Episode 21 Your Advice in Full Effect, Magic The Gathering, Space Base, Azul, Sagrada, and more Food Chain Magnate


In today's episode of board game impact, Josh and I talk through the games we've been playing recently as well as share some feedback that we received from listeners and the commitments that we have now made as hosts stay tuned to hear how your community improvement suggestions have taken affect. Welcome to board game impact board game impact is a podcast in which we combine our love of board gaming, and also our educational backgrounds so that we can share and break down the game experiences that we're having so that way you can have knowledge to make empowered decisions. They're gonna make a positive impact on you as well as your gaming group. So my name is Bruce Brown. And if this is your first time joining us, welcome. If you're a returning to the show, thanks for listening. So as if you are return, you know, it's not just me but is also Josh, Josh say, hi everybody welcome listeners. Yes, Josh, and I are really excited to be back. We know that we had that super long episode last time. So we had regular content, but then we went into all of the spiel this yards games. And so thank you for listening through that. And if you didn't get a chance to listen to all the spiel nominees go check out that last episode because literally played through every one of those games that did you spring? And Josh was asking me question. About it, and the, the nominees should get selected here in the next couple of weeks. If you're listening to the time of this recording at the time this being published so do know we will be saying which games do gets elected, and also weighing in on that as well from our perspectives. So before we get into everything for today, we just want to circle back on a couple of things that we brought up in the last episode. And that was like, hey, we'd really appreciate it. If you would go on and rate us in whatever podcast application that you use to listen to the show, and we want to take a quick second to do some shout outs. First of all, there's news and twenty five twenty six on apple podcasts. And then there's also. We're going to say his real name is Jeremy, and that's because he's got a very interesting username is bone for life. Jeremy actually did get to meet him. He put this in the comments. Thank you, Jeremy, and news end twenty five twenty six for putting this comments. It was just really India to Josh, and I to hear directly from y'all and there was a couple of other people who also did just quick reviews of star ratings, but not the comments. And these took that extra time we want to give a quick shout out that being said Jeremy actually pointed out a really good piece of constructive feedback for us. And that's why we love being a part of this great community, and that was just really sharing on, how were offering in some great and unique perspectives really not going into the fluff around things getting into the point. But Jeremy also did offer some constructive criticism, and that is like, hey, y'all work on shortening. The episodes to be more about an hour under per episode. And so that is exactly what we're actually aiming to Jeremy, like you and I and Josh are all on the same page with this. And so we are absolutely doing that. We just wanted to make sure. Again, out that spill this yard content for everybody before all the awards. Do come out. So that way, everyone can kinda know what's coming out before that happens. But do know and do expect that we are actively working on that. And so if you have other ideas for the show or things you'd like to have discuss, like, don't hesitate. This is a community and we want to make up lifting for you. We want you to get the things out of it that you want that being said, a way to engage in that community is do check out the patriots. If you got a patriot dot com slash board game impact, I know I've been doing a lot of distrup- in quick little like ten second videos, share. What's going on for me? But you can also check us out on Facebook and Instagram where Josh and I are posting content as well that being said, I am going through. So if you're currently a subscriber on the YouTube channel f y you're probably going to get a lot of emails, because I'm actually going in and because we got some requests from some people and not a problem, and that is I am uploading all the former podcast. And then future podcasts ups odes to YouTube. So do you know that those all be on the? Channels as board game impact also in addition to that I've been experimenting with some live video. So actually just made one the other night. So do go check that out. Too quick ten minute videos that way, you can get right into the content that you want this being said, I have taken up way too much of your time talking about all this stuff. And so, let's get to why you're actually here, and that's about gaming, and so actually gonna just you've heard me enough. So I'm gonna turn right over to Josh, Josh what the heck have you been playing and good to have you back? Glad to be back Bruce. So I've been unfortunately unable to play his many gains as I would typically like to be playing for the fast you weeks. That's life that happens. But the really, really fun thing. I got to do a couple of nights ago, and something that I'm hoping to get two more times in the upcoming weeks is, I got to do a cube draft for magic the gathering something I have not done in a very, very long age for listeners who may not be into card games, or or magic