#57: Super Bowl LIV, Kobe Bryant, NBA All-Star Game


They don't you know they go along and be is trade policy like The Times Robert Covington adult care what you think. The brunch can't Wendy's Christine discount. Hey everybody welcome to this week's episode of you're wrong. And here's why I'm Chris what we're joined by Greg. Crone Gregory. How are you not too bad Chris? Not Too bad weird week but We're almost at the super bowl. Yeah Weird Week indeed we have this is maybe the most jammed packed. Show that we've ever done here on. You're wrong I think it's all all been building up to the fifty seventh episode of the series. We've got the super bowl coming up. We've got Kobe. Bryant's death talk about and the NBA. All Star game both Botha snubs inch weird format changes in relation to the Kobe. Bryant death all of that. We're going to get into this episode. But let's start with the most superstar bowls this Sunday. Three thirty Pacific Time. The San Francisco Forty niners take on the Kansas City chiefs. I feel about it. I continue go back and forth like one day. I'm like the niners just have to win and the next day it's it's read and the chiefs have zero shot at losing this game. This this is what he built this team for. Nobody can stop their offense. It's everyday go back and forth. I I don't know who to side with today. I'm leaning more towards the chiefs. I just. There's something about the game plan. There's something about the way they were able to stop. Derrick Henry I think the chiefs are the team. That's going to do it. Well looking at body sportsbook right now. The chiefs are minus one point. Five points in the game spread has so do you think. Do you think this is a close game. Do you think that Casey wins decently. Where's your head at? I mean honestly I think it's it's a close game I think it's back and forth. I don't think it's a shootout necessarily I. Don't the over number worries me. But I think I think it's one of those things where the ball's GonNa be in Mahomes his hand late and he ended up making enough plays to get over the hump. It's you know it's sort of that storybook. Every book ending that I feel that this season for the chiefs they rightfully deserve the aforementioned over that you mentioned is currently fifty four and a half of how do you think it's GonNa probably fall under that. I'm gathering yeah I think I think it might It's it I think it opened up around like fifty two two two and a half for the most part but I have a feeling that this this is one of those games where everybody's expecting the over the hit and it's just sadly not going to. I I disagree with you in that. I don't think it's going to be a close game. And maybe this really AH hearkens into my lack of belief in the forty niners. Which for whatever reason just is never galvanized in my mind I have never? I didn't think this team was very good coming into the season and now sitting there at thirteen three about to take on the Kansas City chiefs in the Super Bowl. I really still don't know that they're that good. I I think this was a weird year on the NFC where there wasn't that dominant team. I think any of the top three teams in the AFC probably win the NFC. This year is is my guess. And I've said a couple of times on different programs that I think in Casey wins by about by at least nine. Yeah I mean I think you're right I think the NFC had a seriously down year and it didn't necessarily you know what I mean. Thirteen and three wasn't exactly thirteen and three channels any sense. No this was like it's that's a good like got ten and six eleven and five team in the AFC. Yeah it's a good football team. I watched them in person. Ruin me spending a lot money to take my significant other to watch her favorite team play in San Francisco. Well over Santa Clara this year and still. I don't know that I I get. That defense is incredible but I think the offense is sort of problematic and it goes counter intuitive to wear. Footballs been going recently. But I think give your Kansas City if you win the toss you take the football because the easiest path to them. Winning this game is getting up ten getting up fourteen points early making San Francisco kind of abandoned the run which they want to lean on and making throw the football. I think that's the easiest way for Kansas City to win. Yeah I agree I yeah I think there's also a little bit of the hips factor with a Ghana Shanahan. Kyle shut me as well Kyle Shanahan. I heard him talking earlier this week about you know how much he's still thinks about that. Patriots Falcons game in the plays that he called and and sort of where it all went wrong for for him and obviously it's not all on him. Part of it is execution on the field. They take a couple bad plays in a row leads the momentum it leads deter you know what I mean walking away from possessions that could have had points and not scoring. So there's definitely some factors but I have this. I have this growing sense that this could be a situation where they do go down early. Say the chiefs do take fourteen lead and he almost stays too long married to the game plan. Like that's certainly something where I could see. That happening. Like he talked about not very talked about changing too quickly quickly or not. You know what I mean in different in the previous super bowl and now we're looking at. Could this be a situation where he ends up. You know sticking to his game plan but the actual game situation isn't going. You know isn't going to allow him to do that or it won't dictate it. And why is we fall into this belief. That this this 49ers rushing game somehow this powerhouse. I don't know that it is. I don't think we're counting on two hundred and twenty yards from Rahim. MOSTER moster again. This week. He had seven hundred seventy nine yards on the season. In fact twenty nine carries last week was ten more than he gotten in any other game. I just I don't buy this offense I really don't I mean yeah I think. The Coleman injury sort of played into how many yards he got. I mean Coleman went out early most are sort of taken over the backup role from Brita. When because of Rita's injury Rita's back but most are rolling? So why not keep going with them so I can see why the carries came but my thing my thing with that is we saw them play a mediocre packers team. And I think that's playing a a big role in people's minds with how dominant they were in that game especially running the ball and I think that's that's sort of playing not a trick but it's playing language people's thoughts on this game. There's no doubt about it so let's talk. Total points scored. We already talked. It looks like you're leaning towards the under on the over. Oh for under fifty four point five at Vita they have total points scored in the game by both teams combined. And I think this is really interesting and kind of going to be a telltale sign of the direction the game goes zero to twenty is plus forty five hundred hundred bucks wins you four. Four thousand five hundred twenty points are scored in this game. Twenty one to thirty plus sixteen hundred still not bad thirty one to forty s plus five seventy five forty one on to Fifty is plus two eighty and