The Morning Briefing: Tuesday, April 28


Hallo Wind Danny Boyle with the briefing from the Telegraph. It's Tuesday April the twenty eighth and the PM's working on a plan for gradually loosening Britain's lockdown so the next forty eight hours a key. Boris Johnson's arrival back in downing. Street's kickstarted a crucial week in the corona virus crisis. As Chris was telling you last night he returned with a promise to refine the restrictions. His government's already committed to reviewing the lockdown by Thursday next week but all eyes are now on an early a cabinet meeting this those day. That's expected to sign off a blueprints. At least to vary the rules out. Chief political correspondent. Christopher hopes examined the key pressure points. What might an exit strategy involved then? Well ministers have already begun. Circulating plans for life often locked down. We've garden centers could reopen within a foot nights as well as recycling centers from as early as this weekend. That's positive guidance in draft for now L. Chief reporter Robert Mundell rounded up. What else might be in store? Including FOR COMMUTERS AND OFFICE WORKERS. Now question that's divided households experts. And now it's emerged. The government scientific advisers should the public where vice mosques the chairman of sage. That's the group advising ministers has been speaking about it's heated discussions in particular about the evidence around whether the public should cover their faces. A health editor lure Donnelly reports on the areas where this group of key scientists appear to disagree and the eight. Pm. Faquir is every Thursdays now. Positive many people's routines today. There's a minute silence to pay tribute to key. Workers died in the pandemic. Everyone was urged to take part at eleven. Am We also have a gallery of other ways the Public Arena Ring Alcaraz? Right stay puts. If you're listening on WHATSAPP I'll send you those links. Now if you're listening on spotify apple or wherever you get your podcast you'll find them in the show notes as well as links to some non corona virus material including our five star review of the first episode of normal people. And some easy waking you can do in a Mug and the microwave that's it. You're up to date. Chris will have your second briefing of the day this evening.

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