Nelly Is Joining Ryan Seacrest for New Year's Rockin' Eve 2021!


She sleeps on even when the weather outside is frightful jack. Frost here likes it. Cool introducing the new sleep number three sixty smart now temperature-balancing so you can sleep better together but we'll keep me asleep yes it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjust. Keep you both effortlessly comfortable. I have more energy for holiday. Shopping does rudolph have a red nose and ask about the seven hundred dollars on new sleep number three beds plus special financing only for a limited time to learn more go to sleepnumber dot com special financing subject to credit approval minimum monthly payments required. See store for details. Wanted to point seven kiss. Fm nellie all smiles joining us right now. Hey it's good to see you nellie. Merry christmas happy new year to you. Too on america's. I see we're looking on his i. I assume that is a room in your home. He's got it all decorated up. Yeah i didn't do it but yet looks good he nelly. I didn't realize united so much in common. until believe. Were you born in one thousand nine hundred seventy four. Yeah seventy four. That's when we were separated. Nineteen seventy four started in the same here and we got separated. Then it looks okay. What sign are you scorpio now. Is that tanya november november. Okay now i'm camera. Corn so are we Matches friends. I think we should. I think we pretty much get along. I think we should. We should do the friends star book right past. Hey i gotta say. I was just playing a ride with me. And i'm thinking about that marks. What twenty years since country grammar came out thinking back right right yeah. Twenty years of will to be exact. The single came out in ninety nine late. Summer of ninety nine and then album came out in two thousand. So yeah it's twenty years since album but it's so magical because i will play from that album today in the mix of everything else. I'm playing from this year and last year and it's still it's still so relevant it's still it's still current matt. Thank you. I think as an artist. That's all you want man notes that you dream about making music that that Last test of time and just infect people lives Virtually enough the way that the album has not just myself and my family but you know people people felt it. I remember hearing The lyric about sitting next vanna white first time and i thought. Wow this guy's living the life he's sitting next event guys roll one d next vanna white on an airplane lanes larry haas driving in the car. Isn't that true. Yeah yes you definitely do something nelly. I just wanna say. We loved watching you on dancing with the stars you really. You really became a favourite with the fans. There were you thinking you're gonna go that far do you think you we're gonna win like what was your mindset. I mean you know you. You hope you do well. I mean that's part of the reason. Why i think i kind of got little covert fever just being in the house and not having any and this and this opportunity came up because i had it not been for You know covert. I might not have had time to really do it because it is kind of time consuming. It really is I didn't know i didn't know man. I mean you know you hope you do. Well i didn't want to go over there and make make out of myself. You very smooth about that. Appreciate and listen. He's got a nuisance. Call with florida georgia line. Which is out now and nelly performing with us on new year's rocking eve which you'll be real soon as we ring in the new year and i wanna thank you for doing that. No problem bro. Thanks for having me. You know what. I'm saying Anytime it's always a pleasure. When i get a chance to rock out you know on the new year's eve and you know hang out with the boys so it's all good. This is definitely the year that we're ready to say goodbye to and bring in the new one. Yeah think everybody's ready to pretty much kick the two oh to the curve. Take that in times square coming on next. We're gonna kick the too old to the curb on this. I'm so happy to see you and thank you for coming on all continued success and the spirit and energy. Keep it alive because it's contagious from you anytime role anytime man. Thank you so much man you know. You always been hanging with boys. So i appreciate got you. Everybody thanks again. Ah youtube i. I was just sitting here looking at up on. The screen says differentiate between a scorpio and capricorn can be very healthy endurable because these two natives respect each other very much so i knew i knew we were separated in nineteen seventy four. Now he's the best is a legend. He's a true legend excited about the legendary status of nellie. We're making a ryan's roses called next. The best way to feel love is to share it. That's why subaru created. The subaru share the love event this year. We're continuing to share the love. By the end of this. Our thirteenth year subaru in its participating retailers will have donated over two hundred million dollars to help those in need through the subaru share. The love of it right now when you get a new subaru subaru will donate two hundred fifty dollars to your choice of charities. For more information visit subaru dot com slash share. The subaru share the love event. Now through january fourth.

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