The Dimitroff Years: 2019


Let's focus on our breath and not on the cluttered room around us. Good we breathe in and out in a slow exceo pay. No heed to that. Miniature mountain of clothes is clutter on century. Mu maybe some sleek storage for my kia could help like the customizable packs wardrobe which you can design to fit your specific storage needs in one simple stylish solution for a more organized. You visit ikea. Dot com this podcast. Podcast atlanta falcons on the espionage. Podcast network this day walker on today's special podcast and continue. I review thomas. Dmitrov years falcons to help me with this task by special guests to join me on each of these episodes as we break down the trades. Free agent signings draft picks made in the metro era. My guest today is alan cirque former ryder alcoholic allen. Thanks join me again. We'll be back on. Yeah we'll have fun the first time around and this is going to be interesting here as we dive into the two thousand and nineteen season second to last year for thomas mitchell and dan quinn for that matter with the atlanta falcons. Let me set up. What got us into this season so obviously the two thousand eighteen season was absolutely by injuries. Numerous starters were out for extended periods of time during the year Several guys such as kiana. Neil missed the entire year and the team ended up finishing seven nine. They decided to fire. Offense coordinator steve's occasion and defensive coordinator. Marquand manuel dan quinn instead of hiring another defensive coordinator promoted himself to defensive coordinator in the takeover to play calling in two thousand nineteen And the most impactful move was the falcons hiring dirk cutter to be the offense coordinator and you know. I know we're here to talk about thomas dmitrov and what he did but allen. I just wanted to get your thoughts. Since we're here about the fact that they did bring dirk koetter back. And letting go steve sarkisian. Because if there's one thing the falcons podcast is we are definitely an anti dirk cutter podcast. So what refunds of them bringing back the former offensive coordinator eight days prior to them hiring. He was fired as ten base coach. Oh yeah yep. And that's those thing because you look at those atlanta tampa begging for the most part lineup beat them convincingly there were all that competitive. Especially when the falcons were really good twenty sixteen two thousand seventeen The higher i think it was viewed pretty underwhelming just because everything you heard about. Tampa bay was toxic organization. I know people could maybe reliable issued familiarity. But it's just there nothing but his experience everybody that built any enthusiasm but him coming back and maybe ryan you know his moves for matt ryan but i just think with the offenses are you see the new way you see not restart motion. Flash just seem like what cutter. Everything seems very archaic very old school. And that's what goes mccain for wish. But i do know people chance effect. They had that old report. Maybe a two thousand twelve season but it's just like who has that many of their color. And whether you refer to falcons of the bucks are many no and honestly. I think the falcons were hoping that they would reestablish the run after two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen circuits and did a good job of organizing the passing game but the running game fell off a bit. I don't know why you felt like dirt. Cutter was going to improve that. He never had a good running game. Atlanta never had a good running game in tampa You know just not anything that he was inch seemed interested in the guys would apparently just completely abandoned the run no matter what the situation so yeah. I've heard people argue that Bringing back dirk koetter was. What truly ended dan quinn some atlanta and i have a hard time disagree with that. I think he absolutely tanked the offense and was a big factor. Can't dispute that if you just at the time when that happened people just so sick of sarkissian at this point. They're just they want anything so there is a proposal cutter and you're gone to a little bit just because i was like okay. Maybe era. I just want to see matt ryan no back to his best but ethic by what week for that tennessee game which that's not see games stars like okay. This this is on. This is good and then by november just like all right gotta go. Yeah going left them. We ran it back again. And and that's what we saw this year so fun times all right. Let's talk about the free agents. What happened in that period. Just got a little over a year ago. It seems like a lifetime As you and. I were talking before we got started. Allen one of these things which will get to in a second felt like it happened a decade ago was just not even not even two years ago at this point but the first thing was for the first time in a long time the falcons ended up using their franchise tag and they used it on defensive. Tackle grady jarrett. I can't remember the last time they used it. I think it may have been with. Michael keenan are former punter. The year before he left and went to tampa bay. But in this case with gregg jarrett they at the last second. I want to say it was the day before the franchise tag would have been locked in. They did workout in the new deal with him for years. Sixty eight million dollars. Forty two and a half million guaranteed nowhere near the aaron. Donald money that some people were scared of but in my mind a great value for fantastic player. What are your thoughts on getting that deal done with arguably our best defensive player in longtime absolutely i'd be coke like in july might be like ours. It might be like four hours before it was really edinburgh. People wondering rather as arkansas. He thinks he's dollar. That's the will never like an agent And really know who's asian is. There was like some coat that came out and just gives them. It gives like a stick on player. I think everyone knows great chair. He's like most likeable players he dislodged. The community is a great teammates. I've never heard a bad word about mci decisively. I interviewed jack crawford. While same day he got extension or it got the new deal and general You can have put him in like a higher pedestal. Jarrett's just type of player. You want your locker that the centerpiece of your defensive line. He just turns player what he does against run. He's really evolved as pass rusher so that was done because a defense day is consistently seems to be in rebuilding mode. He's wanted through consistent difference makers and you keep players that you could be the siamese your yeah the people who didn't want