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VELOCE VELOCE VELOCE podcast podcast. Hey sexy actually friend. He's making me bitch. Maybe WanNa get a piece of that. Want to talk about sexy teams. I was getting a directions. It's a very creepy. I can guarantee that underwear theft will come up again. None of this relevant Po came him on. cokie balls seven hundred and fifty middle liter bottle of rum. Welcome to the pharmacy. podcast a study on Manala Jackie. This is your grumpy uncle. Peter he will say words at you two weeks ago on the loss of podcast. I talked about how the Microsoft experiments of the four day workweek would not expand into other industries as well because there were too many sort of bits of missing information I was talking about how they were talking primarily probably about programmers. How Four Day workweek might work better for them but it might not work in other industries? A lot of people sent me messages saying like you. Just don't want a four day WORKWEEK. You're kind of a jerk about it. the jerk part I accept but what I really wanted was a clear explanation of the elements of that experiment what they measured in how they measured the results us and how it can be projected onto other industries successfully. So that's where all my issues came from that. What they were doing was an experiment? It was very successful in their area in there with their criteria. People were saying because this was successful. It'd be successful elsewhere. But that is absolutely not how science or these sort of experiments work you would need an individualized experiment to replicate the results for almost every industry. Now I am very pro. Four Day workweek. I would love to have another day off. I think that'd be great but but that doesn't mean you blindly accept stuff because that's how you get people walking row saying I hate the word moist. This is maybe something I did. A few years ago. WOAH loss podcast. But there was a study in it said people find the word moist disgusting and then every now and then I would meet someone. He'd say same voiced or something like that and they'd I hate that word and that's actually not true. You don't hate that word. Because the actual experiment was was the word moist coupled with something becomes the most disgusting word in the English language but coupled with other words it was not so when they said moist wound. People really grossed out when they said moist cake no one minded at all so it wasn't the word moist. It was the in addition of moist. Something else that made it stronger. So the wound felt grocer because of the word moist but the cake actually felt more delicious because of the additional word moist now that's a bit of a simplification but I've actually run across actual human beings who said they hate the word moist in my head. I'm like that's not true. You read the title of an article and extrapolated as being the truth and now actually believe it where people are saying Microsoft. Read a four day workweek and it was really successful Ed productivity when forty percent that therefore must be true across the board. And that's just not how that works so I am not against a four-day workweek fact. I think I would be very pro for the work week but I just don't want ever want to go around believing things that are. Not True. Skepticism has value then. I read another study this week and implied very heavily. People who play games such as Card Games and board games were more likely to stay mentally sharp in later life now. The study was primarily based those who played Non Digital Games and they scored better on memory and thinking tests when they were in their seventies. And I have a lot of issues with this because this implies if you play card and board games in the long term you'll actually have better memory. Video Games are a relatively new invention compared to cardboard game. So if you're testing people in their seventy I would actually bet people in their seventies. Now don't play very many video games. My parents are in their seventies and eighties. They have never replayed a video game in any real way so the control group I believe is probably very small and that is a major flaw is what you need is a control. All group who from birth play basically nothing but digital gauge and a control group that plays nothing but board and card games and do very boring for those people. I'm sorry science sometimes require sacrifice vice and then when they get to their seventies do some sort of memory test and you can get a better result but it seems like the pool of people they'd be pulling from now primarily. Most of them would not have played video games in any real way. I know older people do. I'm a little older myself and I play video games but I grew up with so people older than me. He actually a lot of them have never touched video game in any real way now. Does that mean that the result is not correct. No but it also means you should have a healthy dose of skepticism schism when reading about this board Games and card games Equate to better memory long term. I don't think that's actually been proven out by this. Because the very nature sure of digital games as they're changing rapidly right now so when you get an established format long-term from birth to seventy years old then you can test memory and then you can get more accurate results. This is the kind of thing that I try to be very aware of when I read. Studies is where are the flaws flaws in the Internet article about the study. Often I try to go find the study but I mean to be honest. A lot of them are very labor intensive to read The very dry very boring so they're not a lot of fun So I'll read kind of bits of them and try to find out like what their control was. Did they have control rebecca stuff. I I did not read the Microsoft study. To be honest I did go back and find the actual source for the word moist and I just looked at the criteria