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Welcome to. Real Estate Coaching Radio starring award-winning real estate coaches and number one international bestselling authors Tim and Julie Harris. Real Estate. Coaching. Radio is the nation's number one daily radio show for realtors who demand Authentic Real time coaching. Get ready for flood free unfiltered, full-strength honesty about what's working to get you into action helping others and making money now in today's real estate market. Or hosts Tim and Julie Hairs. Three to one and we're back it is October the twenty ninth and we have a great podcasts for all of you guys today Julie Harris who has not yet grabbed her microphone. Here you go. Don't go but just hold it ready to rumble and we have a really good topic and this topic is as a result like all of our topics from a listener and and student demand. So when you guys are asking the same questions, Julian I often see that pattern developing and remember we've got thirteen or fifteen different coaches I know at a budget different staff and so. They always reporting back to us where the what the primary issues that they're hearing back from their their coaching clients says, we have coaching clients all over the United States, we have literally tens of thousands of coaching clients. So I think we've got a pretty good read on what the collective Zeitgeist is all of you, and so when we present a topic on the podcast, let alone a series of topics podcast. It is directly from what we know is going to help majority of you the most in that is certainly the theme with today's show. Now remind all of you guys. That yes. The election is going to happen what next week thank God that's going to be over with and I hope it does get over with yes and I I'll tell you what we've noticed from our perspective watching the you know the KPI's in our coaching business the key performance indicators that the attentiveness to all of our media podcasting in our coaching calls hasn't dropped off, but we are seeing I'm sure you guys are seeing this to a lot of people that are tentative about making decisions and they're using the. Election as the backdrop for doing just about anything which is kind of I don't know it just crazy. But what we're sensing and what we think is going to happen is there's going to be another surge of activity before the end of the year after the election because it does feel like a lot of people have been putting off just transacting in general, not just enroll state but in anything they've been putting off until after the election it's like the week of pause is going well, it's more like two weeks. And so the other thing you've got to keep in mind to be prepared, this is going to be sort of counterintuitive to the way you've maybe operated in the past year old state practice because you're used to sort of kicking your feet up on your desk and SORTA coasting out the rest of the year mentally and emotionally just the expectation there's GONNA be less demand says is your. Opportunity take a breath that's all live you've been operating well hopefully after listening to our show and maybe becoming one of our coaching clients, you realize that fourth quarter which were in the midst right now is the most important quarter of the year because it sets the stage for what's going to happen or won't happen the following year for yourself in your business. So do not slack off. Over, relax take too many days off be like most people where, yes, you're gonNA have a week off or maybe a few days off for Thanksgiving but don't make Thanksgiving a three-week holiday week beforehand we after and Halloween. For some reason, glass ten years has become another sort of like national holiday which I don't quite understand. So consumer behavior is going to be you know they're gonNA your buyers and Sellers right. They're going to use the holidays as an excuse, but you can't use the holidays as an excuse. The exact opposite should be true. This is the perfect time of year to be drilling down lead generation. So again, you're setting the table for next year so that when no calendar ticks over two, thousand, twenty one, you're actually going to have a lot of momentum versus having to rebuild your momentum. And when the winds are the Windsor at your at your back now, come next year who knows. But certainly one thing you can bet for sure is it's going to be a lot of weirdness same as this year combined with the fact that you're going to have you know maybe changing economic situations are going to start affecting the globe. So build your inventory. Now at least have the conversation started and follow the real estate treasure map if you guys haven't completed their. All state treasurer map. If you'RE A, you don't know what direction should be going in your business right now, the real estate treasure mouth is your fill in the blank business plan that's going to help you think forward into twenty twenty one and beyond that in addition to that, there's also the ninety day of Action Plan you get both of these plans for free telling you exactly what you should be doing every single day. All you have to do is text the. Word survival two, three, one, nine, nine, six, text, the word survival, two, three, one, nine, nine, six, and we'll text you back a link to join the Free Coaching Program and when you do that, you click, you're gonNA get the link, click the link you're GonNa Sign Yourself Up the coaching program in that's going to allow you obviously to