Super Bowl 53 Prop Bets & Picks (Ep. 657)


The sports gambling podcast is brought to you. By my bookie dot AG. The official online sports wick of the sports gambling podcasts. Use the promo code S. G P fifty for a fifty percent deposit bonus today. We're also brought to you by odds shark. They have the latest Beden sets and trends, you won't find anywhere else. Plus free picks from their supercomputer and expert writing staff, follow them on Twitter at odds, shark and WWW dot odds, shark duck. Welcome everyone to the sports gambling pack. Sean stack in the green with my partner and picks. Right. Real money. Kramer super. It is right post juiced up music come on. Come. We got to celebrate. Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl. Yeah. Yeah. Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl. Yeah. Yeah. It's the. We only get one of these the year. What's in a lifetime? We're actually just once a year. But it is the suit Burke ball where we see the New England Patriots square it off against me gloss Sange. Liz. It's been a long arduous season. Abed beats close calls huge wins. Come from behind back covers all to bring us to this very special magical game the game that symbolizes. What is awesome about American and that is betting tons of money having multiple bets going on the same time Harley picks proc seven layer dip. It is the fucking Super Bowl. Brought to you by my bookie that AG promo code S U P. I'm counting that as the my book you read ride because we have so much so much sooner which content to get to. I mean that would be that's a pretty good. It's a pretty good rate performance. I listened to that which I was kind of listening to but also staying in character. Yeah. Let's just bring the fucking Super Bowl Brian. There was a moment where I was going through to doing the research for our million dollar picks million dollar props challenge research doing. Yeah. This is the one gave actually do some research on because there's so many things the thaking bed on they actually have to. A little bit of reason I get up on the soapbox get on that. So you know, I as I've mentioned once or twice have a long commute. So a lot of lot of podcast consuming. Been listening to a lot of gambling related ones. Just it's always good to hear people's takes on like what what what their angle for promises. And if I got I mean for fuck sake, if I gotta hear one more thing about this God damn line movement. Sean really, well, the reason that one out of ten beds is on the Rams is because why would you bet the Rams until the line gets the three no shit. No. It's this whole like I don't know if it's the mainstream media buying whoever it was like why everyone's bent in the patriots. They're the public team and contrary in this area job in some MSM. Ryan all in on Trump does MSM that's short for mainstream media. Thereafter you so anyway, which on anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed all that bullshit. But. It's just great to know that the the media's talking about line movement. Ryan, that's how far we've come even from. When we first started this podcast in a little ole the garage back when we were taboo, taboo to talk can we? Oh my God. Oh my God. Talking about gambling. And now, it's become a multi trillion dollar legal industry. Wow. It's getting crazy. We need to get our piece of that trillion dollars. Well, we are. Thanks to all the support. We have from the listeners, and we're trying to help someone get that their piece of that trillion. We are as much as pains me to give away our actual money. We're doing it. Ryan we're doing we are giving away a thousand dollars in. I think we've done versions of this. But of dollars and merch we got some hats. We got some my bookie, hats and got some. I think we've got a couple of my bookie football's kicking around we are going to be doing Super Bowl squares for the first one hundred people who re tweet the tweet that has the linked to the Super Bowl preview podcast now. Terms and conditions. Do apply conditions are I'm doing this manually, and I'm going to pick one hundred people there could be there could be some user air rides discretion. I'm okay. Let's let's keep ourselves from getting into some legal trouble. And we'll say that what you have to give it time. And then we'll check that. And put one hundred names. No, you want it to be the first honor. Yeah. All right, or we will be choosing one hundred names most likely the first one hundred all you have to do is re tweet the tweet one it drops over on gamely podcasts. The tweet will be appearing Thursday morning. Eight AM Pacific eleven p eleven AM east. So originally we normally put out the podcast tweet at six AM, west coast ten, but we're John shy sympathetic. I didn't want guys have to set alarms. I know most of our audience is heavy d jen's. And you know, you might have a little might be a little hungover pre-game in couple as early for the big game. And I wanted to make sure your tiptop shape to re tweet the podcast tweet to enter the Super Bowl squares super kind of you shown. Supercar to me Ryan, we're gonna be giving out. Like, you said we are taking one million mybookie dot AG dollars owner in the mybookie dot AG website and placing whatever it's we want all props. We got twelve props each is that what we did twelve. We did Easter twelve props spending our million dollars. And you know, we'll see where we end up shot one with the exercise way to go down the list. I'm looking forward to that. So let's say you can tell listen to too much sports talk radio. I just wanna make fun of it the whole time. It's horrible. Like what I need people to tell me. What would I should listen to because there's not many good podcasts. I flip over to the NFL the ringer show. Sean your favorite. Yeah. Well, Robert Mays in my ear to be clear. I do I do listen the summering or content, but part of me also enjoys shoving Robert Mays in locker. So I'm really torn thankfully, the double dog was. I know what I did ride. I reached over. I I spend the lack of couple times. The locker just so he could see the God. God God bless that ninety Nick foles long Cox Ryan without further to we also have special guests call in. We'll should we promote one last thing here. Periscope periscope. What time are we doing game periscope for the fucking Super Bowl? That's the official title. We'll be kicked off one o'clock. West coast time get you good. Kickoff. Yes. Cool one. Yeah. One works. We'll do like thirty minutes or whatever. Answering your listener questions. All that coming up a first an interview with Josh Appelbaum joining us on the line from the action network, Josh Appelbaum. Josh how excited are you for Super Bowl? Fifty three. I can't wait it's becoming old hat at this point, my patron it again, and I know your year ago we were talking past eagles. So I'm ready to get into with you guys for little pats Rams. Ready to turn the page on Nick foles, the Phillies special. I'm I'm guessing. Oh, man. Don't don't remind me. But I'll give hey, always Philadelphia. You guys deserved side. Also. Well, we'll give you on. Let it go. Sean. It's never let go just gonna. It's just gonna keep growing. But Josh isn't as a pats fan as a as guy, you know, working for the actor network following gambling. You know, being a big gambler yourself. Does it ever? Does it ever get old hat? You know, the patriots in the Super Bowl d still get excited. Always get crowded. Yeah. So I I'll be asleep. I'm ridiculously spoiled. I remember two thousand lawn. I think I was thirteen fourteen years old and walks in the first title in the past came out as a team Rams are individual like right there. I knew new onto something big. But no as we as gotten older, you know, you gain a lot of perspective. I think you, you know, you're spoiled and you take for granted. But the older I get you know, the number of times check and Brady are going to be in this spot. I know radio play forever. But there's not too many left and each one gets sweeter in my opinion. So just excited. This one is two thousand lawns. It would put the bow on the career just book in championships over the ram, Sean that first ram Super Bowl. I was in college. Yes. One a grip a cash offering teasers to anyone that would take it Rams money line and the over. So I booked a whole bunch of action there that was that was I a lot of people I feel like people, and maybe we can get into the game a little bit. But I feel like there's some people that are thinking that maybe Bella check could potentially impose