Parasite (Directed by Bong Joon-ho) Eat the Rich?


What's everybody welcome to show me? The meaning was practice movie. podcast my name is jared. I'm joined here by The show me the meaning crew. We Got Ryan Film fans and back on the airwaves. Got Austin what's up man. What the fuck and welcome back baby back man? It's good to be back so give us a little bit a year. You're you said you're up to ninety percent. Yeah I think so I think so I mean I mean it was a keyhole operation so the actual surgical wounds aren't that bad but You know just getting back into shape and I was in a hospital bed for. You're almost two weeks so there's a little bit of atrophy and just get my lungs backup to to working order and also just the stupid hesitance right like feeling like like oh no. Am I going to over exert myself in undo the surgery just getting over that stupid mental that mental block but I feel like the I eighty percent I was there. They're in like three weeks after the surgery and then I think it's just that final final twenty percent. This is GonNa take a little bit longer but day to day activities on one hundred percent. It's just the like hardcore exercise stuff. Swimming plan ball things like that. That are going to take a little bit of time. Well I hope those hospital visits did not bankrupt you because today we're talking about parasite parasite film directed by directed and Co written by Ball Juninho starring Song Kang. Ho Parks Odom and Choi. Who Sick as always? We're GONNA go around and get people's First Impressions Ryan. We saw this movie together. What did you think of it? Yeah we did. We actually just ran into each other at the theater. I believe that's right Or you texted stood me thirty minutes before the movie inviting me and I said Bro of already got tickets. Same time same. I know and I was like Halley. Hour will run the same way. Let Theater was it. arclight flight was only playing theaters. Yeah was it. Was it a good experience there because they usually do something kind of fun in the act just going to arc like Kinda has an extra genesis genesis about a little bit not as much as the draft house but I mean th they'll have like the the filmmaker will be there or somebody from the movie will be there sometimes sokaia about as as much as they do kind of Cuckoo. What'd you think of the movie? Okay so what did I think about parasite. I could not have been look look more forward to this movie. Bongino is one of my favorite filmmakers. I think he's up there with the greatest of all time and then definitely living filmmakers. You know he's he's he's a he's on that short list of the best and I guess my short my short review of this movie is I give it a ten out of ten and I wanted. I wanted the thirteen out of ten so I would say I loved this movie. It's hard for me to eating fine flaws in it but yeah I like like compared to his other movies which literally every one of them packs such a big punch like me and jared love mother so much like that was one of how I feel like a movie. We really are related to Early on when we came to L. A.. Mother his version of mother about the ski. And then you know memories of a murder the hosts know piercer. Every single one of those really hits me hard and then this one also hits between hard but I don't know what compared to the others. It's kind of in the middle. I'd say but I love this movie. It's Great Alright Austin what about you. Yeah I'M GONNA GONNA do this spinal tap and turn it up to eleven at ten as well because yeah. I thought. This was pretty pretty epic I sought at the Sydney film fest which was like a couple a couple of weeks after can and so it had just taken home the palm door and then it came to Sydney film fest and it took the top prize at the Sydney film fest as well. Oh and Bong Jun Ho was here. And I was in the audience with a theater filled with Koreans for people who know Sydney. Sydney is a very multicultural. Israel place and there is a large Korean population here and so I think that enhanced the experience you know it's like when you see a Scottish rush film in Scotland with Scott Filth in Scotland and I think that enhanced my experience of seeing an Irvine Welsh film right because I was with Scottish people who got the inside jokes and so the energy was just raised. It was very similar with this. The energy was just raised to the hilt. I thought it was fantastic. I think it's a masterpiece and I don't Wanna I don't WanNa do the unfair uncharitable thing where people are kind of comparing apples and oranges. But I do want to say all of the political and social attention that a film like jokers getting. I think that parasite does what joker is supposedly doing in terms of at least like the the hardcore lefty critique like a structural critique. Yada Yada Yada parasite does that at a billion times better in a cinematic form that I think the direction is pitch perfect. It's cinematic wonderful. The visual Motif of the stairs has handled. I think better in parasite recite than it is in joker. I just think parasite is like a flawless example of what a film can do. That is both social commentary but also just cinematic Matic and thematic masterpiece. It's a family story. I think I told you this jared that that's actually what born June hosts says. He's like everyone always asks me. What's the Perez said? WHO's the parasite he's like? This is just a family film and everyone started laughing and we watch the movie and we kind of got the joke by the end of it. I think this is a wonderful film across the board. So filmmakers are such trolls like that. Remember listening listening. I remember listening to an interview with Paul Thomas Anderson after there will be blood came out and it was on. NPR and the interviewer asked him. What inspired did you to make this film? There's all these great grandiose deeper themes and he just goes yeah. I just really wanted to make a film outside. All the thought aww will goes into this movie. And that's what you're gonNA give us you fucking troll well and if you know his filmography Bongino host filmography you get his sense of humor and so when he says this is just. Has the family film the audience kind of laughed. And then I think by the end of it. Everyone even got the joke more. You know because the humor in this film is also also like I mean it's hysterical like I was laughing so hard but then also hit being hit in the feel so hard at the same time and it leaves you on this very ominous serious thought provoking note but at the same time. It it isn't it isn't like it's trying to beat you over the head with some sort of social commentary you know so it's not it's not to self serious and the way he does that I think is almost unlike any other filmmaker that is outright. Now I'm so jealousy that you have to watch the Korean audience because he himself says like this quote Unquote Korean movie. That there's lots of inside jokes like you're saying that that that you know an American audience I wouldn't necessarily pick up on. I'm I met June once. I pretended to be a student at Chapman University and I got him to sign my copy of mother proud of that. Yeah I love this movie I saw twice. I actually liked it better the second time and I don't know if I'd say it's top Bunk joon-ho those probably the two top ones for for me or memories of murder and mother but this one would probably go third. Can't say enough positive things about this movie. I think it's razor sharp and I'm really excited to talk to you guys about about it but before we get into recap couple WANNA mention one. You've probably heard me say this before. But we now have a medium page wise crack teams working really hard to get articles written three the week go hit us up at medium dot com slash wisecracks subscribed to the page like are like in share articles. It's all the stuff you come to expect from us but in text form. Also we've got one podcast also going on right now. Are South Park. PODCAST links are in the subscription Leeann links are in the description