went to big. We think true. What down? I wish I would have clip. Bob, Arum's audio. Well, my disgrace. He wasn't trying to win. Bob is eighty years old. You don't give a fuck what he's saying, man. But that's a healthy eighty seven euro, I'm trying to do. He don't give a damn what you're saying. You gotta respect to me. You have age in anything. So you gotta kinda like no a fucking on the eight is what it is can't really go up. Listen telephone. It's other friend hit that subscribe and wet one hundred thousand five hundred seventy and night. I'm gonna be honest. We slow down like we hit on two thousand. I feel like it was like two weeks ago, we need to get these subscribers up. We need those numbers and numbers translates, a bigger better interviews, you know, what I mean so hit that comes up and share help. With visibility of the show doesn't matter is now later week from now month from now a year from now sharing helps with the visibility to show subscribing helps with us ensure bigger and better interviews. Affirmation? Devante davis. He was in the news. He could be possibly fighting euro 'cause GameBoy twenty seven in Baltimore. You know, what like Brian? I know. I know I know Ron is mad at it. But I'm gonna just go ahead and accept it, bro. Because like who isn't doing this like we just see fucking Brandon reels go to Mexico versus Umberto Soto. Meanwhile, jesse's coming back verse him. For David Benham Vitas. Jose jose. You what I'm saying is like we've seen this look on Obara Bosaso about the fight Mike Alvarado. So like, you do this in boxing, you use these names and? Because they need this name. Better to have it in. Devante davis. I mean, you know, what you're gonna do to gamble. And oh, ooh. Now, check it out. Beautiful win like top the bottom. He'd beat the shit out of this do, but devante mice leap fucking. He my sleep. Because not only is he getting a different version of the one that Crawford be evacuee. But he he hits with. With conviction. I was like a punch with that type animosity he. The way he if he owes Hugo was lightning. I don't man got him. They hit me with a baseball shit. He definitely big punch in just feel bad for GameBoy. If I happen thing this think about it, right? Like his big name fight was supposed to be ABN Amar's, which is on the same level. Like when you think avenue, you'd think again boa you think of devante beat in both of them. So is adn more cachet. Yes, he is. But they can't give it to him because of his Gamboa's still does it. He still does when you're talking as a promoter trying to build. Devante into the next pay per view star. Remember thinking to put him on pay per view in two thousand twenty anyways where he said on his Twitter, right? You're the one that was overly excited for the and like it. He was. At like, oh, we better not. Why? Now who's gonna fight? Who do you? What do you mean? Like, we all want him to start unifying. We want him to start serving former do we got the real title? He will he has the real title, but many people know storyline, and rightfully so for people that don't know how Machado the rule champion slept by his tune-ups God inform os based off the time line. I don't even know if you can hear that horn, New York this. But. Look all sane is rightfully so. Based on demand beat the man who beat the man devante technically didn't be the guy. Now, talent wise. Do I think that devante can get that Bill easy? So we can skip the fight. But overall, I just wanted to see some unification's going in that division. Devante. Tomo Loma chanko they'd been talking about wanting to move up. And wait, I think he's extremely talented. And if you're gonna fight someone like gamble, hopefully, he's going to be busy. That's all. I wanna say if he's not finding is we we don't wanna see give them give us three four five him. And I'll be cool with that. That's it. If I'm getting him once or twice a year. And this is Gamba gonna be happy, man. That's all gotta gonna devante more activist, especially when he get one round knockout one not bring him back for one month or a month and a half base. A Mike Tyson begging they really build that focus star up having guys like fucking go out first round. Then fight gam- a GameBoy out. I around them again. Like you start start having back to back neck if he's getting these knockout, these kind of devastating real that the fucking public Siham and build up and build them up bra. How is it a do rank so high in this division all his FIS has been in fucking Russia and mother her or Shah, so just? Full point two I, but he didn't even final buddy. Well, yeah. The only name is notable as Robertson that I've seen, but I I was just skimming, but just to clear up a Ron talking about he won't unification's. Meanwhile, not educating the listeners that unification's can only happen when they can happen. Now. L boats are still owes one fight the top rank and not when this other dude ranked number three I have no clue I pronounce his name is fighting only in Russia now infra Cisco Vargas is still. Does on. Still with golden boy match Ramon design. He would go to. Does the one that knocked out Machado Machado drops all the way to twelve conceal to you about somebody under one thirty five a division under one. I just don't hear these type of fights being Goshi Jemaine, and they're going to be fighting in Florida. Man. He got a mandatory saying that's another ESPN thirty. I'm not even listening. Really not like this idea of this route is tank farmer or these guys even trying to make the fights like even try it just public. I I don't see any of these guys just doing what water Joshua fury like at least have some fucker you going on. So we can always be like all right? Well, we need. Though. That's the thing. Like, it ain't did they need to keep doing what they don't tillers. They're like everybody thinks ten beach for. So they not even like. So I get the business, but me I wanna see doing listen the only one that could force despite his former he needs to keep showing dominance. So that people wait a minute. He's be enjoying a car, but li- bra, you know, what I mean, he needs to be joined a car little more convincingly, even though it was straight cleaner on all the judges. I'm just saying, you know, what I'm saying because he knows like we know what he faces when he gets in there with devante wanted to be more than just slick. Arm saying fight fan. I understand the business. But as a fife fan am I excited for taint versus gamble? No. I'm not I'm more excited than that in. Birch. Oh. He went life indefinite Romano the day. Right. Wasn't that Roman or some shit like that all Mickey Roman Miguel Roman like the old one to amount to go back? We'll check this watch. I remember that. Champions. Roman Burma Maingot seventy two fights champ to but I'm seeing would you? You're more excited. See gamble versus MMA. Go berko. I'd nothing. I just think that. Gamboa Starlight lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. Let's you tickling the ivories. He just saved. By bundling home and auto progressive gonna finally gal of yours Hugo send condolences. This. In. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Discounts on able in all states or situations from dad, all right? Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive. What is this? Well, where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair. Yeah. Where did you get this? Good stuff. Solid. That's not the near that solid stuff. Progressive. Cats eighty from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates in other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations. Have more skill than Miguel Roman and Francisco Vargas. It's better fight better. Fi. We say Francisco August fight Miguel Roman like, why can't we see tank fight Gamboa? Who's a gold medalist has more accolades at least holds a win over Salida who holds a win over fucking. But this this is my perception, I think gamble, I don't think of the gamble. A prior to Crawford even thought Crawford. I'm thinking of one that got though heaving win against. True true. That's how they do Gamboa. They don't give Gamboa Tom to be ready. Like, you know, he ain't even sign, bro. They, you know, they treat them they using them that using them. But if you give gamble a couple of fights is a good fiber. Remember he kept that one thirty five. You know what I mean he is Chinni. It's meant to make. Devante look good that trying to build them, bro. And like I said, and I'm not even backtracking. But I made the statement if I don't get the fight as a fight fan, and I understand the business than gimme multiple tank fights. So that at least at this point, for example, like a Hymie moon Ghia who's who's not in the fights. I think that he should be in. But he's very busy. You know, keep keep them busy. I don't wanna hear tank one a year twice a year, and it's against Abner Mars for placement which out of his show. He didn't make a decision by freak accident. But then go into Gambo and disappear. Like, I don't wanna see that five three or four times a year. At least I get to see your skills your talent. I get to as a fight fan. I get to enjoy that. But I don't want to Gary Russell, you know, Gary Russell got a boat five one times a year. And the only time he's in one type of exciting fight as the mandatory. Care about Gary. A bush. He gonna miss them. I think tank is extremely talented. I just don't want to see him and the situation we make jokes. Oh, he's only fight one time. And look people mad at me because I'm not saying because I understand the business of boxing. But let's be honest who got more of a shot Gamboa's fucking avenue mahras. Rosa. What was the question? Got more of a shot Gamboa or Abner marris. Shit, man. You made me think hard as fuck on that. I think tanks lease both of them. So. And so do I, but which one of them have a better shot at beating tank? I don't know what a fucking. I really I really don't know difference. It was already giving Morris on and when that fight was made. And we thought we was getting it. Now compare the Gamboa which one of the two fighters got a better shot at beating fuck intake wise, I guess you're going because I think he just beat the dog show like to the point where it's like. The one pose any type of gamble a better chance because he's bigger I think that's just balls because avenue to small but taint. Taine should win those two rightfully so. I wanna see someone who's brand. And if uscis Atta heave same oh. Samar's got a better shot. He lying. I brother. Matter brain on that. And you're on the fight like real life. Oh, rob Burnett jail. Brit Gamero is being made seventeen. Just a little quick announcement. Also can never versus any Jacobs. They have a little thank all minority mono. Gel. Brit gore Mira. So why are you asking Orion Burnett moved up any? Twenty two that was Oscar de LA Hoya cousin. Would you talk? Was his name. Why game, of course? Jazz Abell is. Tell Barack gore mayra storm not gonna lie. I'm box wrecking right now. Nobody might just put it in because of Ryan fucking Burnett. Mister twister bet. Is being put on. Stop zoo stomach. Beat row house. Oh money on this shit. Now, you can't all your ex can ex- can. Yeah. Him ex. But yes, he's a twenty six year old Filipino five. Of Michael Hannah versus sick. Oh, yeah. Both turn heavyweight rematch Cannella versus the Lewis show tonight on Facebook at ten o'clock. It's called money money. I guess it's going to be like a little. Your book. Facebook washing people, I actually do show them. They gonna get numbers breath. They're walling. Demi country, wouldn't latch. So I mean, gotta fill some some kind of right? A main listen man, we've seen a Joel d as junior do like four million views on Facebook. And I'm gonna just calling fake views. Man. He ain't no big of a star. He Yoda poor kid. I wish he would have just signed a Haymond. He's only Olympia dense on from that two thousand twelve crop. He I beg him for Feis each. He dissolved outfight former how you would dissolve telling Twitter, you'll fight farmer like. He won't. I'll do the biggest fight. He got was vacant title shot of a purse bid. Like an avenue, mar. Mandatory though. I mean. Yeah. Yeah. Mandatory. But that ain't that a golden boy, do, you know favors putting in Gary Russell a mandatory at that point. What you gotta go. Anybody to get that? Exactly. But what I'm saying is don't you recall other champions having a easier out than Gary Russell for your first title shining where you wanna near he England. Burqa about what you want is. What could we set up for you? I just think that if you was on ESPN or PBC more options. For full title some. Truffes Anthony yard didn't take numerous shots. And he's opting out for the thirty eight year old dude was knocked out three times didn't come back with a knife victory that everybody was celebrating. None of dewey's most. He's the most vulnerable light heavyweight metaph as the most vulnerable champion the most. The most. So he's going to be the most vulnerable champion a beef better. Be better me as a monster to be. He's a mom to you. You said it. You won't you want better be right now. The. Yet who want? Right now, I'll take better crack with Mogam news. Smokin news of his career. He's on now. Block on. On this comeback. You know, because he's buddy mcgirt. But it's all right L our rest to step aside money like eight times, you know, what I'm saying. That's all I'm saying. You better be right now. His. Biko Vlad like three times amateurs within. They he got them off. On his ass. Luma Ching-Kuo one hundred percent most Mike Garcia but questions if they can make one thirty five we also have Michael hundred metro like Ness alluded to maybe possibly have a rematch. I'm I'm kind of proud of a hundred on the road really show people that he can may be particularly can compete with some of the guys at heavyweight. So we'll see where where Caribbean