Pardon Me, Mr. President


It's monday november thirtieth. I'm akilah hughes. And i'm aaron ryan. Filling in for gideon resnick in. This is what a day where we believe that every day is cyber monday because most of our human interactions are now just through computers. Yeah honestly this year has been a year comprised entirely of monday's every day is monday. Today is monday. Yesterday was monday. Tomorrow is also monday. We've all got a case of the mondays. Where all garfield and everybody else's jon arbuckle end normal. All we wanted was some lasagna and app but that never gets the half on today's show. We'll explore the last minute policies. That trump is trying to push through before january twentieth then some headlines but first the latest. And we'll start with corona virus which is still surging and expected to spike. Even more because of thanksgiving and yeah commensurate dumb assery which is causing some states and cities to take even more actions to restrict the spread before the break you get in. We're talking about. How new york governor andrew cuomo and new york city mayor bill de blasio were causing some confusion when they closed city schools due to a rise in cases. Well there's been another update that's right. Aaron so just yesterday de blasio announced that new york city elementary schools will reopen december seventh and parents will have the option to allow those children to go to school five days a week effectively abandoning the hybrid in-person remote learning system. That's been in place. Since the schools opened in september middle schools and high schools will remain closed for now but this is a major change at least for younger students from the previous system which determined whether schools would be open or remote based on the city's positivie remember god. I do not envy parents who have to deal with this right now. Not at all parents in new york city must have to wear neck braces from all of this like policy whiplash with schools. What a nightmare. The timing is interesting with all the warnings about covert surges now and into the end of the year. Why is de blasio. Making this move now. Yeah i mean it seemingly in response to a lot of criticism from the public that lawmakers aren't actually prioritizing kids and families but rather the economy of indoor and outdoor dining basically the reason new york city has seen cases go up and surpassed the three percent positivity rate threshold de blasios set for keeping the schools open hasn't really been traced specifically to the elementary school. So you know why. Punish them on them. And that's been the thinking in some other states. As well in rhode island for example schools will stay open as the rest of the states. Non essential businesses like jim's casinos in movie theaters. Go dark for at least the next two weeks starting today but one rhode island principal told the washington post that the main challenge has been having enough teachers to teach the kids at his school for students in zero faculty members tested positive for the virus but teachers who have been exposed outside of the school of had to quarantine sporadically to keep everyone safe in michigan. Elementary school students are still attending in person. Classes while older high school kids will be learning remotely because they are more likely to transmit the disease. And that's been leading to an exodus from public schools to private ones right. That's right so ever kids can go in person in the pandemic is where parents seem to want to send them this year. New york city public schools have reported thirty. One thousand fewer enrolments. La schools are down. Eleven thousand massachusetts lost thirty. Seven thousand students and wisconsin public schools lost about three percent of their student enrollment but just because school is private or religious. They will necessarily be allowed to remain open just yesterday. A federal appeals court upheld kentucky governor. Andy beshir's decision to halt in person learning at public private and religious schools until two thousand twenty one that ruling overturned a district judges temporary injunction. That would have allowed religious schools to continue having students meet for in person learning but regardless of those private schools remaining open or closing many officials fear that large numbers of students are actually just at home receiving no education and having no way to check in this matter is for the obvious reasons. Kids falling behind and learning has lifelong impact but also schools with your children get less funding from the government which could lead to a real education crisis down the road. So we're definitely going to keep following this but let's move on now to the presidential transition. Almost everybody agrees that on january twentieth. Joe biden will be sworn in as the forty forty-six president of the united states except for president trump. And the people who president trump pays to agree with him so erin. What's trump and up to during his lame duck session. yes it's true that donald trump has refused to utter. The words i lost or joe biden. Or i concede on thanksgiving. He did sit behind a teeny tiny desk and yell at reporters for several minutes. Though and at one point he told reuters reporter jeff that he was being very rude little boy for insisting that the election results are what they are a lightweight of the president of the ever talked to the president that way go with another visual this man sitting behind like my desk victims screaming about how. He's the president. You know it's enough to warm your heart. Donald trump clearly invented the phrase. My father is right like we could all that clan member. Yeah your dad that the other guy