1927: Hella Black Hella Proud


I listened to the Black Guy who tips podcast because rotten care hot when I wake up a recognized looking them before the pay-cut for how Musavi looking from the face down we'll make eleven even bone from the base down scaling. Let me tell you about my life. Painkillers only put me in twilight will pretty put the highlight. That's my Mama. I love it but this will. I like Lord knows twenty of them in my Chevy Telemacho give me we've been everything I thought it was coming. Heavy never preliminary hearing some record their mother fuck against it sounds record. Tell the word I know is two boys and girls. I think I go craze down the side my vices day when you won't believe that I say when you know we've been endowment FO- nee pride was low looking like where we'll be gold now and we hate Popo WanNa kill his dad industry plus show the peaches though I didn't like the rest of lakes hey hey wanted to the blackout podcast with your ride and Kim we going to be are right Nigga Week O._P._R.. Right him into your filming we all right I I'm to be towed like that's my lifts. My Spirit's Theriot's Negro spiritual clad is you can find items stitcher problematic. Leave us by star reviews and let us know what you think about the show. I'll make them nice and we'll read them. On the air the official web another show is as as an unofficial sport and bullet ball to the muffin extreme you could find the website the blackout dot com and leave comments on episodes as well. You can vote an oppose there. You can leave us voicemails as long as they're two minutes left seven zero four five seven zero one eight six and email is the blackout tips at g mail dot Com all right before we can even really get into the show we got a UH got us to talk about. Go ahead and get into those before he was the problem all twitter problematic. It was a problem on rb charts okay would you you like free stuff I do. I also like free stuff care. I guess it's one of the things we haven't come well. 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I'm not bad this to six Ma'am side. That's W._t.. Avocado T._V. D._O._T.. Adam and Eve dot com when you go to check out D._V._D.. W._T.. In October checkout adamantly DOT COM get half. I'll get ten free gifts free shipping movies. I mean come on guys. They got sexy. Toys are going to be in a box. I mean do this for yourself or oil for your loved. Ones really for both for each other. Okay do whatever we gotta do all right now. You can start clever. Ak I hate to go into overtime in this part is for free so in a chess. Please play point in twenty nineteen. You'd better pay that point if again okay first of all these people create impor- now here. He's putting their bodies in livelihood on the line for us at Harlem okay the same way too. I hope you I'll pay our premium podcasts as independent producer hope. I'll pay for your point you know saying there's nothing wrong with that. Stigma stereotype came from and plus a lot is point out here is sketchy his foot so you'd be out here watching for and you'll know what's going to happen. NIGGA walk through eating sandwich ran in the background in the room right fuck out the whole move somebody going to check the fucking smoke smoke detector. Maybe knocking on a dumb right like this is real shit like now absorbed into these motherfuckers problems because my wow she don't even have childcare. I don't know if they should be thrown in this right. We had a baby theater right now. Asked a real ass problem and I'm involved be calling V._H._S.. Come out around the whole scene at the video for context clues win. Was this happening. Where was is that the local news in the background? Let me turn volume loan Besson so I could see what they was just okay so they talking about oil spill on the West Coast and they live in Palmetto. That's a local news so apparently just having a California. Oh my God this was three weeks ago. Someone needs to call the police. Get this child into child services not a safe environment and that just all having why because I clicked on video that I didn't pay for that I just say hey. I just want to click on things. Okay so you gotta pay for one way to other out saying get you so nice. Ethical Ethical Okay Adam and Eve porn sometimes played paydays performance. These sex workers that we support paid them for they work. That's put their bodies online so you don't have to you don't want to you can just enjoy air work. Help them. Help you okay. You know what they have important. They don't have an amateur shit they can do more than once they can say hey take to take no more than once seen yeah when walked across the camera. Eating Sandwich does not say oh gears asked about it here. Let's start over at talk. You're fired Iraqi. We get another man in here. Okay we got got rules and list of stuff. You're not supposed to be doing watch more. Sometimes you like our noticed. That was okay like the on her face. Is that all right. I don't the day it was something that they all through yeah. How's that can central? Do they check that off now. You don't have to wonder with this ethical adamantly porn from some of your favorite porn stars. There's nothing wrong with like porn or paying for your porn. There's nothing the sign where we pay for music or whatever style you know until anyway I support. That's all I wanNA say now back to. The show. Okay got a lot of stuff out here guys. Let's see at rocky news man. He got friends in high places. The White House helped ace at rocky secure better prison conditions according to the White House does so you know I never know trump's. I know I know at one point day. Swede towns it. Nobody talked to us so yeah so cam car dashing Kanye West lobby also lobby jared Kushner who is like the head of prison prison reform right now under the trump administration to intervene Iraqis case Jared Amelie Guy Rocky mood better living conditions pastor derail Scott the black Kundu. That'd be fucking with the with the trumps the U. R. C. toll pay six exclusively. They had this guy in Crappo. I don't know of his different different facility that he's now in but he's at least on different floor is better surroundings Scott said Ian Colleague Kareem Linear tell trump about situation as well trump asked. Do you like God you trust them and he said okay we're looking toward there. It was never publicity. Grab is just this administration trying to help an American citizen overseas who's in Dire Straits Jericho Sunday evening and said that is looking optimistic yeah one the things is interested in about the trump administration is there are so many people that will line up but you know typically coon types. Sometimes you're ultra walks will do it to what are we. Try to imply that somehow he's doing more for black people and more prison reform than the Obama administration but it's all nepotism. It's all like if someone's famous takes a interest in pardoning a specific person or changing a specific guideline law then look into that case on like you know the apprentice dikshit individually yeah but that's not an actual light mandate or helping black people in general you a black person yeah. He don't do something that would help mass amount of people right but but I've seen people try to like floated out there on for my he doing more for prison reform than Obama did and it's like that's not true because you really point out how ignorant you are by saying that stupid shit and yet because a lot of she did Obama had any place day rolling on that Bush it back <hes> Yeah Sweden wants to keep as Iraqi for extra week <hes> 'cause the Friday will last Friday was the first day he could have been released and they say now we good <hes> Donald trump offers to guarantee bail for ace out rocky <hes> how when from another country right I don't yeah I mean obviously you just can't trust anything. Lina turns out M._S.. Mouth this tablet like I mean obviously if you're in prison you won't any help you can get agreed. I get I get it. I'm not trying to disparage. You're in prison. I'm sure it does a fucking matter but also I have my up choice my druthers. Here's the least like the one I want the least amount to help me because he probably lying. Why did this and I paid a bail if y'all let them out might he probably didn't even probably nine way to Fuck Indu Day he just said H J and then the media goes on report like Yep he trump in doing his best and it's like you sit in jail? Meanwhile I nothing has changed. You know so who knows what's true and was not but I think that's the latest updates would do. He's still in jail though it does out and Mattis. He's still in jail yeah so the Camp K.. Try and get involved. I mean it's funny funny lie because you know people don't like her Blah Blah Blah. I don't give a fun of Snoop Dogg called her out on so mike you need help him. y'All need to do this and advocate at rocky on like instagram and she did it named people was like she gets no credit. I'm like I don't know which I won't like. They don't understand not like white women but sometimes it's just it's it's almost too far because it's like you set the bar and then when they crossed the bar as what you demand it is still somehow fucked up like oh sure oh you got free but what about other people in jail like I don't even know the tear you like. Just don't pay attention because it's really ridiculous to even ask for that Shit just so you can like Ray mood ago post actors done allow alive come to the conclusion a lot of them outrage Blah Blah no matter what you do. They're gonNA find a way to outrage flop to make the situation about them. They're not particularly heard and not going to give credit regardless of what she does. You know we'll fuck you and everything you do. Fuck doc you even if you helped somebody is still a fuck you Yoda's not logical like I I mean I met. Maybe I'm the one isn't does not so here this. It doesn't make no sense. I cannot like you. You do some positive I could say. It's still a fuck you but I'm appreciate the good deed beat. Some people will just no nuance a buck you regardless of what you do and you do everything else but Wanna give the people credited when credit's due. Yes shows just to see <hes>. Let's see that Bagel byles