the gathering magic, the of course, is a game from, I think, came out, in nineteen ninety Moses of the coast. Been around for a very long time. One of the oldest living card games still played in published and produced fantastic game one of the best game designs, I think of any anyone ever five Richard Garfield and acute draft is essentially a box of cards that a person curates with several hundred cards involved, depending on the number of players, they anticipate drafting from and will set out decks of just randomized decks of sixteen cards given to each player to draft out selecting one card and passing the rest until all of them have been drafted. And then do that three times and what you end up with is around forty two car. Sorry did math wrong. However many cards sixteen times three. You end up with a sack of cards, you, then narrow those down to a forty card ist deck and play with your friends really, really enjoyable fun lighthearted way to, to play magic the gathering, especially in an era where I no longer play. I sold all of my cards, actually a couple years ago actually traded them in and bought a bunch of board games with my trade in money just because I, I can't keep up. It's too expensive. A hobby for me to keep up on a regular basis. And I am not competitive in a tournament style play which sometimes it kind of feels like that's what you have to be doing in magic. So accused draft really fun light hearted way to just kind of see who among your friends can real quick, build the best deck. Without a whole lot of meta gaming. Or super strategizing just hear the cars, you have deal with it, and do the best you can out of it. Really had a blast Bruce e you mentioned it's been a long time since you've done this. So when was the last time, you cube drafted all cube drafting has been honest, -ly? I think it's been five years since I lost to cube graft, not the last time I saw or like helped with the draft actually helped key draft at. A year ago, BG spring, just going to help them, get set up because it was just they were teaching a lot of people magic, the gathering, I right there with you dress of. There's a lot going on in the way. Magic the gathering if you haven't ever played. This is a phenomenal game. It's very well done but to really be in it. They're putting out different box sets pretty regularly, and you have to stay within the x number of sets of the most recent releases in order to actually go and compete on their Friday night. Magic things or you're doing more like a draft style. And so you do have to know what's going on with the cards, but cube drafts. I always found as a really great way to use all these cards that officially, they're like your can't use these tournaments. But you can use them in this setting like just go have fun with your friends. And like to me, I'm just going to call it. I don't have time to do a tournament when keeping up with the list. I just don't. I just don't I guess I could. But that's not where I'm dedicating my. Energies. Right. I, I wanna just come together. And I wanted to just play with friends, and so cute drafts would be the perfect way to do that. What's fascinating is about a month ago. My family came down to Texas from New York and brought all my old magic guards. So I'm talking like, original like beta, and then also like ice age cards like these really old cards. But also is cool thing is black deck box, and it's the magic the gathering world championship deck for one of the finalists because back in the day used to take those decks and then, like, let's hey, this person competed with this. Let's make it a thing. But just to add another layer to this, Josh, I don't know if you're aware this, and I did not tell you this coming, but magic the gathering according to science, apparently, this is from by the emerging technologies from the it's a it's a website and they say magic the gathering officially the world's most complex game. Because to this day, you choose you make a deck of sixty cards from a pool of over twenty thousand cards that have been made. I actually interestingly enough. This was a topic of conversation at in my board game group of few weeks ago. Something that was brought up and yeah I can one hundred percent understand where that comes from because not only are they releasing. I think it's two three blocks year this point and just the number of new cards and every time they release new cars. They are adding new rules and new. The way in which me and my old, roommate from college used to explain magic to people is you have really realistically three or four basic rules to magic and then every card you play is a new rule. And you just follow whatever is on the field. You know it is really, really. I love magic. I really do and a cube drafted reminded me of why I love magic, and that is. I kind of fell out of love with magic because of how competitive it has gotten over the past few years. And this reminds me of whenever I was a kid just with twenty bucks. Running down to the store and grabbing your couple booster packs and throwing together, what I could. What I like to lovingly refer to as kitchen table. Magic it's nothing fancy is nothing flashy. It's just good fun between a couple friends. So really glad that, that I had a buddy, who kept and held on all those cards. Bruce super jealous that your family held onto all of yours. They said they would kill me if I sold them just because of like, no, it reminds us of your child did like, but you gave it to me. But I'm like, okay, I'm glad I'm glad to have it. Yeah, I