Episode 282: On the edge of the mosh pit


Jimmy? You're wake. That's a good thing. Yes. Six six Oh nine right now. Has the time transition has have you switched over? Has Your body switchover to like the time California time? Not Really I mean I'm still waking up it's five every day. Today Yeah Yeah Still Waking Up and then I got a little early I actually wake up at five and kind of. Flip. Flop around like a fish until like. Nine or ten, but yesterday was a really early call ahead to be at the stage at six thirty. So. I'm just a mile away from the entrance to the studio. So I have a quickie and. So. Yesterday was an early day today obviously was an early date because I wanted to get ready because, right after don I gotta go so I had to get ready and you take a shower and stuff. and. It's good. It's good out here. It's nice. Haven't salt. It's nice break. Aaron's doing a good job holding things down. And so there is actually good stuff happening back in. New York wearing the past that travel and you know I always make sure there was really not much to do. But obviously, the websites doing well. So those guys are with the doing stuff for the website got a couple of new products to talk about the next few weeks some. Things. Are Good. Take a plane. It's nice to know things are happening in. I come here and play. Play like exact procedures what's different about the show this year? Well you know it's funny. There's some really good artists on the show some really like. Not, that were not that they weren't in the past but. The people with a little bit more of a focused talent that psych. That the you know the show's been out obviously a couple of years and got some time to be talked about and watched in Moldova so. You getting a little bit of a different casting and I probably said this last week but a lot of the people nearly everybody in the. Contestants know me and no youtube no all of us. So I don't know if that had to do with the show or did just digging more into the pool or where making more impression, but it's it's nice to have. Youtube fans and I'm talking to working with some of the people in like right on camera like Oh, this is the tricky taught me and you bandsaw tips video or whatever, and like it's really nice. You know. Making that type of penetration me, of course, because I'm there but they're talking about all of Youtube in general. So that's great. And You know no one's quelling any competition like everybody's happy about the free flow of ideas. I contrast that with like four five years ago when Nick and I were pitching a TV show. And every time we went into network, his agents would look at me and go do not talk about youtube they don't want to hear it. So. You know it's a different story now. Obviously. But it's it's nice. It's really nice and you know being the third season in a row and and just about almost everybody from season one is back when I say everybody mainly. Soundmen and people setting up. The. Arts apartment. To so many little divisions on a big giant expensive show like this, and you see all the same familiar faces and now because of all the series regulations, everybody has on a mask and shield. So everybody looks like they're going to do surgery. So. Everybody has shield on and and. When you went to contest and soon as it's all done they like there's a guy, the assistant directors always on a big loudspeakers like everybody put your shields on cameras down. And then halfway through the day, everybody has to leave the stage and they come in disinfect everything wipe down every handle of every tool. They really very serious about. An. Like they see you congregating like The Corona virus. Few few of them it's their job to separate people. Whatever it was an inconvenience for a few hours a day one in now everyone's kind of used to it. I just coming into it. Now that's been going on obviously this productions been going on. For several days. If not weeks before I got here you know the stage is all set up. I wrote to the producers like is this really going to happen when I was in new? York? I'm like so many things I could do things cookbook and. Just taking on responsibilities is like is this really she's like. The Barn is at a storage and set up on the stage. So if it doesn't happen, she goes I'm big trouble. That's like a huge effort. They take this entire barn apart into sections and store it. Bring it all in build it, put back together. So it's pretty really credible. But Yeah I'm happy having fun and I. I'm definitely not relaxing on camera. Now it's an ad I have licensed to just wander in and out of if I see somebody struggling I just wander in and help at yesterday heads a couple of good good moments. I'll tell you one here a moment. I had that had nothing to do with being on camera. So yesterday there's a girl. Did you guys ever see the machine that? That makes a rug. It's incredible. I was watching from afar I'd never seen when a person. It's a it's like a handheld stitching machine that makes a rug. You embroider the rug backing material from the back and it puts a loop on the front. And she was used that an I and after a few minutes everybody, they got enough footage everybody went away and. And then I noticed about five people looking for something and I come over I'm like, what's the matter she goes? Oh, I lost the the main screw that runs the mechanism fell off of the machine. It's like a hand held sewing machine and it was just a both that makes the machine do it does and everybody's looking for it then after a couple of. Two minutes sitting talking like the amount of people looking for doubled. So everyone's just kick in the grass looking for this bolts. And I pulled up my ice pick with a magnet on it and I want I wanted around the grass a little bit. Nothing happened and then I go. Where will you should? I was sitting right here and then I just wanted it and click a held it up and the. Like twelve thirteen people they cheered. Ice Pick for the win. But that was not there were no cameramen around. I pull that thing in a few people like you and your stupid is back you know and just kind of wanted jokingly like it's GonNa. Come to me and Harvard over the ground about an inch and I did it one time and it didn't happen I. Did it the second time in and like a few people around me heard the click like no way no way and I held enough like I. Got Pulled aside from this down, it was so funny. So. That's my TV set story, but everything's good. I'm working on a blog and I should have it ready probably by this weekend. It's I was going to ask you about the the on camera. Lake. acknowledgement of covid because I saw a commercial. I mean obviously everybody in the world knows it's gone on so to completely gloss over it. act like it's not an issue with production is kind of silly because I mean. It's just a thing but but I saw a commercial saw commercial about this show the other day and they like leaned in it was a fictional show and they leaned into it to where the characters were reacting to it, and so you know the in the commercial, the actors actually had masks and things on as part of the show and that got me wondering like I wonder how many shows are going to you know just hit it head on and like some of the people are going to be a masks stranded the. Production, whatever well, obviously everybody's a mass here and it's funny I'm I'm GonNa make a joke at one point during the show course, the cameraman who have a giant camera on this shoulder they have a little plastic shield which covers