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Hadit Podcast with guest speaker Ray Cobb.


<hes> let's see maybe it's time for that dot com radio show had come radio is an in depth look at all things v._a. if need help in the v._a. global underhanded dot com now here's your host journal cook oh <hes> welcoming ladies and down one <hes> on may s <hes> <music> <hes> all spurs the first day august can you believe this year is fine uh-huh bye bye well we're here with our co host gay bachelor and today our guest speakers mr ray calm and we're going to talk about me a hanes whatever may crop up at anyone out there has a question or comment or something you'd like to hear about how <hes> our co and number is three four seven two three seven four alright one nine now that call in number once again if three four seven two three seven or eight one nine and then you hit the number one matter put in the queue here with us if we find to air will will bring down lead to do some don't be glad to hear from the l. <hes> how you doing today right i'm doing good yea i went this morning and had my weekly acupuncture and that that helps and <hes> so i'm moving around a little better tonight than i was i smoked so that that's a good thing i'm gonna look into actually bank <hes> i know back down to the v._a. and my oldest <hes> well it is all all right i'm ben in pen and ask them about that and i keep forgetting <hes> <hes> but <hes> i remember one of the days now bring it up at made my elect somebody us sixteen bandai now for some steadier meals you just never know i would them <hes> but <hes> anyway well there's a lot going on and there's some banks you and get a like us down they some <hes> you know like this acupuncture and may even have car practic care ear now understand someplace this so we have we have that here in the evan see york <hes> or tennessee valley medical services as just referred to <hes> we got both acupuncture and chiropractic <hes> i have chose is the new <hes> <hes> mission act has gone defect i'm actually using someone outside of the v._a. because i see yeah they think they've actually they started me off and <hes> <hes> i have had twelve visits i have eight more more to go and then they all the doctor has to do is put in for additional visits and what has been done and what improvement it's been and he thinks i can benefit for more and so if he puts in for that <hes> so the new trial west which is what's being gene monitoring the then you <hes> mission that <hes> gets approved they improved those particular visitation you too this time yeah that's enough for a couple of months visits and see how you're doing well <hes> you know i made i on something you've been having some fairly decent results have been i have back in june of this year <hes> i couldn't walk <hes> i was down i could not stand i cannot walk <hes> and i got an i went to the urologist and he said there wasn't anything they could do surgery wouldn't help me and he recommended acupuncture sure then i got into that public a week we can have later and now i can get around the house with a cane or a walker <hes> and i oh can drive my car again and things like that so itself tremendously for me oh i'd say so and any time we can avoid taking some kind of crazy poison pale on polish veils 'cause i think that's what they are really roy <hes> some <hes> the bales you know you gotta have a man you just can't ways allow them <hes> maybe some old time remedies or something they couldn't use i don't know but <hes> i take many bills i don't like hey hey hey hey <music> take take more than what i wanted to so oh i do and <hes> <hes> you know acupuncture certainly does give and and you know amused acupuncture true for many many years <hes> yeah thousands of years yeah it's a have been pretty well proven that thing that you got someone and i'm sure anyone certified do acupuncture would have a good knowledge of it so you know how to properly apply no jail i tell all veterans out there that think that they might like to try berkshire for different things it's been proven that it helps a lot with p._t._s._d. helps a lot with depression i'm finding this helping helping a lot with me with my diabetic neuropathy and the most irvine <hes> what you wanna make sure you do get someone now so that is completely studies and works in acupuncture there's a whole lot of folks especially around here i know down in florida where i goes sometime they actually <hes> you'll see a sign that they do acupuncture in chiropractic oh person recommend to stay away wife on that because acupuncture so detailed i don't know that that <hes> individual could learn and study <music> and be accurate with both of those completely <hes> that's one of the things that that i would because i did that i went to i went to you want a <hes> a year ago before my back ever went out and they were both in acupuncture and chiropractor and i got <hes> head had those <hes> saddam so that's what i'm kind of basing that on and then <hes> the chiropractor i used today through the v._a. <hes> yeah he actually is from china and he he tells the story that when he was in the second grade they came in and look at some of his test scores and so you're gonna be doctor you're going