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Brady's Tampa Future, Ted Johnson Interview, & The Mailbag | Tuesday Mailbag


Hey guys we're going to cover all the big news in the first week of free agency the trades the signing all that stuff you get it all here then we bring in a special guest talk about Tom. Brady situation one more time and as always we wrap things up with a six pack of your twitter questions. Let's go welcome in the QB podcast with Al Breer. Quarantine Week too. I hope all you guys are staying safe socially isolating yourself from everybody else that And as a disclaimer. Here if you guys here the Aussie the background and I think he's just freaking out right now a five year old or three year old a six month old or a grown woman That is a product of where we're all at in this country right now. Which is there's no school. More people are at home. People are cooped up a little bit so if there's more background noise just consider that kind of like the ambiance of the time that we're all in There's plenty NFL news to hit this week amid everything has been going on in this country. We free agency. We had trade the draft still kind of looming out there in the distance and we're address all of it here or start with the takeaways and my first takeaway for this week. I'm going to give you some reasons. Why the Brady Bucks? Marriage can work now. We know some of the things that are going to be different. So he's forty three years old. That's obviously a factory is going in and playing an offense that he hasn't played in before that to me. You know obviously brings up different questions. When he's been in one offense for twenty years this is obviously a new program to and that creates. I think an adjustment as well but I want to give you guys reasons why this could work. What reasons why this will work. And I've got right in front of me. Five of them that I think from doing the reporting that I did. You guys can learn all about the pursuit of Tom Brady by the Tampa. Bay buccaneers in this week's m M. Qb at the site through my reporting and how this whole thing went down. I I give you five reasons that I think that this really could wind up working reason number one either Israel investment from Tom Brady to the bucks and what I mean by that. Just look at some of the nuance and what he's going to do a he's planning on being not as if there are not as and maybe there won't be. Ota's but he's Planning on Being Ota's that shows he's all in in a way that maybe he wasn't the last couple of years. New England didn't have to be the last couple of years in New England with the amount of institutional knowledge that he has and then be. He's committed to learning their terminology. That's a little thing right. But when Peyton manning went to Denver like sort of a melting of the terminology and when Aryans Bruce Arians and Jason Light and. Those guys talked to Tom Brady last week. They went through this. And you know Arians feeling was. It's probably easier for twenty twenty five guys who may be average learners to stick with what they're doing and have you learned something new than it would be for them to have something. Let them learn something new. And you stick to what you do and so. I think the fact that he's planning to be not as the fact he's GonNa learn their terminology. Those aren't small things to me. That shows Brady's investment in the program number two. There's investment from the investment in the staff in the quarterback position. And if you look at the white worked for PEYTON MANNING AGAIN. I hate to use that example. But it's the most relevant one here if you look at why it works for Peyton Manning. In Denver. He had a group of young coaches around him. Mike McCoy Adam gays. Brian Callaghan. Jim Bob cooter. There was like this. Think tank around him and they haven't done that yet in Tampa but what they do have is a bunch of coaches who looked at Brady as a quarterback looked at last year's tape. Look at the two thousand. Eighteen tape made the decision. This guy's worth pursuing and therefore coaches in that group that all to varying degrees have a lot of experience with the quarterback position. Clyde Christianson Tom. More Bruce Arians Byron left which Byron left which is coached it he played at the. Nfl Level Bruce Arians. We don't need to go into all the experience he has. But he worked with a lot of key accomplished quarterbacks Ben Rothlisberger Peyton Manning Andrew Luck Carson Palmer You know so. Obviously he's got the experience and then both Tom more inclined Christianson actually worked for an extended period of time with Peyton manning and so all of those guys looked at Brady on tape saw player. They think can still play so. They're all invest in this. And I think that there's at least a skeleton there of group of coaches who have an idea of what it's GonNa take to coach. Tom Brady and I think what's interesting about that to me. Is You always hear this from guys who coach Peyton or Tom? You have to have everything you have to have all your ducks in a row. Because if you're going to present a Tom Brady peyton manning was something new then you're GonNa have to have all the basics covered and you can't go into a meeting with him and just throw a bunch of stuff at them. You can't waste his time. You can't throw a bunch of stuff Adam that he already knows because some of these guys worked in that Environment Payton. It's not GonNa be new for them going into this sort of Environmental Tom. Our number three reason number three is gonna work to weapons around. And this one's pretty obvious we don't need to Belabor this point Mike Evans Chris Godwin. Oj Howard Cambrian. Cambric RE adjusted his contract of late because he wants to play with. Tom Brady Good skill position talent. There I think Ronald Jones has still some potential. Former second came around a little bit last year. They could still Atta back like Levian Bill. Somebody's SORTA sticks out to me. Is maybe a guy that would be an interesting edition for them. So that's reason number three good weapons around him number four the Division Carolina's rebuilding. We don't know what we're going to get from Atlanta to me like it's really new. Orleans is the hurdle for them. New Orleans has got a great roster around drew. Brees is drew brees going to be the same player. He he has been. That's I think sort of an open question so to me. It's really kind of Mono Mano in that division. Whereas if he'd gone to see the chargers you'd be dealing with the chiefs behemoth. The raiders are getting a lot better is just a different dynamic in the NFC south where I think it really is right now. The box and the saints and then finally number five. I really feel almost like all you need to do. A Brady's get in the playoffs. And this was proven a couple years ago in two thousand eighteen the patriots sort of stumbled around in November and December. They didn't look like themselves. And when it counted most brady stepped up and made place. Even when the offense wasn't great. He WanNA shoot out against Patrick Mahomes in the AFC title game and then two weeks later came back in the Super Bowl and in a game. That was incredibly well game plan by. Wade Phillips. He did a job when it mattered. Most at the very end of game. And sometimes that's all you need and so do. I think Brady can be the quarterback. He was say five years ago on a sixteen week basis. No but if he can get back to the point but if he can get the team to January which I think he's still capable of doing he can be an enormous difference maker when you get to January because he's not affected by the environment is not affected by the stakes. We know what he can do on the big stage so those are the five reasons that I think you really five reasons for real optimism with a forty three year old quarterback if you're the Tampa Bay buccaneers Brady's investment in them their investment in him the weapons around the division. And what could happen when you get to the play offs and how kind of small that is when you get to the playoffs about winning three games. Take away number two. The Patriots reboot is on and I've been asked by a lot of people what they're doing at the quarterback position. Here's what I would tell you. I don't think we're going to see a big swing here now if Cam Newton or Andy Dalton or someone like that wants to come in at a discount that's one thing but you know as far as financial investment. I think they're sort of where they wanna be right now. They brought Brian Hoyer. In a cut rate. They've got. Jared stood them there for less than a million bucks. They've got cody Kessler there for less than a million bucks. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if they drafted another player at the position. I this is sort of where they're at. They're trying to financially reset that goes for everything across the roster You know they've gotten older. They've gotten expensive in certain areas because they've struck out on draft picks You know they they have just. They need to go through sort of an economic cleansing. And I think this is the year they take the bullet on that they're going to be carrying brady searching and a half million in dead money. Believe somewhere near twenty five million dead money. It's like it's hard to say there ever rebuild when Bill Belichick coach. I don't know that you'll ever see a team. That's not going to be very very competitive. But like you look at where they are financially and some of the situations that they've created for themselves logistically and it just looks like this is the year that they're gonna rip the band aid off. Take the bullet for all the financial issues. They have and then go into twenty twenty one with a clean economic situation of quarterback and with a clean economic situation on the roster. I'd also say this I would not I? There's a very logical way to look at jared and at least that there could be something there. Here's what I mean in two thousand eighteen. The Patriots drafted a guy in the seventh round named Danny at link now when they drafted him they felt like there was some physical ability there and it just was underdeveloped because he hadn't been coached all that. Well at purdue or at Lsu and they thought okay if we can get a guy who's got some physical ability into our system work with him. Maybe we can capitalize on what we believe is a distressed assets. Didn't work out. Dan Yelling llandough cut. I think he's on someone's practice squad somewhere now at point. He wasn't even playing quarterback anymore it. That one didn't work out but the same idea applied in two thousand nineteen when they drafted. Jared stood up. And here's how you kinda follow the Downing Ball with them. All right. Blue chip recruit out of highschool started right away for our riles at Baylor as a true freshman he winds up as kind of. You know an an a spectator to what was an awful situation there right so everything comes undone piles gets fired. Jared student transfers then after starting as a freshman at Baylor transfers to Auburn sits a year per the transfer rules plays in two thousand seventeen and plays really well right in a system that didn't Fikret Forum and then regresses a little bit in two thousand eighteen but a lot of that had to do again with the scheme that he was playing in which was a scheme that was built for Cam Newton almost a decade ago that schemes. Not a bad game. It just didn't work for him and so with the Patriots saw Jerry distressed asset a guy who talented kid smart kid. Good leader got some statesman about him but just was in the wrong situation a couple times and it wound up killing a stock and so what they look at in two thousand nine hundred nine. Was this kid could be a for. Could've like wound up being a first round pick but it didn't play out that way because the circumstances around him so maybe if we can get him in our system maybe then you will wind up in a situation where now all of a sudden were able to harvest at first round ability. So not saying it's going to happen just say in. That's part of the logic there take away number three Cam Newton. If he hasn't been cut by the time you're listening to this. He will be cut soon. The panthers were GONNA make one last ditch attempt on Tuesday to try and get something forum. Chances are they're not going to be able to his number. In nineteen point one million in cash in for two thousand twenty is too high with teams lacking the ability to bring them in and give them a physical take a look at that left foot. Take a look at that right shoulder and so in all likelihood the first pick in the two thousand eleven draft the two thousand fifteen. Nfl MVP the quarterback that one the NFC championship during that MVP year is likely to be a street. Free agent fairly soon. So why is this happened houses happen? How's The guy of Cam? Newton's ability wind up in the spot there are a couple of factors one. The aforementioned health issue is real and the fact that teams can't come can't can't bring them in and have their team doctor get hands on him. That's a factor. It's hard to get around that if you plan on making a guy you're starting quarterback or plan on making a twenty million dollar investment in a guy and he's got injury history like Cam does. It's very hard to trade for a guy you know without getting a full picture of what's going on there and so that part of it really made it so the panthers weren't going to be able to get val you. Maybe get any value. And by the looks of get any value for Cam Newton. And it's crazy to think that they wind up trading Kyle Allen right they went up trading Alan and get a fifth round pick for them but they can't move Cam Newton for even that much. So that's sort of why he's he is where he is now. Why wasn't there more interest from other teams just in taking a flyer on a? Maybe I think that this part of it's interesting to and I think it sort of relates to Jay Cutler and how Jay Cutler's value as a player tanked after he was no longer a starting quarterback. And you may remember like he winds up deciding. I'm retiring for football after the bears. We're going to get rid of him. He was going to go into TV then. All of a sudden pop back up on the radar that summer when Ryan Tannehill gets hurt Adam gazes back around with and brings him in as a starter. So I don't think Jay Cutler was in a position where he could have gone and been a backup quarterback a lot of places and the reason why he'd always been a starter questions about kind of how he carried himself as place in the organization and how he'd handle not being starting quarterback Cam Newton. I think there's the same sort of thing. There's just their strings attached with him. He was a super blue chip. Recruit coming out of high school went to the University of Florida. Saffir Year Round up at junior college Was a star. There got to Auburn Auburn for one year. When's the heisman? Trophy goes to the pros. Number one overall pick starts week. One has never not been starting quarterback outside of that one year Florida. So how's he going to handle that? You know that part of it. If you're not automatically going to hand him the starting job is going to be a problem for you. Can You bring him in? Say like the titans brought in Ryan Tannehill last year and say okay. You're our backup and if something goes wrong with the starter. Then you're here for us would be okay with that. Would you be comfortable? That CAM would be able to operate in a team. I way if you