Participate In free coaching program now please don't be confused the Free Coaching Program is probably three to five percent with a normal coaching. Program as, but it's free and it's a great place for all of you guys to have direction for the rest of the year into next year. All this makes sense. Yes. Absolutely. So I've got a question for you You know we've been talking a lot about low inventory and how to find inventory that is sort of the question does your these days? Would you say that in that kind of environment listing presentations and you now getting listings is more or less competitive? I would say I mean the obvious answer is more and I know that's what you're running to tell me but I would actually. To say, I would actually say less because a lot of agents have given up. Well, that's true. That's true. Some agents are washing out unfortunately. and and or struggling with. Of the year for the year. Sure and really you know under our watch that's not really acceptable unless you've made all the money and you just WANNA take a couple months off. We've got some coaching clients earned that. You know in good for you guys. That's fantastic. But remember to your earlier point fourth quarter is really like your extra ramp up quarter for next year. Pretend this is first quarter. There's five quarters next year. Okay. So what I'm hearing with coaching students is you know I saw this little discussion on one of the. FACEBOOK realtor pages. And agents were saying, does it feel like it's slowing down and then other agents were saying will only because there's nothing left to sell right and then they were complaining about every time they get listing lead they're not used to having to compete for it because everyone wants listings right now. So that brought up a little reminder in the Harris rules. Book. Rule number nine doesn't just say you've got to be the best listing agent and explains how to be the best listing agent in your market. There is an actual seven step process and we're GONNA. Go over that again and the coaching today. So I'm actually going fast forward to that because they should be getting the book from Amazon Barnes and noble some of. The airports I think zones the easy button on that one PA definitely. But here's the exciting thing I loved by the way over four hundred five star reviews now. Yes. So make yours the next one and did you see the statement from the publisher the book itself selling in the thousand which is awesome. Thank you guys for doing that and you. Guys think we're getting rich off this book nothing could be further from the truth publishing books nowadays basically produces virtually blood basically, no money at the end of the day. So we ask you to buy the book because we know it's going to give you direction not because it's going to make us rich coast really publishing doesn't make you rich at all anymore. It's a lot of work. For one of the things that we tried doing, the book was pulled together a lot of podcast topics, coaching topics, things that you guys need and make them all make sense together instead of feeling like well, that was meaningful but I don't understand this piece. How did they go together? So get the book and this is rule number nine be the best listing agent in your market make sure that you're following the seven step listing process. So I'm going to fast forward a little bit. Tom This is something that our coaching clients especially in premiere because I you know I, hear from them all the time and our elite coaching clients. They're doing this and it's making a huge impact on how they approach listings. Okay. So we're GONNA talk about having an actual pre-listing listing routine, a pre listing prayer or creed. It's critical to the listing presentation itself. So let me pose you a question. Are you listeners walking up to that listing appointment thinking? Well, maybe I'll get it. Maybe I want maybe we'll hit it off. Maybe we want I. Hope they're my personality style is that your plan or are you actually systematically programming yourself for success? So analogy, I like remember hoping write this chapter the analogy for this would specifically. For example, a great coach rate. Before the big game, he's going to go to the locker room. He's obviously people pumped up sometimes it's a lot of energy and enthusiasm other times. It's essentially going to be more calmer. It's going to be different approaches to achieve the same result, which is absolute focus on the mission. And every every sort of professional. You know I remember hearing someone tell me that they were on stage with Tony Robinson there are back. Before twenty goes on stage, Tony has routine where he basically goes through rumor no I can hear him and he starts screaming and pumping his arms and basically pumping himself up. So he pumps himself up and that's his routine that does before every event. And everyone who is a professional? Has a similar pattern to prepare. That is your professional musician people who are professionals do have a system to follow and yet real estate agents don't. Yes. And in fact you and I witnessed this once at a Formula One race I. Think it was Daniel Required. Ricardo Yeah and he was sitting next to his car getting ready for the Lap He was hiding behind a barrier wall but he you can tell he was like in his own doing his routine he was doing a little dance listening. If you guys don't fall formula you're talking about but he was just doing this little dance nobody was supposed to see we had