to learn how to do acupuncture and he said the next year when he got into third grade from the third grade on he's been studying it oh now he's country he he's probably in his late forties early fifties he's yeah and you know he really knows what he's doing and <hes> <hes> he was explaining to me today which even my diabetic doctor has talked to me about that the diabetes is what's causing this problem and how it's not only you know we think normally of of neuropathy <hes> with diabetes but he says assistance muscular neuropathy which is in advanced stages it's deeper into the muscles and i was trying to explain to me how you block what the the nerve these down deep in the muscle and <hes> <hes> recognizes what's causing it and <hes> why it's weakening weakening my legs well my diabetic doctor didn't say a word about that i'll see says west new like in the feet well that's not true that's not okay but at least they got me to somebody that knows all the details at it and is doing a great job of getting back on my feet and get me moving around again i know what he's doing that's for sure i could choose and i got you got that he's mess they fully fading in and press straighten it'll just it'll put you on your wits in sometimes yeah well you get mess around with nerves you know i kamei chucky the fact yeah yeah i'm sure but they all over where we were talking earlier this week in i visited one thing that we need to really make sure we obsess tire veterans around they're out you're listening you know we have a situation with our claims division and our medical division and those are two entirely different companies there is different civilized or ford <hes> and they'll raise like shouli afford or both automobiles automobiles the claims division and the mackel division or part of the v._a. system and that's the only way that they're like <hes> yeah and the two don't wanna ever meet they don't want ever work together and <hes> finding <hes> <music> as well you know over the past i have foot drop in both feet yeah i was talking to my primary care <hes> doctors nurse practitioner last week and i made mention of it and he says you don't have foot and i said don't they said now you don't you're not it's not in your diagnosis that you have drop foot he said what you have is loss of use of perennial nerve you both see bilad i said oh really show you how they don't know what they're talking about if you googled droughts would only internet it's gonna come up and it goes say losses usa for you on earth oh i'm only only known let's drop foot but if there's a veteran happened to have been talking to him about it who is you can't turn acclaim in for that you don't know so don't you know you got vast you gotta researches sent out on your own yeah al james is james rips a good friend of yours that has said time and time again that it's the veteran's responsibility eight to research out there medical conditions and go to thirty eight c._f._r. coast to see what you're entitled to well there that is so true <hes> we have a caller <hes> right see eight point three eight here you're you're doing all right all right <hes> tell really high for me and tell john hi i'm just listening oh okay no problem i wail and thanks for tuning in grab you break through <hes> yeah right you're right bathrooms got to <hes> per he's got a nail down his own ooh ailments 'cause he knows what they are he knows what he's paid one and and go do thirty eight hip or they cover all the day how much and <hes> <hes> and of course your primary ones man men there's a whole lot of that ad secondary's munch get the prime marrying you can come back and and called for the primary i mean secondary yeah i mean for example go ahead i think <hes> sugar diabetes is one of my probably several items or al might be associated with diabetes that probably classified a secondary <hes> well let me just give you several right off the bat because that's what i have climbed first of all you got your <hes> you got your diabetes and then secondary to diabetes Around the radnor come to sort it and sometimes they actually burst and you have what looks like little spider webs going across Stra <hes> and that's the bleeding of the retina and I had that matter of fact because of it <hes> I'm legally blind in my left. Yeah that's secondary to diabetes now. Studios Cart disease is also second day diabetes and when knew when I got my extremely cart disease second day to die babies and I had to have open heart surgery with a double bypass and then they get into Jackson factors and with my sector factors being between thirty and fifty that's an automatic sixty percent disability and then it goes from there if it's below thirty percent that's one hundred percent disability so all of those are secondary to the diabetes ladies and then you've got your neuropathy in your fate and then when the NAROPA your fate get so bad you end up with like we were talking what about earlier foot drop which is secondary to diabetes. Now you're in town too. If you have one your talent an automobile Oh grant and if you have to you're entitled to adapt is House so there's a whole lot out there that can <hes> stem from that one disease and all the other things are connected in our secondary