from here. He signed a metro himself quick. I'm rob singleton in chases hot rod will be better beef. I'm actually going to put money on that how Brown drop Marcus Brown. And better be got a suspect chin, you know, what I'm saying. So. Speaking of money Mme money Sam. But maybe. I tell you go sit on a million dollars could give. And they come up with figures brother might consider coming back to boxing. I mean, if I'm dissolving I just give them the hunt in offer more fights one hundred. You know, like they was already offering a more sixty forty report. I don't want to maybe on them, whatever they say, it was forty sixty foot. What two three five so just give them five six five. Now. You know, say y'all listen, it don't matter after he lose to awhile door AJ, again, they use for sick and hunter they Ehrich Zora Dillion white, you know, Joseph Parker like they use them Philip Hargrove Agha's over there. They could use them. Like, you ain't losing your money by keeping Vlad in the business. But the hundred million that's pretty price OT KP and a chest who's going to sign to subscribe to dissolve Vlad laugh out loud. Right match. Oh, man. Rematch. Deal white versus bland bam's big baby. Vladimir 'cause go, that's Tyson might my thought breath. The only thing it's Vlad loses like one or twice in the beginning of his. That's the thing. You put them in. You can do you can do Derek Zora tube flats comeback fight. That's here. Harry. But it's already a fight it happen, right? Peter's repeaters. I fight ten years later like like yours. Ten years ago, man. Fuck. In his own. If you bring back Vlad you add in, you know, some cash, bro. To somebody's other dues use it. Let's open these phone lines. We got Americana. Looks ready for the showdown here. Like me. Shredded both in Denver Shay. Pictures of Khan, looking good like remember when he was fighting Cannella, it just came up as my Facebook memory to I even reposted because it was a side by side of him as a forty seven him as a sixty. And it was like God damn they I mean people were saying it was Photoshop, but his arms was looking crazy. So like always looks good in fighters. Always looks good Mikey moved up. He went to snack. He fully posed in twelve dozen pictures, and we thought he looked good at doesn't mean you go fight. Good for. Stories. Shannon bridge. David. Hey, he won't they go channel Cannella only ones reported on. Can I can't? Mother. And only if he had built Jeff warm says no to Rayo Marotta at date switch and one that I know everybody's skim into that. I know I'm not because I say the best relax 'cause I I know you want to talk about. Wow. Okay. Go here. I'm sorry. Get the fucking report ING to caller. But if you're going to go off every fucking little bullet point, if I put it on the mother fucking, I'm gonna talk about it. I I. Going to touch on every bullet point that we have to say something on it too. I'm trying to be more proactive to call the fast north. Sorry. Turn down. If I were Marotta Toyota Corolla, do the Brian rob Brant B shut out the rob brand. But it needs to be told properly that fight they was down for for June. And you know, they they changed it to July and Jeff on just can't make the date because his his his child will be born. But Jefferson wanted all s moat will Royal Marotta iota Corolla, and I just wanted to say because if if somebody read the story, they'll thing Jeff only want their fight he signed in the fight was go for June. They pushed it back. Switching switch. On your the bullet point, the canal only wants to Lufkin if he had about it only makes sense at the point that if can beat Danny that means tripled you has to go fight Demisch drawing. Nettles doing though, I talked about this on another show too. Like, he smart he'll want that south pole work. You do that shin. Awful and now an ad from dad. All right. Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive. Right. Is good. Wow. Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair. Yeah. Where did you get this? Good stuff. Solid. That's not the near that solid stuff. Progressive. Save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations. And no an ad from dad. All right. Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive. Right. Does this? Wow. Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair. Yeah. Where did you get this? Good stuff. Solid. That's not the near that solid stuff. Progressive can save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates in other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations. We stop saying can the little one that's out power. He already beat the best out Paul out there. Let me even Laura. Even though I don't think he beat Laura, but he beat lower Antra CBS final four sigma with the anti water had thirteen point seventy seven million viewers when little halftime show with the so great job. Stephen F knows a believe we talked to who will talk to that. That that told of Stephen set that up O J D is of Stephen set it up for a down to be there. Great look by him. A great move about the prisoner of Showtime sports. Good job to get your champion in front of millions of casual fans that could possibly turn into boxes. So great movement. And I think it's only going keep building the fighting when it happened that we all be happy. Joshua gotta plug on that too. So it benefited Joshua. Mhm? They brought him up when you fight Josh happen. So that's good for boxing in general as I look at it. If your water Phanor Joshua fan is always good to see something mainstream like that in the public eye, and it's not like we're fucking program that they're trying to promote or some bad sitcom, that's probably gonna lose ratings after one up. So he put some boxing on. That's what's up so as boxing fans as win for all of us. So if you enjoy all the Bartha content, you want some more like the better show hit over to the patriot dot com slash boxing. Go ahead and to our show it will be tomorrow of Friday. And we're gonna have a lot of things to talk about ultra one of those real quick often travel with to real goose Shay in a main event. First one may twenty fifth down in bologna Mississippi. Also, what the way contender Cordell Booker will fight while they out to Dan. But that's that's all Matosa moving up. Well, he got job thinking that Jesse. Vargas fight, man. He was a big puncher kill some I in a ring by punching him. If you want them in flag, your got on that board award hoodie hit over to the bucks dot com and use coupon co free twenty nineteen so you can get free shipping on all your purchases. Again. That's coupon. Co Frey F R E two zero one nine fourteen to four sixteen. So don't miss out on those boater was. Look out man bookmark, the box voice dot com for which last store because this is starting to pop off obviously, the by the border wars hoodie is very hot, you know, sweatshirt. This one is selling a lot. But that top rank diet is coming out. And I've just got the first