did that. That's sort of the question is like like no one's ever really seen him in that position before because he's a superstar talent. He's got superstar Bill de he's always carried himself like a superstar. And so that's a question he's going to have to answer for teams if he goes to the chargers. Let's just say that they're the ones that sort of sitting out there. If he goes the chargers would the chargers look at him and say okay? We're going to throw you into competition with tyrod. Taylor sounds absurd right. But they've made you know that they really like tyrod. They like the idea of having tyrod as their bridge quarterback so based on your foot campaign on your shoulder cam we like you. We wanted a chance on you but are you going to be okay being in that environment where you have to compete for the job where you have to win win the job. That might be tough for him. And so I think that's sort of where it's at with Cam Right now. That's where it's at wctcam right now. I don't know whether or not it's I don't know whether or not it's going to change much. When he becomes a free agent and he sees the money might not be there either. Will he want to go somewhere on a sort of deal like say Marcus Mariota? Just signed with the with the raiders which really seven and a half million and you can earn the rest based on the way you play and how much you play based on team success. If you're playing all that stuff I don't know you know that's an unanswered question because Cam Newton's into that sort of situation before takeaway number four Trent Williams Trent Williams had a very interesting Tuesday morning We saw what happened. The redskins agent announces. Well we've exhausted all of our trade scenarios we don't we're looking at this now and saying to ourselves why can't why can't you just let? Trent Williams go well. Here's the problem. Trent Williams does have trade value. In fact if tribe term Williams was willing to report on his existing contract the redskins would be able to get value for him. The problem is his contract. Demands have been such where he wants to be. The highest paid tackle in football at one point over the last year. He actually asked the Redskins quarterback money and other teams. Know this. And so if you're another team if you look at where his contract is right now. And it's affordable what's left of it. You'd say okay. Yeah we do that to bring in a starting left. Tackle Trent Williams caliber no question about that. But if you're asking for premium draft capital plus a contract now we're talking about something else. Now we're talking about using the CAP. Space you have is an asset and using the draft picks you have as an asset combining them and putting them together and going and getting that player. That's again like it's happened happened with Frank Clark with D. Ford. But it's hard when you're asking for both and that sort of the Texans were with the Hopkins where Deandre Hopkins didn't want a contract extension. The Hopkins wanted his contract ripped up and he wanted a new contract here. Three years left on his deal. And you know going back a year. That's what happened with Antonio Brown where he did have some trade value and because you know he wanted what Hopkins is asking for. A bunch of teams backed off and the raiders. Were able to get him for three and a five of your the redskins. You're sitting here and saying well we're willing to accommodate you. Were willing to trade the Outta town you know but we want a certain return for a player who has been one of the best left tackle football a guy who drafted fourth overall in two thousand ten and then we extended and like if we can't get a fair value for you sorry like that's not an us that's because you're asking for a big contract and so I think that's sort of where it's at right now. It's been an ugly situation from the start. I think Ron Rivera has done what he can. Try to make this thing better and I think it is better than it was when Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden Bill Callahan. Those guys were there is better than it was. But if trump William isn't willing to play ball here if he insists on the contract well that's going to cause the redskins knock at the return that they want and if you're the redskins you look at that and say well we don't really have great motivation to move you. If we can't value back finally take away number five. We'll get to our guest. The Rams New logo on lighter side here. The Rams New logo has Has Been released. I am not a fan of the La logo. I know it's been kind of Pan across the Internet. I don't I it looks to. Usfl ISH to me. It kind of looks like you know the logo. You'd see for a fictional team in a movie that doesn't have rights to the NFL. But I really liked the Ram ad and I think as long as they allied the colors too so I think if they went with the ram headed primarily logo and they kept the royal blue and the yellow which they have and there was a great call to do that if the uniforms look like the classic eighties nineties yellow and blue uniforms maybe updated fonts or whatever that I'm good with that and I'm good with it if you go at the RAM head logo but I do not like the La logo and we will continue to. Because we're going to play any time do this. We'll continue to give you. Are Uniform. Logo reviews we still have the browns at the Falcons. The box all those teams are getting new logos. I know the Patriots are going to have new uniform to some degree. Something's going to change and I believe I saw the chargers to which it's unconfirmed as far as I know but Ramses logo the primary logo thumbs down the secondary logo thumbs up. You should make that the primary logo we haven't seen the uniform uniform should go back and look a lot like the eighties nineties. Rams uniforms which they've been wearing alternates anyway and we will get to our special guests right after this muscle pain. I'm talking stop you in your tracks. I'll never work again. Oh my God what am I going to do kind of pain? This is the kind of pain that Dr Jason Wars Land was in when he created Saragan. The deep muscle massager. That's unlike anything you've ever felt thera- gun isn't a cheat massage. That just tickles your muscles. 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Cadence all right so we're going to bring in a guy who has become a good friend of mine We do pre imposed on Nbc Sports Boston every week. before and after Patriots Games he played for the Patriots for nine years. I think I think he's nine years and and and And he's also he's also worked in the Houston market we're bringing in former NFL linebacker. Ted Johnson Ted. What'S UP. Hey what's going on buddy good to be with you all right so like first of all this is long overdue. I've been meaning to have ten on for a while. He does a great job and I I want. I want to start here having played with Brady. His first five years a having known the guy since he was I guess what the twenty-three-year-old with the ugly yellow jeep. What do you what? What what what when you saw that pop up on social media last week. And you see the finality of it. What sort of running through your head? Were you surprised at a catch? You off guard Did you reflect like like what's like? How does something like that hit you? Yeah it was it was. It was no surprise to me. I mean I felt like a lot of people were given. They're given the chance to come back to to New England fifty fifty deal. I just you could. There was enough evidence and they really the last couple years Been suggested he was gone. He was at in in. This was not You know Kinda at this point. His career that he wanted to acquiesce. Take on below market value deal. They really looked like he was ready to move on. And there's just