option to subscribe. We're covering every episode of South Park this season as well as rick. And morty comes back this weekend and we're going to be doing our podcast me and Ryan Ryan and Alex are GonNa be doing the squash again. You can also subscribe to that by looking at the show notes or the Lincoln the description but without further. Ado Let's go into a recap boiler alert spoiler alert. Of course the working class. Kim Family is struggling to pay the bills until one day. Their son's friend comes bearing two things a precious rock Iraq meant to symbolize prosperity and a job opportunity for the sun to tutor the daughter of the wealthy park family. The son Kiwi pretends to be a US educated needed high dollar tutor and immediately charms. The socks off his impressionable employer Mrs Park using his talent for theatrics key. Who is able to sell Mrs Park on hiring during a fellow high-dollar specialized tutor for her troublemaker? Son She agrees but unbeknownst to her she's just hiring key. Wu's sister Ki Jong who knows nothing about children's education this pattern continues until the entire Kim family is working for the park family. While assuming fake identities the kids are tutors the fathers the the driver and the mothers the made when the parks go on a camping trip that Kim family celebrates inside the park house when the recently replaced made knocks at the door. Mrs Kim lets her in. And she reveals a secret underground lair in which her husband has been living since before. The parks moved in when the maid discovers the Kim family's game she threatens threatens to expose them. The park family decides to cut their trip short causing to Kim's to subdue and accidentally killed the made and hide before they're seen by the parks while hiding under a table Mr Kim. Here's Mr Park complaining about how Mr Kimchi smells of old radish. Like many other lower class undesirables. Also the Kim's escape undetected but find that their house in the boonies has been flooded now with nowhere left to go. They take refuge in gymnasium until the next morning the next state parks throw a party for their youngest son. The Kim's all arrive to work the party. But the maid's husband upset that his wife is dead emerges from the lair bludgeons is key. Woo to the head with the prosperity. Rock and stabs ki-jong killing her. When Mr Kim witnesses Mr Park holding his nose at the maid's husband he's reminded of the smell comments and kills him right there? Mr Kim hides in the lair and key whoo experiences brain damage but he vows that one day he will earn enough money to buy the House House and save his dad from living in the underground layer and of movie our guys standing ovation. Thank you thank you but before we go on WANNA give the shadow toward sponsors over. At skill share skill shares online learning community with thousands of amazing classes covering dozens of creative and entrepreneurial skills you can take classes and everything from photography. Talk to creative writing to design productivity and more so whether you're returning to a longtime passion project challenging yourself to get outside your comfort zone or simply exploring flooring something new skill shares got class for you so for those of you who are fans the movie adaptation. There's actually a class written by Susan. 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Two free months of unlimited access to thousands of classes for free to sign up to skill share air dot com slash wise crack again skill share dot com slash wise crack to start two free months right now that skill share dot com slash wise crack back and now back to the show so the first thing I want to ask you guys is. Why do you think this movie is so popular? I think this is like the Gangnam style of Korean movies. He's in that I've people are seeing this movie. People are talking about this movie. That don't normally talk about or see foreign films. Why do you think this one has elevated itself to the position to where it's really penetrating Zeitgeist? It's so bizarre and good. That's no longer sort of it And bonding hose of pretty big celebrity over there. Yeah I mean bombed June hoses Liberty Song King. HOS probably like the one of the biggest Korean actor celebrities but no one in America knows who they they are enough to get like your average movie going audience to see but it's good timing for a couple of reasons right because snow piercer. Had you know a a leading American sex symbol figure starring in it and it had a social message but then it was really popular on net flicks and then he comes out with archer. which which is a Netflix film? which I mean I didn't love but you know it nevertheless was really popular in American film And then you you have parasite which he goes back to a Korean non-english-speaking or non english-language film but nevertheless so he's built up kind of a reputation and then when you add the social message considering the political climate especially in the West in the UK you've got the election that's going on there with Brexit people that are really interested in like in class struggles in The issues between like the one percent or the point one percent and then the lower classes and then of course in America with the Bernie Sanders campaign rain our election so it just seems like the political climate is also making this film have a lot more like a punch to it. I would add to that but also I would say like like if you think if you think about the similarities between this movie. The palmdale or winner which also I think that's another big reason. It's one winning the big awards in any Paul's winter is going to get a jump. Start at the last year's palm the or winter is literally the same movie almost it's shoplifters view saw that movie it's a family living living you know all it almost looks like the same kind of basement set as parasite and they're trying to get by and they're just fucking over everybody they kind of the meat. It's funny it is but that movie was way less popular because as less fun to watch. It's Kinda like like parasite is just a it has a drive to it You know he knows how to direct the movie a movie and yeah. shoplifters is kind of way more contemplative it's longer and unnecessarily necessarily long and it's much slower. It's not as fun right like the humor and mixed with the pacing mixed with the beautiful set design. I mean this film. He made all the sets sonke found. He made these sets which was fucking crazy to think about right. So so your hands right back in. The old days is practical effects baby but no like like. I think that all of that stuff makes this film film. Just much more intriguing. And so it's going to flow better than film like shoplifters does but then think about this joker just past the nine hundred million mark around the world globally and part of it as well and part of it is because of the social and political context and the hubbub surrounding the film right so if parasite can in any anyway piggyback off of that similar political and social climate adding all the stuff that Ryan just said about it being palm or winter and that Bongino stars on the rise is and all that other stuff I mean. That's part of the reason why this is perfect. Timing for this film you know through I mean joker was a beloved character for the last eight years or whatever but I mean you probably the most beloved villain in all comic books or at least among general movie going audiences. But I'll say that yeah. I think it's the social political message but also that that Bong Jun Ho Ho is a master of comedy. There's I mean. Even his the most serious of his movies still have a sense of humor to them. And and Gosh I mean there should never be any drama. That has any less comedy than the amount Bongino puts in his movie because it just it makes the drama just work that much better and in fact in general I think the Koreans are really good about balancing drama and comedy films of Kim Ji Woon are similarly have a great balance of drama