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Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host. Johnny taft. This podcast is the full show. From today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Happy Halloween everyone. Welcome to undisputed. We're live from Los Angeles. I'm Jenny Taft. Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe. I guess doing already. Already get the memo. Party poop over rang. I'm all black. It's not bridie. Yes. Following though is not bright. We're all fried. We don't when I do. I'll black on Friday Friday. I'm like a one man horror show for him. Scared of only one thing in life me better beat you down. Depressing. He. Away. We have a lot to good to today's Halloween edition of undisputed. So it was all the pressure now on skip skydeck Prescott. Shannon's Lakers are they gonna ever figure it out in boxing legend Sugar Ray, Leonard is in studio with us. That's later. We're going to start with a big trade in the NFL. There were some big moves before yesterday's deadline, especially in the NFC east. The eagles got another weapon for Carson Wentz. Trading. Third round pick to the lions for golden Tate. Tate had at least ninety catches in each of the last four seasons. This comes a week after the Cowboys traded a first round pick for my coupons but Cooper only has one touchdown catch this season. Shannon who got the better wide receiver Philly or Dallas Philly golden Tate because I think he's been more consistent over the last year and a half. And that's what we're going to base it on we just gotta based on the last year and a half give if you want to just take this year, Ohio, we Ohio rozema, man. He didn't. Again, we go we go we go for because. This. What seems to be the the new way of thinking have a quarterback rookie quarterback on a rookie contract. Feeling good. Let's go ahead and go for their the good chance that gold and tastes gonna leave after this year skip. So they gave basically a third round the eight nine game rental. Okay. How we get to win the Super Bowl again all-wheel. I don't mind spending third round pick for this. See the thing that I like most about golden Tate that I know exactly what I'm gonna get. I'm going to get consistency. I'm going to get a guy. That's great. And traffic. I'm going to get a guy that can play inside or outside and he's going to fit in Philly because he they've blue collar type of guy skipped he's going to be an extension of the running game because they're run game is dropped off considerably from last year. No blunt, Noah Gye. So you understand that? But jailbreak screens jet sweeps. He's tremendous. He when he gets the ball in his hand. He's almost like a running back skip unbelievable with the ball in his hands. So I like this. I like the move from this aspect also. When I look at Amari Cooper since the start of last season, he has more games than which have ten or fewer yards. Then he has one hundred yards. Let that sink in for second six games this year, two games over hundred more with Gumbo skin twenty yards when I turn. Nobody asked you to speak, Janice. Who had a better ready over here and stop stop begging on the child Chow? I love this love this from Philly because it gives them more weapons out shot. It seems to be coming back. Now you through golden Tate into the mix and Jordan Mathews seems to be the only place that he can shine is in Philly. He had a great report with cars wins. And so those to tidy are going to be huge. So I love this move. And they only gave up a third round pick. I get that Philly drove the price up for Markku because they had a second round pick on the table and Dallas one of the receiver because we're gonna talk about Jerry, what he said about the reason why they made this move, which we we talk about that. But anyway, they drove the price up because they had a second round pick on the table more Amari Cooper data's one Amari Cooper. So they had to go to first round pick so third with the consistency. Golden Tate or verse in inconsistency Amari Cooper. Yeah. I think the eagles got the better end the deal. And I think for this year. I think golden Tate will be the better of the two receivers. So before I get to my answer you were talking about the new way the rookie contract of the rookie quarterback or the young quarterback. There's still the old way to do it up in New England. They still have a forty one year quarterback in the past just stood Pat yesterday. And I I don't know. I think they're still pretty good. What we've seen is that these new way of quarterback. They're not gonna give you the hometown guests count that Tom Brady giving the patriots over the last fifteen years another point for Tom Brady. Thank you for not make one. So my mother didn't teach me a whole lot. But she did always say to me you get what you pay for. She always said that to me. She's pretty smart when it came to deal with money. Choose a Bank teller for awhile ran a little restaurant for a while. Dallas got the most because it paid the most. It got exactly what it paid for and Philly got exactly what it paid for. It got the equivalent of a third round pick. That's what the bang for the buck will be with golden Tate. And I I respect him having play like a first round pick. That's what you're telling me. I'm telling you that as a rookie and as sophomore league he made the Pro Bowl then he had an off year last year. He got caught in the crossfire of a really sorry unloading situation. Jon Gruden taking over and just saying I'm going to start here. That's why I'm saying last year. What happened? I said he had an off year last starring to unravel to provos at your first two years. So to me Amari Cooper has star power. He's got higher ceiling. He's got more upside golden Tate is what he is. And what he'll always be which is pretty good. I've never made a Pro Bowl any made one. Team. That's two to one. Okay. But Amari Cooper is this possible. He's only twenty four years old. He's only in his fourth year and golden Tate his thirty years of age and his ninth year. So golden Tate for that third rounder is in the final years of his contract. So he was just what a rental, Shannon. Is that right? Mark Cooper still has another year on his deal. So Dallas invested a first rounder for the long haul. Right because they got a star who's already a proven star who will turn back into a star for them. How do you know that? I'm just I just feel like, oh, you know. Well, you know, they got some back in in the bat do it. Yes. Cane or something to rub on that. You got we're going to talk about a Markku Amari Cooper was the fourth overall pick for reason because he's got star power and golden Tate fell to the bottom of the second round because he's just a pretty good football player. So around the Tom Brady to he's. I just shattered. Chattering shattered at early and he shattering late because he's still playing at the highest level at age forty one. But you can't seem to come to grips with that or make peace with that. Because it haunts you like Halloween haunts. I'm good with. Here's my thing. You keep saying Cooper has the upside I care about production. I care about performance right now though in two years from now. Okay. That's fine. But what about right now? Because limb ask you this. And I've been on that you were talking. I wrote it down, you know, I wrote it is it possible that we've seen the best Amari Cooper aid is I to you know, why do you leave that east twenty four? What do they have to do it? Anyway, what Tom Wright is forty one. So he shouldn't be playing like this. So what age have to do with anything? It has everything to do what he had to get out of what it was starting to teeter into a bad situation last year, Oakland, right? And what do you tell me all the time? I don't know that Derek Carr juries way out car, my right about that drew is get out on that prejudice not out. I'm going to save all that for later. We're going to hit that on about remorse topics now, but that Prescott has proven at the highest level with the third best QBR's rookie in the fourth. Best is a sophomore, the he can play at that Amari Cooper level. So sudden, so why do you continue to do this? Because someone has the third. Biff can be are does that make him the third best quarterback in the league in production? It then the no, no, no, no, I'm not talking about no production. So he didn't produce a he didn't produce the playoffs last year, and what are more what did the hall of Famer Shannon, shop tell me all year last year Dez Bryant has become a liability and no longer separate. He never did run routes to begin with now that he's lost. So spe- he just can't get away from anybody. And what kept happening all last year. Dak Prescott said reads, tell me to go to eight single covered. I'm gonna throw tailgate eighty eight. No, no, no. He led the league and drops last year. So he had overcome that he had overcome a six game loss of these equal hit. Lawsuit. Anything if he's that guy Tom Brady overcome that guy last year, they went nine and seven he had the fourth best QBR? That's that's a hell of schist rookie you, but we're not talking about. Well, thank you for bringing that up. He simply played the best rookie year quarterback. We've ever seen in Raleigh home out. He does not want to talk about a caretaker caretaker that carry. Why scale James I'm gonna let you distract me from gold. Hey, I'm just telling you that Prescott. I think we both agree. The offense of line has been a shocking bust this year, we've been. You know, what I noticed we blame a lot of thing. We blamed offensive line. We blame Sean lease injury, dad grant couldn't get open. And he can't can't can't hold onto the ball. Jason Witten have gotten slow VU L. It can't stay out of trouble. He was spending. Thank we keep blaming weak. You just listed a whole bunch of valid exam. But I notice somehow number four gift to escape any blame comparability in this. But yet Shannon Sharpe made all those points all last year as if they were legitimate valid points quarterback. He gets really well. I'm getting back to golden Tate. My love golden tape because I love the consistency. I can't have a guy in six games. Go over a hundred and then in four game go left in twenty. That's unacceptable. Skip beta that's inconsistent. Now, you told me John groom was going to change the life in Oakland. Well, he will he started over he nuked it. He tore it down. What do you say when he took the job? So he lied or alternative facts. Goad and take you know, you light golden Dayton. I respect him. But I don't think he's exactly Golden State as in a one man dynasty is is he a combination of Katie and staff. I don't think the last time somebody traded receiver above receiver four years into their career in the middle of the season. If he's bang bang. Like, you said when was the last time anybody traded the best defensive player and football the best pass rusher and football in the middle of his prime. Jon Gruden did that also Jon Gruden said I'm starting over I want my guys. So can you you don't they don't you lump them together last time John Gruden had all his guy. He ended up getting fired and Tampa. But you remember that with Tony Dungy guys got on? Oh, you remember what happens get well? He did win a Super Bowl win. Tony guy. What will obviously Tony didn't win a Super Bowl with Tony's guys. But I'm I'm not saying that I'm not saying anything, I'm not trying to Tony win new indie. John very possibly would win a Super Bowl with his guys in Oakland. Not for the tuck rule, not for the may make an anti Brady point here. But that was wrong. I don't I don't believe that his team would have beaten that two thousand and one ramp team. But that's not here nor there. But when you look at golden Tate, his body of work. He comes to work either lunch pail type of guy. Every single week. If he gets the ball in his hands. He's great run out to the kid. He can play the slot. He can play outside he'll block. He is a blue-collar. Philly fans will love this guy. He's lunch pail. Blue collar type of a gallery want superstar or lunch pail. I'll superstar the lunch pail guy shows up everything week give you superstar that shows. I don't know whether you're gonna show Lauren he'll eighty Lord he'll have a concert in that starts at eight. She ain't getting the ten thirty really thirty or it's like Leonard. He might might not. You're not play delay me. Maybe nine feel lifetime. So. The point I made about thirty one. You see what he did when he heights? Ben Simmons a trooper dumb and that night he's off her maroon back to back to the back the back of the front, but let's get back to the issue Amari Cooper, the inconsistency. What would we do in sports? Get every day miss port is the one is the one occupation like being a schoolteacher like being a lawyer that you're not in that you're not in a trial. Resum? I know