do short guy got in the Bagel boss restaurant. Apparently he's GonNa be. He signed a deal to fight other viral celebs which I mean look we saw video you just don't get yo ass whooped and I guess he now getting his ass for fe yeah fifteen minutes fame in. I think they were saying they do in shooting light videos for wireless in the first ones actually viral yeah my this is just all back to my appointment. I really feel like shit was always him being like this is my time to get our video some viral fame. He's been seeking out some attention for how long probably not successfully I've heard he already had a youtube channel to add racist misogynistic share all over it and so he was like all I need to do is go. Viral is that is inciting somebody to slam me in a fucking Bego boss but it gets played on like all the T._v.. Shows then knocking like pimp debt into my fifteen minutes and I'll be headlining comedy clubs and <hes> you know now fighting fighting m._M._A.. With viral so let's just GonNa be getting his ass well but hey at least I'm getting some money and he really did get money out of this bullshit he did <hes>. Let's see what else happened. Oh when they see us earn sixteen emmy nomination for Netflix beyond say land six for homecoming come on come on through black like women also shut out the Netflix come on Air Batman's scare them at fixed on the low. That's why a lot of directors and people in Industry Been Really Shady at Netflix Amazon Hulu because they're like y'all not traditional additional movies well. That's your competition doll like some of the I'll put out. It's just shitty not today. Don't put out Shitty shit either but this is one of those things when they put out superb. She needs to be recognized as like your stuff does well. The thing I like about it is that a Netflix is a hub for a lot of people go to that. Don't traditionally get in the Hollywood mix and because of their formula they is not something where I feel like I get their marketing a strong around black lead in the podcast and the like I get all that shit good for them but I really believe a lot of Netflix stuff is formula where it's just like. Let's take a shot at things that we don't have to invest that much in correct that just keep people watching talk shows on T._v.. Movies because essentially what they're streaming platform the number one competition is actually not the movie theater is not either other streaming networks shit. I think the number one competition for them and they were smart because they were on this from job which is <hes> other people taking their original content often netflix agree. I think that's a huge thing so when you see like the office is not gonna be on there anymore or you know they're losing being siphoned Disney stuff yeah like when you see these things like damn universals taking their movies and to the universal APP with is getting a universal APP Kinda low but if someone might might be able to they might be able to take enough stuff from different companies often Netflix to where I go. Why would I watch Netflix? It's a long time ago. They decided this is going to be a problem. We won't always be able to pay king's ransom to reserve the rights the shit let's make our own stuff my own studio which is mostly them buying stuff correct them really bad hands on and making stuff is mostly them being like someone made a series and we bought us on made a movie and we bought it and it actually is really smart because it doesn't have the be good. I think they understand. It doesn't have to be good. It just needs to be interesting enough to get you to click on it or for you to go. Oh new stuff came out this week. I guess I'll keep paying for Netflix right. <hes> oh stranger things came out this week. I guess I'll keep paying for Netflix. Oh Jessica John came out this week. Guess I'll keep paying for Netflix right but it's like more. We'll take your stuff off. Dizzy takes US stuff. Universal takes US stuff I've did D._C.. Comics is taking stuff off the C._W.. Taking stuff eventually netflix mostly also be like a few a handful of movies and then all netflix original content and part of that is them sayings like let's look in the margins and then the margins is stuff like a mini series about the exonerated five. That's a that right. There is a a marginal store. That's the story that a lot of networks look at me like we don't want to invest the money in the film Innis. We don't want to invest a time of having four hour long along the big ass cast. We're not doing much shit on Netflix for by I mean it's kind of good today by any and everything because some of these stories don't get old <hes> even now. I'm GONNA say his shop that around but I'll bet you netflix money's no object what do you need from us right and it kept it completely silent. No you know all Indiana's and everything right shut out to these nominations because these are two del Baz black moments and getting a a lot of getting a lot of nominations recognition and on a low just like every you know quote unquote work out there because basically Netflix is a network quote unquote network television streaming service like you said when you say they do the margin margin they go on the margins yes and also does minds and are a lot of marginalized people people that otherwise like you say wouldn't get platforms wouldn't get looked a lot of brown people a lot of you know comedians and things like that actually otherwise would wouldn't have got a shy is good or bad they don't here as long as you're there watching yeah. I just watched a Mike special last night. <hes> and I didn't even notice it was out. 'cause it's just so many specials on there. Now I think these are has is one two and if those I thought it was funny I thought it was real. Already is funny so you know if you don't think he's funny. I don't you know there's nothing I can say to make you wash this or whatever but and not personally you know what I like something. That doesn't necessarily mean it. You'll like it so like so you write some shit like I didn't like it Rai oh. I can't believe you tell me I didn't tell you watch it sure didn't this is my pocket some giving my opinion and I liked it. I thought it was superfly can find me and our sows cracking up. He just reminds me of like an uncle ETRO barbecue. y'All got company who just starts showing the fuck out like with all the jokes and acting stupid and all that shit like I that's how you know so that was funny. You got a good special but much promotion for winter. No he had a special honestly never coexist relevant recommends some other to you and Bam you know algorithm is really good. You know it might be off a little bit but most of the time if you like something you might like this to ours are isn't the same jammer yeah and then what's funny is at that I watched. I've been trying to watch this movie for like a month or two is a car. Remember remember earth remedy world or something like that one of those two as a sophomore movie about kids teenage kids summer camp and alien invasion happens while they're there and it was the goddamn worst saying it was so bad for I don't know what the movie supposed to be because it's like got kids in it but then there's a whole lot of cussing in sexual innuendo jokes but no nudity or anything like that so this weird line of like parents are going to click on this thing and they can watch this thing with kids. It is really not you know like immediately. They're talking about fuck and bitch and shit so this is not that great or whatever but anyway my point being like necklaces exclusive just like you need something to click on. It doesn't matter as good Adam. Adam Sandler has a big deal with Netflix because people will click on his shit. They will say so anyway. I'm glad that these are good shows. Polls also got nominated. Chernobyl got nineteen nominations of Berry guy nominations like it was I mean game got thirty two nominations then they got the most Arab I didn't they yes. I'M GONNA act on game of thrones <unk> commit themselves for consideration for the Emmys Gwendolyn Christie submitted herself and it was nominated which is funny because that's actually why quit my last job as a logistics certain transportation logistics analysts is it makes me for me and I've been there for. I've been there for several years and I mean I was playing the role of an adult. They had no idea who I really was <hes> as I was going into work every day pretend to be competent professional who was focused on work and never got caught not once I came across Lebanon still no emmy nomination. I citizen myself. I wish I asked him myself. My new you could do that. I would've just sent him a real among looking at spreadsheets or sitting in meetings going interesting but it didn't happen so I I had to lead a job. Komo Christie and the people now nominated. Let's see what else happened. Oh Sad news so the African American Museum Founders Sadie Roberts Joseph who people were like. I said I didn't WANNA cover story at first because there was very little information and people were going completely on a deep dive of conspiracy theories and this is the Blackley did they found a car right okay and we all knew the that's suspicious. Well we didn't know is any more details no and sometimes happens with certain type of suspicious deaths because the police don't Wanna I put all the details in the media because the person listen to my be the killer the suspects whatever and now they're out there like ooh cool. I know what the police no. I can lie about this or whatever so you just. Don't you know you might not hear anything for a few days and this is is one of those cases. I'm not saying I always feel this way but this more specifically I I got a real bad feeling of like this year could be anything and especially when we're talking about black women. You're talking about the number one targets of like domestic. Violence Sexual crimes a lot of physical intro communal violence and stuff so I didn't want to just be out there like clearly. The white man is out here killing our black women but this because she was activist. Let's find out breath and then we'll we'll see you know maybe that would have been or whatever but that's not what