a lot of different things you can go back to. One of the big kind of clues was knocked pretending. Oj's After the two thousand seventeen season not attending okay. Ota's after two thousand eighteen season This is overall attitude this year. Bir just really miserable When the name was Arlo there to start the season And then just some of the things that he was saying. I think particularly for more revealing comments. I heard Tom may was in regards to this contract this past training camp when they asked him bad his contract. He's like I don't know guys. Go ask Mister crap you know and it was like it. Was Fate rollaway kind of you. Know a line they. Maybe you would not think was that revealing. But it really wasn't very very telling because you have to understand I think And Mr Graefe have had it alliance may have been. They've been a line or a very very long time. And that was the first time I think you saw. Maybe that relationship was not what it used to be truly more for. That Robert Kraft was disengaging from contract negotiations and he was going to let Tom Com. Bill handle that and I think that was probably one of the deepest kind of all cut so ball were time. Because he's always had Mr cramp in his corner when it came to contracts and so any I played for built for six. Years is very difficult man to to to work for into play for and they just all this stuff that was going on. We don't probably have kind of all things. It just finally caught up time. And he was like he wasn't afraid to take a chance instead of out of his comfort zone finally for the first time in his career. Try something do. It's fascinating to see how it all works out. Man I wanna get to like the program and like how tough it is plain that program in a minute but you did hit on something there with the contract right and he's been playing for and I'm sure like as a player you there were probably points in your career where you felt like you were underpaid right. I think every player probably has that. How much like because? Brady's been on. I think what most people consider below market deals for most of his career. How does that wear in a player like because I think we've all probably like in our in all of our lines of work? There's probably points where we feel it to. You know this is a normal human human way of thinking like how does that wear in a player when you're going out there and you're sacrificing yourself and and doing what you need to do to get an NFL season and all of that and you don't feel like you're pays commensurate was what you're putting out there. It does it catches up. It's here's the thing I think guys can. Maybe you can be more palatable to take a below market deal one or a few reasons one. You gotta be winning right. I think there's gotta be. Hey that's the trade off I'm gonNA maybe take less money and then the trail. Big Payoff is going to be winning. But also I think it's just overall How you feel like you are Treated by the organization Not Not just your because the owner we all know loves Brady Brady. Doesn't you know have facetime every single day with the owner like you guys go back and I think probably like this is the one guy that Dabur that somebody is show. Lucky begins his praise. And so Makes you work so hard to get any kind of affirmation from that. Is Bill Belichick? I wanted something knowledge -ment some day to day trying to respect handed to him and a lot of people say well. That's not that's your. They shouldn't have to come with it. I think Tom feels like he's accomplished so much. He should be the exception to the rule. And there's a lot of people say bill treats everybody to say that's not necessarily true. I mean there's I think players that he hasn't he likes the HE KINDA considers his guys to patrol the locker and Tom. Maybe wasn't one of those guys. He was very hard dot com in meaning. Very lucky to acknowledge Tom for doing good job. In certain games they get the game. I know that sounds crazy to people. But that wears on your journey given up financial Financially speaking giving money back for tea video at least one the day to day kind of treatment of you on the head coach and the coaches to be respectful. And you know affirmative and then. I don't think Tom is getting that so I just finally catch up to where it's like. It's not worth it any more. Do you think they'll was that way to Tom to prove a point because like I've always heard like it enables the whole program right like enables the program that if you're sitting in the room and you're watching Tom Brady? The greatest of all time getting chewed out. No one safe right like so. How much do you think the way that he handled Tom over the last twenty years and really I mean I guess more so like the last what fifteen sixteen seventeen? Because that's really what he's sort of gotten to that point where he's a superstar like how much of that do you think was to prove a point? I think because the salish the culture the most important player on the team is willing to sacrifice from a financial standpoint for the greater good. Then it's so easy for everyone online. I repair the Patriots to try to another franchise I think is that are just you know a lot of success coach that I think is on par bills ability but in a different sport and that is in San Antonio's Burst Popovich. I always kind of felt like what makes that San Antonio Engine go for so long. Pop can be very hard on. Tim Duncan on twenty Parker on Money Genova in that made everyone else on the line. Okay so I think that's a great point. You're making the bill. The culture was partly established by how bill intrigued Tom. Tom's success with that treatment. I mean I'm accepted. These below market value deals for very long. He bought into that culture. I mean He. He was one of the flag chairs for for bill ballot. Check as far as you. GotTa sacrifice if you'RE GONNA be here which will win. I think for his career he was that way and I think probably about like you know at the end. I should probably be treated a little different bill. I should maybe a little bit more leeway. It doesn't look like Bella track was willing to do that from a contractual standpoint And maybe just on a day to day Sam on how you communicate talk and relate to that player and Tom was like man. Feel like I've earned the right to be treated differently. Then you've treated me all these years and you're not doing it so I'm GonNa go try something different now. Will you mentioned that like like and let's get? We can get to the sort of existing in that program thing now because what you just hit on like how you always hear how hard it is to be there like on a day to day basis. How wears you down mentally and how can wear you down physically even like does that mean like I know? It seems like a simple question but like what is hard about working their day to day versus maybe and you know you're under Pete Carroll for three years too so you saw a different way. What is so hard about being in that environment on a day-to-day basis? Yeah and well bill. Bill traits work environment. That's so unique and different. Luckily in my teenage years bird pretty cool kind of perspective so I had three coaches might seniors bill bill parcells and bill balancing. All three are gonNA be hoping once already know fan. I think it's going to be paying bills belt-tightening well. Three helping coaches all taught in dollar so very different. Parcels was tough. But you know what it was. It was Kinda Fun Working Environment. He got the best out of his players. You could be hard on you but he always likes to say though you fish come back build you back up again. Pete was fun all the time necessarily work here But it was a very kind of relaxed working environment. And now say that the environment