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Is currently the head football coach of the University of Michigan Wolverines and a former player his dad and brother are also former players and coaches but there's more to them than thank you for listening to this podcast one sports net production available on Apple podcast and podcast one an old belief that every every man that stepped onto that field was was gonna do their job including themselves doing it that was just in some of the wettest conditions I can recall at Michigan Stadium and coach your team overcame all those conditions in every aspect whether it was protected football protected the ball blocked tackled they they were strong it was a there was it felt like they were ah a in themselves you know that they were going to get their job done also that each and every other guy was going to get their job done it was like that uncondition you can just see it from beginning to end and so many guys played really really really good shape patterson risks fast he was the ball and throwing the ball running the ball playing defense you guys played a heck of a performance on Saturday night. Yeah that was that was a while performance in every every aspect of football as you said I mean our our guys played they're on a mission I have so much respect for for our players that have they've had some recent tests and you know it hasn't shaken them or or the very bottom of my heart it's been it's been good for me thank you Jack Harbaugh thank you Jim Harbaugh and Mad IRA and McKinsey thank you when you're listening to this today you were one of the seven million eight there we go no cake this time but we'll you keep you could see it common you really could but the other thing was and this really stood out to me was just unconditional belief that they had the fastest I've seen him all season running the football and he he had to was running situations defense news the way I just as a whatever I think is a person who sits here and a person who listeners of the podcast prior to being on this podcast it's been a joy listening to you talk and I mean that you know made them blink at all I mean they have they have turned been determined to to keep getting stronger and better and asked with Jim harbaugh hello everybody and welcome to another edition of attack each day the Harbaugh's podcast along with coach Jimmy Jack Harbaugh director running the ball and had to get the quarterback involved in running and was blocking and and the backs ball security was was the main focus and who ever thought we started as two years ago that we would be able to do that that's a May seven million yes what a joy it's brought to me the PODCAST APP or on podcast dot com and please follow us and contact us on twitter at ad podcast or Hashtag Jackdaw. Can I start for something really quite sure thing coach the Michigan Water Polo Team Doctor Marsili Nardi will join us and of course we'll wrap things up with tech talk here on attack you stay the Harbaugh's podcast a reminder subscribe to us on Apple podcasts thank you this is starting to show we're GONNA continue because we're about to talk about a wonderful performance on the football field forty five to fourteen victory and not only do they have the ball security but you know they were they were running on a mission the line was creating great holes defense was fast they were flying around all that was that was snapped high and receivers caught the ball and and and really tough conditions Caesar Res at one of his most outstanding on a plane with the great great trying to use the word by violent you know and Hustle and another cake soon wow so we get cakes six million and then even numbers even numbers are here to celebrate everything that that you'd WanNa see in a ballgame the special teams will heart we're gonNA made a great catch and the opening opening drive in games and wet ball drill during the week you know Tuesday's practice to snatch were all over the place and and made an emphasis of it advocacy producer Mckinsey here as well we'll talk some Michigan football who've coming up forty five fourteen win over Notre Dame and we're big ten play this Saturday at Maryland this week's guest the head the boundary the ball was a little high this ball's not going to be caught and he had the awareness of not grabbing tugging turning an incompletion into a letter of accommodation to Gary Hazlet and his staff because it was one of the most remarkable equipment manager efforts out in the uniforms and the pads we came out a somewhat repellent Rain repellent top that Gary Hazlet and and sunny got Say somebody else is going to get that he immediately I may hit the acceleration and you could see him he's fifteen yards away now look at the balls does that he recovered one he was about twenty yards away when the ball I came out and there's bodies around that ball and you know some guys would would he's came came by and the development office which is bringing into the EH defensive penalty but in so many ways he is he is evolved so fast as a football player with with everything he's doing and for they went out and keep the keep jerseys and the pads is as dry as possible and with that we are going to right Chanson Mike Dana for Dax Hill you know is is grown so much it's just with the idea of keeping them dry and then when they went back in the locker room they wouldn't be wet and cold for another twenty twenty five minutes before do you know what you're right those those it's unacceptable I'm GonNa make I'm GonNa get that right I'm going to get these snaps dialed in and and we didn't have an errand snap the rest of the week or in the that I have ever seen to where he had he had alternate game jerseys and pants and socks and t shirts and underwear and not only our own team but I mean there was the pre-game the pre-game was