well to be fair. I went back and looked for all of mine about four or five years ago, only to find out that they were sold in garage sale. No high school. So I take in a break in high school and unbeknownst to me. They, they were sold off a so that sucks man, and so sorry miss credited, the article talking about is actually from MIT technology review. And something tells me they know combinatorial. Crunch out that Madame antics. And yeah. So magic other great game. It's just not like the whole competitive or collectible card game. Not really my Cup of tea, I'd rather just get a board game and like come together because I heard a quote the other day this was four the like a new online, TV series about board gaming. And so they had, it was the designer of grim forest had on Rodney Smith to just talk about it. Because of course, Rodney is the first host that they're bring on and Rodney broke this point of, when you're playing board games. It's really cool because it's not just the game in front of you. It's also like the game between the players not the game. But like the community that happens. Right. And so that's why I love this hobby, is what he said, is how many times in this world, and I've said this, quote now a couple of times this week because it's out to me so much. How many times in this world can you come together with different people say you're going to commit to learning something, a but then also? Commit to playing by the same rules. And I think that's really cool. And I liked the fact of aboard game kind of being static in that. And not having to keep having to learn everything. So cube draft more my way to go with this, too. But for the sake of time and to respect exactly what they've brought up. Let's move onto the next one. So do you wanna do one? Or do you want me to do on caveat, it Bruce? Okay. So circle back in this gonna be quick one. And then I can go into deeper later. So I've already talked about this. Josh, I know your feelings on this listeners if you listen to the episode couple episodes ago, you know his feelings on this but the game food chain magnate. So I bring it up because I the couple times I've played it I'd always been into larger group setting and just call it a lot of times. And by the way, that's from splutter splutter, spelling over in Germany, every time I played it's in the larger group setting I've never played it with my wife and we, it's a lot of the games. I play the two of us in. So I wanna make sure game is also going to be compatible with that. Now there's some games I buy to not play with her no offence to her. But, like I just need my time to, but food chain. I'm like, I feel like she might like this, and I want to know before investing, because that base game can be ninety dollars because it is harder to find an so Barda friends copy, and we played it three times in four days. The two of us. And so she really liked it. We played the introductory game which you cut out the half of the rule set. So how food J magnate works is you are, you're building literally and organizational chart and the people you have in your organizational chart like CEO recruiting gal? Yes, it is basically the nineteen fifties. So some of these things are very, very much not progressive views in terms of the terms they use on some of these things. So men tended to be more in leadership positions, and women were not in there were more supportive. Not really what I agree with. But it is what they chose to go with for the game basil time period. And based on the people you put in your organization, chart, you get to take those actions on your son. And what you're trying to do is you have a little little store, essentially a restaurant, and you're selling off either beverages or food or both. But you're also doing all the marketing. So this is actually really cool tension between everything of do. I want to focus on short-term gains focus on long term gains. Do I want to really develop my people, and there's this really great tension there? And once the Bank runs out of money, you reveal these cards that everybody put it on the front end, and you reveal how much longer the game's gonna go based on how much more money gets out. It's the Bank when the Bank runs out again game is over over as the most money wins, my wife after the first game the other two she dominated me. She is actually really good. And it makes sense because she was managing children's toy store, which is where we met and says, she knows retail. The thing the reason I wanted to bring this up the size game to play. It is ahead, a really cool experience, that my wife kind of kicked me in the pants to do, and that was she asked me that Email the designers of the game as well as the publisher because what is going on? This game is actually really reflective of my work for my PHD. And so I emailed them not expecting anything. Just wanted to say praise of, like, hey, y'all did a great job with this game. Wanted to tell you about these great experience. I've had with my wife and also she encouraged me to share my background. The designers and the publisher. All emailed, me back now, one of them, just like I'm glad you're enjoying it keeping joying it another one of the, of the designers wrote me, they'll pretty long message saying, first of all, thank you for the praise. It's not often we hear from gamers, but it's really nice when we do, and I also want you to know something, and that is when we play testing the game we actually had a name for it wasn't food chain magnate. It was human resource manager. And