to give him aaron donald. I can understand that to an extent. But if you're looking at guys you know in that defensive tackle tier obviously aaron. Donald is in a tier by himself that basically just separate him from everyone else. I think he can make a strong case. Grady jarrett is in that next year underneath the aaron donalds. He's a guy like you said. Great against the rhine arguably one of our best pass rushers just devastating up the middle and the most consistent you know and that is something this defense with no help around him for a long period of time either on edge the next to him. He's still produces even when the other team knows. No one else is going to do anything so really really remarkable and and honestly the four-year deal allows him to really get another big contract at the end of this year because i think he was twenty five when he signed this one So he'll be twenty nine by the time this deal ends and he'll still have several good years in front of them so a good opportunity for him to get paid yet again In good for him he. My mind certainly deserves it. All right the we were talking about earlier before you can get into like the free agent departures. All this stuff was the matt bryant fiasco and for those who don't remember yes. This was two thousand and this was talking about earlier completely forgot that this was this season the previous year in two thousand eighteen bryant missed several games due to injury. Giorgio vecchio Came in and basically hit every single kick while he was filling in for matt bryant The team carried both of them on the roster through the remainder of the two thousand eighteen season which to be clear carrying two kickers on your roster is weird as hell. No the nfl. does it. Accept the falcons apparently And into the season falcons cut matt bryant Instead of letting him compete with tha vecchio and camp and alad tobacco basically had a meltdown a mental meltdown. In camp. it got so bad. They they brought in blair walsh at one point to come and compete. You're right and i think they ultimately ended up bringing back matt bryant. Who was essentially counting towards the cap. Twice for the falcons in two thousand and nineteen So with that recap what were your thoughts on. How the the falcons organization sort of handle all that because it seemed like just a complete bungling of that entire situation remember preseason games washington and the made it clear the jets and are subject. You missed a couple. It just seemed like in september. There was a few things that they should have handled. It went down saliva. They all think map. Bright humans like we won a moore julio's kind of holding out get his new deal till like the day before the vikings game. So who's a certain things going on. Just like why. We're talking about franchise mainstay map. Brian lou. jones. Like what is going on right now. Where things in organizations their own in the past it builds stability like you'll see them having issues when it comes to flare relations usually get contracts things so the map brian thing it seemed nc my handle right i of i remember that giants game on it. A few big gigs. But you got more than a couple of games to improve yourself as legitimate kicker. So i think going to youth route spent over are approving legend matt ryan. No he's hampering issues but it should have been open competition look. They showed accountability their words for it in week. One that bryant was there in the injuries. Different took it's all but the. Yeah i su- august-september is that preseason was so weird because it just seemed extreme positions. There was this feeling of uncertainty and usually get that when it comes to falcons immunity organization. So yeah that's a great point at it. Seems like traditionally especially under dmitrov. They seem to have their act together. And you nailed. It seemed like there was just a lot of the sort of nonsense and you know discord. That really wasn't something that even even in the bad years with mike smith Didn't seem to rear its head One less thing they did free agency. You just mentioned it. Julio jones it was september twelfth as a matter of fact you were dead on where. Julio jones got his new three year deal sixty six million dollars the in the wake of several other wide receivers. Getting that money and this was a big deal. Because i believe most of that. Contract was guaranteed basically assuring that jones be here through his age thirty five season And we are essentially. He's got two years left. I think at this point through twenty twenty one twenty twenty two being his last year. What were your thoughts on. Julio getting this extension because arguably he was still one of the greatest wide receivers in league in two thousand and nineteen decided to be done more key. Say what jones is proven stabbing. You robert mays. I think he julio's average one hundred and two catches and team hundred yards or something. Like i know he has like one hundred two catches may one thousand four hundred eighty five yards or Like it's hard to find that production and the you could talk about touchdowns as such now. This guy's movement chains. He's making plays. He's defensive to come from all times. What mortgages for from wide receiver. I do want to point out though that all season. I remember everyone's favorite wide receiver. Michael thomas got paid in august. So those wrongly old cafe Get paid. I will love the hope lou. Jones get paid because a discrepancy there. I think people will aware of this considering a few weeks after thomas's memorable showing against the tampa. Bay buccaneers individual o. alley. I love it man. We're coming in here slamming cutter coming in here. Sleep in michael thomas. This is one of the faculty. Podcast is about yes because you all pupil derogated paid. I think oh yeah who remember. I tweet and naive. I was wondering like why do people really dislike. and this was august dozen nineteen and. I was like okay. He he flexes. After i down again the way. Why do people really disciple us. And then the next sixteen months up like our makes sense. Now yeah in out you know. I think the comparisons between him. And julio were ridiculous to begin with their completely different stahl receivers but let's not even get into playoff production. You hinted that my my receiver played on turf toe and still managed to put up an incredible performance So yeah so. That is basically just some of the housekeeping. The falcons did in two thousand eighteen. Let's talk about some of the guys who ended up leaving the team. Because there's a good number of names here. And i want to get through some of these quickly but also mainstays. Yeah