fifty one to sixty which I guess the bottom half of that would still technically fit within the under plus two forty forty man that is tough I was thinking as you were listing like the first the first option which is under twenty plus forty five hundred and I was like well I mean last year was under twenty and no it wasn't remember that was ever under twenty right. That's an insane. Bet I while you're selling number. Look that I'd have to say sticking with the theme I think the I think the situation right right under the one that would contain going over right so the the forty to forty nine point range in that area. I think that's where this game lands Gregory. It's like last year Super Bowl. Sixteen total points scored was a twelve to three thirteen to three thirteen to three. So we have to look all the way back to last year for some reason I was thinking it when it was twelve to nine and then I as you said it I was like wait a second. Did the rams really not score any points other than a field goal. That's that's embarrassing I. Oh definitely happy over in that game so not surprising but embarrassing nonetheless. Prior to that boy it seems like that like forty one to fifty fifty range really hits a law. That's kind of where I'm leaning My goodness has we're getting we're getting back back and I'm not seeing anything under twenty we're a balanced to finish twenty two in super bowl nine in one thousand nine hundred seventy five twenty seven in Super Bowl six when Dallas beat Miami. Yeah that was the twenty-three twenty-three in super bowl three when the jets beat the ravens that was the only time in Super Bowl. History Team Failed Score Twenty points. How could we forget that's crazy? That's actually insane. It is and I mean we saw what seventy four scored in memorable super bowl in two thousand eighteen gene. I mean that was. I recently. Went back and watched the like weird highlight that they put out like where they clip the game together. Just play play play. Play play play. There's no in betweens. Nineteen minute video or whatever and you know forget how often they scored came the back and forth like even when even when you thought the Eagles took like a decent lead like I remember watching it live and being ultra nervous pretty much every time the Patriots got the ball and they moved the ball really well against that defense like thank God. We kept scoring because we weren't stopping anyone outside of the one time when it really mattered in the last two minutes of the game. Yeah I'm looking at the props right now and I just I hate so much which is one of the things that bring to my attention here by asking if he'll be shown during the halftime show but how about this one total passing yards for Patrick mahomes over three. Oh five minus one forty-five under three zero five plus one ten Bethesda. I I think you have to go over there. I think that's I think. The the past or the the secondary of the forty niners is their biggest vulnerability already. I mean obviously you have Sherman back there. But if the chiefs can maintain a little bit of the pass rush keep it away. on-off mahomes and allow him to do is thing. There's just so much speed on that offense you could see big chunks getting taken all the time. Bye Bye guys is like tyreek Hill and bacall hardman. I don't I don't see a world. Where the chiefs win that game? That he doesn't throw for over three zero five. This one is interesting to me to not a huge pay Out But just the question enough itself is very interesting in that. Which player will have more receptions during the game? BAVADRA has Travis Kelsey. He might one fifteen George cadle the same modest one fifteen. Where would you put your money? Kelsey Kelsey kindle is so good he is good but but the problem is is the forty niners can get into one of those modes and depending on the type of game. It is if they're just running the ball kills not getting any receptions as good as he is they'll just keep running it keep running keep running it and it'll be super bowl in NFL history. I'm GONNA wager that. It is not the fastest. Ask the Super Bowl in NFL history. 'cause I've hard time believing even with as good as that defense is that they're going to be able to Kansas City off the board and I. I would argue that that that San Francisco's biggest issue can be exploited by Kansas City in that their secondary not particularly fast including Richard Sherman. When you're talking about gods like me call Hardiman and Tyreek Hill on the outside? They're going to be tough match ups for the forty niners. Yeah I mean it's speed kills. Isn't that the saying that's always sort sort of what we hear and the Kansas City chiefs are just the fastest team. I think we've seen in a really long time. Yeah yeah that's what happened with us in in Nelson occular. Yeah just just just don't give shady the ball if you're looking for speed. I can't wait for him to retire. And Eagle that's that's my favorite storyline from Super Bowl Week. You're excited about that. Yeah and then someone made someone had a take. I forget who it was on twitter that nobody in the eagles organization Asian is worn twenty-six. Or whatever was he twenty five. I can't even remember. That's how insignificant it really is. Nobody's ever worn it since then the nobody probably ever will. One of the writers wrote and that sparked an interesting debate of is shady. McCoy retired number guy. No that's it's a big no for me dog. I don't know I don't know how you could think that he would be a retired number guy. I know he broke Wilbert Montgomery's franchise record. I know you know that that he's he had a ton of accomplishments here but one. He wasn't here terribly long. You know what I mean seven years. Yeah that's it's not a retired number situation especially with the few numbers that Egos actually have retired. Weird wanted to do. Yeah couldn't agree with you more. You're talking about look. He had his best season ever in Philadelphia. He had two other outstanding seasons. And and a couple of okay seasons he he goes six thirty seven thousand eighty thirteen nine eight hundred and forty six zero seven where he's unbelievable thirteen nineteen and And then he's the buffalo bill and he's really. He's been buffalo bill almost as long as he's been well I guess that's over so a bill for four years in Eagle for six a chief she for one yeah as six years is not like short of there being some tragedy. That happens while you're playing for the team. Six years it does not get your number retired not even a little bit. But that's not even close menace even realize I mean. I knew that he had played for that you played for Buffalo Pretty Long. I didn't even realize it was almost the exact same number of years that he played for the Eagles. So that's even bigger. That's an even bigger or no was an eagle for six and has almost been not an eagle for the other half of his career. Yeah Get out of here retired Jersey. Is Anyone on this team. Most Fletcher Fletcher of the only guy. You would say his his number gets retired as of right now yeah. I don't think anybody else it's like you could. You could make an argument for Peter's maybe but that's that's tough. I don't think