with the with the other people with the sheets on walking into your accident. He likes to remain anonymous. He believed in masks. It's true you raise an excellent point again. You raise an excellent point. Trump also gave a truly weird interview to fox news. Maria bartering yesterday where he accused his own department of justice and fbi of being complicit in allowing whatever massive voter fraud handed. Joe biden his victory dead people facebook twitter. They're all in on it. They're all in on it. He even accused mailmen of selling ballots selling ballots as though they were magazine. Subscriptions or vacuum cleaner parts in the nineteen fifties and continued to attack. Georgia's republican governor and republican secretary of state for refusing to reorder reality and make it so that donald trump georgia. I think that he might be confusing. Governor brian kemp with doctor. Strange from the vendors franchise. Yeah gotta say this is really really wild at this point. I mean if everybody's wrong doesn't mean you're wrong usually dude if everything smells like shit. It's probably your shoes. Good point fair. Well we keep saying this but his last-gasp efforts to challenge the election results have all failed and continue to keep. Failing results have been certified and georgia michigan pennsylvania and nevada in this week arizonan. Wisconsin are certifying plus. Trump's recount in wisconsin actually turned up more votes for biden which i believe is the opposite of one. That's hilarious though that is it is truly funny. It's a waste of money but it's a very funny waste of money. Yeah millions of dollars to find out even more people than you thought three million dollars for us to have this chuckle right now. Thank you so much for spending the money. It was worth it well. Despite all of trump's antics his action seemed to be a tacit acknowledgement that after january twentieth. They'll be changing the locks. The white house in trump will have to find a new rose garden to ruin. Good luck to her. That's right. Trump might not admit he's on his way out with his words but he's admitting it a little bit with his actions. In addition to the normal stuff lame duck presidents do like freeing-up transition funds for the next administration which finally happened last week. Trump is engaging in some classic lame-duck bullshit for example he's been trying to make regulatory changes to roll back. Environmental regulations loosened safety protocols for meat processing plants the famously safe meat processing during covert. We all know how safe meat processing plants are. I feel like maybe we should let these up little. Let's make them less safe. We've got room. He removed the us from a multilateral intelligence sharing treaty on open skies and destroyed the planes we use for the program. Just in case joe biden wanted to use those planes for that trump is also trying to make it more difficult for migrants to come to this country seeking asylum overall. The trump administration is trying to jam through thirty six new rules during his last weeks in office. It's real disney villain stuff but let's talk about how this compares to other administrations that were on their way out so we'll trump's rules are certainly more cruel than others and some would say more stupid. He's about average in terms of numbers. Most presidents try to make rapid last minute changes in order to their policy. Legacies and it seems like trump is just trying to come up the gears. Yeah but biden can undo all this yet. It's not as easy as the stroke of a pen. Unfortunately there's a really good propublica story that explains all of this which will link to in the show notes. But some of trump's rules have been so hastily written out there probably as riddled with mistakes as a sydney powell legal brief and we'll be left out of the courtroom like sydney depot. Legal brief but other stuff will take a while to fix. There's really no one doing all the damage trump and mitch. Mcconnell senate have done to the judiciary system There's still ramming judges through by the way instead of passing. Covert relief horrible. And it's going to take a lot of work to fuck fucker immigration system. You know akilah. Sometimes i wonder how much different our lives would be. If trump had worked even one tenth is hard to keep covert out of the us as he did to keep guatemalan toddlers out of the us. Yeah honestly it's fun to imagine. I mean if even if he didn't have any actual actions but just didn't like actively make it harder to stop the spread. Only if he wasn't just out here saying that masks fake how many more people would be alive. I mean he's a lazy man and it is easier to not sabotage than it is to actively sabotage like. He could have done less work and had a better outcome. Yeah that's how you know. He's a true idiot. Well another area. For trump right now is pardons just last week. He pardoned his former national security adviser. Michael flynn so who's next. Well let's not give them any ideas. So it's not totally odd for presidents to issue a lot of pardons during their lame duck session. Although going overboard is frowned upon and giving up pardons to people based on political favors is even more frowned. Upon to bill clinton for example turned a lot of people off when he gave out seventy six clemencies on his final day in office including one for his brother but when his donald trump ever felt shame when has been frowned upon ever been something that has made donald trump not wanna do something so far he has pardoned michael flynn who pled guilty for lying to the fbi twice and he's also got a lot of friends who do a lot of crimes like steve bannon and his His build the wall drifting organization that bought a vote