the game was essentially doing that organization chart, the stuff I'm doing my PHD and says, I want you to know that, that's what the game was called before it became a thing, because that's what we were actually going for. So it's wonderful to hear that, that is the connection that's being made out there in the world. And so I just wanted to bring that up because it was really meaningful to me eighty here back, but I could tell that they really just want to hear from us, and so, like, don't hesitate to reach out to them. Don't hesitate to Email them and message them. And just you never know what kind of message are going to get back. It's always nice to enlighten, somebody's day, and give them a better day. That's really cool that you've got a message back. I'm kind of impressed by that again listeners, I encourage you to go back and listen to the first time we talked about sue chain magnate. That was we had. I think it pretty, pretty interesting conversation about it. And I shared Mike on my perspective on the game but I'm glad to hear that, that your wife. Also enjoyed the game, Bruce that you have somebody else to play with. And it's, it's really as always nice to hear back from folks who when you're communicating so great that you had a chance to have that experience. Yeah, Josh, I just really appreciate the thoughts on that to listeners. I think it was to go, but it's in the title of the episode. It says Jane magnate. I really like it. Spoiler alert. Josh, it's not his Cup of tea, but we have a really great discussion about it. So if you want to hear more about it, that's over there. It's also on YouTube now as I told you before. So Josh what's a game you've been playing? So I've now gotten this next game to the table twice really interesting game that I wasn't sure about whenever I picked it up because it is. Essentially a wreath ostensibly redeeming of an older gang a slightly older game, and that is a Zule stained glass of Sintra by plan b games. And so for listeners who are unaware Zule came out in twenty seventeen twenty eighteen reading won the spiel for twenty eighteen so, yeah. And as was a massive hit, obviously, as Bruce, just mentioned won the spiel game of the year in Germany, and which you were pulling dice from a center or sorry, pulling cubes from a centerpiece and placing them onto your player board trying to create the most efficient and effective design and complete the most of your mosaic before the end game condition is met, which is filling up one full row or a player filling up one full row of their design. Sang glass of centra follows a similar mechanic in that you are once again pulling tiles from a center piece. Except for this time instead of placing them onto a. Grid system. Like in the original Zule, you are placing them onto columns individual columns, which are going into stained glass pieces. And so you have on each column, a certain pattern that you are trying to achieve with the different pieces that you're pulling. Creek. I will say that it is one of the things that I think, is interesting about comparing the two is, I was a little bit hesitant on purchasing stained glass, mainly because I owned Zule I liked Zule. I really enjoyed it. And I wasn't sure that this was going to be different enough to really warrant a new game less really less than a year after I bought the, the versus Zule. And I don't feel like I played that out to a point, where it's, it's solved for me. Though, I will say, I think my fiancee has solved based game Zuelle. She has consistently stomped me into the ground every time we played for a while. Now sounds familiar. Sounds like my story. Yeah. It is. It is a game that she is her favorite game, while Zula Zola's her favorite game right now. Okay. And she is she she is a huge fan. So I haven't gotten a chance to play stained glass with her yet, but I did get it to the table with a few other folks. And I think it, it mixes things up. I interestingly enough, I was questioning whether I would keep both of these games in my collection, and I think I will actually surprisingly enough while they are very similar and play style. The. Thought processes and the decisions you have to make our unique enough that I think it's worth having both of them. By no means, are you required to have both of them. I think you could choose one or the other, and you'd be perfectly fine. But for my purposes, I like variety in my in my collection. And so I think having both of them in my collection each of them while similar scratch, it kind of unique IDs for me, whenever I'm trying to bring a game to the table. So I really enjoyed this. Bruce. Have you had? I know you played Zule. I'm pretty sure have you had a chance to play stained glass ever. I have actually the first time I played it was the night before be Deji con in the fall, because it was one of the hot games from s and so it had to the table set up there. So is learning the night before, and yeah, I thought it added a lot of nice variability felt, you had some of the same touchstones of Zule, but then there. These different things that are added in that we don't need to go into the podcast. But I will say the scoring was a little bit more complex than baseline Zule, and it's really great to hear how much she enjoys Zule. That's wonderful. It's just one of those things of I can completely understand that worry of, like, if I already have this do I need that. I honestly think they're two very different games because of the one thing you didn't mention Josh is that when you're putting things