meaning their calls from the diabetes yes and <hes> they're terrible L. Matab way I think even your your heart <hes> <hes> you can have secondary twos to protect him. What have yeah so <hes> <hes> you you know you might look into all that <hes> and when I do apply match when you mon- <hes> address at stuff I recommend people fake out the most of this the worst thing wrong with him <music> involved claim on that and <hes> they can at <hes> you know <hes> there's no claims a little later under otherwise you got to make sure in order for your claim to be military connect? That's that's one of the keep one's right there. Oh there's a Lotta guys that have yeah the kind of military connected and basically you really need one of your doctors decided that its military connected <hes> unless you happen to be jumping out of airplane and in broke your ankle your leg or dislocated knee real bats or unless you were in a automobile accident with a jeep or whatever whatever while on active duty serve it <hes> or you're over a roadside bomb or something along those natures <hes> you know it's pretty hard sometimes with some of these things thanks to prove that their military connected so you need to really do you search before you file that Klein <hes> today they used to that wasn't the case. You always always had time because they were so slow <hes> but I don't think they look at anything you turn in later. I think the only only thing like look at is what you turn in when you file that client so you can go to make sure <hes> you need to make sure you got all oh your your information. Even if it takes you another thirty or forty five days now you can file an intent to fell and then tips file. You have one year to file the client for yeah but you gotTa make sure it's correct you. GotTa make sure for example allstate cart disease <hes> you gotta tie that extended carton disease to be military connected and to give the break it down a little further other. You can say that the circulation problem you have in your heart was created by the diabetes and the diabetes was military connected acted because of your exposure agent orange man you're right that connection and you got the I get your agent orange exposure to two for diabetes before you can do your stinking card disease so you gotta be even the heart may be worse than the diabetes you still have to do it in the right in order in order to <hes> to come out ahead on it otherwise rejected and say that well everybody has <hes> heart circulations heart problems uh-huh close for whatever and <hes> you know they'll end up rejecting it. Yeah don't give a chance to reject yeah. That's one thing you don't want to do you have been physician. Take our human my mouth but and if you you made <hes> <hes> well there's five and we've made three of <hes> the elements of the crime and that something wrong way yeah and here's where they take care of you. <hes> you show that it happened and in a service you can <hes> approve up a mix of smell the words and you get a dollar steak lake that it happened in the service and <hes> <hes> I mean you gotTa do smart view sale that no one for coming out and helping yeah you about something really important there that letter what you WanNa do on that letter you WanNa take your medical records make copy of them. We're getting a copy of don't ask another doctor for the for diagnosis what you WanNa ask for you. WanNa ask that doctor to write you a letter saying that he concurs with his diagnosis from the V._A.. Doctor or from the first doctor that I don't like to go against each other but they really like to agree with each other now he may put in there I would recommend the different type of treatment and may put what that treatment is but that's not going to hurt you. As long as he agrees with the diagnosis. What's your conditioning isn't had have that's right yeah and you'd be surprised just wanted to find in your your military records? <hes> it don't necessarily mean you have to have have been in a hospital or it could show you <hes> you had banned breath doctor ordered you for bad breath risk because you sprained tonight or some and <hes> or maybe had real bad cold or the flu in the service service and they say to get to my day bad breath and <hes> <hes> you know now. It's it's a cat can show up in Iraq or do you probably forgot all about <hes> well. There's a a gentleman here that I've been working with now for three years. He started out with zero. He's now up to ninety percent and he's about to go for his hundred because they're fixing to do surgery into shoulder replaced. <hes> that's GONNA kick. He came over one hundred percent <hes>. He didn't realize he just like you said he heard hurt his ankle a twisted his ankle <music> jumping off of a truck okay and it came back and in later years it started by Arthur in here and set up some other problems <hes> and then they had to go in and clean that out and they actually ended up doing a replacement on it <hes> and then that his knees off so then he got nee replacement and just one thing after the other has led up and over the the last three years he's now up to ninety percent and it's all relates back to that time that he twisted his ankle Oh and they put him on bed rest as