it turned out to be so far <hes> they have charged convicted sex offender <hes> with her murder <hes> according to W._B._R._C. Baton Bruce Police arrested thirty eight year old ron bail and charged him with first degree murder after originally being booked as a fugitive Monday night at these failed to pay a fee related to a sex offender registration police say bail was renting space in a property robbers Joseph owned I and believe he killed her because the old one twelve hundred dollars in background isn't clear robbers Joseph New of bills criminal background prior to her death so she may have been trying to help you know brother a second chance Adam risen or whatever <hes> who knows you know she may not have known or done. You know what I who knows either way but in two thousand seven he pleaded guilty to sexual battery involved inaugural girl rather than face a potential life sentence for aggravated rape he reportedly agreed to a plea deal that put them in prison for seven years. <hes> wow just seven years <hes> Sadie Robert Joseph the founder of Odell s Williams now and the Museum of African American history was founded and Trunka conflict so it's just back to the to the detail so yeah. That's what happened very sad. You know obviously very angering and yeah that's why I think is ask gotta go to prison. I don't feel bad about that. Honestly he could get the diplomat. I wouldn't give a fuck so and I know I'm not only one that feels that way. You know what I'm saying and if that makes me a bad person or bad progressive or liberal partisan okay then I guess I'm bad fucking <hes> some people shouldn't be on this fucking and he ended up taking one violated that we know of NIHRO girl and then he ended up taking the life of a person that actually spent the whole life helping people so I don't know if you can look at that Shit and be like there should be no prisoners or some shit. You're completely different than me and good luck to you not saying you're you're wrong or you got a good part but this shit is Craig. I don't know oh how to flip you. Look at this and just go yeah unfazed. They should just figure a way to put them in. You know not put them. In prisoners on some need to go to prison he wind and I say even worse death and we don't like as much as people talk about like prison and criminal justice system being unfair it is unfair to a lot of black and brown people. It's very privileged in our society and it translates to our justice system. I'm not advocating name for like no reform of justice system or criminal college but some of this shit is heinous as we know that privilege. There's a judge who stepped down this week. He was the guy who spared rape suspect because he was from a quote unquote good family yeah one of those good rapist you guys know Type New Jersey Supreme Court terminated assignment of Judge James Troiano. I know Ron Troiano who spared a team rape suspect from adult court due to good family excellent school wonder what guest right right right. I don't know I'm just saying that's not. I don't have the answer. Okay my that's something is why the suspect allow people don't come from good families New Jersey High Court action Wednesday after two against two judges who face criticism over their comments and cases involve Sexual Assault Jersey Supreme Court terminate temporary assignments states appearing superior the Court Judge James Toriano who declined to order a sixteen year old rape suspect tried in adult court because you came from quote unquote good family he is retired having recall to serve in the MONMOUTH county. He requested the hardcore Indians assignment following widespread condemnation of his remarks. This young man comes from family who put him into a excellent school when he was doing extremely well where he was doing extremely well. He is clearly candidate for not just college but probably for Good College. He further wanted this alleged style of the toxic teenager which was accorded on video could even be classified as rate what also Wednesday to court recommended that State Superior Court Judge John Judge John Russo Junior be removed on a bench. I remember this guy in twenty sixteen. He asked a woman at a hearing. If she had closed her lays could have prevented the sexual assault and joked about these days later court personnel <hes> <hes> and of course they will strongly criticized and the public and all that stuff but I mean that doesn't get anyone to justice you know numerous public officials called for Toronto Toriano and State Superior Court Judge Marsha silver to be removed from the bench silver called an alleged sexual assault of a twelve year old girl by sixteen year old not in especially heinous or cruel offense and the Rousseau case the supreme court is speaking harsher punishment than recommended earlier this year by judicial ethics commission that suggested a three-month unpaid suspension <hes> though some members push for six Russo has contended he was only trying to listen more information from the woman as a at a hearing before the Supreme Court this month. Those attorney say he was remorseful. I have learned his lesson the fuck that when you make decisions lines like that you shouldn't be allowed to judge game because you honestly US show me that George judgment is not good like like that's lily what you show me you show me and they should go back and review other cases that you've done and did you ruled on like this. <hes> all right. Let's see just one those elsewhere. All articles will just terrible things that make me angry but it is what it is it is kids could end up separated from their parents if their parents are unable to pay the their lunch debt in schools <hes> hours reasonableness when in this one is is kind of interesting the school had to backtrack Knob itches. y'All say what you say in the people that did does this had to come out and it was like hey we can't do that like day. Allying quit ten allies own us. The school was yeah like the school is lying. We cannot dot com and take your children because you don't pay quit lying on us. It's so weird that our society I mean at schools are public thing in most cases right so you talking about public schools who are essentially acting like they're debtor's prison or acting like they can lie incarcerate. You you know like threaten you with this shit out of nowhere really right because of federal government allows them to who knows what the state governments those things where if people can't pay is our is the reason why they cannot pay and we've seen stories when restaurants or local people try to bring give money to the school to pay and the site. We'll says we can't figure out which children we can't even take the money like what Pennsylvania School district is warning that children could end up in foster care of their parents. Do not pay overdue school lunch bills the letter I can't recently to about ten thousand two parents and Wyoming Valley West School district have led the complaints from parents and a stern review from the lasagna county child welfare authorities because this is not dying. If I can't tell you what the fuck a letter gotta go do not a Goddamn thing zero zero zero bitch right down the district says that is trying to collect one at twenty thousand dollars and other methods to get pairs to pay not been successful for payers. Oh at least four hundred undefeated dollars apiece. The lead claims the unpaid bills could lead to dependency hearings and removal of their children for not providing food. You can be sent to dependency core for neglecting your child's right the food. The result may be your child being taken from your home and kid letter it at a complaints district officials announced. They plan to send out a less threatening letter next week. The fuck so we started was good hop back up. Hey about lastly. We got a little little carried away. We want our money well. I please you know what I mean. We're not gonNA like take your kids and call Tau Services on new. They couldn't do that and you fucking scare me when false information <hes> yeah Luzerne county manager and Chow Welfare Agency director have written superintendent the Superintendent insisting the district stop making what they call false claims eight the letters call ah the district's actions troubling and a misrepresentation how to children and Youth Service Department and his foster care programs operate ideas. This can't do that right. Wow Me Valley's west <hes> lawyer Charles Koslic say he did not let us to be threatening the puck you didn't them. I love you note. He's also the lawyer for the school. Like what would you say you know. We Dave up no. I don't use it it to be a threat. Look always say we will take take your keys from you. I really WANNA vacation babysitter. I mean why why why would it be if they got food in house. Hopefully they get their attention and certainly did didn't it devil's advocate advocate mother fucker. You know what is did on me. Nothing it because guess what if I ain't got it you ain't got but getting their attention. What does that matter right? This like being like what what else can school do. I don't know I gotTA. I got an alert on my phone. It's been shooting at my my child. School's been a school shooting. I gotta get up there. Check on my baby and he run up there and donate black now. What about that lunch? Will you got the pulpit distributor. Like what does this me. What else can it's been a fire okay of everyone? All the children have died the smoke inhalation. Oh my God you'll child is dead. It's GONNA cost hundreds of dollars and a burial child. You need to come over here and check on a you get maybe like did you bring that hundreds. It's a dollar the burial 'cause we actually need food. Your child's fire. They actually impede class right now and I think that they really frustrates me about this. Is that my tax going up any fucking way like I have to pay my taxes state. Federal County City Knicks Dole taxes go up just pray to pay it all pay the whole what happened the education lottery everybody had educate your lottery and Audi stays at a lot of <hes> dedicated still need some money for school like I don't know man. It just seems so ridiculous like are they gonNa hold hostage