the other half of their face that is in front of the camera and they all fiddling with it. It's it's like it's some of it's a little over the top. Now, the tournament he's like nobody's near the cameraman nobody gets close the cat like no one gets within like eight feet of cameraman ever. As you have the camera to his face and he's got a massive Ken. But at the same time, he's got like a little six by six shields glued to his Ip's. I was going to make a little shield for the tip of my pencil. Just flick is a joke. But Onset. There are sanitary wipes and alcohol and there are masks in some cases better out in the open. So I would assume I got first day of like nobody cares if that's out them, you know I'm not even GonNa say anything but there was a lot of covert precautionary stuff is in and around the workshop. And in and around the in the bar area. So. It's just there. It's present in nobody's tried it. But the same time everybody that's on camera is not. Is Not in a mask but there is hand sanitizer pretty much everywhere on camera just like another product in the shop. So. That's really where it's at. Gotcha. Cool Well. David would. You well, we killing ahead are. Last Saturday. So that means it is make new rings time of the year. And I think last week I talked about it. I thought about making them off camera just just to do it. And we. Tried to make them on camera and then failed terribly it was just. I mean. And it didn't fail right away. It failed at like two PM. So like a whole day of shooting. And it turns out the way that I'm making them very similar to last year just different types of woods. This whangarei Would not bend without breaking, cracking It's just too brittle. and. Getting splinters from the Wednesday to give you a little fun splinter superfund that I did I i. did he usually I do and I did this time as as well and the funny thing is as running my hand along the piece I got a splinter and it wasn't a big deal pulled it out and then I complained off camera Dan and then like five minutes later. Monday. My finger long piece again you're playing with danger you're playing with. So I. Think. I'm going to the video is going to be made just totally failing at this particular design, and then I might make. design that come up with I might just take like little step shots of it as I go along. Then in the video say like I did make rings at work. But. This video is about the rinse it didn't work. So it'll. It was really disappointing. And So we stopped at two o'clock and we started on this. Pet bed invention that I'm working on a cool. So wheezes he's getting really old and I've made a few pet beds in the past on my channel but he can't his he's outliving his body. So he he can't get up onto the lip of the pet beds that we've made easily. And so right now, the the best solution is just to throw the cushion right on the floor. but the has some problems he it will move and. His blanket when he tries to make a bed with blanket, blanket gets thrown off and. And it's it's frustrating for him. And so I'm constantly like Tuck him in. So I ended up to of half inch stock. Square stock. basically, it looks like like bedposts. There's too long post up front and then to. Shorter bedposts in the back. and. That's Kinda framed and the bed slides into their into the bed can't move left rider back and then the blanket. Held on with magnets over the top to bedposts. Will. It's almost like he's going into a cave and so he can go in and then the blink it doesn't go anywhere but it's still draped enough where he can do his little bedroom. And make his bed. So I. Think it's really cool. I it's it's dry and right now are we I was working last night and the paint is dry on there and so I haven't presented it to him yet. So I haven't seen bits going gonNA work, but I'm pretty sure this is GonNa work and I thought it was a really cool idea. very crudely welded. I. Saw A. Few welding projects have been really good like I've been really happy with the way. Everything is looking out and then this one I think. I was just so frustrated with the rings now working out that I just did not care rushing through and it wasn't getting good penetration and One of the. Tacking. That was just welding and that definitely makes the metal band was you don't want it to. So I'm trying to bend it back and then the well snaps like it didn't even it was just it was such a frustrating day. but it's all GonNa work out. But in the moment I was just like I'm paying somebody to be here film in me and everything is failing and it wasn't it wasn't a good day but. But it'll make a couple of good videos for sure. The willing is weird like that for me in that. I don't do it often enough to like keep the all of the things that you need to think about and just the process and all that stuff like front of mind and so if I do a project that has a whole lot of welding by the end of the project, I'm like, Oh yeah. I'm comfortable with this. Again, I remember to do all of the things and make sure the are clean and and then when I don't do it for a couple of months jumped back into it thinking I'm at that same point but I'm not. I'm forgetting to clean the middle forgetting to tack I'm forgetting to turn the gas on constantly how and. So, then I'll do a quick project and it looks like garbage the welds do and then everybody calls me out like I still don't know how to well then I'm like do but it's just a matter of practice and I forgot to do the thing with the gas or or I ran out of gas. You know two months ago and forgot to fill it up, and then now I have to do a thing and I, don't have any gas from a welder or whatever the case is but. It is weird when there's something like that that you don't do often enough to keep the you know all the little details like front of mind gazette me and welding. That's that's a constant struggle. You will notice in almost every single one of my in projects I am painting the piece Matt Black that way nobody on camera can see the wells or make. Nice. But I don't good lately just until this project is I was just frustrated and I wasn't doing properly didn't tack started welding and maybe at times the pieces clean and or I wasn't. It wasn't getting hot enough for I. Don't know I was just I was frustrated and that definitely affected. What I was doing I I really believe that you if not being a professional welder who does it every day who's been trained properly, there are good days and bad days some days it's just no matter what you do. You can't get a good vibe. You can't get a good flow definitely feel that from time to time, there's a welder on sat and had a teacher few people how to weld. and. One Guy who is funny he says he's only ever tig welded. He wanted to learn how to weld and so he just wants to the Internet and bought it take wilder these never done anything but that. I was almost didn't realize there were options but. He, he was all nervous to make weld and I brought him over to the machine and showed them how to do it, and I basically said if he's done that you can do this just try it. and. He did it and he did it perfectly and he looked up and goes. I'm getting rid of my take well buying one of these. This is this unbelievable and he did a really jolly honestly better than I would have done. 