Bucks clinch, death by guacamole, snapping shafts, and more! (Full Show)


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Do you look for buttons to push just yell at it until I'm skinny lose weight now just start. Excuse me Miss. I don't think this machine working I'm still fat now. Here's Steve Savin. Tale one way. And the one to. Yell at Church in the air left field got some carry but amid has always can make the play and it's a fair ball without minutes is in the neck. Yell it's Around second on his way to third and he's GonNa, try to score here comes the throw it to sit there. Own. That is once in a lifetime. O. EAL Roy Jimenez. Are you doing. They put up nets because you know once in a blue moon somebody got out, she'd bioline and now a net has caused a inside the park home run. Well, go back Christian Yelich broers win last night. How about the bucks as well? Were they late surge nothing like a twenty to nothing run that guy in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter to clinch that number one seed it was looking grim yesterday. Given the fact that both Butler and Gore at Gorge. Goran Dragic Gorge. Neil Neil Gorsuch Serene Court justice. He was out drug it at was out Butler was out and what does it what the bucks giving up seventy three points in the first half that's back to back games they're like. You want seventy-three. Here you have seventy three and you get seventy three. But. They surge ahead and they clinched that number one seed and we could all just say. Okay everybody relax stars did what stars do Janas and Middleton lighting up. It's Good Friday. Everybody how you doing? Abe here. My Man Josh who went to State Fair last night as a full report, a full gastro report to bring you today thinks in here right now let's add yes and get her has to sit next to them and listen smell deal with the. That cabdriver and stabbed him yesterday. When I first saw it could stab later. So family enjoyed state fair last night with the food drive through. Yeah. How many stops did you make? So we win all of them no no. No stops we went to three different stops. On the drive through tour. And The total now. This was. Opening, night of this week. But we were. From start to finish it was like. Two and a half almost three hours. Oh my God and only stopped three times. His ups yeah. By choice or that's how long it actually. End Why would it be? Like you sat and like you ate your food can't. No. No. No it's a huge line. Oh My Waiting for three well. And the thing is, is that once you commit? Your in you can't back out. That's though there's no bailing. No. No? No. So you know. Combine the combine the the food drive with. Kovas testing and then he can do but you could have the time you're done. That's actually not not enough to worship. Though. No but the nice thing is, is that. So I got to eat a whole bunch of food felt like crap and then woke up, you know six hours later there's nothing like having a bunch of fried cheese Kurds at nine thirty at night. Jeez Oh, boy right after you just had. Some follow cake and defied oreos. Jordi. Do the man with the most energy in the world the young man with just bounces off the walls. How do you do on a car for three hours? How many times did you watch cars on an IPAD in the car see? There it is. Not Cars. Cars new. We watched Winnie the Pooh and frozen Pu two. Wow. Two separate movies to try to keep him. Yep. Yep. It really hours. It was It was an excuse something. And I was saying to myself. I was like man, why did that? Why did I do it this way to? Eight, these deep fried orioles and then cheese Kurds, and then I thought. Wait. If the State Fair was hoping, this is exactly when I. Don't accent beer judy walking around yeah. You have a beer two as well. So. Oh. Well, not out. That was good. It was worth it did it done? Eloy Jimenez into. The Mess He looked so awkward. The Nets help I can't get out like a dolphin that gets stuck in a tuna nettie idiot life alert somebody come cut eloy. Jimenez out of the Nets and freedom. That's. All all the way down. Lastly people have said, why have why didn't they take the nets down there off? No fans 'cause they're up and it's just it would be more work just leave him there. The, my railing against the nets from last summer is why the country is in the state it's in right now we have adopted a let's put up a net society because Oh, my God there can never be any harm to anybody. Let's take excessive measures that ruined the experience of a baseball game or life. So he can save one life we can save one not una forehead from a stray foul ball very symbolic. There's a lot of parallels there. Hey, all I care about is that the brewers one last night Yelich came back now we had the inside the park home run had the most money slide. Yeah. Into home that they reviewed and our old friend the odds Bonnie appealed to the video replay and it was really close but nope, nope. nope. nope. nope. nope. NOPE NOPE nope. Didn't get him. Do. Am I the only one that considers a granddaughter now to be Jack Park men from Major League to when you go your, he goes to. I must confess I can't speak major league. I haven't seen all of Wyatt. Why Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's a glaring omission that might take the number one spot. In your glaring omissions glaring omissions. Yeah. I. Just I know of it I've seen snippets. I've never sat down start to finish. Somehow he missed along the way course a bit more of a bull, Durham Guy Than Major League but yeah, they came out. And Major. League to I gotta be able to quote Major League to now is well I. I'm trying to see the it was the catcher. Yes I know exactly who you're talking about and. Had them reading. Magazines. The hated catcher that went from the Indians, he was the big. Then, they traded him. Okay. To the Yankees, I believe in the movie. Yeah, and then he comes back and you know you hate him. So that's where I feel that is yes, Grande now. The Nice thing is, is that we kinda hated him before we got him to. Yeah. So it's kind of like a hate sandwich. Eight sandwich hated him on the dodgers? No. Hate him on the socks. Hate Sandwich because the hate would be the two pieces of bread. So it's inside the Bitter Mustard. Sue saying that then it would be a love sandwich that won't let us bitter mustard. What's what's in that kind of hate in the middle though because he he bookended, we hated him with the dodgers he came to us and now heats with. Guns. So what's in the mid? What's between the bonds Monte Grande all. Art. Isn't hate sandwich. A Good Friday. The bustle that's box. Cutters the bucks one does anybody have any? F ING clue about how coaches are using their rosters. During this bubble restart forget the playoffs. The playoffs should make more sense. But Bud, for no reason, doesn't play any of the stars including Janas in Middleton for the entire second-half against the nets two nights ago. Last night Butler and drug it's out with sprained ankles probably legit. But okay whatever Butler was for sure legit because I was a second game. Okay. Okay. there's no idea about usage of players and like every NBA game, every team can make a run SPOELSTRA said last I look it's not like we were up forty they were up twenty three I believe at one point. Yeah. So teams do make runs. In this case, the bucks had like sixteen three run to get back into it in the third and then a twenty nothing run in the fourth quarter to help bring home the Bacon. You've gotTA. Love it. I just gotTa feel relaxed like, okay. It's a way now and we can just exile not that there was really ever a doubt but. Don't want to let it linger. That's all you don't. WanNa. Let to drag on so well, and it was also crazy when you see stat. So yeah Jaanus in Middleton. going. On, thirty one shots making sixty six getting sixty six points sure. School in thirteen, seventeen and middleton nine, fourteen young. Yeah and they're not. Yes stat of the day already. do you want it? There's a stat of the day from the game. Ruined better. Not, no. Sir Not. Get. Whatever everybody panic. Dad. Though Laid out of in yesterday's game versus the heat the bucks trailed by twenty three points and went onto win by fourteen. It is the largest win this season by any team that trailed by more than twenty points. Old Yours. Job Posting. Up there to the key part of the stat of the day that was well done done so. All. Right. So we got the table set for glorious weekend We got. PGA. Championship going on. Todd Todd Todd Todd Todd Todd. Todd Todd Todd Brendon. Todd. Is Your Co leader along with Jason Day. He still plays golf every now and then very ones backwards. What is backwards he's pretty good with Brooks kept gut and tiger lurking go one back at minus four and clowning on. The Shannon go left and right to offset. Two Bites and then tiger two hundred not too shabby. And Poor Jordan speak was seen on the range yesterday with nobody on the range after the round growling Ryan away trying to find it. And the graphic that was on the screen said Plus Three t one, twenty six. and. He's out there alone. Poor guy poor little golf nerd Jordan speed. All right. Coming up I will get headlines are dolphins in today's Dolphin today pose poses him today so good and box score belly. It'll be parking his bike and coming on as well. It is a glorious Friday in the good land and yes, your Milwaukee Bucks are again king of the East for the second straight year. Soak it in because you never know how long these days are GonNa last. Good weekend to go out and buy a new or neo new or used vehicle. The Russ Darrow Automotive Group has hundreds of one owner used cars, trucks, vans SUV's for sale to fit your needs, and of course, their new car inventory is vast and unmatched as well. 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Far Help pay your bills cash contest your chance to win a thousand dollars in cash tenter just text the word rich to two, hundred, two, hundred. You'll get a text confirming entry plus iheartradio Info Standard Data and message rates apply this nationwide contests. Turn it up. German on the highway. One. Of Regret Rebecca black just gone to the weekend. Terrible cheesy song. You mean awesome. cheesy. Fun. Fun Fun. You know it's not fun being told by Your basketball coach you have to maintain a heart rate at least ninety percent during. Yes get this. So Texas Tech fired their women's basketball coach yesterday. Alleging. Abusive, program. and. Get this. Players dreaded a heart monitoring system. That they said, was misused in punitive ways. She said the coaching staff demanded that they maintain a heart rate of at least ninety percent of capacity during games and that they faced loss of playing time or more conditioning work if they did not. She hates. Sports Medicine director said maintaining a heart rate that high would be quote very difficult to do. For Time if you get in the game for coach Marlene stallings Marlene stoller eggs. Rod You girls. Get. Your acid gear. said that there was also abusive Elements of the program demeaning and threatening comments, and there was a strength coach. That subjected them to sexually suggestive behavior. Come on Man Texas tech now and said heart rate. So yeah, I guess he had to wear these monitors and they like new. If you're really hustling hard out there, you couldn't fake the coach with that fact. Hustle, they knew it ninety percent heart rate Ron keep running and it seems like Chris Beard the men's coaches such a good dude totally out. He teapot he bought food for somebody's wedding. That's nice yeah. That's Nice Oakland as bench coach Ryan Christian centers apologized for unintentionally making what looked like a Nazi. Oh There you go. Is private stay away from that one. Christianson, was seen on camera extending his right arm in the air is the team was making its way off the field engaging in an elbow bump celebration with coaches. What? Christianson. Then turned around and repeated the gesture none straight arm you have to bend your elbow Christianson said Hendrix no according to the San. Francisco. Chronicle. Oh, I see what you mean. Oh No, it's like Heil Hitler Christianson said after he turned, he later recounted to the chronicle teams have moved away from the traditional high fives to follow social distancing rule set forth by MLB He said he was attempting to adapt the elbow bump gesture that teams do instead of high fives and it unintentionally resulted in a racist at horrible salute that I do not believe in what I did was unacceptable and I deeply. Apologize. Wad. He didn't figure it. He couldn't figure that out. But still he didn't mean to do it, and now you're I'm so sorry dea really think the Oakland as bench coach is a closet Nazi at it's now just coming out. Yeah he finally waited for this. This is my time. He should have just said yeah. No, that's not what I was doing. Just stop it already. What do you think you think I'm going to do something like that. What what would make you think me do something like that. Made me do something like that. Of Edge Daddy I can't. Cited I'm Kinda shy but mostly excited. Billy is in the house young man what's going on they save yesterday was a great day for sports I the bus be the Miami Heat, and they are now the number one team in the world. Looks like we're going to lose again but then they remember that they were the bucks and started playing super good. Then last night, the burs played baseball and crushing out guy hit which he turned into a home run when he used his super speed, also the packers said, no, one can watch the first football games in person and people are also playing golf and other teams. I guess playing sports as well. But no one really cares because the burs one and the bucks are the number one team. Yeah. Back to you, I like tunnels. Excited I'm Kinda shy but multi excited. We'll get to that lambeau news new just a bad time for pose. He's in with headlines. Nozaki, what eighteen left