next time Mike Dawson a ransom not house. It's not going to be the next letter is going to be like from magazines that have been cut it out and and pasted to a sheet of paper soon the money or your child would not come home from school. We would like the exact amount of money you owed to the lunch department like how approve initiation rite right kids go ski mask Shit right granted graduate or some shit right. Oh my God so yeah wow did he do that and especially not having a power but just morally charlie. Why would you do that or Lee Guy All right? <hes> labor fight roles Bernie Sanders campaign as workers demand the fifteen dollar hourly paid. Here's proposed for employees. He's nationwide some they pay the. What are you going to do today to moral this guy? The guys fizzing he's busy tastes like she was because you know what it tastes like this to me told us that <hes> fifteen dollars it was the minimum for everybody but him and in life federally livable wage he just couldn't make it on less than fifteen attain came actually detained polls speaking platform for a lot of a lot of candidates in election and in a lot of cities fifteen still kind of below the poverty light. No you can't even get a win a one bedroom apartment in some cities for less than twenty dollars an hour so you're not paying your people fifteen new in paying your people in England yeah yeah and it ain't like you ain't got the money because you showed in. Take them be as dollars you raised and help nobody on downtick an Democratic Party no S. A. That is kind of interesting. Yeah unionized campaign organizers work working Bernie Sanders presidential ever are battling with his management arguing that the compensation in a treatment they are receiving does not meet the standard standards exposes in his rhetoric. According to internal communications I mean as much as he seems advocate for the common man in the socialist democratic democratic no same he will be appeasing pretty much anything that his workers wanting just 'cause you know that's kind of what he preaches same. This'll be a non story like they wouldn't even have to unionize. Almost he'd be like Nah. I you know campaign. Field hires have demanded an annual salary that says we they say will be the equivalent of fifteen dollars an hour wage which standards for years or said it should be the federal minimum the organizing other employees reporting have invoked the senators worse and principles and making their case to campaign manager FIS care the documents review by the Washington Post else and this has mae standing up for workers essential tamers presidential campaign this year Martin McDonald's employees who are seeking higher wages pressing Walmart shareholders to pay workers more and showing solidarity with university personnel on strike the independent <hes> from Vermont has probably touted his campaign is the first presidential effort to unionized employees and his defense of the working class. It's been a signature element of his brand of democratic socialism and rallying cry for the populist movement. He claims Lee yeah a review of emails instant measure that other documents obtained by the post show that the conflict dates back to at least may remains unresolved the documents were provided by the post to the pulse on condition anonymity 'cause sensitivity acitivity at the private talks the campaign late Thursday issued a statement lauding. It's Union contract. We know our campaign office. Wages benefits competitor of the campaigns as a show by the latest fundraising reports every member of the campaign from the candidate candidate owned joined this movement in order to defeat Donald Trump and transform America Bernie Sanders is the most pro-worker pro Labor candidate running for president. We have tremendous staff who are working hard Bernie and I both GonNa believe in the sanctity of the collective bargaining process we will not deviate from our commitment to it. You know what I heard while while on awhile ally wow wow why fifteen thousand our base that's what you brown. I don't give a fucking competitive with everybody else us fifteen yeah what I didn't hear was fifteen dollars. That's what I did not hear her. Competitive wages talk about competitive wages bitches that fifteen right I read audit shift for no reason no reason that was <hes> that's not actually a number come on competitive ENA number we look forward to continue to work closely with our members and management <hes> for the twenty twenty campaign Um to assure our workers have respect indignity in the workplace our workers. I'm respect you'll broke as dignified as okay. I was practically you'll broke as we dignity. I don't know what you <hes> look look ten hours Pitino. What's the difference really I mean hey we all say fitting and ain't really enough either so what's to be between us and team? You might not have enough and to say it was the money on the back end. Look we're all all committee okay. Bernie Sanders millionaires is committed my hundred thousand s committee among and you'll broke as we all committed again justice for the little man for the average American worker and that's really what is about and we are competitive with these other other campaigns that don't pay people so you just look around the landscape. I mean look they not paying. We not paying is like is Kinda. Even so good luck also don't forget the attorney knows posters at the end of the night because needs to work time okay yeah you might not get paid time. Where have you get time and a half? Hey that's been dollars so that is look at it that way we pay ten you get time and a half so we really do pay fifteen dollars <music> our after forty so good luck and don't ask if I know damn healthcare you know have Cain the driver estimates feel organized. We're working sixty hours per week at minimum was then dropped their hourly pay to less than thirteen dollars. It said that many field staffers are barely managing to survive financially which is really impacting our tiring teams productivity and morale. Some organizers have left the campaign as a result. You feel organize our lowest cast in politics apart from volunteers often people in their twenties up root themselves mood a far-flung parts of the country to work long hours and gang campaign experiencing how stress environment right by urging these workers in Unionized Sanders understands campaign opened the path to negotiate for more than the low wages they typically have prevailed in the past campaigns. They're seizing the opportunity. The Sanders campaign may history and marching announced all employees will go to rank of deputy director would be represented by a union <hes> we're audited this campaign the campaign the I have unionized workforce and then they start asked Shit and there was like oh I mean 'cause we got a union. I mean use it to get some. Oh Shit Oh. Hey we didn't think our going on all that can't give back to work and sixty hours a week alone as we look bad man. Okay everybody go back behind the curtain. Okay does not we've it. We have a union. They'll be like you know y'all have like out. A piece of this is a lot guess what I thought the Union go towards yeah. We didn't know yeah I was going to do the keys to work temperature. I realized it was going to be like no no real union yeah the the Union and Sanders campaign collective the bargaining agreement that went into effect on my second expires March thirty two thousand twenty one agreement establish wage classifications for national state staff ranger for fifteen dollars an hour for interns cavs canvassers to one hundred thousand dollars annual salary for bargaining <music> a unit deputies feel organizers who are in front of the campaign. It's crucial vote. A contract efforts were to be paid not by hours work but an annual salary of thirty six thousand dollars with regional field directors would be paid okay forty eight thousand dollars annually and Statewide Department directors ninety thousand a year. It's not completely clear why the ways few began so swiftly add to the campaign in the Union recent initial agreement though at that point the campaign had yet to similar sprawling roster Phil organized so y'all doing those jobs then y'all establish this this union apparently without their input this agreement these you hire the people and then they started doing a job say wait for thirty six thousand dollars Malaysia actually demanding a lot more work than these AL's down right like I'm on. I'm salaried so I can't demand more work more money so now stuck in the thirty six. Our job is making thirty six thousand dollars our your job. That's actually making me work sixty hours a week to get that right so when you tackle laid it out I'm not I'm making a lot less. Write us. She gave people in them savary raise jobs and certain positions yeah you salary but they don't tell you we're GonNa hundred twenty hours a week. So by the town you figure it out you actually making Western. The prisons are working for our so then they had this means. You're care can convene an all staff meaning during which he recommended raising the pay for Phil organized the forty two thousand dollars and changing the work week specifications according to the email he later wrote the union drab indicated what he was seeking to change in the work week was actually extending into six days my Nigga so we will give give you an extra like extra six thousand dollars. They'll put back above fifteen dollars an hour even with the overtime but we need you work extra day a week so no weekends one day out C._B._S.. Sports with boat so he could make budget decisions and decide how many feel organizers to hire the Union rejected is offering extra fucking yesterday also because a raise whatever elevated field staff to pay low responsible for paying more of their own healthcare costs according to the draft proposal the union was apparent as we the campaign workers decided to press harder on July eleven dozens locked in the slack popular instant Messaging Service used by campaign employees and began bombarding should care with appeals to raise pay for field organizers see fought with around one man. These people that fuck with Bernie Sanders are a bunch of light muffin. 