unbelievable to with the amount of VIP that they did it was it was it was amazing getting an endorsement from Winston Churchill it really is you're right a couple of stories or he ran outside zone inside zone and you know sometimes there was holes there and sometimes it looked like it was going to be attacked as I don't know if we were shoulder pads became pre-game but talk about that a little bit and the pre-game and the way they came out to warm up well we we didn't come jobs he has ever seen in football and he said Gary just made it look easy and it was so seamless with with him in the staff and everything and he's got great instincts naturally and now he's for football awareness really showed us this game I think at the two go ahead data one of the things I thought was very very interested in the game we're I must admit I didn't stay in the weather I went up in the press box to get out of the weather I'm feel guilty about that in the ball game Mike you're Wayne you had had had a great game Cameron was was all over the field eight and both freshman Asana redshirt freshman and and Zaka true freshman and also true Wilson real flashes when he got into the ballgame late and so did and Ben Ben Summer in as well but you know those two backs of have really no every time the guys came back into the locker room they had had some dry to put on and they could get the get the water off of them and it was incredible I mean uh-huh the pre-game the pre-game our team came out dressed differently than they know I don't think maybe in the old days back in the seventy ah the blocker and set such a great example and Nick eubanks you know is really taken off as a blocker he's he's really made that an emphasis for six they get fifteen you know it's and that's that Hassan Zakar both showing that kind of ability oh for a loss and he picked out two or three or four yards of the really good backs are the ones that can has let the one of the greats of all time recognizing another another great John Fox that he said it's one of the most remarkable recover that that fumble there's another play in the boundary where opposite sideline he had really good coverage quarterback through it and he just knew he you know you back to full health and he had a heck of a good ballgame to and Good to see Chris Turner who you know some of his wraps is the name of the game and that will lead to the to the receptions and and and things of that nature so that's been and to who to block Luke Kuhn maker has has really ascended as a football player pass catcher and and as a blocker because taken off and they're getting they're getting better and better and getting getting more and more of the of the Rapson and doing a heck of a job do one other thing you mentioned the running game tight ends in the Dow but he's you know he's done everything he can to get on special teams he's on kickoff now and he's he's trying to get I'm more special teams and and he really showed you know act to go along with Zach charbonnet in the backfield and needless to say Hasan Haskins his come about the and one that job and he was absolutely terrific Zach the running game overall but almost a hundred around ten and then ball still loose almost recovered then it gets to five and then you saw Arrow going through snow ninety five yards combined between the two of them just terrific yeah really really good I mean Assad was running inside plays he ran trap he ran power was to do and then Ben Mason sprinkle him in there a little bit I watched I watched watched him a little bit he gets locked on a guy I mean it is it is he era of the ultimate compliment I'll put compliment today here in the office was John faulk praising Gary get more than what a plays block for the plays black for zero you know they they find a way to get to you know if it's black for two they get four if it's blocked aches him for a ride as as the other tight ends due to I think we'll get tremendous production out of that group Yeah Sean mccune has always been the guy that's you know really lead the way together great game plan and we preparation and practice will be key and we're GONNA have to we're going to have to play our best I could be in in a certain himself in blocking any linebackers along the line of scrimmage and not just him I mean the other tight ends are doing that too I think that's really as of When he was here we go with that came about twenty minutes before they can they could blow us clear out of the stadium and we're good enough to blow them clear out of the stadium it's PRI- in reality it's going to be who knows who to block as violent as as good as as you could ever want and he's and he's more and more every single week really getting dialed all of us right off the film telling you good enough to or you know what we're good enough to blow them right off the field or this could be one you just got it you just gotTa do it in that Room Sharon Moore has done a done a great job of that a source of pride and blocking is and you could blow them out or they could play as good as they're capable we don't play as good as we're capable and they're they're good enough to blow us out or both teams in have gotten better to the receiver blocking is is improved you know really steadily especially over the last Daddy ought to tell the story I just thought of talking to somebody earlier the debt Perry with Perry would say about a game I mean they're good yeah so we continue talking a little bit about the Michigan Notre Dame game because you talked about second third week early in the season you were looking for that second run he's really good and Big Rogaine force and we were completely dialed in now that this is the most and you know this is the biggest game on the schedule and put and he you know now you it's tough to tell the difference between Shaw mccune and Nicky banks when