when you're trying to put together top off the culture. The man a little bit more disciplined and then he got bill complete polar opposite of both of those guys. He you know he a lot of it. She goes through. Fear And and and kind of way that Well if you do what I say team's GonNa be better off so you're just trying you're chat piece in his game Very much emotion is taken out. You don't feel the player certain players. Maybe you and him than others. The has a real emotional investment and senior. Do well any football players worldwide with emotion. You know and you kind of want to the coast is coaching. You cares a little bit about you. The person and you know you do have kids You have parents do you. What's what's your You know which are wha. What are you liking the person that's just as he's not really doesn't care about and so it becomes draw closer to the guys well. Kinda miserable together so It's just it's a very much a place where you are seeing every single day. You're worrying about losing your job all of a sudden. You're aren't what they used to be. And I love how Michael Bennett said. They need to pass training camp. I just had chuckled. To myself is my He doesn't know bill that will he's like when you treat you like a man you always know where you stand with. Bill Belichick No you don't you never know. You never know where you stand with bill. So you never know what he's thinking in regards to you You know when he demotes. You doesn't come tell you why you didn't tell you what you think you need to do. Better you're in complete dark about it and so your lap to try to figure it out yourself and that makes for a very nerve wracking China day to day work environment that I think is unique to the the rest of the team's bell goes he's just just emotionless and doesn't care about your feelings and you should just accept everything without any had any real issues about which unfortunately there's a human element to play in this game. You know that and so I think it's very difficult for most guys kind of buy in. If you're not winning for sure by tougher so yeah like that's that's actually what I was Gonna ask like this has got to be almost completely results oriented then right. Because if they're the whole thing is I'm giving you the answers to the test listened to me. And you'll have the answers to the test will win. And you'll wind up benefiting individually from it then. Yeah that could work and it did work for Tom. I'm guessing for Tom. It's like like look what happened with him like so as much as he didn't like it. Maybe there was that part but it but it requires the results right so maybe last year. He doesn't get the same individual results and they don't get quite and it doesn't mean they were bad but like the individual results kind of aren't what they were before. The team result isn't what it was the year before and maybe it becomes a little bit hard swallow all that right way way harder to swallow it and I I you know. Here's the thing that bills not always right Jay. I mean he's right and most of the there one thing that you can point to where you can say. Bill ballot check was wrong just and you. It was one of the most kind of public world stage complete and utter like screw off by ballot. Check where you know I I I tend to maybe be very critical bill because I know the man I knew the nature of the man when it comes to is actually those are superior nobody can check guy but when it comes to the human being I can. I will say you can be Betty. He can be been dictated. Um He can hold grudges and I just think Malcolm Butler benching in the Super Bowl. It really showed a lot of guys in that locker room and I think cost them alternately. Chance to win the sixers back on now. They've they've won their six two thousand eighteen but in that season. I think that really rub guys the wrong way And so that's just one kind of interesting where it's like. They were sleepwalking. Through the first part of that two thousand eighteen until they've gotta figure it out again but there's one thing it's like you know what bill you know you kind of. Let your your personal stuff in the way of doing what was right for the team when he's always saying what's best for the team so that's. Kinda one day you can look at where I think players are probably like man. It's not it's not working man when we get to this point and you. Kinda deal out And we wind up losing the whole thing where it's like. It's tough for guys to slow that if you're GONNA take below market value deals you're not gonNa be praised that much you're not gonna be you feel like you're going to work you better win a lot burke and you better not of course in a position to win in. La Your personal a intervene in in pettiness intervene and losing some big game so speaking of pettiness personal stuff. Like how much do you think these two guys are motivated by proving and you know both of them how much they're motivated by? Proving it was me you know what I mean the six championships the twenty years of unprecedented success. That was me that wasn't him that was me. Like how much do you think Tom's motivated by that? How much do you think bill's motivated by that? Well I think I think they're both motivated by but I think in particular row ballot check is so ready to prove that he can win without grady. And that's what makes guys like Like our business. I think. That's what makes this whole thing so fascinating. I really think bill wants to show. He can win without Tom. Let's Basit career did not really take off until win. We four of the two thousand one season with Tom Brady started for black. So and then it just you know. It's been an unbelievable and I'm president amount of success in the twenty year window but it didn't start until Tom Brady was his quarterback he's got games. He's won without Com. You Yeah you have back back years after year to year. Winning ultra hasn't been established without Tom. Brady being your quarterback and so I think he is so driven by that piece right there and I think he was really ready to move on from Tom. You can say we made him an offer but you truly didn't make an awful. I think was an honest offer. You knew topping may be open to so to me. He got his desire bag. That was ready to move on so now he can start coaching without. Tom and I proved to everybody that he doesn't need. Tom Brady as his quarterback to win. Football game drew bill. Burr and he is. I mean He. He's smarter spending been around but he's got a big ego and he is driven by that ego and he's got a lot of pride and so this is what he wants and I can't wait to see how it all turns out for like so I I know you like it's hard to separate one from the other. I was thinking like when they rebuilt no nine. And and sort of like the changeover. From the guys you played with like the variables the Harrison's the the laws You KNOW DETROIT. Browns that group to what became. I almost patriots. Two point Oh Gronkowski mccourty like Aaron Hernandez for the Short Time. Like that change over like they never really had to go through a rebuild. Because Tom could still elevate everybody around him right like he could still like. Hey I'll make it work while we're rebuilding this thing. That's really hard to do. It's really really hard to do. So this is GonNa be a tough question. Do you think like if you had to split it up. How much of a do you think of the last twenty years is bill on how much of it is? Brady is even. Is there one more responsible than the other like? How do you look at that? You know I always kind of lean this question more towards bill like I think I'm crazy. I was about check Moore born and Tom Brady. I think so difficult to get by in The players if you're the head coach it's so hard to motivate year