'cause that's willing to like shake the table they not you know they not falling in line also juices traditional. Additionally his whole thing is I'm outside the party on demand days that may or may not even be financially feasible different when you got to implement that Shit like I say he all pie-in-the-sky how you GonNa put them initiate. Nobody has no answers but now you implemented something and you didn't even know how it was going to exercise out right and the only thing that he doesn't you know he will lead. They doesn't limit his ideas on a day. He does let me his ideas on his reparations other than that. He's like anything possible. We pay off Outta debt and four years now that Shit's people like pay me pay me pay me <hes> so yeah man got something brewing over there. I guess we'll figure this out. Somehow some way to get but we will see you know as a the fucking like guy of the populace of the you know the WHO's advocating for people that don't have just download good. I know that much so all right eight okay I care about the recipe stories. This short story is yourself stupid. I I don't WanNa get into all the details of it but the fucking New York Times really covered a fucking <hes> they had like a cover story car. Have we hit have we hit peak ragas bullshit and it was like about two white people bull that did six episodes podcast weren't able to monetize it was a major advertisers and in fucking quit and then they got a fucking cover story in the New York Times. How does that work how fuck that work? Why what it was such entitlement to this whole thing insulting the people that have been podcasting elbow bitches? Who are who are you know? Who are you know your name yea? You didn't even put in that much work like why am I not making a living off this yet. You know which is a thing that you see in podcast sometime anyway. Oh you thought you were just going to be the read at the one show. Nobody like. Nobody knows what even find your. Oh Shit you. You have to put us on work. It was so ridiculous in in his very very insulting because unless you are already famous you have to put working. That's what I say. The average pie cast is lily six to ten episodes maybe but quit because they realize oh this shit is world art and the bulk of the time before you get anywhere where you're making money. You're going to have to do this shit for for you. Lily GonNa have to work like as the job before you make a dime off of it and that's the people don't understand a lot of this speaks of privilege. I'm white so oh actually bay but to say here I am and he was your flock to me. Walmart's not gonNA flock to you all my don't know who you are right and there's a lot of like I do get point the articles Fan Pete podcast but you could've talked to some successful podcast it rather than I dunno this range. You wanted to get into paper because the doesn't make sense. This is not a indication of anything you know because people will tell you how hard it is to maintain maintain a podcast and how very few people are really able to make it an actual pain venture people that have done it correct Virginian accent him though yeah expertise has value expert opinion has value like hike some of US know more about podcast and just from the fact that we've been doing it then definitely somebody who's read up on some sitters steady different six episodes. It didn't pop off in quit right right guests. I it's very frustrating because the whole article speaks of mediocrity whiteness like I'm white and I'm mediocre and I thought my whiteness was going to tap dance this money and it didn't so fuck it and Y'all wrote them them article in The New York Times bombs yeah to freelance writers looking to grow their personal brands decided to start a podcast. They called it the advice podcast and put about as much energy into this shows production as they did the name after all no one was paying them for this yet so it's almost like whoever wrote at this started with the premise of hacking point out how terrible people are podcast in and finding example of that but then go and this was this why podcast is dead. There's too many line lot washed our with them so yeah they a day failed and then they got a big law. I mean this Article Long. It's fucking is is is. I just laughed at it right. It's ridiculous fucking ridiculous. Have we reached peak blog. Somebody started a block and nothing happened. Wow Yeah like that. Thousands of other people like they're not the only people that did feel that pike as the last mediocre people to fail at it. They couldn't get me undies assigned on after a whopping sticks episodes wiping the must mean. There's too many podcasts a whole six months ago ridiculous all right. Let's see what else we got in the news of MOFFAT. Let's go to fucking with black people <hes> about that time transition into some other stuff of Oh and I forgot I make the Mitchell Walmart thing about the Bernie Sanders article glad about it this could also be because there's not just two candidates today's <hes> all these having trouble raising enough money to stay in the race because you're splitting the money twenty five ways or whatever for money can't go into one or two pots now right and I always thought Bernie Bernie Sanders was a much weaker candidate and people advertise because half of his height was lifted literally just people that getting like Hillary Clinton but wanted to vote for Democrat right and that was a big part of his high. I was like when this you guys we give privacy on this fucking show and people sometimes things being petty or shady or whatever the Fultz what you know what man I have been right. I never get my fucking apologies. These never come find me shit on me on their own podcast on twitter or these emails they never come find me and say you know right you turn out to be right. I said because Bernie was running against Hillary Clinton and not anyone else really that Dude o'malley dropped out like after just a month or two so I said because of that he was looking more attracted to people then he really was and that if you would have had you know Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren and all these people running twenty sixteen he would want that he would probably dropped even below them but he looked like a strong candidate which was essentially just an illusion because it was the disdain of Hillary Clinton and made him seem like a strong candidate correct. He's older the shell will look. He's angry Arri and all this shit and people really that found an affinity for him. Many of them had not really even fucked with that do like that before twenty sixteen so and I don't mean that in the negative way that's what campaign is about you. Learn about a guy and you go sounds like an. I like this person right but at the time it was really like he was a guy was an outsider in the party who present it <hes> who ran as independent until he couldn't have until he had to run as a D.. Democrat try to win correct who has always been like super critical of all the mainstream Democrats period eight ran on like angst he ran on liberal angst and it was like okay for the people that don't WanNa go all the way to racism with Donald Trump but they would like to go to Fuck Hillary Clinton they will vote for me and nothing else a it was a proven to put it in a lot of his online support being from those quota core Bernie Bros.. which is over real fucking thing I because I was harassed is by them? Death threats all that shit so anyway to go through all that shit like I was the whole time I was like at some point is not it's not even about <hes> is literally just he's anyone but Hillary but not on that was that was what he got a lot and it damaged Hillary Clinton in large way and that's why somebody has voters were able to go from him to trump correct because it's not about his policies trump's policies of the furthest away from Bernie's it was just like and Hillary Clinton. I like Wendy separation from Barney they agree. I think it was on ninety two percent of things they voted the same so we're talking about somebody who looked a lot stronger in field of just two choices once you throw Oh him in field of twenty five choices he might not be able to pour that same amount of like front row like people thought hilly won't run Bernie will be the automatic front runner twenty twenty is going to be a just easy cakewalk. It's been struggle with a do yeah because a lot of people didn't realize time because we ran right like and that's also and this is giving you know creditors do that's also credit to the unifying power and the leveraged of a Hillary Clinton right because Hillary Clinton was a leader in a boss I like I don't really care all about me for saying that but I mean it and I believe it and breathing. You can tell us because you got the party in line. She's like no no my turn. Everybody stick to fuck down. You're supporting me or you. Shut the fuck. Let's go and Ali person they wanted to fight her was Bernie Sanders from outside the party right so so like she was a boss. We don't have any more bosses. There is no bosses pastas time <hes> nobody stands out and to me. I'm like that could be a good thing because now you have this democratic like scramble for the top and we're going to see who can hack it but in a way but in a way this is also revealing some of flaws in these candidates in the weaknesses because like I say Bernie Sanders no longer shoe in <hes> Joe Biden out there looking flabby and sick but still leading many of the polls Kamala Harris people to bring her perkasa prosecutorial record and stuff she just this week really started making the case for her so spotify. She has an interview. Jemil's podcast like I think the New York Times may ever even wrote something about like hey this is the other side dotted critiques. You've been hearing about her prosecutorial record like this like even what hurt though she has her dings s still a black woman you know despite whatever the fuck people say you know there's still black woman still dealing with racism misogyny and Shit so there's a lot of stuff that you know Elizabeth Warren People Love Elizabeth she out a plan for everything still somehow not just the chaos Black Women