the first one was start with. Cornerback robert alford Former second round pick brought in the same time as desmond trufant he ended up signing with the cardinals with your thoughts on The falcons spinally deciding to move on from alfred. The argument the player that that the fans had truly mixed emotions about want nick. My robert offered you either really for him or just were beyond sick of him. I was always big offered. I know the penalties became. It became a particular early on sixteen. But noah could denied his Ability like he played a lot at tencent he was always Let not this go would not go down. And if more times not he played role to do all. Never forget that rams game the plus he he was making plays loaded fuel seventeen was his best season and then just habits eighteen. He became legitimate liability. Lick it was at core. Baxter pecan every week. I know he a hamstring issue. But i think at this point or that point time lake year. Thirty years old at it was rollins. I quin look at the dress. Mr joan collins is l. Quinn never quite saw him to be a star but stakes in the draft and then offered plan a relatively high level. Like okay got to keep him. But i don't think quinn ever really truly wanted him to be a star. I think just more often really proved himself and then gel cons against that young standard chief is albert wasn't quite right at the time and They just had had pneumonia over by the create but us. I mean it was right because as as you remember eighteen. Oh yeah yeah and as you mentioned he was right there. I it's funny. It seems like with corners. Now you know. We've always talked about the thirty wall with regards to running backs but it seems like that starting to become a trend with cornerbacks as well where these guys get up to twenty nine thirty in the performance just off considerably and i think that was the case with robert alfred. I think the next year we would also be the case with desmond trufant and you know just unfortunate but It used to be these guys could play into their mid thirties. You know sometimes. Late thirties with some players but fields. Yeah absolutely and some of the guys would make a shift over to safety. you know. Extend their career and we we've seen few times but it seems like now these guys are really sort of hitting their peak and then just fallen off a cliff around thirty thirty one years old so next player that left the team. This one was not surprise. Still disappointing was running back. Tevin coleman obviously the team given a an extension to devante freeman It was the writing on the wall for coleman They were not going to pay two running backs It just doesn't make sense in today's nfl he ended up signing with the forty niners which no big surprise Although not for big money so What are your thoughts on the team. Walking away from. Tevin coleman is exciting player but he's also been limited as you know always struggle balanced. Never quite someone like a care too low. But i think people kinda took a liking tacoma just because of his spe- into someday provide that i no is explicitly. That gets you going and van. So i think that's why people had salsa. He was never the one that i think could ever care to float or celinda was consistent. Which is why. I think he only got to year ten million dollar deal so it was not surprised. Have gone up. People really start getting behind. Basically twenty sixteen twenty seventeen in the ryan was on the wall and with the team committing to to freeman With the big money contract he got it just wasn't gonna work a few more names Tied in logan paulsen ended up signing with the texans. No big lost their defensive brooks reed. Who played his entire contract with atlanta. A rare rare occurrence in the nfl to play your actual full contract and it was brooks reed did it He ended up. Also signing with the cardinals. The cardinals i think seemed to love. Former falcons defensive players know corey. Repeaters him weatherspoon mountain. Right yeah oh my god. So johnny brandon. John abraham is that just. Because i remember that johnny got released. But oh you're not kidding. The cardinals love our defensive players. Which shows you. They've got a scouting issue or colonel. Might be next to number eight very well might be at this point. My goodness um quarterback. Brian poole who the signing with the jets defensive and derrick shelby Who ultimately was just cut did not get signed elsewhere and Defensive end slash outside linebacker. Bruce irvin signed with panthers a few more names. And i'll get your thoughts and some of these names that have left a andy. Lavizzari ended up. Retiring are starting left guard And we also lost justin bethel who signed with the ravens. Ben garland who signed with forty niners. Zane beatles who i completely forgot was on the team and safety jordan lease. So all right brooks read brian. Poole bruce irvin andy lavizzari. Any of those names jump out to you as oh god. We couldn't afford to to to lose them or do you feel like most of these moves made sense. Most these moves made sense. Because you're missing someone am i. Who am i missing. I believe ryan was released that season. Two oh my goodness yes As a ma yeah. You're right yup thank you. He he did not end up signing elsewhere i think he ended up just ultimately retiring Yeah and brad shirk. I thought he was the most consistent. Right tackles for what about four seasons and kelly robert offered his pledges fell for cliff in two thousand eighteen When he got benched. But i'm not gonna forget how good of sugar was from two thousand fourteen to seventeen in Is kinda like tyson global war. Just like wow. Don't quite appreciate them but then just realize longevity just always having that player right there. It's like okay. I rely on him play at a relatively high level every weekend. I was also formed when i was covering games. He would eric around the two guys. I knew i could get interview with. It was always very reeducate. E even after like i was there when they lost the eagles and he talked he's gear. We got looked up front as a brand graham flexible. They'd be like he was always on shredder. And i think when he will. It wasn't surprising. Because i just think they had to unearth just because his But and he was like thirty two years old as well. I definitely think ryan schrader with someone that was one of the more under appreciate offense line. We look at the past decade. Someone looked he was undrafted. So goes at the mutual for finding and mike smith as well so very good player in his prime man. So when that it wasn't a big loss given fall play but so i should be remembered so much anti betrays well who was a big