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Local Hour: Marlins Macho Man


The Dan Le Batard Woodstock. Gotcha podcast is brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes, Capital, One. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member? FDIC. Okay. I went to my first Marlins game of the season. Congratulations went to my first Marlins game. I'm not entirely sure. I don't think this was my first Marlins game. The jeeter era, but it was certainly my first Marlins game with the new Geeta world the JIRA. So I have experienced all that there is to experience at the new Marlins park with new concessions, I had people's choice burger. I still don't know what the deal is with that it makes me uncomfortable. Even ordering it. I'll I'm like, I'll just have the feature burger. I don't know what's going on there. But it's delicious. I will say that what's on it. There's like chopped up playing teens and potato straws. It's delicious. Are these going into is it like planting chips. So is it crunch there, adding on? She planting. Like plantations. You get gear like rice and burgers amazes fire it when the each and wine festival, ow festival. Whatever it's fantastic, the food options. I think they're better than what they used to be. And I don't know why they're ushers at that ballpark. It seems pretty useless. My experience was I on a whim decided, you know what Chelsea just one. The euro leak final London is blue were the only team in London to winning. Is that a real trophy or one of the fake trophies? So I'm glad you asked, this one might frustrate, you want to get back to. Is it a whim, if you said it early in the morning, you were going to go? You're right. It's not quite a whim, but it was a it was a spur of the moment decision back to your fake trophy. Okay. It's not the fake tro. I, I. What this trophy? It's a it's a European Cup. Does that mean Chelsea finished fifth last season in the Premier League table, which means that we're just one spot outside of qualifying for Champions League, which is the best teams in Europe? Okay, but there is a sort of NIT tournament for all the teams that are really good, but not good enough to make Champions League in and finishing fifth. And also winning the FA Cup and IT is a perfect comparison. That's what it is. It's an oh it's all right here. Doc, it's a little bit more prestigious than that. What teams win it. What's the Cup called the Europa league Europa League Cup? Yeah. Where does that rank like in terms of like Winston Cup Stanley Cup Europa league cut? I will say this the Winston Cup. I'm just going to say it. I don't want. I know that it's yeah. It's not like probably PC to say that. I wish it was still called the Winston Cup. But I really do I would I would say, in terms of prestige the only comment that can make is within like Chelsea's like trophy hierarchy. So I think the top trophy is a champion trophy, Chelsea's one that once in two thousand twelve then there's the Premier League trophy, and then I think slightly, you could make the argument slightly above the FA Cup is euro per league, it's not something to poo, but many detractors will just point to it and say ha that seventeenth for a team like Chelsea, the Europa Cup is exciting but it's not their goal Everton. I report, that's like our best case scenario is making it too. Euro, you'll have a huge blow out celebration, Chelsea's not even having a parade right for this trophy, but they don't have. They only had like to parades. I think despite winning seventeen trophies snobs. Yeah. We, we are kind of the players don't even get bonuses for the Europa league final, or arsenal had so much going on ously. They should have just held up a sign instead of the actual trophy. That said, we kept arsenal Otta Champions League because arsenal could've qualified automatically for Champions League if they won the league final Billy, and that's one of our rivals and what is champion league another faked. No Champions League is a big one or the champions that game is played this Saturday. It's between Tottenham Charlie's team and Liverpool. Liam steve. Yeah. Yes. Katie Nolan's team and Katie Nolan's Liverpool has a big following. So what I'm excited about is Chelsea by winning the euro per league they qualified for the SuperCup European SuperCup, and they'll take on it where you take the champion. Kaby until you, you take the the change in the Champions League and the champion of Europa league. And you start the season next year. I must say, I love soccer with you. But this, this is really confused. All these this is like if the winner of the IT started their season playing against the winner of the NCAA tournament. And then they get another trophy for that just Grech but that's it use like they don't care about that. There's some really good game. It's kind of preseason. But it's going to be highly contested between Chelsea and either taught as actually won the right to be the opening game of next season like before everyone. Others community shield. Don't forget that which is the FA Cup champion against the League