similar game plan as he did it last week slow the game down. I just I don't know. I don't know. I don't know where. Go ahead. No, no. No, no. I I don't think it's going to be. I don't think it's going to be slowing the game data. I think it's going to be a lot of a lot of short quick passes. I think that'll be kind of their game plan to offset the Rams interior pressure to keep Brady upright keeping clean. I don't see them. I don't see them going to like grounded pan that they did against the did against the chargers, which what's the biggest key think for the patriots to win Super Bowl fifty three year. I mean biggest key, you know, beg the biggest thing. Bill. Check. Does. He takes away your number one option. So you'd have to think you know, that's Todd Gurley. Limiting him making making Goff. You know, throw the ball. So you know, putting off in the situation. I mean, he's a great quarterback. But I think he's just you know, don't check having time to to game plan against him. I kinda liked that match up. But yeah, no turnovers. And you know, I think if you can make the Rams one dimensional. I think that's really your ticket there. And obviously think on Nicole Roby Coleman. Talking about old. So I always loved one a team gives you bulletin board material when when you don't need it. So I watch out for long props on slot receivers at Georgia HOGAN could be big big passing game because you don't wanna run straight into. I don't know. I don't know if you know, but the patriots they're still here. No one believes we're the right? I was gonna say my favorite thing that he said was I'm glad he read the narrative because I'm hearing all of these patriots fans credit how good of a quarterback. Jared Goff is all this is great. They're just setting it up there. Verse Jiang come on Jared Goff. Jared Goff, sucks island is still a great place of AK Shen. And I mean, I guess teased my pick later, but I do think it's the one area where it's like, man. The thing that makes it harder for me to bet on the Rams is Tom Brady verse Jared Goff, period. Well, but I do think an Walter football had a great post about that of how the superior quarterback in the in the past fifteen Super Bowls or yeah. The most recent fifteen Super Bowls the the superior quarterback had only like one in covered five out of the waiter. Are you saying that was not superior Brady either Super Bowl in? His in his valuation. He gave them the the NAT superior. Josh. I'm looking at your Twitter bio here, you I got a linked to your new book sports the everything guide to sports betting, which is coming out February fifth, so everyone make sure you go to Barnes and noble Amazon. Check that out. Go to sports gambling, podcasts dot com. Click the sign up link you label yourself as a contrarian sports better. I'm sure you get into that in the everything guide to sports betting as a contrarian sports better. Are you worried about the tremendous amount of public action? You're patriots are getting. Dog this is and thank thank you so much for that beautiful introduction. I I can't thank you know, if you're getting to sign copies and your way in Vegas. Awesome. By the way, it's on the way. But yeah, I mean this game. This is a conundrum for me. I mean, you know, the one of the first thing things, I learned sports. And so I just the value of contrarian betting. I mean, I knew nothing about it. I made all the rookie mistakes. I was a you know, naive Boston sports fan. Just, you know betting on every, you know, socks pets Bruins Celtics game. And you know, every favorite every home team every over, and wouldn't you know what I lost all the time. So they kind of made me realize, you know, when I really my founder and CEO Dan for breezy. Oh who went to the X number of us. But he really showed me the value of being concerned and just the mindset of it. My Mandra PJ wall, also, you know, as a huge role model for me. But really? No, I think it all boils down to you know, in the end the house always wins. So it's not that you wanna be you know, considering and every single game just blindly. But if you can always look for the most heavily back games, most lopsided games, the games of the most public action where the public is just way value one side, you're automats gonna wanna be on that contrarian site because more often than not the public loses. They really overvalued things that really don't matter much, and, you know, work at the live odds and the percentages and line moving and looking at historical data and really public better just setting based on gut instinct and bias, which I I know 'cause I used to you know, I was better public sending these. So I know what that's like. But the other thing is, you know, put me while to learn this too. But the other makers will set the lines, you know, not just based on running their models algorithms, you know, all their power rankings. They'll come up with a a rough spr-. Red. They'll add a Justice for, you know, injuries matchups weather, whatever. But they're also going to set aligned based on how they're going to perceive the public to go. So, you know, they could set a line, you know, to number for, you know, Duke against some scrub team might the minus fifteen but just because it's to they'll open at minus seventeen you know, 'cause they know whether it's fifteen or seventeen Publico him or dukes. No matter what. So you're getting more value just by being contrarian. So you'll you're saying there's inherently more value in taking the Rams because of all the patriots public money. Exactly. So this is my and under him, this is this is one of the reasons why the Super Bowl is one for me because on the surface. I look at the percentages are latest stats at sports insights and the action. Our seventy eight percent of spread bets are taking the pats. So right off the bat, you know, cover up the name of the. Teams. Where's the public? I want to be on there on the other side public is all over New England that automatically worries me about the pats. So, you know, being in that twenty two percent with the Rams is automatically more valuable spot. Whatever. So here's my saving grace. Maybe just finding a way to some money on the past and site, which I did. But shot to my guy Evan Abrahams who works maybe action. I work, but he on covered this this really, you know, made me feel better about my pets pick. But basically, it's not just percentage wise. It's also based on movement. So, you know, depending on the book game open at a pick on even Rams minus won-, it's all the way to Pat, minus two and a half, you know, it's kinda got three here and there, and you know, sharp ram that three on the key number. But what I really like is if you look at just big line movement in Super Bowls going with the big wind movement has been really profitable. So if you're looking at also bowls in which the line move at least one and a half points toward one team. The team moves toward is fourteen in two straight up. I think they're like on a say like twelve and four ATS. But either way, you know, following the line movement has been profitable. So yes, that's how I rationalized being contrarian. And why the hell am I on the seventy? Eight percent. But basically the public isn't gonna move this number two and a half points. You know, I kind of one thing is I think public and sharps are somewhat United on the pets. So based on that big move, you know in their store. Go Baillieu other big move like that, you know, I feel a little bit better being being on the super public side. Okay. And while we're we're talking the game. Gotta hear a gotta hear a couple of props that you like because that's a huge part of Super Bowl weekend. And we're gonna be talking about. Talking about promise. Yeah. So one prop that I was getting into the game. And James white really been catching my eye James just been huge for the pats. But Charles where guy Sean corner, I actually think there's a lot of value on James white under six and receptions, so depending on the book, this is off shore either I think it's about online but James under six and a half catches, plus one ten you're getting plus money. You would think, you know, apple spread it out. You know, James white bunch dump off, you know, left right screen passes stuff like that. You know, a couple of games like Broncos. He had fifteen catches. So the the obvious play would be take taking James away over six and a half catches. But Michelle birkhead, you know, all the pats running backs or healthy. And a lot of our stuff has around five catches for James white to get plus money. James white under six and a half catches Serbs it sound knowledge. Great play. But I kinda liked that almost buy low sell high on James. Yeah, you're right. Maybe the line is a little inflated because he has these breakout games or he has a crazy amount of catches. But if you actually look for his catch count a lot of those games did go over six and a half, especially. I mean, I I I'm really torn on James because of course, Sean, I need him in the F FCC. But also. It does seem like the smart money would be to go against this. Well, the Rams very nominal line. Yeah. The Rams are they're they're not great at defending pass catching running back. So maybe there's maybe that's what lures Val check into giving him the targets any other any other property like their Josh that are jumping Atty. Another one was this is I I love these ones. Either kinda crazy but Jared Goff under eight and a half rushing yards. Just I think pets are really going to keep them in the park. I mean, he's not a runner anyway. But they throw the ball contain him. You know, make him, you know, check down multiple targets and I kinda like these under quarterback rushing yards. 