Sixteen offense the both guys. I think underrated for their contribution in two thousand sixteen. I'm so glad you brought up. Brian trader kazaa non-intentional leading off list. But certainly a guy that As you mentioned. I think for a couple of years there You know if you're a fan of advanced analytics. He was one of the top. Rated tackles right tackles by. Pf for like two or three years in row and Deserved every penny. He got without extension. Kim mitchell schwartz lane johnson those like the main threat always mercy. And that's that's that's pretty big deal. That's really good company to keep and to think there was a season where he had to watch Jeremy true blood play in front of him while he sat on the bench then gave karimia for start right. Tackle that says avoid I think maybe they gave a more homes a game but it wasn't so like i was saying tober twenty fourteen Started i thought might have been that awful london which i know no one's talking about and he just took it from there. Yeah now i remember. I think one of his first starts was against the forty niners and he had a play where he literally went to block a guy and he fell face forward into the dirt and i was laughing hysterically but for the rest of the game. I remember watching him thinking. Oh my god this guy this guy may actually be pretty good and Yeah as you mentioned. He ended up turning in a pretty good career in atlanta brooks read though he was actually thank house mitchell. That was the first time. Remember it was him. And then i think justin durant brooks read actually finished his contract and you know he's on the make contributions i think twenty sixteen seventeen one the key of rotational pieces on a defense line but someone so while other place it sounds minutes him just like the dow fell for a lot of players which is why it went seven nine but regression that it can make up for a special injuries of neil jones. Yeah yeah it's just way too much to compensate with the lack of depth of the had and even even with guys like stepping up in that two thousand eighteen season just too much to overcome. And as you mentioned brooks reed was one of the first free agent signings for dan. Quinn finished out. Like i said it is so rare in the nfl to play through an entire contract. And he did he. He didn't falcons so kudos to him. still in league So god bless him He just three weeks ago. It's the ravens given jack hall frothy delyle's while might variable work with pieces here. Yeah absolutely i will always brewery. Maybe not worth the money. But he was. He was a good guy. Some of the guys. The falcons resigned new deals quarterback matt shaab. Who's thirty eight when we got him to another one year extension wide receiver judge. Hardy yeah. The legend matt schaub wide receiver. Justin hardy one year deal offensive. Tackle tyson brio interesting With him. I think we had him for just a one year deal. And cornerback bleeding wilson. Who apparently we only we wanna keep around forever. But only on one year deals This was the third year to row where he got a one year. Deal from the falcons. You've gotta prove it. That's just make him prove it every single year. A any any strong feelings. About the guys at the falcons decided to keep around on understandable san braille. That was huge. Which i think. Are you posting it. 'cause it wasn't like three years eighteen million just like wait a second. What was the makings finds that but besides that thing straight for but The ever had Permits down to that. Just because they're just track record was very very suspect. Although i will say in the light of the new coaching staff arthur smith had him as a starter for the titans for a good bit of this season in twenty twenty and he made good use of them so We'll because lewa went then right. Yeah tiller Down in in some brownfield field in and he actually did a fairly good job in. Yeah as you mentioned. That deal was for three years. Fourteen point two five million from some braille. Okay yeah kind of painful hindsight all right some of the guys that they signed fresh off the street. We obviously have to start with the two names especially in what we're gonna talk about in the second half and we get into the draft class. The falcons will ultimately sign to not one but two offensive guards. And obviously i think this was a response to what happened in the two thousand eighteen season. We mentioned the injuries andy. Lavizzari struggled to get back on the field and two thousand eighteen. Know they they went through sort of a rotation of guys You know. Ben garland. West schweitzer So the to offensive guard spots. Were definitely an issue. For the falcons. In two thousand eighteen and thomas dmitrov decided that he wanted to get that six and he signed offensive guard. Jim brown and offensive guard. James carpenter so allen. We'll talk about the draft in the second half. But what were your thoughts when the falcons went out and signed to starting guards instead of just going with one and one of the drafter whatnot from his standpoint of okay. If you look at it like that guard play it was just. It was beyond deplorable. It was like okay. This is not professional level. So i think it falls again from the metro. Standpoint was more. okay. We're trying to get to adequate guys here. It's like okay The night difference makers but they are at least someone. Starting caliber is the whole issue. Wants little beach down. some i never been hired schweitzer orleans as fun as the years is okay. He's a backup some of that. You can't really don. So all right they're gonna take guys that i guess with someone. Respect boy no corporation team use the jets and these these job and that brown was around. Isn't they want to get tougher thing. I think you'll dmitrov in platelets. Ultimate hokey can have it ryan taking beating anymore because easily forty-one sacks or whatever and the press conference we get bigger upfront so she goes cutter was kind of moving away from the zone blocking scheme. So that's why they decided what practical it was. Just okay. you're taking players. Averages best guess average at best is better than non league caliber which seemed to be the case in Absolutely i think at the time most of us thought. Okay they're getting too big bodies This is a clear sign that they're gonna move away from the wide zone running scheme. Of course what they ended up doing in the draft made that also seem to be the opposite case of. I think this is now. We're getting to the point. Where thomas dmitrov. Dan quinn in the offense. There's not any true leadership in what they're trying to do. So you end up seeing sort of this mishmash of moves For the offensive line