about to update his this coming Monday night at Gerry world against the Tennessee titans. Who have the third best defense? Yep. What happens? Here's the thing. Your defense can be really good. If you got an offense, this competent skip really you're gonna take the Tennessee titans office against the Dallas Cowboys defense on the road. Really all you can do is play who you play on the schedule. And that's who comes to Jerry were. Oh, that's next. So that's the case why four three or four you can only play who by the way, one of those three came courtesy of golden Tate's Detroit team. So we already been golden Tate once this year. I can you believe all room, and he actually had his best game of the year and Dak still overcame took belief that. How did? Eliot having career game. And you won by three on the wall. Feel go. Took him game. That was the mole yard, scrimmage it. It was one play game. It was dact Zeke. I dunno. I can we. It was all I internet's. Is that not a clutch big time throw what a catch by the running back running a deep route right over the show throw in Washington. That's for the money. He had the football game overcome Golden State, golden Tate. Oh, look at this. That's a walk off field goal. Right. There example, leaving that took a catch running back. And now I'm going to catch them all down the field. So fifty scrimmage are to get a walk off. He'll go to Roseman that golden Tate is already Owen one against Dallas in. I don't know. He could be oh and to he could be oh and three of our he could mash the all time record of going oh and four against the same team. If by chance Dallas and Philly meeting. Will you will you tell Jerry Jones, and what's the other guy named what's to do? The picket put a cowboy what's his name will McClay. We'll Wilma Clayton. You tell him that the market with one in five Mark coop. When he would've been wanting to know cla. But anyway, he's there against to Amari Cooper, the raiders are one in six again Bari if one oh, oh, he was on in five one in five is the Mark Cooper. Now. I know he might be. He might be. The upside is Khalil. You said. It was the worst move in the history of pro football don't know that just ripped the guts out of the heart out of that deputy you why is bad move because Khalil Mack of the defensive player of the year. Double digit fat guy. All pro the first guy to be deficient, all to be an all pro at two different positions. And if prime Amari Cooper with the inconsistency, I can see why they moved on. You see why they moved on? Can you give me one good reason why they would trade Khalil Mack defensive player of the year? Can you give me one good reason? Why you try to Mark the inconsistent from two hundred yard games and four games under twin I told you there a bunch of games we're in the fourth quarter. I couldn't find Khalil Mack. And that's what Jon Gruden decided. I just love it the consistent effort from him in here. They're a bunch of games. I couldn't find Amari Cooper in the first quarter the second quarter that third quarter the fourth quarter you keep talking about one quarter. I'm talking about a game. Wow. How many problems have Khalil Mack Bentiu? How many all pro lost count? Exactly. So realize I Jon Gruden is betraying this guy. So he traded Amari for a first rounder and guess who wanted Amari Cooper, guess who how rosement first choice was this year for a receiver. But it was put a first row tag. Well, he just got outbid for the first time we go to private the price. Oh, really? We grow. A we with filling bandwagon can you ride at one nowhere about what man in the split. Like Alawite get silence. Seven bandwagon at one eagles. But hair. If we go your own meant tried to get Amari Cooper, guess what? If we want him. Guess what we could get put another first round on it if they wanted 'cause that's only had to do. They got outbid skip Jewish swooped in and close the deal over limb. Ask you a question normally how it works is that you go back and forth. We offer this. The other team offers that we offered this. The other team offers that they call you back say the Cowboys having first round pick. We since we started bidding with you. I if you offer first rounder, you can have a Mark Cooper. How are we good? We got what we want to accomplish the price up. Data took the first round. Dictum thing. And then he said, well, I'll just spend third third golden compat-. He will be gold, and he will be worth nothing more than a third round pick. And if we can go down because Jerry Jones, Tom Brady hate yesterday Twitter if we can go right down the list. Damaris Thomas will be worth no more than a fourth rounder to the Houston. Texans. That's who he is what he's worth now. So who's at so in for four years who had a better career last for years, Amari Cooper, Demaria's Thomas Marion? Okay. But what do you see? Now. What do you see now from Amari Cooper, twenty four twenty four? But every time I turn on the TV and start watching Damaris who I used to love because boy did he not catch a big ball from Tim tebow member out that ball and over. Oh, Lee everytime. I every time I turn on the TV. And I'm wanting to Mark Cooper who. Oh, I know he pay for Halloween. Every time I figures every time I turned on Saint Knicks games when Amar tolleys. Holiday. I saw just running by exactly that got that got him to be drafted with the fourth overall pick. What? Now, he has a new locate. Got like a guy that gets all A's in college. But then we get on the job. He can't hold a job down. What you did in college. Have nothing to do with what you do on the new John? So what is he doing? Now. What did he do for the raiders are right nothing? What is to marry? It's done for you late. We have seen law feed. I see loss of heart. I see not the same guy when I see him taking that same day. I see him taking that path into the sunset that we saw Dez taking a year ago Jada Stephan here, whereas who got the better receive affiliate down waiting talking about training. Everybody's talking about. Oh, well, Jerry Jones paid a first and look Texans got to marry his commerce for four. That's who. He is. Now, he's a fourth round draft pick. So that's it. Hewitt. The hang your handle Amari Cooper, being twenty four in the form of d'humieres Thomas thirty years old on the way out of this league. And I know it, and I hope he helps to Sean a little bit. But he's not gonna help him a lot is he better than if he'd better than the second option in Houston. Sure. Okay. The so that's worth a fourth round pick. But is the Amari Cooper know, what you mean the Amari Cooper Cooper, not able tomorrow. Hala? We look at Halloween is Amari Cooper from the fourth two years. Good. I'm here in scared from scared about marring because that's a Mari. I tell you what you won't be here. Yeah. If. And Furthermore, the pick. Maybe the biggest gamble at the trade deadline happened a little before the trade deadline, but it was Bill bell. Check gave a fifth rounder for what what was left of. Josh, gordon. He just had another incident in Cleveland, Braise, suspicions and Cleveland. Even the Browns said we're out. Yes. So Bill check gave a thin a conditional fifth for Josh Gordon. Okay. And already there couple reports that he was late to boss to the airport with the New England Patriots. Bill bell checks is. I don't know anything about that. But there are two big reports about it. So I'm figuring something happened. We all know that. Josh Gordon has been suspended one time after another after another after another dating back to Baylor University. Yes. So is that not a high risk gamble round pick? That's not. But I don't think anybody else in this league would have even risked fifth on Josh Gordon at that moment. But everybody in this. There's no one else in this league that has five Super Bowl to have the cash shea have a twenty year career one location coach Jake. So he's able to do say things and get away with things that no other cocaine. Okay, understand what I don't understand is. Josh, gordon. I'm seeing now during games doesn't look nearly as explosive as I expected him to he's not twenty thirteen. Josh, gordon. He's he's older skin. I mean, it's gonna take some time. Who knows maybe he'll never be that explosive of Josh Gordon that we saw that lead the league all my bottom line is my take away from all of these acquisitions of receivers. Dallas got the best one Dallas spent the most got the best. I disagree. Why to go Jerry Jones woke up and did something there there the lady about three years ago at a rummage sale? We call them rummage sale garage sale. But anyway, she ended up buying this little painting, and they will pay he played twenty four it guess, what will behind the painting unoriginal copy of the declaration of independence. So you better be careful. How you the original original can't be an it's just the or not actually there are several hop off the declaration of independence if you're a history. Major let you told me you, you wouldn't know either the first one or it's not the first they were several copies. I'm not mistaking thirteen copy original copy. Oh, but I didn't know about him. That means just because you judge Amar I pick a grab. Well, we the forest row. Yeah. I got you again. How he got you? Come. All right. Get this did Tom Brady admit that. He's not as good as Aaron Rodgers. We'll see that's next. The focus of the huge Sunday night matchup between the patriots and Packers will definitely be on the quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. It will be just the second time. The future hall of famers have faced each other as starters yesterday Brady gave some praise to Rogers take a listen just what he's done is a quarterback is I think it's inspiring. Even for me, I watch his game. And it makes me want to get out there and practice and improve. Because I think he's so, you know, phenomenal with how he you know, and stuff in the pocket ability to throw the football is unlike anyone in the history league. So it's just it's pretty awesome to watch. All right, Shannon. What do you read into those comments from Brady? You think he scares you? You may ask your babies for the first hand. And this might be one of the first time that I actually think Brady speaking the truth because Brady of just echoing what I've been saying for years. If play this game study this game covered this game. Currently I've never seen. Anybody at the Puerto back with vision with those tools that Aaron Rodgers have the ability to throw the ball from the pocket ability to change arm platforms to be the -bility to throw the ball on the move rolling left. And right with accuracy. He can fall in his bat foot lick the ball forty yards and drop it in the bucket. So all Brady deal with echo what many of us while we say Aaron Rodgers the greatest. Tom Brady just at. Oh. But it also goes to show, you know, when guys I don't watch anybody else being disingenuous every position watch the position. Why receivers watch otherwise receivers? That's why they get upset when they see Julio kids team. They catch three Tom Brady watches quarterback running by running backs. Von Miller watch Khalil Mack who watch. And of course, they do. But the untypical Tom fashion is not good enough to say Aaron is unbelievable. His ability throat. He got to add something to it. The he the type of guy. When are the little boy, Jan my grandpa will take us to the store, my brother, and he buys the church outfit. So he buys a little suit sue product, like thirty bucks. Pair of socks and he would tell the salesman will help to so pair of socks you should throw the short in for free. You know what I'm saying? He got to ask something why you just can't leave it alone. Why you've got the aunt to if you know Tom Brady got to. I all I asked for was a four layer cake. I come back. I got a thick layer cake. They don't worry about it. Because it's such a great customer. I just added to extra layer for processing VO Frey in. That's what Tom Brady does. He always is over does. It's made of and you know, he was doing so good in the way. He throws the ball nippy late the pocket. He is bars me. So you know, words, you busy the review you want to play to your forty five because of Aaron Rodgers ED's Spiring you now you wanna play to your forty five because the rules are set up to protect you. But he didn't laugh with the fourth part 'cause they're Roger gifted and throw the football that we've ever seen in his ability to throw the ball from in and out of the pocket rolling left. And right. Unmatched by anybody that I've ever seen with my own two good not. Oh, good old medicine tortoise. You look good good. I just need to you need three of folk top rated to throat of all better than that guy. If you think the secondary twelve better than the primary twelve you send the mistake. It's sadly sadly mistaken, and I feel for I really do tell me when you're