address looking to take the here's ever said across the line flying hitting the breaks to the Point Miller, open stores and trick. Played Seventy six this is post no sports with Aziz. Art Hose what's shaking out there? Well the bucks were down twenty three in the second quarter yesterday before turning things around in beating Miami one, thirty, one sixteen to clinch the top seed in the eastern conference playoffs after failing to do so in their previous two games. Here's coach Mike Putin Holzer You'd Never Guess Coaching an NBA game on August six. So you know pretty unique times to to win a game. And more importantly to have the best record in the Eastern Conference you know is is a to our players and what they've done every night and how they brought it. Very proud of them. You know we have a lot more work to do but certainly to recognize the work of our team be smart to do that or wise to do that. It was at thirty seven point swing between the second quarter in the end of the game, which included a twenty to nothing fourth quarter run with about five minutes to play honest onto compo- and Chris Middleton both scored thirty three, the boxer, fifty, five and fourteen and face Dallas tomorrow night at seven thirty in the midst of a three for thirty four slump. Christian Yelich got a mental health day Wednesday and then return to the lineup last night for the brewers series finale with the white. SOx. Illitch in the air left field got some Kerry. But admit is always make the play and it's a fair ball now is in the NAP. Yell. Around second on his way to third. And he's GonNa try to score here comes through. Their Ryan Anderson on. Fox Sports Wisconsin Yelich also walked for time scored three runs in the walkies eight three victory in Chicago. Certainly a good night for the brewers best player who caught a break when Eloy Jimenez. Ball left and got stuck in the protective net by the stands with allowed Yelich to round the basis for a second homer the year. Run Baseball history. Yeah I needed that one. It's been an absolute zoo. Awful all year. So you have some positivity to smile about something a nice much. Also, said, it was nice to differentiate between balls and strikes. Last night he did strike out one more time. The crew had thirteen hits to a piece from Jet Jerko and Rookie Matt Mathias who combined for Five Rbi's is Josh Lindblom got the win brewers five and five back at Miller Park to play Cincinnati this weekend game game one tonight at seven ten Eric Lower Against Trevor Bauer. Also Milwaukee's game against the cubs next Thursday in Chicago will now start at six fifteen in the three games the brewers didn't play last weekend because. Of the Cardinals Corona, virus outbreak will be made up with double header, September fourteenth and sixteenth at Miller Park in September twenty fifth in Saint Louis also, Kansas City clobbered the cubs a thirteen to two last month packers president and CEO Mark Murphy. Said, he was hopeful that tended twelve thousand fans will be able to watch the team play at Lambeau field this season and while fans may be allowed to attend at some point, the packers announced yesterday fans will be prohibited from attending the first two home? Games September twentieth against Detroit and Monday night. October fifth against Atlanta Murphy. Says circumstances have changed in safety as their biggest concern coach Matt Leflore says it'll be a major challenge for his players I think that definitely can weigh in it. Something that none of us have really experienced at this level, guys are going to really have to dig deep and find that energy because a lot of players feed off the fans and there's certain stadiums that you walk into in this league, and it is definitely there's a home field advantage hackers third home game isn't until November first against Minnesota meanwhile floor. says. Their first onfield practice of training camp will be next Saturday. They're still trying to figure out how to structure those practices amid pandemic sixty six NFL players opted out this season by yesterday's deadline. The Wisconsin Badgers have a good idea of how their practices will be structured when they opened camp on Monday. Here's uw AD Barry Alvarez you don't want your all of your your ones and twos together were separating how we practice. We're doing thing is things in pods as far as meetings and how we practice trying to keep different groups separate. So if there is a positive test. That doesn't affect the people below them. And so that you have some depth. As you move through the season to season is supposed to start Friday nights September fourth against Indiana Camp Randall, stadium yesterday, the UAW Athletic Department reported that fourteen student athletes tested positive for coronavirus over the last four and a half weeks the positive rate of eight point one percent nearly double the rate reported, and then the last update last month. So twenty one players have tested positive since voluntary workouts began in June. They've also conducted nearly eighteen hundred tests and the badgers ranked twelfth in the preseason Amway coaches poll Clemson's number one followed by Ohio State Alabama. Georgia and Lsu Penn State Notre. Dame's tenth Michigan's Fifteenth Minnesota's Eighteen Iowa is twenty. Third Jason Day fired a bogey-free five hundred sixty five for a one-stroke lead. The PGA Championship in San. Francisco goals first major the season among those in second place two time defending champion Brooks Koepka Zach, Johnson Justin Rose Tiger Woods three shots back Steve stricker car today to over seventy-two, and in the NHL The Philadelphia Flyers can clinch the number one seed in the eastern conference they beat Tampa Bay tomorrow they beat Washington. Yesterday three one behind sixteen saved from former badger, Brian Elliott and the Minnesota wild down two games to one of their qualifying series. They felt Vancouver Three Zip. So there you go. Hey, there's NASCAR xfinity racing tomorrow at. Yeah, we'll have that live at ten thirty. In Milwaukee on the big nine twenty on Fox sports ten, seventy, two game in Madison so. Give you a microphone hug hoggets clipping in and out I. Know You love that the microphone it's the connection Oh it is the connection. Connection Oh. Sorry aiding big. I'm going to attend a wedding tomorrow an outdoor wedding. And I think me and my wife and my dog Mike Wanna boats on Lake Mendota with a buddy of mine. Yeah. Thanks. Dog a love. It does your dog like the water. He he does and now he's wanted how swim it's Hilarious It's just gotTA teach him how to fish while he's swimming can you dock near Memorial Union then Those doctors still closed. You can dock though at the edgewater hotel. Okay. Well, if you want to do that so he can still walk in Madison if you want to with the of course, social distance in face coverings yes, you can do. All right. Very Good Post. Thanks Buddy. That's too bad. I, thought it was Mike Cutting in and out. No, it's. One day everything the way it should work. Yeah. Exactly. Coming up what's trending brought to you by Best Electric Josh what you've got, we gotta talk about this hundred person brawl at an Anaheim hotel. Was On is how lean canceled to why not cancel everything don't say that canceled it all from now until the time also suddenly everybody cares about. Georgia. Again, go figure all that more coming up next. Day. You're listening to this. Show driven by the Russ Darrow group experience the darrow difference. Russ. Darrow. Dot Com now. Here's. What's trending brought to you by best electric whole new wing on here walls out than. I rewired GONNA. Make. It all through twenty. Two, twenty, two, twenty, one, whatever it takes whatever it takes. That's what best electric will do for you and all of your electrical needs give them a call today at four, one, four, seven, two, seven, eighty, seven, seventy or visit them online at best elect dot com best electric connect with the best. Zave. There was an incident at a hotel in Anaheim California and incident you say, yeah. What do you mean by and incident? Let's just say there was a brawl in volving mom. Who Hundred Oh six hundred. Okay. So in other words as Kramer would said. That, there was an. Incident. Okay. Talk to me. Okay. So Four officers arrived at the hotel after they were called because of. The need any more than. So officers, they'll just forty. Start with four to find forty people fighting in a hotel parking lot. Go. Okay so they're outside at least backup please. Can we please get back and I just put the Bat Signal UK. Help. then. They go in to find that there are more people fighting in the lobby of the hotel God. As they make their way through the lobby out to the pool. Sorry I. Need to get some Carl Douglas. then. They get to the pool to see even more people say. But the good news is. When they got to the pool, they found the source of the fighting. Okay. How do you separate who's on? WHO's yeah right? because. The bloods and crips they've or is it Just. Like you know what is punching somebody GonNa Find Seventy two point. Eight. Apparently. Some kids that were playing at the pool on those meddling kids and they were just you know. It says at one boy was pushed to push his cousin into the pool eleven. And that that boy happened to fall on some girls that were playing in the pool. Is Well, the girls did not take that apology now. Were they were they were they fighting in a socially distancing manner? DID THEY HAVE MEL on? Did they? Know. All right. So what will get more attention today this story or the picture that came out of a Georgia high school showing a crowded hallway and therefore. Masks because that's now suddenly everybody cares about Georgia every pundit, every elitist from the upper northeast corridor. tut-tutting Georgia apparently, the school has discipline some of the students for using their cell phones and sharing the pictures on social media, which is only enraged the elite from New York and other places even further saying I can't believe you're getting him in trouble they like no, we're not gonNa have pictures taken from inside the school and have the students start this whereabouts social distancing we're not wearing masks. Even. Bomani Jones amongst others chiming in on this because he is a school and mask expert in addition to be in Bomani Jones. It's so predictable and so annoying but there we are. So the whole country cares about one high school in Georgia and their social distancing does anyone care that there was one hundred person brawl in Anaheim with no social distancing now he's looking to the whole brawl wasn't just kids right? So it started with. And then the adults started punching each other. Based on the kids. When I ever got into an argument with another kid. As a kid. It was always my fault. My my parents was my mom or dad was mere parents. Get over here. You get over here. It was always you're so sorry, sir, I'm sorry about that I'm sorry but no sorry, my kids at. Right now apparently, it's very, what's your kid doing I kid? All right. Let's say you're in the middle of that hundred person melee and you want to go give somebody a three piece a three piece with fries. How would you go about given some random person a three piece in one hundred person brawl. Elbow need fist fist fist face face got what what would your three piece Combo with with fries be like that's that's tough because Mike, I use my weight. So might my Go-to is always to just try to get him to the ground, push them over and then bellyflop them right. Maybe do like a Superman Punch and then just get him to the ground. That's people can't we all just get along? Dateline Scoundrels H. B. O. is going to release a documentary. On Craig Carton. Issues SAG radio host who went to prison for three and a half years for fraud. It's called wild card the downfall of radio loud mouth. It's airing October seven. Why would you spend any time going to be watched by tens of people? Right it's gotta be a WHO cares already begun his name is this guy mattered to be in the big scheme of things why even give people like this anymore notoriety it's just to be a setup for his redemption tour. He's gotta get his radio show back you want. FRANCESA's you know no longer doing that one hour a day off. Being famous is more important than being a good employee and not committing crimes and being on time for work and going along with whatever dumping your program director says you should do my advice for kids who want to get into this business get in and start doing everything opposite be a bad boy a shock jock break the rules get in trouble become famous. Dan and then then maybe try not to go to jail. But if you do get out of jail and get probably even bigger contract at a documentary. Josh what's trending what's trending? Apparently Halloween is going to be canceled to. Buy Who? By by society whose Halloween everyone's Halloween. Apparently, everyone's Halloween. It's starting with the theme parks as. The theme. Parks have. Special. Events and things that they plan with Halloween. What is Disney? Mickey's not so scary Halloween right a pair according to one study era one report Universal Studios. Their Halloween spectacular is huge brings in like twenty percent of their total year revenue and they've said, we're not doing it. Not doing too many things that need to take place that the CDC guidelines are not going to allow. Going step further to say that everyone is waiting for local governments to decide what's going to be happening trick or treating. You got to wait for failings of s hats and local and state government to decide what you can and can't do with your life I've got. A little clip for you to play and I want everyone to just about this and realize this is how it should go ever remember the WHO's who. What happened in the grinch that stole Christmas Josh. Who's gathered around the tree anyway on Christmas morning and they sang just because the grinch tried to steal Christmas it didn't work. Christmas came anyway, this is what should happen with Alouine who's GonNa. Stop you and your neighborhood from going door to door and collecting treats the police hopefully not. All's is what should happen. Now they're saying. Save Mood Sing Sing's sharing. The Grief Thought of this who Christmas sing the mall the grinch thought. I must stop this. Picture three years you know you just let it come anyway, stop the we just to stand up as a society and say enough we're going to do this. What are you? GonNa do arrest us. Here's here's my question. Here's my thought. On all of these things, all of these events Halloween. That's a number one time people are wearing masks. Got Boy. Everyone's wearing a mask. Everybody will be train robber ever be abandoned right? It'd be so easy to be a cowboy. got a little. Handkerchief you got. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Yeah what's the problem? Yeah. No Second Way Oh. No long term. Effects Ono. Masks Work Oh. No you know. The parents are going to eat all the candy anyway. I read a long piece about the problems with. Testing. And basically, the author said, this could go on as long as we wanted to go on the way we're going about it right now. We stop. That'd be nice but I don't know the where's the momentum to stop it. You know the NFL is you heard pose say that you know packer officials say that things have changed not true things happen changed nothing has changed. I went and looked at the cases in Wisconsin in terms of the last couple of weeks saint. It's the same in. It's all at a level that is minuscule compared to the states population. You're talking about an average death per day with or with co Corona or because of corona, nobody really knows. That you're talking about average s per day under ten. Like seven or eight in a state of six million, I mean, what are we doing? What number do you needed to be to say? All right we're GonNa let twenty five percent go into lambofield. What twenty, five percent when look like rattling around inside Lambofield it'd be like nothing. But Hey. got. To be safe. Well are you going to do things? Yeah. What happens if they quote cancel Halloween What are you GonNa? Do I'm still dressing out they're gonNA. Let go out your let your kid go out and collect candy door sure. He wants to good last year his weirdest kit last year he went to four houses he got seven pieces of candy and said Okay we can go home now. That's there's more candy said no, I'm good. Right. Datelined Beirut. Port worker was found alive. See Are you kidding thirty hours after cataclysmic, explosion. And you should see the photo of this guy lying in the boat that rescued him. He is bloody all over the place. Yeah, and Zoom. Well You'd think being that bloody being blown out to sea. That you would be shark bait in a hurry apparently not. That that guy. Sh- forget craig. Carton's stupid documentary documentary on him. Yeah. One more serious sharks probably all like, nope. That was too loud. We're out of here. Sharks like us guys dirty actually like a fresher piece of meat he's Overdone Akron. charred. So. Yeah. That's a story to tell right there. Blown out to sea. Floating in the water for thirty. Hours. On they got him. So there you go. There's a series once might still be and he goes on discovery or something like that called I shouldn't be alive. And it was the stuff of nightmare fuel. Tales of people that got stuck places and they're like, yeah probably Shoulda died other people with me died but I didn't die I should have died. You don't WanNa watch that before going to bed that's for sure why not? Going to be good well I mean if that stuff picks you up that up, makes you happy then? Okay. Go to sleep with the smile and he facing All. Right. So you can break your driver if you don't mean to do it but we're now seeing Brooks Koepka continuing the troll Bryce in the Shambo. Tigers lurking little bit of Golf Talk Next Hour Bucks, your number one seed Hussan offer that Yelich back in the lineup and inside the park home run life is good as we head towards the weekend here in the good land. You keep them separated. This is the Steve. Sabin show onto game. Now here is the say. God bless you guys on the Pella W. I dot com talk, and text line. Josh. Go ahead and read the texts that came in during the break. It's a classic. Unnamed in the four one, four said okay. So kids will stay on their front lawn and we'll drive around and throw candy Eh. That's we'll do Halloween this year. Ten and SNICKER. Issue you're just GONNA launch. Kids stay put. It's the adults who drive around and Throw Candy Adam. Debate when there's a wilder Would that not be a little bit more entertaining for the parents? So, if you're shooting it out like a cannon and you get kids, you don't like you put like a sucker just launch right Adam how? Careful, careful with the smartest that could take an eye out right there. It's all fun and Games and it's all new. Halloween. Until somebody loses an eye. Should we call it new Halloween? Why not Lou Halloween new rules penny roles you stand on your lawn in a box that has six feet from anybody else and will bring the candidy you. Just relaxed kids your find. Speaking of pandemics and unintended consequences guess who six and one and atop the east in the national. League that'd be the Florida Marlins. Your. Ma. Miami Marlins now no longer Florida Miami marlins their get come on house and five. Yeah Right. Thank you. They're six and one. They just swept the orioles which is going to go down of all the Baltimore Orioles embarrassments of the last several years as one of the most reliably awful baseball teams in the majors kidding swept by the bt Marlins is got to be right up there that helps wept at home no less that helps for those of us who have the orioles season total under under thank you misdirect. Ways. The marlins are six in one despite having had the biggest outbreak so far this season despite not having played a home game yet, and despite having to ship in eighteen new guys as part of their expanded roster, and there are other eighteen guys had to take a thirty hour bus. Back to Miami as punishment. Baseball is betty strange game sometimes. Absolute classic so. It just goes to show. It's gotta be a wild season. You're not gonNA know what's what or who we know the Yankees are really good. As hats that they are. That check swing that one they're just they're. They're hitting bombs left and right to set a new franchise record for most consecutive games with home run at like eleven. Bill Yankee. Ben cannot bill Yankees but again, another day. No new big outbreaks, baseball did implement strect new. Protocols. The. The eating one is the best one that you read all those. No talking while eating and if you yeah, because they're going, they're supposed to provide a room like a large room where you can be socially distance and get your food. You're not supposed to talk to anybody else, and if you have to sit by somebody, you're supposed to sit back to back. Yeah. Good. Don't face. You're good to go also Tony. And His Right, and this all came upon the marlins because they were bad boys in Atlanta boys back. They went out to clubs. They went to cozy destiny. They went to the sweet Lou Chicken Wings at Magic City. And next thing you know they come home with the Rona so. I don't I don't feel bad for these ball players who are going to have to go through all this brought it on yourself. But no new outbreaks yesterday and the season chugs on and baseball announced a couple of they announced a seven game series later in the year in September early September between the. MARLINS and the Phillies to make up for their knicks. Games. A seven game series that includes two seven inning doubleheaders. So if you think that baseball's not committed a jam this season through one way or another year on. And I Love it I. Love it because there is a lot of people of just a couple of days ago when this week started. Josh. Dad were loudly saying, this is all going to end. Then it sits over seasons got to cancelled right? Oh. Yeah. While the birds on a five game series. With the cardinals coming up September fourteen, fifteen sixteen. So. doubleheader on Monday the fourteenth, a single game on the fifteenth doubleheader on the sixteenth. And then they'll have a four game series at the end of the month with a double header on Friday single game Saturday Sunday and I love it baseball said. All right. Well, we're GONNA have jamming a lot of games. What do I tell you what doubleheaders but seven innings can we do that? Yeah. Okay. Done boom. Hey can we play home games and other teams parks? Yeah. Sure. Done boom. Got It. Hey can we start the tenth inning with a runner on second? Yeah. Sure. Why not stopping us done boom got it. Can we start using wiffle balls and bats? Yet don shirt boom got it. Whatever to get the season end I love that commitment like look were not going to quit quitting would be the scarlet hue stitched to the Jersey of baseball forever and ever and ever. And I have no doubt that football is going to play I'm dismayed though at the continued retreat when it comes to fans. I just it just makes me so deflated and the worst thing was yesterday get her you saw this the mayor of Augusta Joe. Heard said that he does not expect there to be patrons at the masters. And the masters didn't say one way or the other they gave a very generic statement very generic statement about Blah Blah health officials blah guidance, Blah Blah we'll see etc etc.. But, it's just crazy to think that you couldn't allow in three thousand fans at the masters in fricken November mess. The big thing about the masters is the roars on the back nine on Sino. I mean look I'm a golf nerd like you are getter. I watched some of the PGA. I'm sort of into it. I'm not into it like I would be into it though if there was actual fans, I'm just not. It to me this is watching this. On TV, it's a longer thicker rough version of the Saint Jude Classic the field is great as always is for this event it's the strongest field of all the majors. And it looks like we're going to have some pretty good golf but it's it's not the same not for me at least. So having said that pivot. Pivot. pitted. Bryson the. Shampoos driver. snapped. That's not technically a pivot were on golf so we'll stand golf with this. Bryson Shambo, snap the head office driver by accident. Yes. While he was leaning on the club to bend over and pick up his t correct. To Shambo has added more than twenty yards to his tee shirts and almost fifty pounds to his frame. After extensive weight gaining and fitness program swung violently at the drive seemingly without issues and he was surprised to see the club come apart just by leaning on it, he was allowed to replace the club. because he did not break it in anger yes. The local rule. But what do you need a local? What? They. Said on the air multiple times and said, it was a local rule, so they must have had. I think it's a little different because. It didn't really break in the course of a swing. And I think that's the technical rule for the. USDA. If you're golf club breaks during a swing, you're allowed to replace it correct. In any round of golf including a tournament round as long as you don't unduly delay place. So in other words, correct if you're in a local tournament Josh and you break your driver swinging at it. Like you. Happy Gilmore. You missed the ball year ball on the shaft and it snaps yeah you can't then say hold on, go get in your car and then go drive to Dick's sporting goods and get a new new driver and say hold on hold on. I'll be right back and forty five minutes later with your group sitting there waiting on the t you can't do that. You cannot unduly delay, but at a pro tournament like this, you know he descends his minion in the trailer in the in the fitting trailer. To go down. There once the tournament starts whatever it nerd listened to the Gulf new here listen to the fitting newest. Where do you get the shaft then from? Longer. Back up in his locker really do all these guys have backup. Sure drivers in their locker for sure or was it just a backup shaft? It was just a backup shaft, but they for sure keep an extra driver. Without question I'd have. I'd have Josh Out of a backup driver full ready to go not just a chef. Yeah. To like like my starting driver would be named Brett, Farve, and my backup driver would be TJ rudely or something. You don't want to a really, hey rube. We get in the game there. You're the guy. Now the thing is you don't want to let people know that you have a backup driver too early because then people are GonNa think that you're done with the driver you're currently using and that's going to just start this whole big thing they'll be like, did you go to the backup driver? How much did you spend on that backup drawback? What's wrong with the driver you use a now looks like it's working just. Salary tap. One shot the greatest round of my life with this old driver. Why would we ever go away from it? This was going great and you tried participate salary cap you. Sign up quarterbacks winter tickets. No we weren't timeline was talking about because he named his driver Farve and TJ Rubio was back those incidents we're talking about. This golf. Golf here. Anyway we got a good flow on there. We did just got right in the middle of it. Yeah. What does show that? Get her set picks and rebound. That's what you do right now let me Josh run the offense here. Honesty's Middleton. You. Just, be pat. Cox. It's He's now he's really checked out. Laptops literally feet away from the microphone. He's he's playing angry birds. and. Nobody plays angry bird. Planned flight control. Okay So here we are. Awkward now. Anyway, he hears loud to replace the club because he didn't break it. Okay but question then. What's the situation when you? Can't. Replace it like if you like what about