'cause you know, he breaks off one, you know, ten yard run and you're screwed. But we you have a lot of good stuff with our fantasy labs player props on Jared Goff under eight and a half rushing yards. And it's even money. It's minus one ten so you're not getting plus money. But I think the good value on, you know, maybe Goff finishes with, you know, zero rushing yards or one or two or something like that passed under twelve games for off. He was under for those times. Don't know. Sorry. I mean, he only you only went over the and a half four. Out of the past twelve games. So that's a nice trend. All right. What buying and you've been looking at. Yeah. Yeah. We're going to do a we got a segment coming up right after nice where we're gonna we're gonna simulate giving out a million dollars in profits. I do have one that didn't make the cut and that's the that will will Brady or Goff have negative rush yards. Yes. Plus one sixty now you're not going to get that price for will the game end with a Neil. And you in theory. I mean, yes, QB sneaks could screw this up. But I I kind of liked the fact that you can get plus one sixty saying the game might end with the quarterback kneeling three times and losing three yards. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Because they're show. Those count as a as a negative on yard. I mean. Yeah. The one that Pena throughout that didn't make my actual list. But I do like as well as Jared Goff over a half. I n t it does it does seem like a pretty strong possibility. Right. Yeah. I think they're gonna play play man make him. I mean, if you're the patriots, you're gonna make Jared Goff beat you. But yeah, I think there's I think there's a chance while gets away from. For sure. And by the way, obviously, Malcolm Butler can't make that. I n t do we know why Malcolm molar didn't play in the role last year. I still one of the great on solve mysteries. I guess. I'll just go to my go to my grave not knowing why that happened but good for you guys. Either way never had. History. It had to been. Getting into it with the coaches or something because just sit him down Chakri. Yeah. I reached the highlights from last year, and they they really went out of their way to pick on aircraft. So hopefully, there's no a late night curfew shenanigans that 'cause one of the patriots starting Cornerbacks to be benched that will be interesting prop. I haven't seen it out there. We'll we'll player. That's traditionally on the starting lineup. Not see any playing time for mysterious reasons. Certainly a possibility. Well, Josh appreciate calling in. And of course, make sure you check out joshes a brand new book the everything guide to betting sports coming out baby v amazoNcom Barnes and noble. And yeah, make sure check that out lot of. I mean, Josh, what's the what's the biggest reason people? She grab this book. Biggest nation grab the book is even if you're so it's geared toward new betters. You know with Paso being overturned, you know, so many states legalizing betting, you know, so many millions of new betters in America will be bending for the first time, I think this'll just really increase your learning curve, you know, teacher the fundamentals teach you a lot of different strategies bankroll management types for each sport overall and really teaches contrarian blueprint, the, you know, why you should, you know, a ways to locate sharp action, and even if you're, you know, a season wise guy like you like you guys. You know, you're sharp is attack. But there are some great tips in there little trends, you know, like cold over the NFL thinking of weather, you know, March madness stuff considering brackets -vivor pools. So basically, also, I think. You know, we dealt with us a lot, you know, gambling Twitter. And you know, you never know what you're gonna get. There's a lot of hyphen bedding and a lot of big promises. And I just kinda wanted to five star lock. There's literally one chapter that says it's all avoid south handicapper so I know. Yeah. But I just wanted to be straight with people, and hopefully teach them a few things, and you know, kinda just, you know, betting his heart. It's it's not it's not this easy thing. You're not you're not going to become a millionaire overnight. But you know, if you're into it, and you you put the time and effort into it, you can't succeed, and hopefully this book two things get you off on the right track. All right awesome. Appreciate you calling in. Josh worst of luck to your patriots. And make sure you give Josh follow on Twitter at Josh underscore, insights checkout all his great work with the action network. Thanks, Josh have a good night, man. Good luck with the book, man, you guys. Guys. Thanks again in. It's all cool. They hate us because they ain't us, but we're still here. Oh, yeah. Right. I'm salivating. I'm celebrating waiting to discuss these prophets that we got going on. But before I forget to thirsty. I'm going to head over to the the ocean of knowledge that is odds shirk dot com. Short comment. Great company. Enjoy having him on the show. They got a ton of data tone of information. Tips winning tricks. They got their supercomputer right now saying the Rams are going to beat the patriots. They like the under as well. The halftime Betty props got some picks they have their own ultimate Super Bowl. Fifty three props page. Tons of tons of other other sport content as well. They got the odds to win the waste management. Phoenix open. You want to check out the W M MP O as it's called hashtag W M P. Oh, boy, Steve Shurmur has just been. Killing it with the golf Ken content over at sports gambling, podcast dot com. If you're interested in betting golf at all, I highly suggest you you take take again at his in-depth now Jabbour breakdown, but odd shark gamma following footer at shark take a bite at your bookie with ads shark dot com. Sean, yes. Real quick. You mentioned the the golf tournament going on this weekend. Did I've been it's it's a have it on good good account that cousin mush? We'll just start referring to as cousin. He's traveling to the golf tournament, and is going to be in some sort of outlandish patriots get up with sports gambling podcast fucking wheel, man. Well, I appreciate the support hoping for a picture. He's I believe, and I should probably just pull it my text. But he set the set the total on people try number of fights. He almost gets into at three and a half. So we'll see how that goes. But I Sean I gotta be honest. Yes, I love when you're honest on the podcast. I'm I feel like I'm catching Rams favor. Ryan, do you? Do you have a song that that would highlight your view, and for those of you who are like no way, you guys are gonna play this on the pike. We're gonna play the whole fucking thing too. Two. It's it's worth it. Just to like go on we posted a link on the on the site. But you gotta see the the guy's hair in particular. So awesome. Yeah. It's. I mean, low I love the eighties for their football. The football wraps. Just so much cocaine going on right now. Nobody. Rhames wrapping. Guessing. Right now with L A. City. It's going to get. Hugh could see nobody anymore. Wait, right. Nobody. Quarterback spirit. Come from the end looking for the number that I put him on the back. The call. I know how to run from the toes to the head when I pull the. All