into this columns if you fill up a column, it's kind of like tetris where the row goes away, but it doesn't go away, flips to like a thing that gives you more points. So it's actually kind of cool. It's almost like you ship that piece of glass off to the place and, like, here's your new one and then if you were to complete that to get even more points. So I think the two are very different, but have touchstones of the same, and so they definitely learned to improve some things. But if you're looking for just like a, a simpler game, I think regular was more your thing, if you're looking for a little bit more layers going on than Sintra might be more your thing all agree with that one hundred percent. I think is dual is a Zula. So easy to teach and easy to learn and people pick up on it right away. Sintra there's a little bit more thought process and get meta gaming that can take place. I think especially with the way in which the scoring works. I think the thing I actually really enjoy a lot about centra. Is that scoring in base game will scoring takes place on an individual's player board, whereas in centra scoring takes place on a common board? And so you are able to more easily see where you are at in comparison to other players, which makes it a little bit more competitive. I think, yeah, but they balance that out in my opinion because of the way that they did it because Zule has essentially that the mayor steps, but they'd run up and then try and jump and gets the flag. Those this putting stuff into. So there's not that many spots to track of for patterns, right and colors with Cintra. There's a. A little bit more. So yes, they made the information on score easier to see, but they added a little bit more complexity and so it doesn't have as much hate drafting in my opinion, that Zule can sometimes have if you method out L, but Bruce, you have not played with me. Well, we'll to be determined, I guess, listeners and tells me he's going to whoop me in this game. When we get the place in and so, yeah, well, that's just my take on it. When I got to play it, but like you have some insights, there, I think the I hate drafting is a big part of my game play in both the Zule and Sintra. So we'll see how that goes Bruce. All right. Well, at least identified the shark before giving before getting eaten. So in terms of later games, I'm gonna go with that. So actually got the chance to finally get to play space base by Aldrich entertainment group. AG josh. I don't know if you've been able to play space base. No, I have not it is a game that it has intrigued me a lot. So I'm interested to hear what you have to say. And I didn't get played just vanilla space-based save a little bit. It's actually there's some layers there and itself. But also got to play with the new or satellite expansion and so space base is if you've ever played the game Macci core, which you can pick up everywhere you can get up at target and you pick it up places like that. So this quick first introductions going to be ubiquitous for space base and much Koro essentially, you have a player board in front of you or numbers in front of you and it's like gambling on a table because you're going to roll two dice and you're going to use the results of those dice. And if you have those numbers reflected in front of you, you get the rewards on the cards. That are listed in front of you. Space base though ads in all the numbers from one to twelve and you start the game with them, plus one higher power thing and what you're doing is you're trying, you can either. Use the numbers together to get something a higher number like twelve or you can split the numbers. So if I had six and five I could either go for Levin, or it can activate the six and the five and each of those spots, you're going to have different things you may give you one money. It can give you one income bump or victory point those three things. You're trying to have the most victory points at the end of the game. And the game will end wants somebody hits a predetermined number for us. It was forty victory points. And what you're doing though and what they did. And what's fascinating about space base is there's this really cool thing in which you are taking your little cards, which honestly look kind of like the size of band-aid. They put on literally that size because you're fitting twelve of them in. And on the bottom of the card printed. Upside down is this red part that where you're trying to do is you're trying to actually get get that number. And then tuck that behind because you're gambling, and you get the result when you roll, but if someone else rolls the dice and that act that number show, up of the numbers that you have that are tucked behind you get the now showing power. So the red things are activate on other people's turn your trying to balance the cool stuff that you get to near turn, and the cool stuff that you get to do on their turn space is a lot of a lot of fun. It's relatively quick really easy to pick up. What's funny is every time it just kind of devote like went down in the spiral of LEGO. Movie like spaceship spaceship, it's just like space base. Like space base. Everybody's just wanted to play space. There's a lot of fun. And people are asking for it to come to the table. But it is not necessarily fully my type of game but I like the things that brings out in other players, and that was cool. So I'd probably use it for the love. More light hearted night. But also timed, like bring out some fun, emotions of gambling high risk roared with players, and