if he would've snapped bracket anger, then you can't replace. So even if he had a backup because he didn't do it during a swing. Yes. Right. That's the rolling. Yeah. What about if he's slammed down in the bag really hard. And then you can't replace it. I was just putting it away. Now. No are get her get your sweats off your back in the game. All right. There go Harry comes. Off Everyone, Eric, getter, lay if you if you step on your driver. Or if your buddy runs it over with his golf cart. You're allowed to replace it, right? Yes. And you're allowed to punch your buddy in the face for running over your driver in a casual round of golf. What about if it slips because grips were worn? I'm sorry. Sir. I. Should have noticed that I'll take care of that. And that's not careful. See at the table, sign a card. Brooks Koepka. Do we have the audio from? Brooks Koepka on Jambo? Yeah. There's to sound bytes so the two. Did a thing like they they were talking to players like what do you eat for breakfast in a typical day? And Famous de shambles eating all this food now right to get to bulk up. So they're asking all this players and this was. Kept his answer. Wine protein shakes. Six Five. Nine protein shakes and he starts laughing. That is good. No laying up noling up had this tweet Kepco winning majors in bulk and going out of his way to troll major list price into Shambo is a truly admirable level of pettiness. They said making birds and crushing nerds we don't deserve brooks. Oh, my God, and then they ask they get birds and crushing nerve that ends up on a shirt or A. Will have it in a minute for sure will. So then they asked the birds crushing or after the roundabout is Rhonda, how he played and he said this today. Survey online good and there's no reason to. Be Scientific with all the. Numbers. Making Fun of the scientist. Okay. One of the two guys got into a fistfight parking lot would that not be the greatest thing ever? Would that not put a charge into the PGA tour? I. Think it's something to really talk about it. Then you'll fight my money's brooks. Now. Let's say that Bryson would fight unfair he would like scratch and kick. A nerd he doesn't know how to night hold on Kapka knows how to fight if kept Kaz swings and breaks his driver. Over Bryson's. Head. No Okay Anyway. To. Shambo. Did shoot to under. So he's lurking how about a Kepco to Shambo final. On Sunday. And Tiger the second last group I'll take it. Okay. There you go. Wrap it up. Very good. I professor is going to be end before the hour is out. What else is shaking out there we need to talk about. Training camps are going on, but we're not CNA anything other than just little glimpses of guys in their jerseys with no pads throwing the football. To Take it and I found a story to headline is pretending to rob a bank considered a funny prank or a felony. While that's a real hypothetic allow. Texts windows up four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven, three that and plus some other page twos next. 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So don't delay stop in your nearby showroom or Pele experienced center or set your free consultation now at Pella W is. It's time for help pay your bills cash contest your chance to win a thousand dollars in cash to enter just text the Word Win W. I n. win to two, hundred, two, hundred. You'll get a text confirming entry plus iheartradio Info Standard Data and message rates apply in this nationwide contact. Up Somebody, blew building some dot. com. Gaddi we somebody didn't. Get To wear this song out? By time to start practicing you're singing. Today. Out. Here. We'll have some whiskey this week and our hope you have your libation of choice of we got some good. Social and socially responsible activities on tap of the weekend. Zach in the two, six two I wasn't robbing the ATM. I was just reverse engineering to see how secure they. Really. except. When it comes to robbing a bank. Josh. GimMe the story here about whether or not robbing a bank is actually a crime or just a ha ha I'm joking around. I'm going to regret this but I'm Gonna I'm GonNa let this one. Go. Ahead, get a couple of Youtube. Guys twin brothers decided to they're they're known for their pranks in Irvine California and. Yeah, they got charged with a felony false imprisonment misdemeanor count of false reporting an emergency. For. Faking videotaping and robbing a bank. So they fake Yup videotaped it. They masqueraded as bank robbers, and that prompted calls to the Irvine Police Department two, thirty PM on October Fifteenth. The twins dressed in black with schoon asks and carried duffle bags stuffed with cash masters, bank robbers according to cash I did it says with cash. Cash. I Bet with camera operator. As fake, what you're walking out of the bank with the bags in the mass, they called for an Uber Ride but the driver refused service. A witness leaving the pair had robbed the bank and we're carjack an uber driver called police. Responding officers ordered the driver out at gunpoint. But when the eventually sorted it all out, the brothers were let go with a warning. But then her four hours later, they did the same thing on campus at UC Irvine, which prompted emergency calls again. Okay. Yeah Idiots. So, they have a court date has not been scheduled and it's It's not known if the brothers have legal representation but how many clicks did they get? Exactly? That's that's your. So dead on right there josh that's what try. That's what's driving society right now. That kind of stuff. Give me a break. Why don't they? Just one of these be a part of one hundred person fight right up the road now. The other bank robbery store from yet. Okay. So then it's funny that you brought that up because I saw a story of. Of. A. Guy who? Robbed, a bank. You broke in the bank closed okay and this was He'd already. Attempted to rob a bank and was caught and he was out on probation or Another, bank. Closed all he did according to the security cameras came in looked around grab the hand sanitizer. And left. Really I. So many questions I. Okay. Why a bank if you're gonNA take some hand sanitizer Why not go business with I don't know a few less cameras. Than than a bank. Yeah you know I, the famous criminal Willie Sutton was once asked, why do you Rob Banks? You know what his answer was. Because they have all the money is. Sensory. That's where all the money is. That's why I rob banks, and if that's what you do you gotTa. Keep doing it until you get caught. Yeah and again and again and again. Here's a headline that I don't think we need to read the story. Okay. Guacamole maker explodes killing former Mayor Whoa injuring two others. What did you say? Do you mean we don't need Absolutely. Moley maker explodes killing former mayor injuring two others. I already have questions is the guacamole maker, a kitchen appliance or an actual person making Guacamole, right? A high pressure food processor has to make guacamole exploded in upstate New York on Wednesday morning, killing a former mayor in injuring two others. The former mayor was sillier mayor Joseph Cap. He died of injuries from the blasts that occurred shortly after seven am at innovative test solutions in Schenectady. That's where my dad's from skunk a New York. The fail explosion occurred as the food processor was undergoing tests to assess its viability for manufacturing. Of Guacamole Holy Guacamole. JEEZ LOUISE WHY? Why does it he? Why from Guacamole? high-speed Guacamole in the eyeball. He two much guacamole. No is it possible? US Making Guacamole skews rushed to the hospital where they were picking Guacamole out of his hair and Izhak. It's frantically but we're unable to save. Chips. Exactly. We're working as hard as we can't. Sir. Thank you heating Guacamole to stay call. Come on man that's so inappropriate. Yeah it was funny. He died doing what he loved, which was cooking Guacamole. The former mayor of our fair city. May He rest in peace? May. The. Heavenly angels provide him with all of the Lord's Green Goodness. For years to come. A father. A mayor. And a child of God. He rest in peace. We know ask for a moment of silence. Past chips. Shash. Inappropriate. Paying respects to the mayor. Died Nicole. How did he die? Why my thing cutting out on me that now this pissing me off. Is Really. I don't think we can get back to normal society until Guacamole, deaths are at zero I mean, I, want none exactly zero zero zero. Hey all I can think about before you move on all I can think about is that t pain commercial Where where he says? Mom. That's all he said at the funeral. Hey did you like? Did you see? Central Florida. There in the news this week, a new name for their football stadium the bounce. That is. Saw I love it. I. Love It. That's good. You agree what was it called? They had A. Corporate name of some kind I think OAS. Lind right are quiet. No morial stadium thought to it was spectrum stadium a the bounty called Bounce House. That's way better. Brought to you by Ed's Bounce House on Route fifteen four, zero to. Rent one bounce house get to inflatables free. By two parties, I two parties actuation. We re right exactly. Set up and delivery free every Thursday for three day rentals. Crazy crazy ads bounce, house. Boy really stooped to a new low level tampering with forces. You can't understand we have major corporations sponsoring this event. They got a setup bounce houses absolutely non horse, and they gotta have cheerleaders inside the bounce houses with cameras on them, and hopefully well endowed cheerleaders. So we can see. That matter. Get that I mean in a non sexually objectified way. Of course because about that. But you know a little bit entertainment wouldn't be a bad thing. Yeah. Central Florida Louisville. Three soccer players kicked out of school off the program for their party that led to an outbreak of vid positive test results in cases they apparently had other disciplinary. Black. Marks in their ledger against them. So this is like the Straw. These guys were rogue soccer player that hosted a party that got a bunch of kids. I don't know if they were sick or just positive positive. They didn't really say positive tests. Louisville is cleaning up their own house. Remember it's the same school that hired Rick Pitino Let him sleep have sex with boosters in the back of an Italian restaurant Lonnie laignel booth no. That was confirmed and then pay for her abortion and lane. No this is all documented not allegedly simply US Rick Martinez lawyer. And this is the same school that had an assistant coach. A hooker to help woo recruits on that desert. Yeah that did happen. Louisville. They're like, oh. Yeah. We'd better tighten up. We'd better kick the soccer players out of school. They'll never do this for a star player. If they had Lamar Jackson hosting a party during Kobe times and two thousand people tested positive, they'd look the other way but soccer players, they're easy to kick out of the program and a kick out of school. So. Good for Louisville I. Guess. Oh and this should be fun. DC is planning to make almost two miles of roads. Fifteen mile per hour speed limit zones. Are you kidding me? Fifteen miles an hour as a speed limit like. Just get out and push why don't you just get out and push your car? Two Our That's ridiculous. This is just going to be a way to collect more speed camera revenue because you'll be doing eighteen in a fifteen and you'll feel like time is standing still and they'll snap snap send it in the mail Gimme some money. We'll. The radar detectors even work at that slow rate like say you are going offline. Why? How'd you probably teen in a fifteen? The is two dollars and eighty five cents. But Hey, the Department of Transportation said safety is our priority and driving slowly helps keep everybody. Safe, but if you drive to slow the coronal on you. The morons in government it's just unbelievable. You know there's a point at which you got to say we can't make it any reasonably more safe and the roads have to move the cars have to move. If fifteen is safe or safer. Then five miles an hour would be super save Nick. Let's do that. Then no one move. Right, don't move just put moving sidewalks instead. That'd be right. Don't give any ideas. They'll say, yeah, it's a great. Let's do that five dollars to get out on the. Coming up, the professor will join US weekend. wormholes will find out what he's going to dig into this weekend and then third hour. We'll get more into the bucks clinching the number one seed in the east, who are the real teams to worry about Ben Simmons with his bad knee maybe has taken a sixers out of the worry category if they were ever in the worry categories. So how many teams are really a threat will take a look at that as well. You're listening to the Steve's Eben show right here on the game. They've got what you're looking for. It's time for KABC's life one. Oh, one future. You really seems to care. About what I have? An advanced course in survival. Strings me calm that. No. You can't play with joy it on as many levels I do. Laugh. The colors. Badly now. Here's your professor. Man of many talents disciplines interests. He is Kevin Brandt afternoon drive right here on the game good morning professor also. Part time professor part time professor full-time percent. That's Marquette. University on. Marketing, viral marketing, content, ideation copywriting, and more what Edward Call, you Turn part-time. Now I'm I'm a part time I'm a part timer. Yeah. joanie classes under. Twenty said junk instructor. Okay. Cool twenty. Plan for this falls course. Yeah. I got to rewrite the whole course. I got a rewrite at all, which I'm in the middle of doing it's a total pain because why we don't. We don't know if it's going to be hybrid or. Right. Because kids have the they have the option of opting out and going fully online. So it'd be like if one kid does it, I'm teaching two classes. So. Well. Have you painted they're