and just sort of discombobulated in their approach. But as you mentioned. I think they're just looking for starters to fix the issues. Jamaa brown got three year deal worth eighteen. Point seven five million James carpenter the older of the two got a four year deal worth twenty one million so in your europe year value but a little bit more in total value So those guys obviously jamaa brown with last exactly one year with the vulcans and James carpenter at this point is still on the team. We'll see if that remains the case. After the falcons have to make some moves to get under the salary cap all right some other guys they brought in. I remember this guy's name sort of floating around as a potential target free agency. When i was kinda surprised that actually happen and that was a former kansas city. Chief defensive tackle alan bailey. Who signed a two year. Deal worth ten point. Five million any strong thoughts about allen bailey. And in what he's done in his time with falcons hughes medical concerns that move happened. Like i want to say late may early june. So let's just look at tracker. I think he had like teen. Chris accidentally three years. So i was like okay. Maybe some intrigue year. But i think for the most part. It's been pretty underwhelming. I i know. They tried to ship them inside on passing downs. But then he'll play the strong side at the base but like terms of versus personality. Which is up. I know. Dan quinn always loved when it came to aligning. I just didn't think he made much difference. So it's just one of those moves like okay. There was a plug and play move. It was just like okay. Nothing substantial came out that sorta defines his time with the falcons. Nothing nothing substantial a few other guys. I don't want to highlight because he's one of my favorite players. I'm glad they brought him back. Even was just a one year deal. That was defensive in adrian. Clayborn when you're deal worth about two million a year. I i was never happened. They let him walk to begin with so i was glad to see him. Come back if it was just on a one year deal They also brought in defensive defensive. Tackle tyler davidson Running back kenyan barter. Who i think falcons fans remember for getting body slammed by matt bosscher in kickoff return Full right moment for eighteen It blew up on social media to fullback. Keith smith and tight end luke stocker so clayborn davidson barner smith. Stalker linear thoughts on the remaining. Guys at the falcons brought in for the two thousand and nineteen season always looked clayborn think. He's someone that one of those versatile limelight as metric for dan quinn lows. But he's someone that you just places such violence that's why and team that kind of laxed physical edge. You'd think you need someone like clayborn so it was great to see him back. I know you actually want super bowl kurds. Him in new england of his book. fit within. You know glad to have success because as you remember. Twenty sixteen i think was on the third play against seattle he towards peck so he missed super bowl yellow moment and he always make a guy i think he definitely showed flesh. Remember in new orleans was a big part of the him. In ironically ecm mckinley as well and a jarrett is thing in that one Davidson these been a pleasant surprise. I think he kind of dipped this year by twenty nineteen he showed flashes in. At least someone could you a job. You take some blockers. You know he doesn't know the nasties work a upfront. Besides that I know thakur has been come travel. I mean i don't know why. But that's the case i think maybe he's cutters guys. I don't think be back. But the every now. And then he'll show he'll show up thirty yards downfield. And everyone's wondering what the hell's going on all right last thing. I want to talk about before we get into the break and talk about the draft class. Because i feel like this is arguably one of demetrius. Best moves was october twenty second. He ended up. Trading mohamed sanu to the patriots for a second round pick. The word was that. This point the falcons season was basically over. The word was that they were looking to try to pick up someone. Like austin hooper. And i guess dmitrov convince them. That mohamed sanu was A good option. Other than austin cooper and he got a second round pick from the patriots which i think that was the pick ultimately ended up trading to get hayden hearst So what were thoughts on the falcons in that particular move by dmitrov to get that second round. Pick out of the pats owes nap. Steel just seem to react on twitter. You'll just like this actually happens. Especially when i think emmanuel sanders i think a mail centers was fourth round there like a week later. San trade a forthright denver and look. I love moms new. But did we know same. Antonio sandwiches offers a lot noise mail. Sanders is still playing a key role on when he teams. Like you know forty nine. And now the saints. He just much more than that players so they did. It was a steel will mark. You say like just a move. Where i guess. They'll checks love for his university. Because as you know Players so it was definitely. I was affected by new was very well respected but but considering the stage would they like one in six and you know a kanada start would pieces because there were a lot of players Free most rumored vic beasley was rumored. One team at the guy interest mckinley also which we found that was getting so they were trying to move players around. Because at this point it was kind of like a fire sale. But it's new. End up being the only player nash but incredible competition form as you mentioned so all right. We're going to talk about two thousand eighteen. Dr class very interesting one with some interesting moves. Which of course is part of the debate trophy era before we do that. We're going to take a quick break. We'll be right back support for this. Podcast comes from car care to go. 