done. Thank you. So here we go again with the Tom Brady that you know, and don't love it's off shocks. Golly. Gee, datas. Could you believe that aired Rogers? Yes. Did you see throw the football? I'm gonna stay up late in my house and keep my kids up late because gotta watch Aaron Rodgers stole the football because I'm the nice man down the street. My Mr. Brady, right? We know. You know, it to that why you said that. Listen to this. I watch his game. And it makes me wanna get out there and practice it improve. This is a forty one year old quarterback. So they love the game. He looked everything about it practicing studying Taylor. Are you calling Tom Brady Aligarh his ability to throw the football is unlike anyone in probably the history of the lead he laugh did he laugh? Yes. Like, I'm saying, I'm a whole defeat to the like you tell me all the time did the Tom Brady law. There is method to because he did add something that you did not acknowledge. He did add one line at the end of this soliloquy about Aaron Rodgers what he said he throws some of the best incompletions I've ever seen. That is some very subtle damning with faint praise that's bringing up the point that he does occasionally throw incompletions. Remember, Tom Brady is speaking from a position of insurmountable strength when he talks down from his mountain top about Aaron Rodgers because Aaron Rodgers will never ascend to that mountain top, you know, it, and I know all the beauty contests that you want. But in the end, Tom Brady has him big picture any has little picture because positions drink, and we just do little picture right now. Tom Brady's having kind of an off year for the reigning MVP this league, but he's ninth in QBR at seventy air Rogers is twenty first and QBR at fifty four really what you do. Nice to twenty. I do know that when a guy retires inches. We are is not as passer rating Roger has history, and as we speak. Tom Brady's completed sixty eight percent of his passes to only sixty one percent for the highest completion. That's interesting. We're we're just talking about. Enron. So Tom Brady some outhouse his sorry team with it. Sorry defense and no running game. Hit miss receivers. He's got his team at six and two. Aaron Rodgers got his team to three three and one. So there are five hundred dollars. So now now -sition of strength speaking down to Aaron raido my asking. So what was sunny Michelle did he gone, but you didn't have a running game? Well, they don't have it. Now, they just had to make the kick returner their primary running back Aaron Rodgers return for the last three years. Do you know what time of gummy guy drafted on a longer to do this? No. I'm a simple question. Tom Brady had a wide receiver play running back on ten planes. Aaron Rodgers had a wide receiver plan running back for three years. Let things get mailers. Let things get mailers. So what's Aaron Jones, which Jamal Williams? You liked him. I'm saying there's the first back in thing. Now interesting. So I don't need to remind anybody at this, except maybe you but Tom Brady has played in eight Super Bowls in one five one long ago Super Bowl featured Aaron Rodgers, and that's his one and only he did play in it. And he did win it. But it's one eight five victories for Tom Brady. Speaking down about erogenous, he's he's a position of strength. It's insurmountable that will never be touched by Aaron Rodgers. And by the way since Aaron Rodgers one that long ago Super Bowl he's five and six in the postseason Tom Brady over that span is thirteen and five over his career span. He's twenty seven and ten in the postseason to Aaron Rodgers ten and seven about let me finish twenty seven and ten to ten in seven. That's pathetic. Like like, how can we even put them in the same century? I love how we make. When we like something. We'd like a person. This is what we'll do. We'll say air Roger has ten playoff wins. Seven losses. Tom Brady has twenty seven to ten but when we don't would team game he played team. Oh, so that's if you look if you look at Tom Brady if you look at Tom Brady's worth defense worth. Superbowl the air. Rod is one that's been his best. What you're missing is. That is no threat to Tom Brady zero threat. This Brady's up on the mountain top saying, oh, he throws it believably. Well, so that and that means what? So you perform can you make the play that wins the game? That's what matters quarterback talking about air Raja lucky. Mitch trubisky. Like, Derek Carr on you for real you. Just name two guys. We have better QBR's than he does what unfortunately ought to tell you what go to the hall of fame and look on the plaque and see how many QBR up here they look to pass a ratings up there because that's what they judge it by pather rating, and the guy has the highest path rating NFL history the guy that had the best has done interceptor ratio in history if Aaron bleeping Roger they judge it by Super Bowls eight to one over Joe Montana should be number one eight. Because he is foreign OJ. Let's hard over you can have you can make that case. All we're talking about Aaron Rodgers versus Tom. What do you mean? I brought him brought it up come out of Hebron out. But he loves he took Dale talking to to my. Two one. He came to my restaurant three times Tom right after eight late. He shouldn't have won won the game has yet to come to my restaurant. I'm trying to get him to be, but he won't visits because it's been so long ago. What was it like twelve U S Q? He's become an old, man. Yeah. You you were out of business without just starting up Papa. Yeah. He didn't want to you know, tone rated has tremendous scoring defense. If the look at the one top ten d scored deep if the air Raja van he went to the bowl since then he hasn't even had a a he hasn't really had a bud bowl defense. Let alone Super Bowl defense right now. The patriots twenty fifth in yards allowed. No, do you. Did did you go to all these gauges measure questions? Do you win games with yards appoints because where the doing the bars? Scare famous. See don't do me. Like this. Tom Brady was doing Aaron like what marry he'll let we know that we've seen some of the most beautiful women in the world. I wish I had a, but like her I wish I had her hair. I wish I had her is not what Tom Brady doeth dobra to get through. And even mind the work the era. Rogers knows that thinking. If you're on Brady always says the right thing at the right time about everybody notice. You're the one who always ridicules talking. Your biggest bunch of cliche rash of ever heard. My right. Every time all the time. I seen it some of the most beautiful women that'd be on television. I just love. I just love hair love leg. Did you? I tell you what people say, I don't think that I hear Jennifer, I love her arms arms, and we talk about. My home team. Nice. If he's actually saying that about what you say. You say in mind the man and Myron every time Tom Brady gets asked about who's the greatest quarterback ever. He always says something like, it's it's just truly impossible to answer that. Think he thinks is the greatest ever Tom Brady thinks Tom Brady is the greatest ever, and he's gonna prove it again on MS under biscuit, the greatest Beth what layers do does. Mitchell Trubisky does not think he's if as Joe Montana who he thinks true Cerro as Dan Marino. And John Elway great top Trubisky doesn't on you're saying the top guys always asked me who I think's the best hide in AFC Ozzy. Tony as you know, what I do believe Aaron Rodgers thinks he's the greatest quarterback ever because he's got so many of these blind loyalist fall LeBron chain, he's done all these blind. Will we've never seen anybody with the tools. Yeah body. But how does it actually play out? How does it? Translate into wins and losses. It doesn't. It does. Team ready today. There is definitely no love lost between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley in the first half last night. Russ scored I'm ever then pretended to rock a baby Beverly returned. The gesture later in the game. Then it got heated in the fourth quarter when Beverly Dover ball near Westbrook's lags both players receive technical fouls and had to be separated by teammates. And yeah, the police even needed. Police by the way, Roscoe thirty two points. Okay. Saint did get the win. But let's take a listen to what they both had to say. After the game. History tweeting. What did you think about? No comment that we want. Got no kids. Sleep. Dole guards. For those ball. What you think I know somebody woke bench, you know, doing all that cap and stuff. I don't know what that is. I've been doing this. And all that. I don't know things went haywire. From there, of course, competitors going to back down to one did technical continue plan booing seven years leading. Heels. Okay. Chace to your question. It's your did get heated. All right skip. He racket everyday. What you do to you everyday? Oh, wow. Who side are you on here? So I know Patrick Beverley I respect Patrick Beverley. But last night, I was on Russell Westbrook side. Because what Patrick Beverley did last night was a dirty play in a cheap shot. He dived not for the basketball, which was loose. He dived for russes knees. And I did not like it. But before I expand on that. Let me go back to the twenty thirteen incident that detonated all this bad blood between these two it was gained two of a first round playoff series between the Houston Rockets and the thunder at thunder. And I defended that night Patrick Beverley because again if we could see the first play. Yeah, we're seeing right now this is Russ just trying to reach for the basketball to call timeout got pass half court and Patrick who's an overachiever who. In Russia and Greece in the G league in the summer league until he finally got his shot with the rockets that was just a good hard basketball play the ball was a little bit dangerously teetering there. And he went from the basketball all the time all the time. And I have no problem with it. And as Russ pivoted to try to block him off. He turned on his knee, and it was just like a freak accident because his lateral meniscus, which is a Cartlidge. It tore it tore badly and it took away the rest of his year. And they had a hard time getting him back. It took multiple surgery to get it. Right. So it was a terrible thing in the Oklahoma City fans are never going to forgive or forget Patrick Beverley, and I do not blame them. So last night, the bad blood starts up again and breast scores easily, Patrick, and he does Rocco by baby. And then Patrick scores on Russ, and he does Rocco by baby. So it's getting worse and worse, and then the loose ball incident happens, and I was I was ashamed for Patrick Beverley 'cause I think his emotions and his anger went over the edge as each player. An enemy territory. It's in a war zone for him. They're still all over him. He kept turn of the fans saying let it go, bro. Seven years ago. It was actually five years ago. But it feels like it was seven to Patrick Beverley because every time he goes back there. They're all over him. And he boiled over and he went for russes knees. And Russ was furious about it. And I don't know what he was yelling at the bench. But it was it was not pretty and for the first time ever, I saw four policemen. I don't know if their security police are real police, but I think they're real policeman. They got on the court just to make sure there was not another brawl broke out in the Lakers. Houston game. No skip. It's hard for me. It's really hard for me to pick a side. Because I don't think either guy was out of line for the way, they reacted if you look at Patrick Beverley you name the teams that he played for before he got to the overseas for three different teams in the G league in the summer league thing is with him. Skip is that he has to live in this gray area. I don't believe he's ever went over the line. But he has to stay here. Because as Russell said, he's a little he's not six eight. He's not seven put tall. He's an undecided guard. So every single night that's how he got to the NBA. He played hard for eighty two games diving on the floor trying to get loose balls taking charges setting picks for other guys. That's the way that's various give you have to live in that box for him. See I don't think he went for us because he wasn't even guarding Ruth. He was on Paul George. It was trying to look like he made a play for the buyers. He went to where the ball was by the time. He got there. Russ at already recap regathered a ball. And had moved on. But he had already committed. It's kind of like a defendant. Skip I'm going for where you and all of a sudden the guy plans if we go ahead. Throw the flag Ross go back to twenty thirteen bra you call me miss half the season. He did a cost me my career become at you mentioned. He had to have another surgery on that berry knee. So it was