really great seats. So we could see and he was just doing this little dance pumping himself up and it's actually quite entertaining to watch. Interesting but we can tell what he was up to. When the Olympics are on I like to watch the athletes before they go into their routine especially gymnastics and ice skating but you could really it could be anything and I try to predict little game I play to try to predict who's going to do the best based on what their pre routine looks like. Do they look like they're absolutely freaking out in about to you know Go far from the bathroom or they look like they really are focused. So let's let's put another spin on this. There's something known as the rifleman's creed. It's also been called my rifle, the creed of the United States Marine. Every marine has is actually required to memorize it and every marine must live by it. Here's a little extra. This is my rifle there are many like it. But this one is mine it is my life I must master it as I master my life, my rifle without me is useless without my rifle I am useless I must fire my rifle true when most shoot straighter than the enemy is trying to kill me I must shoot him before he shoots me I. Will my rifle on myself know that what counts in war are not? The rounds we fire the noise we burster the smoke we make we know that it's the hits that count and it goes on obviously my rifle. Myself are the defenders of my country where the masters of the enemy we're the saviors of my life. So be it until victory is America's and there is no enemy but piece that's what marines say before they go into battle and. You know defend. US Oh okay. So that's one way to look at it. We also like from different spins same idea pastor Joel embiid gene uses another positive and powerful short prayer to open each of his messages. It goes like this. This is my Bible m what it says I. Am I have what it says I have I can do what it says I can do today will be taught the word of God I boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is receptive I'll never be the same in Jesus name God bless you. Okay. So that's a shorter but seem Similar. Thanks so You'RE GONNA be wrote one for the listing agent but you know be funniest Joey started. Every church service reading the Marine Marineland with the rifle. They'd be like, what? Definitely? Okay. So hopefully, you guys are getting the point you need to be prepared. You need to have your mind straight before you go in and make sure that you're going to be of service to the person you're in front of. So we helped you out with us and you guys can get this from the buck you can modify, it can personalize it, make it your own. So again, the point of this is To read this, this becomes your pre listing mantra. Read it in your car. Read it. Before you get out of your car, get your getting your pets space. Right. So then when you walk into that House with that seller, you're very clearly focused in. I'm assuming that most of you are going to follow the listing presentation that we created that works in all price ranges all market conditions in every continued facet of this changing market, the listing presentation. That we teach you guys as part of a Premier coaching, which obviously is part of the whole listing process with part of our pre listing process. Part of all the things we teach you that is the core Focus Premier coaching. So you if you don't have a listing process listing presentation if you're not organized if you're not practice knowing, it'd be like the marine, not knowing how to load his gun so unless you actually have the tools necessary. To win the listing the greatest macho in the world's not going to make you is not going to help you achieve that goal because you're going to not have earned the right to be that list that sellers listing agent because the fact you did not take the time to learn the skills to be that sellers listing agent. That's exactly right. So that's what we can help you with. This is right out of the Harris rules but but also. In the coaching program, as well as we dedicated a podcast to the concept of don't go if you don't know that's a skills based pre-listing routine where you know what the seller has in mind for price, you know what their motivation is you know what their time frame as if they're buying or selling or both if they're talking to other agents. So there is more to this but I wanted to go over this because we hadn't talked about it on a podcast yet. So here's your pre-listing creed prayer. This is my listing presentation. It shows that I am of service here to help this homeowner, accomplish his or her goals. I'm well prepared and today I will ask Karen Questions and listen to the answers. I will show that I have what it takes to be the highest quality agent for this task. This homer will like entrust me I'm grateful to be here I'm ready to do my job at the highest level possible. I will not leave without a commitment. This is my next listing is that how you guys are approaching your listings some of you probably I know a lot of our coaching clients take seriously you're there for a reason any you know we used to say, Hey. If you're on a listening presentation, you'd better get it. You know because what do you have involved when he followed the seven step process you've generated the lead in the first place you've prequalified them. Well, you've done your follow up. You've prequalified. You've done a that took some time. Sometimes you preview before you go you do your research you