that that's that may be one where you just sit the number down. I'm for a decade and desires. Yeah Zaire Smith of Chris. Why why why do you do this? Why do you bring? Why do you bring up things just to make that inflict pain on Koa Junior? Come on Buddy I WANNA hit. Let's we're we're talk about basketball for basically the rest of the show so let's not get into that right now I want to. I've got a couple more prop bets that I wanna hit you with first touchdown scorer scorer d can you what is your guests for. Who the hop pickers for this? Who the most likely player on vodka to be the top the first touchdown if you don't score is so weirdly I've been all over I touchdown scores a lot this year for a lot of Primetime Games and the pro bowl not to toot my own horn? Stop but you did not Michael Thomas First of all pro bowl minus two and a half. AFC Oh my my kids to bang. Bang and Michael Thomas. The score the first touchdown a gigantic number and it was all from little stupid analysis. Things like two hours before the pro bowl. I was sitting on my couch. And they said they said that. Russell Wilson gave drew brees. The opportunity need to start and gave up a spot and I said to myself you know what if drew brees is starting in the pro bowl. I guarantee there's the retirement rumors. They're gonNA I don't want to get him a touchdown there's really only two guys that are saints on the offense during the pro bowl. Camerin Thomas drop a little little money on each of them. See what happens and that. You're talking about profit. Chris I don't know what to tell you it's just it's just one of those weird lucky dumb things. I found out about data really weird time when you talk about things that occurred on Sunday. I digress when you talk about first touchdown score for this role. My guess is it's going to be one of two people that are the lowest in. It's either going to be my God. I can't believe I can't remember. Kansas City's running back Williams steaming Williams. or IT'S GONNA be a probably to if they have Kevin Kevin Coleman on there. He's probably the second lowest odds that is correct. The running backs are the favorites Williams plus fifty most plus seven fifty. It's just and and I know this is a gambling thing right but most seems like such recency bias for him to be that high up because look again two hundred and twenty four scores and all of that stuff. He only scored eight touchdowns during the season. It's not like this was This was a fourteen eighteen fifteen touchdown guy healy score touchdowns in half the games for I really late. I definitely hear you. It's a tough call to to bet on a guy like most in that situation and the reason the reason is is because he's their backup he's not going to get the ball necessarily in those situations. There was a situation where someone bet on him. To get the first touchdown happen to be the the NFC championship game. When he was plus eight hundred? I think in that area but it was one of those things where you gotta take a chance. And that's what I I touchdown always is. It's like if you look at the receivers for the chiefs. I'm sure there anywhere in the I don't know the exact numbers you can read them off. But they're probably generally very high and even a quarterback like the quarterbacks running the ball or probably also very very yes so tyreek hill is the highest the receivers at plus nine hundred Travis. Kelsey is plus eight fifty Were Sammy Watkins is plus eighteen hundred homes plus two thousand Hardman plus two thousand. There's there's just something about hardman. He's he's a he's a guy that saw action for me on this exact category in the AFC championship camping ship game because of that speed because of their their willingness to go down field. I mean we watched Andy Reid for years right. We watched him his favourite play on first down down to start. A game is play action. Whoever the fastest guy on the field is just run as far as you can Olympic quarterback throw the ball and you run under it That that play could most certainly happened on Sunday at like. I don't know what time kickoff is six o'clock or whatever it was six five on that first drive that I play Beagle Hardman hardman could be dancing in and you could be cashing in plus two thousand. Also it's worth pointing out. If you WANNA YOU WANNA put one hundred bucks down on Damian Williams Moster Kelsey Hill kittle and Samuel and one of them hits you would be guaranteed at least a fifty dollars profit with those hundred bucks on each of those guys. A one hundred dollars is a lot for props but I like that idea now. Then Thousand Dollars Greg. Is that better for you. Mr Mr Rockefeller. A thousand this is not the Dayton flyers. This is not a sure thing I think. You misinterpret my I know what you by the way the the real price here. It is putting putting all the money. I have on Levin to Lolo to be the first touchdown score to score touchdowns and to be the Games. MVP He. That's if that happens. I'm going to be a very rich man. I mean you're talking about mujber rich. Plus ten thousand Levada for too low to be the first touchdown down score. That's I mean Chris. If somebody's going to give you ten thousand to one odds you that's not and that is not what this is but it's not ten thousand into one it's a it's a one hundred one close enough. Nope not even close very different to them. Digits away masked asked never my strong point gotTA gamble a hundred to win ten thousand still a heck of a deal though and that doesn't even factor into the MVP stuff in the two touchdowns touchdown scorer toil another ten grand if he scores two touchdowns with the MVP. Odds are but. I think it's pretty much a lock. Ah Yes he's going to do all that. So put you in a lot of people rich saying put your put whatever you have if you like reverse there's mortgage your home and put all that money down on Levin low at Bethesda to cash in man. Enjoy retirement I I must have spent my water. Because you're so excited about that. Brought that idea. I mean I can't believe we're GONNA be rich Chris. I Rich I I always knew we would be. I just didn't know that would be Levin to Lolo who is going to get us there. It wasn't you were surprised that it was this quick of the process. Able exactly right. Exactly take time. We've just been waiting for him to get to the Super Bowl so that he could make us rich. Yeah exactly so it just wrapping up the segment because definitely went long. And that's something we're familiar with. We we both think probably Kansas City wins and probably somewhere somewhere in like forty in the forty to fifty point range in terms of total offense. I think that's pretty much exactly the way I see the game going well It's weird that we find ourselves just three days away from the Super Bowl and it's not even close close to the biggest news of the week. The biggest news of the week. Obviously what happened this past Sunday. Koby Bryant and eight other people died helicopter accident. I have really. You really conflicted emotions about this. What was your response? Your reaction when you heard What had happened well so I was? I was actually in the midst of a entire family nap which is very rare these days on the couch