draft. That's why I was excited earlier I was going to share with job, but I'm gonna wait. He's you know, he's going to send me to final revisions of it. I wanted to logo put in certain places. So she went to commit, right? One at a time champ. But year, we a yot, you know, what I got to working on a hassles gross won't be. Yeah. Workout man, I was like like. We should have. I'm going to send you the the local sans edition. So anyone who is a fan of Jose local sands? He will have his own shirt up as well. And it's actually fi I'm by one of the support because look at it I descended to Hoffa's gross one. Just Kuzma n-. You gotta keep them. Warning on with my designer. Our no, you know, I'm ascend Mike some shit wasn't on say I was going to send it, but I'm gonna just say it now and shit. And like if you think it's offensive that's because I ain't get the Senate the, Mike. I I was gonna get the hot sauce. Bottle on the hill chair. It's like hot souls gross. Shit. Got to be the worst idea. Shirt my I'm sorry. Sure. In Stockton tell you I'm offending everybody. I go with that shirt. I'm good. Now, if you willing bottle with my faith on the guy did, but Mike you like a little bit like Louisiana. But instead of like Louisiana, Mike put your input. Mike space on the topic to you. Auto crazy. I got a bit pitcher. But yeah, go ahead and get to these people have been waiting on Ryan's prior to that just shameless play on our channel. We've got tons of any of us from J D breaking out aerospace, Sean port if they fought we got the patriots deonte water air two hours ago. Sleater meet sleater promoting bay Miller. John David Jackson talking about fury water. Joshua Tom author talking Landry. Klitschko addition to someone to clear his shields meeting luncheon and her interview pretty much talking about her hardest training camp body jet. Tons and tons of exclusive footage were awesome. Posting way more stuff about stuff the deonte Awada camp. Tons of JD stuff tons and tons of stuff on the lookout for this Saturday. More clear to shoot stuff. I'll be at the fight and next week. Expect some Danny Jacobs Crawford conscie- core te'o. Fema lopez. Subscribe, she can get those interviews, man. Yes. Yes. Yes. Scribe YouTube channel help us get to that two hundred K we're gonna read over these phone line. And attorney of you guys haven't seen the podcast. Thandi end of you in. I wanna go. Nba to write his five stars on itunes have taught, you know, someone put on a patriot question. My wiz Bowman. I take the boat. Meg probably. See your boy Tuesday man conference call here he back, but I never take. Bench. See that's why he ignored. Oh, my term fighter. He begin his new love can brand new. Yo, mike. Idea reach out to actually reach out to cursor ship to try to get her in a Jacksonville. But I knew it was probably like a stretch their in entrenched in getting ready for the fight. But they're busy. They're Atlantic City right now, I was going to try and go to the thing they had today. But it was like at three PM auto might too early in his we like three PM is just I want to have job is I would have never made it in psalm for the show. Oh, you don't get reaches back home before fight on the twenty seven. So. Be forever. He a lot of things have been happening with them. Come these masses? What's going on? Or are you by some of the things that? Some of the things that other promoters. I'm. Is protecting his guy. You should have went to lunch today or giving us steak and cheesecakes if flaming. Learn how to steak man. Take it was fucking huge to the juicy. No that that luncheons place actually fire when you're working run you take eating. I had to get my stake because someone eight mine because I was busy running around. Doing interviews all day. I was even eat until the guy mad cow disease. What's? Alchemy soundbite. These calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations in turnkey installation. Visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com. Super chats. I got him put up and go here on the radio. I tune even listen to know saying nothing, but if you want. Whatever you think is worthy. Go ahead. And let us know how you feel on the. Nice little review it makes a bigger. Anyway, we got j with us. He'll hasn't got a knock down her career shaking my head with sleeping emojis, guys. Like you that don't live in good imprint on boxing guy, warned from the one to give it to your hard to read. Lomo found. No one who Gary what's beat then Walters without of for who knows how long he'll need a Bill, but don't tank out here like Nilo. We got one from from seven hit the like button might be be fail. Good job seven. Thank you for that. We got another one from Ohio boxing, looking good Mike on the bag. I appreciate Ohio around boxing. But, you know, want from we we run everything but big ups to Ohio, you guys got a BJ out. So I'm expecting big things from the Browns this year. I went from run Martin so icy Sam run, you know, if you ruin you know, if you become a Minnesota. We definitely got a I'm actually going to be at the clearest. His shields fight actually kinda got worn out from the Alabama trip. So Alantic city you was the move. But I'll definitely try to get out there at a later fight Barsha do right? Yeah. That's the real tall. Okay. Thank for this, brother. Thanks for the super Chet. Definitely call into you, man. We got one from Rodman big art just showing the men no words, just big up. Everybody. Thank you for your our dedication for the channel. Oh, okay. Let's go out to some callers. We're going to go out to Cincinnati que- city Cobra what to do. We do. Niangon on. Bad thing phones. I just now what I what I like this. You put that on a shirt? I think what. The local should I paid even laugh all art. Lab. Wait till you see this top. I what to. Never buy one got though so much shit though, so much shit. I had to write some shit down. And I really want. About what we do. Fucking what it is. But you don't cry. Gotta shout out a Qena though, for keeping his cool when when they were talking shit man on like this shit, like if you from the, you know, exactly what type of nigga time aids. He he nigga from this up where this Saudi from the. He has zero street create. That's why don't nobody like yard. That's here. I mean, it makes sense. You know, what I'm saying fake getting money the set out the, but she she picks. I got I got Claire by decision ESPN. They. I think willing be true. I think it'll be close. I think they might be some split decision kinda shit as both both. They both order for that know. But Kroll fell. Yeah. That's right crucified. Although Loma I remember Matt used to dot crow. Our time. B basically, hey side shit. I mean, my mom is should I I was thinking about the saying should I love low key agreer thing you say run because. Yeah. Hymie came nobody at the top. So they're gonna keep in QuickTime. But the Kono's came he can't be nobody at the time. So it really is time time, and we're Diego de LA Hoya BMI do TV like two years old is he? Twenty four. As about this. She he twenty four year. I say, yeah. I thought he would have been had titled show from shit. Maybe not good. I ain't seen fighting a minute. What else? Oh, taking him. Boy. Yeah. That's a funny fight, man. I think I watch I watch this. She could you know have. But that might be in the game book career. But yeah, I think this what else that's about it. You know, hit my first day camp day, you know, and a few miles sick day. You really on my? Eight so two weeks he doing six weeks cruise. Oh, wow. No respect, no respect mall vis. Oh was this. This new help came out. Or what is they knew? Hell boy coming on hill. Bill coming up. Is it dude? Who is new active thing? You're the movie gone surprise me to know an ad from dad. All right. Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive. Gotta take these right? What is wow. Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair. Yeah. Where did you get this? Good stuff. Solid. That's not the near that solid stuff. Progressive. Cats eighty from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates in other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations. And no an ad from dad. All right. Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive. Right. What is this? Wow. Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair. Yeah. Where did you get this? Good stuff. Solid. That's not the near that solid stuff. Progressive cat Sadie from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates in other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations. I didn't see any previews for what nephew live in the movie theater every day. Votes in the movie theaters. And that's what I'm telling you chant. I see it. I'm gonna get get these events at tick, the boy, they still gotta move financially. Upbring app was no you can't auto thing. My first week shipment. For our to get them book. When when is that movie come out? Cool. I'm watching it. I should I to later. I really do that nigga the internet going fucking tell me every so gotta go fuck shit one day. Only things available is will check says Subroto. You can burn banishing bra. Hobby says is the new actor for hell boy, you might wash. I'm gonna go ahead and sit right in the world. The first thing everybody out there mind. This would not give me any any kind of wheelchairs bar, and he said he would not was not gonna get into wheelchair with me down in Alabama. But I did get a pet. The position. But I'm not putting myself in will end up in a wheelchair. I'll sit on the bench, and we'll za`z. That's what I did. I don't deserve today. To for the first time I've been yellow Bama really thinking critically impaired. But I love video film while I'm in the video. Lady. She's on there. Training lady. She's a Tuesday Thursday in the guy. He there Monday Wednesday was so the guy did yesterday in the woman did today, but you're like we're training like nothing, but like middle age women trying to learn she buys it or some shit. As the one this mold. Meanwhile, I'm the chant and go to fight shut show us up there talking. Some loses me, you know, how to go make. We got knowing Kelly. Oh shit. No, hold on a moment. I'm coming right back to you champion. Hop online Alabama. Job. He was good. A hell boy is the do y'all ever saying strange thing. Which one do? The sheriff. Okay. That's what plan helper now. But anyways. Oh, yeah. I got me going my picks. I got Clarisa he know ago. I got a little coercion liberal thinking in a little jumpsuit on other day to. So you just going to call in and be sexist instead of talking about her skill the fact that she's about the unified. Aren't. She was very very elegant and jumped she had. This. She's looked very good. I've never heard you say that while the look stick his went about me that that mcgarrell Garcia lifted and he has a look that you need to fill you a fighter or what about me saying FDR has looked to diesel guy. Joshua has their look to these guy. He always said, don't you? Only only attractive men have muscles. What I'm saying sometimes boxing in order to be a big star. You need look to go with your fighting skill that look that you speak. Who did Mike Tyson? Have that Tyson had every time they might look. Mike been stowed a minute from. Here we want to find as clogged. Everyone's don't worry about the report and pays our little get back. Get right back where I met with this damn well for my whole flow high. Nice little don't you Hymie who else was on. Why? Peter Quilliam quilt killer. True ex. Oh. Pete big Pete. I got knockout repeat X knock out Mike versus f o g. You might draw. I gotta draw. Anyway. What else we got real gimme big Sam, Peter. Neck, man. Chris Cobra joy, Kris? Hey, man, Sam say he couldn't get their hands on he's going to get that back. Sam's back, man. Why we were saying that's a fight. Sending me. You gotta you gotta do and thirteen point seventy seven million. As fi fucking, Shannon. Don't never fi always action for fight. Joe I saw saying forget when you take. So what's gonna be good? Oh. Come back damn beer belly. Eight-pack piss hot. What the fuck the chat, you Povey. You always be immortalized as hobby and stockings Bama style. Hobbies mad pants. Yo you ain't never gonna live hobby. Hobby. Hobby nudie was doing though, I promise you in the being beats all me. I'm star. Brought him tights ties famous. He ran out to where poor guy. The CIA is killing DB angering you'll have to have his own Pani hose. Wow. What did you say title, fucking, compression pants? Then we go to know because that's what they call them. That's what the people have been calling them to disrespect hobby. But you know, they work out pants like every athlete wisdom. They just hate. No hobby. So no one Kelly. They know how have grown as man and the big ass fan out running around with time on. Oh. For the world to see you put it out there. We get to call it. He was tripping. Anyway, mike. Like, you you you foul. Fuck I heard you can get out cowardice. I heard that shit. Like into buddy shit nigga heard that shit. You should assess Nick if you heard that shit shit outta that which. We'll put you in a channel. Training, homey. The south. I would just Pete's right? Any hers degraded promoter is what they saying. Right. I would just read this article right now that this motherfucker kale. Brooke? Hose record for the worst as pay per view of all time this nigga fuck, Michael Ginny and sold. A whopping fifteen thousand bucks. My I don't wanna hear the word is any earned shit. I mean that could have been just experimental mobile UK shit. I don't know. I don't know. How to explain it? But you can Google that real quick. That's a fact so. Yeah. Anyway, what else is there? They don't know if we don't make it the border wars that you're experiencing looking kinda statement air Aaron back, then megastar in the photo me. We'll see. But a what's