right. I mean, honestly, Sean it just keeps everyone gets. There's. What part everyone gets a verse I strongly recommend the first minute and a half number twenty one is all over it. Still in the show, man. It's so good. Nobody likes to ram it. Like me. He's one of those guys. We'll get penetration where they self aware. Dancing pretty hard watch the video thing to be in on a joke. But you do not do that much hand clapping and choreography. If you're if you're doing something, sarcastically. They're trying like clearly someone is giving them this bad choreography, and they're trying their best to do it. I mean, the bears were serious, right? Yeah. Everyone was serious in the eighties. They weren't sunglasses inside tons of cocaine. Tbirds Lawrence Taylor was was walking around the earth back, then simpler, time Ryan. Okay. Enough fucking around. It is time for our million dollar prop challenge by bookie. Dynegy promo code S. G P fifty presenting. What would you like to say? I was going to say can you break down the rules for the audience? Please the rules are followed. We have been each granted one million dollars in my bookie dot H E credit. No, no word on if there's a role of requirement, but we are given one million dollars, and we will have to pick. Or we had that the spent powerlessly fit over these next twelve prophets. Let's do it Kramer. You can you can kick things off give us your first. And honestly as I was doing this. I'm like, well, this would be a really easy pool to do where you just detail everyone they have X amount of money to to to bet. And you you cap how many bet you can make and you just great. It winner gets the pot. Just giving out good ideas. Well, also, I don't know if we're talked about this. But we as always we have our own printable Super Bowl squares. So if you guys want to support the podcast there's a little podcast logo. It's it's nice to have those easy printable Super Bowl squares. You don't wanna see CBS logo, and like some Snickers thing. And Ryan all you really have to do is type in Super Bowl fifty three squares into Google. That's how awesome are SEO is. And it is I knew you're gonna get here. You were so excited about this all week. It's right up there. It's on the first page was was not gone slightly. But oh, what's this the action network? Yeah. Those they got. Throwing grid Super Bowl fifty three squares. That's right now. We're right there were number two, Sean Larry convenient over the the patriots logo Rams logo. But more importantly are laid in our SEO, still great. It's we're still top notch. Sean. All right. Let me start with. All right. So I I don't know if you wanna go in order of the game or what? But let's just go in the order that we listened all throw out coin toss tales calf million dollars to play with. And showed you can't tolerate laying minus one oh two for a fifty fifty proposition. So I put it dollars on it. Two hundred eighty dollars to is actually a good price for some you look at other offshore places. It's like one oh five I have seen someone ones out there but kudos to my Ryan. Local Chappel get you like one of five or one ten I feel like one year was minus one fifteen and it was just like come on, dude. They were trying to the action like like that. That's the and you know, the shout out to Josh's book. It does sound like we we probably have a lot of lot of listeners who could take some take some advice from that on how to actually gamble and not lose all your money. But for some people, right, but yeah, like, don't lay minus one ten on a coin flip. That would be a good PSA. My first prop Tom Brady. Baby fucking wheel man completions over twenty seven and a half. You do like this one. Like it a lot. He's going to be throwing the ball a bunch Dink dunk quick passes. Whatever we can neutralize or potentially neutralize the Rams Fash. Both the playoffs games. He's completed thirty. Plus, I think similar game plan against Iran's can throw you their opportunities to throw against us. Rams ryan. I'm throwing out two hundred sixty thousand dollars prop feeling good about it and the price right now. My book is minus one thirty. So I would win two hundred grand and from experience that is pretty awesome. That's pretty gangster coming out strong. I did not come out strong. And now for my second. I'm gonna I'm gonna swing right ahead to halftime. But cover the couple couple key events of the game. Right coin toss and half. Halftime. You wanna have some action suspenseful? Everyone's watching we all are. Dying to know will Adam LeVine wear leather jacket. Obviously the answer is. Yes. But somehow this is only price that minus one seventy Sean I'm gonna throw five thousand dollars on. I've now risked the total of six thousand five thousand enough slow, right? I you know, I like to save it for the end, Sean I wanna blow my water out all at once. Five thousand will win me two thousand nine hundred forty dollars. My bookie books. What are we call them? Yep. My bookie bucks. I'm going to Tom Brady first passing Pleat fifty thousand plus one ninety that is juicy. I know I also have over twenty seven and a half completions. But that I pass incomplete we talk about it all the time. You gotta play both quarterbacks y'all you need to do is win one of them because you get juicy plus odds both and plus ninety fifty thousand ninety five grand not bad. No. I mean, you know, you know, I like that angle I'm assuming you're going to be playing both sides. I will I'm also on Jared Goff. I pass incomplete for another fifty thousand dollars. Plus one fifty bring it up to seventy five thousand that makes me think that someone in the know knows that 'cause plus when fifty still thinks a little low, it makes me think the the Rams I pass flight will be screen just a little insight. There Kramer, who is your what is your third you going next level? Well, you just did a little snake action. So I might as well do the same because I'm they're kind of the same types of props. And that's I'm gonna go for gronkowski to not score. Touchdown at minus one forty. He's played well in Super Bowls risking thousand. To win seven seventy one thousand four hundred no one hundred thousand my sorry. One hundred thousand to win seventy one thousand four hundred my logic here. He just hasn't been a guy involved in the game plan as a pass catching target and especially in the red zone. He's he's exclusively bene- blocker down in the red zone. So yes, you're bell. Check pull something out here. But I think considering the price here of the no I mean, he's a guy who scored three touchdowns all year. Sean, it's minus one forty feels generous. It's yeah. It feels like this should be closer to minus two hundred if his name wasn't gronkowski perhaps it would. And for the second note note touchdown scored I'm gonna go Robert woods again. He he doesn't generally find the end zone. He scored six times all year. He hasn't scored I think three or four games. And I truly believe this woods will be a guy that Bella checks at least look to take out of the game. So another hundred thousand dollars at minus twenty five two. So that's one hundred thousand to win eighty thousand dollars couple big bets. Yeah. Finally, breaking anchor. I've spent two two hundred six thousand dollars at this point. This is my next one. I really like it. I'm I'm putting down a hundred and fifty thousand dollars at a minus one fifty price to win one hundred thousand dollars, and this is and maybe I don't know how they came up with this number because it seems it seems to good to be true. Greg's our line first-half field goals attempted in the total said at one over one just attempts. In the past twelve games. He played he made a first half field goal. Ten out of those twelve times, let alone tempted. Hey, can you not see the Rams attempting a field goal in the first half? At worst case, you push and the the over the over feels pretty doable for you to lose it. I just don't see a scenario where the Rams don't attempt to fill in the first half. I love how much research you put into this. You were texting me about it last night. I was like I mean, it was really my mind was blown because I think what the fuck it's priced. I think accordingly because of the fact that you're probably gonna push right? Like, there's a high push percentage in about like this. Right. He, but the fact that he's, you know. Yeah. It seems like two is very I like the angle, and I'm not I'm not trying to disparage someone from taking it. I just think. Yes. Yeah. I don't know. They're