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Tonight Americans taking to the streets across the US possibly the largest day of protests since the death of George Floyd peaceful demonstrators, demanding justice and Change following the killings of George Floyd. Brianna Taylor Ahmad, Aubrey and so many others tens of thousands protesting for black lives in New York City, the nation's capital filled with demonstrators. Officers charged to police officers, pleading not guilty to assaulting a seventy five year old, peaceful protester, shoving him to the concrete, leaving him bleeding from the head of philly police, official charge, clubbing a student protester and the NYPD suspending officers, including one scene in video, posted online, pulling the mask off a protester, and dousing him with pepper spray at the same time, nearly three hundred New York, city officers injured since protests began. Mortared by the thousands lined up to pay their respects to George Floyd in the town where he was born the family attending today's memorial service, calling his death a turning point. To crisis in America unfolding at the same time, health officials, fearing a new peak of covid nineteen among the protesters, eighteen states and Puerto Rico reporting a spike in cases, including Florida and South Carolina the CDC, warning the death toll, the US could hit one, hundred, forty, three, thousand before the end of the month inside those stunning unemployment numbers. Is the rebound real? Jobs are and why the number of Americans without jobs may actually be higher. The tropical storm closing in on the Gulf Coast Rob Marciano with timing and the track. Plus the powerful moment showing the gap between police and the public, a nervous five year old girl at a protest asking a police officer. Are you going to shoot us what he did to comfort her? Her father, calling it a beautiful star. Eating sees this is ABC, News, tonight. And good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Saturday. I'm Tom Llamas we begin tonight with one of the biggest nationwide days of protests since the killing of George, Floyd in police custody, a twelve, th day of demonstrations in dozens of cities, demands for justice and change just in the name of Floyd, but for African Americans, saying they have long been victimized by systematic racism in America tens of thousands of people look at the packing the streets and parks and New York City Philadelphia Chicago. Chicago and Denver carrying signs, reading black lives, matter and chanting the names of George. Floyd Brianna Taylor Ann Arbor. The nation's capital filled with thousands of protesters, a huge crowd gathering in front of the Lincoln memorial protesters marching across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and thousands turning out for the march for justice in Seattle including hundreds of healthcare workers, calling racism, a public health emergency. Many of the demonstrations still going on at this hour. ABC's Mary Bruce in Washington to lead us off. From San Francisco where protesters marched across the Golden Gate, Bridge to Philadelphia. And Chicago tonight thousands taking to the streets, calling for an end to police, brutality and systemic racism in Washington DC the largest crowds yet tens of thousands of people marching from the capital and the Lincoln memorial to the White House. We walked with Michael Howard his ten year old son Christopher holding on tight for things to happening in society. It takes all of us, and this is part that is. We met so many families speaking out for the next generation. This is Sparta history and they need to learn that. History, take hard work. Heather Gerald is your Minnesota and says George Floyd's death. There was eye opening for her. Even though I thought I was educated. I was not and there's a lot of work to do at the White House a powerful message to the president. This is now the right outside of the White, house you have new hire fortified security perimeter, and then right outside of the president's doorstep essentially is incredibly passionate protests. In response tonight. Democrats in Congress are preparing to introduce legislation that would include a ban on colts and create a national police misconduct registry. The crowd today stretching for blocks demonstrating on top of that new mural ordered by the DC mayor, the same street that just days ago was cleared by forced to make way for the president's photo op now walking down the street on top of that new mural mayor telling us. To Send A. Message that kind of violence enforce it? We saw right here earlier this week. Never happens again. You saw some. That hope to never see. Tom In America. United States Outta role. Thorson's moving against American people in peaceful protests in the nation's capital Courtney. Walker brought her two small sons to witness this history telling us their lives could depend on it if it's worth the risk because if I didn't come down here today, their lives are endangered. So. It's worth the risk to come down to make sure that change is affecting this peaceful