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Hey guys, Adam rave for the abou- last night podcast. Happy Monday what an episode today. The one and only John Reneiski returns to the pod for his third time. I think he has a new show on Hulu called catch twenty two starring and produced by George Clooney. Great cast. The hot dude from Friday night, lights is on it. Chandler, cow Chandler, I think. And John Renske from SNL from home, again, Conan, he just was on Conan had a great bit in a stand up that went viral John's, the man, and he comes by to talk about everything catch twenty two and his new dating life, and being in LA and great. Clooney stories stand just riff city Janis the best. That's why we love them and have anytime go, watch this full episode on YouTube on the about last night. Youtube channel and follow. John on Twitter, Instagram at John Renske, meet Adam right comedy at funny. Brad at alien podcast this week in Los Angeles for shows all week. 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All right now, then we got the tour dates Twitter handles emerge info out of the way sit back, relax and enjoy a brand new episode of the about last night podcast with our buddy John ridden at s-k-y. Well, the weekends overran this time Chad. Kitchen. Chew. So why don't you sit down? All breakfast. Data. For. This is about. Come on. Intrigue is bad. Oh come on three to seven. So come on, and treat yourself ragging. Second. Yeah. Dude. How dare you? Yeah. Dude, I three pivotal scenes that jaylo herself said were pivotal. Come on. Yeah. Come on. Talk about it on the Mike. Watch jaylo stories or not to be left on the cutting. I gotta watch it. Yeah. I mean she watch it anyway, just because it's a lo rom com year to jaylo rump. Come, how did I not know this? I don't know. I didn't do press for it. When you're in a Clooney's Lou show, you don't do press, when you got four lines and three scenes, although it was supposed to be two lines in one scene. Addition for this role. Did you snap auditioned for this role for sure? Well, now now we have this is he works in the office. No. He's one of the technician the lab technician helps jaylo make some cream for people's face off that could be interpreted differently. Sorry to make that kind of joke in front of your mother, John. She loves by the, by the way, you always come bearing gifts in the forms of people. That's true. That's true. Last time. I brought Jake. Yeah. Bringing my mother. Yes, I, I'm taking it up in this. Next time you come in your wife. I'm married. Yeah. But you will be to make that happen. Okay. Fine. That's going to be the selling point to the girl. You're dating is hey, man. We, we really got to settle this, this up because I'm doing Adam umbrella. And I promised yet can we go by that? Vegas drive-through wedding thing going on just matched on gender. But if we can speed this yet. Yeah, you're you're days of the online dating are, are no more. No more and more now I gotta I'm living with a gal now, you're, you're living with her Nash. Okay. She moved in so who knows I might be able to make that happen. All right. So let's go. Let's go full Howard Stern and go. Okay. Okay. So we live with the girl, you live in the girl, does the sex increase. Not how much fucking. That was my first attempt at a Howard Stern precious. I don't know. I liked it. What you could be dating for how long we've been dating for. A little over a year. And we did we matched on one of the apps, which up, Ryan Brier, the celebrity Ashley, I could never get on that weight does. So that lets the celebrity Tinder. She's not a celebrity. It's just I don't know. It's. You're the celebrity. Now, of course, you are horse you are. That's why you're here. When I got on us it out, we're like there's a dating app on us and hell goes, hey, so I can go. Jackson. But it's pretty much. I mean it's pretty crazy. People on there as far as like in, like, A-List celebrities. There were some there's some famous people on the match with, like how he Barry or something like that. I did not. I didn't I didn't need buddy really famous. I matched with, like probably a couple of people on the bachelorette or something like that or the bachelor. Hey, that's fame in some states. Oh, yeah. It's weird. I found out that a girl that I dated right before my wife is now on that. What's it? Mocks paradise island. What that is. That's like bathroom paradise kinda their version of that. But it's FOX, what's a little trashier? So much drop areas and candles straight fucking straight ahead. Hey, welcome to straight fucking this week on. Oh, my fucking big brother was to essentially, I think I think they tried to do that tried to, and then and then people started having, like, debates about racial equality and guys got all we go straight to the fucking. Guys, but we're talking about how the United