on. All right, Kramer, what is your fifth prop, Sean, you're gonna love this one? Spend spend a lot of time with our buddy from across the pond who hopefully I get that that I had a breaking news on. A fan. And I don't have it in front of me. I'll give the definitely of the shadow and the periscope. I'm hoping to have this Jordy Nelson jersey and task for the Super Bowl periscope to be paying my bet to Billy who has got me more into the old soccer, Sean, and I'm doing it. Superbowl this big act Super Bowl fifty three being played in the home of Sean, the MLS champion, Atlanta, whatever their name is the Atlanta downloads. Maybe. Anyway, I'm going soccer here. Sean I'm gonna let's that famous strip called magic city. Magic city. Yeah. Maybe magic cities. There you go. Atlanta's got an all you know, that that subculture there man you goals. Sean Manchester United who's been playing great since there. They they switched their manager. Sean if you knew this they've been playing good, they're great. I believe they're playing Leicester City. And I'm gonna say they score more goals than Tom Brady has touchdown passes. Sean for plus one twenty risking fifty thousand to win sixty thousand. It's a bad bet. Why's that? Because no one scores and soccer Brady's gonna get you at least two touchdowns, I expect. I think they get three goals. I think Brady throw for two, but why not just bet on Brady touchdown passes and not have to check soccer score. Because I figured you'd wanna talk about soccer figured wrong. Right. I wanna talk about the coin toss. Gimme heads. Oh, let's just Betty other forty thousand your maniac four put up one thousand grand on a coin toss. Why not? Mine is too. I coulda sworn earlier in the podcast Josh called you smart or sharp, sharp sharp is attack. And yet you are laying forty grand on a coin toss. What's up? Astra two percent come on, man. What's that sharp about it? I mean, you're taking heads tells never fails scientific, except you wanna talk about fading the public all the squares are on tails. What was that story that all the money was pouring in on tale serious? And that's why they probably have to just the price. It's laris. There's probably shop out there somewhere where? On a coin toss. I mean, I guess if you wanna balance it, okay ride. I'll give you my six bet here. Okay. Gotta we gotta go a little wild because there's a Super Bowl people like here in that. Maroon five opening song. I'm going with duty moves like Jagger. To throw throwing twenty grand on it. Fuck it. It's eight to one to win me one hundred sixty grand love it. Gimme a moves like Jagger. I didn't dabble on this. But give me the field on the field. What's the field like minus one fifty? I wouldn't bet the field because they have like ten of their songs. So the field is a horrible bet. Okay. They're gonna play one of their most ten popular songs. They're not gonna play a B son at the Suez the first the Super Bowl. Halftime. You know? I do know. Okay. Give us your show up. I'm I'm ratcheted up a bit. My biggest bet or is it my my second. Biggest bet on the board. I'm going, and I truly believe and also need him for my f- PC. That's high girl is going to be involved. They're going to get them involved early. And they're going to get get him involved in a way that they can attack the patriots defense, and that's pass passing to the running back out in the flat. I think you get. Those linebackers in space and they're going to have trouble Todd Gurley over a half. I four receptions, minus one fifty five I'm betting two hundred thousand dollars. Wow. To win one hundred twenty nine thousand dollars. I envision like first series. They throw a swing pass to him just to get him in space, get them going. So. Yeah. Well, that's what I said that I I pass completion juice seems to be a little bit offer Jared Goff. So maybe someone saw the script Sean McVay script. And I know an early screen pass is coming it. So I I don't love this Ryan I don't love this Todd Gurley reception. First quarter. I don't love, and I I just think they're going to get him involved in everyone's talking about how like God you need to get him involved in the passing game. It just seems so obvious. So I love it. I love it. I would have paid more. I would have paid a steeper Parral. Really, see, I I wouldn't do anything I wouldn't lay that much juice almost a mortal lock. Well, except when the patriots get the ball. I have a nine minute drive. And then the Rams go three and out. I don't think. So I don't think we're gonna see a long drive. No they have to score. And I don't think they're gonna fuck around. I or sorry. It is the first touchdown. But it's a patriots first touchdown. And that is for Tf himself. Tom brady. I touchdown rushing. Touchdown. I'm throwing thirty grand at plus three thousand to win. A whopping nine hundred smackers. Do you have a the sound of fire over there for the thirty grand us? Almost almost Jordan Mathews for such down the saints game. But you got my head Ryan by saying I always give out bad crazy longshot touchdown out. So I'm going back to basics. All right, Sean. I I did not. I did not go I touch I touched touchdown. But I did do a couple MVP bets camp, and perhaps this maybe maybe we're teasing where I'm starting to go with the the side in this one. But let's start. I just Todd Gurley at ten to one just it's you know, we we I don't know if we discussed this on the podcast earlier in the week. But. You know, he has he has the potential of scoring three touchdowns and winning the. I mean who who who wins the MVP if the Rams win Sean Todd Gurley Jared Goff, and maybe Donald right like who else can possibly win. It. So I think at ten to one Todd Gurley. Great price twenty five thousand to win two hundred and fifty thousand dollars Sean Todd Gurley MVP. Okay. Well, right now, I'll jump ahead. I am also on Todd Gurley MVP. But unlike you, I three Wapping hundred thousand dollars on it here an animal, Sean for a cool million dollars. You're an animal third another one here. Well, why don't we stay in the MVP VP's my second one? Because like I said if the Rams win I gotta think it's Jared Goff Todd Gurley. So I went Jared Goff MVP plus two forty I went fit. I mean, I feel like that prices pretty steep considering they're like plus one twenty to win the game plus two forty I fifty grand to win one hundred and twenty grand Sean Todd, girl or Jared Goff MVP. So I'm cornering the market on the Rams. Oh wonder who I like to win the how now right? Oh, no. You already bet the patriots. So norden. He did didn't you say I thought no. Don't you have to you have again, we I didn't do. Do I didn't want to bet on the patriots shown? All right fair. Nalysts? I I always liked this one. I turn over fumble. Fumble I like it to fifty thousand plus one twenty gimme sixty grand for that. I want one hundred percent would've that was on the list. But I saw you had it. So I scrapped it, Sean. Yep. Opening kickoff. Pena talked about this opening kickoff. Not a touchback. Plus one sixty shown that feels a good price. I do like the the component of these teams kicking it down to like two yard line. I went fifty thousand dollars to win eighty thousand dollars. The only thing that's scary. Is it is a dome and these guys can't help themselves. I think sometimes maybe maybe I'll take the plus one sixty five percent of my bankroll on it, Sean. So. All right. This is a this is one I liked in. I mean, Ryan, I'm sure you'll you'll say I'm crazier or but doesn't the doesn't a pricing seem off on this. What will happen? I a sack or touchdown sack. Is the way I went because sack was plus on forty five I through one hundred grand on that for a possible payout of one hundred forty five thousand dollars. What am I missing here? All right. I think that's a sucker price. I mean, I think you see the plus odd. I I'm pretty sure in this game. We're going to see a touchdown. I I think both quarterbacks are going to be up. Right. I really do. But like an average game. Saxon touchdowns are probably pretty close. So I think plus one forty five wonder I wonder if that's the case. But yeah, no. I mean, what's the sack total on what's the sack generally a sack total in a game is is lower than the touchdown. Touchdown totals are usually five and a half to six and a half and sack totals Eur typically four and a half to five and a half. So. Yeah. Now. I like it. Well, you know, what they say, Sean, you're better, you better have more minuses than pluses when it comes the prop and you're betting on the public