call the cellar again make sure you know what's going on and they're might be a buyer side writing on. Here's the magic happens on the other side of following approach to going after listings is that you want to go on more or less than appointments they're not just they're not just apparitions in your year they're not just some things happen. Unpredictably now, and then when you know when you have a proven drill down listing a practicing pack and listing process and the listing presentation you know is going to score you that listing nine times at ten when you know any of the sellers questions when you know how to basically. Performing at the highest level as yourself as a real estate sales professional when you have that skill set and the mindset that follows in remember I said it not order guys skillset set mindset. Don't try to have the mindset in the skillset because then what will happen is your mindset will never be strong enough because your mindset is going to be saying dude, what are you saying to yourself that you have all this you know? Essentially care and feeding. When you know you don't have the skills that actually get the listing you learn and you improve your mindset. When you're an action if you do it the opposite direction, you're never gonNA get into action and if you do get into action, you won't you might think you can take the listing but if you don't know what to do and what to say, a competitor is going to handle your lunch and probably that competitor is GonNa be coached by us. That a lot and you know it is kind of funny on just a quick side. I had somebody texts me who competed against a well known one of our personal clients. And he lost, and so he was saying well Tim can you teach me the same exact process? You taught him and the answer was, of course. But still even that even though they're going to hypothetically using the same content to compete with the same sellers, the reality of it is is the what comes after that is where the real salesmanship comes in right? That's where you can start interjecting of your personality and your genocide. Wa. But it's not until if but when most agents do is they never have the skillset they're just trying to get it with their winning personalities of their familial. Connections or their social connections, but they really have no listing presentation no listing process. That's a key thing that you just said there, and there's a lot of agents that can survive on that for a while right on their personality, their connections, and that's because you're going on listings with people who already know you okay. Totally different than competitive listing situations where maybe you Kinda know them but they're also interviewing the person that sold them the house the. person they golf with and maybe their spouses contact and you know they like all of you, but somebody's going to be more skilled. Here's the interesting thing. A lot of you guys think that the only way you get listings, the centers of influence in past clients. The only way you get listings is essentially that sort of business and that if you have to compete against someone that the seller knows you're not gonNA take the thing that's absolutely. Not True there is no reason that you can't take lessons from sellers that you've never met before other than just basically, you know a lead from a phone call or something of that nature you can go out enlist houses, any price range at any market condition when people learn how to actually be professional listing agents that also gives you something called freedom. 'CAUSE you're not married to a particular geographic area agents who are senators have influenced past client. Do that's our only thing or they're essentially have really invested themselves in a small geographic area. They built themselves a nice golden cage and those skills are not transferable. If you get sick of living in Ohio and dealing with a high of winners like Jillian I, did you move to someplace where it's seventy degrees year round? And you're only in your business is solely based on that local geography or it's solely based on buying leads. It's all these other normal things at agents have done and you don't have the skill sets that will transfer to a different market. You can't move your there forever because you've overinvested that particular market. If you know how to proactively generate, you can go anywhere that you have. A real estate license obviously, you can do it. We instruct you to do and you'll be able to take listings and we've had thousands of coaching clients that have had the freedom because they had the skill set that they could go anywhere in the market anywhere in the country, and they could then essentially replaced the business that they had where they started. That's the gift of having. Skills that's the gift of essentially you know having the the the angst fullness to devolve the real drill down skills, knowing how to do what you don't want to do, and you don't want to do at the highest level that gives you freedom and that's want for all of you guys. So really where the rubber meets the road on this conversation, is that one of the number? One projects. Every single one of you should have in your real estate business. No matter how seasoned and grizzled you are is that you have to get better at listing properties because the competition from the listing side is going to be fair in two, thousand, twenty one in forward because of all the things we talk about on this podcast, the