Cup champion. However, this season the same team wanted. So I think you take either the runner up. Yeah. I think they might play Liverpool in the community shield. You what is the community shield community shields? When you have the league champion face the FA Cup winner. All right. But in this case, Manchester City won both. So they'll take either the runner up to the FA Cup or the runner up to the league. Exactly. Tournament like the winner of the community. There should be another Cup man. Is it an actual shield to shield tired just like thinking that, that one's a little that one's absolutely preseason match and no one really cares about? Well, how, how do you know which of these games are important because like I went to a soccer game at Sun Life and no one was playing because they all played in the World Cup. Because what game was that. That was the friend. Oh, that was a true preseason game went who won the friendly championship. Cub. They actually they used to do that. What you say the for up frog. So they yu-su they use actually try to make it like a trophy presentation, where it was like tournament. I remember going hard rock's eighty one year and it was Chelsea versus Real Madrid. And there was a trophy on the line. Now they just like whoever has the most points. We'll give it to you. They have to throw away trophies. Right. That's certainly one that you can throw away the icy. No. But like there's no room for all of these trophies Chelsea's trophy box. That's for sure. They've, they've won a lot. Does it not concern you that like this team doesn't even acknowledge this championship from what you're saying, like, we're not going to have a parade like, oh, it doesn't matter. It doesn't concern me because Chelsea have a higher standard. Words arsenal, they would have celebrated the holy hell out of this trophy because they don't win trophies at often jaded as a Chelsea supporter because we've won seventeen trophies now in the time that Roman Abramovich owned the club by far by far because Manchester said he just wanted trouble. But the most in England during that span troubles when you win three trophies in one season that sounds like you went three trophies in one week. What's that called? Manchester New trick match. If you went to is it a double a double? Trimming Chester city won the league the FA Cup and the care about Cup, they'd be Chelsea in the care about Cup final and that care about Cup final. Mickey Mouse trophy doesn't really matter unless you win it, then you're like we won. So Chelsea had a bizarre Stras dramatic season. Like always chaos the managers are going to quit the keeper in the manager of fighting at this. They want to champion in his heart. It's going to leave just like last year where they won the FA Cup final, and they were surrounded by all sorts of controversy, and everybody hated the manager. Chelsea just always win a trophy. That's what they do. Chaos and trophies. Get used to it row fees. So I saw Chris Fowler. Chris valor came out to macho man, I always macho man, I was more star struck by Marlins. Macho man, we can get into that in the second Chris valor. I knew that's Chris. Beacon you crawler like Chelsea guy or what is I know him to be a Chelsea supporter, because you showed up on the London as blue pod. And he's tweeted about Chelsea a couple of times, you know, else is Chelsea guy to Rico any who and like to Rico, Mike Tariq, oh, and recent and I recently found Dolan's. Not the Siri Cohen. I found out that Chris Fowler resides in south Florida. Yeah. So it makes sense. But I've never seen him out at one of these watch parties just strolled in and I had all Adela. No, you some. He had some friends, I knowingly got him in one of my 'cause I was doing my zoo in my front facing. Guys amount here. Just trying to be Michael, and I actually had him in the back row. One of my videos, I didn't mean to put them out like that. No, I had no idea until after I posted. I was like, damn that, that looks that. But I introduced myself to him, I said, hey, Mike Ryan, and he pretended like he knew me right away. I'm still not sure I didn't say laboratory at all. He's just heart show. It's like, oh I love poppy. That's not this. Well, he treated me just like he treated everybody else, which was very kind. But I don't think I even was like look at ESPN and, and I don't think it registered. He said, where's the other one? He's a very nice man, incredibly fit. It was good to see him really incredibly fit. It's just. I mean dude is just ripped. I've got him at with, like a vodka Spitzer. No, no drink. Wow. You don't look like that at that age which God knows I think he's like thirty two. That's true by having alcohol. The dude is just put together charming has a glow about him incredible. And very, very happy to be around other Chelsea fans the in person, just like you see it on just like you see it on TV. It's outrageous. Okay. I've been talking a lot to the Marlins six you guys can get involved because I went to Marlins man and you're about to do a transition. Go for it. Well, I was just looking