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Support for this podcast and the following message come from Google from Connecticut to California from Mississippi to Minnesota. Millions of businesses are using Google tools to grow online learn. How Google is supporting businesses in your state at Google dot com mm slash economic impact live from N._p._R.? News in Washington. I'm Louise Schiavone the director of the F._B._I.. Says China is the greatest counter intelligence threat to the U._S.. In the world greater than Russia Christopher Mr for Ray testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee there is no country that poses a more severe counterintelligence threat to this country right now <hes> than China ray says the F. B.. I. Has more than a thousand investigations. Instigations involving economic espionage and attempted intellectual property theft. He says nearly all of them lead back to China Justice Department national security officials have brought multiple cases involving Chinese economic espionage in the last cheer one was announced this month against a man accused of stealing information from an American locomotive company less than a month after it opened a new shelter for migrant children and South Texas is slated to close this week N._p._R.'s John Burnett reports. The reason is that fewer unaccompanied children are crossing into the United States the emergency intake shelter in Korea so springs Texas opened in late June and recently gave mediators to show off itself as a safer cheerier. Earier alternative for children to the grim border patrol cells but the head of the nonprofit that operates the facility says their population has dropped to fewer than seventy he expects the children all to be released to family sponsors later this week. The number of unaccompanied kids crossing boarder dropped thirty six percent for May June and continues falling in part because Mexican security forces are stopping migrants from crossing illegally into the U._S.. Health and Human Services spends more than seven hundred fifty thousand dollars a day on the shelter on such such things as generators air conditioning medical staff H._H._S. had no comment on the closing of Korea Springs John Burnett N._p._R.. News the United Kingdom's ruling Conservative Party has picked its new leader Boris Johnson. He is now going to become. Come the country's next prime minister. N._p._R.'s Joanna Kakissis reports from London Boris Johnson is replacing Theresa May who is resigning may lost favor as she struggled to deliver brexit Johnson has promised to remove the U._K.. From the European European Union by October thirty first do or Die Brexit is daunting. It destroyed Theresa May and has divided the Conservative Party. Johnson used the challenge to rally his party other the Univer meekly doing to me and I think that we we know that we can do it and the people of this country are trusting in us to do it and we know that we will do it. Johnson has a tough road ahead especially as he negotiates with European Union leaders whom he has long vilified. Defied Joanna Kakissis N._p._R.. News London Pope Francis His name Baltimore Auxiliary Bishop Mark Brennan to lead the Wheeling Charleston West Virginia Diocese after a scandal over the former bishops sexual harassment. This is N._p._R.. News in Greece outside of Athens a wildfire is raging threatening homes and leading firefighters to enlist water dropping planes. The blaze has erupted on the anniversary of an aggressive force fire in the same location last year where more than one hundred people died in the two thousand eighteen fire. The nearby resort of Mati and other seaside areas were gutted more than a thousand homes were destroyed. There were dramatic rescues by boats. Loads of people forced to swim to escape choking smoke the second heat wave to engulf France and less than a month is having many adverse effects N._p._R.'s Eleanor Beardsley reports two nuclear reactors were temporarily shut down and torture Franz cyclists are suffering temperatures in several French regions are expected to reach a hundred and nine degrees this week this in a country largely without air conditioning the heat has forced authorities to close two nuclear reactors due to a risk of overheating the rivers that cool them France generates most of its electricity through nuclear energy officials say several other reactors on the Rhone River could be shut in the coming days. The heat is also crippling for cyclists in the midst of the tour of homes some cyclists.

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