a very similar plate for us. They call time out the Billy Donovan see roses upset because see possible be escalating let me go and call the time. I get Russ over here. Roughly now, I'm gonna stay right here going nowhere. Well, you know, Patrick Beverley not only worth get what they call it. Become a junkyard dog. Exactly. So he has to live in a world that LeBron James that career Kevin Durant or Anthony Davis doesn't have to live in in. What we've seen from guys? No matter what the sport is skit look at Jose to how hardy hustle because after say look ninety didn't make the team and not only did not make the team don't come back. But he didn't listen to him. He came back. He hustles he was every single play. So what we seem guys probably to make it. They have an extra chip on the shoulder. They know what it was like to not have into not be this Lee. So Patrick Beverley as long as he's in his league play like that. Because was he doesn't know why he doesn't have a shot like Steph curry he can't block shots like Anthony Davis. He can't score the ball like him in the Renton. He has to live in this area. And some people byu that if him stepping over the line, but he must get on the floor and get every loose ball. He must be. So I don't think it with thirty. And I have no prob. Russ reacting away because rust in his mind, this is twenty thirteen all over again. But I thought he was going to where the ball was in by the time. He got there rusted already got the ball with Tula. He had already committed remember Russ recently had yet another surgery on the same knee any missed the first two this season hypersensitive about the hypersensitive. And last night was the first night that I saw him really be explosively. It looked like he really had his legs in confidence underneath this. And all of a sudden to me Patrick went for his livelihood. He went into his knees. Whether he was diving for where the ball was. Yeah. I don't know. It just looked dirty to me it looked cheap. It looked like he went through the gray area into the dirty area in Russ was not having. Of course, obviously, you know, you need especially in sport like that. That's that's everything and Russ is predicated on quickness and being able to bound up off the floor time and time again. So he doesn't want to have that knee on. Back into the he just came out surgery and miss what like six weeks of this past this past off. So yeah. But I don't think Patrick Beverley live live. He does over there. But he must live in the greyer. He got skill patch doll. He says six one he's probably six six feet. Okay. So he's wiry strong that he's in superior shape. He can run all night. Well, if you if people think Patrick Beverley if player Chris Paul grimy who I agree with it's not even close. I agree. It's not even close. I'm with Chris Paul with the top five. So there's no reason, but because he's undersized, and he feels that a lot of time, you know, young young guy small people have the note in the police complex that they feel people are gonna take advantage of them because they're small if I'm gonna let you know, you not been run over me because I'm small statue. They're more apt to have that, you know, I'm we'll show you Patrick Beverley because he doesn't have a unique skill set. His unique skills hustle if desire determination, Chris Paul can assist. The basketball. Chris Paul can score Patrick, but that's not his game. I'm not sure what is game is that just to disrupt as a defense. Game day played the Los Angeles Lakers in LA clippers. What did he do? He picked Lonzo ball from the town about ninety four feet took him completely out of the game. And he looked at you calls. It lavar. Yup. That's for you. So that's his mentality is my fifth in Russia's like what rustling lavar that raucously looking at like. We've seen guys that Kevin Durant. Kevin ran get a mismatch. And he turned around the shoes over what are the two small or you can't see me? He Jimmy Butler notorious he can't see me. What do you say anything? He Casey me trash talking going back and forth. So to Doc Rivers credit. He did not pull Patrick out of the game. He led him play into Patrick's credit. He played fair and square the rest way into Russ's credit. They just kept on playing and they finished the basketball game thing is skip. This is old school basketball where in the eighties maybe early nineties guys and silly didn't like each other. You didn't see all the chummy stuff. But there's a new age now with these travelling basketball teams and guys know each other guys go grow up now playing each other the age of nine years old a lot of these guys go to the same school in if they don't go to the same school. They come in in the NBA relatives at the same time at the having played against each other and played with each other. So they don't be adv. Serail say like bird imagine, you know, Jordan in the pistons, Jordan, hey to everybody the piston. Yeah. So I was listening to and watching the legendary clippers announcer. Ralph Lawler last night, he was shook up because the police were on the floor and rouse been doing it for God. He'd never seen that. I never seen that. I don't know if it's a new directive from the league office like where we will have the police out show a force like no punches will be thrown police. Right. I don't know. I thought a year game last night. Can you imagine police coming on the field? If there's a fracas in an NFL game. Now. Well. That it used to be like that you remember in eighty in the seventies guys fault on the field guys. But big cleanup guy. Don't want to miss them paychecks. Non last one. I saw was Dion and Andre rising on Monday night was just threw down. Yeah. I think it was kind of for show, but it was fun to why is my half out built out. You might day. But hey, I've live here. I'm tenant now show me respect. You can't just come. You. Don't have different spectral not renting a place, you know, the landlord just take the kid opened doing come on. I wish you might come in my favorite here. Don't come in here. And you'll get exactly what you're looking for. Stay away. All right. We talked about Amari Cooper off the top of the show how maybe in Dallas. But all the pressure now on Dak. All right, Jerry Jones and yesterday that his Cowboys are quote more urgent because we dug a hole here. The whole is a three and four record. But the answer could be trading first round pick for my Cooper last week. Cowboys offense ranked twenty eighth in the league right now. But Jones said the addition of Cooper will not affect how the team evaluates Dak Prescott. Let's take a listen. I don't I didn't. Way that too much in the decisional Cooper. That that come just by the nature of playing the games and the key position that deck. Hold us is. Evaluation of Dak is not the s to the future is not the issue that some would have it be. All right, Shannon. Do you agree? Cheri no. I do not said even a couple of weeks ago that the Cowboys haven't had a number one receiver a number of years jerick, Jerry is panicking because Dak hasn't played. Well, and he's not to the point now that he could overcome lack of playmakers outside. And so once he realized that he's like we need to do something because. Did you not need a receiver? Kevin really went in the first round DJ, more Cortlandt Sutton could have had an opportunity, but you took the tackling judgment. Who's actually been pretty way better than I thought he was going to be. So you need you need a receiver. So now you didn't need a receiver during the draft you need a receiver. But now all of a sudden you need Amari Cooper. They're gonna come at times give you remember the housing market. They used to have what they call gen all you had to play the interest. But at the end the five three to five years, there's going to be a balloon payment will okay Jerry Jones Prescott he'd been playing interest only. But that balloon payment is about to come do. And you know, what going back going for the going rate is what's Bela? Jimmy Garoppolo got twenty seven me debt press. What wait a minute. I gotta large about it at work than Jimmy Garoppolo. I won't more than twenty seven per year. He'll get it. He's earned it Jared Goff. What I need valuate this because. They say, well, you don't have playmakers. I'm going to give you a playmaker. If the the play increases your play Dak Prescott because cost thirty million you, right? He's probably gonna get it. But Jerry Jones wants to make sure Jay we're five minutes Jerry worth five six billion dollars of teams worth by Jerry. Where billion six billion dollars to a guy? That's got to have pay somebody a hundred million Garrity. That's nothing. But one thing I know about people that got money, Jamie, storing their money away. Do research that new Ricarda this. They do their research. They make sure is money well spent so he wants to make sure that Prescott doesn't have any excuses. He giving him Amari Cooper. So now, we're going to see, but I do believe this is an evaluation process because you could've taken Ridley you could've taken his could've taken DJ more. You did. But now, you have a Mario Cooper who you believe emitted. Like, you believe he's a number one. We're about to find out just how good your guy can be by the way, the tackling Dutchman has contributed to the number two scoring defense and all appropriate ball. That's pretty great. Just imagine. If air Rogers headed number to score devious how good they would be going. You're three and four thinking for just a second. I'll get to that. Jenny. I don't understand this kasha me fire. I'm telling Jin talk to you. You just can't get this through your skull. I don't understand this consistent narrative that is driven by that man across the table. I think mostly on Twitter on social media, and people are actually buying into it who hate the Dallas Cowboys, and there are billions of people there might be six billion out there all the ten people. Just let the only ten people will. You're the leader of the pack, whatever that pack. In in some Dak Prescott has gone from playing the greatest rookie season any rookie quarterback ever played at that position. You can't find a better one than his numbers and production in quality and record in the playoffs. He played a playoff game at the year, which he threw for three hundred yards and three touchdowns against Aaron Rodgers and had thirty one all in it took to interplanetary field goals by Mason crossbar to beat him in that game Hughes tab, but my rank but the point is off that year, then he falls it up last year with early on three huge games. Just monster gains against the Rams who are really good last year loan against Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers against Kansas City, which was riding high when it came to Jerry world, and that was was Alex Smith, but they were riding high. Go look at Dax numbers and those three games. And then of course, they did lose Zico Elliott for six they lost Sean Lee for six, but the point was if I just combine. Nine Dax QBR's. And I know you hate QBR. But I just say it really tells the tale of how quarterback performed in game because it takes into account legs as well as arm as well as playmaking what what time of the game. What was the circumstance under which you made that throat or that run to win that game? And if I just add up the QBR's of dex, I two years in the league Tom Brady is number one at seventy six Dak Prescott is in his first two years. Number two at seventy five Aaron Rodgers is three at sixty nine. Drew Brees fourth at sixty five your man, what's his name win soggy wince in Philadelphia is down at sixty three. So seventy seventy five for Dak sixty three for Carson Wentz, which is still pretty good. But ain't Dak Prescott. But the point is the narrative continues to be Dak somehow on the hot seat like he's teetering on a bust. No. I'm just flabbergasted by it. Because I don't even get the question. Is there pressure on that? Yeah. The same as there was before the year started. Okay. I think this team. Win the NFC east. And I still believe that. And I thought it back in August. So the pressure remains on Prescott because he's playing the premier position with if you don't mind me asking, why does every time you turn around you said, okay. Dax the guy Dax this. But you mentioned Z mid six game. Sean Lee got hurt. Okay. What do I of all that? He went nine and seven last year and had the fourth best QBR. That's a pretty good year. If he's the guy that you said, you gotta give them to the playoffs. But he didn't came close. Janey today. Did you see how bad their defense was last year? Second now. Disastrous asked her. So why is you see what happened in Atlanta? Okay. I saw all of this action. No ties Smith and that game. Eight sad watch all the games. But this is what I don't understand Tom Brady can have a bad defense. Did you see Bill