then it's gonna quickly before turning it over to you Josh at in. Interesting questions I wanted to say what the satellite expansion was, so essentially, it's a combination of an expansion meets a legacy box. It's a small box with different at stack of cards, and you're only allowed to go so many cards. It's got cards as stop, and then you can proceed to the next stopping point, once you do this thing. And so it adds in new layers to the game as you unlock them as you're like exploring space, as you're discovering things in space. Because technically there's kind of a story behind all this stuff now that is super light. It's kind of just there on a lot of this game is just making fun of some other Sifi space, tropes. But it was a cool way to introduce an expansion and get people wanting to play the expansion more and the game or without flooding. The players with having to learn all sorts of new rule sets. So it kind of like what they did there. Because it's like legacy, we're I'm getting to explore, but honestly, at the end of the day, essentially, how do we game by and layer this information in a meaningful way, so that we were not just sue NAMI, the players with new rules? So, yeah. That's a really interesting way to do an expansion. I had not heard about the expansion. So I'm glad you got to share that Bruce. That's really unique and something that I think I would really enjoy in an expansion the ability to teach. I enjoy games that I can teach as we play a game that I can set up and say, okay, it's your turn you have choice ABC and. Let's learn as we go, so the ability to do that written into the game. I think is really neat. I was interested to hear. So for me much Cora was one of those games that when I first got into playing games was was a huge hit. I loved it. When I first started learning games. And it is a game that I don't think I would play again, really under almost any circumstance at this point. Yeah, it's a little light for me. It's a little too luck based for me at this point. It doesn't really feel good. When I win. So. It's interesting because I think a lot of people who have a similar feeling towards much co that I do have spoken, very highly space beige. But I don't I have not heard or seen the distinguishing factor between the two and that's a really good point. And I can speak into that so. Yeah. Macci koro. This really luck. And it's really samey because it's the same is the same set of cards coming out over time. It's a very limited pool of cards. Right. And so, you know what to expect the thing about space base won the whole thing of trying to balance being able to get things from a number on your turn and be able to balance and stack powers that you're getting from people and other people's turn like that's a new layer there. And it's really clever, and really cool. But the thing is too. I didn't talk about this, and that is the reason you get money in the game because money isn't worth anything to you at the end. But there's some decks of three sets of show of different types of ships. And so there's a lot more randomness that can come into the availability and what's in those three markets for you to buy. So it's like the cheaper ships, the medium ships and the like the more expensive things and obviously the powers going to scale. With but the thing about it, though. I think the reason it works. And the reason you're hearing that this is just my thoughts on this Macci Koro in itself is really all that luck and the element of skill and making meaningful choices, really not fully there now. Yes, you do make choices. You can choose to buy one building or the other one and yeah, it's going to be a thing. But here's the deal the way you flip those cards. You buy different ships to replace them. And that's how you get to put him up there. So you're getting more meaningful choices out of and variety of choices out of the things you could add to your board, and it's going to come out different every time. That being said, I do want to just give some credit to much because they are coming out with Macci coral legacy. And I have no idea what that's going to look like, but that's the thing. And so maybe they're introducing some of this, but I did find people feeling like they're making meaningful decisions while, also trying to push their luck because you can try and make meaningful decisions that you're gonna pay a lot of money and lose a lot of money for getting this one thing, but on your turn, guess what you get to roll to special dice. No one else gets to roll. And so does have more skill involved of knowing how to not only pick the right ships, but pick the right ships that are also going to synergy is while also maximizing your return on investment. Yeah. That is interesting in different enough. It's definitely one of those games that I would like to give shot issues light enough that I don't think it's something that I'm willing to, to put money down on. And I think I've talked about this in the past. I'm kind of in a position right now where in my gaming group? If I'm not the one putting the money down on it. It's probably going to take a visit to a convention before. I get something new to the table. Make sense in. This was actually not my copy or anything. This is actually a buddies copy who brought it and she brought it so all the things and so but I mean, we're all in kind of those situations and I know our listeners can also be right there with you on that, Josh. But also, I know you've also volved your gaming group, quite a bit so kudos to what you