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Podcast walker joined by stock. We were talking about the job. That thomas mitchell did in the two thousand and nineteen season for the falcons. We've talked about free agency and some of the moves around that we're going to talk now about two thousand nineteen draft class. This was a draft class. Where dmitrov made three trades. And i wanted to just get these trades out ahead of time. You guys know what happened. The first trade was with the rams. The falcons got their first round. Pick at thirty one and their six round. Pick at a number. Two of three The rams got the falcons two thousand eighteen second round pick at number forty five and their third round. Pick a number seventy nine. We'll talk about who they used that. Pick for in just a second. They also made a trade with the lions they got their fourth round. Pick which was number one levin. The lions got falcons fourth round. Pick one seventeen and their sixth round. Pick one eighty six. And finally the falcons made the trade with the raiders. They got the raiders fourth round. Pick at number one thirty. Five and the raiders got The falcons fourth round pick at one thirty seven and their seventh round. Pick at two thirty. Okay now that's all the way. This was a particularly active draft for thomas trough. You know he's been known for trades. He likes to move up and down mainly up but down in the later rounds when he can find the opportunity But in this draft class we actually ended up with two first rounders So let's talk about that. I pick at pick number fourteen number fourteen overall in round one at the boston. College falcons took offensive guard. Chris lindstrom and let me tell you when that name came out. I don't know about you but that was like who because up until that point. I think every single draft person had the falcons taking some defensive lineman and you know. There was a mix of names in there. brian burns. Yeah i think. He ended up going one or two picks later as a of fact and when lynn stearns named came out i think people like do we seriously just draft guard after signing into guys have free agency. What were your thoughts on the pick. And what are your thoughts. Now that we've been able to see him for two seasons in the league is coming classic. Quinn dmitrov. You remember john. O'neill wasn't salon anyone's radar when that happened and then even technically was a little bit underrate. I know tackle high around and you'll maybe bore line i. I don't think especially if they trade for. I still remember really connecting them to technically. So this is like a first round where it's like okay. you're kind of disclaimed by their rankings. Because that's something as we slow. Aj charles well. It's like they have their own way of valuing talent did not go. Pf or some other website they Town identified that's what they're gonna do. I did think it was like a curious moved to get a guard but seems okay. I guess they won't use the alex mack. Gang older annual corporate of see cover veteran. Just i can see. Why is it going. With coach and lindstrom's very highly regarded. We all like you looked at some metrics. Just knew what people say mounds. He'll discuss guy seems like he's a player so have embracing it was. Just you know searching where it was and that he wasn't really me linked to it. I think clairon by surprise but then you realize what kind of regime what they've done the first round pick in recent years. It's like all right. Well it's be prepare for. Yeah and for those who've complained about the falcons not investing in the trenches this was certainly investment in the trenches. And i think you could argue based on what we saw this year. I think allen it looks like lindstrom really is going to pan out. He he you know first year for rookie is always going to be pretty tough but in this second year lindstrom definitely look the part and his rookie year. He missed some games. You do the injury. And i think that certainly contributed this year. I think he has been arguably one of our best players on the offensive line. And that's including in the conversation. Guys like jake matthews and alex. Mack so i think that first round pick appears to have have so far have worked out. Are you want to take a leap. Like i think he's been goodbye. Just wear is right now. I really like to see 'cause. I also cooper in an interview He says. I expect them to you the best currently worst someone. That's very very intelligent Respect his opinion on that. And remember that. I think he's been good but i just want to see him and his elevate more especially considering where he wasn't like a first round pick was someone they lostock and so Where he said just you was continue see in the upper projector no great point. I think you're three so twenty. Twenty one is going to be your three for him. That's usually the year you see young guys. Sort of. Take that big leap. Certainly he was good this year. And i i think to your point We want to see him. Become that great offensive guard. That guy who's attend time. Pro bowler All pro lists you know that kinda guy Otherwise yeah i think to your point where they took him in the first round at is normally somewhat rich for an offensive guard. Hopefully he can Validate that level of trust the organization put in Hopefully arthur smith will Do something different with him. Certainly at athletic enough to be highly successful the white zone blocking scheme second first round. Pick the one that they got in the trade at number thirty one. The falcons took out of washington offensive. Tackle caleb mcgarry. When they made this move. I remember saying to myself who this was the big who. Yeah and i'll be honest. This was a move that a lot of people were scratching their heads. I felt like mcgarry probably could have been had in the second round. Of course the falcons ended up giving up their third round. Pick to move up and make this move third round pick extremely expensive but it still feels like some missed opportunities there. Obviously you know some draft capital going into this right tackle position. We talked about ryan's trade earlier and his success and right now. I think the jury's out what are your thoughts on this move the pick in the player. Yes seemed very aggressive. I just think get why the daily what's the extent. I just think it was a case of o'kane it really want someone and they weren't getting it was weren't gonna say notes that they were going to be held back but i did think essentially said art forget about dates to because you look around. Two three day had no pixels effortless all year. It just seemed very raw coming on. That was the problem. Also seen with ultimas arm. Blance slow fee. i know like this big motor. And he's very all those draft adjectives saying. oh yes vicious. Nasty stein does not get the rowing. I think he took legitimate strides this year. I was painful. But i thought this year i was re damn good so i still wanna see more but i think the route to it is just saying all they gave up at you know. How bad is year was could see what has been a concern. But i do think he's going the right direction. Which wasn't the case twelve months ago. No kidding i think the thing that is also hurting him. As a we have seen a couple of games were gonna has stepped in and played and played decently. We've also seen some games. We're gonna stepped in and