States has to have agrees. Get the fuck fuck fuck speed this up. Yeah. There's something about that show that has still not registered with me. I guess, just a bunch of strangers living in a house, you love the real world. Yeah. Did. But that was that was when we didn't that was the options. That was the best that was the people were better, the people, I think the real world casting does a better job than big brother air. They're they're casting was always like I mean, I it seems easy and basic now. But like they're always, like, okay, we've found a gay guy and a guy who doesn't like gape. We. What is Jewish and maybe just really Italian tan? We'll find out. We have someone who doesn't believe you should have sex until you're married and. With someone who's booking. With straight Josh Meyers with that. Aide. I got Jimmy legs, y'all. Very good. I'm just doing now. There's would you ever go on a reality show dancing with the stars? I feel like is waiting in the wings for you. That's true. But things. If I do well enough some point and then not well for a while. Yeah. That's when you do it seems. I guess they do got to a place where you do need that arc. You can just say, do something bad to feel like an ended up on dancing with the star. Yes, you're just be like a pseudo celebrity, who gets pulled over for, you know, listen, I'm on Cam over famous for that. And then you get a urinated on the cob while singing the baby shark and it was a guest star. Sheldon my dick out. Playground that everybody knows why name right? Exactly. And you'll be clear. This is go. Yes. Oh, yeah. The podcast in the middle. So, so where was the park, John? When you took your dick out and, and let's be honest. This is the podcast where you've come to apologize for taking your dick. No, no, no. John John is very easy. Ruin your career. You know, did you find is that there was like, you know, people ask comics all the time, like after the Louis thing, like you know, do you feel now frayed to talk about? Like, did you feel any of that backlash or any sort of apprehension to talk about something that you might feel like could be perceived as not even just to edgy? But like where you're like, all right. The audience, maybe people need to. More time like the time he took her takeout like were you hesitant to talk about that at all? I should've been whereas my dig rats. There's a whole production when he has to take out the go down. God, I need a systens. Yeah. I can't I can't just drop an extra hand you the assets too big the pants. Don't can't just fall. If I had a nice flat asshole, you just need. Tearaways. I mean I need I need tearaways. And then I need that one song playing don't that, that, that, that, that, that. What's happening? You don't jump into the bedroom. My pulling off tearaway sweats. I mean, I think I should now mix it up a little should be a whole production. Hey, have you ever seen the movie bring it on? Let's reenact that dancing right now. All little people. Enough people like call in that doesn't happen on the podcast people. Right in. Oh, yeah. You'll do it. Oh, I'm gonna be I'm gonna be having a gofundme page. He goes, go for the money for the fund. My sex tearaway pants has there been a dwarf. Bring it on like even porn parody. Or remake in the works. I ask them on ESPN three you know, cheerleading championships has ever been a listen, man. We got some stuff in the works. I was at I was at a meeting last week. And now see, here's the thing tossing that scares now that game of thrones is done. We are all vying for that top dwarf spot. Dink Klages out. You think we're all just all fighting. We're all fighting now because we're like, oh, the king is dead. There needs to be a new king right now. It's me and we man were neck and neck. But you never know there could be a dark horse dwarf, which is a great name for a racehorse. Doc cars door left side dot squad. I wouldn't put money on them. The dark orange. Have you ever been on horses? You seem like a guy that would would get invited to go do that. Not know anything about it, and make the rich guys laugh. And then they ended up like giving you a lot of play on my mother's here. We went horseback riding a horse bedding. Yeah. Horse bent on going to, like the emerald downs or the older chill down Sergio downs. Julian McCullough once I can I open for him in Minnesota. We went to a track. I vaguely remember when I was the same that was the same week. I gotta sit down. So I don't really there were slightly bigger. Remember the horse part? Yeah. Exactly. By the way. Thank you for being our first guest in the new digs, man. Looks great. Did I mean you're coming together but popping cherry? I love what you've done with the vice. I now know you were in second. For that made fresh cream for jail. You now know we're sponsored by a Koi CBD again. Look at that you can get your