For the Card Game Board Game Study and realized that there were some significant flaws. If you're only testing people in their seventies now the ideas that later in life is what you WanNa test will. That's great but that means people later in life in their seventies now again there were certain factors that led them to play more card and board games and that doesn't mean it improved or diminish the memory. Maybe those same people. If they'd played video games their whole life actually have way better memory. Maybe it would be terrible. Maybe you'll be trashed rushed. I don't know but neither do they. Because it was never studied Cora question why does Canada rarely appear in the news in America. Is Anything bad happened in Canada There's a couple of pretty lame jokes. I came up with right away after reading this the first answers. No nothing bad happens to Canada but then I think the real answer. Is You have to actually care about something to notice it in. Americans don't care about Canada's country so they don't report on. This bias is not not unique so living in Japan. I watch a lot of Japanese news and they only report on international events. If there is a Japanese person involves let's say there's a disaster another our country most of the time it will get zero coverage but if there are two Japanese people maybe like they were tourists or something who were involved in this disaster then it will get some coverage and that's one of the things you need to realize about news the people writing or creating the news only right or create news that they Caribou so if they're American probably only care about America primarily. They might look to Canada if there's something that relates to America or if it's something that they could make funnel but still at the end of the day news sources are actually self interested just like everything else in the world which is why you can't trust the news so I created a Steven Seagal drinking game. This'll be available to you What I post this episode you can go to Veloce Peter Dot Com and there will be a link to a google document and in that Google document will be the rules for the Steven Seagal? Drinking game I'm going to explain it to you. Now see if you can remember all this go ahead but it's actually all been typed up for you. You don't have to worry about this. In my opinion works best with movies that were produced post two thousand five because that is when the quality quality of his film reduced greatly and he became the producer of almost every film he made. Now you have to call out when any of these things happen and the person who doesn't call it out they have to drink. The drink is up to you. You do shots beer. You can do shots of liquor. I think shots of something hard. Probably people will die but these are the things you have to look for and then call outs for one. Drink the wondering penalty you Steven Seagal named comes up on the screen. Such as writer producer. Director Rector Star gaffer. Whatever you have to call it out and if someone doesn't call it out quick enough they have to drink? If within the movie in his dialogue he talked about honor. Someone has to drink uses Japanese. Now Steven Seagal Japanese is very very good is basically perfect he. He lived in Japan for many years. He ran his own AIKIDO. Joe But that means every now and then in a film he likes to show off a bit in he does sort of adopt some some really crap philosophy stuff so if he speaks Japanese talked about honor call it out. Someone doesn't call it out. They gotTA drink. If Steven seagal wears yellow tinted shooting glasses or he wears dark sunglasses indoors. Call it out. Someone doesn't have to drink if he's wearing body armor to hide. Hide his fat if he wears a long coat to hide his fat if he sits with his arms across his front to try to hide his fat. Call that out. Someone doesn't they have to drink if a new the scene starts in the film Steven Seagal has already seated so he doesn't have to walk across the set. Call it out. Someone else has to drink. If before Steven Seagal all fights he puts his hands up like he's holding two tiny teacups. Call it out. Someone doesn't call they have drink wondering if he flips a man out of the way with seemingly no effort or he does several slaps which incapacitates him in call it out. Someone was calling wondering if his opponent falls into an object and object check breaks. Call it out so it doesn't call it out. They have to drink now. We get into the big ones. This is the to drink penalty when you realize that Steven Seagal is not the main character of the movie. If you call it out I everyone else has to have two drinks. If he has a ponytail in the film and you see see it you have to call it out. This is multiple times so essentially every time you see his ponytail. You call it out if someone doesn't call it out. Take two drinks if he does some clearly made up spiritual ritual garbage. Call it out. If he forms a relationship with a woman who's clearly would never be attracted to him in real life. Call it out if someone doesn't call it out. They have to take two drinks. But this is the big one. If Steven Seagal actually walks into frame you have to call it out. If someone doesn't call it out they they have to take two drinks because that is the opposite of the scene starting and him already being seated now you have to have something like a full beer something to chug. So this is. This is an extra one when Steven Seagal mumble something you can challenge another player to repeat what he said if they cannot they have to Chug the drink of your choice if they can you have to Chug the drink of their choice. There is a bonus room. Someone misses Accu- above completely. You can challenge them to listen to the whole soul girl. It's all right. If they take three shots they can stop. So those. Are the rules for the Steven. SEAGAL drinking game. Please be safe when drinking a don't drink and drive