after year after year. A lot of the same or guys and get them to buy it. It's just hard to establish the culture of a winning culture like bill has created. I Say I'm always since bill but I'm starting to kind of maybe lead or 'cause a big part of and we've already touched on his wave. Bill was able to create this culture this winning culture. But it's very demanding and no one's getting overpaid and everybody's for the most degree treated the same it all was because Allow him so to be the kind of poster child for that culture and I mean I've been in team meetings. Bill is critical You know it'll allow him to speak. Do that to establish this culture like you mentioned before Tom. Brady's not above getting chewed out. Then we all got to be ready to be chewed out If if we're not doing our job so I'm not almost lean more towards console even when it comes answering that question because they he was almost the poster child or back Holzer embiid building have comedy kind of you know point to the guy if he can take it. We all can then. I'm not so sure that culture is is ingrained and established as much as it was so it's the next year or two. I can't wait to see the buy in from these players without Tom. Being there You Know Kinda guy appoint to lasting on this. Then I'm going to give you a story. Drew Blood so probably. This is probably and I know you good friend of yours. This is probably four years ago now. Three and a half years ago it was on the anniversary of the hit and I remember drew saying to me like that. He thought like his relationship was dead with ballot check and that like he was nervous to go back to. Foxborough and this guy is like a very close at the owner and icon in the area. All that he was afraid to go back to foxborough because he didn't know how bill would react and he didn't go back there. After he retired and in eleven he gets elected to the team hall of fame and so they bring him back for to introduce him and he said he was like almost nervous walking out on the practice field because he knew run into bill and he saw bill and. I think I may have told you this story before but he saw bill and he said Bill couldn't have been warmer and he said bill came up to him asked about his wife asked about his kids asked about his wine and drew said I was shocked. It was like a totally different guy and I wonder about that Ted. 'cause I'm trying to project this forward and look at where the Brady bill check. Relationship will be ten years from now. But I've always struck me as somebody who is just hyper disciplined about separating professional life from his personal life and once you're gone you switch once you're gone as a player you go from being a part of his professional life where he has to treat you one way to being a part of his personal life where he's a totally different guy. Do you buy happens. O'brady oh man that's a great story a highlight I think. What is a clear pattern? Why build our check and that is hey man sorry. They don't like his players. I'm GonNa do you know what I think right or how I WANNA do things. I'll make up with them later. And there's so many samples of that I don't care who it is and Richard Seymour might might Raval Malcolm. Butler had colon the off season after that Beijing. Other ways. Now Bill. Smart to do that because he doesn't want you know there's a lot of players or players know a lot about bill. How he treated treated them things that went on behind closed doors and what about bill is still relevant head coach? Asli. Nobody's GonNa say were little smart to have. I think reconcile. Those guys extended an olive branch. Those guys like you said. He did withdrew And I think more than not more than anything you guys want to be invited behind the velvet rope. They WANNA be part of what's going on. And so they the that trying to response from bill there they they want that you know and so all the stuff that went on in the past. Can All be forgotten? Building doesn't very good job. As much as is is a difficult kind of you know. Task Masquerades play for later in life. He knows is probably his best interest to kind of make amends with these former players Because you know he he actually. He doesn't care about the media but he does he cares about what people are saying about him and how he's being portrayed And he's almost borderline excessive with it and so he's smart to mend fences with both players. They didn't have maybe good relations with so my point is that. Oh Heaven immigrate like that and ten years. Oh Yeah I mean it needs a little bit of time so it. Kinda work its way out and then I guarantee you. He's so skilled and making that connection again with guys. I guarantee he'll do brady and Brady into it absolutely okay. So before. I let you go I because you were down in. Houston you were around. Billy O'Brien yeah. You did have a chance to watch the Andre Hopkins up close for a bunch of years your reaction to what's going on down there and how things have changed over the last year you know. Obviously Jackie Easterby. Now's the executive vice president there. They've traded UW and cloudy. They've traded De'andre Hopkins. They traded four Laremy Tunsil. The face of the team. I mean and this is rare with a guy who was going into what year seven now as a head coach where it almost feels that. They're changing the culture again. You know So like I. I just wonder as somebody who saw everything down there. Like kind of like your reaction to what happened. You know in general and then in particular the deandre Hopkins Trade. I was I was. I was shocked by trade. I did not know that maybe potentially there was You know an issue there between the Andre in the head coach. I I do under Hopkins. I teach about seven years. Or was he kept his mouth shut and he works his ass off and he wound and he produced. Let's the that's all I've ever known beyond Riach now I've been waiting for the last years and things change. You have to success. And he's had then maybe you know maybe he's he's he's not the same guy to deal with any more So when I kind of heard that news I thought Oh boy I thought one thing I I in my mind when I saw and get traded to the Arizona cardinals for a second rounder. Was You might be lose those losing the team they can potentially be losing the team When you when you trade away your your best asset. Not named Shawn Watson Can Really. It can really rock you. And so you don't have the Andrei Hopkins on your side or you don't have to David Clowney on your side and maybe you know on the same page with you as far as the direction of the James Going. There's going to be harder or the other guy now. There's an iconic name still on that team. Jj Watt but he's been injured the last few years Burke and so maybe here's his kind of supportability. Oh doesn't carry the same weight as maybe those other players but That's the first thing I thought of that. There's not I n From his players if getting rid of that kind of caliber player tells me that those who weren't getting along and my feeling is he influences. All the restaurants hockey doesn't so what are you. Maybe on the way out. Or what are you? Maybe better saying about bill. O'brien filters to the rest of the team and so I worry about his. You know his ability to gay guys to play hard form to buy in in in. You know kind of want to back him as the head coach. I'm worried that that might be. I don't know who knows maybe coming to an end. I hope not also like all right last thing because I think that. This part's interesting so like let's say they did that for culture which is what my belief is that they did this like. It's a cultural thing right. And then you see what happened. It was happening in Detroit. Where they're you know they're bringing in Jamie Collins Doron