have done, and there's a lot of great games. And when there's so many games coming out. There's also that whole thing of gay. K-k-keeping and just thriving the game community instead of just throwing new stuff out them as well. Absolutely. Yeah. So that's been space-based. Do you wanna talk about your last one? Sure. I'm just going to kind of very briefly go into this one, because I think it it matches a game that the game I just talked about apparently I didn't know this about myself, but I've gotten very into stained glass in the last couple of weeks. And that is because in addition to Zule stained glasses, Sentra, I have been playing Sagrada, which is a nother game that is based on the creation of stained glass. Artwork, specifically in Sagrada, you are drafting die that are different colored, you have a player board in front of you with a card inserted that will have some type of design the design will include numbers, a number of pips. In different squares, as well as different colors in different squares. And so as you're drafting die, you must first start from an edge of your board. And then you must build off of that you cannot place, a piece that is not orthogonal adjacent to oh, about, you can place adjacent. It must be adjacent in some way to a piece you've already played. It also must match the space you are covering. So if you have a space that has two pips on it. You can only place, a die that has two pips on that space. If it has a yellow space, you can only place a yellow dye. And then you also cannot place to similar die. Next one another, meaning you can't place to twos. Next to one another. And you can. Place to yellows next to one another so really kind of interesting complicated decision making as you're grafting there's a little bit of luck involved in regards to what gets rolled. But then there's some tools that you can use in, modifying, the die or modifying, your board in waste to hopefully make it work. And then you'll score points based off of variety of conditions that you have at the end of the game that you'll be made aware of as you play. Cigarette is one of those games that I just so I compared and I think I talked about this a little bit when I mentioned role player a little while ago that, that role player and Sagrada vary much feel similar their dice, drafting and based off of the value of the dive at you're adding, and the color of the dive at your adding, you're board to me. Sagrada is the better game design. I think. Role player has the better theme. But for me, Sagrada just feels a little more gamey feels a lot more. Like I'm making a lot more interesting decisions than than I was in role player. I think Bruce, both you and I have probably had a similar experience with Sagrada where the first time I had ever played this game. I actually played with an individual from our old game mild game group, your current game grew who is actually a stained glass artists, and so similar to my experience with Teotihuacan where I was playing with a archaeologist I got to play with someone who actually knew what they were talking about. And I think she's written a phenomenal review on BG about Sagrada and how it really does a great job in capturing what it is to make stained glass. Art. So that was a really neat experience for me again. Sagrada is again that I truly do love, I think it's a really elegant design. It is simple in its concept and incredib-. Ably intricate in the strategy and the mechanics that, that are involved in the decision making this involved. So. I don't know. Bruce, you have really anything to add to that. What is your experience with with that game? Then. Yes, sagrada. I played it in our game group. I have also played with that individual. And by the way, that individuals also the same person who brought space base. She makes sense and she identifies the fact that yeah. They, they the tools that they're using Instagram's makes sense for what you're doing except for, like three tools like those aren't things, essentially, this is what it's like where you're really like trying to do things. Right. But just a lot less cuts and a lot less welding. For me. Sagrada is like just really fun puzzle. You can play it at all sorts of player counts, it's going to be a scales. Well, because you had more or less die. So it scales really, really well. I've done that played just my wife and I played it solo. And I've also played at five five player a couple times. It's gorgeous the components the dice. They put in their awesome. I do think it is a phenomenal phenomenal game. And it the look of it will draw people to the table and have them learn in the way that I've actually explained it because I own it I actually got it in the BG secret Santa from my secret Santa after playing it. I put it on my list. And that's one of the things I got. And so that was really, really fun. And I'm thankful for that. But Sagrada is one of those games when I'm explaining it. I say think of pseudo coup. They have to start from the sides. But the, the spots tell you what thing, what the rules are for those spots, and that kind of mindset of, oh, I can't put the same thing in the same row or right, next to each other, like that's just something that I've helped me teach it now, I do not think it's a Sadako, but just putting those words out there. It's helped me teach it because that is a frame of reference. And that kind of feeling of getting to, like, accomplish something because even if I score awfully at the end of the day, I know that the decisions I made were mind, and it's