Belichick? He lost his ball. Air runs can have a bad. Hold on. Attica? Scott's not Tom Goebbels. Not. I never said. He was this. Let me let me make my point. Then I'll let you refute it. If you can what you can't. Yes. Air rifling at it era. Rodgers can have a bad deepest. But if he's that good he should overcome it that press got bad defense. Now, you see that? If he had a defense he has the number two storing defense now he does did lash a what if is record what happened last year? They were ahead of the Rams at halftime in the defense. Just cratered in the second half. They were headed Aaron Rodgers at halftime in the defense. Just if if you don't mind me ask you does that did that press got not get the ball in the second half the ball. So why didn't he do something with it? He did off. He couldn't outscore by God. If Gough on other words, he had another reservation that my restaurant is that what you're telling me. I'm telling you had a really good year last. Do they make a play on what this year? I saw this game against Jacksonville on Jacksonville's cratered itself but in the first half against Jacksonville. When Jackson was riding high Dak Prescott led four long scoring drives. And it was twenty four to nothing half. Half. Roddy? Getting crushed by Kansas City. They were riding high riding high. They're still the number one defense. I came into the game ranked number one in defense and that did that acquis back. Okay. What happened when he went to Houston? Played his butt off tonight. Played his butt off. He played about off. Oh, my goodness guilty. Well, it went to overtime. And finally a quarterback that I love even more than I love back. Shoot. You don't love. Nobody a nothing more than the Cowboys. I loved John. I know you love it. But not like you love the coda Prescott. Or I saw a log Dakota new call closet loving more than I do. Oh, met him on the plane. And now, you're an off too. I met a walk into them too. Did you know you met I met a Walker to win don't worry about? He told me he told me to tell you anything because I don't want to give out of won't be thinking that you know. I just like these guys just I'm not like this. So this year Dak Prescott has been up against an offense of line. That is shocking shambles right now, and they went out and hired the single best offensive line coach I've ever been around Hudson. How and during the bye week. He's going to take it over his kind of the adviser and co offense of line coach, Marc Colombo. And I think you'll start seeing better things come from the offense of line in the great, Shannon Sharpe. The pro football hall of Famer that he is he kept telling me through the first eight games of the season that Dallas didn't have a single receiver who could separate their collection of number three's with no titan. God forbid that they had anything close to Shannon. Sharpe. Am I right in my characterize your care by Tom Brady have anything? He's the greatest ever. This is a kidneys third year trying to overcome. L protection, no run game. And no receiver can get open. Guess what they're teetering at three and four, but they're still hanging right in this division gift who's been more than or equal to the amount of time. That are debt Prescott wasn't like you era. If you like him, breezy like him big like you. Yeah. But doc won't go down. He just gets has three people hanging on him. And he's the next Big Ben Rothlisberger. Because you can't get him on the ground big bait in the second. You have some. Well, well, he had a defense off if always something. Some point time. Number four. Go have to take some culpability. Can't you can't keep pushing the blame? Elsewhere. I'm giving him a lot of credit. Guess what? You know, what I what type he is the type of guy that sweep all the stuff up the room. And then when the bump up in the rug, and you live the rug and see all that dirt. Well, how did I get this out at some point timescale Bayless that dirt that we see that that breath guy that you keep sweeping? They're blaming the office of land. The defense isn't any no number one D V suspended at some point in time. You would have to come to the realization. My lower is clean. Under my rug is clean. Is whistle. Aw off his land. Well, they deserve to be. So don't do what I love what Jerry said about Dak because I told you after the washing game that was a warrior in that game. And I know he made one unforgivable mistake. You cannot make on the road. He fumbled at the goal line. Just gave him seven points into it. I was I do declare that. But as Jerry said the way he'd competed at that position in that game. We can win ball. I'm trying to win. Jane? But on Pete you compete you. I know you k- starting to starting. Neither is walk into or. Record foreign four. Okay. What's your round three and four? We get to play Monday night. We're on a bind we got a bye bye. It's been a long played for like three feel. You'll have losing not play. Take a nail. I wanna put a case of do on. Would you? Done deal. All right done who's ready for so the Lakers. They're back in action tonight, but who should play for them. Lonzo Rondo whose Milan decision making? We'll discuss. Laker season has not gotten off to a good start. They've lost two straight. But they'll be back at home to face the maps tonight, one problem might be inconsistent rotation. And in the last two games, Lonzo has started. But Rajon Rondo was played more minutes right now. The Lakers have nine players averaging at least twenty minutes per game. That's including coups much, Josh heartlands and KCPT so Shannon, which players should close the game. Let's LeBron LeBron last Evenson Ingram, Lonzo heart Kuzina based on the matchup. I believe that's the way to go skip. Because those with this with this lineup you can switch. Absolutely every single provision everything. What you can switch it. Now that means that means LeBron or Ingram with probably going to have to play the five hearts on the court. Now, I've coups on the court. They're probably the schools to play. If it's the last two minutes LeBron obviously like he did against Denver. He's gonna take jokey or if they're playing poorly he'd gonna take nervous take the bigger of the GATT. If the last two minute, but say five minutes that's the lineup. I would go with is. Look, you say this is not a one year thing. This is something long term. Lebron? Lebron leads to see you need to see what you have the young guys in when the rubber needs to meet the road. What do I have? Yup. And you can't find that out with Lonzo sitting on a bench and Rondo plan. You can't find that out with this other line with what Casey pee on the floor and these other guys on the bit. If time to see if these guys can handle the fire because you're gonna have to make a decision. I understand a lot of people LeBron came here. You know, he wanted to be in LA got to hold the weather bla-bla-bla broad James about winning basketball games. And at the end of the day. All that might be true. He might like the weather as a matter of fact, I know he loves the weather, but at the bottom line, LeBron Jay. The basketball player and the basketball player. His job is to win game. Not only win game compete for title. He needs to see what these guys are capable of doing when they're forced into a fire in the last couple of minutes of a ballgame is win these. So we need to find out skit we need to find out. If you're going to be the guy you go in the next five years Rondo need to find out. What you got with Lonzo there? Okay. It's time to see. Okay. So that's the lineup. That would max your chances to win that basketball game with that line. Right. Yes. Okay. So I'm going to repeat this again. The great news, not the good news. But the great news for these Lakers is they could have won all five of the games lost all five so not once they've been out of the game, except I thought they were out of the Denver home game with six fifty five left. They fall down eight points and who stole that game back for Lance. Did he scores eight straight points? Lebron on the bed. Well, they didn't deserve to win that one except for Lance, but they had real shots at win games. All all five of them. So obviously, I want LeBron on the floor. But I need a little more for from him. Because I keep saying the emperor has no clothes in C L because the emperor hadn't been closing so far, and I don't know there's chemistry issues like who do I trust? Who do I vibe off of Khudai I play off? I don't want him dominating the game because there's no use because these guys are never going to grow up. If he doesn't trust him enough to pass them the ball and to let them make plays for themselves. So I'm with you on Lonzo. I want him to close. I don't care if it's the last four minutes, seven minutes, whatever it is. I need him to take it home. Because I love the way he vibes with LeBron because the two highest basketball IQ's on this team may be in the whole league. Lebron for sure lonzo's up there with a lot of basketball like us. And I love the way they feel of each other and play off each other under pressure. Indian Rondos a solo act what you say he's gonna make plays on his own in. Lebron Cam play off the ball. But I just don't love their connection on the court. Even though I know LeBron thanks Rondo has a very high basketball go, but he does. But it's a solo Lonzo is in all of getting a play with LeBron. So he's going to keep connection with him. Like a both I contact in just like a soulful contact. He just. Honors them. Right. I don't know that Rondo honors anybody. But Rondo he's gonna try to make the right basketball. Lonzo did admit he needs to stay more in game. But here's the thing about Lonzo that I've seen so far this year. He's made too big clutch three and I trust Lonzo ball in the big moments even more than I do in the little moments the little moments he needs to stay engagement. But when the money's on the table down the stretch when he's in the game. He's pretty locked in. I'm going to say it again, he is the best on ball defender of the bunch because he's so long eighty so skilled and savvy good instincts, and he's going to disrupt. And again, I I wanted to see him on Jimmy Butler down the stretch the other night, you said he was so hot because he was crazy. Maybe it wouldn't have mattered. But I still think you get that long arm and hand up. Maybe it bothers him a little more than little Rondo could bothered him on the dagger shot three point shot. So Lonzo needs to be in there for nothing else. Just because the future. Is now it's now I don't know what LeBron's voting here behind the scenes. He's surely having some input with magic employ Inca. And ultimately Luke about who LeBron one on the floor. But I want Clough who's on the floor for the whole fourth quarter because he's fearless, man. He takes and makes big shots in. Lebron got it to him late in the clock the other night, but he wasn't afraid to go up. He just didn't have a shot and all of a sudden Taj all over in block the shot, but I want him on the floor. And then I'm with you on lands. He played zero at Minnesota in the fourth quarter that can't happen. He's there. Lightning. Rod. He's their microwave. He just comes in. And it's just like instant offense, and it can be instant defense. And I know he overplays in gambles, and he goes for steals. He disrupts like crazy on both offense and defense. We'll talk about fearless. He'll make fearless mistakes death. But I still want him in there because good things will keep happening with him on the court. Lebron love play. With him. I think he do. I don't I don't know. But I just these guys are the guts guys. And then in the end jails just shocking me with his rim protection and his shot bothering just blocking but shot bothering. So I want jail because Japan runs the court like a David man, he gets out and sprint. They go to these lineups. Okay. I still want him in there. It doesn't bother me a bit. Even if they got a thick nine gap. It just doesn't bother me because he's still so active. I just again. So I'm leaving off. Josh art, who I have a lot of respect for Brandon Ingram who's a big talent. But I just don't if if you force me to choose between Kouzmin Brandon Ingram to close. I want who's out there shooting three you gotta find ask you got no problem. But you got to find out if he is going to be there, you gotta find out of going to be there. You got I love Josh heart skill. He played hard. He take big. He's fairly also out of that building over, you know, how a strappy those guys are they are. So, but the thing is give it made it easy for a coach Walton because everything was crystallized. There was no Rondo there was no Biak. So he could try out of the lineup. Like, okay, go play guys. But what happens when these guys come back, and you gotta be careful. You know, you stepping on feeling stepping guys us. Look you look