'cause he's so meticulous as a person like what he does and how he does it. I go you absolutely. Are Fine 'cause he was really nervous because he thought the process was. Going to be more complicated I'm like Eve already started out at the most complicated process. So everything should be fine with you. Yeah. After the last welling video, I did was the little canoe cart carrier thing that was clean. It was intentionally at thanks. It was an intentional quick. I just needed a utility thing to do this thing and so I wasn't gonNA worry about you know how pretty the wells works it didn't matter they just had to work. And it, and it was one of those where I had a general idea and I started building it and then had to come up with little thing, and then this clip and then figure out hinge for the you know just McKenna, making it up along. In in that process, you skip a lot of stuff right you. You don't worry about like. Why didn't get all the paint off of this reclaimed piece of angle iron on the US whereas I should have because that would make the world better but. I'm impatience I'm just GonNa Stick It on there and weld through multiple layers of paint. And not think about it. And then. So as soon as we put the video out, everybody's like goodness, what is wrong with your wealth and? Wellbeing clear a couple layers of paint on the thing. Is like I took a shortcut because it didn't matter. To it after that and the comments about those types of things I was like you know what it would make. It would make. ME. Better. And me not have to worry about the response to the things. We just don't ever zoom in on wells anymore. There's no need to I never Zuma wells because it's not a welding it's on a welding channel. I just I think I making channel and I use. A few weeks ago and it was kinda clear to me when I say like I had a moment of clarity like a personal I didn't really make an explicit thing about it but I basically like. I'm a problem solver and I solve problems and in the process of making things in solving various things. Oh, I need to connect these the way to solve that problem is to it. It's not like I am not a welder, per se but weld welding is just one of the things I used to get to where I'm going. So I don't feel the need to do like what Jodi has all types of you know secret proprietary ways of filming. What he's doing because what he's doing is the science of what his his channel is about. You. Know if I had to put it in quotes, the science of what my channel is about as just inspiring and China's solve problems and cool ways. So I don't have to zoom in on the various. methods. Also a bad at it. So WanNA show it off. Yeah big of a skipping steps and my in my head I'm like people always talk about tacking everything up and then welding. So the heat doesn't cause the metal to bend and somewhere in the back of my head. I I've said, that's overkill. especially for this little dog bed I can just welled up this and it'll be fine and it totally wasn't. It totally threw everything out to square and. Yes. I wonder if it's actually the opposite case where like the smaller thinner project that you're working on those tax matter more you know if you had like this two giant eight phrases, a metal that you were going to be you know like welding across may be doing a bunch of individual taxes, not as big of a deal or something or the skills opposite. Yeah. But it was a funny realization for me just to be like you know what? I don't need to show close up of any of these wells. I'm not teaching people how to well, that's not the point I'm not trying to show how good I am welding. So why even like? Let's do the five foot kind of shot. That's good enough to show that they're connected. So. Anyway. Let's see what have I been up to. We are taking a break this week or not putting a video well. this month has five Thursdays in it. So we have kind of decided when that's the case that we're GONNA. We're GONNA. Catch one of them off and not not stress about like always just trying to do the weekly thing if we don't have to and so it's kind of weird to have planned ahead to have a week where Ridge don't put anything out. But you know that's what we're doing and we went ahead and finished up next week switches a renovation. Video. Similar to one. We've done in the past but kind of a new a new situation for it so. That's done, and then we actually have the next one done already and we're working on the next one, which is pretty cool to start to get a little bit of a lead again, show off It's it's a lot of work to get ahead I mean it's not like. It's not like I'm just like, Hey, check this out. We finish another video. We are like scrambling constantly to try to overlap things in like well, while we're waiting on this paint to drive in the we do this thing so that it's a little. You know it's two steps closer to being done or. Whatever when you're two weeks ahead and you put out the video that you made two three weeks ago. Are you so disconnected from that project that you don't even feel like promoting it. Well no, but also. The promotion happens differently here. Now, like we we prepare the material for the promotion like the downs and all that stuff with the video, and then we have a scheduler where we put it in all schedule then. And so? It. kind of that stuff is prepared ahead of time. and. Then we just kind of like back off and move onto the next thing, and then that one is prepared in the now is prepared. So it's it's a little different in that. It's not president of like top of mind but I also don't really have to interact with it that much once it's you know going out, it's the subsidy setup But. Yeah. So we're we're looking at. The next couple of months and actually I guess through the end of the year, we're trying to plan out all the different things we're going to do and start to prepare those and some of them were Kinda. Bigan. Are GonNa take some extra effort so We're beginning to work through those and we're doing some different types of videos that we've never done before, which is fun and also a little weird. Going into a video mailing. All right. Well, how are we going to do this like we've never had to figure out how to whatever? And instead of just jumping into the production side of it like we have in the past were stopping a little bit and thinking through. All right. Well, we wanted to have this tone. We want to cover these types of things and how arena you actually do that camera ahead of time, which I think is good. Thinking ahead not not a bad thing but. Yeah. So that's kind of what we've been up to. I don't think we really have any kind of a topic. Today. I have There's a lot of noises happen. Behind me there's people in the office but I've been thinking a lot about social media stuff lately in we I was listening to Novum questions, which is destined and Matt's Podcasts X. Podcasts if you don't listen to. But they talked about the social dilemma which would watched and brought up a couple of weeks ago I think I still haven't watched it yet, but I listened to their conversation about it but even before that. I've just had this kinda like sour taste in my mouth toward. Social. It's weird. I started trying to make a differentiation this morning in my head between social media and like promotional media because I think maybe what we called social media has become promotional and they just overlapped in a way that we weren't maybe as a people expecting. But I've just had this like sourness toward it over the last year. And have wanted to just really not be a part of it and not from A. You know a Lotta people talk about misinformation and that is a problem. I'm not talking about that ought to people talk about you know the perceptions that people have of themselves based on