played was absolutely dreadful. So i don't think that should be a an indictment against mcgarry one way or the other and again this whole idea that the falcons are investing in the trenches. Now whether or not they grab the right guys whether these guys are gonna work out is a different matter but they certainly in this draft class made sure that they were trying to make some long term fixes for this offensive line. And and i appreciate the effort. We'll see if we can continue to improve and become a good player On that starting Side as you mentioned they did not have a second or third round. pick so We were able as falcons fans to sort of you know. Only casually glance at the second and third rounds on on day two just in case they try to make some sort of move. They did not. They stayed with their day. Three picks and let's jump to those. They had to pick some around four so at number one levin overall l. of ohio state and they took cornerback kindle sheffield and number one thirty five overall out of charleston university. They took defensive end john. Kaminsky interesting names here. I'll in and this is what's interesting to me. we are. obviously this is twenty. Twenty one We just got done with the twenty twenty season. All these guys have have played at most two years of all the in my mind. It's too early to write off any guys. But i think we can tell at least directionally where some of these guys are heading. So give me your impressions of sheffield and kaminsky. Thus far kind of like on clear opposite road of like girly shaquille showed traumas first year. And then this past one the. It seemed like he was liability several occasions team. Retargeting and just alford's awareness issue or you're just not able to look all but is he seems like a decent position and then they just all are the seven thousand. I remember things can. Denver system is not there then they would get forty two yards and which is unfortunate because i thought he should this year but And then you look like a size to it's like it does not look good Six foot two six three long arms but he's kind of like what five ten kind of undersized not very physically either so abilities time you know even though i thought it was going to pan out all right now just doesn't seem to be going the right direction and kaminsky you're one of those on a school prospects like okay numbers as good motor. You kind of hope. He's relational at this point. And i think he's kinda showed a little bit of promise by dickie someone that you want to see playing wardens ask just seems to be some you could in and hopefully in order to Where because this is where he'll pushed like you could catch a off guard with his explosiveness stamp out some. You won't see in playing thirty five forty snaps. That all means year ally just does have a death or injury. Yeah i think. I like him. As a rotational guy. His long term potential to be a guy that gets ten fifteen snaps in relief. That can slide inside if you get that album for fourth round. Pick album small school that that's pretty good. All right to round five picks in these. I think Get pretty interesting. So number one fifty two overall out of pittsburgh they took running back quadra lison and at number one seventy two overall out of washington. They took cornerback. Jordan miller Let me just say i. I believe that jordan miller has been cut at this point and that was one of the frustrating. Things for falcons. Rams i think during the two thousand twenty season even after he got done with his suspension he just never saw the field even with a guy like kindle sheffield struggling as you mentioned In just a minute ago quadra ellison who knows. So let's talk about the logic of these picks. Because especially i think with allison in allen. There was some thought of you. What what exactly is the is thought here whether they doing. So what were your thoughts. And sudden and miller in the fifth round also made just a short yardage thing because it had such measures twenty eighteen brennan sugar play remember it was like third or fourth one. They would just run while cut. Ak's new cat. I got mentioned that they would a convert. Because they couldn't converse house ari. Maybe they're just one digest for shorter is eaten. Elsie coleman governor least or he. Sr he can get his contrary. There is okay. Let's maybe least have one power back. Ross his new edo spent starion frames for get someone that abe could both time. Just make sure you get your other than that. I don't see any reason that billard. Maybe just more of a skit younger at the current position is seemed like losing alvin offered at pools. Okay l. triangle in a new direction star as many dunlins us november clinton mature values concordat. They were just someone like okay. At least drip just never know what could do to your us. You ever know when you might need this owner such a tough position injuries. So i got that. I think it's just unfortunate. He never even said remember. I think coolio salt about training camp between nineteen. It was working with him as he's he might make the difference on his team. Yeah really really frustrating and can do the fifth round pick a lot of these guys also flame out so it's not like he is. Dale can be great right exactly and to be fair. Who knows what all of a sudden can do. Maybe he'll look under this new front office and coaching staff. Twenty twenty one He's certainly hasn't done anything yet. and we'll see maybe he'll get an opportunity this time around but i. I certainly wouldn't bank on it at this. Point the falcons final pick was in the sixth round and it was number two three overall in olive louisiana monroe. They took running back. I think the term running back here was misapplied. he's more of a wide. Receiver was marcus green. Who ultimately did not think he may have made the team but was ultimately cut. He's he's obviously not with falcons anymore. Do you have any strong feelings about marcus. Green six thing. It was like a returner. Yeah i think he was going to be like a receiver slash returner and they. It's weird. They had them listens running back. But i think everyone else hasn't listened enlisted wide receiver. But yeah i think he was intended to be a long-term up long-term answer at returner. I think he's with the eagles now. As a matter of fact 'cause said made his choices devin fuller remember. there was someone like Return of i your way. Years to see cash appeared Never get he kept getting injured and camp and Never could get healthy enough to take the field. And i think actually i think to that point. I think you're right. I think he. I think even the same thing happened with marcus screen