I. Buyers, and all these other sort of. NEW MODEL real estate entities that are entering in you can compete. You can win you. There's nobody out there. There's no great idea that you can equally match. You just have to basically have earned the right to win the listing over the buyer in listing over the big team, not even that to me or the discounter more of love were seeing a lot more for sale by owners right now. Okay. So sometimes, you're not even competing guess another agent you're competing against somebody's thought they can do a better job on their own than you can rate well I mean on some markets you the sellers are able to sell their houses themselves. So fast, the guys guess what? They're going to have to buy something on the way. So start the conversation there. And maybe. Coaching, Clients Jelena's to where they are in markets where where the sell themselves. Well, we do have something called the flexible fee, which is part of the pre listing pack and Julian are selling real estate. Some of the markets we worked in they were. physicals were very effective there, and so we developed a flexible fee in that allows the seller to in some cases they can still try to sell the house themselves while the properties listed with you. This is all what we teach you in the pre listed part of the pre listing pack and listing presentation. Again, what we've done with the system that we've created if we essentially removed all the objections, all the things you fear about having come out of the House of the sellers listing appointments, we cover the in the pre listing pack, the commission's covered the. Service guarantees are covered. It's all basically risk reversal said, the seller has an easy decision when they decided to hire you and the other thing about our system is we wanted to create a system that did all the heavy lifting for you prior to getting to the sellers house. In other words, we wanted to create a system that made it. So the sellers questions in maybe even some questions they hadn't thought of were completely answered prior to you getting there so that when you were at the sellers house the only thing related to follow her listing presentation. Used system we call the sharpie close and that whole process takes fifteen or twenty minutes, but it takes a really effective realistic pack like the one we've created to make it so that when you're at the sellers house all the tension that's normally there when you're meeting with the seller especially when you don't know but really any seller is go on, they're not going to have to ask what you're doing to market the home. They're not going to have to ask what you're doing. You communicate with them, what you're going to charge as far as commissions what you're GonNa do as far as. Internet marketing what you'RE GONNA get it at. It's all there. So all their questions have been answered ahead of time and also part of our pre listing pack and you guys love this except if you're the one competing against this is we in our pre listing pack give you guys A. Twenty. Twenty or twenty five twenty questions, Yep? Okay. twenty-one questions to the seller is given. So imagine this, it's a form it's designed for the seller to use when interviewing your competitors. So it's a question like one of the questions is remember this is a seller asking someone that the sellers considering hiring as their listing agent and the question might be, for example, what Mr, potential listing agent, or Mrs Potential. Listing agent. What's your average days in the market? Okay. And then underneath that in brackets, it's it says what your average days on the market is. So Tim and Julie's average days on the market. You know whatever it is six point, three days or twenty one point seven or whatever. It is art when we sold real estate, ours was ninety one and the average for the last was one, hundred, eighty, three or something crazy. Over six months so you know Mr Seller wettest. What would it mean to you to sell your house in half the time and that was our averages and we are exposing the fact of the averages were for the MOS and then the sellers asking the potential agent that you're competing with that question, and then they're going to quickly figure out that not only does the listing agent not really know what their days on the market is they're probably going to lie to try to cover up. The fact that they don't know what they're listening with their average days in the market is in these questions on this question for get progressively harder again that it's designed to make the seller be very wise as to who they're hiring for the job of selling their home. So they are only going to list with you because at the end and I remember when Julian are going listing appointments when the sellers had used these, you'd you'd see the. You know when you get again, we teach you. This is A. Listing process when you're sitting at the table with the seller. Bring the pre listing pack over, and then again, the pre-listing package designed in such a way that you can tell exactly what they're what pages they read. You can essentially see if used the questionnaire thing if the interviewed other agents all this stuff, but you can also see how far down the list of twenty questions or twenty-one questions they got when interviewing. Perspective. That agent how far they got down the list and I don't remember a single time where the seller had asked the agents more than maybe four to six of the questions and the reason that they