looking at other people. I'm not talking about that. It's just like. I just don't WANNA be. The sounds a little scary to say I, don't WanNa be as connected to people as I have to be to do my job online. Not Person Like I want to have personal connections. But when you do the social media thing at scale, you have this like open door connection to anybody that wants to say something to you whether you receive it or not whether you respond or not e still have this. Portal directly to your face for everybody who's ever seen anything that you've done and I think there's something about that. that. Doesn't sit right with me. And that's on top of all of the other social media. You know issues that come with it that I think are covered in the social dilemma and I think a I haven't seen this social dilemma. Then a lot of people keep asking me because Rene Duress is in it and we we've all met renate there s a or camp and when not related, and she's not my wife, a lot of people right to sell your wife in the Social Salama. Rene we just share the same name. I mean we might be related through DNA but we don't know. But we met. Through. Make magazine of places because she used to work for O'Reilly media but anyway. What I'm fine. I'm fine I find that some people and this is no groundbreaking statement. Some people just share too much of themselves and they get a little hooked on it and you could watch the addiction starts to take place and I'm not saying that I'm not addicted in my own way to instagram and everything else. I. Think I am but when people start. The real in depth emotional side of them and you know when they start talking about like. Situations with their family but then they turn around and say, Hey, this is how you make stuff it. That's what it gets a little bit strange I my buddy who I hung out with the other at the airport on instagram he doesn't really like instagram but at the same time, he feels a little bit disconnected from business and it was like you gotta get instagram. You've gotTa Cheryl. This whacking is that you want to sell. His and he's like I just wish that you didn't have to have an you know this is Where the world is going unfortunately or fortunately it depends on how you know how benefits you as you don't have to talk about your personal. Judgments should personal instincts just talk about the art in which you want to promote a like instagram to me is like my art gallery and in to get a little bit personal but it really is in many nearly always related to making it ma- making things and making. You know your career your life. If that's what you WanNa, do I have a lot of other personal things that I don't talk about casually I get frustrated like the other day I used it as a tool to ask people what's going on with my Mac and you guys remember that some you guys helped me and turns out by the way that that glitch only happens on certain EXP-. Search engines it doesn't. It doesn't happen on Safari, which a lot of people said. Oh. There you go. Okay. I get onto safari on the computer that I already have might email on. So it's Kinda useless but. Anyway. That's the longest story and I also just to set the record straight here in for now I do have dropbox and I do have google drive 'cause everyone's like once you just dropbox and. They're like the semi the linked to join dropbox dropbox for years but. To diverge a little to divert a little bit is when I'm talking to certain clients and friends and people, and I'm like just emailed me the file I go into my computer just POPs up right there and I could just download it and then go to the download file and then work on it there, and that's what i. just kind of got used to that workflow but I do have dropbox in May do use dropbox. Like. When I'm at the art department talking to the art department here at the show like just emailed me the file then I go to my computer and figured I could just open and putting the downloads on the windows computer. That's where I had that little hiccup. But. I think in general, we see other people over sharing. and. Then we emotionally like a my part of that. Like I see like when you see people crying on instagram and then the next day like, Hey, everybody happy Tuesday like wait a minute two days ago. You were crying literally about some family issue and now here you are talking about hammers and nails. I think. You know and it's great and you know people really have a sense of community and some of these things but. I think sometimes, you gotta pull back a little bit because it's too. It's too much for your audience I. Think this is just my personal opinion. You know some people really have found their way through social media and it's family and so I believe that too I mean, I say it all the time. My my closest friends are friends that I met you guys and and my whole crew of here. Or friends I met through instagram and Youtube and I wouldn't have met them otherwise. But I see people again our community Sharon to many personal instances, and then you turn right around sharing you know work related stuff. I think you know maybe the right way to do it is to keep. One commercially can focus in one family focus. If you really want to I wouldn't do that I, just keep my family stuff my family you know like whatever struggles me and Taylor going on that are non work related or not making related nobody knows you know I don't I share a little bit about Willie only because people are inspired by the story but you know I'm not sitting here saying you know, I, saved this guy's life you know because it's whatever it is what it is you know if you know you And I said it's just I. Think it's just important to really know where that line is and just keep it work related. That is in a but a lot of a lot of people have instagram's at art work that it's just they're instagram. And if you're gonNA open up online, he just you know it's basically putting yourself at a little bit of a risk. Because I see some people really get addicted to the comments, the checks and the likes into this you know. It's It's strange. Strange Roby Living But As an artist somebody that wants to. Be Successful in Business I. Think you definitely need it. And I said to my buddy desert the other day I was like I get consulted a lot for TV shows. They say, can you? Can we need a person that does this? Do you know anybody and I sent him like five or seven social media profiles of people that are no good. and. Then I'll think of somebody that's great number like this guy's really good. He's really good but you know I haven't seen his work on time and need doesn't like social media but he's really good. And then that person gets ignored because the person doesn't have a visual portfolio accessible right to everybody so. Just, you know you gotta remember why you started social media. You saw the business like, for instance, facebook is really all family mostly family and political points of view and to me it's like it's it's like a mosh pit and I stay out of that mosh pit just like when I used to go to punk shows I would just kinda hang on the edge. That's me at facebook of just kinda hanging on the edge like if someone comes in me I'm like, Oh yeah. Hey, how I bro, and then like they go back in the mosh pit like. I'm on the edge of the mosh pit on facebook but everything else. Is a little bit more relaxed a little bit more easy going. So facebook is a big problem for a lot of people. I find myself in the trap of. Of posting to get a reaction to read the comments to feel good and