or for that and then went back in and they cleared him to go back to active duty well there you go. That's a chose nexus and there's no argument about it because dramatic record correct and <hes> for Matt I say but I imagine they'll probably end up getting replaced to how they don't have gone through that well. That is something that's already been mentioned but you know it's just <hes> boy open this last this last knee replacement and things helping to where he doesn't have to have a hip replacement replacement but they said it's a possibility <hes> also the knee replacement so we'll see how it goes from there yeah. That's that's not an age on as a neighbor replacements there <hes> I'm seeing people have them not having in trouble then I'm seeing people having had oh God I guess it depends on the doctor really <hes> what kind of about you got the good bunny. You'RE GONNA have trouble. <hes> and to person's attitude does have a lot to do with also but <hes> you know it's so easy to get get buggered up in the service <hes> you don't think about her that down but years later to chose up <hes> yeah that that it does and <hes> course they wanted to say God you did oh well no no no. No that probably got one or two cents is because I'm getting old but they the area yeah. You don't mean that twenty the years ago you're good yeah <music>. Oh boy well. You got to laugh at the V._A.. Sometimes <hes> no I gotTA. I call it Iraq <hes> where do they. You know it's bad when they can't even find enough doctors to work <hes> Oh yeah I was told well we had <hes>. What do you call a town hall meeting down here that she's the chief <hes> well every it's like if I get his title of chief? Psychiatric care came down and held a town hall meeting which we got a lot of great information and we gave him some two. We fly told him that the way it's supposed to work doesn't work <laughter>. He's really see occur offscreen. We may seem to us. I said no you have to this hospital. They go to the Chattanooga. I if you're an emergency you know. It says they're gonNA put you on with it. That will see down to the V._A.. Psychiatric wards they're gonNA sue Jovan what we call it mocks and Ben which is a state hospital. ooh because that's what they're regulated too oh they can't they can't do that and I said they do. Don't they can't do it. They do it uh-huh so he supposedly go to check on that and that's where you know you guys make these rules up that you think everybody has to follow but when you get in the private the second all they can do look catches and go on and do it the way they've been doing it the way you teach you it does so we've got got kind of comical but he he really they did a good job he report out some good things in the psychiatric work at they're doing <hes> they've gone from twenty four suicides today down to twenty and they're still working on improving that of course <hes> and and they're paying more attention to what they refer for too so revolving door yeah where they check the patient and to the second record keeping for thirty days and that's thirty days I releasing whether or not he's ready to go or not. They're not allowed to hold on for more than thirty days and so he goes out and the next thing goes he's <hes> that's something to be brought back and he comes back you know wait the two weeks later and he's in for another thirty days <hes> and it's just going on and on and on so trying to remove that thirty day sigma to where they can get in and help somebody with counseling. Get them on medication nations and really get em strike now and you know they're saying that this is going to take for the most So they know what needs to be done. They just need to get the higher ups to prove it and then Congress funded well. It seemed right. It's hard to get Congress Congress to work with them very well. <hes> I don't know why that is they need. Did I pay more attention to how they're working with to be a <hes> in order. Try Day improve bomb. How how are working with the bathroom STU <hes> <hes> a lot of them have <hes> trying to made corrected really really almost may be legislated <hes>? You can't depend on to be age say yeah. You're right <hes> Bert going to look at a book and they like him twenty one but I don't care much for you. GotTa go on Thirty Eight A._T._F.. Bars <hes> stick with what the law is the law is and <hes> make the necessary changes there in order to get down better for the back turns up by yeah well. I think you're one hundred percent correct <hes> and then I think you know Congress. I understand staying with their coming from most of them. Don't get enough outside information. Excuse me what's really happening out the field all that you do go down to two or three Denver Bay but sell as mocking down <hes> and <hes> let's they'll find out real quick but some they are <hes> <hes> you know them and they depend you too much to borrow needs agencies. <hes> the Oh you're and it's the Burger hard they had NAM veterans all them different organizations Aisin's did tell much to do and I don't always for some reason tail and neurotic. I don't know why figured that one out either yeah really not for sure why they send somebody down and listen to what's going on. Just walk away all they