protest, also a celebration. The more people that are here means the more people that realize. This affects everybody. Jennings has been here all week. She tells us it's the conversations happening in this crowd that will spark true change in this country, and that's what this is doing. It's it's teaching people, other things and showing them where the change needs to be made has the conversations that are happening. That are happening absolutely? Right Mary Bruce Joins US now from Washington, where the protests are still ongoing so far very. This is a very different type of protests in more ways than one from what we've seen in the nation's capital. Yet Tom, unlike most large protests that we see here there is no one main organizer at this event. This is a true grassroots movement united by that common belief that black lives matter the tone here today is a joyous one. This is part protests heart block party a diverse crowd here coming together to cause change Tom Terry Bruce feeding us off from the nation's capital. Capital Tonight Mary. Thank you now to the growing crackdown on police officers accused of assault to officers in Buffalo pleading not guilty to assault charges today you officers injuring seventy five year old peaceful protester, shoving him to the ground officers in several major cities, facing allegations at the same time, nearly three hundred officers in New York City injured since protests began here's ABC's Zachary Quiche. Tonight the heavy handed tactics used by some police are under scrutiny to Buffalo. Police officers have been charged with Vilnius salt less than thirty six hours after seventy five year old Martin Good Gino wish to the ground at a protest. Spend. It officers Erin Tore. Goski and Robert McCabe pled not guilty. The police department originally said the man tripped and fell dozens of police gathering outside the court in solidarity. Some applauding the officers charged not choosing sides. My job is to prosecute those who have violated law. Plain simple, the union says all fifty seven officers resigned from this specialized unit some in protest of the charges and support the officers New York's governor, sending state police to support the department calling the incident horrendous Abed. Police officer is the enemy of every good police officer. Good Gino, a longtime activists remains in the hospital in serious but stable condition, also in New York tonight the NYPD, suspending two officers without pay one for this incident posted online the officer, pulling down a person's face mask in Brooklyn and hitting him with pepper spraying. In Philadelphia an officer has been charged with assault after video posted online shows. Hitting protest you in the head with a baton, the police union vowing to support the officer. The majority of protests have been peaceful, but in New York City alone. Nearly three hundred officers have been injured. Since demonstrations began, one officer was stabbed in the neck tonight. Police say the suspect faces attempted murder charges here in Minneapolis. Where George took his final breasts. There are calls for action. There's different ways rescue. News. Shooting someone down for no reason in Seattle. The police chief has banned the use of tear gas on protesters for at least thirty days, and has called for review of crowd control tactics in a federal judge in Denver has issued a temporary restraining order, limiting officer's ability to use tear gas or fire rubber bullets. And Zachary keys joins us now from Minneapolis and I WANNA go back to that protesters seventy five year old Martin, Gino shoved to the ground in buffalo understand. Tonight's accurate. You have an update. That's right Tom. Gino's lawyer describes him as a peaceful protest there and human rights advocate, adding his client has a concussion, but he's alert. Wanting all further protests to peaceful Tom Zachary Quiche with that new reporting tonight for exactly you not a president trump keeping largely quiet during this major day of protests, the president harshly criticized for this week's use of force on protesters outside of the White House for that photo op in front of a church attorney. General Bill, Barr. Now denying he gave the order to disperse the crowd. ABC's Rachel Scott is in Washington. Tonight, the top law enforcement officer in the Country Attorney General William Bar. Distancing himself from this moment. Police forcibly removing demonstrators Monday to clear a path for president trump to walk to Saint John's Church damaged by arson for a photo op. That sparked outrage. We were there as the crowd went running officer setting flash BANGS CRACKERS AND SMOKE. What are they doing? The was there, too. And the trump administration says he gave the order to increase the secure perimeter around the White House. Notice that it hadn't been cleared, gave the order for it to be cleared, and that action took place, but now Barr says it was not. Not his call to use aggressive measures. I'm not involved in giving tactical commands like that. He told the Associated Press adding his attitude was get it done, but