they're blocking Eric all when when he often in the running game and and then the blocking and there's there's two or three of them that you have to come in there and really put their nose on people the way the fullback you two three weeks and they're they're sending that that that played a huge role in rushing for over three hundred yards in the game true Wilson's touchdown the Patterson ah you guys are doing a great job with him as you laid him up and he can where you come across the four may not always running direction the old days of the wall back as good as they're capable let's one heck of a game I need to apologize you said very very well one thing I love to hear my voice in defense every time he was in the game in the back there is forty two forty two's right there he's right there he was you know where he's going who is blocked close nice and towed I I've got this game figure it out I've watched a lot of picture he's didn't call it film Lotta pictures on this team and again I'm pretty well figured out this team is good enough you see the Shinola store they have unbelievable watches coach and apparently they got an even brand new watch that matches everything in our wardrobe the Wolverine detroiter so the Tom Tom he always gives me a ten percent discount I bought all of our coaches Shinola watches Few years ago I bought your watch I said all three ways by that's a reality that's I mean if we play as good as we're capable of and they don't play as good as they're capable of I mean you can agents and he's a he's a dear friend and he has done an amazing job with this company he's and he's an even better friend and I'm GONNA say that it is well built it hold up tailgates victory parties and based on everything we've heard it holds up through monsoons as well as we found out on Saturday from numerous people that were wearing turps and we will of course talk more football next week so you've probably heard of shy Nola detroit-based design brand known for luxury timepieces maybe you go down main street name I call it the Wolverine it's Beautiful Watch it's it's got the the maze face and only watch where the it's a great watch company but they also do bags. They also do bikes bicycles so leather leather leather goods so it's just more than watch company top car sodas he originally made this company in Detroit and hire people that were out of work and it wasn't wasn't looking to to make money he just wanted the shy nola company has has been my favorite Tom Carsodo says honoree captain here for us multiple occasions a hell of a game and we're all thinking blow us out we've blew them out what else can happen screw that up to employ people make a great product and American product and have it right here in Detroit Michigan and they've done such great work such quality were salacious linebacker I know he is coming back we'll take your right to the ball it's not anymore blocking the defensive end on the other side he could be blocking the defense and to his answer or returning back to big ten plays guys out to Maryland this weekend early thoughts on heading down to play the types yes it's always a tough ball game every team we everything we play is the equivalent room because you know somebody who didn't have the right rain jacket or something every carew Hazlitt was taking care of our players that he's spinning around and take that also maybe I have nothing to confirm that I'm GonNa go on record and say I'm not talk to Tom About this or or the end end but give it a shot mation transformation well I'll tell you somebody very very wise gave me some great advice right after NCWA's and they said terrific and he said you point out Ben Mason of course that's do we have a more favorite player on the team I don't think we do and then the the the not a lot of time with my mom sister my wife family people really that I trust and I decided to reach out so maybe if you say if you mentioned Jim Harbaugh Sancha and you want to get to wolverine maybe they'll give you ten percent discount they might be the listeners of course I screwed that up wonderful product is fantastic to watch that where and if and Jack Harbaugh in the future and eventually will also and that's what I'm counting on go online to Shinola DOT COM but hurry they're in demand especially this time of year to pick up this beautiful time go down to main street we got the Shino store right on main street I thought I was going to start the next day but I had to wait four weeks to start the program and I went and along with that I my wife bought me a book from my birth to permanent arbor called ideally dot com and researched it and made an appointment and so hunger wasn't nothing to do that sandwich now there you go all three ways locker five minutes before you on there you get your helmet on the sweats come down over your call it come on and Fellas fellas commodity now time for our guest in here attack stay the harbaugh's podcast and we bring in in his sixth years ahead water polo coach University of Michigan Doctor Marcello Arsala you gotta look at yourself in the mirror and I took that two ways one I took it literally in the now so Turkey figuratively in a lot of soul searching seventy pounds my faith is back in my heart I'm healthy I'm hungry and and it's super important that throughout this entire process that I rediscovered IRA not only rediscovered reinvented myself but I they called high-performance advocates by Brendon Burchard and I did it transformational change where on day one hundred and thirty five I've lost the troll at the game on Saturday so it holds up through the weather holds up of course for tailgates and Game Day it is a beautiful time piece and you can find it at the cheinal and our per location but there should be rambling going on right now it is a beautiful time piece as you mentioned the May space with the blue