sucker side, Iran threat. Another too many podcasts. Let's go with will Romo or Nance mentioned the spread. No, plus two fifty wait knows plus two fifty that. I did you get that. Right. I think I did I'll pull it up or you can give your rationale. It's it's got to be minus odds. It's a mortal lock that they mentioned it. They they won't mention it. Oh, no. It's minus four hundred plus two fifty polish is they will not mention the spread minus four hundred. There's no way these guys mentioned the spread. Right. Nance never meant. There's no way Nance would mentioned the spread. Now, they're super they're super squares to it CBS. It's for old people. They don't want to scam away with these. Any new romo's too. Busy predicting the next play. Gyp gyp. You're like Tom Brady is going Jim gyp. Tom Brady is gonna throw the ball watch this watch. He's going to throw it to one of the one of these tall guys. Okay. There it is there. It is. Jim, that's what we said might happen. They ran the ball on on a on first down at the goal line. I predicted that because I am Tony Romo. Jim, Jim, Jim do you see this gym look for look for the patriots to either run or throw here? And yet they're doing they're running or throwing get bed. Tony romo. My book as much as I love Mexican American. Yeah, new. Yeah. Someone. I was going off on like why does everyone love Romo and some guy said he's a Latino Einstein and Latino guys love him. So I was surprised to learn that, but. Has has prices on when his first when his first correct play prediction will be and they list the first quarter second quarter third quarter and fourth quarter. And I was I was upset that there was a no, correct prediction. Listed as a possibility. I was I was I was disappointed. I know you wanted to attack that prop. I mean, I would have got it on that. There could be. I mean, I don't know. Or is he going to is he going to do that at all on the Super Bowl? It was such a hit last week ago. Of course, everyone's everyone's getting him worked up in a lather disgusting. I'll I'll throw another prop here. Right Brandin cooks under seventy three and a half yards. I'm one hundred thirty grand on it. And it's one thirty two hundred thousand dollars. He's only going over that amount once in the past seven games and that was the last game against Orleans secondary. Which kind of has some issues at times. I really don't think bell. Check is gonna let cook speed him. I do normally like playing the revenge factor. But for printing cooks, I just don't see him having a huge game. I think Goff. We'll be able to throw the ball. But I think he's I think it's going to be distributed pretty evenly amongst his. Receivers. I don't see one guy kind of going off in hogging all the receiving yards and targets. Yeah. I it's weird. Because I while I think woods is golf's guy. I think Bella check will know that. And we'll cook know what I think I think it could end. I mean, I like I like playing the under from the Bella checks not gonna let this dude fuck and beat them. But I also wonder if he knows that woods is more important. Takeaway, Sean, if you're keeping track at home, I got four hundred thousand dollars left, and if you're keeping tracking home, we only have two props left. So I'm about to make a splash. Second half. Plus overtime will be more points than the first half. I feel like we like this every year. I like it again, minus one fifty I'm I'm betting a hundred and fifty. Thousand to win one hundred thousand Sean it's no brainer. Right. Yep. They're gonna come out. There are going to be kind of tight Jared. They're gonna have to work Jared Goff into the game. Yeah. I and I and I don't know radiant Bella, check note, would they they've scored how many points in the first quarter three. Yeah. They're bad. Quarter scoring in the Super Bowl names ache as they didn't score against the eagles. Right three. Maybe. But they didn't up until that it was three. So maybe it's six in eight games. Okay. Come on, my take it. Yeah. Lock that up first half on. I do think there's a formula though, I, and I I'm kind of on the same sort of logic. Where it goes slow at first, and then they kind of kind of eat up in the second half there. Oh, I definitely wouldn't bet. The under in the game. I might bet the owner in the first half. Yeah. But I wouldn't you rather just play this prop versus or would you rather take under its twenty seven and a half right now. I gotta magic people are going to bet the over for the game, and it's gonna drive the first half total up. But I mean, let's let's say if it's at twenty seven twenty eight do you like playing the under for the first half better or taking this prop at minus one fifty? Well, this prop you give yourself more outs. Right. Because and that's I guess why. It's minus one fifty. I would probably just take the first funder. But I kind of like I don't mind this second half not in the first half. They're pretty accents. All right. I just think if you're I don't think you throughout your Brady run. Oh, of course. I was saving the end John. What's wrong with you? All right. Well, they wanna make Vegas. Fucking bet. You just ruined. My my final prop at I have twenty thousand dollars remaining. And I'm gonna throw it on Cordero Patterson. First touchdown of the game. Cordeiro Patterson, plus thirty three hundred to win me six hundred sixty thousand dollars some lane one million with the possible three point five three four million dollars. Right near welcome. Lot of tickets. You can pry burn up here. I do like the girl eater that could be that could be a big time. Big timer. Sean, I laid a million and my potential our potential return is one million ninety one thousand three hundred twenty dollars. I like that conservative show. Yeah. I didn't do bunch of plays. But then why not just throw? I mean, if you're looking to get even money on your million dollars. Just fucking throw it on the coin toss diversify bitch. Well, we we threw it out to some listener questions at gaming podcast. Some people have any good shown. There's obviously a number of jokes. No way. Guy wanting to check in say Jamie, hav at Jamie Hobson, Sean, I saw homes a Goff sex island for sale and red fin seller. You finally vacating that property and a believer. I I think Warren sharp or something was on a bad cast. And he he was he he didn't go out and like criticize Jared Goff super hard. But he did say a lot of quarterbacks could be succeeding this McVay system. And I am kind of the same mindset. But they're certainly a scenario where he's the MVP. Couldn't you say that couldn't you say the same thing about the Josh mcdaniels system. Yeah. Could be successful Brian marijuana Matt castle took him into the playoffs. Yeah. You're that. Brady got hurt. Sis. Tom didn't miss a beat. Did not miss a beat at one. Johnny bell. One says if the Rams win sixteen one girl MVP's the only narrative, right? No way Goff is the hero. Right. I I think the golf narrative is certainly there. But I do think girly being I think we got it at a plus thousand there's probably places where you get higher. I saw openers like eighteen hundred. So I think that's tremendous value for guy who was literally an MVP candidate during the regular season. And you're talking about fifteen sixteen to one for the Super Bowl. I mean, there's obviously something weird going on with him. But I I wouldn't I wouldn't completely stay away. And maybe throwing a Aaron Donald in there. I I don't know. But I think early. Yeah. At sixteen to one. Why not I mean, I laid out the blueprint don't be afraid. I mean, it's such a high price you can get forward to put someone Goth. If you like I mean, and the and the golf girly MVP of you just bet both those that pays better than Rams Moneyline. Right. Yeah. Much better. Another guy at the sec one fifty one he was asking. Over on gronk over on yards pays sixty nine cents on the dollar. Is that enough signed take? I think is a little jacked up here. But if that's not enough sign to take that than I don't know what to tell you, so. Yeah. Kind of he likes the over on gronk, what do you? What's your take on overground passing yards? I don't know, man. I mean, I took the no touchdown prop. I mean, I guess the the argument is well they've been saving him and Bella checks gonna wanna do something different. I maybe maybe I've heard plenty of people say, you know, there's matchup potential there. But I just don't think wrong the same guy anymore. And I think he put a lot of effort in these last couple of games. And I, you know, he's