would have to do is well hospital any of them and sit down beside the veteran and ask Comparis- going how long as you've been waiting there for how often does he have to come down phillies getting proper treatment. It's found <music> real quick what's going on <hes> yeah three or four prices and they'll have a general idea and and forget all these hot potato organizations. Come in and tell them what to do or say we needed down. That's why we need it done that way. Well <hes> if thirteen as you get up and go find out for ourselves else and like you say oh they have dude walk through so they walked through the V._A.. At Vanderbilt in Nashville you'd be surprised how many V._A.. Employees or walking the halls stopping and <hes> other people's Office saying hi to folks about what they do past weekend or what they're gonNA do next weekend and you know it's just completely <hes> if that happened down the private sector those folks would not have a job and I think that's why some of those folks folks are working at the V._A.. 'cause I can't hold a job on the outside and William Khloe. I can definitely family second opinions are Ray. <hes> they call the coordinated <music> Gordon <music> the coordinate elected visit show pictures of kids and do anything but work. I don't know how would I but I'd say stored about one of our virgin prosthetics. You talking about that. Uh You know there's a there's a rule concerning anyone that wears a brace you know put bice leg brace whatever they're tied to clothing allowance your your closing last request has to be turned in by June the first every year and then it's the check is supposed to be issued on October the first so you have a all the month of June July August and all the month of September you got four months. It's twenty days to process paperwork here. In our area year before last there were people who has not received their checks until January or February and they had no reason or no excuse. It's the why they didn't get them out where you're sorry for the delay well along by Congress says you're supposed to have those by October folks i. They don't have to wait till October. Two I send them. It says they have to have them by October. The first which as I said if you turn one in June and they got your paperwork that in July they could go ahead and issue pay but the sun well. There's more ignorant you know. Why wouldn't I want get out of the hair? They had the checks. Imagine Jackson automatically prevailed. I'll have to step a man envelope. They don't even have to do that. Most of them are direct deposit by the Guy Right yeah so once they complete they just have to hit a button that says enter and that's it yeah. They don't have to bother with it anymore well. I don't know the guy working on marched up he. He don't have a button that says in or I don't know <music> says reject. I find out I'll get him. I know keyboard. This is easily rejected backspace which would be yeah remain everybody everybody rainman or oh. There's <hes> something so simple fake. I guess a job security. I don't know what else think they inform pride to go. <music> didn't know better. I was so they really feel that. They're spending their money. Yeah Yeah you're right. I think it'd be they. Kill like Hell Yeah. forebear Saux not never gone very bad. Yeah video heard any experience or hurt too much about baptist new <hes> <hes> fast track that <hes> veterans could do the foul claim yeah. We've been watching automatic right. We've heard good things where birds mad pain so from my understanding is that the backlog is quickly build them up on that program. <hes> <hes> flanker probably traded one math for another. We'll just have time will prove it up one way or the other but I am very failed good but and reality nowadays if the backlog is climbing <hes> bad too strong indication that they do have apps major issues they need Tan to what else seen here in in our county now. I can't speak guesswork on talk to these body or look for the one outside the county. They're not getting approved as fast as as I said the word they're getting approved in a hundred and twenty days or rejected one hundred twenty nine and sixty. That's the first thing Erica say part of the problem that we see here. Is Our county service. Officers don't understand ready for decision position. <hes> I'm familiar with one case I tell the lady she wasn't ready for decision. I told her what she would need to have in order award winner case and to get ready for a decision and she goes down to the county office and they said Oh you don't need to go through all that they'll just look at. We're here at your medical records and <hes> approve well. They didn't know what medical records said and she told me what it said but it said she retr- fees treatment and refuse to take a certain type of payments Oh and she she missed two appointments eight months well. They're not gonNA approve her for that now. So all that age of did was to throw a backlog and a delay in the system yeah man coster <hes> they will because they know that sixty day and and she will not having appeal so she'll have to go back go all the way through the steps of the doctrine everything again and get it straightened out and then file for another client