detail at the numbers and the second marks it's got the blue watchband I'll be I'll be ninety five ninety ninety four ninety four when you can do it you can do it you think I can I know you all gather together work that this company is is one of the best run Tom Lewanda are WHO's a graduate assistant here when I was here is the the C O quickly off the record granddaughter Grace came after your first meeting and she was very Wednesay Jim Yep very that was a while ago dead what it's time for you to get a new watch white herd in I will be by Jack Harper Twenty five pounds and they've been able to keep it off but I know exactly what you're saying well you look great feel good shape he's been in thirty years okay pillar of success is integrity you know and you know you could see that in both literature you see that in every great coach integrity and being honest and and the person that I was a long time ago where you know mom and dad had a big say in in who I was going to become Jim I'll tell you we lived a certain standards and you know we're not perfect and sometimes your own ego and arrogance Ardi Dr Leonardi welcome to the show thank you for having me it's it's a pleasure to be with all of you did I I we gotTa get off we've talked a little bit earlier tell us about the transfer I'm glad that reached out like that so that's mine as well and you see the pendulum swinging the other way as a here when Michigan Plays Notre Dame again in thirty three nineteen thirty thirty thousand will you might as well wait for the game returning Oceano and told the story and it impacted your team greatly so well I definitely appreciate that because it was powerful program honesty and integrity yeah it is a double edged sword you know that sometimes you know sometimes it comes back but I also think that it's doctor Marcello Leonardi the head water polo coach for University of Michigan here on a tacky stay the harbaugh's podcast and now back to attack each day the Harbach podcast I woke up on one evening and found out I had a heart attack and went in the next day and they did four bypasses and then I lost come into play and that's one of the first things I stripped down and and really be vulnerable in order to really get the most out of my team right and my program uh-huh and you can find out all the information about Nola at SHY NOLA DOT COM coming up next we're going to talk to our guest for this week's podcast the head coach of your daughters teams out because of that and it's unwavering you know and we all have our tests right we all have our demons at times at tests us but at the end of the day you hold strong and yeah no no no no not at all not at all guilt kill Jack Transformation mine was a little different than yours Gordon because no matter what you hold that that standard and that's the truth and people know exactly what they're going to get from you Dane and yeah he's done it for like two and a half three years I mean three tries to set records he he wants to wants to be the most healthy lived along I talked about in the pyramid though a team the pyramid the levels and I'm going to test you on that right now in a week and a half ago came over to the House on a Sunday and my mom and dad are they're kind of eaten in tell the story of Pera now heads well I had it ready either teed up coach congratulations on the big win over Notre Dame now that's in the rear view mirror so good luck again as a college coach I mean what what better message can you can you send to your players then near and your coaches and everybody accessory today but the vulnerability is is intrical part of that entire philosophy of of you know once obviously I came to grips with where I was and where where I wanted to go was just being honest with them you know and what's interesting is my number one and vulnerability is one of the giant parts of the trust part now being able to say do you have a better idea or let's move into whatever the answers that we work out twenty hours yeah we we we have free you say to a freshman girl nor to college at Sarah said Yep it's not freshman fifty it's the freshman fifteen to which for Accountability Five Team Goals My pyramid is not in here anyway I wrote it on my whiteboard yeah just so I'd have it because go ahead I'm going to go to the different my goal now my goal at eighty years old simple and clear I want to be no doubt about it though dad I mean that's that's Patrick Lindsay Oni Guy Patrick let's Yoni dysfunction of a t one by one of my all time favorite I put ball it's time to talk about attacking life each day with an enthusiasm unknown demand kind this is attack each day the harbaugh's pod stuff and kind of in the kitchen so Jack Harbaugh comes up to grace and goes grace your freshman the only reason dysfunctions of a team so when you mentioned that word it it detained funny story coach so grace was over the most recent one though Jack Jack had a soccer game on Saturday so Saturday morning he came down to pop because that'll be your your son collars goals to the list there come along to the Game Bring Papa here we capacity and finally team goals team goals those are the five go over one more time issue number one trust to conflict three commitment Patterson was a lead blocker took down the field and in the NBA real fast didn't ame look fish stayed out in front of him all the way into the end zone very much and now injury okay the five dysfunctions of the pyramid the basis trust we all know that the second one is conflict that's right you need you need to have conflict you need to express yourself contagious you know people know who what they're dealing with on a daily basis which is good so it's the truth the truth is set you free about the data I don't think that was I mean I I know you I know you in it's there's a lot of good in there there's a lot of good in there and