AEE 1520: What Has Shaped You? How To Describe Formative People and Events In English


This is an all ears english. Podcast episode fifteen twenty. What has shaped you had to describe. Formative people and events in english. Welcome to the all ears. English podcast downloaded more than two hundred million times. Are you feeling stock with your english. We'll show you how to become fearless and fluent by focusing on connection. Not perfection with your american hosts lindsay mcmahon the english adventure and michelle kaplan the new yorker radio girl coming to you from colorado and new york city u s. a who. Or what has made you what you are today. In this episode we give you a key conversation skill in english talk about your own life and therefore help others open up about who they are in english. Hey michelle how's everything going today. Hey lindsay. i'm good i'm good. Are you a fan of the star. Wars movies oh my gosh. I know. I watched them as a kid but i didn't follow them as a fan throughout life princess. Laya and you know there are. I don't know the other names. But i sort of know the icon's right but not really what about you. Michelle down is so. Sometimes i'll have to watch something with him. I mean i appreciate them for being like amazing and p they're so appreciative and beloved in our culture. So i appreciate them for that. But i don't know a lot about it. I've seen things here and there but i didn't grow up like a huge fan or anything being part of it is if you grew up with it. Then it's like a big deal to you but if it's not part of your childhood it's it might be harder to get into. I don't know yeah totally agree with you on that one michelle. There are a lot of people that are crazy about star wars even into being adults like forties fifties. Like they. just keep going with it. yeah for sure. It's not just for kids. Yeah yeah definitely. Oh yeah for sure. So we have a question today and it's involving a word that that's a character from star wars. I actually don't. I don't know if it's just if it started out as a word from star wars or maybe if it comes from somewhere else i don't know but we're gonna get into. It definitely makes me think of star wars. can you are the question for us lindsay. Okay this is a question from nelson from brazil so shout out to our listener nelson then so he says i really appreciate your show. It's fun and informative and even gives me a good bit of energy to take my mornings to the next level. I love that show. I'd really like to know why and how we can express the life experiences that we have had that have shaped our personality and our view of life. Do you guys consider yourself a veteran or a yoga or in something. Let me know really appreciate you. Guys hugs from brazil from rio. Okay awesome. I wanna eat someday by me too. Oh my gosh me too. That's on my that's high on my list. Owner that to your life experience. I would love to got to got traveling again. All right awesome. So we're going to get into this. And i love it on. So is a character in star wars movie. Green guy You'll see like these baby. Yoda things. And i don't know but that's not what we're going to be talking about completely so we're going to talk about that. Is that for a second. And then we're going to get into the other part of the question which i really really love. I'm excited for this episode. But before we do that if you want to really find out about a level in english we got you covered right lindsey. Now we got you covered exactly so guys. You can take a simple two minute. English quiz and the way to do that is to come over to all ears. English dot com which is our website to our homepage and click the blue button. That says free english quiz. It's right next door photo. There's a photo of me and michelle right there and then you look to the left and you see a button that says free english quiz. I want to encourage you come over and do that right. Michelle what a cool way to find out your level absolutely. I love it too. Yes really cool really quick. Really fun so awesome. So let's get into the questions. So yeah he mentions iota right. So yoda's and star wars. Have you ever heard people say to be a yoda in something. I guess so yeah. I'm not super familiar with this way. This analogy this idea. Who was yoda in star wars like. Well don't ask me. But i don't know i think i think one of the things with iota is that he's like really wise or old or i don't know but i've i have heard it. I've heard it before. A little bit used to talk about somebody who may be like an expert. When i first read that and this i mean maybe i'm totally wrong but that's how i hear it like. Yeah somebody who knows a lot about something. Yum so yeah. That's how that lake. So i might hear somebody say something like. Oh i'm a total iota when it comes to knitting or something like that so yeah. I'm not quite sure how to use it in this way. But that's that's how i heard it. That's how i heard it. Yeah that makes sense. And it makes sense with the students question to with nelson's question right so he said. Do you guys consider yourself a iota in something. A veteran a veteran or a yoda in something so that makes sense. So this idea of an expert kind of a guru type of thing right Right right right right right. I mean yeah. When he's a veteran what what does that mean. I mean obviously that somebody who's been maybe a war or something like that in the military. But what else i mean. It's not just about downing amused. And other ways. Yeah i mean often we see this. In any area of life where we have newbies or rookies and then you have like veterans that trends in this area could be any skill any hobby any club or group. there's always veterans and there's rookies or newbies yet. Funny because. Do you hear that. We pronounce this word differently. Which one that. I say veteran. And you say veteran veteran yeah guys there are some words we can pronounce differently and both are correct. Exactly right so it's just sometimes it's funny. I know we always love talking about that stuff. Like how we speak a little bit differently and when you find a word whereas links different that's funny connection point. Actually yeah for sure guys. We've done other episodes on that so come back to our blog and look pronunciation go explore our other episodes before. Yeah exactly so you might say something like know. Oh he's a veteran of this place. He'll show you the ropes right so like the opposite like you said the opposite of newbie. Yeah as show you the ropes. By the way i love that medium. What is that what exactly. I guess our listeners can understand what that means by listening to it right. Yeah it's basically we'll show you how things are done the procedure