So yeah unfortunate for him it's It never quite got the gang return. Some teams have their secure return for three or four years. I just has not been the case since he's retired. So derek. yeah. And when we did have andre roberts He waited till he left the team to actually his career. So pizarro he legit like i just you could see all pro your program here and like he's if you watch worries like you'll make a different secularist position yet is somehow did not work. Atlanta wasn't with the falcons. Maybe under roberts is why are special. Teams coordinator was truly fired. Twenty twenty. They looked at his performance. Said you get this guy to work. What's wrong with you all right so with that. That is the falcons draft class. This is you know this. One feels top-heavy and i think as you mentioned allen that you know not having any picks day to giving up that second third feels like you know some potential missed opportunities with what we talked about in free agency. What we've talked about in the draft. What's your overall assessment of the job. Dmitrov did in his second to last year. With the falcons boston. We look at like just you look at what. The was a drafts. Like what was the point that free agencies. Okay maybe a gun carpenter brown made wanted them but then you get lynched him and just why. Bring back some Gary just seemed like there was so much invested. No but then it became an overabundance of it because you look at the other side dealines after twenty t inside. You're still going to try out busy. Mckinley another two first route. You're a went through a full season them underwhelming at least maybe bringing slick with them. I know cleveland's could. He's not something that you want to depend on. Play forty forty five steps. I just think they should have really investor's edge rusher that's free agency and attracts his put more stock in a deal. I'd rather just go so have you though line. So i think that's where you know. The big mistake was whereas whole. Really overlying big diesel. We kind of knew marcia player and then just ammo the some the scientists sima complete over. What you went to train gives okay. So where and brown or quote unquote players warren. Start the season. They look at their contracts like again peeling starters al-anon here. Yeah so i i remember seeing unquote I think maybe schultz like j romero or blank spoke to quin mutually. We get the soul. I patched up but it's a long way to get it fixed and there's one way to just really put too much emphasis on that. Still looking tina was the disaster. And so that was like you know like on ryan harm's way but there was still games. Where your whole old line was a complete disaster so yet as disolve season was a rough one in is reason why there are consequences for it happened quite the time to which should be but eventually did happen. Yeah i would say the moves in this offseason are ultimately within the getting dmitrov fired as you said the over investment into trying to fix those positions and then to your point just sort of completely whipping on that and the fact that you also have all that cap space tied up in those positions in you know if we look at those contracts. It made it hard you know. The falcons had to take it on the chin where jim brown was concerned where they end up cutting him and you know james carpenter. They're going to take it on the chin a little bit with dead money if they cut him going into the twenty twenty one. So you know. The team suffered some long term consequences for those guys. Not working out and again that ultimately falls on the general manager. Into your point alan and i think this is the the thing that resonates with falcons fans the most all of this was done at the expense of continuing to not properly address the defensive line now were they able to predict the tap. Kinley completely you know fall off a cliff and suffer all these injuries. Probably not and. I think you have to give your first round. Picks a time to try to develop but again. There's just not adequate depth on that defensive line and they didn't do much to address it and the moves they did make Especially free agency just seemed to be disjointed with what their overall strategy was. So yeah. i'm with you. This feels like a lot of desperation. Out of thomas dmitrov in this two thousand nineteen season. His moves just seemed like he. He was trying to do everything he could. As general manager to to fix you offensive line and as a as a result it was actually more of a disaster because the overinvested didn't give a good return on that. So yeah i'm with you. I've one of his worst seasons could cause if you lead twenty team together a deal abbas bad because they never cover car from losing clayborn and po and then you select Just wasn't a guide. Mckinley had strong start but then faded that you just saw a trauma claimed was on the field to mention Now who never really got chance. Just weird i would just like. There's not enough town here. At than the off season they'll pay claiborne back. Which is cool that bailey in davidson eastern rotational piece. But who somebody that could actually be like a difference maker who guys present. A challenge is like okay. I know you want to invest in your first round picks. Busy mclean all these opportunities but using needs to challenge because you saw two thousand eighteen a bed and what he known twenty nine like it. It was still one point. Put no they were like breaking bed while you're in a houston game. Oh yeah he couldn't even couldn't even touch watson and then guts a point where they quinn eventually not being d d coordinated more change things a little bit but you know they just in learn their lesson from two thousand eighteen defensively. You should seem defensively. How bad they were and they just didn't make any major changes whether they put too much stock in the fact that okay. Quincy takeover everything. They did too much of that but you need personnel new. Just didn't have the personal. Yeah and exactly and ultimately when it comes to the personnel that falls on the general manager as we talked about the second last season. And i think this offseason set him up in losing his job the following year so alan. That concludes the two thousand eighteen. Season under thomas metron. Why don't you remind listeners where they can find you what you have gone. You can find me out of the underscore and as guys phony on twitter at alcoholic. You updates for this podcast alcoholic pod and of course articles daily alchoholic dot com allen. Start is dave walker. Thank you guys listening. Talk with you next time.

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