down the bench and want to look at somebody. I live stuck out at my grandfather say I come in my house, and I gotta still lives. I ain't gonna have it Walton. Lou Broncos the Broncos coach Walton coach Walton. You will step on a few lives here and there, but that's okay. This why won't out there him him him and let go play coach and tell the if I if I was if I was out of whispered in a land to coach walnut told Tillman put you in you would say. Brought me now eight lay land Kotel loop Brasi put me realize you just completely undercut the man's authority. Land got the may look here. Did you say what lands with doing in the first half? And he don't play a minute in the fourth quarter g that yesterday. Today yesterday sat back in awe. But what do you do out? I'm joking when I say LeBron the toll lands, but Luke Walton should know he has a fifteenth. Okay. Man landscape was twelve points of the half have evolved into third quarter. When it's Lance not ball any. Not gonna let him play a minute in the fourth quarter. I get that. And you know, he's been playing Jonathan Williams who sort of came from nowhere the guy I had that one flash in overtime against the Spurs. Remember at yet staple and all sudden look just fell in love with him. I don't know magic fell in love with him. I have no idea. But I'm I've seen enough. He's fine. But he's not these guys. No, no, no. No. No. No. No, no. But that's the problem when you only have really one big, which is veiled cage. Avails go to get tired. Details. Going to get in trouble. So who do you go to at the five you can't play cool? Ended minutes at Nevada. You can't play BI. Maybe I need to get on that chicken. Whole eating whole chickens at a time. I mean, whole chicken. Yeah. Many rain in the other day. He was dead on the clothesline. Trouble water on really. Heard that someone. Komo nats. He three years. I mean, Kevin Durant. Wouldn't that with Kevin Durant desk? Allen, okay. With that skating skill Kevin was always skinny strong. But he couldn't couldn't bench press like a single rap could do a rip. But he said about away one thirty five. I put that into Brandon Ingram footed that were ties. Okay. Ball way, skinny leg. No their schedule though. So they host we win tonight about to easy. Then toronto. Got a bad. Oh, he's resting. Laude to be feeling. Did you feel? Today. Yeah. He'll be off next game. Also sunday. There's so much look forward to Rogers and Brady or the Packers gonna pull the upset and Foxborough. We'll get robbed parkers. All right. The patriots are five and a half point favorite at home against the Packers. A big matchup Sunday night Tom Brady and the patriots are on a five game winning streak while Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are three three and one after a tough loss to the Rams last week. Rob Parker is making his appearance on understated. Happy. Halloween, Halloween, everybody, what's happening. When you on the line. Now hula shows I am scared of me Cowboys is that it. That's a Holloway by Jack Alanna. The Cowboys right now you're talking about this matchup. Rob. What is the point spread tell you in this one that did not? So sure about the patriots and their five game winning streak that is that Eram. Yes. Five nine five and a half could Sumann won five in a row against the Packers. I think they would give the would think that the patriots would roll over especially because other than Aaron Rodgers. What did I really boasted? What are they have? But that's the respect. We're not your tire yet. Then. Stumbling here. No, no, no this. But this is out of a spectrum, Raj. We saw how lost we saw him come to Los Angeles. That was a game that most people don't what was the spread net nine and a half the highest it got bed downs. What it was and a half. But it was not in a so it would basically say they had no shot at winning that game. And instead of Todd Montgomery. Commit the blunder. Rogers could've won that game and pull game out of blunder. It was it was a blonde because they knew that. That's what it was opposed to do. He knew any win against the plan was always give no order skip straight. Yeah. Go ahead. Can I go? Got to deal with this all the time. You to try. But I think the Packers easily could have five wins this season, you could go through their schedule and take a look that lions game where where the kicker missed four field goals and extra point then was the tie against the Vikings. They should have won that game. Got that game. One. They could have beaten around this. We more wins right there five or six easily. This team is not as bad as the record looks. And I think that's why given. Aaron Rodgers, and a pack as a little bit of a chance. I think they're going to upset you win. You're doing it. Again. I I really do away with it at Detroit. But this one I really that ios likes borough. This I understand, and that's what I'll say that's why it's not a seven or eight point advantage for the patriots because they really believe that the pact can come in there, and maybe shake it up to almost against the Rams and did defense isn't as bad as it looked. You know, you keep thinking Packers defense it's twelve and total defense in the league, which for them is really good because they really haven't been that over the last few. I'm looking at it Vegas. They the patriots heavy better team than the Green Bay Packers. The rabbi maybe not in the have to open up with a little high. Okay. Maybe okay. We'll say it's a little high. But also, this is what Vegas does Tom Brady as a starter at home in the regular season won eleven in eighteen let that thinking Tom Brady on average lose. One game per year at home. He's already lost. It. So the likelihood of him losing another. It's not very good. Beg debatable bagels. They have all these they go through everything they look at how well you play at home. They look at the time of year. They look at who they look at your team. They look at the team coming in. And when you look at it from top to bottom, the New England Patriots odd believe have a better team, so six and a half is not outlet with. With. Outlandish air Rogers thirteen touchdown one in a session. Anybody else? I mean just last week fourteen point favorite against buffalo. They normally the patriots. How many times have they been underdog at home? I mean underdog this didn't happen. So they normally always opened up at least three at home, and what it would take three skip against Kansas City Wednesday three against Kansas City. Yeah. So with that being said, I'm not surprised that they're five and a half point favorite because I believe from top to bottom special teams deepened. The patriots have the better team. So I'm not surprised do I expect it closer game than five and a half. I do. Better team. I'm trying to get my thick skull over here because I can't see better team because I see Aaron Rodgers with a better receiving core than Tom Brady has because Tom Brady does not have devante Adams. He's big time. He's close to top five top seven maybe somewhere. He's having a big time. We're just hard to deal with. And I gotta tell you right now. Jimmy Graham is playing at a higher level that rob gronkowski in large part because you brought up yesterday cronk. She's broken down got a bad back. You can't bend yet. He can't go up or down. It's gotta hit hit him writing ear where he's not going to be able to catch it. And I look at the rest of Randall Cobb Geronimo. They're really good. There's a whole those two kids who play for them. They're both starting to make plays the receiver spy defense. Okay. Their defense drops point is twelfth in yards allowed. Well, that's pretty good. The patriots are twenty fifth in yards allowed. Okay. Think about what's been happening. Even this year. Can we start with the Super Bowl when they gave up five hundred thirty eight this defense did to Nick foles, really you? Call him a genius genius. How about four hundred eighty yards? They allowed to Blake Bortles at Jacksonville. How about four hundred fourteen when you correctly predicted that the lions would upset the patriots. That's Matt Stafford had four hundred and fourteen yards of total offense. How about the kid Mahomes? Four hundred forty six yards of total offense thirty one points in the second half at Foxboro and Tom Brady had to overcome that forty three to forty by throwing for one hundred and eighty two in the fourth quarter. And then how about at Chicago. This genius defense gave up four hundred fifty three yards to Trubisky income four. But but my point is. Yeah, you could say they been in but don't break, but they break a lot because they gave up thirty one points to Mahomes in the second half at Foxboro. Score points. But they kept him out of the end zone in the first half, which gave them that cushion in the second half. Because he made a mistake and threw it to them. The Tom Brady get so who has the better run game. Because right now, Tom Brady has resort to having his kick returner be as primary running back Daryl Patterson whose goes like what is he six three twenty two primary battering ram back right now. And they're trying to figure out how to mix and match with him and James white who's about half your size. We know Jay he's receiving so Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams. They're they're pretty good. That's why time Gumri was expendable because he's fallen completely day. Wow. I bet you question had he not did that Blundell Sunday. Would they have traded time Gummer? Yes, or no skip with the ravens stolen game. They gave away for twelve you jockstrap the already been out. Bella gave away a lot of place for this team. He was a playmate. Seventh rounder in the twenty twenty let this thinking that what they gave him away for years. They stole. But they did they do that. When when you do something bad 'basta, the tide any minimum physio, they got they got rid of him right away. That's what they do. Guess what go ago if you wanna know what to take out a revenge of hand the ball hit the dirt zone because what you do that guess what if day? Did. To do unless it hits on its nose. How has it ever happened? Into whatever. He blew it. He he blew all at the goal line running forward. You gotta get the football in the hands of Aaron Rodgers to go, and it's winding automatic that. He's going to. Like frigate AU te'o netting. Right. There's only one eight you t o Matic don't do. Over who argue Bella check. Remember they had that up that overtime game. When to give the ball to the jets. Whatever that exactly what happened. That's the point. Gotta get the ball to your guy. I know be having other league from please. Art it though. So you know, what Vegas is saying? It's more afraid of Tom Brady than it is not. That's exactly what Aaron Rodgers. Clearly, I just detailed for you. Why he has the better team? But the better quarterback is on the. Time Tom Brady team has been underdog. Because of him. It's a tribute. Damn exactly he's he's the goat. He's the all the Goten. Oh, he's the Goethe goat of the Super Bowl because he was the reason they lost it. How can you be go when Eli beach twice? Yeah. Go out that a capital eight geo took the New England Patriots right down the field seventy five yards and with two minutes left. He at Randy moss with another clutch. Touchdown and he like pulled off the luckiest past history the Super Bowl. It was the luckiest. I don't know how to go can only get fourteen point. That oughta go can go to the only remember if you remember. Plaxico predicted for dick to school. And you know, what Tom he said we're gonna get forty four. What are you going to school for? That's exactly offense in the history of. Rob thanks for making my point. They had the greatest office in history wit led by the goat. And Tom Brady did what he always does. He put them in position. Nobody he put up with this guests who gave up the play ballot checks. Well, he did when did you do say if I give up seventeen points of the D coordinator, you posed the we went to reveal with minutes left should fourteen to ten of stood up. If you're Bill should say that what on earth? He's the hell. Seventy point. That was ancient his. History. You know, if you are you guys you're losing sight of the fact that Braise having an off year, and he's ninth and QBR air, Raja's twenty-first and QBR guess what? He's completing a grand total of sixty one percent of his passes to Brady sixty eight percent Vegas saying we think we're going to go with Tom Brady six he got six session. So that completion goes to the other team. Thirteen wrong. One of the sectors. But it would I mentioned Tom Brady one hundred eleven in eighteen at home. Did you know eighty nine of those winds of come by six points, the more? You don't think if I know this it made about those Steve fee? Oh. That's a tribute to Tom Brady skip. He's unbelievable because he's doing so much more