he didn't say. Go do it that show of force prompting former members of the president's inner circle to publicly blast his leadership now his second chief of staff, speaking out to think we need to look harder. At who we elect I think we should look at people. Running for office and put them to filter they. What is their character like? what is their? What are their ethics Are they willing if they're elected to represent all of their constituents, not just the base-. Tom President trump had no public events on his schedule today, and as thousands protest. His critics say he is sending mixed messages yesterday. The president called it a great day for George Lloyd hours later re tweeted a post saying floyd to not be held as a martyr Tom. Scott for tonight. Rachel thank you for that. We move on now to the emotional homecoming for George Floyd in North Carolina where he was born family and friends, celebrating his life and more by the thousands lining up to pay their respects ABC's Victor Oquendo. Is there a North Carolina? They came from across the state, thousands of borders, looking by tour motorcycle, even force back to George Boyd's birthplace, the small town of reefer North Carolina. The Southern Church sing farewell to their son, insult, celebration and emotion. Not only did we lose a family member, but John watched his wheel. I'm praying for us all and I hope we all get better. Many who came didn't know George Lloyd but see him in their loved ones I feel so sad because it very well could have been my brother, my son, my uncle. Any of those I saw. My people I you know he's. He's one of US buoyed spindly, pulling his death a turning. God's chosen for a reason that he from demographic because he worked for him, you know he had a job for him. He called him home and so he felt that his death is not in vain. Local leaders saying now is the time for change. We are part of the problem. You think that some change might come out of this. Terrible situation really thinks it's vacant, so many people I mean all over the world, not just North Carolina. I meant not just the United States. I mean all over the world. This is as really affecting people you know. So I'm looking forward to a really good positive change. The incredibly emotional service here just wrapped up moments ago, there will be another public viewing on Monday in Houston. That's where George Floyd. Spent so much of his life followed by funeral there on Tuesday. Victor thank you next night. Concerns about to crisis in America unfolding at the same time, protesters urged to get tested for coping thousand nine hundred and health officials telling them they should assume they've been exposed eighteen states now with a rise in cases, the warning the US could see one hundred forty three thousand deaths from the virus before the end of the month. Here's ABC's Trevor Alt-? Tonight Americans marching shoulder to shoulder for justice in spite of the ongoing threat from covid nineteen. It's tough because you want to make sure that you're speaking of disenfranchise. Demonstrators Samantha Law handing out masks and hand sanitizer math. G says staying home was not an option. Does the crowd worry you at all? Obviously, you're being proactive. Know doesn't I think that is strength in numbers is important to gather during this time and do it safely, but you can't afford to wait. You can't afford to wait. We can't today Manhattan's Washington Square Park essentially everyone donning a mask that may not be enough to protect them from the virus. Lots of people in close contact, yelling and screaming to propel the virus and thirty five to fifty percent of. Of patients with covert can be infected symptomatic. There's a real concern for viral researches tonight, eighteen states and Puerto Rico, reporting rising Kovic cases South Carolina, registering its highest single-day total, Friday Florida coming out of its highest weekly spike, and with protests, showing no signs of slowing several cities now opening free testing sites, Seattle's mayor and expanding the criteria to get attest to include anyone who's attended a large gathering. Or Trevor All joins US now from central. Park where demonstrations just got underway and Trevor The New York. City health. Department has issued new guidelines for protesters tonight. Of, that's right down. The health department says anyone who attends protests should assume they've been exposed to covid nineteen and consider getting a test in five days there, also recommending protesters use drums or noisemaker to try to limit their chanting, or they're yelling, though that is a pretty big ask because there are hundreds of people here in thousands across the city who want their voices heard Tom Alright trevorrow person might trevor. News tonight about American jobs inside those stunning unemployment numbers. Rebound Real. And where are the jobs? And why the number of Americans out of work may actually be higher. Here's ABC's Judy Bolton. Tonight in the wake of that stunning jobs report that brought the president to the Rose Garden the greatest comeback in