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Not so Easy for England


Welcome insulates addition of ESPN AFC Down Thomas Alley Moreno Craig Burley and Stevie Nikko. We start tonight show Europe because last round of these matches in qualifying England taking on Kosovo marriage and what a game it turned out to May cultivates the lead early England scored five Kosovo scored a couple in the second half meaning. The camera southgate's men won by five goals to three. Why don't we start crazy. We saw the positives and negatives now we start on a qualifying campaign which England always of consummate ease because the land the other teams nearby stretch used at other teams are not very good. I think that's where we are Englander. I'm sick and tired already. We'll get well no even the bureaus and we had to the World Cup New England actual Otto but already were without Kim bacteria three theme four one. I thought they go four goals against Brazil or France that was a lie reaction by the way social media and it was journalist fucking understand this supporters but all these following their England team and I'm thinking cost of recently recognized entity into this former and the one hundred twentieth and the fever rank whether you like the fee for rain comes along so whilst angling do some great things going forward particularly against teams that are deficiencies at honestly. It's hard to stomach. Some of you know I mean it really is. Well not even the dumb us even close to so. I'm so you know I'm with England exciting to watch. I understand that but hottest among the people that follow them and sycophancy that trails behind them. Sorry had to be said. Let's talk about the Defense Stevie. Yeah I think if you soak it has to be your concealed no question when you scored five goals your job zone going forward so now you have to look at the arms of the buck and I think going forward. He's a headache of figuring. Oh stupider is wasn't it well for me. It comes done the central defensive partnership with Keenan McGuire. No I prefer to a half appear in that complemented each other and the fact that both mcgwire and keen for me. None of them have any real peace that both pretty good on the ball. McGuire bean better and the Bulls strong and here. I don't think any of them covers particularly well and and I don't like the peon no Michael Keane. I don't think is an international about you know the goal gave away. F- seconds as complete an ought to lack of composure nervous how many plan against Kossovo what are you going to believe you planning but Zil so it has to find a partner for McGuire stones probably who who again again from Manchester City so Ho- can eastep and well they will they will know that they've entered it may Taylor Walker whose left squad play with three right and he has done that before so when they play the teams as point then but the good thing is because of in such a such an easy was nowhere not qualifying in Moscow. Try something pills somebody how the liquor run. There must be somebody who can complement McGuire right now. You can try and do that through the rest of the campaign. How easy is that to do against this sort of opposition well. It's easier to do against the cane of opposition against the big boy. No I understand that but you re any tested. That's the issue. Isn't it as you say. If you find this person whoever it may be but you see signs stick somebody in you can see signs of you that a partnership or you can see an individual today. I didn't see a partnership and today I saw that Michael Keane as individuals not good enough so between now and qualifying which they are. You have to figure out can you can you can you find that. Can you find a partner forum. Can you find somebody who actually you can rely on. I think what you can find out is that you should expect from a player that Michael King playing against coastal at home a drama less afternoon and yet it was drama filled from the very beginning you make that pass you lose a ball in a bad area. You give goal and you know that's playing games in his head. Then he has a chance to relax because well he can say well I assisted on the on the sterling goal and so therefore I can settle down and yet as a game one on there were more and more issues that came up with Michael Cain and so that's where I agree with Stephen and say yeah this guy just didn't look the part because if you're struggling trolling against what is to be expected in playing against some of the bigger teams the other thing I would say is that it's a useful exercise for Gareth Southgate in the sense that he can go back to his team and say you know what we thought. The game was over and that's how we approached it in the second half and so even though it's human nature to say five one. We are dominating this team. This team is nowhere near our talent level at some point. You got to be able to close this games out and again. I go back to what I said earlier. It should be drama less drama grandma. Phil and in the second half you allowed two goals and now he's like. Hey wait a minute now. We have a game in our has word. There shouldn't be England's would be much better and needs to be a whole lot easier to close out a game that you're winning five bottom line is the bottom line here is apart from the case as we never really find the real teams until the the major championships because generally qualification generally not always but generally is praise simplistic insightful the bigger boys. I didn't give you a prime example was Germany the World Cup not so common because qualification and actually you know that you live by the saints were actually there. You just couldn't see it wasn't easy to pinpoint for a relatively easy qualification then they go to the World Cup and it's exposed a nervous with Germany with England. It's the same I think the World Cup semifinal for me as been a huge smokescreen to VR tactically and defensively because going forward we absolutely no the higher cain would walk anti probably somewhere in five up teams in world football rame sailing arguably would as well that's backed up by Hi Sancho Dortmund rash and others. That's not a problem. That is an issue for them. The issues were the other end and I felt