sponsor by them. Yeah. We can get the best in the biz teachers creams. I may have made in second act. In. Why do they jaylo was smiling so much in that movie? Is just getting wasn't high because there's no THE in it. Yes, they're combing. And but it's an important distinction. Now letting the last time I saw you. Yeah. I didn't know this was a part of a press tour. I just thought your friends with the coach from Friday night lights. Kyle chandler. Well, no. Well, so we Kyle Chandler is like look in catch, twenty two. Yes, your, your new show on Hulu and Hulu, and he lives in Austin, Texas. Okay. So I told him I was coming down there for show. Yeah. Mom coming. All right shows. And so I'm so nervous. Because I got coach. I'm a huge red nights fam-. Yeah, I grew up watching what you love about it. I mean you're reenactment of the big game on Conan was like priceless. And I feel like in every other episode of that show. Yeah. Yeah. You moment like that it was from that show that I did that man. I did a Friday night lights bit on Conan for those seen it, and then and then Kyle Chandler came to see my set. And so he got to see me do the. Oh now you extra nervous being like this guy that inspired the bit watching the bit one hundred percent. I was really nervous. I really wanted him to be involved in Conan's that to come out share to, like, have a headset on and just come out slow and then that coach move and give me a high. Yeah. Coach move where you put your hands on your knees your like it all comes down to pick up the clipboard. Yeah. So, so Kyle was in the any and I was I mean, we got along onset when that was the most we ever hung out was in Texas when he came. I mean because it was a festival at three shows he came with me to all three shows we took shots in between each in between showed up. I must've got you after your second show because you guys were both really happy. Like I got I'm a fan of the guys. Well, of course these the investigator in wolf of Wall Street and bloodline. Yeah, does all this stuff, and then I'm seeing this guy, and I'm just like look ski coach hanging with coach. I mean I looked up damn so much and interns to hang out with them, and he's a great guy. He's a great. He's everything you'd want Chandler to be like chicks lover. I always get a drink. And he's like, well, let's get the jerky on the menu. There's like beef jerky. Let's order a bit of the jerky, and then we're doing. We're drinking cocktails eating beef jerky at this, like the oldest hotel in Austin, Texas. I'm like, this is does get more Texas than this with Kyle. And he starts telling stories about free nights, and at one point, Gino, he said, you know, there were a lot of fires going on down in Texas while shooting down there, and I volunteered for the fire department while. So I'm like he's coaching. The Dillon Panthers. And putting out fires. He's little did you feel less of a man because I'm feeling like a pussy right now hearing about hundred percent. He had that is that is so gratifying to know that that's what he is. That's what he's doing. You know, even said he goes, he goes, you know, I almost didn't go to the Emmys because of the fires fires that were going on. I was like you won the EMMY and he's like I know could you imagine how good the press would have been in frigging goat cow? Chandler can't be here to accept as ward, too. Busy rescued kitties. Buildup. Did he answer a lot of Friday night questions? Did you like? Well, no. But we want to round town like people would come up because he's like a hometown hero hersher, one of the bars. We got a shot at you went over member, but hose an extra season to remember. Yeah. He's a course. Yeah. Courtesy. Yeah. I was gonna say 'cause he doesn't remember like nobody like an extra watch. I mean, like I don't know if like he watches all of his stuff like that cool of a guy where he's really into the like he like lives on a farm in Texas just trying to keep that feeling like fixing a radio. He's like, somehow restoring a wagon. Just like a nice would finish on that. It's like it's like him in Nick Offerman, just call each other and talk about would, but not in a sexy way. Become sexy guys. I'm working on a canoe right now. Carl, what do you do it easily doing a wagon? And you know, my wagon last man stuff where where I'm like, man Steph. Or I'm like calling people like could someone compete this wall. I can't I'm used so I've never been to a Home Depot. Okay. Do any of that. I can't do I couldn't I couldn't build Legos as a kid would announce on a podcast ever at least lines say could do that. And isn't it funny? How that does translate? Yeah. You put what you Lincoln logs guy or just a straight up. Lincoln like what were you buying? This kid as a child. Barbie plays with Barbie. That's why John has no genitalia, which, which is why he could take his dick out