and I woke up around. Yeah we all woke up around like twenty after three stood up in my living room was kind of walking around took taking us through every single. Yeah Well Look I. Hey I moved my legs my legs the ground. I then put another one foot in front of the other foot walked around the living room which is located adjacent to the dining room. This picture it kind of it kind of plays in so I was filling up a glass of water for me and my wife and I have my phone in my hand and I saw like a twitter update that and I was like no way like you just said like Oh you know. Whoever confirms Kobe? Bryant's dead dead in a helicopter crash and I kind of looked up and I said yeah. Are you seeing this to my wife and she was like. Yeah you said your. Are you seeing this to your your wife. Yeah you start. You said you started sentences yoed your way. Yeah I mean Christopher Very informal people we've been around and each other for a very long time. I don't know what you want from me. Fair enough continual interview so then then I saw then I saw like one hundred forty mistakes messages realize kind of what was going on in my group chat with all my friends and I just kind of stood there here for a few minutes not really sure how to react to it. It's a very weird feeling when something like this happens and I don't know in the age of social media. If an event like this has happened yeah right. Like the star of of Kobe's magnitude agnew tude randomly being ripped out of the world in at out of the blue a night after. He's all over TV. The and over the the sports world with Lebron passing him on the list and then the next day. It's like the worst thing you could possibly imagine not to mention. Then you factor in the rest of it factor in his daughter. Jonah then you factor in the seven other people that are on that that helicopter and it's like the things all of a sudden really get put into perspective. I know there's a lot of sort of a lot of reaction that you see everybody. Everybody's GonNa really laud in Kobe. The player in Kobe the dad and for what he's done outside of basketball and and I found myself strangely affected by it not not to the point of like I'm going to post pictures with Hashtag Girl Dadan. Ah You know all that stuff to the point. Where like just on a personal level? You're like that's this one's GonNa be weird. I honestly honestly don't even really know. Oh if if it's set in to me like I don't know tomorrow the Lakers play the blazers weirdly been watching a ton of MBA lately. I guess it's probably the only thing on in college basketball. Really Kinda stinks this year but like I know they're going to do some sort of tribute. I know it's but I still still. It still doesn't feel real. I don't know I don't know if that's like what that way is like how to put that in a feeling I don't know if you even can night once. I want to ask this this on Saturday. What was your opinion of Kobe Bryant? I still thought I thought he was. You know these just Kobe's top five top player in the NBA. That's fine did. Did you like Kobe Bryant. I probably had the same reaction I always had where I hated Kobe. The player I sorta I enjoyed Kobe. The personality okay so you you got to sleep through the AH the is this real. What's going on phase of of this This whole thing. Yeah for me. It was a little bit different. I got a text text while Alexa and I were out at the grocery store and the did you said is this real and I looked at it and it's like a yawn twitter in okay. ATM's says Kobe. Bryant's been killed now. Copter accident and then you're like oh well. TMZ like is like. I know that they've been pretty good about the stuff but this isn't CNN. This isn't this isn't woge. It's not something like that. Is this real or is this just another another celebrity hoax because we get one every two months and then it's like okay the La County sheriffs. Say That Dead Cobra helicopters been in a crash but nothing's been confirmed on that was on board and then it's Kobe was on board and then it's Koby and five people and then it's Kobe in a No God Janas on board and then it's it's it's Rick Fox is on board then Rick Fox is on board and then oh my it's it's nine people nine five people and it's like Oh my God. Where was the rest of his family on the air on the helicopter? Yeah no thank God. They weren't it was just. It played out on social media over the course of about three hours and always tough off because I I never really liked Kobe. Bryant I re. I respected the hell out of Kobe. Bryant the athlete I have a hard time separating. Kobe Bryant the athlete with Kobe. Bryant the person off the curtain specific specifically the person in Colorado in two thousand and three and and I have a hard time whitewashing history with all of this hero worship just because he died now I am I. Will you say that I am not. Aren't you talked about this earlier this week and he had a similar to me. I didn't really like Kobe. But I sort of find myself bizarrely affected by all of this and then I texted him the other night when the sixers played like I was at Tuesday's Newsday said two days after we'd seen all of the stuff on Sunday all the stuff on Monday with the twenty four second violations in the violations and I texted aunt you uh-huh why AM I. I didn't even like this guy but it just there's something about it some ineffable quality like you said it's it's hard and I. I have a hard time for a lot of reasons. I I really do have a hard time with the stuff that he did off off the court because I think he probably raped that girl You know when when when it's refuses to testify tends ends to mean that they got some money and that's the reason they're not testifying then you said there was a civil case and again the Waga Against Fair but they did settle that Al L. of court which led to Kobe apologizing although not admitting guilt saying something along the lines of I can understand how she felt like it was rape which to me basically says I raped that. Yeah but it's hard. I also have a difficult time time with the actual events of the day and this is tough because we're never going to know the exact layout of what happened but we no. So here's what we know. We know there were eight people and a helicopter pilot. We know this was not Kobe's typical helicopter pilot. We know that there were fog warnings and and there was fog over Burbank now at the end of the day. WHO's decision is it to to fly regardless guardless of a fog warning? I know a lot of people are gonNA say. Oh it's up to the pilot but the pilots employees. I I feel like at the end of the day and this is this is tough because it is speculation. But I think it's Kobe's decision so I have a hard time with that too and even more so let let me put. Let's put this this as a question to you. You've got to children if you were in a situation where you there were fog warnings or her concerns about the flight. Would you put your children in an airplane. No and that's and we just finished vanished regardless of whether or not he made the final decision to fly. He made the decision to fly with his daughter in that situation. And I have a hard time with that. Yeah I mean obviously with the with the result