when they got the Croatia racial game in the World Cup which obviously they were horribly exposed against Croatia and we may I think probably if they pull the beggar boy and the heroes are strangers. You should go and social media all of these journalists who start seeing this. When was the last time England Oakland be animated of Anti nor you know from from qualifying for the World Cup the only team of no they've been was at the World Cup and Columbia. UH on penalties everybody else lost her while they were the nation's league the Spain in Valencia Seville bought but it's not as competitive in somewhat but not in tune women become be an ability threes you say cal feeling Tokyo Tokyo England Scotland no but through that Nolan's it's not a boast. We're not talking about score because we know they're not. They're not I'd sadness and England have potential to go the euro's and some good performances on but if you're picking apart we're might fall. Doh fol the we saw BA tonight barring some big personnel changes they mentioned sterling he mentioned Cain Failing Fun tastic Jason Sancho getting a couple of goals as well. If they're playing tomorrow say it's the euro fine on. Who does he play Jason? Show or Marcus Rochford to make that tried and I will play with Jaden Central and the reason I do that as it goes. I think Marcus Ashworth can come off the bench and give me the change of pays that I would need late in the game two straight a team and what have you but Jaden Sancho over the course of the game over the course of ninety minutes. I think gives me more flexibility to what I can do in the attack and what I can do out of the midfield what what I can do in joining the attack potential with Walker overlapping again. Essentially you put those things together to players together and now we're talking because you have the double threat James Central. Is he talking to sign. Scott Walker goes on the outside and Sancho go outside and inside. You give options that perhaps you don't you don't have with rash for rash could be the natural substitute to that out and striker if you need to make it into two strikers late into the match took over the last two or three. He is not so much recently in the last two years him stale and he's taken and really. I think it's been totally unwarranted. Okay he's finishing initiative. You can look he's got better not got better and he died of a time where is end product and final thought was a little frustrating but he still between lean arguably over the peace. England's most exciting attacking biggest whenever the ball game has just gone so far in terms of end product and it's hard to judge toilet and some of the things he did was great but has game just in bed so they can apart us. Yes I think he's finishing can be better still but I'll tell you what has decision making when he's running at full peers picking a pass as has been absolutely exceptional meanwhile elsewhere to the Portugal with a five one victory over Lithuania Cristiano Renaldo with a hat trick nick. Someone saying got four goals. It was really giving him the go off. It is a spoof. No I'm just means. Oh No. That's going to keep us going at least seven days. You Aw we won't be tomorrow. Show well. You ask it again. We'll have to talk them. That's another story the uh-huh well I mean I saw this show. The keeper saved it at put. Talk Komo shoulder giving it to Christiano. Apparently that's what I've been told Christiane Elena. It'll take taking just reminded you can download. Shag aww that's a good question on the website meanwhile in grave eight Franz in action today beating door by three goals to nil meanwhile Turkey with a full win away against Moldova means that they remained the same points as Franz. Zuma wrong is with US Joel. What's your big takeaway from Franz. Is Victory Today. There was a good one like the one against I've been young on Saturday. Okay against on dove. I never thought that they would win. It was all about the changes made by showing with four changes few new faces the two full box one of the the two wingers as well it was to command scoring again three and two for the for the young by a Munich winger who is trying to get back into that team back into the squad after missing a lot because of injuries there was not an MVP obviously so it was interesting to see attacking wise how that team deed and what kind food produced on both games he was good tonight as well even if there was a less movement and on Saturday but missed another penalty lucky did on Saturday with two in two mixed for him when she's the only point of the night but overall it was a good evening. I think for this show and the two wins after defeating Turkey in June. I think that the team bounced is by constantly like like you wanted. That's eight now boys. You're quantifying over for a while. You know what I've never been on the fever rankings much today on Dora no now the last thing a hundred and fifty six better. Thank you very much information crying against the world land from absolutely Zedler title Joel Lots. Apparently he's just telling you I tell you and tell you what did you learn from early. chump lamb beaten two hundred fifty six and the world and we can't listen very cool. Joe Stop with the other night favor by win the year overall what we seen. I love you so you questions which team has stood out. Yeah I think I think folks would be among the favorites the roots of course after the workup tree two years ago. I think I think the Netherlands I've looked very very strong with new generation coming through again against I guess Germany in Germany on on on tonight. I think England and Spain will have to be there. You tell you Roberto Mancini having a little bit of revival it might be a bit too early the next summer for them to do to reach the final maybe or even to win it but I think the rebuilding and they do that quite well but I think I think it will be quite open once again this this euro this summer because I think even France maybe for people at the biggest favorite Belgium. We also being the mixed and like like call the other team that we've been saying so. I can see very open tournament but I'm GonNa be buys but we'll put the French right up there with a base for anyone