house to do batting practice they're hitting hitting the tea into the net and and local John Fairburn came down to pick up Jack to take him to to soccer games smoked a good one over the field and then so they're kind of walking off and Papa goes to Jack Jack if you don't get a goal today don't bother few test you trust trust the base Matt is the hierarchy of needs no this is Patrick Lane Eh resolved like you have you look great though thank you listen to your story and I'm deeply moved by it I just Tavee test me I I'd be able to pass the test but when you mentioned do you I probably many times in your life but never so much as lookout for the freshman fifty eight that's I don't think it's like And probably okay one last hit and Announces Jack Harbaugh this will be his final final at bat of the day and then so he hits a he and then the third one this man cannot get he we've been doing this for years the third one is commitment to the next one the next one this is talk about the rest of us so we're we're was great Swiss go out to the car we go out to the car and you pulled me aside and then reprimanded me tell me he in the high school about you'd better get twenty points or don't bother coming so you wonder what what kind of bag of tricks I have going on the coming home I reflected back there was a lot of could but there's a lot of good at times own of mankind success that we've experienced in the past but they've been taught the right ways and so we put a premium this year on character we've put a premium on so we hope that the work that we've done in the previous three to four years now it's their time they they can seize the moment and capture the the freshman young hungry talented and I complimented with a couple sophomores juniors that are now ready to take the realm and student athletes that are back in Australia in Mattie steer and Abby Andrews who are prepping for Tokyo they're taking the year off I brought in eight incoming right now I'm thinking there's some hidden messages of the day if we do it at the pace that brings everybody along and then we continue to figure out you know through a relationship buildings we figure out what teach the fundamentals we've stressed the basics why because we feel that if we do that that will be there at the end in April or May your record in the WPA which is the league that Michigan Plays Water Polo in time coach of the year in the back in two thousand sixteen and were the field like he's never seen Jack play soccer before I don't worry we'll get back here but he was talking about papa he's seventeen the numbers are all super impressive so now you as you said great your last year now you're into that building this team as you have an upcoming season I was gonna come over to your offices sneak up the back stairs stay there there's there's good in there I mean there's people out there they're probably I play defense I play defense I can't come down that's what the coach May tell you but you are all telegu cost go down and when it counts the most and so I feel like we have to do it the right way sometimes they want to go faster and sometimes they want to go to the left of the right but at the really gets underway in earnest in January but talk about the hand that you've been are the really yourself well this is for us it's an Olympic year so I have to what you do if you didn't get a goal because what Papa Papa said if you don't get if I didn't get a goal not to bother coming home I go what was your plan if you didn't get it going I was going to be each day the Harbach podcast in his six year now here great year last year let's talk about that well in his first five years here four times the NCAA tournament thirty six in two careers this push here and there it will take care of itself and so we're not in the business of making excuses you know we're in the business of doing it the right way which I'm sure S. as you know my daughter grace freshmen this year on the water polo team and I was watching her go through the recruiting process and the different places. Initially I could've sworn Jim Harbaugh just answer for you there's so many things that resonate between the two of you guys you know His grace was going through the recruiting process and she would tell me about the experiences and things and then and she finally decided on Michigan and asked her why Michigan and he said it was really just it had the I was rooting for that but to hear that come from her just everything was at the highest level in her opinion and else so you're doing a great job I feel like the guy who's in curling yeah there's the guy who has the mallet there what do they call that Ireland tailed and get a penny joined by Dr Martha Leonardi Michigan's Water Polo coach here so excited to be on the team and the fact that the that the chemistry of the team was so good in so nurturing I mean that was that was the other thing and freshman that they were the nicest girls and the and they were the best team and just said okay that's fantastic securely etc and then you know barring heaven forbid injuries right it's very demanding and so we start six in the water best of everything the Best Coaching the best academics the best campus the best girls that best upper class men and juniors so we've got we've got four quarters each quarter lasts eight minutes so it's a thirty two minute game and in a high level match eight every three thirty to four thirty and we're talking about focused high energy you come in you you play your role your wrestling in the water you're executing on with one goalie that seven so if I'm playing twelve to fourteen in one high level game imagined a weekend where I play four I mean sixteen to eighteen because our programs in a state where other recruits can come in and take a look at that and go hey this is where I wanna be you know so because he's four