because he just pulled it down. Again dome. By the way, quick, tangent, can you imagine if they ever do just go fuck it like Barbie's got boobs? It's time that can is also bringing something to the party. Yeah, you go ahead and attach a little convenient bean. It's like a little maybe bay when we don't know can't seems like putting puck and put together guy. She'll be packets if he's with Barbie. Are they just Barbies? Got thirty two thousand jobs, doctors veterinarian. She's lawyers also marine cheese. Addict Louis area. Homeless diseases shit that is not what I wanted on the three. Well, thank you for coming in. Bradford Ken, we will not be going in that direction. Okay. Ken? What's he going to be very angry? And third rookie. All right. But. Like it was Colorado, great with fans coming up to him. And just yeah, yeah, he was great. Because people do get aggressive can be a little, you know, self, we get in a fight just now I'm going to run. That was like that made me feel better because I'm like, maybe he's not just a man. He's also like a real gun. He's like we're running. I feel I throw down what see coliseums like the guy where he would be in the fight finish the fight comeback sit down table go. So what were we talking about? You'd have that movie, the glass over says, like we're my drink. Oh. And all of a sudden is up. You wouldn't even chewing. Is he a guy that on the show, you first of all, how did you take us through the process? Yeah. This is it too big show. That's twenty two out of Hulu. I'll say this. I haven't watched a sat down and gotten into a show. And also, I know that all the available, right and can stream all of it now. Yeah. Yeah. I'll accept subs on Hulu. I like the idea of like take your time with the show and looking forward to stop and you have binging, look, I'll probably, you know, I got one and a half apps. And by the way, a show to hook you right away. Like I think there's just so much stuff now we're also ADD like this show from the get-go like the first three scenes are just like everything you wanted it. You get enough Clooney, you get into it all the characters, and you get like action. You know what I'm saying? It's really just like, oh man, I have no option but to watch all of this if it wasn't so late, I probably would have. But again, I liked the idea of, like breaking it up, and I'm going to Seattle this week, and I'm looking forward to like having a night when I get home from shows to watch a couple of more, you know what I'm saying that I love. Yeah. It's an easy watch. It's an easy watch. Every episode is like forty to forty five minutes, the writing is, like writing if you're a fan of like Clooney, when he's in those Coen brothers movie where where captured into that, for sure. And tolerable cruelty type writing where it's just Bobo Bobo. And then this shows view, because the writings, really sweet, Luke Davies and David Michaud, who wrote it, Luke Davies wrote lion. So he's nominated guy. Wrote animal kingdom while okay? Ching. The new movie with Timothy shallow may the king. So were like these guys wrote Geely and airbud six and they just somehow. They, they just clicked collect. They were able to adapt going to roll the dice. Just big World War Two buff. That's that's how they got it. Right. Who would have thought? Would've thought they had airbud Nazi Germany waiting in the wings. That just couldn't get people to jump on board and funded vibe does the golden retriever. To be called cans back. How did you how did you get this part? I send in a tape actually, and that's it. Really, I mean I send it to taper one of the characters in it, and the casting director who I hadn't ever met. Rachel tenor, who I? Oh, so much to and Rick Messina the two of them. I'm so grateful to them because I never gone in for an audition with them on tape a mine. They said you know he's this was good. But he's not ready for this, but he might be right for this guy. Yeah. And they have no they don't need to do that. Right. So many people are trying to get a rare show cause was Clooney already attached at this point. Clooney's attached. It shooting in Italy for three and a half months is so who doesn't want to do this? Everybody wants I was praying that I would get this job. Yeah. Any role on the show. And so I sent it another tape and. Yeah. And then her back shortly thereafter, just hear from Clooney or just from the casting, the Cavs, and Greg there, but it's pretty wild because, you know, that it's Clooney who said, this is the guy hit us on often you he's the guy who think he was just sitting there like Clooney and grant. What's this guy's name? Jane, can you bring me in us? Bresso. W. Just always with him. He's. Yeah. He's bringing ops. That coffee. Yeah. Dude, that's crazy. He signed off on you. That's the first sign of like fuck you, right? Like that's you, you put that in the