Love Elizabeth Warren but we still can't have that moment of like she's the clip front runner right right right and then you got splitting money or getting more press like pre Pete Buddha gic who gets all this press but really to me at least doesn't really seem like he's that savvy of a candidate but he is great at preps right so anyway all that stuff to bring that Bernie Sanders no longer has a feel that it's just him in another person so he lined. I had a money what is might not have been a issue for years ago. It was like of course we can pay them fifteen dollars an hour yeah of course we we have more volunteers even like probably had to say amount of volunteers might have had the same staff <hes> because those people are split among twenty candidates now yeah so that was the starting to consider guys so all right now. Let's get to to fucking with black people the fuck fuck depot. That's right guys Tana play the game that we all hate the play as fucking black people again it goes around the globe and size dipper point scores two different things that we see we for the auto harder and twenty five for how much we fuck this black people today's contestants everybody all right. I don't know this Sean on my screen because us he's been couldn't have lately has been lately so caring. You'll let me know it actually shows my firefighters screen. Share your screen your syringe-sharing <hes> so as not actually showing fire Fox <hes> this is not Muslim allows the <hes> yeah yeah. I'M GONNA try so mouse so reach out to them. Yeah I should I keep getting at the crowd asked over to hit them up and be like hey this working anymore right. I'll do what I can do but until then let me see think I share mine tires green and maybe that work <hes> vows to get it to show yeah shift. Should've Eli easier to do all right well the first article Amazon under fire for using white woman tomato Helo Black Hella proud swimsuit still not showing it. Now I see this okay. Thank people are dragging Amazon on social media for the very peculiar way when retailer chills to market a swimsuit according to Huffpost B._B._B. R._T._d.. Mellon poppin Melanin pop in Canada as what it says <hes> use Amazon ought to sell a one piece by the suit that Red Hella black held a proud and but there was one problem to model was white in fact the company had been using the same stock investors sell products that feature slogan specific the people of Color like Melanin popping and Brazilians do a better <hes> me Brazilian wax. Do you mean Melanesia freckles what was happening. <hes> Craig's blasted the company on reviews listing offensive question a choice of model when M.'s I use a row I let's address them out on this picture. Would there have been hard too hard to actually find someone who actually is hell of black hillbrow others compared to controversial investor the H. photographer Oh they picked young black boy and the coolest monkey and the jungle <hes> MHM yeah <hes> the list of mcgann getting traction on Friday at the one twitter account seekers management <hes> share the screen shot a bathing suit and tag numbers and political leaders to depose Oh man I ooh La guys that's so annoying. He would do that when they find like something like at Rodman's Proun- like Nigga. I'm not the president befuddles those do about this. A Re tweet would be nice for what NATO Mamie pissed. I'm eating avocado tolls and now I'm ready to kill some white. People 'cause Melanin poppin on the white woman. Okay wow you ruining my life. I just wanted to talk about enough racism for you. Every day of my life is sorry <hes> Amazon has yet to release the statement but the yeah okay so the thing for me though okay so you're tired the first of all maybe it's because I'm not a black woman but I hate to do this to everybody but I am zero fucked wit in pot in chat room agreeing daypack. Don't check issue. Yeah Amazon Amazon doesn't know about this <hes>. No one can check the amount of shit or Amazon because there's a lot of shit. I tell you impossible. It is literally fucking possible so no they didn't check this and then the company that did it. I guarantee you who is one of the D._V._D.. Like what the fuck out a name is that it's just a mole bullshit like we print things on t shirts and all this stuff and we use the same stock images no matter what yes it would be nice if they in like did a good job and got some black people but the stock image bearing thi this woman's not even a fucking model or whatever like solid bullshit. It's my point so I'm actually not sparked with this is it is stupid though I'm not really neat but yeah my with and I'm giving it seventy five all because I say this Shady Amazon Does Not Monitor you know Amazon likes so you'll. She don't hear okay yeah so didn't do anything for me zero but I understand you know. I think I'm so sick of having to be offended guy. Hey we like. I'm not offended because I just I don't care. I don't have very much faith in in Whiteness in general and this is one of those like they didn't even think about this shit not because they so races they wanted to might make a point. They literally just didn't think about it. That's how ninety percent of racism and happening right. It's not the overt like let's get across K._K._k.. Choices it's like why be will just be thought list and some some of these are so trivial to me. I just can't I can't muster d like all my gal is trucking's. Who Amazon I? I can't do it with John. Something's I'm not yet but yeah. Something's I'm like nola Miss Michigan Miss Michigan dethroned from title at the racist tweet surface. Oh the trump love and MS Michigan. Hey crowder Kathy Zoo. Who is not white? She's aged okay. What's her title over? What Miss World America believed to be insensitive racist tweets? Her Account Zoo posted screen shots of the correspondence on twitter with the catch Miss World of mayor America's circus state slash national chief director accused me being racist Islamophobic insensitive. They stripped me of my Miss Michigan title do tomorrow refusal to try to he job in two thousand eighteen my tweet about black on black gun violence and sensitive statistical tree tweenies N._w._e._a.. <hes> Michigan State Director Lari Jackson and emailed zoo and form her group is cutting ties effective immediately already been brought to my attention to the tension of Miss World America that your social media accounts contain offensive insensitive and inappropriate okay content in violation of Miss World <hes>. What was this Miss World U._S._A.? Oh Miss World America rules and conditions specifically the contest the contestant required requirement of being a good character and <hes> whose background not likely to bring into disreputable disreputable Miss World America any person attached with organizer so yeah they cut ties her. She's Asian Americans should gain notoriety and twenty eighteen. She complained on twitter about a try. He's booth at the University of Michigan. This was the first questionable tweet so you tell me that is now just a fashion accessory not religious thing question mark she wrote or you just trying to get women used to being oppressed thunder Islam corden Newsweek Muslim students at the college campaign to have her expelled shortly after the student man the booth that student into booth that day reply to try one on you said okay no thank you you didn't take the time even question or try to understand what he job is. That's ignorant you you literally sprint it after taking the photos that's pathetic. Another other problematic tweet was regards to black on Black Rounds Zoo tweeted. Did you know the majority of black deaths caused by other blacks fix problems with your community I before blaming others the she stood by tweets applying <unk> Jack Statistics facts are not always pleasant. It's disgusting Augusta how you would rather live into the public faced and be supportive or someone that is trying to make a difference by talking about subjects that no one dares to say wouldn't deal with consequences. She did not provide any actual statistics or facts of backup assertion. I mean but we know what they're out there. Because Tommy Lawrence is one of those people that quote those sta-statistics for her racism lying you can find the numbers to justify your ratio. Whatever the same way they can would like black people are less intelligent and it's just these standardized tests? Give you the numbers their animals. You know they're more violent. Look at the prisoner rate. You know like we just don't forget systemic white supremacy racism and go straight to look at the results of it it there was also I mean how could it results be wrong. You know so yeah regard to that. Hey Job. She said wasn't insensitive is that women in the Middle East getting stoned to death refusing Obeida husband orders to wear jobs apps. I tweet about it on my social media. Almost everyone was supportive of me refusing to be put in that situation she added are there are the people in the Miss World America implying that they advocate for the punishment of women who refuse aware he job so care zero to one hundred hundred the I get out. That's a hydrate like that like statistical trolling. Shed that people do I like the devil's advocate racist dish shock when people actually respond to their Bush what you mean you take him out Miss World U._S._A.. Whatever the foot crown can't say shit home right wow y'all really so? I can't use tell the truth. That's wow well no not being miss America World U._S._A.. Jupiter no you can't California's said to be the first state to protect black people from natural hair discrimination <hes> so oh that's interesting New York became the first city or one. I cities do it and now California's Kinda I hold state to be like Yo you can't fire him fugger for having grill dreadlocks or natural hair. Tell them to cut it or get a runner. You know <hes> so that sounds like good news. The Crown Act which passed the Senate states in April was approved by the states assembly on Thursday outlaw policies that punish black employees the students for their hairstyles support of bills acronym reflects his intention and creating a respectful to open workplace for natural hair if signed by Governor Gavin Newsom