years go by quick I have watched water pool I don't know of a more demanding sport 'cause I'm not much of a water guy but the be out there how how long are the shifts match stay forty-five minutes and yeah yeah and so how's the the skip shot is that I love that where they just let's say I'm playing UCLA or Stanford one game one day I will play anywhere from twelve to fourteen right so I I wrote sure so excited that they a lot of the girls live together and look out for each other like that was really exciting well I want you know I'm a big fan now I'll I'll be there I'm your number one I'll tell you what the number one thing is well is you come to water both sides defense and offense and then you add the variation of power plays like in hockey right so that you have situational as you got right handers lefthanders as you know if you could recruit based on character the talent is always there right I want to say like the water polo see that's easy the water since we've got counterattacks structure I mean we've got power plays advantage disadvantage I mean we you take five different sports you slap it together and you get water polo easy character and effort if you got those things you can get everything else everything else exactly and so I'm happy that she's here and I'm happy that you know got top shelf corners dribblers side skips and it depends on the type of shooter but how the ball comes out of your hands forty-five it's also how the reading it off the water right so it's not just seeing the big yellow ball coming at you but it spinning it's hitting the there is good in there Jack also tobacco plan just in case any gotta go John said he was all over Hollywood have I would think the stuff how fast is occupied move about seventy eighty miles an hour probably we're talking for us about maybe thirty five to forty give me that same thing so I can't take credit for that I gotTa give credit obviously to our staff and you know the people that make this place Michigan but all into water polo one shot to where they kind of come back like if I was a righty and I was facing right and then they do it behind their back with a backhand your physical fitness is that whole different yeah it's always reading water tread strategy someone like basketball the assistant coach Josh Howard credit for this because he he focuses and works with our our team on skipped shots and it's the trajectory right but you know you've got different types of skips they check their fingernails yes what would be the reason for that I don't I crashing scratching it opponent perhaps under the water of the water where the girls are out on the water where they can't touch bottom right you can't touch the side of the way I mean they just got to tread water stay above water you'll be well there's two parts one there's a glacier effect right where to ninety percent below the water ten percent above the water right so the tannock found out real quick right okay so they checked for nails because see my hands are under the table right here right obviously for the audience can't see it but I could be moving my hands all around and scratching right so they checked to see if there's any nails daggers anything that might end up cutting in hurting so wow so that's the main reason is for the girls get scratched up and absolutely figure that you had to figure that out Could be prouder or happier as you do that great analogy by the way I'm GonNa use that one I gotta say the Chris Hinton senior the Bro sweeper sweeping sweeping it right and the red down yeah couldn't be tendency fair and doesn't here now here's my one point I before we get too far along gracious telling me that before the game and on Saturday UC Irvine and Ucla all in one day the next day you have two more competitions yes or when Jack Ac- for the first time up close and Personal Michigan invitation back yeah it's it's a skill set you take the defender one way the goalie bites and then you come back the other way well I will tell you this in order to create a schedule I mean think about it we're we're at the University of Michigan where in the Mid West right so most teams you take a look at Stanford Ucla sce in cal- The the teams that are in the top four right they just have to travel south and north are you still check and you'll see after the game at half time they walk through and there's gashes and scratches and physical our granddaughter's involved in play three legit teams I think it's a learning process now when it when push comes to shove I'm GonNa go out and I'm going to schedule where for us in order to get high quality opponents we've got to be willing to travel and scheduled teams and maximize our time so for me to go or a backspin and the trajectory of where you initially a little bit of physics going right I gentle soul but when she's in the water competitive as they come so I wonder where she gets that from warms the cockles have picks and oh yeah cuts to join into the into the Yeah Really Oh yeah we got pressed Defense Zones E I you're talking about managing roster is whether it's travel or at home for example you guys go on the road to first competitions this week you don't have data practices your data every day but at the end of the day you really can't simulate a Stanford you really can't simulate that you just can you need to go out there and play you need to see how they travel how they're on the bus do they get there on time all these little things right meals etc roommates and then is level or so is probably about right a controlled environment where there's nobody coming achy skate into it and hit it as hard as you can there's also no gear for our goalie Fired off the water and it skips up so you know like in football you got that tight spiral yeah you put tight backspin on the ball it's either a side Rostov that you know the guy the dad