with less. Don't you? He is let it than what I am convinced. The upset is here picked the lions game picking the Packers. Let's make dinner on you got it. You're going to the well wants to auto we go number twelve FOX. Thank you got him got Iraq. I'm very confident I told you that one with the lions. Got it. Honors for now. Let's see. Four being here, so many big trades. Who is now the team to beat in the NFC east. We will discuss that there were green necks. Winton a lifetime. So there were a bunch of big moves in the NFC east in the past week the eagles and Cowboys both at a wide receivers with Philly trading. Golden Tate and Dallas adding Amari Cooper yesterday. The Redskins made a big addition to their defense trading Packers safety Clinton Dix. All right, Shannon. Did these moves change? How your viewing the division? Do not still believe Philly because they have the best quarterback. They got golden Tate. I believe they're going to win the division. But I feel that way before they got golden Tate. I just love golden Tate brings to table in Genesis skip. He loved to go back since the start of last year. Golden Tate is ninth and catches fourteenth in yard Amari Cooper is sixty ninth in catches forty eight yard. Boy, he's been busy janey. Steve Owens one spot in front. Gramley? He's one spot a year. Okay. Algae about a two-time pro bowler. Who's twenty four the Pro Bowl. It's just two years watch Hobie resume. Yeah. Can you make the Pro Bowl off eight games? Maybe maybe I should say. Ledger got rid of lift up will you please question. You erupted me, I what I what are we start bike. You believe Washington made the move with haha to put with wearing your to combat Billy's tied in God her is that Kurds because I believe they believe that the race is going to come down between them and the eagles. Because why would you go get back another safety for what Dallas got tiny in general. We're not even talking about them. So I believe is to team race. I believe it was Philly. I believe Washington. And so I've seen nothing that the other teams have done in this division to make me think they're going to win this. I like the eagles to continue. Fly eagles fly. Yeah. You're a fan eagles watching fan wagon. Washington your green with envy, why would be number two in the what I have in dall- got a big time superstar. Now, you don't I do. Amari Cooper has changed the balance of power in this division. So I still like Dallas. But I must admit the ha ha move did not have me saying because I'm not laughing at the Redskins anymore because that was also a big time move they stole ha ha Clinton Dix for a fourth round pick. Are you kidding me? I thought he was playing at a high level. I thought he was a cornerstone of the Green Bay defense that played its best game last week right here at the Coliseum. Rial bowl. Okay. So what are they doing? Are. They giving up now. And that vision, I don't I don't get to the greatness, Iraq. Yeah. Is he gonna come back everything? Let's get the stop you need to start with this Amari Cooper, this Mark Hooper that yes, he's young. But he hasn't shown you the consistency all balls in a role. That's consistency. That's enough. Give two out of three years that works. What what your team twenty six got caught in a toxic situation and Oakland or one at out? Thank you. I'll take him. Do you have no choice, given what you have eagles considerably better than what you have. So I'm gonna make my point again the team that scares me by far the most is Washington because Alex Smith is a more trustable quarterback than Kirk cousins. He just is you don't like her there. We got we weren't about Kirk. Oh, I wish Kirk cousins that he's not have a better chance walk to him. What about the Redskins? And I'm talking about an Adrian Peterson that I keep waiting to hit the wall, and he keeps running right through the wall week after week after week he runs right through it fairly. We have two games with Washington to game with you guys. When we go we go over so in toughness of remaining schedule the eagles ranked seventh the Redskins rank nineteenth, Dallas twenty-first. So the point is these teams have pretty easy closing schedules. But what's scary about the Redskins? Is it looks really to me because the only hard games for the Redskins are at Cowboys at eagles eagles to close the season. I need your eagles to beat them twice or they're going to run off with this division. I'm not seeing much else. What when teams look at this. And they see the Cowboys. Then we got a pretty easy schedule. Yeah. They look at the couch with it. We got a pretty easy schedule. They got the easiest one. Why you Dan tr? Starting right now. I only fear the Redskins state. Yeah. If you have that guy quarterback when you've got that guy quarterback, you fear. Nothing. I had about Alex. I'm talking about for the Cowboys. I remember when I had John quarterback. I didn't care. We're going to Kansas City Oakland. I didn't care if we've going to Philly, I didn't go into the house of painting. Yeah. I got. What about if you got that guy? You saying Carson Winston John Elway. I think you just said that I'm asking you. Why Elway watching skip Elway just threw up. Asking you. Why do you fear so much? If you have that press got at your quarterback because Washington has a two game lead over Dallas. They're going to run away with it. If you don't watch it because they could win their next threes nowhere, you could keep dismissing them get like Alex Smith who could all he does is win games in the regular season. You could have prevented that you had a golden opportunity to set them back one and pick yourself up and we got robbed by a referee. Threw a flag on snapper who didn't do anything out of the usual. If you know, my right is everybody's balkanized officials. Now, you blame my Bishop. Everybody said that only Dungy say. I won't I won't fail to start fighting commentators and analysts say saying the -ficiating you should have to pay a hundred books criticizing not when I'm right? You're not right. I was right everybody thought that accept you. Because you hate. Well, you know, I was right about why would I hate on account for just gets grip on the ball? And the cabinet Allen jumps offsides. Through a flag on Dallas for a false. I won't Cowboys to win because they win. Now when they miss the playoffs later Hersi more already out of the playoffs. I got nothing to rag you about I like, I want to hope to get high. That would you like? You should root for Dallas people watch our show. That I got that. Don't like they only care about Dallas. Don't they go? You got three people got hold on bring my one. Okay. I'll root for them Mari to be successful. Great kid. We ought to get the Cowboys. Yeah. Out of how seven it's not what you follow. Do you know who they are weird? They live. They would I got huge engagement. That's what you know. What that means? They don't even know what that means. They respond to. Okay. All right. It'll just bother me. Just a follow. They wanna know. What is Shay be talking about? Oh, yeah. You got these alter egos. Never never. All right moving on up next. We have a special guest legend Sugar Ray, Leonard Floyd. Honor so much more next. That's so. Strain which early? Perfect. Probably. Our next guest is boxing legend. He won world titles in five different, weight classes and Olympic gold medal and was inducted into the International Boxing hall of fame Sugar, Ray, Leonard, welcome to undisputed or so lucky to have you. Thank you for joining us today. Thank you. It's so ironic undisputed. That's what every find the one. That's true. Well, we took it from. And by the way, you still look like you're in good shape to box. I don't know how you do it to participate. Yeah. I still work out. I do weights. I do Pilates, and whatever, but I incorporate boxing because the transformation of training training camp is amazing. And you go from here to shopping your mind and your body, but it's not bulky. But it's like, you know, do you Spar hell? Time. All right. Well, let's start with me. Whether because there are rumors that he could fight maybe Paki out again. Maybe you have see what do you make these rumors? I don't think they're necessarily rumors. I think. It's it's on his mind. The fact that he feels he can still do it. I mean my second. We as fighters we get to a point. Whereas that we watch bites on television and within I can beat that guy. It's about ego is about who you were back in the day figure payday doesn't hurt. Do all that that that's. That's. Gives you incentive. And that's that's the case. You know, you make Zane dollars fighting a guy who's never had boxing gloves on before McGregor. It's one of these. It's a spectacle. Only only Mohammed Ali and Floyd Mayweather could pull those things when Ali fourth. I guy wrestler. What was the guy's name? Yeah. Only all they could have done that. May wear the been he's the only guy that could have done that pull that off. I should say. So at your greatest where you better than Floyd. Absolutely. And I'm not saying because I'm not bragging. But then again, my mindset is a fight as a champion. Would always tell me I could be may wear that can be Tyson. That's what made me who became. May whether the counterpuncher so how would you? How would you? Okay. You gotta fight sugary Linda Floyd Mayweather. How do you fight him? Because it gives Tommy Hearns. You took the fight to him because he was standing outside. He was touching. You. Right. Marvin hagler. You stand around in the last ten fifteen seconds of the fight. You steal the route. So how do you fly fight Floyd Mayweather? There's no one way to fight Floyd Mayweather. He is he's that good. He's that talented you walk in with a plan, but to to execute it takes time and other words, you've got to feel feel a mouthful and see what he goes for it. Body shots. I mean body shots me fluent. No one could penetrate his defense. He won the best guys out there. But I will say body hypothetical. You know, it's. A weakness in his game at all. I don't see a weakness that anyone could penetrate. I don't see him being beaten by you know, I love Floyd is the fact that he believe in themselves so much, and that's that's a major part of being a world champion like Mohammed Ali. He believed he talked trade. But he back out. He may he may have been too defensive. But I don't think so. But he thought his fight with everybody. And you say you go into the ring with the plan. Was it your plan to fight her as the way you fought him with your plan to fight Hagler the way you fought him. You say you go in there. Okay. Obviously, you watch eight you know, what you're good at you know, what he's good at. And you say, you know, you got to figure out what he's good. But watching the fight wouldn't Hearns. There's no way that I thought he would get into a slow time. You heard he had dynamite especially in that. Right. But you said I got this only way I can beat him. Tommy Hearns was. I have been memories of Tommy Hearns, and he was such a freak of nature. Tom tall tall tall. Reach for the world to say how both hands way. And he was determined. But I kind of quit grant that kind of things down in a bit. But it all came down to heart, right, heart, and perseverance. I mean, I think about these guys the haggling hers, Iran, and sometimes I sweat. Just because I I get I can relive those moments. Now as sixty two, but mama still tells me I can beat anyone. And it's always be that way to them bit. You said defense is impenetrable are you saying that in his prime or are you saying that now because I don't think he's the same fighter now because I caught a McGregor gift shots. Owning that didn't he never really been about match that these guys Earl Spencer and some of these guys now they touch Floyd like konoto him. He's going to a different story. No question about it. Explain the very well because McGregor. He his punches were not without executed properly. Although I hit the. Hammerfest? But those those Earl Spencer guys a so talented so much more a whole different ballgame of youth and talent natural talent certain things. You can't teach. Teach you teach them. Jay, ryan. But you can't teach him to what to do when you get knocked down. Right. Because that comes here innocent to live, right? Isn't to to know how to get up. Right. You know, when I first got knocked down the I wanted to get back up and Russian get back up. Equilibrium is thrown on. As opposed to take an second. Take take take take the second to get up composure look at the referee, right and say, I'm okay. So you fought in some of the greatest boxing spectacles ever. And I attended most of them in. They were great theater because you were great theater, and you did win those fights with your head in your heart. Maybe more than the talent that was across from you. But now we've degenerated to. I was excited about