I don't know if you put that on your resume or walk up on stage so that credit. But maybe you, do you signed off on by Clooney. Dude, that guy literally think of somebody more you can't. That's a in the business that you just like one to have a beer with. He's just be in his world. But then also like, have the approval of right. There's nobody cooler than George Clooney. In Tampa fights hip now asked but then you're probably thinking yourself shooting in Italy. We're probably going to go on the weekends to his house on lake. Vice. Okay. I, I brought to suits with me to the on my trip because I'm not that Clooney would be inviting me, something right? I never. You never invited me to come. But this is funny that I was like we're going to be on a boat. Yeah. I'm going to need a somebody to suit on at least two at least two because I should have run three one day in the in the blue one twice. Yeah. One day, we're going to be in a suit activities, gonna look at me and be like, so you come into with him pastor tomorrow. I am second suit. Invite to the KOMO house. But I wish I am because Chris Abbott who is the lead when to the komo's and when he came back almost of my friend test was there. I was like, who was there. Yeah. I was like, oh, this weekend, it was Bano, Adam Sandler, and Jennifer Aniston, and then another week and it was Sasha baron Cohen, Stephen Colbert. And somebody is that just like the prince I think, so. Wouldn't Queen shack and Tony Robbins. Mary Foote kill. Airy tony. Check. Just to see what? That's amazing. That's just like zeppelin gets the celebrity hotel in Italy. Like, when you're going to be sure to stop by the Clooney's. Yes. Loonies. I mean he's got like a proper. Yeah. Wow. Set up there. I think through the first meet and greet with him because. Yeah, that's a nerve wracking. But also, you know, your because I didn't meet them until I was in Sarb Denia where we shot that in there. Yes. Shot it and Sardinia we share we shot it, dude. So that's a great place. My friend day. The folks have some cash, and we went there after Scotland, we did this fringe festival trip after UC with an alumni group messy, and then my friend was like two hundred come with me and my folks to didn't he on our plane and I was like dating a girl the time and I already been gone for eight weeks. And, and I was like I was like how long does take another two weeks? And I was like, oh boy, and so she's like you really going to not do this. And I was like, I haven't seen my girlfriend a while. She's like is going to marry her. And I was like, I don't think so. Was like. Breaking it down for me. But so did he is one of those like made up Willie Wonka type situations like just clear blue water and mountains coming out of the middle. And like you know, we'd be on, on a Saturday. We'd be on a boat with Kyle Chandler at one point. We like doc in the boat jumping off rocks into the water. I remember one day we were just like on Iraq zig, nothing around, except beautiful ocean water. And then this boat comes out of nowhere like ringing a bell, and it's guys with apper all spritzers July selling it on this boat. And Kyle's, I got it and jumps in like swims. And like get a coach Taylor yet. Brings us a knife in his mouth for no reason whatsoever. It's like when I dive into the water. Yeah, yeah, that's amazing. Yeah. And there was there was a restaurant on an island. The only thing on this island is the restaurant and we would like go there. That's the one thing that Italy, they don't change who they are Italian through. And through. And yes, we, we kinda hinted at it as, if you need any more to watch the show. It's a World War Two show based on the based on the novel, which is where the phrase catch twenty two yom's from was from this novel. I didn't know this, like we have so many phrases in our language that everyone's just kind of assumed that have always been there. But it's like no, they started somewhere in the buck. Yeah, the book was going to be called catch eighteen. And then there was another book coming out of the time with eighteen in the title, publishers were like one age to twenty two more of a ring to it. It does and does. And it's not like like it's catch twenty two it's not like it references like a code or anything like that. It's just it's just a made up thing. Just a made up thing that Joseph Heller came up with this brilliant guy. I was gonna say, because you asked me about my first meet and greet. Right. Right. Very georgia. And we did one on one meetings with him and grant. So we're like the lobby of this hotel in OB ah, which. Is inserted and. Just like pacing and panicking, because I'm like, oh, my kind of where we're like one at a time, like okay you're, you're, you're up on deck, and you just go up there and to talk to them. I just was like freaking out that I was gonna talk to. And I still to this day feel like I never got it right with Clooney. I was just always so nervous around my buddy PICO, who's on the show, went up there in his meeting, all like recapped army, of course, sure. I don't think I just wanted to compare notes. You, you want to. So is there something I shouldn't say or should say, should I bring like I gotta say, it'd be just be funny? Yeah. Oh my God. And he's got a great stories about just everything everything humor, right? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. These prank stories so you have to assume that he's got a good sensibility. Yeah. I've, I've a great Clooney store, I'll share but for next time, so John, I want to hear about, of course nobody ever LSU, great Cooney story. Well versus why. So peco's story was that. Oh, you goes up there and Clooney's verse thing, he's like, George pull a chair and peco's. So nervous that he was like a, a man is already been pulled up. And that also makes. Also, the chair hadn't been pulled so. The heavy chair now. Yes, I go into Raga. So we have across the heart also would have accepted, I will pull it up. If you help me, this chair looks heavy, but that's too much and not cool, cool. Yeah. Lift us on my say, George said, I don't think he remembers George. He blacked out to that. And I both try things with sure try to like I hope you heard that story before your meetings, you can be like, well, at least I'm not going to be as bad as that guy. I heard it after it was more to be like, did you do, because I know look, I said anything, you know, I don't think I it would be great, if you guys did say that back to back and didn't know what do you think you think you'd be like you plan this, or you're both fired because I can't handle the similarities. You guys are planning, your chair responses. Have been done that so them. What, what did he like, would you talk about just the show he talked about where we were? Yeah he just was going through where we were shooting in Rome. Because after star January shot in Rome at this place, Shinichi tau, which is where for new shot, most of his movies Lord. Yeah. It's pretty wild and where the shut the show, Rome. I mean it's like an incredible historic magic. So we talked about that. And just like a bit of the a bit of the show, but, like not much, you know, and then I never felt like long enough but yeah, like I got anything and grant has loved went to USC brought that up and. Yeah. Football during the actual filming. How much interacting with them when you're not maybe doing a scene with them? I'm always like aware of where George was at all times. You know, Chris Georgia Leila, Bejarano me because when I was just like watching Kyle and George talk, like like my mouth, my jaw dropped, and he's like, dude. What are you doing? I just like what I couldn't help. Just like you know all these guys, you know. And but, like, yeah, I would go up to George and you know, even if it was something he wasn't directing. I love to like hear his awesome, that's going on. And he always had great input. And always great stories. You know if I ever, I was like you know what was it? Like we're going. David Russell, I was like that motherfucker you know. And then he's got because they got a fistfight on three kings, like they got an a hole fight during the what an extra think like an. An extra was Africa. I forget what, what, what head down down. Exactly. I'll, I'll scrub. I've been on so many sets. I mean dude, he's probably got your stories for days. Oh, yeah. About that at all. He talked about. He told the story about Spielberg guest directed an episode, and he came up to him and he said, you know, if he's not moving your head so much. You could be a movie star. That's right. He does doesn't it doesn't now. He's a movie star, so we can do he can move his. He's doing. He's doing. Overheads welcomed us billboard. Let me say that he's like is. Yeah. He's God, Steven Spielberg told me something like that. The next day on set my head would be at stiff neck brace. Give give gimme scalpels stands like not moving. Like bread your interpretation of Ken. Oh, yeah. You said you had a great story. I want to. Yeah, we're out on the frigging tarmac like shooting a scene like what these World War Two planes. George comes up and like lanes on the, the hood is just like telling us about how he sold CASA migos for a billion dollars. And then does he bring that up casually cares. He goes, what did you say? Oh, that's a funny story. Actually goes. Yeah. Himself first conversation, solicit. Akil. Mentioned Cindy Crawford. Oh, yeah. And her husband is my partner, Gaza amigo. So let's talk about that for a while, George, okay? By the way, I love the stretch and the Jewish show you were trying to give their some sort of Yom Kippur, like I did he pulls out of shape. That's very neat. He goes, what do you guys do? What