at there. I was gonna say NBA finals more like NBA finally my right? UCLA line. I guess it right off the Marlins off the Marlins. I go to the park, still celebrating. I have my people's choice burger. It sounds like you care about this championship more than the team does. Why I like the fact that this was Arsenal's only way your best player something even his does appear to be leaving. But he bawled out this isn't that complicated for fans fans, just one reason to go to the pub and be excited about a guy get excited anytime I beat arsenal. This sport gives you that reason a lot like that, that's not we be one of our rivals another team from London. We have a famous chant that's world, the only team in London with a European Cup. We get to still say it. Hopefully we get to say it after Saturday's Champions, League after Liverpool win. I'm rooting for Liverpool. Wait, you could lose the European Cup that you just one. We could lose the rights to singing where the only team in London with a European Cup because remember there to European car. There's two Champions League is exit your European cups. Champions League is a European. I don't know what's going on because there's teams in London Tottenham in London. Yeah. So, and so is their arrival Chelsea Liverpool, and no liver pre-owned Madrid. And all of those London teams. How many soccer teams can one city have in London alone? I think they're like, thirteen when you go across all divisions, probably more than that. How many people live in London? How can they support so many teams in the same sports? How popular it is. There's the lower division. So I went to a late Norian match and that's fifth division. And they let anybody who's eighteen and under infre-. Because if you're if you're a teenager, why would you support a fifth division team that has no shot a plan important games? I went to that match and everybody was in their sixties. It was kind of depressing because their fans are dying off. Literally, that's how you do it, you incentivize. Hey, come out here free and, hey, we can be your second team, but just come out and support just London had eight point one three six million people in two thousand and eleven not healthwise at the last census since two thousand eleven the Marlins macho man I seen it was macho Marlins. It didn't I heard za`z talking about it a little bit. I wish Brennan Tobin were. On the air because I could've gotten his neutral, impression again, Brennan Tobin is not macho man, I have confirmed that. Oh, well anyways, I'm walking towards after I down, my people's choice burger, I'm walking towards the bud terrace before that I walk up to the box office after paying twenty dollars for parking. And I say gimme your cheapest ticket right cheapest stick. It is ten dollars just to get in the building and remodeling. Yeah. No tax. That is a flat price, so forty bucks. I get tickets Marlins game and parking there's street parking available. Right. Should've. Right. Your wife, I. Head as I down, my people's choice burger, I turn a corner and macho Marlins man resting on a barrier like that, that fence that they have in the Budweiser Tara, that balcony and use. By himself, there people next to him, but he's just chilling. Taking it all in, I expected a mob scene. Right. But as I understood it and I can relate this this turn. This was a mob scene. You know, a smattering of people coming up and wanting to take pictures mean very excited for macho Marlins man. That is absolutely a mob scene by Marlins. Budweiser terrorist standards because I went to a concession stand, and I, there was no line. I got right up to, you know, order, one of my beers, much Marlins man big fan of the tall boys. Hugh china. The tall boys and they were freaking out there like, oh my God. What is happening today? I could count. There were like seventeen people on this. They're, it's they're like, oh my God. We've sold more beer than we have in the last week's combined makes me sad for the Marlins. It makes me think for macho macho man clearly has drawing power there. I just didn't have sampling to compare it to, like, what the baseline crowd is there. But macho Marlins man clearly, a draw I saw Craig Miller Vini out there who many I told I whispered in macho Marlins man ear you have to refer to them as Craig Short. Of course. And thinking that this would be like a nice little chat to take many playfully. Right. Right. Minner Vini just opens up. Hey, I'm Craig George he leads into you gotta play. Oh, absolutely. Now was that actually on the Marlins broadcast? Or did they just use that for social, I think, interviews because they were filming it off of an iphone camera. Yeah. So I was like, why didn't they have it on? TV. Because I was watching the game. Why didn't they talk to him because as I understand it, even though much more Orleans man is not Brennan Tobin? Yeah he has an affiliation with seven ninety two ticket macho Marlin Menendez be somehow because I've seen heavy appears on the air, there appears on seven ninety to take it off in an often when he's doing videos. I see a seven