Paki on they weather finally fighting whenever it was it seems like forever. But now, I'm not excited about them fighting as fortysomethings I'm done with it. Because it seems like it passed both of them by would you watch it if they fight again for free for free. You wouldn't pay for it? The thing about fortyish. It's it's kind of over. It's really over. I mean, I went into the ring last fight was against Camacho. I was forty years old. But I was in I was conditioned forty year. But what happens when you get hit at the being a ring for so long get hit that hurts as you get older as we get older because we don't understand the the impact that it makes its sounds might be a little screwy. But the my everything the Mon and the hunt because when I was younger I thought with conviction right as older I was like don't hit. You hit me back. Could you see the punches his will when you got in your forties because that's what I tell people like even missing Trent? When you have the off-season coming back now all of a sudden, I had to build up my Spidey senses to know where the hit with coming from. So now, you take time off you hadn't felt in two three years. Now, you have to all of a sudden, okay? Where's this coming from? I could feel the punch. Okay. I don't necessarily see I can feel it. And I just move just a wait just shot just go by writing. And it's it's it's amazing. It's more cerebral than people can imagine. So does it make you sad at all that your sport has sort of degenerated into Connor versus Floyd? And what's left a Manny versus Floyd? I'm not necessarily proud of that happy with that. But I'm happy. Guys may Zeh dollars and. But it does to does degree it helps both sports. You know, bring it does. But what about the heavyweight boxing still about the heavyweight? What if we were to get Dante water in Anthony, Joshua? Can we make this fight happen? If it did happen who do you like that fight has a happen? That's not has had you know. These two guys have different styles. No question about that. Wow. There is a big tall strong. Does me. And I love watching because he doesn't throw straight punches his punches come like Uber. And if it just graze you right in out, right? But you know, what we're not watching fight sugar. Right. He only gives while with the looping punches. Once he gets the guy in trouble. If you want s shoe. If you watch him fight, really he's not technical Joshua, Joshua super headway. He wanted to go metal obviously fundamentally sound box elder boxer wilder. But I believe somebody's going to sleep in this fight. No question about it. I'm so I'm so upset right now you sound educated. Talking about school. So right. You're so right because Joshua is fundamentally sound. Yes. And that's that's good. That's why should be making Josh go go. Well, we did see triple g and canal for second. And I thought triple g won that fight and got robbed because I thought he did the fight again for second time. How did you see those, you know, those fights so close the subjective? Right. You know depends on what you ask twenty people and you get twenty different answers. Your answer was what canal really because I just thought that some again, this is my perception because I'm saying he control he controlled the fight wasn't as much action as we want it to see it's like when I fought to ran the second time, I came. I do the right thing the right way. What do you call it? This thing get you out of trouble. But did you a lot of? In all facets. But. That's light was it was close. It was very very close. You want to three peat the trilogy. Yeah. This this should in fact, I'm so say, well, that's totally say, but I didn't fight Tommy Hearns earlier because we came back while second fight, which I thought he won the fight. I told you guys. Some of it. But. Box is my life, man. So these challenges these these controversial fights these. I'm all about that. Man. I getting getting bought so much take it heart. Do do take it to heart man has been so interesting for you go will you about your phone Dacian briefly ten years, we're going to take years, and I tell you it's all about me. Give him back. I'm a blessed. Mab fight afford fifty years fifty years, I've been punching people around and. I just wanna give that and with my foundation. Would be rallying company. I got people this step forward and make a difference in someone's life. And I've always wanted Feis get. The right amount of money. We could arrange these show. People would watch that. We have net. We should it be like. Interest. Paper phone you call it. I don't I call you. Okay. I can go twelve around. Love the stories. All right. I'm inspired come back anytime anytime. All right. Marshall is. Is this the end? Brandon Marshall was released by the Seahawks yesterday. He only had eleven catches and one touchdown for Seattle this year. But reportedly he still wants to play the thirteen year vet made six pro bowls in his career, and he had six seasons with at least one hundred catches which is the most by any player in history. All right, Shannon. If this is the end, how will you his career? Here's a guy that had a big trouble start to his career. Is been chronicled it's been catalogued. So we know some of the issues that he had to deal with the mental illness into by Poland he got treatment. And he was on the straight narrow Jimmy you mentioned it he has six one hundred seasons went to the Pro Bowl with four different teams. But in the process there those teams they were happy to have him. But they couldn't wait to get rid of it. That's true. The Broncos were ready to get rid of the bears were ready to get rid of the dolphins. He had a good season with to the Pro Bowl with the jets. And for whatever in Brandon the last couple years, we're kind of retired until the NFL because he was a shell of the giants in either shell of himself now. And I understand he wants to continue the place give eve nine hundred seventy catches. There's something about that night round number of one thousand I just don't know if he's going to be able to get it giving he'll Levin catch what seven games this season. So clearly he he's not the same receive a big body receiver. He sixteenth and catches overall twenty-second yard tied for twenty second in touchdowns over twelve thousand yards. So I think he's going to get some very strong consideration. He's been to what six over the whole thing. Yeah. He he will get some strong consideration. Wolf obviously, they're gonna look at some of the things that happened with him on the field with them off to feel and that's gonna play heavily because now the way they after tooted the rules. What you did off the field ways as much as what you did on the field. So he's probably going to come up with some resistance. But I think the six. Pro bowls will give him into six. That's still a lot. No other receivers done that just numbers. Yes. Yes. Yes. But again, they will say well when I look at what I look at Brandon skip. I look at this. Guilt dog dependent positions is hard to judge them said. Well, he didn't even make it to the playoffs. Look at some of the guy who's playing with it's hard to get to the playoffs when you play with quarterback like that. So I don't hold that nearly a gift him as much as some of the other guys, but he had a nominal career. Given what he went through the first three or four years of his career. So I'd disqualify myself from this discussion because I'm not objective when it comes to a marshal because I like the heck out of him off the football team in I admire him greatly for what he overcame you wanna talk about troubled. Yes. Borderline personality disorder, which I assume led to all sorts of domestic violence issues and assault allegations. And then there was the DUI in one thing after another, and I'm pretty sure he overcame all that I think he turned his off the field life around and he's become a spokesman for these causes. And there's a lot to love there on the field. He starts out as a six five two hundred and thirty five pound four five running wide receiver. We'd never see quite like that. Have. We know. I mean seriously. He's big enough to play your position, right? Come out. Then that yes. What did you wait coming out of savannah state play based on my whole career at about two hundred twenty eight five? Okay. So he's he was thirty five when he was drafted. So he was big in physical a wide receivers. We've he took it up a whole number of level. And yet wherever he went it didn't go exactly right now. In wheel started out with your man, Mike Shanahan loved him. And he loved my guy Jay Cutler, and they made some magic, but I didn't make playoff tragic, right? Then he reunited with Jay in Chicago. But they had a ten and six year in Chicago. And he had a ten six year with the jets, but they didn't make play kind of fire skill. You. Remember when might got fired and they brought in Josh mcdaniels in Josh mcdaniels. And he, but it had mmediately. You know, there's pictures of him putting the ball and practice Pango. He's putting the ball. But he still holds the record for the most catch them single game with twenty one. Yeah. So he had ability to witness his best friend daring win. Remember, the Denver. There ended up dying. Yes. Yes. So he overcame a lot skip. He had a phenomenal career. If someone would have told him coming from central Florida. This is going to be your career over eleven twelve year span. I'm sure he takes there's no way twelve thousand nine hundred seventy catches six Pro Bowl six one hundred. But even though it is a dependent position, you can't blame it all dumping on his shoulder pads. He just never even played in a single playoff name, which does it serve you. Well, when it comes time to judge for the hall, Ryan. And I'm sure they're going to ask him. They're gonna ask some of his teammates. What type of team eighty? Well, what wide receiver is a great teammate. I don't know. I told you Michael global a rod aid. You know, we had a little time me out a good good. Good old little wholesome down home. Yeah. Over here head Terrell Davis to carry you home. Why you keep saying that? That's what you had. But I did go to the playoffs before TD got. Well, I wanna play. And there was this guy. Name Elway throw in the fo. Now when I would say Ray Lewis in the greatest, hey that might have been the greatest single years that I ever saw right? Tim points a game. They needed Ochej. Comic. What skilled every comic book? If you got a theory you need a villain. Okay. So which part are you? I it. I just want to congratulate Brandon marshal on a great career and come sit and talk with Brennan he can do that. He can't really talk. Okay in the work. So tonight the Lakers back in the mix. Is this a must win Ron and his team feel like we've been saying that a lot. We'll discuss. Time per final topic of the day. Lebron Lakers will be back at Staples tonight to face the Mavericks LA trying to void a third straight loss teams come into this one at two and five, Shannon. What do you expect tonight? Go to win convincingly convince convincingly at least by double figures broad go to take care of them tonight. And I'm looking forward to seeing Luca Don Don ch- play because I hadn't seen him play much. But he's off to a great start. Four rebounds. But you know, what skip says losing to the the Mavs in the finals LeBron Lebanon twelve twelve game. Now, I'm not saying that makes up for its or you say about know where you're going to go with this. No. But in the broad James in the Lakers, take care of business tonight. And we get on the bomb on a meltdown like he did against a house from the fine ruin out you just ruined. So we got Luca versus Luke as in Luca Danni versus assistant coach, Luke Walton. Hey, head coach I will remind you Dallas is playing pretty well because Lucas leading them in scoring right now twenty game. And they took my San Antonio Spurs to overtime the other night in San Antonio. And it was close. And I think this game will go down to the wire because every Laker game civil wire. And you know, what I'm going to give your man the nod tonight, I say LeBron James finally figures out how to close a deal that they win tonight. It'd be he'd been in the NBA hadn't closed yet. Nellie a going close. Restaurant yet because he any mail to get in it better. Get getting into that. Yeah. Well, you'd better stay open late because I think this one's going to go today. And I'm upset joy had a Halloween party. She didn't invite me really coveted. I'm busted it up so Georgia. So you know, I've covered to the Halloween party next year. And I'm upset about not getting invited issue. But the Bronx do work dress up like Brown. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Johnny Taft. Join us again at the same time tomorrow morning, nine thirty eastern. See you then.

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