of what happened. It's not. It's not difficult to second. Guess ask the decision making that led up to that and you talked about how how affected by this people are Dr and I think I read a tweet about it i. I've listened to probably dozens of hours of podcasts. About just sort of the recapping Koby. I guess is the way to put. An analyst of people have have brought the two thousand and three incident an up. And how it it's like. It's it's part of the discussion like it has to be especially in twenty twenty society in where we we are from a from a society standpoint society societal. That's what it was. I couldn't think of it long day under missile. But it's it's from that standpoint like how does it how does it not be part of it like what if this if this happens in you know. Let's say two thousand and five at that if the if the case happens in two thousand seventeen and this happens in two two thousand in one thousand nine hundred how is it you know what I mean. How is it then remember? It's a it's a very different thing because of how long ago that it that it kind of happened but also so it's one of those things where I saw a podcast that I listen to post you know. Rip Kobe episode. And as soon as I saw it I screen shotted audited and I sent it to my brother and I was like this is GonNa suck to listen to and I don't know why and then in all caps I wrote I didn't even like this guy guy when he played but I knew that there was going to be something about it. And maybe it's maybe it's being a parent and maybe that's just changed me as a a person I don't know I don't know if I if I don't have to two daughters and not even daughter specifically but two kids I don't know if I would have been as as sort of drawn to the stuff watching all the clips and doing it I mean it's it's an interesting study because you know it's it's just different and it's weird to say you you kind of get those people who preach like as a parent and that's not me by any stretch of the imagination Barely hold it together as it is as a parent so I would never tell someone to act based on me being a parent but I just think that's part of it. I also think think that Kobe has been around for so long. And that's that the I mean you're talking about a guy who's been in the NBA since nineteen ninety. Seven was his rookie year. Even before. That like I weirdly. Remember the Brandy Prom thing. I was like seven or eight years old when that happened. You know what I mean like I was. I was eight when Kobe came into my life. I'm thirty one now and like somebody just being around that long. It always in the spotlight late. I think that also plays a big role in why people are so effect. Even though you weren't necessarily even like a fan I hated roby specifically for the two thousand and one lecture. He shack ruined like my hopes and dreams that year. Like that was that sixers season was one of the the most awesome times. I remember being a sports fan and after game one you had this weird confidence like six six was actually have a chance to pull this off. I don't know how we're going to keep trying to ride the hot hand of Iverson and hope we can and then gain left in tears. Yes it was. It was awful and I wasn't a Kobe Guy. I mocked. I've we've had the WHO's who had a better career Kobe. Your Dunkin in conversation a thousand times and it. I'm mockingly. Take the Dunkin side. Even though I think Koby accomplished more maybe be. It's so it's so debatable. Just based off of all the different things that Dunkin did. Yeah but I've always taken the Dunkin side against people like my brother who was. Kobe was his favorite player player. Like my cousin who Kobe was player. Like it's you know. I've always sort of been anti Kobe and in this happens in your like that's weird. I don't know why I'm like Nick. Like not not distraught but like upset as much as you can be by something like this. Yeah aunt you and I had the talk on the Or Kobe Bryant episode of the underdog this past week about where he falls all time in the NBA. And I think we were both in the six to nine range. ENJ and Dunkin is a guy. Dunkin is an interesting conversation for a sort of an opposition to coby because Duncan is a guy. I who you can put on absolutely any team and he's GONNA fit in. Kobe is a guy who the rest of the team needs to be built around Kobe. Yeah for sure Ed. You saw when the Lakers win Lakers struggled. They didn't have the right pieces around him. You know what I mean and in what they did in two thousand nine and those those two championships and the being in the finals three times it like they built the perfect team. That could mesh well this Kobe and get them to the finals. A wasn't the Dwight Steve Nash. Years or the Karl Malone Gary Payton Year you know what I mean gone but not forgotten. Da- my still sometimes see like random. Pictures of Malone Lakers dislike us. Well the one that always gets me Patrick Ewing and the Supersonics Jersey. That's a tough one. That Mares Kiemas a raptor is weird yet but for some reason he like fits as a raptor. I don't know why maybe it's just like I just like I picture him being a raptor. I don't know why even even though he's obviously always a rocket there's there's a lot of weird ones. Mb Basketball career stuff is like when guys hang on for that one extra year. It's so we're watching Tracy. McGrady ride the bench for the Spurs against the heat in a finals that that might have been. That might have topped the list of weird for me for me. It's ewing is a supersonic. That's just so bizarre sure. Yeah it's it's definitely strange. There's no doubt about shack as a Celtic. The Hell I mean for some reason. Vincent's hawk. Isn't that weird. No yeah and I think and even when I say shack is a Celtic it sort of tongue in cheek because guys like that who have played for one feels like who's a cab not tale. Yeah that was when shack was gonNA Shack was getting Lebron. That rain gold shack shack was three fifty at that point when he was the Celtics. He's a big boy he's a big boy. Does to be seven foot one and that big like your yeah. It's it's a problem but can't play yourself into shape with your that big no no you can't the ankles. I can only support so much but I don't know this. Kobe thing was really hard. It's it's tough man like I can't. I can't think of a sports figure standpoint. I can't think of anyone else who would get the. There's no there's a certain level of fame you have to hit where something like this happens. It it like everyone sort of takes that like he's these are like that honor him honoring him thing. That's from other sources. Well Yeah that's pretty much all you you saw on on social media that day and since now more stuff as the other conversation that we talked about earlier has started to sort of poke. Its head out and deservedly so Wednesday's episode. Yeah I mean it also is so tough because weirdly and I don't know like it's like you you know we always I always talk about feeling versus stats. But there was just recently so much koby coverage with his daughter. I know it's the the NBA season. So they're at games the night before was the Lebron thing overcame Kobe. And then all of a sudden when that when this happens