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Satis school is brought to you by Lincoln. Hello monday. He brand new podcast from Lincoln's editorial team now linked to an started this podcast because they wanted to talk about how we're changing work and not just how we're changing work. But also how that work is changing us. So work is changing were changing all kinds of changes happening out there. So maybe you want to hear about how other people are building a life themselves doing something that's important to them each week on the show host Jessi Hempel brings reporting and candid conversations from the frontlines of the new office unified. Hello Monday on apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. How do you reach out to celebrities influencers for anyone out there that you wanna work with imagine? There's somebody out there. And you're like I wanna work with that person. I want to do some design work for them or whatever the service might be. How do you actually do it? Well, sometimes it's by doing something for them proactively like not just pitching yourself. But actually saying, hey, I made this thing or I found this thing that could improve the work do or whatever it is. Now, of course, this can be a risky strategy because you're basically working for free for a bit. But in this listener success story, actually comes from one of our listeners who's been part of the show for a while and L a graphic designer reaches out to an influence or she follows on YouTube reaches out to this person who has millions of followers, a famous fashion, beauty flogger and actually works out. Really well for her from that contacts, he goes on to build a full fledged design agency drawing in ten thousand dollars a month and with several other famous or well known clients of the story. Also includes a throwback to my space, the greatest network of all. Time to remember my space while some of you, don't, but you may have heard of it. The story also reminded me of how I met my longtime developer Nikki his y'all just about ten years ago. He pursued a similar approach with me. And since then we've worked on more than a dozen projects together, including nine years of W. Yes. Yes. Reached out to me and said like, hey, there's something about your website that I don't like I made something better. And here it is take a look, you really got my attention. And all these years later all those projects it, you know, it was a result from following the same strategy them. I'm gonna tell you about today. So LA graphic designer influences influencers that story is coming right up. Silence. The school is brought to you by fund drives the future of real estate investing. Why should you consider real estate investing? Well, private market real estate has historically provided. Excellent ongoing cash flow, even as it supports long-term growth. The fundraise platform allows you to access high-quality high potential private market real estate projects in lots of different markets. The platforms innovations power and investor I model by eliminating the high costs in middlemen. That have traditionally weighed down real estate, investing, saving investors, time and money. They've got a fun real time. Reporting feature that allows you to see the development of specific properties in understand. How all the details affects your big picture. If you want to check it out for yourself. Go to fundraise dot com slash side-hustle. That's F U N D R. I S E dot com slash side hustle to have your first three months of fees. Waived. Graphic designer Donnelly had an eye for style from young age when she was a kid. She loved watching Disney shows like Lizzie McGuire. And that's so raven after watching episodes, she would sketch animations and gifts to post on my space for prince to share my space. Just in case you've never heard of it was the largest social network in the early two thousands before Facebook came a lot dont had no idea that she was creating a future reality for herself from a young age. She then began the traditional path that many follow graduating high school going to college and earning a four year degree. But then rather than taking the first available jobs. She found Don chose to travel for a while and figure out what she really wanted to do. She had a design degree and thought she could at least you something with her skills until she figured out. What was next during this face? She earned a living through freelance design work making graphics and business cards to support her lifestyle until she found a real job. But despite applying for various positions. A real job would never come after listening to an episode of satisfied school. That's us. That's our podcast. Don learned about the world of merch by Amazon began designing t shirts to sell between her fulltime freelance gigs and a t-shirt business her schedule was full, but still none of these projects felt sustainable like many millennials, Don found herself spending a lot of time on YouTube watching how to and to to'real videos from top influencers one day, she was on her favorite YouTube influencers channel and noticed. A disconnect between the content being presented and the graphics that were used and she started seeing this as a trend with many top influencers, they had millions of followers sometimes their graphics still had a homemade feel. That's what she saw new opportunity arise. What if she could create better more brand, suitable graphics and offer them to top influencers on a whim, Don with a sample design for her favorite celebrity? Jim Jin is a Korean American fashion blogger with more than two million subscribers and emailed it to her. She told her she wanted to make your brand stand out more by creating visually stunning. Graphics and to her surprise she received a response within fifteen minutes. Just like that. Don, had her first client. She began doing graphics for Jim on the side while continuing her other freelance work startup costs were extremely low exactly fifty three dollars a month for a go. Be creative cloud and twenty dollars a month for website hosting. It wasn't long until she started receiving inquiries from other YouTube influencers asking design help within three months of doing this on the side. Don believed this could be a fulltime career. She began to wrap up those other freelance jobs and focus her time and energy on growing her YouTube work within six months, he was dedicating her time solely to this audience. When she first started bringing in an extra fifteen hundred dollars per month. Then when she went full time with it shot up to five thousand dollars a month. Her client base began to grow with more and more top influencers on YouTube. She's now earning ten thousand dollars a month in profit and recently hired a full time business development partner and part time creative staffer, of course, as with many new ventures. It wasn't always moved sailing as a creative person in a business setting. Don realized that she wasn't prepared for negotiations proposing contracts or setting boundaries in place. So that clients didn't take advantage of her she carefully. He was losing time and money by allowing clients to request numerous revisions without charging extra in return. So through trial and error. She was eventually able to create a system that worked for her for anybody out there wanting to launch a similar business or freelance model Don recommend setting a limit on the number of revisions, you will allow from client. And if they request more outside of that range charge extra make sure you protect yourself. So it's not endless work for one job. And also understand that everything is a working progress. So over time. You'll know what's working or not and can adjust your terms accordingly. She also encourages you to be bold and reach out to who you want to work with don't wait for them to find you because they won't take some time to create a design or pitch that fits your ideal clients Styler brand, and then send them your mockup, give them something to look at rather than just sending your website and portfolio. So that you have value to offer in some way that they might not otherwise, no. That's what she did. Those days watching Disney shows posting to my space have paid off. Well, I often say that anything is possible. You know, there's no guaranteed strategy. Like, this is gonna work. You know, he could end up doing something and not hearing back or just hearing back. Thanks, but no, thanks. But then again, you know, she's built a six figure business from it. And like I said it reminded me of the story of working with Nikki my developer. I'm still working with him after ten years in many projects. So I'm so glad that he reached out. Now, dons advice is just to recap on this point create something that speaks to the client's vision rather than sitting generic portfolio or website. I think that really is key. And I also went to look at her website. And she has this very strong design style. It is really specific. I mean, it looks just like, you know, the kind of thing that you would see going over really well on YouTube with these fashion lifestyle bloggers, so she clearly understands that acetic and is incorporating it, but also adding to it as she goes so clear vision well executed, and you never know. Maybe there's a risk that you need to take a small risk. Of course, not telling you to quit your job. Maybe there is some small risk. You can take would lead to great advancement. Inspiration is good but inspiration with action is better. Today's show notes rolling up Donnelly's work anything else that I mentioned adobe, creative cloud. I know whatever else I talked about in the episode all going to be at side-hustle school dot com slash eight to six episode eight hundred and twenty six my space. Of course, I'm gonna link up my space just in case, you don't know how to find it. It's all going to be on that show notes page, and I'll be back again tomorrow with the weekly recap. Thank you so much. My name is Chris calico, this is side hustle school. From the onward project.

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