the bill where legally protect people in the workplace as an K. through twelve public schools by prohibiting enforcement horsemen grooving policies that disproportionately affect people call it. We'll take a louis black people this includes bands starting hair styles such as afros brace twist corn rows Andrea locks the proposal by Senator Holly Mitchell Democrat Los Angeles comes out chassis John's a black woman from Alabama Supreme Court here case in two thousand eighteen. She claimed have lost a job offer because she refused the cut her dreyer locks in California school officials in and around Fresno have black students home because of their curls shaved hairs. The Transportation Security Administration also ushered in new measures at the faith allegations of unnecessary a reasonable and racially discriminatory <hes> hair searches of black women in Los Angeles International Airport nationally black employees a thousand several lawsuits claiming I've lost jobs and face discrimination in the workplace because of their hair the crown act would stand to anti-discrimination protections and the Fair Employment Housing Act and the California Education Code to include their hair texture and styles it also would've may in California government. Ah Education goes to protect against discrimination based on trace historically associated with ray such as hair texture and hairstyles affirming the targeting hairstyles associated with race is racial discrimination about this is if someone challenges it you got a chance to supreme court at some point and maybe we can get into law federally like I mean not with this Marine Corps but maybe one day you get into law federally like nobody can discriminate against somebody body just growing their natural Arab head zero to hydrocare all this hour always feel a certain way about this. You get a hundred because even with me like that was one of my big things of my hair. Being Natura. I took the job I previously had been for a long time so it's smooth go through the transition and I know a lot a lot of jobs. I'm more open and they're more natural hair friendly but depending on industry and sit like that a lot of people they prefer straight kind of Caucasians style of hair and particularly black people the way I hair grows is different to other people here. Even though the Brown people there's Harris the closer to Caucasian and white and you know I had even considered I was like whale the push shove and I can't get a job I will we like I. Everybody feels different about relaxing allows. I will never put a fucking relaxing in my here game but that's just my personal preference. I will fucking get a week and where that bitch every day before before. Put Them Goddamn chemicals in my hair but that's just me you know because a lot of times. It's easy to tell somebody to relax a hair. When you don't realize what would damage the chemicals may due to their hair how the hair out our hair grows at a slow pace space so tell us about at the CIA their hair off they took them five years to grow is not the same chuck their hair all and the into the mafia it'd be the same glimp- it's not the same yeah and I mean the thing thing is also just the ratio the white supremacy of the policy right and the fact that is not uniformly policy so therefore the only uniform part is? I can't sue for discrimination really I can't it many states. I have no recourse to be like this happened to me because I am black and I grew my own hair and people like white people think races shit because they're not educated on black culture so there's plenty of people that I think when they see drayer lots they go filthy not nasty. They don't know anything about black hair. You know they think why people were Dreyer's now. That shit has gone up to get dreads was associated with but it's not the same right. They don't know there's twenty locks walks in twist and they don't understand industry meticulousness of what it takes just like break. Someone's hair maintenance is literally maintenance. They gripe into so so so in many cases. These are the people at these jobs that are deciding what your hair should look like and so you can be perfectly fine black woman and then you come in black man whoever good hair out and come in and they'd be like yeah cut it off. You know for this ten dollars our job. You need to cut your hair off. You know they just consider it. No no big deal like you said it's not you know they cut off and it grows back all the time eight we cut I have it takes a long time to get you looking at years of someone wind maintaining styling cleaning all this stuff their hair and then you go just simply cut it off because I don't like looks right because I feel a certain way and and the thing is these policies only target us and that problem it does not target get other groups of Brown people because even if it did though let's let's take a step back right because what the argument will be like well if some do comes in with a ponytail looking like a hippie and I'll tell you better cut that shit off. You can't work the front desk at my the hotel with their Hippie upon the tail is still not the same though even if they because that's their argument is but we do apply across the board. Everyone gotTa have white people here right right and I miss the Fraser that way on purpose but that's what they the default is white supremacy yesterday. The default is racism right isn't is why people spent a week last week. Arguing over is telling for women go back to their country. Three of them never been never haven't been born in the U._S.. Is that racist does that make Donald Trump arrays or is the tweet Nathan out raises that becomes a discussion in a world where the default has already racism and we've encoded the language to mean that racism is tolerable. It is acceptable. It is okay long as you couch it. In a certain phraseology we will not argue about the racism of it. His entire campaign and policies have been raises. No one wants to say it because then you have to stop and go well. The default of what we are discussing is already allowing some racism at play for years and years and years just letting Republicans talk on the air we have been and letting racism happen and never called out right so now he's giving you the extreme case and you're like well. This one tweet was racist. What does that mean he's races because of you say that he's racist for his policies believes in his talking points you now have to turn against as a whole group of motherfuckers who only get offended when called racist they don't get offended by being raises and they don't get offended by racism but you gotTa talk about our whole half of America who was raises but doesn't like being told so right right so that country is also the country where they decide? WHO's air is acceptable in the workplace and let me tell you it is royces? Yeah is racism across the board because the thing is a lot of the DAL's. How's the day quote unquote? Go again a lot of times. They aren't why people's hair. Why have you been aware locks? Why people don't wear twist? They don't like this is not a common hairstyle. Why do we know where froze is not a common hair and you look at what's not allow wow and all that shit right and the thing is if they do their fro is not the same as our froze because yes they are white people then people people with over textures of hair but they're texture of hair is not like architecture of here? They know they may so anyway in California for me. Personally I'm zero flecked what a great law. I hope other stays <hes> take heed and as well and I hope one day that that that the Supreme Court does rule on something our open a case to at least here about this because I really do think this is something that no us to ever be discriminated against in the workplace for being black and growing out the natural hair. That's ridiculous and in truth be told I think more people more women will go natural if they they were allowed in would not be discriminated against if they could wear the natural hair yeah yeah all right. Let's go to guess the race now. That is time for some guests raise. That's right <music> now that it's time for some guests that's right is race time. That's right. It's time for the race the no mortgage I'M GONNA call podcast redeployed the plate news August from Harlow to go and contested today Karen and the chat rooms to guess said of course everyone playing is air raises all right Donald Trump police in Florida they are woman woman was arrested this week and accused of aggravated assault when she attacked another one who do not her a slice of pizza. What type of I don't know let's give me a slice of that piece? I'm get a slice of you knew the St John's County Shares Dares Erica cooks all twenty two was charged with aggravated assault with a daily weapon without intend to kill and is being held on fifteen hundred dollars bond according to Saint Augustine record the say Augustine record cooks became angry at the unidentified woman said no to request for a slice and offense report says cooked told the woman I'm going to cut you with a steak knife and a hand and then tried to attack her before as a male bystander Austin was able to take the knife away from cooks but he's she soon found another one cooks out investigators cheating. I remember much of the incidents. She remained in jail as a Saturday evening care. I guess the rights of the Erica Cooks Negro cans going with black lack. Let's check the chat room and see what they believe. <hes> man the Italian white says Arianna all right <hes> There Erica is the Negro too much for the five black black how I got to cut your now. I got to cut your black and black correct. Answer is all Yarwood. Say things stuff for Ariana. Black is grit correct area missed it yeah yeah that's crazy 'cause she. I just asked oh I thought what I heard about this. I thought she likes went into you. Know Pizza shop and was like can advertise the Pisa. She just asked like a regular person like slice of the L._p.'s like no bitch. I'll let you right what wouldn't when did this happen Kinda school bullying luntz movie this. How did you get him out? How did you get here? How did you get here already was happening? No