is stone he's throw it down the ice best he can and then there's you the school the rest of the week in training gives us a lot of information so when we plan this you know it's very methodical we taper back down we allow the kids do well in school we allow them to enjoy college go home for Christmas which is as you know family comes first yeah right ski you imagine that those big gloves like soccer where you can wear them up over the Mickey Mouse Ones Right fingers on them conference in what are the teams in the conference that's a good question so it's the collegiate water Polo Association so the big ten does not sponsor an actual conference no play for two months then after that so how do these games work into your overall and then how do you build your seat well I would probably relate it to in another January twenty fifth and twenty six here Cannon Editor Man Arbor which is your your third of end of the season that's two events each day yes I can't even imagine the maybe Max two games on one day but for now this gives me a Lotta data film allotted to be able to come back and you squeeze the water and all of a sudden it's like if you misread it ball's going in the game it's a great question I bet the hockey puck you've got to be up in the hundreds it's gotta be faster than a fastball right the air it's we're hoping a lot there's a lot of interest there's a lot of club but not Division One varsity and so we have we used to have Indian sport taking a plane date from your spring like maybe spring football or basketball and it's kind of like the carrot you know the extra motivation to denying all you lefty righty too you know you're throwing a favor out right kind of spin on the ball you throw in US slant kind of trajectory putting on it's the same Brown we have George Washington Bucknell University Saint Francis from Loretto PA and then ourselves and so when I first now who's moved to the NPS conference right we have IB's which Princeton Harvard we provider and then January second we are back we hit the ground running and we're in season you mentioned conference we kind of touched what where I can take sixteen student athletes I can play them all get a lot of data comeback breakdown and then from there build upon that and over the last couple years you know we're trying to maintain the level of excellence within our conference right because as the representative as a conference out here six years ago the conference was rich Hartwick was university was in there and Indiana's well and it was very very competitive right champion we go to NC Double A.'s and we represent but at the end of the day we're we're part of the big ten right even though we're CDO similar to some of the schools also big less a lot of conferences don't have their natural conference and so they have to philly eight themselves with other conferences in order to combat Lot of lot of reasons behind why we do stuff methods to our madness right so yeah and then from there Michael Ware and tear of just forget the moving around just this water for the parts of a to just that alone oh yeah here you're playing three games in a day or two game today five games in a week NDIP having academics they have financial aid they're financially their slots their academic slots that they use in order to fill kids. Yeah so it's interesting because you're in a league with a couple of Ivy League schools ships are a lot different in the big ten in the Ivy League but they also have their formats you're right you know the in candidate the senior team on Sunday which qualified for the Olympics and we finish off at Pomona college a Skyhawk opponent so now I have five five games where giving carbone I lost our exit math right I gotta give a fun catching up with you here on the show Dr Marcella Leonardi and you have the ladies in the pool this week in California and he said you let them finish up the semester they go home for Christmas and then you table and then the WPA's you'll have opportunities to see the team here in Ann Arbor coming up in April so three big contests that you guys are hosting January coming up next Jack Talk here on attack each day the podcast if you like our show you're gonNA love the official Lakers podcasts on podcast one join Emmy Award winning sports reporter Jack Once again I'm sure you've got some great stuff for us so what do you have this week I talk tonight Tuesday night I get a chance being with skip shop so the goalie must have the same kind of quick flick of twitch twitch tra- The hockey do we have something right could you imagine going three and a half months of training and not plane live I mean that you're doing the student athletes a disservice and plus for welcome to Hashtag Jack Talk it's now time for everybody's favorite segment of the week here on the podcast time for Jack Talk here on attack each day the harbaugh's podcast Ford Hey let me let me tell you it looks like a lot a lot going on under the water hey let me tell you for grace or priority this and that so this is the conference that we're in and we got to win it right to delays all coach it's been here's a big one the red-eye coming back right traveling to California that's a blessing for us but coming back on that red eye and then seeing how they respond to student athlete so then shuster and Co host Aaron Lawrenceville as they discussed the Lakers news of the day break down the games from the week and had exclusive interviews players coaches in sports personalities that but for us to as you know we're part of this conference and we respect it and we represent it but we're also big ten school which makes us proud is the official Lakers podcast every week on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts this is Jack Doc I wanNA listen I want to be better I want to be the best

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