harmon and Danny Shelton in Miami with Brian Floors. They're bringing in. Kyle Van Noy Ted Karras and Landon Roberts even with the giants now. Joe Judge going there. They're bringing in nate abner and Dion Lewis. You're there when bill. I got to New England and he brought in. I believe Brian Cox Anthony Pleasant Roman Phifer. A few guys that have played for him with the jets. Do you think the culture things overdone at all or or trying to replicate. What you had in Foxborough is too difficult to do in this day and age. I think you can bring in older guys like you know you can bring in for Patriots. I in the hopes someone that rubs up but still comes down to the head coach. I mean you you can have guys that are played. Bill Go to other teams and they can. Maybe have I think a minor in the head? Coach isn't built the same way. Why are the same way like bill? Ballot check? I don't think you players from Bill. Donald Check team is going to make all that big of a difference. I really really don't. It's hey coach and how you're dressed every day is after you know after a win. Is He seem like does he make it like? It's just another win. Can you gotta forget it and move on Like bill does or are you a head coach. It is different. I think I think it comes down to more about the head coach. Because you've seen so many former assistant coaches for bill valid. Check GONNA be. Hey coaches try to be the Haro. Bill is and one thing you can do in this in this league. Bird is be somebody. You'RE NOT IF YOU'RE A head. Coach is acting like this ingenuous or authentic or not true to yourself that out and they won't have much respect for you at all. It's fine the one guy that seems to have word from best that came out of that program. An A head. Coach is a guy who wasn't a coach for him was a player for him. Mike variable like he seems like he he has. He has a potential to be the best of them. Yeah you know what but my very I think authentic and real and true himself and so I see him coaching keep. I keep played now. My guess is he's probably taken a lot of things from bill and applying it but just not from the personality standpoint more from the XS and Os standpoint which would be part of my okay. That's Ted Johnson Former Patriots. Linebacker with me all the time on. Nbc. Sports Boston former a commentator down. Houston Ted always appreciate you. Coming out would definitely have yawned again and we waited too long to make this happen anytime. Berkman always enjoy our chop. It up with you buddy. I'll talk to you all right. Thanks Ted always great catching up with him. We have a great time in the fall in the post game in the pre game show and he's just a great dude in general happy to have him on the show here for the very first time and from there. We're going to jump right in your questions. Because of the circumstances you guys have noticed the last couple of weeks we've reverted to doing the questions that you guys. Send us the way we used to do them. So went from being voicemails and emails now back to doing six pack longtime listeners of the show understand how the six pack works. We the cough for questions on twitter. We ask you respond. If your question gets picked we give you like on twitter? That means they hit that little heart button there and you get an answer here. Question number one for the week from Smith that's at Brian. Underscore nineteen fifty-three Brian's asking how interested with the colts. Being jalen hurts Brian. I do think that there will be on. The colds are going to do their homework on the quarterback this year by I think part of trading the thirteenth overall pick four to force buckner wasn't acknowledgement. That maybe they didn't think that the their long-term answer was there. And furthermore I think that the the the edition of Philip rivers is a sign that they are planning that they are doing their best to sort of keep the train on the tracks with the program as they built it the last three years and you know just sort of treading water for the next year to at the position until they can find the next answer that that in fact is exactly why you know and we reported this a month ago why Brady was sort of a non starter for them and why they didn't pursue Tom Brady because you know when they looked at it they said okay. If we bring in Tom Brady now. We're going to be all in for one or two years. We're going to probably disrupt our program in several different ways and that's not saying that in a negative way it's just. It's just the fact of the way that would have gone and they didn't want to do that you know they've they've been. They've drafted really well the last few years. They've got a lot of young players and their team. Guys like Darius Leonard Quinton Nelson like rocky a sin and so they want to sort of kind of keep the building process going as it's been going in the best thing for them to do to keep that going was bringing the guy. They knew that they wouldn't disrupt much as far as how they've been building program. Philip rivers knows. Nick Serianni he knows Frank Reich so it made all the sense of the world to go for with two quarterbacks and rivers and Jacoby perset that you know that you like that'll buy you a year and if they're willing to come back and twenty twenty one maybe two years to find a long-term answer I would expect the CA- the colts will be headlong into the two thousand twenty one quarterback class and it should be a good one CLEMSON's Trevor Lawrence Ohio States. Justin feels at the top of that group question. Number two is from Rick. That's at Rick conch thirteen. I know the draft is loaded with receivers but the free agency market for them has been nonexistent. What is are the reasons? Well I think you just hit on it and advertently there because the draft is loaded at receiver teams aren't being as aggressive with the free agent market because they know we get to April not even necessarily in the first round and the second or third round we may be able to find starting level players and then they look back and they see the last few years when the receiver in the draft wasn't as strong as this year. Wow you can find answers in the second round there was Michael Thomas. Dj Shark there the to miss kids last year. Aj Brown and decay metcalf. So you know I think what hurt receivers on the free agent market guys like Robbie Anderson is that the draft class is so strong teams are saying why spend in March? Why overspend in March when they're going to be answered for us there April question number three from mobile own. Mo- sound guy most likely darkhorse team to trade up for a quarterback. Why don't they give you the Tampa? Bay buccaneers is one and I know that sounds weird. But they don't have a ton of pressing needs in their team and maybe it makes sense for them to put the Guy who will succeed. Tom Brady and the roster. Now you may remember and I'm GonNa bring up this comparison again but Denver Peyton Manning two thousand twelve. What are they do? They drafted Brock. Osweiler that year. Now obviously it worked out in two thousand fifteen where they won the super bowl in part because he was able to kind of keep the keep the. Keep the train rolling When he got in there but he didn't want to be a long-term answer but the point is they felt they had to put a younger answer younger piece the position because they've gotten so much older with their starter and so I wouldn't be surprised to see Tampa at some point. Take a quarterback because they look at and they say okay. This is where we need to make our move and we need to put somebody on the roster who could be the long-term answer the other team. I'll keep an eye on the raiders. Just because they got two first round picks they're picking twelve nineteenth that nineteenth