a little high it, I I don't know if I'm I'm laying sixty nine getting sixty nine cents on the dollar for gronk over nice all say that David Thomas three one three color of the Gatorade bath. He. He says a traditional final bed for me. What color do y'all think? Well, shown that over at my bookie. Yep. I got the prices up right in front of me black channel know who like talking white looking. You look at plus one fifty looking sorry. That was Gladys Knight's out. Got it up in Sean live green or yellow is plus two twenty five clear slash water. Plus two twenty orange four to one blue for two one read six to one purple one thousand now they drive themselves. Crazy. Why would you have blue and purple here? Just going to create problems for yourself. I mean both teams have blue right? Yeah. Gimme the keeping the lime green. What's that price that plus two twenty five? Yeah. I like that I'll go blue for four to one. Okay. Take a little risk. But then when it's purple you're going to be going to be yelling at it. Good luck battling it out. Maybe but I'm gonna take blue, Sean. At hey, now kid is heading Vegas for the Super Bowl in wants to know where should he watch the game? In the hotel room with a Hooker. Right. Yeah. I ask or checkout inside Vegas gambling package. Pena host heading local Vegas reser. He's going to be breaking down all the spots to hang and what to do for good night out. So that's that's the guy you go to for that guy used to watch it at the south point, surprisingly good time. Good setup definitely recommend checking out there. You don't have to get their super early to get a spot. So Dan Mullen at the original d m one he's got a couple, but this one in particular like total players was the rush attempt over under nine and a half. That's gotta be under. I totally agree nine and a half is crayon it out Brady right white. Okay. Michaud Birkat kid Eshelman only gets one may or Patterson. That's five. Yeah. And then we go Goff girly. Anderson. That's what I that's why you have to have throw to other wild cards in there who else is getting the ROY light to you. What they may do a cooks. They generally do a reverse so woods or cooks. That's yeah. I still that's only nine. Yeah. I I like the internet and a half the fake kick. Maybe. Oh, well, but Hecker the punter for the Rams usually throws it. So do the Rams used another running back. We're being completely retarded about not not mentioning. Well, did you throw in Devon there? Maybe that breaks. All right. Actually, I'm gonna go. I'm going to say I'm going to actually just said both quarterbacks will have a rushing attempt each team will run some sort of reverse. Yeah. And the whole back to and the patriots will have four people touch. I could see why you might wanna take the under there. Yeah. And at laid the hook Tom Brady fuck that guy, right? Yeah. There you go. There's some listener questions. I'm sure people want to know national anthem. Ryan do you have a pinion on the national anthem? I I mean, not really what's crazy night. My book even breaks it down for like. Length of time for music star to I note suck over five and a half seconds under five seconds length of time. She sings the word brave, Senate four and a half seconds. We'll she forget a word, no minus seven hundred. That's isn't that. Gladys Knight's not forgetting fucking word. We'll she joined by pianist. Yes. Minus one eighty no. Plus when forty lack up that minus one eighty will any scoring drive take less than the national anthem blue. That's a good question. Right. They national anthem time set at over one minute and forty seconds at mine for forty short under. Oh, wait. Let's find a balanced one here. Okay. One minute and forty nine seconds is minus one ten each way. Okay. So they have all these different. Alternate lines. Got tens crazy. Okay. So we'll say one minute and fifty seconds would scoring drive. Less than that shirt. That's the two minutes you warning. I actually really liked that as a prop how. Right. Because it's basically being someone has to get the ball and score. It's a scoring drive. It doesn't say touchdown drive. Yeah. I mean, yes. Minus one fifteen I could be I wish I would've seen that before. I would've thrown like three hundred grand on that. You did fuck in research. Yeah. But there's you get lost in the ocean of props. Right. And that's why we need the listeners the throws liferafts to figure out how to bet this. Fuck. Yeah. In fact, we should just have a constant stream of of props. All should we have a hashtag? Sure. We'll have some more new sure we'll throw out some more for the pre-game periscope. Okay. Ryan before we give out our final official picks and lacks four this Super Bowl fifty three. Why don't we hear from one last time for this football season? From the original chatter help head himself, Boston capper. Breaking news. Ryan we try to call Boston capper, but he is not picking up his phone. It's past midnight on the east coast. So it's almost one past pass out time. So he's most certainly drunk off with ski and completely passed up. But right, I will be filled in for Boston. Awesome. Gra-? We are the best you era. You are haters who you hashtag still here. Hashtag still here. The hate us because they eight s era ring for the each finger and Brady and Bella check. Roles. Gills? He's going to be going all over the place. He's the goat. He's the goat. He's go. He's crying small time. You can fuck yourself, Shawn. So there you go. Well done Boston capper will predict the score to be thirty one to twenty eight patriots. He's not gonna. But here's what I'm saying. Maybe the patriots are taking them a little too lightly. We couldn't even couldn't even get a Boston cap or call. He's not he's not even worried right? He's home. Thanking out in Florida. He's already went to bed. He's relaxed and he's got nothing to worry about. This Sunday game is in the bag. Ryan more importantly, we really couldn't even find a ramps fan. Now, we didn't try super hard. But we cannot find Rams fan. Kind of interesting. It's interesting to talk to people in Los Angeles about like the situation. We're in right now. I haven't normally when you normally people people are saying the situation we're in. I'm going all in on Trump. But for us, it's that no one in L A once talk about football. And it's so weird because I go through this real through this every year on the Super Bowl where you have to. Hey, guys. It's the Super Bowl yet to care about this. And everyone else doesn't give us shit. And I gotta be honest. There's exactly no difference. Now that the fact that LA actually has a team in the Super Bowl. It's crazy. No difference at all. So what do you think about the big game? Sean who you bet non. Who am I bet, you know? That's just what happens to be at work constantly incessantly. It's like all right. I mean, we I don't mind talking about football. But my thought process on football is on a different level than your fucking wooded. Pena say Nancy from accounting, and then I have to it's basically I have to stoop to a cave man's level to explain football to these people boss. I'm talking about the market. I'm I'm telling this, dude. I'm like he's like I like the the the Rams, and I'm like, well, if you like the Rams, dude, you should wait. Because there's a good chance. This number is going to get to three. And then and he's just like. All right. Yeah. Good call. I like the Rams to. The big yellow ones the sun. All right. And you just kind of. Kinda just tipped your hand. Do we I think it's time. I think it's time we've we've dilly-dallied enough. But now for the announcement of our official Super Bowl picks, presented by my bookie. GD official sponsor of the sports gambling cast. I up Ryan Kramer, Wilby announcing his Super Bowl. Ryan. Who did you have last year? I honestly forgot. I'm not trying to troll year. I feel like I had the page. I I don't know. I had the eagles. I think I want money with you. I don't really recall. It was all blur. For me. Honestly, I did. I remember having a number of props and a lot of them were early. And I was I was cooked by the end of the first quarter. And anyway, yeah, I just I was I was driving home today, my really incredibly long commute. And I was kinda just like you. I to be one hundred percent honest. I didn't know what I was going to bet on driving home. And I'm like, man, I there's a million reasons why shouldn't take the Rams. And I just. They're the better team. And I'm gonna I'm going to ignore the Tom Brady thing, and I'm gonna Agnello