that they got arrested by the post office. Yeah and he got arrested great story. Let's do that story story again. Just just for fun just for a victory lap think. The ship was called warfighter. Something stu hong loser oh man paul manafort another crime enthusiasts So i'm sure that there is going to be more pardons of very bad people in store but wait. We don't have to end unabashed note. Remember in just a matter of weeks. Joe biden will be the president and he's already building a team that is world's more qualified than the school bus full of eighty s teen movie bullies that trump appointed for example on sunday. He announced an all female communications team. Yeah i look forward to talking more about that later in the show and more this week because i am very very tired of talking about trump in particular. He can absolutely kickbacks hard same. And that's the latest. It's monday wads. Quite as i miss you guys well today. We're talking about gamers in politics this weekend. Congresswoman alexandria ocasio. Cortez did another livestream of the online game. Among us. with the leader of canada's left-leaning new democratic party jagmeet singh they were joined by representatives ilhan omar as well as popular streamers like hassan piker and pokey main and as hundreds of thousands watched they raise two hundred thousand dollars for food legal aid organizations in new york as we talked about before among us. It's kind of like the game. Mafia and to be really good at it. You have to be really good at lying. So aaron i question for you. Are you good or bad at lying to wingate's so first of all people who are truly good at lying never admit that they're good at lying. You always say you're bad at lying. 'cause like that's an opportunity to lie paradox. I'm a little more analog. I'm a little bit more of a balderdash person than i am. An among us person. Wow i have no idea what balderdash is. I've heard the word. But if i couldn't tell you it's a game for nerds where you come up with definitions to obscure words and you try to trick people into thinking the real definition. I would lose that just. Because i don't know i'm not gonna investigate if that's what you say it is fine and then i'll use it wrong and then i'll be mad at you. It's a it's a really fun game. You really only need a dictionary. A few nerds and some index cards. But i'm pretty good at balderdash. I'm bad at other lying games. Like poker My face just can't be tamed. But i think that. I'm i think i'm about average lying as part of gamesmanship. Same question for you akilah okay. Well i believe that. I am okay. So like specifically in among us. I am terrible and i think it's because it is such a fast paced game like you can like lie and poker with your eyes and just sort of like you know ease into it. No one's rushing you but with among us the moment somebody finds a dead body. You're just on the spot and what were you doing. And i'm like doing besides killing doing make something up to like. I was doing a task. We haven't seen. I don't know like i think i'm bad at coming up with like a convincing. Live right you know like with poker. It's like your cards are good or bad. The michael they could be good right. Who's to say that's more of a like philosophical question I don't assign value to these. But like anytime i'm really put on the spot. I think that it's i'm just gonna start laughing as i do. In all cases and people were pretty quick to be like. We're voting you out. It's also bad. Because i like literally get voted out. I'm innocent in among us. Because i start laughing. I think he wants to tear me like are you joking. Yeah just don't get it. That's that's a bad tick. If you're trying to fool people into thinking you're telling the truth also truth be told. I haven't played among us yet. I've wanted to. But i keep confusing among us with the last of us which is oh in-depth. That's like a real video. Gets up very serious and amazingly well rendered video game. That is really really sad. And so i'm like why are all these people getting together in streaming this video game above about a girl with the dead family. Like why is this happening but Also soon to be a show. I think the last. Oh wow yeah. I think i heard that i mean i just think among us just the you know the one pixel very cheap looking. We're all little jelly beans. Sometimes you can put on different outfits you difficulties and super simple jelly being an outfit. I didn't know they were outfits. Okay yeah. I dressed as an astronaut. Which is the only right costume because your space but other people can be a cowboy. You'd be pumpkin. gosh. I wanna be a space pumpkin. Who does murders. I think that sounds somebody who's listening. Make that photoshop among his character. That's aaron space plunking. Did that is the pasta. That's doing murders. i think. That sounds great. That sounds very fun. I love it well just like that. We've checked our temps they are. You know maybe i'm lying. Who's to say. I'm not going to tell you how they're doing. Because you might not believe me. But in any case stay safe. And we'll be back after some apps what's up wad squad. What a day is brought to you by nordstrom. Today is the last day for nordstrom racks. Black friday event save an extra forty percent on red tag clearance online and in stores plus free shipping. Site-wide shop gives under twenty five dollars. Stocking stuffers starting at ten dollars from brands. They will love go to nordstrom dot com slash crooked to shop online or find a store near you what today's also brought to you by man crates. How do you give them in in your life in awesome gift by handing them a crowbar. A man create and saying have cyber. Monday is here so show him. 