happens and then you talk about you know his daughter being there too. It's just it's the worst circumstance as you could possibly imagine and feel for you feel for everybody involved as the details rolled out like there were points where major news corporations were saying. That isn't tire families on that thing. And that's the hardest part about following anything on social media and believing being anything's real because literally. I could make an account right now. That's just like you know. News Network Global Right. They put put that up nj like it exactly and just report anything that I want. Major story happens if I'm the first to respond to a CNN tweet wait. I'm going to get followers. I'm going to get people to pay attention and I could be making everything up. So that's where it's one of these things where I don't know how you prevent that I don't think you can and yeah I think it's unfortunately the age of social media and being the first to report it is is sort of Serbs accuracy. Exactly exactly the Rick Fox things bizarre. Yes that was super weird. I don't know like if you watch you watch shacks like just gut wrenching. NBA inside the NBA. It was like like if you're that guy right. If you're guys who played on on those Lakers teams and now you're thinking game that not only Kobe but now another teammates on the plane Rick Fox like like that's gotta be terrible just just the worst feeling feeling in the world like I know how this situation makes me three thousand miles away. Never met any of these guys makes me feel I can. I couldn't I couldn't even imagine how how anyone directly affected by. This could possibly feel all right two more points. I WanNa hit on this before we get out of here. Mark Cuban says. No Douse Maverick over. Where the number twenty four again interesting that he's not including the number eight in that but fair enough And a lot of NBA players had sort of informally started the changing their numbers away from twenty four to retire on officially Kobe. Bryant's his number. There's been this groundswell that the NBA should as a as a league retire. The number twenty four. Where do you stand on that? Tough man that's I know. We talked about it a little bit sort of the night it happened happened and kind of come around a little bit more to to. I don't know if it's necessary to formally retire agree. I I think there's other there's other ways that you can honor them and I think honestly your point that we made via text message of what about the Hornets team that he refused as the play for having to retire is number like the one interesting part of that. I forget who brought it up to me. But the their owner is Michael Jordan and and So there is a connection to Kobe Bryant. So I didn't think about that at the time. It's it's tough man. I don't I don't know weirdly like I'm I'm more comfortable with Jamal. Crawford idea of changing the logo to be Kobe Bryant than I am retiring the number twenty four liquorice changing. The logo doesn't bother for me. I think it's probably time anyway. This is a different era than it was when Jerry West got to be the logo I think Jordan Silhouette is obviously a lot more noticeable noticeable and famous than in Kobe's but I have no problem with it being Koby I don't know about retiring twenty-four though. I love the idea of the logo change. I I think that's the perfect way to do all this I don't I don't think there's I honestly don't think there's a better way to honor and like you could name an award award after him. You could do this. You could do that. But the logo change and especially like it is. It's an interesting and sort of weird subject. Talk about because Jerry West is one. You live to very close with cope. I think I think this would be something the thing that if you were gonNA ask him. Hey like what are your thoughts. I think it's something he would. He would pass a law. You know what I don't think he hesitates for one second. Not I think that that's very easy. Yes and even the ones that I've seen online like the fan. There's a lot of good ones like you you could you could put together a very solid. Mba logo with the Kobe. Silhouette and I think that's the sort of the perfect way to honor guy who how gave everything to the game of basketball instead of instead of retiring that twenty four next year every player in the league gets to wear Coby Bryan on their jersey. In that way yeah. I think it's a much better idea. I don't I don't necessarily. I don't necessarily think that retiring the number makes the most sense and it's also like you know what's weird when you look teams retired numbers and this is something I heard elsewhere but they brought brought to my attention and I pulled it up you talk about other teams retiring people's numbers and obviously the heat come to mind because they have Jordan's number retired in in Jordan played for them. But did you know that the Miami Heat Have Dan Marino's number thirteen retired. No that stupid it is. It's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. And and like when I heard that I had to laugh out loud and Google it and when I saw it I was like what are we doing. And that's where it was like and it's a different sport. I get it but like everybody retiring. The number is a little is a little. Oh I think the logo thing is probably the better of the two were on the same page. The the last thing is I think a lot of people would probably agree with this. But the thing took this from from horrible heartbreaking. Was You know the other seven people on that plane. Plus the the chopper pilot specifically specifically Juliana Bryant. Eric truly hunterprint. Jesus Christ Gina Brian And I like that. That's where it really gets hard for me. Because Kobe got to live his life. He got to do everything he got to accomplish. Everything she never did and we tend to wax hyperbolic about people after they die. But when we're talking about G Bryant we're we're talking about one of the most advanced players her age that we've ever seen and someone who in an era where the WNBA is really on the come up right now the new CBA new CBA brings player contracts up over six figures for the first time. Ever like the top players in the League can make a lot of money and the League is and really really good hands with the Asia Wilson's and with Sabrina and ask you Coming up next year and with page bucs going to Yukon next year. There's a lot of talent and she. There's no reason to believe that she would not have been that level of player and it just would have been so spectacularly clearly fun watching her first game. That's so that's the part that like as this week's gone on as all the tributes and things things like that that's the part I keep thinking about. I've watched hundreds of hours of women's basketball. I've watched eight teams year after year. You know it's been. It's one of those things that just sort of a part of my life uh-huh whether I like it or not but in this case you talk about the Wmba and you talk about everything. That's going on I. I spent three a years watching Elena Delle on in person at the University of Delaware. And she's the most spectacular women's player I think I've ever seen just