unless it's only digital and go get yourself a Steven Seagal all movie and have a really good night. So two weeks ago I was talking about Steven Seagal not to glowing terms that has sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole but as I was going down down down deep in the depths of Steven Seagal I remembered something that clearly my brain had blocked out then. I didn't want to remember now. was that Steven. Seagal made an album like most actors. He has aspirations to do everything Despite the fact he doesn't even have talent as an actor he certainly certainly only had fighting skills for a little while. He has zero talent as a singer but by that time he had enough money he could pay professionals to try to make himself better. which is the unfortunate reality of people? Having money is you can hire people with actual talent to waste their time. Fulfilling your desires makes communism look really good so that song at least the most famous song I guess you could call it that. Maybe it was the one it was released off the album. I don't know it is actually full out. I've only heard this one song is called girl. It's all right and I wonder primarily early from the lyrics of the song. What is all right? Steven doesn't really singing the song so much as long talk so he saying the lyrics and he's saying in sort of a thing soggy way but of course he has no rain so he's just sort of whisper singing the lyrics I how will any has professionals in the background do sound like they can sync properly to make it sound like more is going on than it is but the first thing I want you to notice the hip hop scratch that seems to taking the place of a regular beat and maybe this was cool. ooh So you have someone with actual mixing ability. Maybe real talent who can scratch records and he's being forced to do this over and over again. 'cause I know in reality. What happened is what they do once they just did the scratch once and then he just looped it but my images in a live performance? I don't know if this was is ever perform live. I don't know if he ever got that far. I imagined Steven Seagal set up his own concert. Maybe even a small tour That no one showed up to then he realized maybe this wasn't the best idea. Someone live and again realistically is probably prerecorded is what they played music. Wise while he was live in concert. But if you we're a puritan you would have had an actual dj up there doing this regularly for the whole three minute missile and that has to be one of the saddest existences. I can think of if you go back to one of the earliest episodes of philosophy podcasts. I actually took sometimes talked about professional musicians. Having to do music for English. Lose textbooks so they had to write and sing songs about like present progressive and stuff. This is on par with them. Being in the band for Steven Seagal has to be a very painful way to make a living because you had dreams about being famous US dreams about being good and you probably are good so your professional musician. You've been hired by Steven Seagal and you're not rich enough to say no. Oh that's pretty much. Everyone is video. I assume that's what happened to them. They're good but they're not so good that they've broken out so they have to actually accept money in this Ab- dirty money coming. Nobody Steven Seagal so then. We have to get to Sort of analysis of the lyrics in the only problem is that to be. The lyrics are connected with the video. In the video Steven Eva's ago seems to be mooching on disturbingly young woman significantly younger than himself. It appropriately so I've noticed in a couple all of his films when he got into his fifties the heroin or the love interest was also inappropriately young. Who would be disgusted by Steven? seagal coming onto. That's not so much about age as it is. He's gross so let's just be clear about so what he says girl. It's all right by me Eh. It's never clarifies. What is all right by him? I did like that. It's it's all girl it's all right it is suddenly becomes. It's all right by me so in the song he's actually saying it's about him he's accepting it whereas the title of the song makes it seemed like it's about the girl but either way the it's all right part. I found a little disturbing coupled with the imagery of video. Because if it's all right in it's what I think it is. It's it's not all right. It's not right for him to be doing this or encouraging her to do it. That's what he's doing then we get into a very unique piece of lyricism. So we're GONNA play that right now. So what he has just said is that if he dies he will come back and haunt her or his Zombie. Corpse will come back. And that's supposed supposed to be somehow romance and I guess to Steven seagal being an obsessive stalker is kind of romantic. Because I could see that being true now you go on Youtube and listen to the whole song three minutes and some but I would not recommend it. You've probably gotten the main part of it from this little summary here and if I was going to do review it's awful. I mean the music itself is we can uninspired Doug professionals I mean. It sounds like it's done. Well is just no one cared about what they were doing. I am actually in my head. Betting that Steven Seagal did write these lyrics but then I wonder if he's smart enough to it down lyrics well enough to match song so I'm betting he sort of half wrote the lyrics because I did find all the lyrics were very complimentary about him and no one else which does seem very a steven seagal ish but if I can make a recommendation if you have the opportunity to not hear the song girl it's alright by Steven Seagal. I would one hundred percent. Endorse you taking that opportunity to miss listening to that. saw the loss of Philosophy loss of loss of podcast. The loss of podcast was walk. Hey sexy friend is making me bitch. Thank you for listening. 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