ninety backdrop behind them, even though he is not Brennan Tono, but the Marlins have different flagship radio station. See this opens up like to call a can of worms Cana word you don't want to upset your radio partner too much by giving someone from seven ninety no matter the affiliation much love over the broadcast. It's a tricky situation so they could never interview Tito on the Marlins broadcast. Tito, just longtime stuff only caller Miami. Yeah. They could. Because he's simply has no affiliation whatsoever are just a caller. So who else was out there? I saw za`z low and the salt beast. I saw. Is it Robbie Irani, the degenerate, rob Robby, Robby? Sorry, I said it was a big fan of his like combine bit, which I was. But now I just botched his name. I'm sorry Robbie. I'm a big fan of that show. I love Robby, Robby, Robby degenerate was out there. I was excited him beast Zan. Says speak US by his absence was was Brennan Tobin Who Wasn't There and Brett Romberg Brett Romberg was saying that he was going to be there. But I guess what you put the foot down the Rahm, Doug, and Doug was an out there, which would have been fun slamming. Beers with rum Doug. Yeah. As I've been known to do in the past also macho Marlins man progressively as the game went on stop sounding so much like macho man, I don't wanna I didn't wanna say on his it's to Graham story. We'll Tobin for some reason. He hacked. Brennan, Tobin Sam really. And as you go through the story, it does seem to get progressively. I can understand why some people think they're the same person because progressively it just sounded like Bredon Dovan was spinning into his phone, but not the same person. My favorite part about this game the triple, you know, that the last thing they get a triple this season. It was like the second, yeah. So startling cash got a triple otherwise. They won last night. Yeah. They want again I left season. They won the Nazis, and they won the series going for a sweep again. One nine out of twelve I left, it was one one right now is one one did the Marlins acknowledge him like the like Austin dean was out there to dean like I turned back and look at him like did any any player knowledgeable. I have it on. You could hear Brennan. I mean you can hear macho Marlins fan from everywhere, always yelling like the entire game time. Dean would do something he would go mean to. Yeah. So did mean d never turn around and like pointed him being dean, loves a crowd. I have it on good of. Authority that some of the Marlins players are fans of this bit Marlins. Yeah. It's an incredible bit will person because it's a real life person Pablo Lopez pitch raise in his thing Pablo Pablo. Yeah. Mean dean he macho Marlins bama's really hung up on BUSTER Posey? Hates him for the Scott. Oh my God. How does it? Everybody, though hasn't been able to forgive them. Yeah. Of course, let me Bruin baseball, by the way BUSTER Posey. Like, I'm glad that I'm on Saint pages much Marlins about on these now there's no more place at the plate because of BUSTER Posey's. Plus, they're Posey, please like he was going to be this great baseball player. What does he done bust, my favorite lust her Posey? My favorite part of the game was the giants Rosser because I recognized almost all of them I had Bumgarner on the mound. No that guy Pablo Sandoval is third base for the giants again. And guess what? He's hitting two ninety three back in my day when I was watching baseball. I felt like everybody was hitting ninety three now to ninety three six out. Is if a dude was hitting four hundred. Wanting to forty two these days. No, not even not even they're looking the two twenties to teens. And they're like it's not a problem back in my day, you need to take that dude out of the lineup. The dude's only hitting two twenty this, what this guy better be giving you some pop for two. Twenty I love that this happened on a day, Madison. Bumgarner was pitching like unintentionally just because he seems like someone that would not like macho Marlins very clearly here macho Marlins. Man. I think mantra Marlins man. God in his head, you know, they ask you today, jeeter and Dumbo about that article that was written in the ethic. What was that reaction jeeter was saying that it was kind of they thought it was unfair and Dumbo so that he offered Rosenthal quotes that he just didn't use? So they both of them said that they thought it wasn't fair that they didn't really want to talk about it that much, but that they thought that it was a mischaracterization. I was thinking about this last night. Also, wait. Sorry. Lasting update on them. They were also talking about the draft because of drafts coming up right around the corner position player. They're gonna go after number four, I was surprised to see the more four hitter power guy. No. Like they have the fourth pick. Okay. And Dembo said that they're going to go after the best available player jeeter said they're going after position player. So that's good. That they're going after the best available. Let's just call it. Vesa bailable position player. Yeah. I was surprised