popping after that? One. People people talking I've mentioned September. But we always do it around big fight. So, you know, we we we don't know ones the next Boorda, boys. But we're trying to keep it every three to four months trying to keep denied come closer to us. What we? We was LA last year. I don't wanna hear that shit. That was before my time. Trying to get trying to I'm trying to find a Canadian has pregame show knitting or runs over. He's gonna fade to black. Yeah. No. I can see him. Yeah. No, you're good. But in my day, I would've kicked your ass so bad. Yeah. Retired chair. I don't want him to say that. Is AJ going. Give flip Hargrove Agha's shot. Do like exactly. So you go ahead. I'm sure. I feel it. I feel it. I feel it. I I feel like regardless of what everybody say that keeps winning doing it. So, you know, he's these aren't that much respect that you can't champ de Rick was RIC flair liking bre. Here's this killing. We thought we thought he was in before. But this time he got now he got. He got a California. And he got he's side. I think either in the northern southern southern California, Sal, he got Sal of every technical very aggressive him. It's gonna be interesting. Interesting fight going out to. Talking about California. They are here with as mad Thursdays. Bring out the Kelly folk smoking good we would have to. Where would you got over there? Say Bill we to he always got some trash. I is it good my or is it. All right. The is. I. Hi, my. Yeah. We got it. Yo word is more. Hashtag helped Mike. I'm telling you this because he smoked medical grade. Everytime. Amaze out there, he ain't ain't right three or four birth. But every time I give me cyanide shit like mediocres. Like, you have a smoker months where you like, Brian, nah, light mice. No. For real and below. I'm buji because I do it to do me to do me. Roll these dumb as tight as he uses the machine to you ever seen that little roll machine roller. Brian. I'm like come on, man. I'm trying to smoke trying to fuck it night smoking. He he he don't like swishes. So if you don't get Demi roll the fucking house every time, you ain't no eating sticking. Br rolling swishes maybe smoking tobacco. He knew. Maybe make him point six. Mike Donahue, a row one g everytime. I put a blend of man, I don't know about you. I won't point five one point eighteen like the nets to Graham that everybody's like. I like my promise. Mike Oborne five. Voice aches. I'm telling you, right. Always stays like too much swish. It always always I don't know why. But we do know what? But. Good. Now this right. Should be drawn to. He'll be he'll be. I am. So man, I'm a little Todd under the collar around these. They are here riding if she hustle body around the second city took two hours to get home. Then why you have that mandate. They celebrating their main life. That man is dead. Now what fuck are going to do an extra hour traffic. I don't understand this sheet near I'm just old niggers all it is. I'm just so am I accept that? The oh our work for too. Days controlling traffic and shit. Like, I'm PD where we. Got me on our here. Oh, man, I'm excited to weaken fights mostly for the first time ever kind of happy to say that I'm excited for women's box. When I'm talking about. Yeah. Very excited for man. I think this could be wonders for women's boxing is the sports and really being it's not like the w Indian which is a super dumbed down version of BNB. So when a casual fan tunes in and catches coarser shields and Christina hammer. They're not going to be like, oh, you know. This is a dumbed down version of what oxen is these girls. Look like fighters museum by they traded WB. The dumbed down version be women in there are very good. But the way has right now in the Bush, which the baby. Kane joe. Only thing they can't do everything Nick a dribble shoe. They can do everything else. But it just don't look the same. You know, it's not played with the same veracity at the same pace. However, the women's fighting is at the same pace at the same veracity. You know, what I'm saying the same these behind their fighting compared to the means fine. So there's not a lot of drop off of the just being a women feel so I think for the sport limitation. Go look is going to be a gang of people hot, especially miss. You got a big platform here. So that other demographic on other side has you know, they got a whole lot of PBC ball washers. The 'cause you in all these things you basically races. If you ain't excited for Loma Changle. Look, I'm not excited, but it's not because the channels not great because you keep telling me, this guy's probably fighter in the sport. And I don't get to see him fight stiff competition. So I'm only going off which would say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step. Closer to becoming your parents, you'll probably mold along and give anybody noticed you mow the lawn. Tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance. Which of course, we'll go right into the lawn. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates. Another insurers discount on billable in all stages situations. Let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll proudly mow the lawn and give anybody noticed the lawn. Tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance. Which of course, we'll go right into the lawn. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all states or situations. You know, I wanna see him aren't these guys? He smaller division, arteries thirty one years old is a matter of time. Now before this guy's any fight. Now to him falling off the cliffs, I won't be surprised to see a tough fight against Corolla. Must have another fight. We had came through acting Peter cooling down this. I'm willing when the. What we have to share. I didn't get no feeling from the do like he had that fighter spirit more. So don't like he won't that money in and at that time in two thousand fifteen or sixteen I felt like he was good financially. Like, I didn't feel like he wanted like he he wants like the the glory that fighter gifts. He's more. So in or the money, he just didn't strike the fighter like that potato true X when I've seen their kind of faith or TV on everybody. Check out that channel two minutes. Pretty dope is not music to a lot of people's ears. But it's a lot of interviews. Lot of fighters Filipino chip. You know, all these chicks in the boxes for all of a sudden. So no problem there. But you know, check that out, but came to actually look like, you know, looking guy is all on. On the indicates if you will seem to lean towards true acts in that interaction. I know it's not worth a lot. But I'm excited to see it cooling to rebound. I don't think he can't. But I'm excited for that fight. I know that's like a maybe a meteor mid level type fight than a lot of people won't get up for. But I think these fighters a lot on the mind they have a Spar history in I think is going to add up for to be damned if