comedy. They're just really great at it. But let's start analyzing this movie. Sorry something Ryan I was just GonNa say that I. I want some feature feature ad online. That was like Do you remember that scene where the Sun is teaching the dad kind of how to act you know yes. He was function hose. It was like that scene plays way better than Korea. Because basically you have a non actor of upcoming actor teaching one of the the Robert Deniro of Korea took that even that that Seen as an extra layer of fun Meta funniness to it is something that the sun keeps saying and I wonder how serious we should take it but at the very beginning he said he doesn't say does much towards the end but at the very beginning he says it about three or four times. He said it's so metaphorical. Yes rings. Oh were you going to bring that up and I was laying. Yeah and I can't help but think if he doesn't say it's so much towards the end but I think by that point it's okay we're already primed to think okay like this is going to be met up on top of Meta on top of Meta right like their seat layers here. I had the opposite reading because to to me this movie. You can't go into this movie and not see the message about class because that's literally what it's about. That's what the text hexed is about. Not The subtext you could go see snow piercer. And just think Oh that was a cool movie about people trying to get to the front of a train and totally miss any of the socio-economic omic statements which are very similar to the ones we have in this movie and so I thought though I don't know I agree. I think it was. Yeah I mean it is but I don't know if you brought a seven year old to it. They would say oh. That was a cool movie with action scenes on the train. seven-year-old to this first of all you're fucked up Don't but second of all I think I think you could similarly have a reaction to this as well as not being explicitly about class it is just a family when you have to have some level of understanding of kind of economic inequality I think going in right. I'm yeah well I guess what I'm I guess what I'm saying. Is that if you watched snow snow piercer. You might not say oh okay so. The people in the back of the train are correlate for the poor people in our modern society but parasite is literally. Yeah about our modern society. Sure yeah but I mean but there's so much stuff that is supposed to be a visual motif right like the climbing of the stairs there's the ascending and descending The smell the idea that at the end is that like class war where you have the man coming out of the basement basement and he fights but then at the same time the father he he he still like he can't get the smell off of him and he has resentment towards Mr Park so he kills them like is that at a metaphor for class war like there is there are layers of metaphor that even go beyond just the kind of more explicit. So okay well. Let's let's do one at a time. I want to bring got a lot of those because some of them. I did not write down. But let's start with the title good place to start parasite so there's some obvious readings here. The Dad at the the end is a parasite because he's feeding his Liv living in the layer and he's feeding off the food of the wealthy. They're fumigated at the beginning. Like their bugs. You could even look at the whole thing with the Kim family fooling the park family into hiring them. It's that them. They're kind of leaching off the park. Family I really liked. There's a apart at the beginning where the kids are stealing free Wifi. Because their phones can't function without it there being like these leeches these parasites What else do you think is there? I mean it depends on how far you WANNA take the cockroach metaphor right because at the beginning. It's the stink bugs that were meant to identify them with that. The the poor are the stink bugs in the stink. Bugs are out of control so they need to be there needs to be fumigation to control infestation of the stink bugs. But then there's one it's really subtle and there's this bit where they're talking with the pizza box delivery person and she's kind kind of like. Oh you know a fifth of your boxes of quarter of the boxes. Whatever it is we're folded inappropriately and we have to maintain the brand of our pizza box and I thought that the wording of that was very intentional so I do think that there's a way that we can say that this parasitical relationship goes in every direction because ultimately even though yes the poor are identified as leaching off of this wealthy family through their disingenuous activities ladies and actions pretending to be these other people at the same time? The whole relationship is being upheld by an economic system. That itself requires this type of dishonesty. this type of the Hustle Culture There's a Korean philosopher actually named byung-chul Joel Hans that I've probably referenced on this podcast Multiple Times because I'm kind of obsessed with him over the last year or so but that he talks about how we all become achievement subjects searching searching to uphold the demands of positivity of late capitalist consumerist and productive culture and so we're constantly like it's hustle right like so how. How does how does the young? How does the Sun I get the job? It isn't because he's a great tutor. What does he do he tells her to act like she slashing through jungle grab the ball or grab the bull? Oh by the horns. Make Monday your bitch thank God. It's Monday Hustle Hustle Hustle. You know. It's like that's the kind of positive mantra that he preaches reaches. And then the mother's like Oh you're hired right. Not because he's such a great English teacher it's because he can preach the branding of late capitalist positivist consumer culture. So what do you think it's parasite singular though in the nut parasites Right like is it. Is it parasite like in. This is something that infects us like all of us but this but it affects the the the one tier of the unequal society in one way and then the other tier in another way but nevertheless there's still they're wedded together by the singular parasite or am I over thinking that well part of me thinks that the parasite is just whoever is living in that layer underground. Whether it's the maid's husband or Mr Kim at the end okay so you think maybe more like a singular like there's a singular parasite in. It's that it's I'm not saying that's how I think it's a definitive. I think it's a way to read it. I do think that there's probably something thin grander about the idea of parasitism. In general that it's probably referring to I also just think that perhaps the singular title parasites just sounds good. It's just a family film anyway so it doesn't matter yeah. Yeah there's a detail that I notice the second time around watching it is that the maid's it's husband when she goes to him. He's drinking from a bottle like he's a child like he's infantilized and I was wondering yeah I it seems very delivered to have him drinking out of a bottle rather than or like like literally a baby bottle that has one of those little mouth pieces on the end not like a water bottle or sports bottle model which could have easily have been but it wasn't and kind of worships Mr Park too. Isn't that weird like he's thankful that Mr Park has bestowing this generosity by giving him a layer so that he can be vandalized it. Yeah is that just is like a visual representation of how the Porath to debase themselves to serve the rich How there awhile? And then as so that would be for maybe the infantilized thing but as far as him having going to pray to him while he hits his lights that's how their labor only amounts to creating luxury for the wealthy how they're conditioned to feel grateful for the opportunity for that. There's a lot of a lot of maybes that I can't really parse out a definitive. That's what it means the An sorry I've read Audubon June. How interviews about this and he did say referencing Snow Piercer Similarities like