then that as your. Profiles get bigger and bigger. You get more of that and it is released just a A. And they talk about this, they talk about this in the movie, but it's just like. I found myself like. I don't have to post on Instagram I don't have to go read all the comments on Youtube or post something on twitter to to feel good. But you you find yourself going back in, it's addicting and it's so. It's just. really it really does bother me, I rarely use my personal facebook hormone business facebook anymore just because the the comments can be so crazy and negative and people are very polarized right now. and. I don't know. I. For me, the INSTAGRAM twitter don't benefit business all that much. It's just a place for me to post stuff every once in a while. So twitter. You know once a week I posted a link to a video and then the rest of it is just like weird thoughts that I have and then instagram is just like nice shots of the projects that I'm working on and. I don't know they don't help the business. And I think the really bad for me mentally. And that's something you gotta decide for yourself but I was GONNA say. Again I keep it all business related in the in the way that when you start getting bad comments and angry comments in mean comments, I always tell younger youtubers. Because now, you're in the deep end of the ocean you like. Columbus you're out of the inlet. Now you're with the sharks and you know your your your trip is is well underway. You know your journey as well. underway. This is like like You see these like fairy tales what people go from one to the other and they meet all these demons and all these things in the route that then they get to the end and they win doesn't million fairy tales have all these these negative. Impact the ego and those are the mean trolls because. You are now like. In the deep end of the pool is what I say. This is where all the strains are in the older kids that are like dunk you and do cannibals next year I always make up these metaphors whereas you leave the comfortable part of the poor schist, your friends and family. But now you promoting video that you want to try and get out there and someone's got us a saw. That's not how you well. That means you're going through the dock forest to get to the good side where you start meeting advertisers and like, Oh i, really like what you do you know so I, think it's a good thing when you start getting crazy trolls just means as more and more people being exposed to stuff and again like. Out of a thousand people. Almost eighty percent ninety percent won't say anything but they'll enjoy it. And you know they'll be at the don't enjoy it but most people enjoy it and they all. That's really cool I'm going to take that away with me, and then some somebody who just doesn't have any social skills would be like the way to do it. You know and it's like, okay, that's what you really feel like Sayi- great. I'll just ignore you. So The one thing that because we all get the negative comments which very small percentage of the comments are negative but we get them and they they affect us in a certain way because of that. I. Whenever I comment on somebody else's youtube twitter instagram whatever it's all I'd never use any negative words. It's always like this is awesome. It's good because I've experienced so much that negatively that it has helped me become a positive commenter on other platforms. Yeah. I've never negatively come into anything ever in my life a always just encouraged instead amazing great job and. You know it's My mother always said, if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say anything at all. So for me in really quiet, you can only imagine what's going on in my head. And I mean. Just a little thing about me like I've. When I get some sort of harassment or some sort of a thing online that makes me feel bad or down or whatever. those are the Times that I immediately think somebody else is feeling like I'm feeling right now somebody else needs to be lifted up and so a lot of times when you look at my twitter every once in a while, you'll see a random like positive I hope you're having a good day type thing and that is me reacting to. Not having a good day or not having a positive thing. You know the way that I wanted it to be or whatever. because. I do think that we all of us can step into those situations where we're having a negative input and be like well, we can take that and we can give it away to everybody else and we can be turned to everybody else that we're gonNA deal with or we can stop it and we can flip it around and look for a way to be positive to to everybody else you know like we're we're in charge of how that stuff goes through us to the rest of the world. And so a Lotta Times, you'll see me reacting that way and that's what that is. In case somebody's curious in when you see a nice comment that doesn't mean I need consoling. Just. Saying. That is. Those are those are times when I actively know that I need to. Take Control of that conversation, take control of my reaction to it and change it so that even with all of this social media stuff like I'm not really even talking about comments we've talked about that Ad Nauseam right? We have killed that conversation about native comments in the past. The thing that I think I've gotten soured on a little bit over the last year or so is. This. The thing about comparison where we Whether you're comparing yourself to other people from like a man. They're really good at what they do or mandate a are really pretty and they looked better than me at this or they have a better machine or a better car better. We know that type of comparison. I. Think. The thing that I've found that I feel uneasy about is when I see other people. So good at. Interacting and engaging in like they're constantly sharing what they're doing from from a business perspective. They're like, here's the things that are going on. Here's all the stuff and they're just like so up on it and I'm like, I just don't want to share everything and that makes me feel like. Maybe. I'm not that good at social media or maybe I'm not a an outgoing enough person to be doing know I. I'm doing what we're doing. Maybe I could be more effective if I were more outgoing that's the thing that comes to mind but I'm not and I don't WanNa be and so there's this weird like well, I can do more of that thing that other people are doing to try to like be more productive or you know whatever grow more. I don't want to does that make me like in my in the wrong thing or am I reacting to social media and the wrong way or like you know? So it's a bunch of that type of stuff. If you think back. Twenty years ago. None of this mattered. Not, a single bit of because each person was dealing with the interactions that they had face to face. All. Throughout their day and those are the ones that matter and those were the ones that they had to care about like. Well, am I sharing too much with the person standing in front of me and my not sharing not over sharing standing in front over share remember that for in overseer. But like you know there was a time in the not. Not that long ago where this type of DC deciding whether you should overreact on camera or share too much or not. Sure enough for Syria personal and your business like none of that stuff even existed. Because you were running into people face to face, and those were the interactions that mattered and. I. Just, think more and more about that these days when I'm. You know constantly