things we do right. That's show you the rub. So that's definitely a good one guys. Yeah isn't just about being an expert. Michelle or is it about something else. Oh well it's also. I mean when i think of a yoda i think about you know experience living life really living through something specific right so i mean expert could be. I mean experts veteran could be with that as well right So it can be used in many different ways. But this me thinking about like lindsey. What's the difference between smart and wise. All's huge- hugely different. I mean actually. We talk about this a lot. When i studied buddhism studying meditation and buddhism and they talk a lot about this in here because our culture has this ridiculous Like almost worshiping of intelligence but not wisdom. And i think that's a huge mistake so the difference is you could be very smart and very intelligent. You can have iq of two hundred thousand but you could also not be very wise like not making smart life decisions ray. Wisdom comes from mostly from experience about life and then intelligence is just iq just book either book smart or street smarts but you could also be unwise and intelligent. Yeah yeah yeah definitely definitely yeah go explanations so yeah i mean we've done other episodes on talking about being an expert so one of them is eleven eighty six. Are you an english connoisseur. Find out today. Listen to eleven six. I'm lindsay what's the other one. So i love this one guys. It's twelve ninety one how to be the queen of banter her in english. So you want to. You know if you're in our app or are soon to come or android app guys. You can find that in the search bar very easily by typing in twelve ninety. One us So yeah lindsey. Are you a yoga or a veteran. Anything i would never call myself a iota of either. But i mean i guess in the sense that we have been online for a long time now since two thousand thirteen and there's so many new online english english should teachers coming up. I think we're veterans in that area. Maybe moving into that that range i suppose. What do you think michelle. I i would like to think so. Yeah but like so. Yeah for all ears english for sure maybe in the online space. Online education probably. Yeah yeah so Yeah awesome love it. So yeah guys. Today we are going to also talk about these phrases to express what our listener was asking. He mentioned the life experiences that shaped our personality and our view of life right so he's and why. And how can we express right. So why why should we express it. How something shape us. I mean i think it helps. People connect right to be vulnerable to share. Why you got to the place where you are right. Oh yeah for our listeners. Guys this is a connection skill. Are you need to be able to tell the person where you're coming from. Not just your stance on something but how you learned that like why you know that now. Okay people won't put as much weight on it exactly. So yes so now. Let's talk about how to do it right to to talk about these experiences. So are the first one is x. Made me who. I am or is a huge part of who i am right so i say that means the experience so for the person or something so i could say oh. My mom made me who. I am or my time abroad. Made me who i am so something made me who i am right or is a huge part of who i am. I love that man and you know this is interesting. Michelle because i feel like this might be quite cultural wanting to share this in cultures. That are maybe less about me. Ride the individual in the us. We're all about me right. All we are people we think per so solid solidly independent but other cultures may not want to emphasize this quite as much. But know who. You're talking with your talking with a native speaker. In english speaker from the west they might be interested in knowing this more. And it's not bad to share these parts of yourself right right right exactly exactly. Yeah i mean lindsay. What made you who you are. Oh my gosh. It's so hard to pin down this right because there are so many experience yeah family being like a strong healthy family and my parents supporting me. My tennis probably made me a huge part of who i am in terms of my work ethic because when i a kid between the ages of twelve and eighteen. I played a ton of tennis even college. We would go to tournaments. Around new england. And i would have to practice every day for hours. I worked really really hard at my tennis. So that showed me how to have a work ethic. I guess you michelle. What made you who you are. Yeah i mean. I would also say my family for sure And i guess my examples. I mean like my time abroad. Traveling has made me who i am. Also i suppose my experience with performing and things like that like Just getting in front of people doing music and you know. There are also very much shaped who i am. I think yeah awesome. I love it has all michelle their bunch of ways to say those. I'm not sure if we'll build teach all of them. We have quite a few here. We do yeah. What if we teach like one or two more what you think all right. Well one of them. I already used. I just said it. And i realized that saying x shaped to me so like my experience volunteering abroad really shaped me right yeah. That's a good one michelle. That's very common very common. So you know my experience. Traveling through south america with a backpack shaped me. Okay yeah that's simple and again using the word to shape for michelle. Exactly exactly guys want to know your level in english. Take your english fluency quiz answers seven questions that we've created and get your english fluency score. Just come back to our site and find the button called free english quiz. Come back to all ears. English dot com look on the homepage where it says free english quiz. Click on that button and take your quiz now. See you there okay. let's do a couple more. Let's say how about this. I am where i am today because yeah also very common so an example guys amway today because i worked hard and looked at every challenge as an opportunity rates guys. Write these down. I mean these three. I feel like just these three. Michelle are perfect. We don't wanna give to make a kind of a complex topic right. It's kind of long winded in a sense So i am where. I am today because i worked hard and looked at every challenge as an opportunity. What would you say there for yourself. Michelle i am. We're ambit today because me another example i am where i am today because because of a of random events. Yeah that's the other part. We've talked about that that a lot. I mean i mean that's what i would really say. I am where i am today. Because of a lot. Because the stars aligned in many many ways. I know i mean meeting your partner right. Meaning