snow piercers of system is or is a horizontal one. Obviously it's a train. And then the parasite one is literally a vertical system. Because it's a house which but some show you the meaning you can turn the podcast off. But don't the kids live upstairs. Like Oh yeah. Obviously I mean one of the I do like how the the parasite mates husband whatever he lives underground but then so do the Kim family there live their house that gets flooded. It is underground. And there's actually a really awesome part where they're under when their houses flooding and they're scurrying around trying to to keep the toilet seat down trying to save all of their objects and stuff it's intercut with the maid's husband getting out of his bindings and tending to his wife and is really nice juxtaposition to essentially say that they're in the same position and that brings me to. I WanNa talk about the rock. What does the rock symbolize in my mind? And I think this is probably generally the message of the movie is that how it's the rock symbolizes. This is how poor people don't have class solidarity because they're all trying to get rich. So you know when the when the Kim family family or specifically Mrs Kim goes to the basement and sees the made in the maid's husband the made is calling her things like Oh sister. You're a working class woman like I am and then she says. Don't call me sister. I'm not poor. And then of course the rest of the family tumbles into the scene and then everything goes to shit but he's always carrying that thing around Ki. Woo is because he is going to marry the girl. The young girl and this house is going to become the in laws is house. And it's that hope that keeps her from identifying with the maid and the mates husband but isn't it really funny too that he even has to say they even talk. I think it's when they're getting drunk. Or whatever when when the families when the park families out camping and it's like well if I do end up marrying her I'm going to have to hire a mother and a father to be the in laws like he he still won't be able to actually authentically enjoy that setting right which is why when he's when he's upstairs and he's like looking out at the very end when they're looking out over the party and he's talking with the daughter and he's like do I fit in in this setting there's a there's this weird disconnect where even if he could fit into this setting he never will fit into this setting which also translates into the smell which you can never get that residue off right so it doesn't it doesn't matter he will never fit into that setting and that is partly why I think one of the most profound kind of moments of have dialogue or introspective. Monologue about the rock is when they're in the shelter in the gymnasium after the flood and his father's talking with them and he says something along the lines of how like this rock always follows me. And it's I think that the rock haunts him with the promise or the demand Both the promise and the demand of the of achieving achieving wealth and prosperity. So it's the promise that you can achieve wealth and prosperity under conditions if you do X Y and Z and therefore the demand is therefore you must do x y and Z so that you can get this thing so it's constantly haunting him right and that's why he clings onto it and then ultimately it kills him. Well it fucks up. His hit doesn't kill him a fuck up his head awesome awesome. Would you say the rock is metaphorical Meta for a goal. It is it though. See See this is one of my things though is that what's really weird. Is that everything that we're saying. I agree with it makes sense that the basement dweller would almost kill Kevin with the rock. Because that's the thing condemned him his belief that he will be rich and everything but as the end of the movie when he vowed that one day he'll make enough money. He puts the rock underwater order as if he's distancing himself from it as if he sang. I don't need this anymore. I'm distancing myself from this belief in prosperity Freddie and yet he seems to be making a mission statement that I'm going to make so much money so I can save my dad. This never made sense to me. Is he burying it under the water or does it go unconscious. Think of the iceberg metaphor that everybody uses for understanding the unconscious. Right is is he burying it. Maybe he thinks he is but nevertheless his whole life is now been changed so that he can get shitload of money now. The reason is so that he can hopefully by this house. That has meant so much to him. That's been the symbol of prosperity and wealth and success in achieving the stairs in the social status but also releasing releasing his father. That's that's the the symbol of freedom as well right so does he. He doesn't like blow the rock up in forsake it and say I'm going to focus on family and love and career and purpose in depth in truth. No it's I'm going to completely devote myself to everything to get rich family kids. That can come later. First thing get rich so he likes sets it firmly into his subconscious. I can see that. Yeah maybe so. You're mentioning the stairs. Can you talk a little bit more about that. I just thought that it was so dramatic like just from US cinematic perspective if like the the amount of stairs that you have to go up in down in this film and especially when the rain is coming and they flood like like I felt tired going up and down those stairs in the film like it was. It was like exhilarating a ride. Almost right so you have their their basement dwellers they live in the basement housing so not only. Are they down the stairs. But then even their houses like semi underground rights. They only have like a little window. That's partially above the ground. So they're like in the basement of the basement but then of course there to this little town this little urban squalor That is the down these huge. There's so you have to go up the stairs just to get to like the suburban Nice homes to get to the upper class or the middle upper class or whatever they are and then not only that but you have to go up more stairs to get into the actual residency the park residency right. You have to climb up those little stairs to get up even to them so not only there on a street in there on a street. That's going up hill. So it's constantly like like Ryan was saying snow. Piercer takes you left to right in this horizontal movement but this film is all about the up in the down and it's climbing coming that social ladder or the social stairs and the park family. They're up at like the tippy top right but it's always like constantly going up and down the stairs and I just. I found it almost like exhausting to kind of to do it you know. Yeah so it's just. The Stair motif about social climbing makes sense. Yeah Yeah and I think just from a visual perspective like isn't it so powerful like that you get taken on this journey. It's like being on a roller coaster. Almost you're going up and down and up and down and it's almost like that's what it's not almost like that is what good storytelling does right. The show don't tell you don't even need to say like Oh. I got to climb up the stairs so I can get to the rich people know what you do. You just show them doing it and then you show the struggle of them. How no matter what happens when it's pouring rain when a natural disaster astor occurs? You have to go back down to where you belong and then when you get down to where you belong your world is wiped out because you deal with it you know. It's a great visual way to show how some issues affect the poor more when it's something simple like rain you can lose everything you have while the park family is just camping inspired. Yeah the kid is playing in the backyard in this gender storm right. He's having fun like Oh. This is cute and fun and the parents are able to have sex and get off while the family. Their entire entire life is destroyed. Do you think there's anything meaningful in the fact that the kid is obsessed with native