lifting my phone and looking all these people who are just like they. I'm doing this today. I'm doing this and check this then I'm doing this. Then it's awesome to see I'm happy for those people I'm proud of a lot of those people because they're my friends and they're doing awesome stuff. But the thing comes in when I start going. Well, I mean should I be doing that? Like should I? This like presentation voice to camera just so that I have something in people's feeds and like look noodles really gross. Like if that's naturally you awesome do it. But if if I feel like I'm having to conjure that stuff to just to be a part of the conversation like anal- I don't like that. And I'm not sure what to do about it that that's another thing is I'm there's no I don't have like a man. We should be this way or we shouldn't be this way. It's not that it's like I'm just confronted with the thing I'm not sure how to handle. US As a community and then. As you channels and businesses in I, keep calling it a business ultimately because that's really what it is. It's a business at a lot fringe benefits. We have lots of great friends and lots of great relationships and a great community where we could go on social media and ask a question and get some really good advice. What you're doing is exactly what it should be doing. Because you businesses growing you successfully families healthy friends a healthier coworker there're earl healthy you doing what you should be done. As time progresses if you decide, you want something different, you do it and you're GonNa make a healthy choice. You're not gonNa make a choice because. In a jealous or envious in the type of person. So yeah. I mean, I think indefinitely for me personally it's there have been different phases of that. You know in this job where like sometimes I wanNA. Share a lot of stuff because I'm really excited about it or I'm doing things that I think are while to share other times it's just like I just I don't WanNa talk about it took him around. I. Don't WanNa hold my phone up to my face and like talking. To, the video thing, no one's GonNa notice if you bail if you bail out for a little while no one's GonNa notice in a I'm obviously not as active right now 'cause some here. Yeah, I. Think all of that pressure is me putting it on myself know I'm not saying it all that I feel the pressure from other people but I think there is that natural comparison game when you're consuming if I wasn't consuming instagram. There wouldn't be anything to compare myself to write low I. Think. That's one of the problems that I've identified for myself is just the I don't think the things that consumer bad. But I think the amount in constant. You know consuming all of these people that I've ever met over the last seven years everything that they do constantly think adds up on you and you start to do that comparison whether you're healthier now. You. Start figuring. You know that you're comparing yourself to these people. I'm obviously alone a lot and I don't have my shops like tell us it's me. She's like Oh my God what are you doing? You don't have a declawed cat you don't have to shop around you. But in all reality onset like now that we're back on, we didn't go to set for almost a full week. Now. That I'm on said playing on the CNC machine I'm coming up with ideas and. Every now and again I feel like you get full, you get to the point really seen everything I've watched every youtube video full I can't do this anymore. It's becoming like me just a more interested in the action of swiping than I am seeing what I'm swiping past and so you get fulop. Good. And so I then I make a conscious decision open notebook. And try and regurgitate some of the inspiration you've sucked him whether you've sucked unconsciously or subconsciously or just you start looking at callers, you're not really taking in what it is. I forced myself especially now when I'm on the road, open your notebook and just jot down concept's 'cause that's like that's the meat and potatoes of you know my existence right now is creating things and taking this all in how can be regurgitated to become something that I? That's tangible and fulfilling. Whether. It's you know a new shell full whether it's you know a new car project, the whatever it is, and in in my citizen, my dressing room at the studio. I. Have you know they they know you wanNA play. So there's like a pat on your tables you get this little room with. Maybe, I'll do some instagram stories about the room. It's nothing special and but there's a little pad, an idea pet sitting there with a cup of pencils and I said everyday that's like my brain dump have one kind of going in my notebook that a carry with me. But every day I look at that I'm like I got to put two or three ideas on that list, and that's the list that's going to kind of make up the next year in a way it may be they'll be things that jump in and ahead of all that. But that's like the net result that me sucking and all these visuals and all this social media. Spit it back out. Those triplets going to become will is little lists this words on a page, and then those triplets are GonNa? Then become video project. So you know if you if you consciously try and figure out how to like take it then. What is it? Why is it? How is it? When will it be something else you? That's good advice. That's really good. I think another thing that I'm trying to do in the last few days I've tried to get. We have a bunch of friends bunch of people that we have met through the Internet who don't live where we live and where you know we're kind of in touch over twitter or comments or something will occasionally tax people. But. There's people that are on my mind. Often and I. Don't know why they're dislike I think about and I wonder how they're doing and you can see their online presence. You can go to instagram and see what somebody's been up to. What they want to show the world that they've been up to. But so I've been actively trying to reach out to the people when they come to mind, send him a text and say I'm thinking about you. How are you doing the other day? Actually this is not what I was planning on talking about but the other day I saw. Casey Nice that tweeted this thing where a friend of his asked him how he was doing. And I guess they're really good friends. I don't know who the other guy was, but they were really good friends and so. There's no small talk. There's no like, oh, we're doing fine. Hope you're doing well, none of that. It was like he texted and said, what's good. WHAT'S BAD The thing I thought it was really cool about that was it wasn't like hey, how's it going? It was tell me specifically something that's good and something that's bad. And when you do that, you have to say why I mean, you can't just be like. Something's bad. Okay, why is it bad? What's wrong? How can I help that kind of thing and it was like? The most distilled way to get to the heart of what somebody is dealing with in a good way in a bad way and I love that. and. So I decided couple of weeks ago like to start reaching out to these people as soon as they come to mind just a quick text. What's good what's bad how you doing? So that, there's these connections that are not through the instagram camera. They're not through the twitter, and that comes with a conversation of million. You know random people that you don't know. Just. Going directly to these people because I think. Part of my thing with social media is that those? You assume that you're still friends