stopped asking the agents those questions is because they realized that the agents did know the answer and asking the agency's questions that was making him squirm probably made the seller uncomfortable. May the agent uncomfortable but oh, a really shone light on the fact that this agent is not as skilled and competent is say, for example, Julia Network and we took lots and. Lots of listings just off that forum matter of fact I can tell you guys stories it sounds like it's made up, but it's not and a couple of Americans were Jelena would sell real estate. We get called out on listing appointments maybe we call them we proactively Lee generated them or whatever. So we had listing appointment and there was a while where we were going on usually two but sometimes three appointments day we ended up actually having to have someone help us with listing appointments was coming so fast and furious but here's what happened in this particular market. Maybe the seller felt inclined to interview three different agents. We would walk up to sellers houses on the Dan time of our appointment. And the seller would often times have already filled out the listing paperwork because that's one of the things we want you guys to do is include the listing paperwork in your pre-listing pack already filled out and you're going to say, well, how do we come up with the price I tell you that Jillian I tell you how to do that in the coaching program you know and the the seller would have already filled out the paperwork just. Handed us the contract and basically we didn't even need to present. It was already done because they used our pre-listing pack. You think I'm exaggerating, but I am not that's what happens when you're dominant in the marketplace. But what did we do? What was it really doing the work for us? It was the pre listing pack. The pre-listing pack had presold. Julia night had done all the heavy lifting with regards to answer all the tough questions and. Had put the seller in a position where there are making a knowledgeable decision based on that twenty. One question thing we gave them not just an emotional one or not just because social connections. So this is what you're. This is what's called being competitive. This is what's called winning. So you guys need to take seriously this time of year and really drill down on your you're listening skills, and if you're a seasoned veteran and you don't you. Take less things I want you to think okay and I'll tell you what the answer is. Most. Agents are SAS by taking half the listings they go on. Julie talked about this a second ago half the listings you take on an F. If zoey came home from school and she was only getting half the questions tests she would be failing well, if you're only taking half the listings you're going on your failing. So why are you failing? and. Here's what agents do they rationalize their failures. The other agent told them a higher price. The other agent that the seller higher must have had a social connection. All this rationalization opposed actually owning the fact that you didn't get the listing because you not good enough. You have when you fail you have to fully engage in the feeling of failure because that fear or that horrible feeling is going to cause you to actually get better if you rationalize not suffering the feeling of failure, there's GonNa be nothing that's going to force you to actually expand your skill set so you could not fail again. And unfortunately, most agents come to us after having had their butts handed to him, enlisting appointments, numerous times, and then they realize that their cat and monkey showed that they'd woven together for listening presentation really was kind of terrible and it wasn't designed to actually help the seller, make a decision to hire them and that's Frankly, alive you guys discover us is because you'll learn how to be powerful listing agents. So the moral of the story here is this time of year even if you're if you're a seasoned veteran agent and you gotta take a hard look at the fact that you could do better if you're a new agent, obviously you've got you know you're blessed because you. Have a lot of room to improve don't learn bad things you have to unlearn. Don't waste your time doing dumb things you're going to have to basically you know be angry at yourself in the future having wasted time doing drill down remember this business. This industry life in general is all about being of service to other people the way your service to other people. tiktok videos or facebook posts or liking. Somebody's whatever the way of services is you solve their problem and the problem that these folks have is getting their house sold for the most money least amount of time the short with. The fewest hassles, right. That is what your objective is. That is what your goal is and you have to earn the skills. If you went to do all the, you know the silliness that's being pushed on agents as far as what you guys should be doing far for building your businesses do it after you have a killer skillset, do it after you have you know how to proactively lead generate not before this kind of intuitively makes sense. Doesn't it? You know I mean, think any professional for example, it's always plenty to think like you need to hire a dentist rate. Let's say a dentist of replaced. Whatever some dental issue? Well, if that dentist has, they're calling themselves Denison you guys call yourself real estate professionals, but the dentist actually maybe didn't