Americans. Yeah parasites you know. We came over and took all the land I could yeah or is like this kind of this. Well well first of all we can see that there. Is this general obsession with everything western. Actually my my girlfriend's dad just went to Seoul last weekend and he was his first time going and he said that's it he doesn't even look like it's Asia it's completely western. You cannot see a single cultural relic from any any traditional past. It's a completely western thing but I just love in this movie every time someone makes an appeal to oh I know somebody who's educated in Illinois. It's it's all the all the sudden just a mark of of status. Yeah and now I'm not trying to shit on Illinois State University but the fact that the mother gets so excited about a State University in Illinois Illinois rather than it being like I don't know Harvard or northwestern or Stanford or something like that right like the fact I mean maybe Illinois state has a really good art school like that. I just I don't know about but I would doubt that a random mother who is defined as being quite simple anyway would have insight knowledge about art schools in the United States. She gets so excited just because it's an American University right nosy. I I love that moment because she's just as clueless as him. Yeah it would have been better for Kevin to to cite Harvard or Yale or something like that but instead he just sites some random city in the United States and the woman who is so much more prosperous than than him but yet is just as much of a simpleton is him is immediately just like Oh Illinois I know that's in the United States. Go on no. I like for people who are from California. It'd be like like somebody saying like Oh so and so went to cal poly Pomona. And you're like a cal poly in California and you're like yeah in California California and then someone gets really excited about it not shitting on cal. Poly my Stepdad went. There Ya go cal poly but again. It doesn't have the like international appeal of some of the larger larger more prestigious universities. But it doesn't matter because it's a western university so it carries some sort of international or cultural clout with did you guys. I want to talk about the distinction between in men who is the friend that gives him the Rock and key Woo Aka Kevin. There's a part where at the beginning men scares away. The drunkard and then Kevin tries to do it any totally bones it up he ends up getting a bunch of water on him. And then so this whole thing where Kevin Tells Mrs Parks Daughter that in the first lesson. She's going to need vigor. This is what you were talking about earlier Austin that word vigour comes. He's only citing that because his mother had looked at men and said yes college students they have vigor and then when they escape the park family when it's raining and when they get back down to their house and see how fucked up their situation is Kevin says I wonder what men would do in this situation. Why why are they elevating this character to such Grand Status is it just because he's a slightly higher status because he's going to college I I mean I thought it was that simple. Yeah he's made it out of you know the neighborhood is is doing so for his always that it was he part of the. Yeah I guess that makes sense wants he climbed wrote he climbed his way out. Yeah and isn't there. Some sort of. There's something interesting too about Kevin. Who when He? I has the fake certificate of having gone to was at Oxford Where his dad is like? Oh you know this is really great. And then his his son says something along the lines of like I just printed this certificate out early. I will be going there next year right. So it's like a fake it until you make it kind of thing. Yeah which is basically the Gospel here in La Dude. I think it's the gospel of kind of consumerist society eighty right. We talked a lot when we were talking about. Oh God what was that fucking documentary where we talked about like fins to Graham instagram right. The fire festival the Fire Fest when that's right but like how th- instagram it's called fake. INSTAGRAM is like the real versions of yourselves. Right like you without makeup and You're not trying to act like you. I don't know can fly in private jets or something like that. You probably just rented it for one hundred dollars an hour. Whatever the heck you did right which so? It's like it's like. There's an admitted committed understanding that is branding culture that we're currently saturated in. Is this fake it till you make it kind of culture and Shit. I used to work in a company where we literally used you. Say it all the time like not even a joke. It was fake it till you make it. I had I had people and worked with it. Had It on their desk had printed out fake it until you make it and I was like okay. I mean like it's it's it's beyond irony or because it's like so just embraced the. Yeah you just gotTa Kinda Bullshit and then you make that money and then supposedly you've made it. I guess that's what all the Kim family's doing man they're all faking it. You know A couple other other things. Oh another thing I want to mention. There's so we were talking a little bit earlier about how whether it's the maid's husband or Mr Kim Him when they are basically worshiping Mr Park when they have to like press his lights and they say they say you know like returning from a hard day's work. I love you so much Mr Park. There's a scene where the Kim family is celebrating that their incomes to they put all their incomes together. It's massive and that they're we're getting jobs that five hundred university students lineup too. And they say the give a toast and they say we want to give thanks to Mr Park. And I think that they're both underground both the the parasite the maid's husband as well as the entire Kim family underground saluting the man who signs checks are they not the same. I thought that was a really powerful powerful juxtaposition Yeah Yeah I mean I don't really have much to add it is. That's that's what I'm saying. It's not a very metaphorical movie movie. It's very on those in a good way. Which is why when which is why? When Kevin says the so metaphorical I feel like I? I don't know is he. Is he winking to the fact that the movie is much more tax than subtext or is he winking to the fact that a message message that he had put in previous movies. Mostly snow. Piercer is now just out in the open well but the reason it's that I would say it is metaphorical. Michael is because it's told through the Lens of a singular family right or to families. Let's say the rich family and the poor family but they are obviously meant to be stand ins for a much wider economic reality. which is the class relations between sort of proletariat class or proletarian glass abortion class right? So that's where it's metaphorical. So when you get at the end the guy who's like the old the old husband who comes running up the stairs and he causes. This is the chaos at the birthday party and he stabs the daughter and then And then you get a the father who then stabs Mr Park like like at that point. Isn't that meant to sort of symbolize again. Class struggle like the outbreak of a type of class. This is what it leads to. It culminates in this type of clash slash right so in that sense I would say it's metaphorical because it's told through the focus of like these two families rather than it being a little story about like skin joker which is literally about you. Get a class revolt right. So in that sense it's metaphorical and then of course you have like this rock it has meant to to symbolize prosperity and wealth. You have the stairs that's meant to symbolize the climbing of the social ladder We think yeah. Yeah AH exact. Metaphors are open for interpretation right but like so it does seem that I I totally get what you're saying in terms of like maybe relating it to how how obscure Snow Piercer was. It's a bit more on the nose but I think that the metaphor