so she's delays her payment at least a year and they're not gonNa give back where you know my law that if you get bad advice from V._S._O.. That is not employees in the report of veteran affairs say but you can see can sue the dog crap out of yeah but she she won't she won't have enough money to do. It and I don't know a whole attorneys around here. They would take it on. Oh Sonny Bono's brother. Do you know him pro bono. <music> Bono Bo Bo didn't want that didn't ski <laughter>. No I mean if you're bad advice. <hes> Popham folks this actually take recourse situation actually made a self righteous by doing that exact activity girl. I don't want any stood it and <hes> I would. I would listen giving her baths up and that's what you she knows a little yep so bad advice from the B._S._o.. Bring it up because you can you can you can fix the situation okay if they can't be done. Where's your up to back down into to our headquarters which would be national the state? She needed to get attorney. Go from there I would look to see probably state level I would just look at <hes> tore attorneys and Tennessee and and <hes> you know stations usually free explain to them what happened because I mean that caused you harm if they cost you time and money. That's horrible know what I mean Yeah Yeah. That's that's a proven fact so there's talking about when they're getting here by vice-like at at Black Attorney had by team. Get them for malpractice right now ladies gave her the vast is not a credit could be double jeopardy credit agent. You have no business to give veterans benefits information by Atlas. You're qualified to do it well. I've asked ask that question about this particularly From what I've seen and his stand on the computer so no longer does it require a signature it just requires his they number or his accreditation them so there's nothing any longer that that is sad and <hes> input into <hes> afoul so long computer nowadays write rain. There's a there's a stipulation that we've been discussing the last several shows. If you're no certified claims agent or anybody certified you gotta clean and they wouldn't biggest thing claims as misinformation or not knowing what's going on <hes> a good agent or attorney will have access to d._B._M._S. on a computer to be may have <hes> <hes> the ability to go on and look at the claim status pretty much at will so. That's something if they're certified asking if they've got access to B._B._S. and I will try to use that to your advantage on anybody. Got It that you're working. Wisconsin claim that the help you because of E._M._S. is the whole thing I mean. It's you know you can see exactly where it's at and real time. Instead of having to you know go put on but better things like that. They can actually give you updates so that's one thing people need to look for one or selecting the agent well the local Oakland County agents and the State of Tennessee are not allowed to go into that <hes> the state cut back. I don't know several years ago <hes> and and there's only certain information that they too certain I'll tell you <hes> well. Maybe they're not fully credit. I don't know because I have to take the found out that same information I have to take a veteran to national and go into the veteran to the regional veteran service sauce and they pull it up right there and and our county agent will admit to me. I cannot get all the phones because you can't in real time if you can't work in real time <hes> you're you're really under great handicap yeah. If Your Luck Mad Funny Betty Day are you can more in real time but <hes> you know at like quoting turn it around three or four times zone DOT doc. Maybe get onto that. Maybe vote yeah well in in in this particular case this young lady that I'm talking about. I hate to say it but you know she is not <hes> ooh. She wants a quick easy way out. He's not willing to put forth the effort necessary to win her client. So I've kind <music> certain extent Kinda wash my hands and said if you're not willing to work. Why should I be willing to work? Yeah Yeah that Eh to ice and you you don't want to be involved with. I wouldn't think <hes> I would rank mander get aig again of some short whoever she chooses and go with them. I know I know other good head otherwise she going down sure you know oh well. I know say I've got was the regional office down. We've natural. I've got some pretty good credibility of who I've bought them and how they had the proper information when they get down there. They don't have a problem <hes> letting me sit in wants to guy signs the forums and and discussing the the outcome or the direction and why to go that way why not the other way and <hes> we've had really a whole one success by doing that. James has had the same success well. That's good. We'll work with you <hes> but lounge I we know a third decision not ears yeah yeah they and they have to be. There's yeah you played here. Remind him of this or that or helping as as a friend I don't now how they what the rules are on all sound like allow you there. You can do it as a friend. You can do it as a <hes> as an individual <hes> that's that's what we call the group that I use or that we do this with veterans helping veterans because what it is