else. Let's say let's teams with undue Kossovo Bring Limb Fall Scotland out by then what some of them get through the nation's league not many of them too many hotel. He's in. I want to speak to you anymore. It's like at home impressed. Let's see this team's yeah and I'm GonNa give you the truth. Because how can you ask the question who's impressed yes when you're seeing the standard of the opposition understand. Wesley game and this should having watched him apart from whole employed in Germany of someone in Germany and not great yeah. How can you see how can we sit here and say who have you learned from. Spain beating the federal or you don't usually go home. uh-huh we'll reconvene to know what you look like a good team against against Scotland for example and point didn't get excited despite the fact that playing in fairy position that's what I mean because players switch off when it's not against when they know that going to pick up the three point that we were shown just don't do a show internationals but you asked me. That's what I'm supposed to supposed to talk about the phrase it that I don't you assume question differently. We wasting these re freezer. Go different way but it's ask you a question just telling you what did Bill Belgium basically just keeping going. You've just asked them to rephrase. Is it so basically it's the same question answer the question. What did what did Belgium liver ridiculous call number said they will give him an insecure Kim bosses. Now we go back and look at Sheila. I WanNa tell you what why don't you just give them the stop. Stop Voronov answer. Why don't you give them the proper like you tell people. When will on yeah see yeah. You don't don't you give an honest answer every here and say the things you see before the camera roll on talking about the book yes should we expense wasted in. Los Angeles. International football is over domestic action of course returns this weekend as well. Neymar to pse scored of Corser Brazil during the break we play this weekend the the idea the club years the face Strasbourg France on Saturday afternoon so he should be back early enough if you after the game against Peru in La on Tuesday night backing you up early enough to be able to recover and then play on on Saturdays sometimes there's a bit of an issue with the place from South America. They come back late in international break and then they get arrested. That's the idea the club at the moment of horror and people are declared would like him to be involved in that game against Tries Boll his first game since the end of last season because you obviously hasn't played since during his his whole transfer saga then you'd be suspended for the first three as much so he wouldn't play against Madrid in Midweek mid week the following week so that would be good against brought to give him a bit of game time as we saw against Brazil. He looks fit looks good form so I think PSI looking to benefit it. From what about the fans chills. That's the big question bigger than you know would. They won't even vote will the coach and the players want even vote because that's a yes yes. The fans is the big question mark. The beginning known what kind of reception we get from the pilot projects especially from the ultras were very violent to be fair to him during the transfer Saga with insults and banners and chance against him. It'd be very interesting to see what kind of research gets you know. I guess he's father would be then I and some of the friends in their box stadium recession will they get as well how would feel about going to the by depress where he was so keen on leaving the club and leaving pirates in the summer it'd be interesting and I think all the cameras all the photographers and everyone will have the is just on name I in the whole afternoon to see how we behave and and again what reception gets an extraordinary situation as a player. Can you ignore strawberry situation brought on by. I am self yet and I've said it before. I have absolutely no sympathy for the man that wanted to Franz and he's tried his utmost Frans on husband. The on his Mideast beatty can lie on it has to get them so well as Joe said. Yes to make sure and sharp and ready play if if needed for Thomas Turco ended day. That's his job. Can you ignore it. I think it's GonNa be. I think I'm interested to see what is going to do to the rest of the else right. Neymar I think mobile handle and try and try and block it out but I think L. affect the rest of the team probably more than it well. I mean listen I played with John Bonds and he after England Games he would get away from home and I can honestly see affected did me because then I started to look after him so I think the rest of the team are going to be affected probably woman name actually thing that Neymar as we have seen in passes. EC Two tiers and I do believe that this will have an impact on the way he approaches the game and any will impact his performance is now way to cure all of that his sadness joys his frustrations defense frustration is for him to play an play well yeah and do Neymar things out on the field. Non Name are things being clown but Neymar things showcasing his talent. He does that enough times all of a sudden fencer fickle. They may just go well back of business guy but in order to do that you have to play play whale undo so consistently feels like that's the only way this thing turns around meanwhile this week we saw the finances unveiled of what teams have spent on their current. Covenant School and Manchester City only team to break the billion euro mob. Oh yes G. Coming in at second. It's quite embarrassing as an anthem to spend all this money yet not really advanced that much well yeah of course on say nine city. It's not it's not. I don't think he's about spending I think book clubs and especially where they started when the Qatari Toco took over in two thousand eleven th they needed investment because the team was not very good at all so the hot to spend our money and overspent because because everybody knew they had money the and everybody knew they had to beat the strong team and they won't see the star players etc so the debate over the price for love them and I think cities is very similar path to