the Bella check thing because I think Sean McVeigh is actually maybe he's on the same level, and he's able to play chess against Bill Belichick, and I think for that reason. And for the fact that this team is, you know, it's kind of crazy how this team is quietly going into the Super Bowl with the were not really being respected because people are live like literally saying we shouldn't be here. Two weeks of the Saint Scott hosed. Congress got people talk in all sorts of nonsense sports books to promotional givebacks on money. I it just seems like this Rams team was one of the best teams. We hadn't football all year. They they have one of the best players, and they have a quarterback that frankly, Shawn he he showed something in that game and golf made some throws real quick for. He could totally be system guy. But he made some plays in a very difficult place to play that's gonna be loud. Just like this Alanta stadium. Maybe we'll see how the crowd is. No, no, see that's another. That's a reason why I think it is a vote for the Rams is that it won't be loud. It's not gonna be as loud as the Superdome. And that did slow things down a little bit for them in the first half adjusted. They came back the second combat what Jared Goff overcame in that game that I don't I don't think anyone's giving him a ton of credit for. For but they were down two touchdowns against the saints in the dome, and he started off like shit. Colfax was able to bounce back from that. And then went essentially win the game. And that as a team they won the game. Like, everyone talks about the bad. Call no one talks about the pick and overtime like they they won the game. And they're totally being disrespected here. And I, you know, we don't even need to talk about the market and how everyone's betting on the patriots. We've already discussed why that is. But I just it. I haven't heard a single fucking person come to me and be like, yeah. The Rams are gonna crush it. Yeah. I think there's a lot of scenarios where the Rams could win this game handling. Enderle? The Rams Wade Phillips two and one against against Brady bell. Check. Devia way. Right. You're you're always fancy the ram should be favored by two and a half. I mean, the public is all over the patriots the open the number at one, and that's like to to that point. It's probably closer to what they think about. All right. So if this game is in LA are the patriots it a pick them or the patriots like, plus is that really the affair spread? I don't think. So. Yeah. So I I think to come back to the better quarterback doesn't always win thing that I throw out there early Walter football. It's five and ten straight up the worst quarterback winning and three and twelve ATS I'll run through this real quick. But Kerry Collins over Trento for Kerry Collins being better insurance for loss straight up, Los ATS. Kurt Warner better than Brady in two thousand one law straight up Los ATS rich Gannon better than Brad Johnson law straight up loss. ATS Tom Brady better than shake delone? He won straight up loss. ATS Tom Brady. Better than Donovan McNabb. He won loss. ATS rothlisberger. In math Hasselbeck considered even in his rankings. Peyton manning. That doesn't Rex Grossman win straight up. When ATS Tom Brady better than Eli manning law straight up loss against spread Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner. He gave it uneven Peyton Manning over to breeze loss straight up loss. ATS Aaron Rodgers over Ben Rothlisberger. Wind showed up ATS Tom Brady over Eli manning again law straight up loss ATS capper Nick over Joe flacco loss straight loss. ATS Peyton Manning over Russell Wilson loss straight up loss. ADS Tom Brady over Russell Wilson wind straight up ATS. But again that was close I've killings unfair to say that Peyton Manning was greater than Russell Wilson that year pay manning was hot garbage. No. That was the one. He. No, no, no. That was asked handed to them. Yeah. But then wait win. Did they hold on? I miss. I don't know Tom Brady over Russell Wilson. Wind showed up against spread. Cam Newton overpaid manning loss straight up loss ATS. No, Peyton Manning was horrible. When in the two thousand fifteen right, exactly. But wait Peyton Manning over Russell Wilson. But they won that. I don't know they lost weight. What year did Peyton Manning when the Super Bowl at the Broncos Cam noon? Yeah. That's right. I'm blanking. And they were he was worse than Cam Newton in that one. Member Kam chancellor, fucked him, the first point I play was a safety. Yeah. Yeah. I was all over Seattle. That was great. Yeah. That was one of the greatest moments that was one of the greatest gambling days in my life. Well, right. Looking forward to the Ray we give it a score. Yeah. I'm giving out a score the Rams will defeat the New England Patriots. You three to twenty seven thirty three to twenty seven see like the over. Yeah. I do slightly and throw it along teaser. Give me. Oh, jeez. Me the Rams up to eight and a half and the Underdown fifty two. It does it does feel like it's going to be a game. That's I it's I just I don't think I like betting the over. But it does seem like how is this game? Rams. The Rams will be able to run the ball. I like the Rams offensive line. I think they match up. Well, what the patriots I end. Really no one's believed in the Rams. No one's talking about them. They don't I don't know. I don't think they're gonna be it's gonna be too much pressure. I do think the game starts out slow scoring wise. So I I'm not I'm not crazy about the over. But I'll I'll say thirty three twenty seven Rams just ram at baby. Thirty four thirty one Rams win off the leg of Greg's or loin. I think sirloin is going to have a gay, man. And that's why I love that first half field goals attempted over one. And what whatever whatever happens in the F F P C that field goal will cost me some some form of money. Ryan give us a give us some breaking. News update. It's too painful. Sean we we have a team. Yes. We could do some damage it goes off. Okay. We're in like two thousand place, but if gronk not many people have gronk, no so three three points per catch. Because you get the one and a half of the tight end and times to for the Super Bowl. Well, yeah. Exactly. So I mean, I it's not unthinkable for something crazy to happen. We have Todd Gurley as well. Who suddenly is like a man if he could just show up easy for us to put up a hundred points. And what do you have to do cash? What's hash top six hundred? I think it was so big dick Nick has Todd Gurley. And Julian Edelman, okay, we'll I'm fourteen seventy seven do. I have an I in the mix you can cash. I think you're definitely in the Kashmir you probably have a number of teams ahead of you like early nettleton. Yeah. I have I have another team Sean with sandy. Geico superfan. Justin decker sandy, go supercharge owes in four hundred eighteenth place that team we have a little bit different. We have James, white and Robert woods. So I'm not as optimistic about this squad. My squad, Sean, of course, James white Todd Gurley in eighty nine th place. I have a if they go off I can finish in second. So all right, Elliot one Ryan while we're talking tag girly. Make sure you check out Todd Gurley on Nickelodeon. If you have kids deck, amended crash leads finally. The long-awaited season three is here. Fucking hilarious. And it's it's going to be on Super Bowl Sunday twelve forty five east on Nickelodeon right after huge double dare special. So you have kids it's a fun show to throw on there and watch them. So check it out. Ryan anything else make sure retweets for the for the Super Bowl squares. And again, this is our own fucking money. So do us a salad. Leave us a glowing review knowing apparently leave out profanity no profanity no racial slurs or any of that horrible stuff. Yeah. But you can be funny without that. Right. You be better that it's it's more. The it's more of the I tunes filters than us. I you know, I can take a joke. But. Barely some that are views have been getting filtered out. So I can take it to you would if you'd like to leave a glowing review we always appreciate it helps keep wind in the sales of the sports game lead pad cast really excited. We got a ton of new shit coming up on a new posts, tons of great content, or it's sports gambling, pack dot com. Thank you for participating in the Spurs game and podcast full or the scaling back show stack in the money green. And he is Ryan just Ramat Kramer, let it.

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