paying double for that? I'm sure they are. Yeah. I I haven't really liked through holiday yet but yeah. Hey you know who's taking in the shorts right now as big CRAYON. Big Crawl taking it in the shorts. Yes. School supply spending. has been crushed this year. So. Your trapper keepers, your Dukes of Hazzard lunchboxes, your corduroy pants, all the stuff that parents usually spend on in late. July. Early August. It's dropped off a cliff as you would expect, right? Yeah. So you you had a lunch box you had the Dukes of Hazzard I didn't have a lunchbox we grew up poor. We had bags we never got the metal box. Never had the experience in the joy of a custom lunchbox. Now, now, my in my college roommate had one you know. So, your family. Said lunchbox when you were. Now we didn't. You just chose not to waste money on A. lunchbox. Very high come from very humble beginnings and. Right. Now, I'm living in humble endings. They're all there was no school. There is no lunchboxes. Anna Go. They didn't have to thing. Yeah. Let me let me go around the Horn Josh. Did you ever have lunch box grown up and what was on I had a lunchbox, but it wasn't like a cool one like A. Blue. Plain plain blue and it wasn't metal it was. Like A. We call those Mash Cooler get. Her had a richie rich lunchbox because then most mirrored his up. Pattinson actually I believe I had scooby Doo. A. Tonight Star. Wars. Of course you did I by the entire CAST DUKES has head. I. Dukes of Hazzard I had battle Star FM GALACTICO or the Little Richard. Hatch a little Richard ADDS Catherine Bach. Combo Pat Little John Schneider. -SCONSIN legend Tom will bet that's right from appleton. Anyway. So sales of back to school supplies you're not at trapper keepers, pro tractors, crayons is anyone use a protracted anymore? Now. You're we needed it for Tucker's math last year in second grade you. Did you have you had his he got into division and stuff like that. where he the way they do math now it's like insane Tartar. Give me started on common core math. It's like, okay. You got all these things over on one side and. It's like no here. This is how they taught long division when I was there where you had the. It's Kinda like it was like a stubborn, right. So you had the thing over the box and then you had to go do stuff a little bit down the side and my mom just taught me the old way where he just go. Lineup one across put the number underneath and them you just you know there's none of the other crap like number addition is the worst like two digit like if you have twenty plus thirty, five safer example, you're taking twenty you make that that's two tens that's twenty s and thirty. And thirty five is three ten and five ones and you and you bundle the ten together and you bundle the wants to guesses and you add them up no wonder no wonder I can't get changed. Here's what happened. Here's what happened Oh. Okay. This is one that happened to be the other day in because his shortage and coins. So I go into a speedway, not a quick trip into a speedway and I get a bunch of. Steak I got a couple of diet dues or whatever, and it comes up to. Four. Dollars and thirteen cents. I give the guy five, but it's like they had a sign which I didn't see. It says, please pay an exact. Shortage on coin pain exact money or use a debit card I give them a five. He freezes like a deer in the headlights. He doesn't know what to do because he can't give change Yup and then that. So he's just going what do I do what I do call the manager. Now what would you do in that situation? What would you do in that situation if I were you if we were, you know if you were the kid, it's thirteen cents a he owes me eighty seven cents where the change what do you do? And there's people lining up behind I would just give buck back. Thank you. That's what you should do. You figure it out later off the guy behind me Sir that comes out of my end at the end of the day they can afford that the guy behind me says. Can't you read the sign and? Taking the no. Yes, he did. I. Just kind of looked at him and was like I was on the way to the golf course and I was just about ready to engage. He dead he wanted to jump ugly with you once again, just because I'm I'm so feeble as remembering this, why do we have a coin shortage again? I cusi corona that's all I know no I need a better explanation. That's the only thing I know is is because of the virus we have no coins that's live not hurt. I believe you're the famer here. Go ahead. Why Because of people not going to as many stores, there's not as much circulation. So they're not getting as many coins back when they get Robinhood Coin Big Robin Hood, coin, Bank bags at home are they're walking around with you know Google in their yard even if people aren't going as much, the overall volume should just be lower. There should still be enough coins in the stores. So unless people are actively keeping them in their homes or in their change cups so according to the guy fin where it mister, Fenner runs the mid says the meant has slowed production of coins because of the crowd size plus fewer people have been using at places like vending machines, laundromats and car washes. Okay like that. That seems to make sense. So short quarters. I blame Math Mass Florida. Yeah. Because you're doing all the groups at tens and fives and five dimes, it's all because of new Matt that's why we're out of coins which were onto something which made me think of the scene I. Don't know if you've seen incredible to now and I'm not going to continue. Okay. What are you talking about? I WanNa talk to you about the exploded. was. Not the most spectacular explosion ever caught on film in Beirut Horrible Chelsea, major loss of life credible damage but as far as disaster porn goes. Right there that was right there, and then when when we heard about what happened the afternoon, we're getting rid of the show and we heard about it, and then the initial thought was it was some sort of a rocket attack or what have you then I saw the video and I was like man that's one hell of a rocket if it does your ad that I, mean, that's someone's got some kick ass weaponry. If it's doing that because you've seen more explosions, it was nothing like that and then it came out that. It was a wasn't a fireworks factory. Well, then was firing next factory next to a huge store of ammonium nitrate. Fertilizer a with the same stuff timothy McVeigh used. Right and apparently, they don't really take care of the storage of it. And just had it lying around in one huge warehouse and whoops they had a fireworks factory, right? Next door. You'd think if you're going to get a modem nitrate in one place, you'd do it next to pillow factory or something would be the opposite of fireworks. Put it next to that lettuce stand. Yes York. Footing plant. Yeah we're making here. That is not GonNa light the ammonium nitrate on fire. Yeah I talked to a guy that. Guy Emailed me who's listener and he's actually out in Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada right now he's an ordinance officer in the Air Force. So in other words, he said this is all I've done for twenty years is sizing up how much explosive do we need to knock down this building? And he sat and GIG. Wow. Yeah. What how? Leave. He. Yeah he he explained it in terms of the the M. K. Eighty, two bomb, which is the thousand pound bomb which a beef, the beef fifty two can belch out something like eighty. Mark Eighty two bombs just boone. You know when you see the videos of the be fifty, two carpet bombing someone or something. A thousand or eighty of those at one thousand pounds a piece he said the explosive force of the Beirut blast would have required something like four thousand sorties of beef fifty, two's full of those bombs. As. They believed that the the the load of that explosion was about fifteen percent of the little boy bomb dropped on Nagasaki Holy. War to which by the way we had an anniversary for yesterday professor. Yes. The usual people came out and said, the US still hasn't apologized for it. And some of us are like, and why would we we were at war? Okay. Yeah. It was called a war. Yeah, anyway. have you ever been to That's kind of weird and but why do you have that much? What ammonites. No Modem nitrate one place some. Nitrogen I think I read somewhere they had. It. Yes, they seized some of it from Russian ship. This is where terrorists and Hezbollah like to go for their role materials for bonds Hank Yeah then. Enough. Safety. Protocols. Oh. One more the SS Jarrett's don't right. You ever hear the SS John Burke. World War Two. Yeah Yeah Okay I'm GonNa send another name. I can't remember the backstory put any digger. amunition ship in World War, two and it was caught on video. Exploding, and it's probably even better of a video of an explosion a kamikaze hit this ammunition ship in World War Two on the ocean and it went. There's no sound because he was an old eight millimeter film that got it. But it's one of the best explosions ever caught on. Moving pictures. So so what's your weekend wormhole for the weekend professor Larry Lawton? He's a guy that's a ex-con and he tells you he's got a whole youtube channel about what to do in prison. Here you go get her play this. Case and if He tells you that this comes from the ten things you need imprison. This is a suitcase, just take a listen. A suitcase and it's not the suitcase you're thinking it's not the kind you carry on an airport. This is a suitcase. Is Certain your rectum dime you harvesting she the various metal detectors in pre. One. To carry your. Just champion here. bittered your rectum. He goes through when you need it on the yard, you take this out. there. You go off that right. So there is a whole channel hundreds of videos of this guy. He was a jewel thief right and he got out and it's like kind of a pro a primer about what to do when you're in prison. What did they do to peddle files? Rates Heist movies. It's pretty cool. Once you get into this, you'll just beat your jaw will drop to hear all the stuff they do the prison and it is nasty. We all dive in enjoy enjoy the PGA, championship B well, your driver we'll talk. Out. Katie afternoon drive right here on the game coming up Paul, Wagner former brewer pitcher, former pirate, a man who knows dark art of painting the Black we'll talk baseball brewers and more with him than. This is the Steve. Sabin show is a game. Now here is the say. ONLINE MONEY True story were sitting out on the neck at is last week earlier this week actually, and I hear a song here the song I'm like wait what is it time for the segment with with our guy and no it was just wags his phone which has this as a ring. Wakes you really really love Brantley Gilbert. Don't you? Post. Raking concerns then are associated with certain individuals and when you knew it, I was doing the pre-game show so I have that ringtone. So I always know that it is radio time. So it gets me it just. Before, me answer the phone then I know it's radio time. Do. You have different ringtone set for different phone numbers such as. I do lawyer Radio Host Okay and can you disclose that I'm curious? No some of them I cannot do that because I would. I would probably lose the only two friends I have because I don't really need that many ringtones 'cause I don't have that many people I associate with so hard. Here's here's the one I my sources have sources have revealed. This is the one from from wags his wife. I'll you like I'd better pick this one up I could be a trouble. Why are you out? So late I told you to be home by nine. Why exist brought to you by wealth freedom advisors Tim Gertz with us from wealth freedom advisors at big is the other day and it was just great to be out hanging with you guys. You've known him for a longtime avenue. I've known him for many many years and it's Kinda Nice because. You know it's a it's a he was a Germantown guy with me as well and and it seems like as far apart as you get depending on the time, you always come back and and I always say that about kids in guys and people and parents and people from the Midwest Midwest values are strange and I was very fortunate to obviously play baseball I told them for many years but you move all kinds of people from all parts of. This country and the West Coast East Coast Down South and when people say Midwest people are very special. They really are because it's our upbringing. It's their whole overall makeup that make the mid Western people who they are and it's something special. So coming back after so many years and settling back down, it's it's easy to regroup with your with your friends and family members that you've been away from. So long here it's just it's a pretty good time. So. If you need some help on that front, definitely call wealth advisers to him and he'll get you on the right track. So last night Christian Yelich inside the park home run Geo was the guy on the mound what had happened. What do you do if you're a pitcher rags and you're sitting there your grind and you're trying to throw the most best pitches you can't get the hell out of the inning and a play like that happens and you're standing on the mound, how do you hide your frustration as a pitcher when that happens? Well as soon as I see my outfielder trying to be Superman. I run out to the outfield's I tried to grab the ball you know. It's like a little thing that you just jumping up and down trying to yell in trying to get something going. But but if that net wasn't there wags, he would have fallen into the stands because there have been known to catch. True. But the net made it look stupider. He made him look more inept just out there flopping around like a fish on a boat deck. ME It is it's just a lost cause. You're just standing there. It happens a lot I remember when we used to see balls and we were talking in different stadiums with different configurations in the Outfield, like the ball hits a crevice or crack or a screw