twos where they are now but I don't think that choice if they wanted to be competitive with the other the fact he's then for other reason than just money spend it hasn't really worked out for within Europe but you can't just blame it on Hamady spending and seeing the result. I don't think it's embarrassing. He's just a widow so fi hasn't really worked for them but there are no other choice than spending the money. Thank one in the Champions League in this case. It's not really the barometer I have an make an attack on the Champions League would be the barometer everybody expects city. You make an assault on again and be surprised if they don't go all the way and potentially one are not many thinking that with psg. That's the funds. Tim's a team lineups scored czar but it's no surprise those two top of the list with with the spending we'll thank joe host but if you want to hear more from him you can check out the latest edition of the Gills Poker which is available to download over on the website. That's it we're done then for another show tomorrow. As what really sit out from those zero qualifies is I think we can go off hours aussies over again. If you'd like that'd be very to do so much to Joel's it's a Craig Stevie and maybe checkouts extratime over on our Youtube Channel until tomorrow goodbye welcome into extra-time. Thanks very much tweets who has been the most dramatic football player between Neymar and and Tonio Brown Brown isn't it because he actually force them move. Somehow eventually ended up in a better situation yeah exactly exactly. They want you to make a video instagram post a record his coach. Maybe freezes feed us. Well and cryotherapy picture fee disgust. Joe's yeah until you're brought up so that was that was pretty special crew from Yeah Pretty Crazy Lebron James a no idea wall so much drama. I know who he is. The effect special yes there will be and it's coming at some point why doesn't Combine Gold Cup and Corporate America to make one long competitive tournament at the European Championships. One is money right but two is the fact that you have so many countries in concacaf so you would have have to have a qualifying tournament from concord after then make sure you fit it into the coma bowl teams and I can tell you without a doubt that none Komo teams are going to say we have to qualify for the tournament teams are going to say we're and you guys can come in. If you want to cope America again. Can I'm uh-huh Americans right. There's only there's only main Goco I'll tell you why right because almost every team in the goal comb as meds meds from Mexico even for the US 'cause they were have taken down source of point. What was it something to describe us. Somebody has to go to these teams are to good teams and fourteen holiday destinations. I won't go that far. One indies team in Mexico one by average teams. Why would they go and play against all the teams alley plan again so we inventory where would Bolivia Stan Concha. Bolivia seems to be the only team that generally funny. She's lost right and yet you throw the fact that you have to on play in the bus and that's when everybody will struggle because there's nothing like it. Yes it's higher than that little high of a museum on you but it's a fair question to us in believing in Concacaf would be I would assume just below well certainly below Mexico and somewhere around the US maybe just below the US have any of the boys being a former players charity match like Vincent Companies Doing and if so was is it fun. here's the plate in testimony testimonies testimonials yeah. It's a little more glamorous to deal right. I mean that's the one that played in would never sold the Rights Day. Huma sided testimony. We were still pleading. So what you're saying. We played no right was vincent doing so it must be doing a charity match. No Ob- Bob Plead in wanting to buy an Amex Raines is accessible to you but it was more Jolie Oh okay and then there was but I don't think it was a there was nothing to that only just finished blade I wouldn't I wouldn't find out I just played. It was probably about five an for the last ten years even contemplate okay just for physical reasons. Oh I did a couple years ago for Hurricane Harvey. Yes yeah unless you win. You played for the Union through Legends Game Legend so if I get invited out go yeah yeah. It's it's it's to to address the question. It is fun to go on C. Former teammate. Yep People that you either play with or played against and then you get to talk about this team right now. There are no good right nothing like when we play we were great this guy's they stink who would win in a match between Scotland Venezuela. It's Minnesota while there's not. I don't know it's not really Greenwich Wheeler Scott with the I think it would be a touching goal. We're going do they sire so you think would would definitely have you should win last week. Venezuela during America the Copa Obviously God you got me yeah till two the way the best of Scotland who got Jones Joel's. You know look I go for drove how Desmond Tutu question in debt with a pitch invader yes yeah. I don't know I would say Juden right plan for Nausea Kennedy. It was the last game of the season. We already mean really right. It was out Port Vale Right. I had the ball the final whistle when an picked the ball and of course the thousands that would give come on. We're running on on the field and this guy grabbed the ball and I started rushland will try out the bowl and he started. Komo shoved on national went. One would go where you just nicer. Lynch thing the grab button a startling wrestling when we get an give the ball okay. He'll Cejka some it down with a pitch invader. There've been pitching. Betas it but I mean the one yet dealing with some. Sometimes you just so you just want to see the tackle coming into the security. People send security amount about my mind went anyway that is enough to run again. Homerun enough to pitch invader paid enough to be. NFC is back tomorrow. Enough Chamie abortion reruns of the Copa America Erica good visit is by the way one of these stupid questions of an Gold Cup teams to go and play in the U._S._A. Uruguay Tomorrow Bay.

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