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But this is just for what a day listeners. To clean this deal you must go to four sigmatic dot com slash wad. This offer is only for what today listeners and is not available on their regular website. Hurry up this sale ends. On the thirtieth. That's today so stock up on this good for you. Coffee for immune support right away. Let's wrap up with some headlines head lands as promised we've got more on who will serve on. President elect biden's team at the white house in a statement yesterday. He named his senior communications team. Which is the i team of. Its kind to be made up entirely of women we did it. We won feminism. Feminism has been one. He's been onto this series. Finale we are in hawaii on a ski. Do jumping over. A sharp among the members will be jen. Psaki the former communications director to president obama plus kate betting field who was biden deputy campaign manager and campaign. Communications director reports have also circulated who will fill out biden's team which is expected to announce this week likely appointees include obama's federal reserve chair. Janet yellen as treasury secretary princeton labor economist. Cecilia rouse as chairwoman of the council of economic advisers and near attendant longtime adviser to hillary clinton president of the center left. Think tank the center for american progress and dangerously prolific poster as director of the office of management and budget. Topping this off. Cbs is reporting. That the biden's will bring a cat with them to the white house. Wow the lead in. This story was buried at the most important thing. The cat is coming to the white house. Choosing a fancy cat in a bow tie would make the party's left-wing absolutely furious. Say put a bernie or bust shirt on that cat and let the catch run around mad at you because you put a shirt on it. I think everyone will be happy right. I think it's definitely a we need more loose cannon animals in the white house hundred percent get a ferret in there yes. Well tensions rose between israel and iran after the assassination of iran's senior nuclear scientists on friday. Most inflec- rosado is believed to have led iran's military nuclear program until it was disbanded in two thousand three and was subject to sanctions by the trump administration. He was shot near the capital. But details are still sketchy. State media pointed to a team of five or six gunmen in one report and a remote controlled machinegun and another the killing still under investigation. But iran's leader was not shy about accusing israel which has put that country on alert for a possible military response in the next few days experts. In the us including senator bernie sanders called the assassination. A move to undermine relations between the us and iran just as biden begins to transition into the white house. Trump's administration was responsible for creating what analysts called the worst era of us iran relations and forty years but many relations will improve if biden follows through with his promise rejoined the iran nuclear deal. I feel like i already saw. All of this happened in season for of homeland. And if you haven't seen homeland listeners. It doesn't end well for us. It is not not a good conclusion season. Four of homeland. Tens of thousands of people across france came out over the weekend to protest a newly proposed security law that would put a restriction on filming police officers. Police repeatedly fired tear gas into the crowds in paris on saturday. Even though the mood was largely peaceful aside from some demonstrators set fire to the country's central bank. Okay that is not minor if passed. The law would criminalize publishing images of police officers with the intent of causing harm as punishment. People could face up to a year in jail and a fine of over fifty thousand dollars civil liberties groups say the new proposal will take power away from the media and allow police abuses to go undiscovered. This all comes just days after video service of police officers beating michael a black music producer in paris. The officers responsible have since been suspended. Well we can't wait for them to be fired. America's favorite big steel beam in the desert the utah monolith disappeared this friday after capturing the country's attention for about a week. If you didn't hear about the monolith here are the basics was a ten to twelve foot tall three-sided piece of metal discovered in. Utah's red rock country by the states. Wildlife agency the objects remote location plus its lack of any attribution led some to speculate. It was the work of aliens who also brought us. The egyptian pyramids the aztec cities and anything not built by modern white. People ended on friday though when someone loaded the monolith onto a truck and took it away one hiker who was at the scene soon after said quote all that was left in its place was a message written in the dirt that said by bitch with a fresh peace day and right next to it. How fresh could it be in the desert. I've accused this guy. People definitely puzzle over the strange outerspace message for decades for me. I think it means by which Akilah i was just in utah for two weeks and i was near canyon. Lands the part of canyon lands where they found the monolith. And i'm not saying that. I did it but i'm not saying i didn't do it either. Yeah it feels a little on brand for you. I feel like if i had this jeopardy like by bits was written by this podcast. Next to a monolith that i'd be like what is who is if i did it if you think that's the book you're going to put out it's the sequel as well those are the headlines a quick heads up before we go. 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