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Support for this podcast and the following message come from Google from Connecticut California from Mississippi to Minnesota. Millions of businesses are using Google tools to grow online learn. How Google is supporting businesses in your state at Google dot com slash economic impact live from N._p._R.? News in Washington. I'm Lakshmi Sang in a victory for Labor. Rights advocates the U._S. House has approved an increase in the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars over the next several years. Here's N._p._R.'s Kelsey Snell reports. The increase is widely supported by Democrats but it's not expected to make it through the G._O._p.. Dominated Senate House Democrats are cheering the passage of legislation to gradually increase the federal minimum wage over the course of six is years the bill which passed the House with three Republicans voting along with all but six Democrats would also phase out a separate lower wage for tipped workers but Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell already rejected the legislation in an interview. With Fox business this would depress the economy at a time of economic boom. We're not going to be doing that in the Senate. Republicans say a federal wage increase would force some companies to lay off some existing workers to keep up with the higher pay for others Kelsey Snell N._p._R.. News the capital Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says budget and debt negotiators have reached an agreement on the core elements of the deal to increase the government's borrowing cap and said a one point three trillion dollar <music> overall level for the agency budgets. That Congress passes each year. I don't think the market should be concerned. I think that everybody is in agreement that we won't do anything that puts the U._S.. Government at risk in terms of <hes> our issue of defaulting defaulting and I think that nobody wants a a shutdown and any scenario so I. I don't think the markets should be concerned and we're working hard. We'll get there one way or another mnuchin speaking on C._N._B._C. squawk box today. Iran says says that it has seized a foreign tanker that was smuggling oil in the Persian Gulf N._p._R.'s Jackie Northern reports Iran state television says the tanker had twelve crew members on board Iran says Revolutionary Guard forces impounded the foreign tanker carrying a million liters of oil. The straight of Hormuz State TV says the tanker was smuggling fuel Ron did not name the vessel but it's believed it could be a Panamanian flagship that was nearby when it stopped transmitting its location early Sunday. Although the seizure the ship doesn't appear to target a particular country the move could ratchet up and already tense situation in the Gulf the U._S. blames around for earlier attacks on other oil tankers and there was a brief standoff last week between the British navy and Iranian vessels that tried to block a British tanker from passing through the straight of Hormuz through which twenty percent of the world's crude passes Jackie North N._p._r.. News U._S. stocks are trading higher this hour the Dow Jones industrial average up forty three points at twenty seven thousand two hundred sixty two the Nasdaq has gained nearly thirty point since the open. It's at eighty two fourteen in the S._M._p.'s up fifteen points at twenty nine ninety seven from Washington. This is N._p._R.. News the Fiftieth San Diego COMECON kicks off today Comics T._V. and movie fans from all over the country crowding into the city's downtown convention center to celebrate. Deliberate their favorite parts of pop culture. N._p._R.'s Petro Mayor Is there more than one hundred thirty thousand people are expected to show up this weekend. They're here to find out about the next marvel movies shop for toys and books art strut their stuff in elaborate costumes and maybe catch a glimpse of someone famous. That's Zam Mendez. WHO's visiting for Mexico Lin Manuel Miranda will be here today alongside cast mates from the new H._B._O.? Adaptation of the Phillip Pullman in series his dark materials. The convention runs through Sunday Petro Mayor N._P._R.. News San Diego more flight. Cancellations are in store at Southwest Airlines. The carrier says today that plans to push back the day that it expects to be able to put the grounded Boeing seven thirty seven Max jets back into operation. It says it without the plane it has to drop about a hundred eighty flights a day from its schedule Boeing's Max fleet was grounded after three hundred forty. Six people were killed hill in two plane crashes in Indonesian Ethiopia involving faulty flight control software. The Max was bowing top-selling plane until it was forced to suspend deliveries now too long term mortgage rates which are higher this week after they'd held steady.

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