goes deeper and I think that's why that's what I was really drawn especially on this viewing the second viewing to Kevin saying it so metaphorical because then it made me like tune in so then I'm like okay. I'm GonNa see where the layers go. Oh how deep layers might go definitely leaning way more towards you jared and in the Senate. He's Kinda trolling us with that. One thing. That's that's what I was thinking but also in the background. I'm also thinking that something might be lost in translation. Maybe there's just something we're not getting because we don't speak Korean. Maybe I another part of the last thing is that are just like the whole what. WHO's the parasite and whatnot The thing is is the structure. The movie you know we haven't really talked about how much of a twist that that learning this basement is like like the the movie sets itself. One thing you get to that part. Were there literally toasting to Mr Part. And you're like wow. This is awesome work in this go. They've really made it. You know I guess as you can see. The logical conclusion of Kim falling in love with the daughter went not in in seeing that. Play out by but sets it all up and then you just have total one eighty degree Or whatever ninety degree angle on a when you want about the basement and the other in the other people that are that are terra citing off of them. Whatnot I don't know? I think that that was very deliberate. What he goes think? Yeah to kind of say that this is really interesting to right Right after that. The father has that whole speech when they're in the gym about plans and they're sitting there making their plans right and all their plans get scuppered board. And he's basically like that's the best way to live is to not have plans because if you don't have plans and you can't be disappointed in your plan can't get thwarted so it but they're sitting there they're making plans you know sons like I'm GonNa marry her and this is going to be our house and then we're going to be living the high life and we're GonNa have climbed the social ranks and then all of that gets is thrown into chaos because of fuck in the world is chaos thunderstorm comes. This random woman comes back because there's been some crazy shit going on in this house so it's like that old Mike Tyson quote. It's like yeah you can have all your plans until you get punched in the mouth right. And then you ain't got and then it's all Improv baby because then you don't know will they got fucking punched in the mouth right when they were making all their plans and that Kinda that's Kinda what's going on. It's you could think of it as see. This is what I was thinking thinking about granted. I just taught a class on financial crises here. So I'm teaching a class on international economy and finance. We're getting to financial crises. So maybe that's another thing that I'm thinking of why it's metaphorical because I'm thinking of like the rain storm and getting punched in the mouth to extend that metaphor to the idea of like financial crises. Like just things that can come out of nowhere and then what do you do. How do you deal with it? And then how does it exponentially affect the poor. More think of the rain storm is affecting them more. But if you're wealthy it could be a blip on the radar or it could be a great opportunity for investment. Buy Low sell high. You know at a time of crisis. That's an amazing opportunity for new assets to weaken and to be opened up from for you to strengthen your position as long as you know what you're doing or you're in the right you're in the right space but if you're poor you're gonNA get screwed so so I think there's a lot of that stuff going on as well. Do you also think that there's an element of them getting a taste so their own medicine in that you brought up the pizza box people before. So they're fucking up the pizza box people's game and that lady that we see who pays them is probably not the rich person she doesn't seem company she's she's working class and they're screwing up her means of making money and then once they make it the person that screws screws up there means making money is somebody who was in the situation that they're in somebody lower on the ladder. This is one of the reasons why I really like this film. Because it doesn't doesn't seem to come from a position of like preaching right like so many films that have a social commentary. They take an ideological position. Like I'm on the side of the working class. All rich people are evil and bad. You're you're the bad person and I'm going to show you why you're immoral or the opposite side. Greed is good bright kind kind of thing whereas this film I think really does a nice job of kind of like walking that balance saying look man even people in the working class are competing against each each other and are GonNa fuck each other over and are going to do what they gotta do to Hustle to make their end to make ends meet and they're struggling and they're in a position. They're larger like structural questions that that are really that we ought to focus our criticism on not so much the individual relations that are dealing within those structural positions. And that's why I think this film is so good because it doesn't preach down to you. Yeah okay couple other things. Some just general things details that I really liked. I love how when when they're celebrating in the parks house when they're eating all their snacks drinking all their booze. The daughter is eating dog treats for like ten minutes before she realizes that their dog treats which is just more debasing the poor to the point or legit. The discrepancy between the lives of the rich and the poor are such that the rich are feeding being their dogs. Things that human beings would love to eat I also like I also like detail that when the parks are having sex on the couch while the Kim's are awkwardly under the table their role playing being poor as they have sex and This reminds me of like I know we bring them up so often but when it talks about titanic he talks about how like you know Rose in titanic the bourgeois who needs to kind of slum it with the poor guy to suck up the vitality of the poor man before she just sucks up that vitality and then discards of him later and I feel like I see you see similar things. Here with the rich wanting to fantasize about being poor to suck up that quote unquote quote working class vitality which is all nonsense. Yeah I mean I was just GonNa ask you guys. Have you guys ever eaten anything. Funky when you've been fucked up before you know eat dog food or or something like that one of your home. Eases try bacon time. You're like okay. I'm begging bids users. Yes I never never that I did accidental nevermind. Sad story the This is I mean I accidentally drink carpet cleaner one but that was just because my roommate's sister Mr was a doofus and she put the carpet cleaner which looked like water into one of my water bottles to spray on the carpet. And I couldn't tell the water not my fault last question I have nongoma. The famous architect said the made in her husband referred him as a kind of holy figure. This was always very curious to me. Did you guys come away with anything regarding that weird. I kind of what I came away with was what am I. Suppose to come away with me two. Doesn't someone say something at the end to like like kind of like mock worshiping. The famous NAM goon in this job yet. Yeah I don't know what the deal is. I mean the home almost it. It kind of looks like a Not Quite a prairie style but it Kinda has the clean lines of a full of a Frank Lloyd Wright now I know that like prairie style and craftsman architecture heavily heavily influenced by eastern lines as well so I so I know that there's like an integration between a lot of western architecture and eastern architecture could that at be another kind of you know like a a worshiping of Western design or Western innovation art art technology. Something I mean. I'm really stretching it here