really go to real estate or didn't go to dental school they may be sorta just did a night school thing didn't really have any actual experience but Dan. This Dennis has got great marketing man. They're all over facebook all over everything social and they look like fantastic fun loving people. But then you gotta their dental practice and you're sitting there waiting to have your tooth worked on and you quickly realize from just talking to this person that was all. They don't actually have the skill set to solve your problem. Do you see how when you're thinking of yourself as a professional you have to be the person that knows how to solve the problem first, and here's a little secret that nobody tells you win. You are known as the person that can solve problems and selling a house of solving a problem Outta high level. You will not have to do any of the fluff because the business will actually start coming to you because you'll have a reputation for somebody. WHO's a true professional? And we have thousands of coaching clients out there. That are the top producers in the country making millions of dollars per year, a lot of these agents, and you will not have ever heard of them because they focus on being of service to their sellers. They don't do fluff actually I know chuck, Williamson's listening I'm thinking of Chuck Williamson's I'm talking chuck. Williamson has maybe an assistant and a half he's going to do I don't even know how much in commissions this year. Millions of dollars in commissions he sells at most I think like two hundred, maybe two hundred and fifty units. He is in turn remember. Wilson North. Carolina. His you know his whole business is predicated on proactively generation I had to show him how to use a facebook business page and he's younger than me. Well, I'm not criticizing him. I was complimenting him. I was glad he'd never wasted any of the time with that because you know what? It wouldn't have done anything to help them lead generate in the truest sense because he goes right after the most motivated sellers and he has the skill set to convert the listings, convert those conversations listing appointments isn't that what all of you truly want? Isn't it? It is right. You want to be a listing agent because that's where you get leverage that's restart create you know frankly lots of profit and with that profit you reinvest re become rich. So I got a text this morning from chuck and Chuck is found a Beautiful House on Lake In North Carolina I assume I didn't ask that he wants to buy it. He was asking me well, Tim does make any sense to purchase a property when I'm probably buying the top of the market where there probably won't be any appreciate basically. Conceding that it was going to be a crappy investment to which I responded chuck when you earn as much money as you have when you've been successful for as long as you have at the level that you have what difference does it make all decisions with regards to money do not have to basically be with return on investment in mind and then I ended it with you only live once and you're a real long time which he appreciated, and I'm hoping get pictures chuck the cabin. On the lake that you're buying K.. So send him I, WanNa see him so moral the story here guys you want in this business comes on the other side of long periods of doing what you WanNa do when you don't want to do at the highest level Jillian I will never change our message to placate the Trans. We always tell you the truth even when you don't WanNa hear it and when you fall in skin your knee, we will help you get up and we'll say Did you hurt the sidewalk like any good parental figure would right? It's an old. That's what my dad always just say to us. You guys get the joke, right? And then we're going to set you back on course and get you back to work. That is what the job of coach is. It's not just the raw you feel good it's making suffer the pain learn from the pain pick yourself back up again and get back in the ring. That's what you should be doing for yourself or allowing us to do for you. That's how you get better and you don't have to wait decades and decades to become a dominant listing agent. You can do it right out of the Gates Julian I did our first year in the business when we sold one hundred, three houses, we had no previous real estate experience to speak of. We bought a house in college done about it. And Yeah and how do we do it? Exactly like what we're suggesting you guys do as part of our coaching program now clearly over the last two decades. The systems in the practices and everything that we have you guys do as part of our coaching program is vastly superior to what we're doing in our early twenty s. but the moral of the story is is what we did in our early twenties was the real work of real estate. It's the same thing that chuck is doing. Now it's the same thing that the top listing agents. In the country are doing, I'll give you another example jade mills you guys know her she's quite famous enroll state and she is on the West Coast and she sells luxury real estate she has you know probably one of the best reputations now I know in the current vernacular save brands but I'm not going to because what a brand is brands are being branding is being sold to you. Guys as some sort of shortcut to actually having built a reputation which by the way that's another great lie. So anyway, she has a great reputation up being one of the most successful agents certainly l. a. and let alone the country