from the the height the talent the ability shoot like she's unbelievable and deservedly finally got her first. WNBA title this year. But all week as this this is kind of going on I keep thinking about how weirdly excited I was to eventually see. Kobi's daughter playing college like that. That's the part. That's one of those sort of gut punches. And you're like man that quote comes out a week ago or two weeks ago so we're Kobe's talking about how much of a fan she is of Yukon and like. I could picture that that when I read the quote. And then it's just it's it's so unfair is the best way to describe it. It would have like you WanNa talk about somebody that could have transcended France senator. WNBA even more than it already. That's exactly right. That is you exact right point because for as much as we talk about Brian James and Fawn over him. What she she could have meant to her? Sport goes so far past what he's going to mean to his You you're talking about someone who would have who's one under sort the most intense training possible Ryan and arguably some of the best genetics possible when it comes to basketball and and work ethic and things like that. It's you you just. You have to imagine that she would have been just the biggest difference maker like from spotlight standpoint. As good as people like Diana Tarazi are as good as my more was and still is as good as Brianna a stewardess as good as I continue to wax on Adele. Don As long as you want but as like as good as those superstars are someone with the the name along with the ability that comes along and that's sport I mean you're talking about you WanNa tell me those Yukon Games not that they're not already on a ton but they would've been. ESPN games Kenyan Games yet. You know what they would have been. Her High School team would be on like Brownie and De Weight or Don't wait kids names. Zaire Right Ronnie in Zaire's games are on. ESPN WATCH ESPN all the time or regular ESPN unlike those games would have been on and it's such such a tragedy in one of those things that that it makes it so much harder to to look at this entire situation because of that it's it's it's just sorta heartbreaking man I don't there's no other way to describe it really isn't regardless of of anybody starts coby and his trials and tribulations when when you factor all of this in like you think about what what the sports world loses and what those families specifically lost. It's tough man man. All right well aw real quick. Let's get this third segment out of the way. I always think that Anytime this is come up and you know. I've been talking about Kobe this week. been in thinking. I should've left it for the end. Because it's tough to transition but we We shall try. The All Star game is in the news today largely because of some of the roles that they're thinking about putting in place to honor Koby Bryant. That are just no disrespect to anyone. Utterly insane and his and the reserves came out today the Eastern conference reserves Bam out of Bio Jimmy Butler. Jason Tatum Kyle lowry Benson's D'Amato supporters and Chris Middleton in the West Chris. Paul Damian Lillard Russell Westbrook Brandon Ingram Donovan Mitchell Vertigo bear and Nikolay Yokich. No Catch Gregory You mentioned woodring on the pro bowl will you be putting a couple of chuckles down the provider for the All Star game. I mean I would have had. They not completely -pletely not ruined but they completely changed. What was an? It's done very hastily and I understand the situation. I get why I get the point of it but all star Games. You already don't care about like people already don't watch and now you're gonNa tell me three. three-quarters basically don't matter. I don't fully understand lying put out so far. I guess scores Reset in the second and third quarters orders but then the total cumulative score matters in the fourth quarter and you have to like hit a number plus twenty four her to win even watch. Have you ever watched the basketball tournament that they do every summer. Very little okay. So the basketball tournament has a rule and I can't think of the exact exact name of it that essentially once you get to under four minutes in the fourth quarter. They basically take the total or they take the two scores right if team is slush. Say It's let's say seventy five seventy right and they say okay. Yeah well the target score because at seventy five the targets scores eighty four th the next team to score the first team to score. Eighty four wins with obviously. The team is winning inning having the advantage because they only have to score nine points or whatever it is I remember the number. Well that's essentially what they're doing with the NBA. All Star game. And like I get that. You're you're taking bad idea which is interesting. It's certainly. It's certainly different than just regular basketball. But what's the point of resetting the scores after every quarter to wire we. I mean I it must have some meaning that we don't understand yet but right now it makes no sense at all. There's a charitable charity thing. That's mixed okay. I see is the team that has the most points after the first quarter win one hundred thousand dollars for his charity. The same applies for the second and third quarters. The scores get added for the fourth quarter to set the target score. For example. If the score is one hundred ninety five at that point the teams the team that wins the the All Star game would be the first team to reach one hundred twenty four. The final scores worth two hundred thousand dollars. Once we at one team sweeps all four quarters the other team still receives CBS. One hundred thousand dollars for his Charity regardless yeah. It's it's it's a weird thing to do and we're not. Apparently we are apparently not the only people unhappy unhappy with it. I don't I don't get it. I don't get the the whole point of of doing all this so hastily Salihi like there was we make it interesting. Is it so that there's an actual competitiveness to the game if you guys don't I mean do they care this year are because you have the specter of Kobe Bryant looming over. Sure they might but do you know how you do that. You know how to get them to to care. Like there's there's other ways and other things you can factor into two essentially steal the Eelam ending which I looked it up because I wanted to remember it was bothering me to essentially steal the Eelam ending link from the basketball tournament and be like this Kobe. That's so weird thing to do. You could have done different things you could have. You know you could've you could've figured this out a better way. I mean the Chris Mannix idea was one of the best. Things tweeted on Sunday about making the one team. Where eight one team? Where twenty four make to jerseys for each guy you know what I mean like jerseys reach a while depending on get your after two? Oh but I mean that's jerseys are can uh-huh you only need to so you only need to do that for like that's not a big issue you don't have to end the Jersey right then. Sure I know what you mean and even as I said it thinking. Can you about it. Like that. Doesn't make any sense draft like a week and a half in advance