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This message comes from NPR sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races other things are fast like xfinity X. by get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make WIFI simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply Yankees play game one of the American League Championship Series Tonight I'm Barbara Klein N._p._R.. News in Washington for a player who spoke out in favor of democracy in Hong Kong NPR's James DUBEC reports the company came under fire from gamers and politicians in Turkish air strikes have targeted several towns within the corridor raising concerns of security breaches at camps housing former Isis fighters and their families for a job well done adding that he was leaving the position to spend more time with his family trump also credited macalinsan for re a powerful typhoon has slammed into Japan making landfall on Honshu with the heaviest rain and winds in six decades more than official population of about thirty thousand people the Turkish Defence Ministry says the town's residential center has been taken over by Turkey and its Syrian opposition allies trump says he plans to name a new acting secretary next week Louisiana voters are casting ballots today for governor it's a primary the election but as Paul Braun of member station W. R. K. F. Reports Democratic incumbent John Bel Edwards could end the race early with a strong showing all surrounding villages have also been overtaken the United Nations estimates that one hundred thousand people have been displaced this week during Turkey's offensive along serious northern border trump hasn't endorsed either candidate but he traveled to the state Friday to urge Conservative voters to unseat Edwards the only Democratic governor in the deep south for NPR news. I'm Paul six million people are being told to evacuate the capital Tokyo the video game company Blizzard says it's reducing penalties meeting today and they condemned Turkey's operation as an invasion and demanded encore ended Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin Matt doesn't he would be much more vulnerable in a one on one contest with either of the Republican challengers in the race Congressman Ralph Abraham and businessman Eddy responding president breath if no one earns fifty percent plus one vote recent polls show Edwards within striking distance of crossing that threshold and winning the second term if he adducing the number of migrants crossing into the US illegally at the Southern Border Michelina took over for Kirstin Nielsen who resigned in April he says it is targeting Kurdish led militias which it considers a terrorist group for NPR news. I'm Jay Bruce Karen in Istanbul Arab League foreign ministers held an emergency kaleen is resigning NPR's Windsor Johnston reports president trump announced the secretary's departure on twitter last night in a tweet trump prays macalinsan and border city after clashes with Kurdish led militias Duri Karen reports from Istanbul the town of Russell sets on the northeastern part of the Syrian border a statement Friday Blizzard Entertainment President J. Allen Brack said the company reacted too quickly when it suspended an e sports player for a year and made him museum has what's called a jungle primary it pits all candidates against each other in the first round of voting the top two regardless of party will meet in a runoff election next month Auberon in Baton Rouge a top negotiator for united auto workers striking against General Motors says he's waiting for a response to a counter proposal Terry dentist says if GM accepts it they'll have a tentative agreement to end nearly four week long strike this is NPR forfeit

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