thank you pensacola man accused of masturbating in Walmart parking lot and grabbing in Escambia county deputies but wow oh yeah walmart pick you up on the cameras they got cameras into Scott stole go outside so yeah. He grabbed a county deputies but the cameras you grab the person whose job is to arrest people's but what James Rich nineteen whoa an all the way to jail Yep Trenton James Rich nineteen was arrested Saturday at Walmart on North Navy Boulevard side and in arrest report the newspaper say rich grabbed the Deputies Button said let me just affiliate jail records rich nineteen charter battery of an Alpha saw on obser- resistant in officer and exposure of sexual organs according to the News Journal Arnold Rich is accused of masturbate on a picnic table while staring towards two men in a car when approached by law enforcement riches accused of giving a deputy. His name is saying stuck. My Dick Authorities claim and I don't even think that was disrespectful expect big. I think he was like literally asking right right. He's like no no please randy. I'm sorry Ma'am authorities claim rich resisted arrest Portas pants down exposes private area total deputy to suck on it at one point the newspaper say we reached back into a karate stands in mind karate chops deputies phase out you don't WanNa fight a man to got his dick out that much no not in karate stance no you don't quote a law for Orig- Grad deputies arms and his but the deputy chase him behind the Walmart where he was arrested. According to all records rich was booked in this Gambia County jail. He's been held on ten thousand dollars mine so yeah he was staring at two men dragging his DICTA officer. The showed up was a dude he grabbed but let I just feel it and then asked him suckers Dick a few times karate chop datum ran away. You got arrested at the pulling his pants down Karen guess the race cares going with white. Let's check the chat room. Free Spirit White. Stay Son's staff the drugs white white Steve White white the correct answer is and everyone went with the same thing on this one and you know what guys you God damn right. He was white all right. Yeah man is his head license about the he he just got. I sperm he was harder for some news man. Come on the why and no one is sucking my Dick around here. I don't know what else to do. I mean it ain't in cutting I gotta do I just got put my dig. outstare people in the is all day 'cause I'll do it. <hes> all right. Let's go to the bonus round the voice and that's right double points race and the bonus round a guest ray so far carrying too. I know I know now. Can you believe it was that dude doesn't like I do it. I do it right gator Yeah Dan. I'm sorry no foul last one on New York sisters abused Dafur nearly two decades because they say God told them he was unfaithful to the white what three sisters from upstate New York was finished Tuesday to two years in prison after nearly two decades of physically and mentally abusing their elderly father a man the trio disdain because they say a guy told them that he was unfaithful to their mother. Wow twenty years of abuse on it gives you two years in prison. What's to exchange right on that? <hes> a Lisa Lisa Pretrial Peach Carlo Grace and Annabel Teacher Carlo to forty one thirty one twenty three eastern is the two years in prison on an assault conviction at the prosecutors say they intentionally caused physical injury to seventy one euro father the beginning in two thousand two according to the Erie County District Attorney's Office Lisa Pizza Carlo no by her two sisters as the Prophet claim to have received several messages from God including one in which the data indicated her father it was being unfaithful to her mother Christine Marco Sixty six they referred to their mother as the Queen of God first of all. Where were these messages said on? Oh my God works in mysterious ways I understand but how can we always says the message in a way that can't be tracked like why can't he just saying like a den or text. Why could be like Oh gosh that like dog? I always working away where he just mysteriously only only talks to use them symbols and signs of Shit now man leave a fucking voicemail so when I go to court for this shit's later on when I'm in trial I'd be like hey no hold up now. Hold up on it you on hold up before you get bang that gavel play this was male. Now is when God I'll have you are. Have you see that I was not just beating my dad out for no reason he say your daddy being able to your Mama with his ass. Okay so go ahead play the message for everyone activity in the courtroom number number is always do some back channel like mental telepathy shit trial. No I believe you. I don't believe there's no after the Almighty allegation of our adultery a claim which was denied by the man victim was no longer permitted to sleep in his bedroom with his wife was poor sleep on a couch in the kitchen his own couch kitchen first of all you got three dollars live in which you and they owed detail that was probably one of these people are losers okay. You can't strike strikeout three times. One need to be able to secure a bag and live somewhere other than this house. Okay Ariake coming back here all got down leftovers. This is ridiculous. Prosecutors say this is win. The physical and emotional abuse began again the victim was beaten regularly by family females and he was frequently forced to sleep in close says he was often chased out the house in the middle of the night. I mean we probably was gonNA sleep close with three women living in his house and his wife like like the point is not one of those I get to walk around naked couples. You lost their privilege. Yeah the abuse the climax timber nine twenty seventeen what about four P._M.. Victim was accused by his wife of defiling uh-huh name online to a friend they allow him to be on. That's nice. The four women soon surrounded the victim a was ordered to give them money well. He didn't comply to younger sister. Annabel Carlo choked him from Maha. I took eleven hundred dollars in cash from his pocket right yet. Eleven hundred dollars eight. I'll be damned you with my as my house and I got eleven hundred dollars hotel money the women began to kick and plans to man who had fallen Allenton ground and when the victim pleaded for healthy receive Ni- eventually managed to make it to his pickup truck and drove himself to the hospital where he was treated for a fractured ribs and Bruce fleeing him yet it went in and on this plane Ndau he came home to ask permission to return but he was told by a women he could not enter the home during daylight hours and if he did they would break every bone his body the abuse continue into a friend of the victim contact. The police asked him to conduct a welfare check the part of the person he was online badmouthing his wife with the foul her name my wife and here with my ass. Are you online the foul my name. Nobody please don't do the the three sisters was found. Guilty and Mayo second-degree saw annabel Petra Carlo was also found victim a foul get the petty larceny serving additional six months. The wife was acquitted. I guess the boss she he was acquainted. Gosh their hands on. She's wake up. Every you know. Jesus told me doesn't steel cheating. y'All go do what you do your business latest <hes> this is one of the most horrific cases of abuse has been prosecuted my office voice you neither indicates everybody going to get divorced meat for years. He's one of the mostly financial physically abuse that far. The ad I commend the victim Avidan Strip to come forward about abuses. He endured the hands of his own children. Yeah a lot of times didn't do not talk about this shit. It probably maybe how they were able to do it for so long I right because he was. I ain't no bitch which is I mean talks about. Masculinity motherfucker and it is is the death knell to everybody involved even me Patriarchy is a motherfucker. This is sitting there taking Adams. This one was everyday life but I ain't gonNA tell nobody. I know that much and it took somebody else going to check on him three lights. Oh God I gotta get back home now. I can't guess the race I'M GONNA go white cares hands going white. Let's check the chat room which I believe he's godly women were grew up cousin out their parents public and calling about a first names white definitely why Italian so why L. oil grow gotti white they kicked bitty boom boom home Selena Voice Latina six. They couldn't just put some grits on the stove in Cali cousins white correct answer is and everyone went with white except for one person <hes> <hes> and the correct answer is actually they were white the one person missed it why they lie Extras Bonnie and Clyde the movie they do pitches black and white was shot in nineteen forty two no great depressions in their house. Jeez escaped from Jail Shit. I never seen people that look like they. They daddy ass yes but if you ever seen the picture somebody who these people whoop day daddy as they did this. We've just seen it okay. Guilty is book okay all right. You did congratulations care it. Did it buddy so proud of me. I let's go to erogenous. The store was involved in a weekend well. It was a sword involved. I mean the fucking person with the sore woke up that day man. I didn't mean to feel like slice up sombody calm. I must've in the middle of a weird situation. No high got here had to cut myself out. Manda police located up personal interest in a weekend stabbing twenty year old Dustin Hegseth. Its charter aggravated assault at the court documents say he struck another man with a sore at apartment Obama Complex to A._M.. On Sunday the victim several ones today and another to his box up he's charged with a classy felony of aggravated assault. Oh <hes> so at least they caught him. You know I that's it as I said if you guys to the feedback show I know some you guys. Don't we definitely won't have show Wednesday. We may or may not have shows tomorrow. Tuesday depends carrying starting a brand new job so we'll see aware schedule looks like Mary home. She's GonNa Marry J. Blige on down so she going to step in with the best known for Premium People Baas. We'll be on Wednesday.

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