do you what do you do when you blow chauffeur, take tequila? But I'm done. What's wrong? Oh this tequila tequila. It's out of sight. Movies. If you drink too much, it'll it'll, it'll send you right to the ER speaking of that show, man, so good, Michael Clayton. Okay. I've always said, always, you're telling the story and I forget how it came up, but he was saying, oh, you know, when I was growing up, I got picked on by this guy. Darryl Tucker, always picked on me like you in a small town in Kentucky and. He's like, even when I go home, and he's like I could never stand up to him for whatever reason I could never stand out. I like even when I I let go home as an adult, you know, after the oh, big time Hollywood. Clooney Darryl tiger. It's still on. And then my after he sold CASA migos. He got a call from the mayor of Augusta Kentucky from and said, you know, George just about the most successful man to ever come out of this town. We'd love to honor you and name a street after you, you know, at like whatever they have some event. Yeah. Here and there. Yeah. It's like a town, fair or something. And we'd like to name a street Africa. We were thinking the name change in the name of the street. Your folks are on an Huckleberry whatever you know, he said, does. Darrelle tucker. Still live over, you know, hunting dinner whatever, you know, does does their talkers to live over there. And he's I think I'd like to change the name of that street. Now. Everytime, Darryl Tucker receives a check. Addresses to George Clooney. I. Done. What a yahtzee power play fucking mortal Kombat finishing move doesn't get cooler than you. Now you guys house down. But that's probably too much in. He. At this point that bully has to burn down his own house, just we can move to another street. Including by street to. Now it's Clooney. Forty two George Clooney ways in this town keeps moving. While. I mean that's the ultimate Clooney tale. There would open every, you know, but that's probably in his pinky of tales from the past, you know. Oh, yeah. He's gotta just did he quiz, you about us and L or just your experiences was he talked comedy because he seems like we talked about SNL wants. And I just asked him when he hosted, and it was that was fairly quick chat kind of tell stories. Sure. And that's fine to listen. Yeah. Totally you could really just take out a phone record him. And then later edited in questions and make a podcast. Here's my podcast with George Clooney. Very first episode. I'll bring it. Here's a you guys. Yeah. There you go. And we'll just say, tell us about, and then we'll just sit back. Go and he's got it. You know, it's always like, you know, it was me Matt and Brad. You know, threat pack right. First name staff. Of course now be be honest. I was going to be really difficult thing, which was cooler for you working with George Clooney on your new show. Catch twenty two now now available on Hulu or doing goat, yoga in Austin tax. I have to say. Clinically that call from my agent. There's nothing like that. And it was on speakerphone my friend was there MC goat yoga? Mood participated. Seed it call for my agents assistant because not important in my agent. The agent doesn't make the goat yoga calls. Favorable with goat is the first question. I think I was like yoga please like yoga. I'm like, sure, yeah. Please tell me responded with. I think I said, they dropped you said, who doesn't? Probably a little too much. John. This is serious something our agency is dealing with more often than you. Dry here. It's not bad. You know. Cheap. Okay. And you are. Animal noises. Whatever I didn't know the do. Says the difference between the animal they feel different so John from the inside. So what we're saying is. One's way tighter. So we're saying is. Goats do yoga. That's the winner the winner. Perfect. Wait. Is that what you're doing yoga and they're just sitting around you or the goats doing yoga with you, or you're sitting on a goat? How are they involved, so there's yoga and then goats are walking around and then get on people's backs and stuff? They just naturally will have on your back while you're like massage or just as the thing. Now just to walk around is calming. I'm having a tough time understanding why you need them there. It's just distracting. And then they wanted me to end see it. Right. So doing a show in the middle of the day, hard already tell right? Performing at goat yoga impossible with that. With that. So distracting, like I'm not saying it's like ten minutes into it. And I was like, do you guys want me here, like oh, yeah. The Mike shirt over there, Julie's. So do I start to I lead the Clinton what who pays attention? Doing well the yoga teacher was killing mostly my roasting measure, like you're gonna say something funny chain. We're going to take it to a sun. Salutation. To your. The you have like