pick of course is one of the last pieces of the coil Mac Trade and I. I do know that they've sort of continue to look for ways. To Upgrade Marcus Mariota will sort of be playing the role that Ryan Tannehill played behind him in Tennessee. Next year. Where it's like you know in case of emergency brake last guy You know they've tried to create competition for Derek Carr. Let's just say they get really clean. Medicals back from to a Tunga below as people. Let's say I I don't know how he's GonNa prove it but he does something like were there. Wow we gotta look at this and let's say because of the medical maybe other people assess it differently starts to slip in the top. Ten is a crazy to vegas. Could make a move up to go and get tongue below that my mind is not so those are the two teams surprise teams to trade up question number. Four from Adam. Show Walter. That's at Adam show Walter. Why didn't you debbie cloudy of a bigger market? And who is actually in place for his services. Still I think he winds up back in Seattle at and the reason why he doesn't have a bigger market. I think there are two reasons. Why Number One? I think is financial expectations. Were a little much. He expected to be paid like demarcus. Lawrence and Frank Clark and all those guys last off season and I think he could make the case that you know in a lot of points in his career. He was better players than those guys. He's a better player than those guys. But if you're asking for more than twenty million dollars it's just based on the environment right now. It's it's a tough thing to ask. Teams projected the cat being higher than it wound up being. And here's the big thing if you're gonNA make sort of investment we talked about this with Cam and you're bringing in a guy with injury history you're gonna WanNa bring them in for a physical you're gonna WanNa take a look at them and they haven't had the chance teams haven't had a chance to take a look at him physically and so. I think the most likely scenarios he winds up going back to Seattle. And maybe he winds up going back to Seattle on a one year deal question. Numbers five eighty one. That's at D. Underscore Ricker eighty-one hypothetically. If the season does not happen withdraw remained the same for twenty twenty one. I believe it would also any movement on Janaka or Trent Williams trades so we mentioned we talked about trump trump Williams earlier. I think the trump Williams trait happens if his contract demands. Come down if he's so desperate to get out of DC. Maybe he's willing to take a little less than a contract if he's willing to take a little less than a contract. I think all of a sudden there'd be a good market for him on the I'm afraid front as for Jahic bionics and interesting case because I think you have to slaughter them probably somewhere between you. Slot them between where he had a had. Frank Clark and d four last year Frank Clark went for a one or two D Ford. Went for two twos. Why the difference? Well because D- Ford F. actually deport actually went for one to d four. Went for a two. Because he isn't as good a run defender. Frank Clark's more. Well rounded player. Jaanus a little bit more like d Ford in that sense very very good pass rusher kind of an ordinary run-defender and so two teams look at it and say this guy's worth to if he's worth at two is Jacksonville. Move Him for two and what he asking for. Contractually that's going to be part of the equation to D four. Took a fairly team friendly deal last year to go San Francisco and so all those things sort of play in. Where what's he asking for in the contract? And where's that middle ground between what? Kansas city got for deformed what Seattle got for Frank Clark. Last year obviously both moves worked out to a degree both those teams San Francisco in Kansas City. That traded for those players wound up in the Super Bowl Oh jahics I mean to me if you can get a first round. Pick for him. If you're willing to give up a first round pick for The deal you make the deal happen Finally question number six from GM wannabe that's at GM wannabe. What are the vikings playing with cafes from hunters contract restructuring? I don't think the Vikings are GonNa do anything big. They've got the draft capital now after the stuff on digs trade. Where they're able to they're going to be able to. Address needs on the offensive and defensive lines and the receiver position based on. What's available in this year's class like somewhere along the line in April and so they'll be able to do those things where this could make a difference is if you do. WanNa keep Anthony Harris and it was a surprise Anthony. Harrison is people that they were tagged the Vikings made room for Anthony Harris's tag by doing a new deal with her cousins. There's just right now. I think more than anything else. This was about creating breathing room. In general they needed to create breathing room for Harris Tag. They needed to create breathing. Room for For for their rookie class. When the rookie class comes in and now they're going to have to first round picks that are going to need room for that so it's just I think part of this is just normal accounting? Because they were in a tight spot coming into the off season and if anybody benefits from this you know contract monetarily than I think. It'll probably be somebody who's on the roster right now. Somebody like Anthony Harris so that was six questions but I do have a bonus question here from my buddy fits that's IANFITZSIMMONSESPN at E. N. FITS ESPN the host of of Freddie and Fitz Simons on ESPN radio personal. Friend OF MINE. If you go to one place to eat in any NFL city where would you feast? And what are you ordering? You know what I'm Gonna. Kiss your ass here fits because I know you're from there and I think there's probably what you were doing. You'll probably fishing for a compliment for your city anyway. But there's no question it's going to be New Orleans. I'd go to herb. Saint New Orleans. I'd have to look at the menu again to know what I order. I think they had a tremendous ammon. There I can't remember what but there were. There are so many good things on the menu there. And I've been there a bunch. So gimme herb. Saint New Orleans appreciate all you guys coming out. I hope that we can give you guys some in entertainment here as you know this just bizarre different unique challenging situation for all of us unfolds in our country everybody listened to doctors pay attention to the science. Stay home if he can if you take. We're all in this together. If you can take care of what you wh- if he can take care of what they're asking you to take care of all get through quicker. I do believe that. And it's not because of something I know it's because I trust what I hear from doctors Again we're all in this together so I hope everybody can kind of listen to what the people who know what they're talking about talking about You guys coming out again like I said. Hopefully we'll give you guys a little bit of a diversion here as everything gets weird indifferent and tough and I want you guys. Also if you want some more diversions to pay attention to all of our podcast so we got the Monday morning podcast. We've got the weeks. Ipod has with genuine connor. Get all of our podcasts. All three of those podcast this one in those two on the QB NFL podcast. Feed you can also get the QB NFL news feed which catches you up on everything that's going on in the NFL every day. Both those feeds are on spotify stitcher tune in Google. Play Apple podcasts. Wherever you guys get your shows you can get those two shows. Have them pop right in your podcast feed? Every time they go up same time. Next week I'll see you guys.

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