or even like at fenway if it hits a sign and it balances and you're standing on the mound and you see all of your outfielders. Way And you see the puck ricocheted the other way down the warning track, and sometimes when it gets that warning, track it like roles for miles and you're like, this is not gonna be a good day for me. Yeah. meanwhile, Yala chapter the day off has a nice day. How do you think that works or what's the theory behind it just reset the brain give your body a day off. Yeah I i. think that's what it is. He he realizes we is and what he has to do, he knows he has to put this team on his back a sixty game sprint knows he has to. Very. Surprised at how you how he did it though he took swing that that that loopy swing and that was fine but he also took I believe for walks. Yes a slump. The biggest thing the biggest thing is problem is he's not seeing the ball and and he didn't come out and say that nor has it been implied by any of the coaching staff or anything. But what a guy takes four walks and he's just looking at pitches we had talked before remember when he was three of them, we were saying guys need reps number we're talking I did regardless. Of the sport you need wraps, you need repetitions you need you need to see things and maybe this was a situation where he just came out and just said, you know what? I'm not swinging the Bat I'm GonNa Watch the baseball because I haven't been seeing it and I have seen other players do that I played with a guy named Manny Ramirez Manny Ramirez actually say who who is this guy he coming into who is this guy? Who is this guy? Who who who is this guy I don't know and he'd go up there and he literally takes the first four pitches. He wouldn't even swing the bat relates. act. He'd sacrifice one at bat so that he could come back and bite you in the ass the next three at bats. Wow he would just go up there and take take take to get a read on. Gaza. I've seen that and I've seen that I hate to point Manny Ramirez out is the only one but I have seen other players that they do that if you don't know a kid who gets called up and there's not enough video on them. You. Don't lately a lot of kids have been getting called up from double a not necessarily triple a. you're seeing a lot of you know high prospects getting called up, and there's there's very limited footage or even scouting report on guys will come up there especially, and that's the importance of like a low. Renzo Cain Lorenzo Cain was at the top of the order and I'm not saying every pitcher that they face they've never seen before but he gives that first batters job is to put the ball in play get on Bass and Sea Pitches and you want to expose that pitcher. What does he have today? Does he have his plus fastball? Does he have his nasty breaking ball and you can see how pitchers react on that first hitter where they go to where they're comfortable you know and that's and that's something. So yeah when you bring up guys that you haven't seen or you don't know much about title, sit there and watch it and that's what Christian. Yelich did. He took four walks he's trying to pick up he might not be seeing the ball very well. I like it though the way to start hitting is the start walking first, and then the hits will probably come after that. So knock on wood that he's on track. used. See what their little white square feels like when you get down the line and Exactly meanwhile, they're. They're tracking a day. People are noticing that hater is throwing a more sliders as a percentage of Calvi writing for brewers dot. COM says, it's too early to draw conclusions, but it looks like hater is becoming more multi dimensional and he's got the numbers so far that show more sliders. What do you make of this? I just don't believe arm strength is there. If you watch that game his last outing when he got to save, you gotta you on a fastball what ninety four miles an hour he got grondahl to fly out to left field chased a high fastball ninety, four miles an hour. Gesture can't win you nobody can really win down the middle of the zone ninety to ninety four. I give the credit to that calling atoms right I. WE talked about it earlier yesterday to is well. I get the credit to many. Many opinions sat behind that plate and he saw. Him As sitting on that on-deck circle as the third hole hitter and he saw guys Miss Vassals Mohan Josh. Hitters he's GonNa. Come Heat. He's been throwing fastballs his whole career. That's what he does. Imminence was just timing timing timing of in many Pena's sought many called three straight sliders and you can say whatever you want and how that how that sequence took place that sequence took place because of Manny Pini me. He sought, I mean he saw him three sliders, Jimenez swings over all three of those pitches he's done and and that's where Mannie Pena becomes a great catcher Grondahl ofensive players are good. But when you're manning a pitching staff a starting rotation and bullpen, you need a very, very smart hardheaded good witted catcher behind the plate. Believe me I know I didn't have many of them because I still. Catcher when you've got a good catcher, it makes things easy and many saw that and that's why him and has got three straight slider. So so when many calls three straight sliders does hate her know why that is without having a discussion off in my opinion. No. Which is fine where he's a little bit like nuclear loose like why is it called? slider man heats my thing. I. Want to bring it. Okay. slider again. Fine where. This guy's timing. You WanNA throw them off. WANT TO JAM radar here. But does it Strikes him out gives hated the to injustice. Three sliders on. was. Really. Good guy goes back. He thinks he's great. He forgets about the ninety four mile an hour fastball and it's not ninety eight and now throws a good slider. So that's what you gotTa do you gotTa get in People's heads and man you do it but make no clue just he's out assigned through it doesn't hate her need that second pitch though. Oh. Yeah. Absolutely and we and we saw that last year remember when he started. The year before when he was dominating moon, he was backing member. He would go on Jayjay and then Corey and eighteen run that was perfect. He started in reverse and we've always talked about this before you know everybody's talking through a strike one he throwing so hard and so deceptive he reversed it. He started out of his own guys. We're trying to attack that fastball and then he'd finished guys off in the zone where. Last year he started throwing strike one I believe seven out of those twelve or whatever home runs he gave up we're close to if not first pitch second pitch and if it was the second that she was oh behind one. Oh so josh, it was going to throw more strikes. He needs that second pitch and somebody said he was monkeying around with a change of to I don't know about that as a relief pitcher. A guy that have too many thoughts in his head hey, see number one, your phone number one, you see number three slider. Pallet cleanser off topic just to close out today you are a man who wears a great ball cap. You had this suburban ball cap out at big is the other night did you hear about Ben Affleck refusing to wear a Yankee cap in the movie gone girl and it shut down production for four days because he and the director David fincher couldn't agree on what to do you hear about this All Yeah Yeah Ben Affleck being a big old child being Boston strong saw. Fox, he said finches like the scene in gone girl demands a Yankee cap and basically. Athlete I'm not GonNa wear it because then it's forever then me as a red sock fan for life has to forever see that image of me with a frigging Yankee hat on he refused to do it the compromise four days later was he wore a mets hat was athletic in the right as a sports fan defending his honor or was he just a spoiled douchebag? Is Right in Matthew. Strong. I can straws. Ben. Ethic probably called up Marci Walberg and Mark Probably Austin. See. When you're an athlete, you wear the cap where they're gonna pay where the cap and where he got traded. You don't have a choice but as a fan, there's always a choice and it would be the equivalent of a packer fan putting on that awful bears see little. A if you're getting paid, you wear whatever when you're done playing the game if it's free, it's for me. So that's where my that's where my apparel comes from afterlife. See, but you can pass off the bear see as the Carroll, university see they're very similar. So how about? How. About? How about how about a cubs hat? Can you imagine Josh has brewer fan ever putting that filthy hat on your head? Now. Moya Lou would never let us forget it. You'll be all. Right take part man. All right. wags have a great weekend buddy. Thank you. Guys. Talking actually. Agnew brought to you by wealth freedom advisors. Always good stuff there. I think even though he is a douchebag Ben Affleck, he was in the right. I agree he was in the right you can't make him wear that hat. He can award any hat in that stupid scene I love New York right just an apple on the hat right? Right. So screw you David Fincher, you don't understand sports and you could have written a script differently, but you didn't. Coming up I'm taking the sixers off the Concern List because Ben Simmons who is a concern in the east? We wrap it up last night. And we will also talk cars or the man Ivan from Darren Oh you're listening to the Steve Zaven show on the game. down. Saturday. Last night. As I was recording my Friday edition of his aid cast. It is demanding me exactly. Loud bonus me unfiltered if you can't get enough of me and Who can't I mean. You're the dodd subscribe to the save cast wherever your podcasts I had charge on our buddy from et moods. At charge was talking about how much he loves cars and he loves buying houses. He said he loves the whole process of searching for big ticket items. He would. If he could buy a new house, every two years I'm like soccer to move. I know I know because I think tummy. I, know I forget what brought up. It was something like well, maybe this guy doesn't like to move and he goes Oh, I love moving into new houses and new cars. So we were talking cars and we somehow came upon the old Toyota supra he wants a super because he's looking at it. The MODEL was discontinued coming back it is. It's just okay it's back baby and it's spectacular. And he's like I would love to have one of those. Get One man you know you're a man of means and you've gotTA values like Aba I like my current ride pretty well and plus we're in Minnesota wherever. Winter car no, it's not a good car. So when he said Superego will that was my crush car in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, six when I was a young man with a thirty two inch waist a head of hair and a gleam in my eye and dreams for life new and Armand Dreams. Yes, I did. The Toyota Supra of nineteen, eighty, six, I would look at that car on the streets and go. What year. So, for a little pop quiz for our next guest, our Friday cars Guy Ivan from rush Darrell Good morning, Ivan, how are you today my friend? Good Morning. I'm I'm good. Thank you for asking. Okay. So what do you think the nineteen eighty six Toyota supra had under the hood in terms of horsepower. Unfortunately. I would not know that answer. It is underwhelming two, hundred horse I was GONNA. Guess two hundred. That's it for a one point eight liter engine and that was considered at the time Ivan and you're younger than me. So you probably don't remember the vehicle when it was out on the roads that was considered like a sports car, a Japanese sports, car, the Toyota Supra. Now your civics get up to one, eighty, six in horsepower I believe. Yes they do. So it's amazing how far cars have come and you can get those civics tricked out with some pretty cool aggressive looks can't you? You sure can, and actually we do have to those Toyota super that you're talking about twenty twenty though whom we actually have an inventory at our Toyota store less bank. So if Anybody needs a super. You're talking about we do have a couple of bailable. There you go. Get after it. We'll give. Different search. Darah. Right, Ivan is the man. All right. So let's talk. Hondas for a quick second. I was I. Was at the airport I need to get a uber and a dialed one up and see it says Honda H RV. H RV and I said I usually keep up on Hondas product line I haven't heard of this vehicle, the Guy Rolls Up. Of course I've got my golf clubs. I've got my broadcast bag I've got my two other suitcases. Marilyn, Monroe steamer trunks arriving at the sands. Hotel. In Las Vegas is a joke right and I I thought was there's no way I'm getting all this stuff in their Lo and behold POPs. The hatch splits the rear seat Bing Bang boom I'm like, wow, this hr V. is a really roomy subcontract. What is the H. RV from Honda? Well HIV that came out with a few years ago and you know the segment of the you know Suv you know has grown tremendously I mean obviously you're looking at vehicle just like you're talking about where you can you know be able to carry things have family golf clubs anything you could for utilization of having a sport utility but then giving. You a little bit of a seal of the sedan where it's a little bit smaller You're still getting gas mileage a little bit higher. So it's really The you know manufacturers in our building a similar sized vehicle to this now. So the you know you have the Sierra, which is a little bit bigger. So if you WANNA have a little bit. What's the difference between an HR V. and a crv the HR V. looks more like a ground-based thing and the CRV sits higher. I would say the definitely a little longer and sits a little bit higher for sure. So it gives them the again t ability of carrying more things than have a little bit vehicle but you know a lot of the kids are a lot of people that drive the HR like that comfort of the feel of like a sedan, but you're able