and I was interviewing you guys can google search and you'll find the podcast. It's from a while ago but she was I we're talking about teams in. You know what it was. Funny. I asked her how many people were under team already know the answer but I asked her so I wanted to talk about it and she paused and I know why she paused before she answered the question I'll tell you in the second. Then she says I don't have a team. This is what I do. This is the reason I do it the way I do it, and now what was the point? She knows it teams and a lot of these other things have become almost like political or religious movements. In other words if you're pro pro that somehow you're not part of the modern real estate Zeitgeist, just it's craziness. So she then went off to explained that her customers obviously do business with her and she wants to make sure that. They never feel delegated and she's doing expensive stuff. But the real reason why? Because she knew and she and I talked about this on the podcast that teams are not profitable and not more and more than that. The team model as it's been pushed on most of the industry that you guys are sort of seemingly following blindly blindly is does not equal maiocco more transactions at make equal more. Dollar volume and you may think I'm delegating everything. So I'm taking myself out of the front lines of dealing with buyers or sellers, but you're just replacing the work that you were doing before working with buyers and sellers now working in worrying about your team and ultimately the most efficient and profitable real estate practices are done like Chuck Williamson are done like Jade Mills are done like Rob Johnson. and. Connecticut the number one agent in Connecticut are done by people who understand that when they're building a business that the point of the real estate business, you don't get rich in real estate guys. As we say, all the time you get rich from the profits that come from selling real estate, and if you don't have prophets, then guess what you have. No chance of ever being financially free. So hopefully, all these messages appeal to. Do, this wouldn't be the number one listen to daily podcast in the nation. Do Take Delays Advice get the book Harris Rules. Do. Not Let yourself just sort of coast into the new year. Hold yourself accountable to making next year your best year ever not just an okay year not just a continuation of this year but knock it out of the park. Why not? Why not just hit the hard reset load in new software an attack twenty, twenty one don't worry about all the things that the media's telling you to worry about you know hit the WHO cares button on that one you just focus on making your twenty twenty one the best year ever for physical focus on physical focus on financial focus on the. Things that matter to you but as a real estate professional next year is going to be one of we're entering into. What we think is a long term trend. We're real estate is going to absolutely take off and go to the next level like we never experienced before it's going to be you are in the right place at the right time. Now, it's really important that you move away from the fluff in the bright shiny objects and you drill down and accept the fact that if you WanNa be relevant if you WANNA to be rich, you've got to have the skill sets to earn. The right to be of service to other cell to sellers. primarily. If you're not doing that, you're going to quickly find yourself becoming obsolete listen to our past podcast. Guys don't fear change embrace. Let let your competitors spirit you embrace it you look for it you love it and then you basically become part of it and you're mark gets you know you become the change agent don't be don't be afraid to be the only agent that's not doing all the silly things that makes agents, Brooks and teams broken brokers Brooke be the agent that actually runs a profitable business, the agent that actually Becomes independently wealthy from investments you buy from the Prophet you create from your allstate business you are in the right business. This is the right time, but it's all dependent on whether or not. You're going to do the smart thing and take the right actions. So guys drill down be impatient don't give yourself a break. Don't stop and smell the roses K. don't wait to feel the passion just do the work on the other side of that is what you want in life I. Promise you consider getting the book heiress rules. It's available at Barnes and Noble Amazon Dot Com. It's available everywhere. Really. Can Thank you for making that book bestseller. Thank you. For All of you guys have given us five star reviews on I tunes and all the other places. We certainly appreciate it and thank you for continuing to make this number. LISTEN TO PODCASTS for agents. If you guys need me for anything noise text me directly five, one, two, seven, five, eight, Oh, two Oh, six especially if you want to talk with me about joining R. E. X. P. Group, just text me directly at five one, two, seven, five, eight, zero, two, zero six. Thank you have a fantastic day. This program has been a presentation by Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching for more information on three will stay coaching and training programs visit our website at Tim and Julie Harris Dot Com. Remember to tune in weekdays at noon for upcoming shows until next time. Thank you for listening to Real Estate Coaching radio with Tim and Julie Harris.

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