with somebody. You assume that you're still connected to somebody because you see them. But. You see them the way that everybody else sees them. You know what I mean by when I get a text from the two of you, we have a little conversation and when I get something. Cool, that's a secret conversation nothing special but it's just like that's the three of us as dudes as friends as people having a conversation that's not on twitter. It's not comments is not re tweets. It's. Here right. And I mean, we're lucky enough to we get to do this every week. But at the same time this conversation. Always has an audience always has a another ear listening into. and. So those intentional little personal text conversations of phone conversations or whatever like those are you know peer to peer person to person things that have a lot harder time existing on social media because those conversations are open to the world and so? One of my reaction to all the stuff that I'm feeling is I'm going to try to make those little. Random conversations, happen actively Menelik, seek them out. On, a regular basis, as soon as somebody comes to mind cause for me if if somebody's coming to mind, there's a reason, the reason I'm thinking about somebody. And I WANNA make sure that they're doing. Okay and just touch base. You know I, think it's. A good thing to do so anyway, that's what I've been. Mulling lately but that's cool. Now it's funny. I have a lot of every now and again me Laura email back and forth and me Jaakko, always have like a little ongoing conversation talk with Habu Lot. So you know when you think about European friends, the ones we don't see as much. It's nice though we always have like a little ongoing Chitchat. It's it's it's really sweet and those are the benefits those like the. The benefits of social media is like we wouldn't have made these connections. You know friends all around the world. Yeah, absolutely. So you gotta remember like. It was much as this is becoming the human existence. The you know the human condition. I now is shared through social media you know. You Got I. Is Is it amplifies all the bad and you know hopefully it amplifies the good as well. You just got to know what to pay attention to. What made you smile Bob, you put a big smiling of frozen percent. Well, your your video is is freezing on occasion and David, and I both can see it like you said something and then you smiled any just paused. The one time he was talking and froze and the first word that you said after you came back from being unfrozen was glitch you're talking about it. And I was like as perfect. But that's only funny to me. I should share on social media. So the point the point I was saying that like. What you gotTa Really Ya gotTa. Really take it with a grain of salt. When somebody's you know somebody has a wet diaper they happen to have a position of power and they get to take with a grain of salt and just no, you know what the person's. You know using abusing this social media blue bullhorn. Guy Look at it go. That's that's that's not that's not really the way it all is that person is in that's like walking past a homeless person screaming on the corner, but instead he's screaming on twitter. You got like begin to know the difference. Yeah and A lot of times what you're seeing on online is not who that person is like. You're seeing a very filtered presentation of me through all of my channels I'm showing you the the the best of you're not seeing all the mistakes or what's going on behind the scenes you're seeing what I want you to see. Yeah I know I know that's. A persona like you know for better or for worse beach have our own television shows and you know every television show doesn't show everything you just try and show the uplifting. Good Fun stuff. And I think it's pretty well understood. It's a it's these social media like these young kids that a flash in the pans that have huge huge success rising star in those are the ones that. You find out that you know they're taking pictures on a fake airplane. Gives all of us a bed net anyway. Well, I don't want WanNa beat this horse too much. But I, just that's been on my mind since we didn't have anything to talk about thought, it would bring it up I do think. Social media obviously has many many benefits. I'm not a person that thinks it's all bad and world trying to be controlled by some. Alien race or robots or something like that. But I do think it can accidentally become a replacement for actual relationships. With with a certain like pick person in your life, you can accidentally not really interact with that person because you see them on social media and I think that's what I'm actively trying to combat. is bypassing those networks and just going to the people. That I that are really an I can't do that to everybody all the time that I know but I think it's just being conscious of it and constantly looking for. Those connections outside the networks I think is a good thing to do. That's that's where I'm headed with this guy's got got anything else on this. Well I think I mean if I had to put a moral to the story I think. What works for me is you just gotTa really decide you know what's inspiring business related and what's not and You don't have to show every single thing you doing. Right, you really don't you don't have to. Every conversation you have with with everybody about everything you know it's just it's not necessary. Just, bummed, we didn't get to complain about giveaways on social media. Hey, there's still time we're only fifty three minutes. Let's talk about tagging people in instagram posts for giveaways. Don't don't do it. Don't do it. Is another thing you shouldn't do since since we're. Doing, I guess we could say we're giving advice of course. It's what what bums me out and I get and I've done it. I feel guilty because I've done. It is when you have like a great meeting with somebody and then you go to social media meeting, you like greatest common you guys just wait and see it's GonNa be awesome. And then it never comes because it's just like everything else. It's like you know everything is you know maybe a maybe or strong maybe or definitely going to happen maybe. And then doesn't always happen so I see a lot of people. You guys just wait. It's gotta be awesome and then you're setting yourself up for like a burst bubble when it doesn't happen and then you've got to answer questions. that was this thing it's no longer thing so. It's exciting. You want to run in share. You know that's the kind of thing you run a show with your dad or your mom or your wife your husband, right? Yeah and then when it comes near like guys check this out and you're like pull the curtain off and it's a new car. As opposed to like seven graves coming this way. You're all upset when it doesn't happen. You know whether it's being cast on show or you're not getting any advertiser or something. I think just in general, just need to hold you cause a little bit closer t chest. and. Till you could say this is happening, check this out and it's like boom you've been working on behind the scenes all the time. Yeah I'm cool like that. So I'M GONNA. I'm GonNa do both of the things you just said the thing you said not to do in the thing you said to. real quick because I was thinking about this last night in a different context but we're working on something. That's all I'm GONNA say about it that I'm really excited about it but it's GonNa take a very, very long John. She was GonNa get it may never happen. Now, it