to. You know against it a little higher get as good a gas mileage and still be able to. Carry things for sure. Just like you're saying, you're able to load up the back in have that extra area in the back for sure. So it's it's. It's a great car. You guys were kind enough to let me drive around in the Ram fifteen hundred midnight edition. It was so sweet and the one thing that blew me away was when you got to back out not only the reverse camera, but the overhead view of the car, can you explain how they do that? Voodoo that makes it look like there's a drone hovering over you in the parking lot at a frigging quick trip and you're like, yeah, you're cool. How does that work that they actually call that a bird's eye view there's actually a cameras and sensors that are on the vehicle that help. Create that image in. It's able to recognize objects that are around I. Mean even the lines if you're trying to park in a parking spot, you'll recognize. Between the lines or not it's just technology. With cameras. Basically what comes out too, but it's called it's called the bird's eye view and it's really You know I know I've smoked in the past on on the station about some of the technology that comes out on these vehicles you think they've come up with it already but you know there's things that You know that are in the future that you know you just Kinda go. Wow you know how is it even possible for them to put that into vehicle, but they are but that bird's eye view is a pretty, pretty good feature. That's a helps you get less dings and dents on your car when you're parking it and know obviously for safety and if there's anything around yet it's moving I mean it alerts you. But it's really designed to help you park your car not be right next to another car or you know buildings whatever your parking garage that type of. Thank. Honda Toyota Nissan Mazda Kia Chrysler Dodge, jeep ram Mitsubishi plus a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles the rust, their automotive group they're all over the place. Give us on the way out the door today the car the week, car the week deal the week thought of the week as we head towards the weekend and people are thinking about going out to buy new vehicle. Well I don't know if I have a specific army we have You know our weather's treatment and make sure we try to sell you a new car and. Pencils benefits on for SHERP. Very good. Have you ever broken a driver like pricing into Shambo? You go after it pretty hard either. I've actually I have I've had. as I contacted the ball and actually did one very similar to what he did yesterday, which is lean down to 'cause I. I'm not The latest guy in the world and I did snap my shop than half one time doing that. So that was. Not Not, good for me to learn it's it's a lot more money for me to replace it than it is for bracing Campbell. That's for sure right when the guy had some. Success we can try it out and. Get the right one that he feels like. So that's pretty crazy. Got Tampa you can eat before unfortunately. But you can drive a car into a ditch and then just flip Mike Darrow the keys and say aren't the another one so I'd say it sort of evens out. I. Heard I heard you. Congratulate. Awesome. Yeah. Wants Dilshad Eighty or worse. So blatant I know sucks. Does not I I was happy to do it though I mean who doesn't love getting into hole in one? Have you had a hole in one? I actually have had one and they've had a double eagle Legal. Oh I'm done with you get rid of Ivan. He won up me Yeah I've had one anna legal. Have you had a w? Right Ivan enjoy the weekend buddy get out and play some golf right. Thanks I think. I've even from Russ Darrow go there any other locations, any of their brands and check it out sal the legal. Legal and. Super The new super looks pretty sweet. It's not my cup of tea per se everyone has their own stylistic preferences when it comes to cars I'm just not so much of a coupe guy even though I never get in the back seat now rarely have anybody in the backseat. I just the whole thing about the you know coop but yeah, that's on. Sports. Option would have, of course, Ika coop while Corsica of course on me all we didn't ask if they've moved the Corsi we didn't ask generate a leash rush Stevens generate on leads. On the Corsica sitting out at the golf course right there in full view of. Doubt. I doubt. It still can't. Believe it yeah. Kyle West Alice regarding the back to school supplies slump. Ll. Big. crayons Abe Ola is the only Crayon brand i John Eric Kranz is there more named the other one. There's generic cran named the other company that makes krantz. There's only one that I can think of and I can't even remember the name parole has got the market pretty much cornered but don't think there's not a lobbyist and a trade group associated with the CRAYON industry and big crayons scrambling right now because their sales are down down down four, one four, how all my land of the lost metal lunchbox the best sleep tax. The land of Marshall will and Holly. EVERHARD favor Korans. I'm sorry e Steiger Company Franklin Manufacturing. That's not a thing Charles a Bali nothing. You're saying Joseph another one in crucible. So yeah. Another one from four, one, four still have my dukes lunchbox with a matching thermos. At our Milwaukee offices I work from home. Thank you. Jason appreciate that Tom Whoa Pat says the nine to always from Lodi dip and Willem dafoe is from appleton. Nice Corey, and Madison coin shortage due to less usage of cash lots of people using debit cards worried about surface transmission of the Rona. Okay. Well, let's get you know what for the weekend let's all make a point of it to hustle up our chain by some crab. No Hustle up whatever change you have in your house. And go spend it. On krantz. Anything convenience stores we need a concerted effort to get coinage into circulation this weekend. Bright. If you say so. Or? Otherwise you just hold onto your coins hem be more valuable. Have that have that quarter be worth twenty seven cents. Investments this void long-term investment, this arbitrage that you're trying to Hashtag slow play. Okay. The big picture. Coming up I'll tell you who I'm worried about me. Now, the bucks have wrapped up the number one seed. It's a shortening list to be sure great surging victory yesterday when things looked pretty bad. Thank God they won. We'll talk about. Radio APP. Dow. The weekend. All right. The list is Toronto of forest at Boston. Miami out sixers. Indianapolis. Out All depot has been playing for the Pacers Victor? Oladipo, you mean, INDIANA What did I say opinion hapless. Okay, thanks for the that's good to stop me and rant come unnecessary good timeout usage there. So anyway, all of the show is back. He's playing I. Got Twenty seven minutes. The other night took a game against the wizards played thirty two minutes of the restart. He was initially like am I gonNA play or not play. I like what Indiana's doing, but they need a fully engaged committed and fully healthy on the deep ball. Not sure he's there. So I'm taking Indiana out of concern mix for the Milwaukee Bucks, the sixers and Ben and the sixers even with Ben Simmons? Didn't consider them. They're a great paper team. They look great on paper and you're like, why aren't they better? It's because they don't have a good team concept. You know. Aside from the fact that bench him, it's can't shoot from outside a shadow, which is really embarrassing for a point guard. You know they're they're big man is great quote and a great character. Why am I blanking on his name right now embiid. Joel made Joel Embiid is a great character like a wrestler, but when comes time to deliver I don't count on him I worry a little bit about the celtics because Brad Stevens, I've got a men's respect there but the Butler clearly better and deeper than they are, and then Toronto is the genuine threat minus You know Kawhi Leonard Who's not there anymore they are a legit real threat to go back to the final. So that's my list of who am scared of in the East what about you. For me it's just Toronto. I think Ronald's proven that even without quiet can still be scary and With, what they did to the bucks last year, you know you slow that bitten the in your stomach going I. DON'T WANNA face Toronto Jen come on if Toronto Beats. The bucks with. Out. Co.. she's. This all God. OPUS LITTLE But they rallied yesterday and they came back. So that's good. Okay Okay. Okay. We got more texts coming in what was the one that you liked Josh did you have one that you said during the break? Did you see this one that came in? I did there were so many that came in since then hold on a Madden Auburn says, did you say the Tom Whoa Pat just texted in? No no, he didn't I. Just said that somebody pointed out that Tom Ak Luke Duke Lodi because Katie said he was from Appleton so. Laurie. When you guys were talking about the hats someone all Ya someone thanks then unnamed to said I'd wear a cup sat in the movie if they are paying me millions to do so heck I'd wear a hat with a Weiner on it. Was a hat Joshua Texan For. Me I did it the for the Fort Dickinson penises is that A team that you'd wear the penis sat for man can you imagine the marketing that they do I believe it's p. though is multiple Dickinson penises. Yes you think they do their. Rates. According. Can You? Can you imagine a sausage race with penises? Anyone for penis. There's somebody. May and what if they were what they were like Seth Rogan anatomically correct super bad style. Just appendages Vani very right. And say. Okay Chris and Brooke. Kristin. Kristin Brookefield says car the week is always the Chevy. Corsica until we move it. Kansas can the four one four says the HR V. is built on the civic frame? So you're right Zave it's Kinda like a civic but with the CRV room, it was a nice car I was surprised. When he first rolled up I'm like man I ain't getting my stuff in this clown car. You kidding me next giving the next over this ain't gonNA work and they'll like, oh, wait a minute. We're actually okay SASA in the two six too much like Josh I collect hats and I've got at least one, thirty, nine, thirty for each MLB team as a brewer fan I have never warned the cubs nor the cardinals hats, but I do own them and they're in my collection. Yep, same that. Really Yeah I have fifty, nine, fifty of every team. And are they displayed somewhere they were back when I was in a box single and. Had plenty of room to put up things. You'll take those hats down yet. That was oh, those aren't coming into our house are they Well Yeah I. Isn't there room and the PABST. To put the hats, it's not easy to display a hat collect thirty hats. A lot of hats? Hitters House previously but. Six more bomb talk the mark eighty, one, eighty, two, hundred, eighty, three or dumb bombs that have no guidance on them. The pilots responsible for the aim GB, thirty, one, thirty, two, and thirty eight or the exact same bombs. They just got GPS guidance on them and the Gbi you ten eleven twelve or also the same they just follow laser energy for their guidance. Thank you a more brave members of our military that know how to drop ordinance to blow stuff up I. Christopher. said it was twenty seven hundred tons of ammonium nitrate abandoned by a Russian shipping company back in two, thousand, thirteen abandoned. Does seized. Because most of the fertilizer. Just, put in warehouse, you don't grow things in Russia. We don't write grow Russia we grow vodka. That's the. Long winters growing you want this fertilizer just. We've gone. We've been right back not know we'd be right back pick up on him nitrate. Hey. Where'd you go Ivan Victor Word you go. That I've gone exactly. C. J. Madison deserves friend used new math to calculate how much explosive needed to take down. Yeah? No kidding I hope not. So I'm bummed about this lambeau announcement but I'm not surprised. And I'm trying to figure out. The larger narrative going on right now in the country and I think I've got my finger on it I'm GonNa roll out my theory here and I'll let you guys react. Yes Josh. But is it at all trying to see silver lining the glass half full the fact that the isn't the silver lining that they didn't say all season they didn't you know say nope that's no fans all just to game. You know obviously it's not good side good news, but it's not like they did with the raiders did or you know some of these other teams and saying no, that's it. Here's the thing that is sobering. I don't think anyone knows what they're doing in terms of measuring this pandemic and heating any sort of metrics or graphs or charts or trends it's a disaster for example, I read this piece. Apparently The New York Times did a story. About, how in two thousand, six, a hospital in Vermont thought they had a whooping cough outbreak. Whooping cough which we do have vaccine for which can be very dangerous for the young and the old it's called Pertussis. Pertussis They thought they had a whooping cough outbreak in a hospital, and so they swung into action. They furloughed thousand workers quarantined a bunch of people tested everybody. And their initial tests they used was a PC taste test a palm arrays champion reaction test, the same. Technology we're using now to test for corona virus. The problem is the PTR testing. It's even on the label, the boxing this should not be used for diagnostic purposes. In other words, it's just. It's a snapshot of DNA fragments of foreign. Entities in your body and it's not a guarantee. There's a high false positive rate as we know now. But they use the PTR test because they had to move quick. Another test for whooping cough that they were able to do. It took longer were they cultured the Pertussis from swabs in a lab and like up there it is. There's the protests virus. With covert guess what we have no way of proving. Cove in nineteen, it does exist were doubtful of that but we don't have a test another words that can be used as a so-called