your husband like. I don't know maybe you went to a party that you i for my mom and my parents. My mom was sick. She didn't want to go back in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy eight or seventy seven in boston. Her roommate dragged her out. She was sick. She didn't want to go but she met my dad there and you know it was just a random decision to go out that night. Yeah so there's randomness in the universe to he. Oh yeah exactly so when you talk about these experiences right you kind of have to think is it like the is it a decision. You made the decision that was kind of made for you by the world and it's kind of interesting to grapple what those two ideas like. How much are we in control. I love that. How much are we in control. I love that do have a quick role. Play here michelle we do. We might be using some of the ones we didn't cover but let's just do it and then we'll just quickly explain yeah. I think it'll be good so we're going to use a few here so here. We are reminiscing after running into each other. After ten years of not seeing each other. Okay cool so have you been. Oh good oh. I have to tell you lindsay. I wouldn't be at my current job if you hadn't encouraged me all those years ago to pursue my dreams. Wow i'm so happy to hear that. It was really our teacher mr smith who made me who i am. He was the one who told me to encourage you. Well i can tell you. His class was certainly a life. Altering experience i agree. That clause definitely shaped me very cool. Okay so you guys. You're going to hear a few that we didn't necessarily go through getting let's go through them. Now michelle exactly. So the first one yes. So i said i wouldn't be at my current job. If you had an encouraged me as years ago blah blah blah right so yeah. It's saying that you're responsible for this guys. We're using the past perfect here right so interesting. Getting into different grammar foreign. Oh yeah. i'm sure that we've done an episode on the past perfect format and talking about regret sir if something had been different so come back to our blog dot com and go to the grammar section to learn about that. Okay the next one i said. Wow i'm so happy to hear that. It was really our teacher mr smith who made me who i am. Yeah okay so something made you who you are right right right and then this one. This is a good. We'll we'll call this a bonus for today. I said his class was a life altering experience. This is way to say like experience that changed your life life ring. So that's a good bonus for today yet does a good one and don't use it lightly guys. This is a really is reserved for seriously life altering experiences. Maybe two or three in your entire life a person you mad decision you made okay a job you took or whatever it is okay and the last one. I agree that class definitely shaped me and we did show our listeners. That one right. Michelle jess we did. We did we did. Yeah so i mean these are all really really useful to talk about these life experiences to connect with people right lindsay. Yeah i think so. I think so michelle i mean. Do you have anyone specific in your life. Who shaped you. Anyone specific you said your family but is there any one specific person who shaved you. I would say. I mean i. I mean it's hard to choose my mom or my dad. Also i if i can say my parents i mean they certainly like i. It's funny to now. Like i in now even things recently. There are things where i can point till like. Oh like i'm like this because my mom like this because when my dad and values instilled in me values of honesty and hard work and even you know some of the things that aren't always so good being anxious and things like they're good with the bad right maneka sometimes. If there's like a negative trait my mom will be like. Oh you got that from me you know. So what can you do. I mean lindsay. What about you you start to see your parents flaws as you get older for sure. Yeah i would say my dad shaped me and wanting to be an entrepreneur. I've shared his show before for sure but my dad Really like he built his business throughout my entire life. I watched him do it. I watched them take massive risk And to enjoy reap the benefits of that risk. And you know. I i for some reason. I just got really entice with the idea of doing something. That's very hard having massive challenge in your life and you just go for it anyways. You put everything on the line. I don't know why he really shaped me in that way. I would awesome all that so sweet while you should play this for your dad. Because i'm sure he'd like cry if he heard this probably a reflection going on our what's the takeaway for all right so i do have a takeaway is so it's so important to be able to talk about yourself and your journey in order to connect with other does not just about sharing. Because you're sharing yourself right. Maybe your sharing something to make somebody feel better about where they are or maybe you're trying to encourage them if they're feeling discouraged right so there's a lot of reasons that you would be talking about your experiences. And how they shaped you so think about how this applies to you and your conversations but this was a great conversation. I mean a great question and it really allows us to think about ourselves learn about ourselves and continue to grow. That's a good point. Michelle think about the art of conversation guys in the art of connection. I know that's what you want right. That's why you listened to english that sometimes it's more of a pivot point or an example. You wanna share before getting the other person to share something important about themselves. It's not always is not like you can only use these if you wanna be the center of the conversation right. It's not all about you times. It's about sharing something about you to get someone else to open up about themselves. I love it okay and this is so much fun lindsay. Yea but before we go. We want our mind you to get your english quiz. Your free english quiz go to english dot com and then you will see free english clip quiz. Click on that and it'll take you there exactly guys. We will see what that simple quiz. It takes about a just a few minutes about two minutes seven questions. And then you get your english fluency score so cool so cool okay michelle. This has been great and talk to you very soon. All right by lindsay by thanks for listening to all ears english. Would you like to know your english level. Take our two minute quiz go to. Here's english dot com forward slash fluency score and if you believe in connection not perfection been. Hit subscribe now to make sure you don't miss anything see you next time.

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