may never happen but if it does happen, it will be multiple years from now. And it's weird to think about like we do hold everything close to the chest. We intentionally keep things quiet until they are done and ready to ship. You know the ready to go out. And So. It's weird to think about this thing that we're having lots of conversations about and were working on this and that and part of it. And just to think that we could be churning on this thing in making progress on this thing. In the shadows for like two or three years before anybody else outside of the office knows about it is one of those. CONACO was walking Zhang's Jimmy. No, don't say don't have one of those like getting things with the legs. What is it called? It's no, it's not a walkie thing. then. The Star Wars related anyway. I just think it's I. think it's cool to have a thing like that that. You're excited about it, but it's a secret it's like. Nobody. It's like when we had our first kid. For while you know you're going to have a kid before you tell anybody and you have this little secret awesome thing that nobody else knows and it's so cool and then you tell everybody you're excited that everybody knows but then you're like we have now it's not our little secret anymore it's like now everybody can be happy which is good but it's you know it's a little bit different and so I was thinking about that last night with this thing that we're working on that. By the time we get to if ever tell everybody about it, it will be multiple years into it, which is cool and weird but. Anyway. Do you WANNA complain about giveaways on instagram anymore David before we that's good. That's good. Just knowing just just knowing that I wanNA complain about giveaways is good enough. Okay I don't actually how do you play? Gotcha, I will big thanks to our supporters on Patriots on. we have a bunch of people over there say this every week, but we are literally sincerely totally grateful to every single person whether they support us at the top levels or at a dollar or any anything over there is really cool. Excuse me and we are grateful for you. We have a group atop supporters that I need to call out always because we're extra grateful for them that's corey ward hours would works works by Solo Chad for man crafting, you can make this to funchess artistic creations blondie hacks rich alone designs make shape create in Odin Leather Goods That group and everybody else at every level gets the after show which will happen in just a minute and that's US talking other stuff secret stuff extra stuff whatever it's usually another fifteen twenty minutes of podcast. that you can only get by being a member unpatriotic. So if you WANNA do that, go to patriotdepot dot com slash making it, help us out get the after show. joined that community. It's it's cool. Group people were thankful. Thank you. Do you guys have something to recommend spoiler alert. I. Don't. But I'm working on it. During I wish I wish I could remember everybody's name but of course. Everybody ever. Know Dustin from would what does this channel you just mentioned that makes stuff happen what does this tell? Smarter every day what. His channel and I should have done my research but I just the new channel who is like exploding. He did they did the baseball collaboration with the shoot the baseball? Did you guys see this? Oh. Yeah. I haven't watched it yet, but it's list yet. They both put out a video of the same day I. Guess It was maybe the Sunday. Or Monday where exploding baseball and let me find this gentleman's name. He deserves highly is blowing up everybody already knows him. But he saw what it does. Make make stuff mayor stuff made made here. Stuff made here Yep, baseball that's it Stuff made here and I don't know his personal personally his name, but the channel is incredible and he's a very relatable easy going very well. well-made videos and I love his video on the Second Baseball Bat thing you Dany He. He did like a flashback. He's like here we are. This is what I've done. He didn't start out like I would've showed every single aspect until the very end it was inspiring to me because he did a video where he did all these very complicated things and he just showed you the net result like, okay we know how to machine. Okay. We know how to do something sexy mazing machinist and he. He basic Monday morning quarterback. What he did that made a great video as opposed to showing like if he needed highlight what he was showing, he did voice over over the image and great. Great. Great well, produced video so good inspired me to. Take another look at some of the videos I have coming up and then just put out. Of. Dustin put his version of them collaborating together. It was amazing. Now. Now, there's this little race of who can hit a baseball the furthest and joking about who actually did it between him and you know his baseball swinging baseball machine that he did with Jeremy Fielding and anyway it was great craigslist the you know. So cool. It's so cool that people just share ideas and have the strengthening competition and it's all it's all. It's all there and those two videos. My pick is cameras garage. I think I picked him before in the past he does a lot of woodworking art projects and this his video he released yesterday he's making an earn for his dad who's still around but getting old and having health issues so is a Obviously, a very personal video for him and I think. His channel is worth checking out because he does some very fun creative stuff. Cool I have heard you mentioned that name before bills CECCHETTO. Cool, well, mine is. A little bit of shame list shameful self-promotion depending on how you want to look at it. I'll take the one I put out the first episode of brain pick. this week sometime I duNno. Tuesday and It was a conversation with. So allies awesome and I think we had a really good conversation. I tried to skip all of the you know the basic intro questions and go a little bit deeper with him about why he's in the states versus the UK in he you know has built this crazy business. Internet I was I was really wrong about. My expectation of how does things which which was fun as cool to to be wrong that way. but he's he's always awesome to talk to and hang out with. So we had a really good conversation that's out I. Don't know how often these will be coming out but brain picks should be back and You know be doing more of those. So go ahead and subscribe to that. If you're interested in hearing me talk to interesting people. That's on all your podcast players and all that stuff and it has an after show. I totally yanked the idea from this show which we yanked from somewhere else I don't know, but it's got an after show with extra. Actually he told me some secret stuff that's coming up for him. That's pretty cool and that's over on I like to make stuff maker Alliance they get the after show over there. So there's that and also Alec did a video series with Tyler Bill you guys know Tyler Bill Tyler is also awesome and So. They've been working together for a week or so billing this year. Making this forged chair frame. It's crazy. It's really cool. It's fun to watch and So that's that's been called and fallen along on that project as well. So. Those two things What have you got anything else? At the new music. Go. Well, thank you for listening to everybody and. You see the sun the sun on my face. is coming out of the day. Here in Ohio it's dark and. Re.

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