ground truth. So you know how epidemiologists and doctors are now treating a true Kobe. Case To wildly inaccurate tests that are positive. In a row. Does that sound like it makes sense to you to me so it's like this test could be wrong thirty percent of the time but if you hit it twice in a row, that's a true positive really says who? A study from Denmark estimated that they would have to do twelve thousand tests. To find one true case of covid because they would get fifteen false positives. Crazy. Right. So we're testing out the WAZOO. There's a high level of false positives the actual signal of the virus meaning how prevalent is it in the general population is weak in other words, the general signal of the virus is about three percent they estimate. It's not thirty percent. It's like three percent of the population. So the signals week, the false positives are high and it's Jack in the numbers up left and right and nobody can make sense of it. I mean some people are saying hold on we're doing this. All wrong but we got nothing else. This is the only test we have because there's a new virus and we're testing testing testing testing testing testing testing the conclusion of this article was. This can go on for as long as we wanted to go on depending on how much we test. So stop testing. To a large extent, we should I think my personal armchair opinion is stopped testing a positive the asymmetric. That would be a start right there plus the delay in getting your result back even with the fastest turnarounds can be two or three days. You might have missed the transfer ability of the virus by then. So what good is it? Once you've tested somebody who symptomatic and is positive. There's a story out of Madison though UW coming up with a saliva tests with these even more inaccurate but we'll give results in three hours. Right you get results almost right away. Right now doing my magic in only takes ten seconds here we take me. Your hands off me yet? Oh I forgot I forgot to tell you the end result of this outbreak of Pertussis or whooping cough in the hospital in Vermont. This is a story New York, Times Newark Times by the way. So don't try to discredit as, oh, what are you some kind of covid truth or I'm not a real virus we get it but our ability to detect it is very suspect right now. The New York. Times article said when they did the full-on lab cultures guess what they found. Nobody had it. It was a false epidemic. It was some other respiratory bug that went through the hospital that looked and sounded like whooping cough but it wasn't. So they had a one hundred percent false positive rate using PCR. Tests. What's so we? I don't think we have a real handle on things but really here's. What? On what we're doing, but here's why I think the NFL and why certainly lambeau amongst others there they're deal going families for least some of the Games. Here's my theory just a theory. Sensitivity is the new highest virtue in the land. Sensitivity is way up there. You've got to be sensitive, hundred, fifty, thousand people died of this. I know somebody I know I get it. It's the new highest virtue in the land and we live in a virtue signaling but more importantly virtue shaming world. Where we shame those who are not virtuous the highschool in Georgia that had a bunch of kids without masks, the party that's at the lake of the ozarks without masks shame shame ring the bell like game of thrones shame. And so to open up and proceed as life as even pseudo normal like the NFL might at say twenty five percent capacity would be an act of what Josh in sensitivity. How dare you and as such, it would get savaged on social media. I can already see the takes being written right now. Who Does the NFL think they are? That's true. That's one hundred percents. No basis in science anyone with a brain can say, hey. Twenty five percent capacity at an eighty thousand seat stadium would be like bb's rattling around in a coffee can it would not be dangerous? No more dangerous than going to Costco P-. So why can't we do it because the NFL would get shamed and so the NFL like a lot of entities feels the need to sacrifice something to commit a lamb to the slaughter. Okay. We'll go a couple of games of no fans to prove that we're sensitive. We're joining the fight. And then at some point I don't know it's going to be the worm will turn. And the shaming will subside and maybe we can start doing some things that are really not that risky. It's just a theory I don't know what you think about it try it on for size and we'll see disappointing but not unexpected with the NFL. All. Right. Coming up. We'll go five wide. We'll talk to our guy. Brian. Butch, and John. Kuhn. Stay with us for that one more quick segment to set them up and they'll have a great show Madison. You've got Dan Patrick. You're in good shape. They're five wide is next. Roadwork up seven, ninety, four northbound over the bridge. You can find the right lane closed and we are now five. Nine. To with John Tune is next. Johnny is in the House Brian what us in the House says, well, yesterday was listening to the station while waiting for his daughter to get the magical ear tubes inserted I had that done with my daughter's yet thanks majority avation and you to Jordi Josh Okay. I also had a myself and and you what she got into it with Dario on twitter about whether the bucks were sort of shaking it on purpose just to practice. late-game surges is that it? You how dumb does that sell first of all, that's take first of all the you know the bugs are GonNa try to get down twenty one. Now try not to play transition defense they're going to try to make sure on over. Okay. So why? Guys. Any study you. Turn him down. You're cutting in and out their technology once again is our friend but attorney you, MR, Kuhne would a team actually try to do that like? Hey. Let's really get hammered and then we'll try to come back. No no not at all. It's the craziest thing you have to never play sports in your life to think that that was orchestrated right there at that you there's no way what a coach would say is, Hey, let's go out and slaughter these guys by thirty five in the first half and then I take you out. He would say something like that. But then when you find yourself letting up seventy points in the first half then say okay. Okay. You bums are staying in there until you figure it out. I think pride was wounded I think they're Kinda pissed off they were like you know what? Fun We're better than this why you gotta credit them then you gotta get them. And I do too. Yeah. That's. Four. But she is back you there but she. I. Am. Yeah. My Mike went out because Donald take was down. Mike. Can I can't listen to the stupidity. That was that was. How in the bud walks into the game before accurate I can picture this coup right McCarthy walks into your locker a walks into my locker room. It says, Hey, guys, we're GONNA get down by you guys get down by three types out bowl sits. We get down by twenty points because we want practice how to get back from this 'cause that's ever happened in the locker room. Yeah. I don't think that happens that sets the NBA, but she were everyone makes a run. Run even Spoelstra said we weren't up forty. We were up twenty three and it's the NBA. There's a lot of possessions. There's more possessions now because more teams shoot threes, they don't use the clock as much games been sped up in a blender. So these twenty three point leads don't matter. No they don't listen when you look at the area that I'm concerned at. On a half time they gave up seventy points like you can't give up seventy points and a half and win games consecutively. That's just the reality of transition defense was not good. The help the help or was not good. There was a lack of energy on their teeth event. This team is good enough to turn it on right you'll be able to do that in the first round. Of the playoffs as well, they won't be able to do the second round. They won't be able to do it in the third round. This was a meaningful game. All you have to do is look at the starting lineup the bucks throughout they took it meaningful. They got back to what they were doing in the second half, and that's what we're all kind of accustomed seeing seen happening here. I'm cracking up over here lack of energy. Defensive Man like isn't that the NBA What the NBA was now, lack of energy on defense event. Heck. Teams are teams scored one hundred and forty nine points and lose it in the bubble. These guys. Seventy. Five shootarounds. You haven't watched the raptors played. You love the Raptors Armagh seem and a few nights. Yeah. Have you watched these actively the multiple rotations they've had when a team is locked in defensively you see three or four different rotation to a close up to shooters. You didn't see that with the bucks in the first half guess what you did in the second half and that's why bloom out of other water. Did you hear but she about one of the things that the players at Texas Tech on their women's program complained about with their coach Marlene stallings who was let go yesterday. One of the things they said was that the staff demanded a heart rate of at least ninety percent capacity on these heart rate monitors that they made the players where during games and if they didn't keep it above percent, they could lose playing time or get more conditioning work and experts say that that kind of a heart rate for every minute you're on the game would be very difficult to do. What do you think? Stupidest thing I ever heard there's a reason that they had almost. Two or two thirds of the. Transfer out if you so down like there's no I, don't even think my heart rate could have got ninety I'm not. Ninety Lake. What are you supposed to do if you're in the game and you're not guarding somebody who's got the ball or your guarding a big man who's down lower big woman is download Jacks Jumping Jack Right? Is that what it is? Buddy. Boxing you out jumping Jack. Here we go. I gotcha. You know the one thing that NBA players now hate is the League has these sophisticated tracking cameras up in the rafters. Your where right, bushy. Yup Yup. Go your movement how fast you move. At the speed, you move track how many miles you've run distance. Distance you move and so they are able to then rate how people are in terms of you know feet moved permitted of play and some guys who you're not shocked. You're like, wow, he doesn't really move very much steve when when I first got to the Green Bay packers they used to have this room where you would put on like the bubble suit. You know that that that they would do for animated movies so that they could try madman since movement and they would track you in a room and see how your movement was the functionality of it and how it would match up in your explosiveness and all this stuff and. Yeah I never went in that room I never. You if you can't judge me with the Open I. If you can't see if I can play or not using your open I, you're not going to digital is me and That way same dirt's want the data I used to cut. The GPS is out of the out of the jerseys that they put in because they're not going to tell me I only run three quarters of a mile at practice because I only get thirty one and at the goal line I don't even have a chance to run a mile right. Now, I gotta go to yards. So wait they put gps in your jerseys all. SMART. That started probably twenty, twelve, two, thousand, thirteen got some really great stories. I gotTa tell you down the line some time about the gps you wild things you find out about people put. That's how they figure out how fast guys are running at the Games and people love when they show the five fastest people at the game did GPS tell you like when quarterbacks? Turns right after. Into the end? Zone. The GPS said we've detected a faster route to the end zone. Would you like to take this route? Traffic ahead, traffic route reroute to the be gap reroute to the be gap. I'm I'm just changing my voice. Make a U-TURN I'm distracted. No. Like in ways you should use the cookie monster voice, which is the goat. All ways voice. It's gone now. Is it. Really seasonal thing was GONNA is coming back up north of July. Did you ever hear the boy band voice? That's what's on my now at the stop sign term. It's OK. Okay that's. Cool thing it's not a clock and get. One cookie I want cookie monster GPS and Kuhn's Jersey okay. Let's go touchdown. Now, who would make young? So touchdown get cookie now dum dum dum. All right I wanNA know coon is brooks kept go really does he really hate bryson to Shambo or is this just all for stick? Are you kidding me these guys hate each other you can't be the big man real. Yeah, he listened. Brooks Cap. He's won back to back PGA, championships? He's won a couple. US. Open's. He's the most handsome man on tour. Everybody's talking about how Tan and physically sculpted this guy is another this other beefcake coming into way nerd? Yeah take. Yeah. He's the NERD beefcake taken away from his territory. He doesn't like it at all scientific almost scientifically bulking up like hit the ball further. That's what. I'm coming for you. Bryson may or may not come in for Brooks I. Do you have a bite to play on the way out the door here? Get her. Yeah. I'll do the one. So the PGA tour out they serve it all their players and said what they had for breakfast, and this is what kept us said he has for breakfast for sex. Wine protein shakes. I took. Shots fired. Shots fired. Nine to noon with Tunas, next tag you guys have a great weekend. Thanks for listening to my nonsense. I'll see everybody on Monday. At, Landmark Credit Union were not for profit means we return profits in the way a better rates and lower fees helping members achieve what really matters in times of uncertainty to learn more visit landmark cu, dot, com landmark, credit union you're worth more here insured by NC YOU A.

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