and what we do <hes> like we you say we've furnish them the information where to find information but we very clearly upfront tells them and anyone else that <hes> it's your responsibility responsibility to <hes> <hes> for seed and get the proper documentation that you need <hes> we. We can't do it for you know. Are we going going to do it for you. Yeah <hes> it's up to them to do it. If I don't WanNa do it and they they don't want they don't want the benefits the way I look at it. They're not GONNA win but it probably wouldn't win but then you know they don't want the benefits to start with. They just want somebody to give him some. Well known happen that way with the be. You're never know Michael you here and more as yeah I say more ooh <hes> some cases are I met <hes> already complicated implicated they and so many cases out saying I including my own got up on the wrong foot doc and then here you spend the next campaign Marian years trying to get the bank squared away neighbouring get <hes> finally get something out of it and <hes> when in reality should've stopped back <hes> Redone Oh yeah I'm sure that's happened to <hes> lot of mad towards but there's what it is. If you get off to a good start <hes> yeah Ab- so much better chance. I didn't know that about a Choi- then they know it took years to win the N._B._A.. Combat uh-huh that turn the ball and crying I of course I never met with you know down hermits. I see me gone now. That's why I had to be away but <hes> <hes> so you know you don't know about down my beggar that it <hes> you can go through a lot of years yeah J. R. Claims are pretty similar. Since we both were exposed to Agent Orange in the continental United States well I was of a are as a doctor and I wish I could remember his name because <hes> you know didn't pay any attention at the time but he says is <hes>. When were you there now so in Vietnam we looked at my chart again he says are you sure I said Yeah? No no he said whereas you get exposed to Agent Orange well immediately I ne- where that happened. I just didn't know what Agent Orange Calls. He says filed the client. No he said you need to go down and file a claim for exposure to Agent Orange and say what I go where you go down here to building. We've got an agent right here in this building. I said what I ask. Forget you WanNa Disability Elsa clay for Agent Orange. If for your diabetes. I said you might write down so I don't get it mixed syrup not well. They've all been to that agent and I said Dr Someone told me I need to come down here. Apply for this and I had you know I didn't even tell it what it was thesis you. You're exposed to fork in four Calomel Obama and say yeah he's you can't file a claim on there. That's IT I can't he said No. I said was the don't tell me I could well. You only file a claim on that. If you're in Vietnam I said well you might be right but would you badges following the claimed anyway he act like it bothered him so he feel out Father Klein. We're late and a half years later. I won that claim yeah yeah good day. You know have been my paperwork now. I'm non bad now veteran <hes> exposed Agent Orange so they've got my records now but I was exposed Agent Orange. That's great so my last say I expect there'll be some <hes> trump man there. I don't know what but they may now in the records now Algernon <hes> bad ma'am that exposed to Agent Orange what we're out God right. Oh really we're having a good time <hes> well no. I hope we gave out and <hes> give me a shabby anytime you two things going on down in this area. We're go- the veteran's Day parade again so <hes>. What do you have your feel on my shows on <hes> the second Lecca Tuesday morning at nine o'clock <hes> nine o'clock central standard time okay I got another will not not today too the <hes> yeah where Zebra Z. Y.? X. Radio if any one of the most <hes> listen to end just go into Google go and Google Uh Debussy Wax Radio and Cowan Tennessee and understand their web page will come up and you so you can click the little microphone and listen to it live and then <hes> <hes> you can call in. There's the number to call in and <hes> be glad to talk with you and talk about the things that's most of it is about what's going on in our area as far as veterans claims and who wins claims planes and and and how many one we have a German. We're GONNA talk about this week. Who got his his claim finally and his Jack was over a hundred twenty five thousand dollars and backpack so yeah? That's a good a big one so we're GonNa talk about what what he had to go through and how long it took him <hes>. It was about four years so we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk about that and <hes> share information about what he had to do. And that's that's important part <hes> if somebody can use a little bit of what he did good to have them in their claim that it's all worth it yeah. It's all better yeah sure is match what we're all about good news that paper news and <hes> their best stab wherever we can but anyway were charged appreciate you coming on right well. Thanks a lot thanks for having me. I look forward to doing it again. Someday I'll pay. Would you well howdy bye bye bye. 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