like I know how it can improve or I want to improve, but I can still be proud of the thing. I did because I made meaningful choices. And so, yeah, that's why I like Sagrada. It's definitely something staying collection for a very long time. And I want to highlight something that you mentioned there between the, the choices that you made and scoring. Well, because you can do in my opinion. Well at the game without scoring. Well. It is very easy to end up in a situation where you're not able to place pieces, because you made poor decisions and each piece that you don't places a negative point. But you can also completely fill out your board and not meet the objectives that were set out for this game. And so you don't score, well, then either, but you still feel really good one hundred you completed this stained glass without any missing pieces. And so that is something that I think is really fun. Especially for new players is you know, I'm not competing to win in points, but I'm competing to comply. I'm competing against myself to solve this puzzle. So it's a nice like layer of a how do I learn to do this? But then the discovery how do I do this? While also doing that. And so it's, it's really cool to watch that evolution that happens. So yeah, I'm a huge fan as well. So listeners go check that out go to the website. And so if you haven't checked it out on our website board, game impact dot com. Does actually a page that has games and gear? So because some people do ask, hey, what stuff do you use a record this? So that's up there. But also the games you talk about on this podcast. Are there any cliques there or support their that you do through those links actually does help us make this show more possible? So do you want to just reference that? So if you're looking wait I heard about a game. I don't know how it's spelt just go look there. It's got all the pictures, but that's a really cool thing. So Josh, there are more games. I would love to talk about, but not because we're pretty much on time. And so with that we're just going to hold some of these games for next up Assode listener. So we've got more for you just tune in again. Josh do you have any closing thoughts for listeners? I'm going to close with the same same spiel always give thank you so much listeners for joining us this week. Please do give us those reviews that feedback is incredibly helpful for us as Bruce mentioned. We're, we're gonna we're gonna cut off here because of some feedback that we've gotten about time. I think that's something that I recognize early on that we needed to be better at. And so hearing that from you, as well helped us make the decision that we're going to be a little bit more hardened fast on that on that policy with our recording. So we do listen to that. Please follows on Facebook engage in conversation there. It's always nice to hear from from listeners there as well. And again, I, I know there are million ways you could be spending your time. So thank you for spending the time with us, and that's very well said Josh, so I'm going to go through some of this really quick just really very thankful though for some of the feed. Back again that came because we did a call for, like, hey, please, while you're listening to this before it ends just click into that app, and just do give a rating, maybe a little bit of comments, obviously, for driving. For safety there. But really, that feedback is super meaningful because we want to provide content that's going to be impactful for you. That's literally in the name of doing. But really just overall just thanks for listening to board game. Impact, we hope that listening to all of this, and what gaming experiences that we're getting the have is making a positive impact on you and your gaming group. I know it's making a very positive impact on us and be able to connect from a distance because we are in two different states where reporting this, but you can learn more about us more about our backgrounds, but going to board game impact dot com. If you have to give more feedback, or reach out to us, and talk to us, you can Email us at board game impacted gmaiLcom besides Facebook page, all seven Instagram. That's just four game impact, and then I also referred earlier to our patriots. So that is a really great place to hear about episodes, as soon as they're launched as well as see kind of the behind the scenes and engage with sun, a more community level. And so I do make some quick recordings and I'm talking to the patriot as often as I can. But it's a really fun place. And I just encourage you to go over there, because we are patriots, or really helping literally make this show happen. And so, thank you so much for those who have supported the show, and I encourage you to go and check that out. Please do share this podcast. Also with your friends, friends, you listen to podcasts or getting into gaming or if not NADA game where yet I've actually found a lot of people really appreciate it. Who aren't gamers yet because we're breaking down the content. And so do share it with some non gamer podcast listeners, and then just really want to stress that we are so thankful that we get to do this and just cannot wait to get the next episode to you. We hope that you have an amazing time with the rest of your day the rest of your week and the rest of your month and that hopefully, there's a lot of fun gaming involved. But the sides that we also hope that you go out and have a positive impact on the world talked in.

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