goat puns that she was killing you with, like, I think it would behoove you again this position. That's. She had a cover that's bad for. It was there like, not knowing what to do with myself. But that was a real conversation from all the shit agent. My agents assistant, asking does it to me. And then I was like, well, how much are they paying like nothing? And I was like, all right. Sure, I guess so I was like, do they ask anybody else? I know you're the first choice and my. But hey, you got some incredible Instagram photos. Sure. Yeah. And you got to do something like that for the material for the experience and you've never been one to shy away from like, you know, not saying yes to new things, you know, I tried to say to helps for the stand a bit about it. Oh man. I shouldn't have said. Yes. Of course. Sure. But those terrible gigs are the best story. Yes. That's when, when we all get around and talk a comedy clubs or at festivals. We're, we're not telling stories about the time we killed in front of the whatever it's like no we're telling the stories about. Oh, yeah. Have you ever done a daytime show when your audience is goats on their more? He wouldn't beat this one. That's true. True. Yeah. I mean, the bowling alley in muskegon, Michigan that I performed that I oh, you mean you've been I'm going back. Got you couldn't get book it, go yoga take it easy. Listen, probably pack it out back it out. We did two sold out shows last time but yeah. Very quarterback. I mean, did you tell them the goats were opening up for you? The go kill. I can't believe you said you've done it. You've done it on going back time I ever got chased, off stage chased chased and the same woman chased me off stage twice. She came to the first show on the second show shoe, so hammered, she forgot offended. I love that the first time of pet so much the same jokes. Same jokes, Dan, Trump's stuff, and this was before the election. Yeah. Well, this is all very late. I think we lost because of Michigan muskegon you know, I think it was like big mistaken might voted blue. But Michigan was. I said, I knew, you know, because of that my show with the bowling alley. They could tell they were militant. They were pissed. Trump jokes chase off city. It's not fair like now, how does this situation developed, so you make the joke and does she get up just like not Ted AA or like run after you or what happens there? I remember she had her rum and cokes like stacked like trophies. Yeah. Exactly good son. I just forget, as you passed out. He go Jason. Here's and I think it just happened. It was a couple of years ago. Now, I can't quite remember about it. And I tried to forget it, you kind of blocked out, so throw up on the front lawn. I Hampton mozzarella. It was a rough I give we're going back and the green room is just the guy's office, which had dirty undies on the floor. Well, that's, that's initiation that those green rooms are always the worst one. It's like we don't really have a green room. You can sit in my stepdaughter's call back. Got a heater. Gator why she in the car. CD player. Grumble and easier. Down every day. That's questions for my mother. I mean, well, here's now this up and I want to do a part to with your mom full full on at the desk. You know that's why I been best. We'll to if you're, if you're going to be here, and we won't see on Mike on the table. Say hello. She could anonymous sounded more like a Jewish mother with the Hello. Hello, full on at the table, a good. Yeah. That's we need some everything you need to know. How long are you here for talking art? Okay. And when you come back. Nor when we when we fly, her first class, and she comes cast did rhythm. And I'll be married by then. Yeah. Yeah. And we'll just have. And we'll just have questions about little John. Yeah. That's right. Oh my kid to. No no, the rap. We talk about the rapper the whole time. Because we know that she's an expert. About little guy. Castro many to stream and right now. Yes. Yes. Check it out yet. Go back. Watch your set on Conan. It was brilliant. Barstool sports, re tweeted something. Quarterback awesome. Yeah. Which was great about that. I talk about working with Clooney on the couch. And I got some fun couch stuff. I do talk show host bit with him. Yeah. That was my favorite. I'd take the after that, that was just so like any couch with Conan is the best. And when you can make him laugh and like he just took it on. He was like, yeah. I do do all that. Yeah. I mean that was the best. I was freaking out. Thank you for texted me. Oh, dude. Text you about second hack. I feel like well that's what we're gonna bring you for. Manchester. Djalo can dig cream. You can't hear me. Episode jaylo can typically. Oh this now. Never do the everybody. We'll be right back. Everybody. It's me. Tony danza. 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