right though. It would be fun if they did. Do it. Like at Midcourt right before the game. That would be great but nobody wants to get him back. Which is God? But they said it's going to be on. TV This year right they they did it last year on TV. And it. stunk really Ed stunk. Because they ruined it the year before when they didn't have Stephan. Lebron do it on TV. How did they ruin it? I just it's it's not fun. It's just it's just a dumb now like because you did it like hidden first year now. I'm just assuming that they already did it. Prior and they're just like just going over the pixel swell. It's fine but the somebody's still gets picked last sure. But I don't think anybody who's GonNa get clamp dude. You are one of the top thirty players in the NBA allies. There's fifteen all stars. You know what I mean like. You're one of the top twenty four players in the game right now through the first half of the season. Yeah if your number fifteen or if if you're number eighteen whatever it is like it's not that big of a deal sure you're going to cloud on twitter maybe like may happen. It looks like that player to me is definitely definitely demands. The bonus draft but yeah I don't I don't see who else it could be. Yeah he he sort of got the The the unlucky draw there but all started on the West. How do you feel about the subject were announced and the guys who ended up being snubs? I guess the biggest names are Bradley. Beal Zach Levine. Paul George Devon Booker. I don't know how to have a book is not an all star. That's crazy. I mean he carries that team night in night out and I know they're not great but like he he's the only reason to watch the Phoenix Suns. I mean eight and I guess a little bit but Booker Booker's the most entertaining part of that team. I would go booker over. Ingram Ingram's has. He's having a great year but they're they're kind of similar but booker is better place for a better team. I agree not big reader. I agree that Booker deserves it. It was much more beal as beal's an interesting case too because he stuck in a weird situation where we're all just kind of waiting to see John Wall's foot ever gets healed but he leaves and and he doesn't want to so I don't feel bad. Yeah that's a good point. That's a good point. who were the other two big snubs? You said Paul George. Because he's missed games and US. What's the exact Wien Zach? Levine's a weird one because you would think Chicago you'd put them in there like you. Could you could make the argument doc. Levin should be in their over SA- bonus there's no doubt well actually New Orleans is has picked it up of late. They're six and four over the last four. The the the gap the gap between Zion. Back the gap between those two teams New Orleans has nineteen months. Phoenix has twenty. I thought there was a bigger chasm. But it's very close. Yeah I it's CJ CJ. I Dunno all star. CJ CJ missed a lot of times. He's missed a decent amount of time. And that's tough like to make the argument for Paul George Lifetime Achievement. Yeah yeah you got to kind of play. I don't know man with all star snubs. It's always tough especially in a game. Where like how many guys you sit on the bench when there's five spots what's on the more like you know what I mean like? You can't just keep shoehorning. Keep people in their. There's definitely arguments guy like booker. I definitely think that's a good one. I think Levin there's an argument there as well but like stink like they really stink. I don't have any problem with it. Being fifteen guys in the All Star game though because you just have three groups that you southern southern l.. Yeah I listen. Honestly the more people Mary. I think that we're a little too stringent with some of that stuff and and plus you get the Guy Jimmy Butler just doesn't play any all star game because he went out the night before and just didn't play the next day. How did I not see it coming? How much of a jerk that guy? It's very easy to cloud your judgment. When he is fighting for your team and hitting big shots at the Buzzer and he came in like the best trait of all time? So we can do. Miss Dario Miss Bob. You'll he'll be back soon so I'm excited about that will no I don't think so. We'll the sixers making traded at the deadline next Tuesday I think they have to I. Oh I think like I know. They've played well. Do I had like the worst I was so I was in such a foul mood. Saturday era Tuesday night watching the sixers game and I was like watching Joel. embiid play as great of a game as he played their points in the game. Where I was like this game stinks like this is boring to watch? Yeah I wondered what what was going on with with Simmons because he played nine minutes in the first half but it came out afterwards that he was the one that said They should keep Netto in with him as hot as he is with fire. That's great playpen. At the four key successfully plays very frequently. He should still be in the game coachman to coaches downfall. This very very nervous very nervous for this year for this playoffs. Now I see a lot of crash and burning and then what's going to happen is the twitter. MOBS GONNA come and I could see a situation. Where are Mr Brand makes a rash decision and if the decision is to ship? Ben Simmons out of this town I they will burn. I will burn. I don't know what the Jersey L. Andbranch Jersey. That's what I'm GonNa do take one funny twitter videos earn his first. You're going to buy to Brand Jersey and then you're gonNA YOU'RE GONNA burn it to good point. I would have to go buy one and then you have the fun line. It's going to be a tough. I was thinking I was thinking I I was thinking. I do have a Duke Jersey from back in the day but it's Jay Williams not not Elton Grant. It's weird the other Jay Williams Jersey also little Shamir Nelson Saint Joe's Jersey to you. Have a Lebron. Saint Vincent Saint. MARY'S JERSEY But I think that's the only Basketball Jersey I have and fun. Little known facts for or the The listeners out there Gregory night attended the first ever Philadelphia. Seventy sixers practice for one player. Elton brand who des made and got like three minutes in Yep and then we needed a pizza hut like halfway lingle's lingle's town lingle's town lingle's town pizza existent him you know. It's hilarious about that and we were getting out of here in within thirty seconds because this is GonNa get long. Is that for whatever reason I was trying to remember the name name of the town of that pizza hut the other night and it came to me immediately as when you mentioned Pizza Hut Insane. The that's it's really weird quick quick side note on the Best Jersey I've ever owned still own the royal blue and one mix ext tape the Professor Jersey on real purchase. When I was fourteen years old I have a Joe Montana Kansas City Chiefs Jersey? What can you do? I wonder if my cousin's still has the hot sauce Jersey that he bought at the same time as me. You want. We address that off the air. Let's we can so this has been in this week's episode of you're wrong and here's why I've been Chris. wordell he's been Greg Crone. We thank you for listening and we'll see you soon.

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