but I don't know that would make more sense if he was a Western architect but yeah I don't know I I don't have any answers anyway Tonight one but anyway Anything else you guys want to bring up before we go in the mail bag. Yeah I was just GonNa say real quick I did find it interesting also the the bit that the husband is like. Yeah if if you are wearing those like poured cheap panties then. That'll really turn me on sort of thing. Which is which is pretty interesting to think about right like like everyone else thinks like the the Kim family is like? Oh you know. We'll be happy once we get into this like like when you're when you're rich year everything gets ironed out. I think the mom says at one point the Dow is but then so they're trying to role play to be as though they're rich into to to bask in like having a bath and watching. TV for a long long period of time but then again the rich they're not ultimately satisfied because remember the husband at one point when he's talking with the the dad when he's driving he's like yeah. We'll call it love like when dad when the when the data's like do you really love her. He's like yeah. Sure we'll call it love so you're kind of like. Oh okay. So they love. I also love in that scene. It's always a hard cut from Mr Kim to Mr Park. But when he asks but you love her her right it's actually a whip pan back tomb. Mr Park is a great moment. Yeah and he and he in the husband Mr Park is. You're you're like you're almost thinking lemos crossed the line. He's crossed the line right. Has He crossed the line and then he laughs and it it was a really lovely moment of like directorial tension there but really interesting scene. I thought yeah absolutely all right. We are going to go into the mail bag. We're going to go into some voicemails. We smells hit US up at two one elf. Hot Oh seven or two one three five three four eight zero seven. We got some spider verse. voicemails let's start art with foul. Hey show needing crew outside. Oh here just wanted to drop a quick note about the into the spider verse and Specifically with jared had a question about the blurry doubling in the animation This was actually just an Omani to the way that older comic books were printed. They used to print in passes each color of page one color at a time and sometimes the pages wouldn't align exactly therefore producing that Lori doubled look So I love everything. WISECRACKS does so keep up the good work thank you al.. Yes Amanda who works with US informed me of that after the podcast. And Yeah thank you so much. We're GONNA go with one from Maya. Practice is my from Dallas I was. He's getting a cough about the movie into the spider verse. We've looks like we're having an issue with finding out What he learned after he lost his uncle? And nobody for all of the multi-diverse spider men and women is that they all sound lost study had lost The animated girl with a robot lost her parents You know then you are lost his girl so so. Did you hear the other Parker from the other universe. They all lost and then they became spider-man Not because you know they were vegetable title or felt you know that they needed to but it inspires them to be spider man. So the lost makes the net Which is kind of runny team for all this fighter then in women in this movie That was just my take on each Let's hear what you have to say about that. And maybe go a little further on that theory. Sorry thanks my. I really like how the movie has. The every character has their kind of alteration on the Ben Story on how there's it's just some and I hadn't actually thought about that until my I brought it up. I knew that there was uncle. Aaron versus Uncle Ben's kind of Ab thing going across the multi verse. But yes. She's right all. The spider people have lost something. And it's always a kind of an alteration of the Peter Parker Uncle Ben thing that few superchargers their origin story. So that's pretty cool okay We got one actually. Let's just go into the emails because we've got some about parasite so you can hit us up at movies out wise crack Dot Co.. This one's from Brian. Brian says hey longtime listener sner first time writing in just wanted to say you all rule and that parasite is the best movie of two thousand nineteen possibly more than a few years before to. I've never felt more realized in film than here. I'm an American who teaches English in China and the separation of class. The phone nobility of money and the scamming going on at all different levels of society are omnipresent. Isn't I've literally seen done. The trick rich people to hire friends and family stick because people felt it was the only way to get ahead. It's a sad state of affairs and I'm not sure how to fix it but addressing it couldn't hurt also time with joker. I think this is how one bad day really turns out. The Dad didn't become an anti hero. Super Villain he had to live a whole for the rest of his life. The poor don't flip out and hurt thousands. They don't have that reach anyway. I hope you guys can talk about this film. It's got plenty to discuss at slash rage rage at from Brian. Yeah yeah that's good. Do you guys think it's the best film twenty nineteen. I wo- a climax for that distinction. Listen thank you very much. Good one man may be. I'm trying to think what else I liked this year. I really liked midsummer. What else what else? What else I know? You have a list Brian. What else what else is on your list? let's see here. I'm so glad you asked jurors. I'm picturing like a cartoon. You know when they take out the role all and they like unroll it and it just like do every year he does it just so happened to have it right here. So my number one climax ax to mid Somare three parasite I will go through all of them but good boys is four. I love good boys. John Lennon sees five. Oh Fuck Yeah. Of course Yeah Spiderman. Actually seven joker. I really like those movies toy story for ten. I would have to say mid Somare ars this movie. Those are probably the top. I wasn't crazy about toy story. Four anyway chronicles loose cannons legend of the House Mirage. Then movies fucking awesome written written and directed by wisecracker editor Mark Potts. If you have Amazon prime go check that movie out. He made it for less money than you would believe. And it's hilarious all right. This one is from Derek. He says Bong Juninho always has strong messages of class in his films which is extremely apparent apparent parasite one thing I haven't been able to figure out is when Kim Killed Mr Park when Jessica dies. It's clear from the guest reaction that unlike like the park boy. An employee wasn't worth protecting when they kill the old housekeeper it through a fight for survival and still is to some extent accidental. However when Kim Kills Mr Park I haven't been able to find any commentary other than Kim simply having had enough of being humiliated? Is there something more here or is this just a plot point to get us to Kim's fugitive status from Derek. I think it's that and it's very subtle but he sees Mr Park hold his nose rose when he turns over the The husband the guy from the lair to get the keys and he's just reminds him of the fact that You know the poor are so debased that they're almost sub-human they don't even smell like human beings just killing poorly though. I think that it goes back to the thing. He told his son where he said like. I don't have a plan. You know so this was just like such a on the spot decision that was so consequential but I don't have a plan this. I'm just doing this you know fuck fuck the consequences. If I can't see my family anymore you know this is what I wanted to do in this moment and to me. We haven't really talked about this. But I I kind of feel like this whole movie has a subplot of like ambition. You know like like like like literally says he has no ambition. He's like if you have none then you will get hurt Mike. And that's how he wants to live his life and he it works for him and that's how he's taught his whole family