somebody's gonna take us backward or somebody take a step forward. I heard there's this Mike Garcia. Was my boys made Erik Morales, y'all. Hear about that bullshit like a four round here for men. That's bullshit fiber heard and I have to believe their morale is falling on some hard times financially in my key one. Charity. So our people go. Okay, Cherry's that changes to get the story because I was thinking like. You can't play Bach, man. But i'm. Rash clock own damn? I. Talking about suit. Portion of the show. Not a damn Clark going on. Whatever you Joe. Hey, man, the first man three Kelly callers back to back out to LA J P. I hear what you're saying. I was down on Crenshaw day. And it was what they go. See the memorial thing in is is traffic in back home after you on that. But yo- put me put me down for Loma, of course Ramirez. You know, what I'm about with Peter Quilliam for this. I think overall I think he's the better boxer out of two. I think it is a fifty fifty fight though for me down for d'ombre Tanko, Chris Colbert, mcgeer ammo, go with the underdog. Mike alvarado? Clarisa she'll versus hammer. I think that's a real fifty fifty five man. I think hammer is a real good boxer. Good Jamshid fights tall. She know how to use her reach. And I believe Clarisa go have to be a dog to win this fight, man. She had to get up under that jab, and let them hands go, which I know she will. But and shout out the women's boxing, man. It's all young ladies out there that wanna get into the sport. Man. They should be wanting to promoting this morning fellas yard, but. I think that more as will give tank. A better fighting gamble and. Gamble of three four five years ago. Then I would say Jim for. But at this point, I think more has a little bit more sharper than game Bulla and Mike seeing you hitting the bag. Hey, once in a while put the mouth, PC and hope you got a single guard mouthpiece, right? I had it in today straight up. Okay. Star working now with your mouth piece is very important, man. You ain't never did this before it's hard to breathe while you throwing shots, and you'd be wanna protect your teeth. Get used to that more fucker, man. Southall room. Not callers. Shut out the everybody in the chat. TBB is worse that you're listening to the voice of the people. There is no equal and set out. The my city, Los Angeles stand-up piece my box and brothers. Greg Cohen Joe coming in reading. The gail. Tell them some good. We had up next drop some bars. Another then missed the design. Money money. I I. Money. Mr. the doctor thousand nineteen rookie of the year. No cap every day. We at me. Let's talk about the money. Lou the interview conversely, the greatest one is Dr. Going down by the choir. We gin every day the voice what thing just thinking about does own. I call myself Mr. zone zone. Wanna be a part of Boston for real. They wanna take over boxing. They need the voice they need to show right here. I want to be on the nets. I know, you know, everybody. I know you talk to Edie shell out the Eddie. You know what I'm saying? Let's make your happy hit the show. They can Barack Mike. I know you tell you the interview with one of them all Yosso in. I think that man that's easy. They're easy in nasty y'all could bring them so many subscribers this oh could attract so many scribe all man, that's major. That's a big play right there instead of the wilder. I want to apologize to if I did anything wrong our common, you you was right? And you tell me you educated me now you now you get more money. I can see. I can see you come into this. But you're going to get more money, which he desired and you said yesterday, they gave close go would they offer Chris go three five Bill for one twenty the water champion? He undefeated. He means more today. They offer him four fight for one twenty come on. Now, they ain't even by Josh. And we'll come on disrespected attention and listed as only gonna take time and ain't gonna happen when I'll say, you know, I had to learn that the hard way, but it's all happening way guy say he's going happy in the so so everybody Salou. As money. Bro. Intro joe. The energy sparks shit right there. My h money track. You can get I think h next time, you know, where you get your people can find you on Spotify. You got one thing about age. People like people hate him one thing. He does always when he come on strike fucking emotionally bring your hate them. Nigga pick one. Should never. The whole thing out. It may sent that to me the other day, man. That's just fire. We going to Marcus in DC talk to me. Good bucking call before he showed about the energy. But he forgot to give her shot out his doctor begin a tunnel. Cut back from thirty to ten milligrams. You'll check it now member yo man will he off the? Go landing flop like fucking briefly shading you go. Then you realize said on. Leaderless? I might check man they loudly. The this would find this to be like a fight would do to to be had the conversation is Clarence shares to be mentioned Kristie mine and Layla leeann what this is defining fight. Most of them have have Christie mon- doctor at the care member. They she duck directly Shia writer. You know, what I'm saying the sheer writer also not mentioned in she'd she does shit outta plenty of people only she loves to do. You know what I'm saying? But collision shares guy showed me some. I think if oh Joey flow with impo. Joe Joe cargo money say, you know, we've all day eating if conversa- can call them on that fit in her then she gonna win the fight. She keep a to technical. When is too close. They give it the ham but Kayla works twin, you know, what I'm saying hopefully, quickly rejuvenated them so killed choices is one of hard knows, dude. But you know, what I'm saying? You never you know, he's gonna fight. Well, but you know, I don't fall your temporary. But there's no reason why you should be Peter Quilliam go Peter quilting of trolling find out. You know what I'm saying? He hardware can fighter. But you know, what I'm saying the trick bag over there. Loma chain going into totally got some form. I don't think anything of wise, and so Mike you guys see turns fight them come down to forty. I don't think anybody got enough Goma chango until you fight saying well, Mike with us on a monkey on gifts that should be easy where he looked like he he wants to sixty five fighters ready for him. Once the internet fifty four ING keep killing so doubt. Djamil Charles hers. Stick around much longer either guy who is fighting this weekend. How many McGee back? Mcgee's see she way it's going to the most sixty what I think is a smart move on. I don't know how he works to get down to fifty four. But I mean with with with Charlie with with with with with Charles falsify Harrison. And then then the winter that's supposed to fight heard really realistically, speaking only fifty four that would be worth among gear that fight will be pushed until you December or possibly next year. So honestly, his