American. As you questions about whether it's really the start of a turnaround it begins with the numbers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting a thirteen point three percent unemployment rates a one point, four percent improvement since April, but also acknowledging an error in how it classifies employment status, which means the actual unemployment rate could be as high as sixteen point, three percent, whatever the rate two and a half million jobs were added in Maine and fewer unemployment. Unemployment claims were filed in ten states that lifted lockdown measures early in the month half of the new jobs, however came in industries with nowhere to go, but up restaurants bars hotels, hiring back chefs, winters and cashiers with many businesses relying on checks from the federal paycheck protection program. When I got P P it kind of gave me hope like I can bring back my employees I. I'm going to be okay and so it was definitely without it. I don't know what done. The fiscal stimulus has been put in is working. It seems to be effective. But, that's not to say that we won't need to see additional support right now. Congress has not authorized more money for. Both parties are debating another form of stimulus. If one is past, July would be the earliest tom or I, did revolt Bolton frozen idea? Thank you next to the to the tropical storm. Taking aim at the Gulf, coast, a state of emergency now in effect in Louisiana and new video, take a look showing the storm's outer bands approaching Mississippi Rob Marciano is live in New Orleans tonight for us rob good evening. Good evening time the center of Krista Ball just about three hundred miles to our south and heading in this direction at twelve miles of so it'll be abreast of New Orleans by this time tomorrow. We're going to satellite picture centers over the Gulf of Mexico with fifty mile winds, but a lot of that action is all the way to Florida looking slammed. Slammed right now with rain. Even a couple of Tornado warnings, flood watches are posted in the forecast track remains unchanged with landfall tomorrow afternoon at sixty miles per hour along the Louisiana coast, but wind and storm surge will extend well east of center about nine hundred miles of coastline that flooding rains here New Orleans Tom Alright Rob. Thank you and the search. Search for suspects in the killing of a retired police captain seventy seven year, old David Dorm was shot and killed all attempting to stop looting in Saint. Louis police releasing new video of at least seven suspects from the night of the shooting of forty five thousand dollars. Reward is being offered for information leading to their arrests and reports tonight that they have. Have Up to five University of Alabama players have tested positive for covid nineteen at least one believed to have participated in player little workout while ACM dramatic players at Arkansas State and Oklahoma state, also reportedly testing positive for the virus, as athletes returned to campus for training finally tonight, powerful moment between a police officer and a young girl. Here's ABC's David Wright. In Houston Texas and important life lesson for this five year old girl. Simone bartee was at a massive Rally for George Floyd last week with her family. We have a history of these touted seeing Mafia family, too. So, you know just going out there just to raise awareness and. I wanted to teach young ace voice. He says when this group of riot police rushed past the family, his daughter suddenly got scared. She asked a police officer if they plan to shoot. We pay as you could argue to wherever you. Don't bring. Which I would've caught the very beginning of because that's what he spoke about him having a daughter himself in wanted to make it home, so it's not you could sell. Everything came from beer replace. The father says the Houston police officer taught him something to thank you for giving me a different perspective David Wright ABC. News New York. Great moment thanks so much for watching I'm Tom IN YORK? I'll see you right back here tomorrow night tonight. There's not a person in America. Who hasn't been impacted in some way by the coronavirus pandemic, but at every community there are pockets of people who suiting up every day is my my day. Seven districts. Produce for one of our tenants. America's essential workers, the people who are keeping a world moving. I've turned into a home school, mom and now in a new podcast from ABC News. You're GONNA hear from Dallas in their own words. I actually went back to my office on started crying because it's just not fair here making. Our community has food to eat sal. Thank you Maureen. This is essentially inside the curve from the emergency rooms. The police cruiser to the checkout line. You'll hear what this pandemic sounds like to the people putting themselves in harm's way. There's always the risk that I could bring this home to my kids or my husband or my parents. Listen to the essentials inside the curve on Apple podcasts where your favorite podcast.

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