whereas you do like. Yeah we've talked about. You know how this rich family kind of sucking off the needs of this family but at the end of the day this the you know this. VR expert or whatever he is making a killing in the VR game. And that's their family has the money and it probably took a lot of ambition to get to that point you. Oh and his wife doesn't have it but she's along for the ride 'cause she's his wife or whatever so I feel like and then at the very end it's like you have the sun sitting there going. I'm now go you you know I have no play like my dad like I learned from my father but now I have a lot of ambition in. It's all to save my dad. You know who has no. Yeah and I think I think we're we're meant to feel both positive and negative feelings about that ambitious plan that the sun has in one sense sense. It's like an admirable aspiration and another sense that that's why the stare into the camera is so powerful I think because it's almost a blank stare. It's a neutral stare and it's it's almost like meant for us to think That that there's like an ambiguity about this aspiration to climb the social ladder. Because it's it's got some good things like yeah I WANNA help free my dad but at the same time at what cost what are the consequences that have led me to this place you know in like even if I do climb the social latter will I ever fit in. Can I ever get the stench off of me. Initially going so far out of their way to not play by the rules because they thought that they had to. You know like they're like trying to do everything they're putting so much effort to doing the wrong thing because they think it gives them one little job but when in reality you know like in his little fantasy at the end if he's going to work his way up get do it. The normal way and then earn wealth like a normal functioning never society. I feel like like like this is the this is Blanquita Ho in the the weird since the weird movies way of having them come to that rounded out decision you know for good reasons because at the end of the day you like you get you make money to help your family and this is very literally have tried to make money to just to help us family savings dead. I did want to say one thing that I forgot to mention like earlier. But it just like my memory just got sparked from from that email for whatever reason but In psychoanalysis psychoanalysis sometimes it's often referred to as the return of the repressed and so people who use psychoanalysis as a cultural tool to kind of criticize. Let's say the elements of society that are buried under right like Our iphones for example are actually bearing slave labor from coltan mines in the Republic of Congo. But it's really easy for us to brush over that and forget about it and so we kind of like we. We neglected but the idea is that eventually you can you can't you can't neglect that. which you have repressed forever and so I think you kind of get that in this right that at the end of the reason the dad freaks out when the when the father plugs his nose is that he's been trying trying to bury it and be like? Oh it's okay. I smell a little bit but I can you know we can just wash our clothes with different laundry detergent or whatever but then when the father plugs his nose that's the return of the repressed. You can't ever actually get rid of that which has been held down entirely and so then it it It bursts I out if you will and kind of like a violent unconscious rage which is actually what friends phenomenon refers to it as in wretched of the about like is unconscious rage. That comes out and the thing I think and the thing I wanted to add about this scene that That Derek brought up is that one thing we've forgotten is that he's dressed as a native native American when he snaps guys. WanNa talk about return. The Roy S. Galeano Yeah and and that scene were. He's he's telling. Mr Mr Parkas telling Mr Kim that hey you know you're gonNA have to get up and act you know. Start running around and my son shoot you and Mr Kim's like I don't want to do that and he's like Mr Parks like I'm paying extra for this. You must do this job. And it's yeah completely debasement anymore. We're GONNA say Ryan I was just GonNa say I'm just to be clear. I do think the ending is like a tragic ending like like I think that he has this ambition. Fuck you just hit with a over the head with a rock. He's I don't think that he's literally. I think the the innings open ended also is supposed to be kind of a Downer in the sense that he doesn't like. I don't think sorry. The fantasies saying at the end is not going to happen. Like this kid is like going. Yeah certainly not at the age that they show him so again certainly not the age they show him they show him in his fantasy in a suit walking up at the age of twenty something. He's probably talking to take him a good. Twenty five years to accumulate all that wealth. Exactly if you think this kind of a pipe dream and that also is part of of of you you know. The tragedy of the ending is like like like it took him to get to that realization but now he's even in worse Worse situation than before to achieve any of that you know because of all the decisions that they made Through the movie with two things. Is it a pipe dream or is it just the dream that we call the the American dream or the hapless success rate. That's what he's trying to talk about. The movie is that like the emission at the end is not necessarily a good thing. Yeah and then. Here's my I literally just thought of this because he doesn't literally die but he does sustain brain damage and he has to have brain surgery so is there a sense in which it's the only reason that he can come to that quote unquote realization. That I must now like Berry this. This rock down into my unconscious if we're GONNA go with with that interpretation and then buy into this narrative altogether that I will become rich. Because he says I'm going to forsake family and kids and I'm just going to get rich. I so is there a sense in which he almost it has to die to himself because up until that point has whole ambition his motivation has been family oriented. He helps his sister who helps the father who helps the mother right. It's all about the family. They are the day are like the primary Entity that concerns him but after this fucked the family. It's about just just getting rich. I now granted. It's so that he can get into the house so he can release his father. I think even yeah even at the end I was just wondering if like he almost like quote unquote metaphorically dies and then resurrected into a new life or something. I can't help my spiritual themes but it's guys bad resurrection and I don't I don't know guys we're going to sign off work. We find you guys on the Internet Ryan. I am on funhouse sometimes. Also so Ryan's game show Ryan shorts on facebook all sorts of leadership will go look out there and Austin Yo so oh I am becoming much more active. I listen I almost died so I have like a whole new lease on life so I've decided to up my brand up my content shit so I'm gonNA throw myself into this game of am bishen impure positively and embraced capitalism. But I'm still but I'm still going to do it from a critical perspective and not compromise on my principles which means I'm producing a lot more content on Insta- US you can follow me on instagram. A US underscore H. Y.. I still got my twitter Austin Underscore Hayden. I have the other podcasts that I do I was at dawn. But what I've done in jared red. You might be interested in this. I'm doing a read through the Bible on a new youtube channel that I just started we. I only have like a couple of hundred subscribers so far but go to YouTube. If you're interested in hearing like a post evangelical critical philosophical mythological reading of the Bible. I'm GonNa read the whole Bible in a year from Genesis to revelation and and then I'm just gonNA spitball ideas uploading video most days pretty

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