permits when he said this why you probably go to sixty Jamal of the Canetti's of the dream of the canals. So I think this is probably be the lesser rough. Among gear fifty four like I said, I don't think it's predicated on him not being able to cram into the weight. Just a financial thing in the smarter this point, but. Posted about two hours ago the pitcher would to my favorite boxes Joshua boy Archie in at the New York. Together. Dominic is Seattle tooth. Okay. Over there. Yeah. What what up? Yeah. Last time I say, man, Chris she she may hammer with skid, man. This is crazy. You gotta be jumping and talk or so talking about the entree water right now. Now, we. Thirteen point seventy seven million people viewing them on the halftime show front four. That's maybe what in Anthony Joshua was really gonna do that twenty twenty when it comes to twenty. Well, that's going to be. That's my call. Already, man. Thanks for your call dummy here, man. That's what it looks like it's going to be two thousand twenty before the fight even happens between Josh Warren wilder which is. To be soldier. Until juice. So I mean, we should've listened to like a year and a half. Barry Hearn came out and just sit. I man we're looking at twenty twenty. Have been saying that I mean, they have been, but he's been more of the guy that will last year. We we thought we have with what fifteen million sign and. Turn around to always gotta be April Wimbley that we may be at a possibility at that. But never see my interested. I mean. Yeah, I think. It's just one of those five we're gonna get when we don't get. But yeah, man who are gonna business. TV doubt. If you wanna be like you heard on the show ISSA. Issa Graham at the area late. B a s. To the point deficit. So forget it. So got it. Famous street. About me. From Detroit was going on. Just saying. Man. I wanted to try for the fucking. James harrison. And then not only here's the camp. Ready? Away. You know, what if my never granted? What what about harsh which? Was he he probably. What's up, man? So I man I'm gonna give you the extra. What's going on? I. You look if you put me indefinite WordPress. This Audi on my call out the last three episodes rest. I really don't have. No nothing site. You'll see the point. You can hear my aches jokes about backward. Way say, please. This every episode of our? What? We appreciate it burn free shape. The love and support. You always do for us, man. Without you, guys. We wouldn't be able to be here. So thank you street. So smell like Joshua in Oregon totem Josh wargin. You know, people listening or. Trump stand up. Without my. Poodle pinching might be here men. Flagged sick. Oh. Them. Yup. Beat boxing because we can get flagged for that. That's all the issues from Mexico. We get it. You like, Mikey? Flagging at the what the trumpets. I should be hard. As fuck though. When you go to the fight, though, is that all you got Joshua. I bought up in gem IQ. Oh. Being Jeremic is going to be funny. Every morale is is the word charity. We actually supposed to be getting on the shell. Check. Check the Instagram some one of those people who's AME. About this me. Well, I gotta tell you everything. Maybe should somebody would've told me about? No. She only better. Okay. Well on that. No, don't subscribe to TBB on all forms of social media, obviously telephones telephone subscriber here. Channel at YouTube dot com. Last boxing voice to our backup channel at dot com. Forward slash Gibbs. Don't forget, I was just the channel you to dot com slash fighter. I q. Oh, don't forget Dumias down there too. You can find those in the feature section hopefully, round figured out. How to put his there? Catch me on Instagram into at Ness GTO. And yeah catch us tomorrow early morning for the betting show. If you can find me on Twitter, Raji F I Q appreciate nest. Once again, it's the opportunity shot me out. I created a YouTube channel it's going to be a hybrid channel. I'm not leaving TV. I had some people hit me on Twitter that I was jumping ship. I'm still with TV a more out in the field. So expect a lot of interviews on the channel I created like an MA fighting a little boxing, you guys go your support me. I can bring you guys constant for other stuff, but I will be TV for life. No matter what the end of the day. So frequently guys but other than that. But we have a monumental weakened. When it comes to women boxing. I think that are not familiar with the women's division at all. This is the one fight you need to see periods. From that point. A lot of other fights a lot of prospects shaneco ESPN plus zone. Just isn't it? There's a whole bunch of five out there. So at this point boxing's, always in a great state when you see so many fights, but we're slowly need to get them more mainstream, and without you guys or stuff like this won't be able to push. So appreciate you guys. Supporting that's at the likes scribe. Also, check out the stick and move series. The second is out for the public. You get to see my cross Manek's and the gym I've been sticking move Sears wanting to I still got some leftover stuff. I might make a part three hidden and stuff that you might not know about these guys. But definitely check it out. We all out of content on their amp each also you took zone tomorrow morning clog for the morning show. We'll be bringing nice hired first topic that we'll be telling Belden also the show tomorrow. And you could probably catch me tomorrow night for the silly Luma chink over at the vase. I don't be nice, nor we'll get one of the best boxers inbox of biking. So I why not do. Jeff form C. Our goes also. The heels have undisputed got. If you support boxing, definitely go out as a port there. I mean, you're boxing boxing here like us on a boxing to from his weekend up to enjoy. So go ahead and check it out in a year. Get your NBA playoff records writing on how that's going to go. But follow me G lighten eleven on Twitter. I two three one two. These. Thick skin. I ain't going nowhere, man. I'm here. Chaz brutal man the killing yet. It was like rhymes gonna leave like mad never. To nectar. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's number one number two employee. Leave a message at the hey, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your Capella group mad harmony, but you will bounce back. I mean, you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk. Now get out there, hit that high note, and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year. Sorry pitchy. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Pricing coverage match limited by state law. Let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll probably mold along and give anybody noticed you mow the lawn. Tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance. Which of course, we'll go right into the lawn. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all states or situations.

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