to see considering you're on the Dumbo thing to see them advertised bark at the park night and Marlins ballpark. Because, as you know, Denver hates animals hates them all know what I was gonna say, though, la- last night, I was thinking, look at this turnaround that we have right now for a rod and jeeter, like yeah. Five years ago, if you'd have thought about public perceptions of era and Derrick jeeter. And now a rod is this beloved the voice of Sunday night, baseball, everyone jaylo now jeeter just like off. I mean I don't know about nationally, maybe nationally. He's still bought as jeeter the Anki but down here. We're like jeeter. Oh, I think nationally, it's not nearly as bad as it is down here. But in Miami, this is an era town brother, get at rod world, brother. Remember when he was doing that press conference? He was the most hated person in sports where he's great doing everything, like pooping. He looked great. He did look that was that made me feel really happen, though, that I don't know. Like Roger Clements still has like you're talking about the picture. I'm just talking about eight becoming like likable, again cheated. I don't know. I think people have good with it. But just he's never. He's never going to get in the hall of fame. Just jay. Was it just jaylo? His the way he did FOX basically pieces. He's just like Gabba chill definitely helped because when he was dating Tori Wilson. No one was really talking about, but you still playing no one really. I forgot about that. My, my theory is when he was playing. He came off like a television news, man. He just came off super authentic. And now that he's a media, that is superficial world. That is super in authentic. So he's like, whoa, this person's amazing. He's a natural just because that's how he always is. It's a perfect absolutely. The perfect world. For Alex Rodriguez. He is comfortable in a setting where most people are totally uncomfortable because they cannot be himself. And that's how IX Rodriguez his whole life pretending to be somebody. He's not to the point that he's just a simulated and become that person that avatar deep. Remember when Kate Hudson was dating one of the Jonas brothers, I was cool. Kate Hudson has like quite the murderers row. I don't remember the Jonas, brother or she's funny. They didn't she date. She was linked with Tom yorker. Radiohead. Think Matthew Bellamy of muse Chris Robinson and the black Crowes Alex Rodriguez. It's really the strange one fill like the Jonas brothers are the most overrated famous brothers in the history of brothers. Like, what are they the Molina's Jonas brothers never had an im- Bob. I mean they've had some hidden camp rock or something or is that they have not had an MBA. The new Jonas brothers song think slaps. Yeah. Might slap, but it's not going to have the staying power of 'em. Boban in a bar today. And everyone's thinking it, I'm a sucker for you. I'm going to be playing that. I don't know that song you haven't. All right. Hold is a think that the Hanson brothers are better than the Jonas. Jonas brothers are probably had more hits. But they've never had a number. They don't have the hit, they don't have them. But I think about that with Selena Gomez all the time, too. So like for a long time, she was the most followed person on Instagram. And it's kind of like why she doesn't have the catalog? Well, I mean, it's because she dated Justin Birom assuming which sounds on fair. I mean she has an acting career, and she has a scene career. But like I don't like if you were to say, what is Selena Gomez, most famous seven eight six four five six four eight three seven next segment. Call in and tell us Linda Gomes's, most famous on support for the veil over to our show with stugotz podcast goes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. You know, that group of friends or even co workers, that you could trust hands down, even with the most difficult task. Well, if you're out there, looking for the right home, you can trust the mortgage experts at rocket mortgage. Their number one goals tonight. The home buying process mood for you. Visit rocket mortgage dot com slash gods. And take the first step toward the home of your dreams equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states and m l s could sue. Access dot org number thirty thirty rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Push-button get mortgage. Donlevatar. Texter writes in talk some puck stugatz, puck you these, these are show with stugatz on the ticket. I love you like a love song, baby. That's my favorite Selena Gomez song. She also has a song J Alvin. I really like have you heard that song? What are we talking about here? Like all nice. These are all nice songs. But are you saying these are bigger than Bob now? We are we on this, you're on the Jonas brothers thing, we're trying to figure out why Selena Gomez was the most followed person on NCI. I think we know what is it? Justin bieber. No. You don't know we've talked about talk. But that's the reason she's still but she doesn't have the catalog to support. We're saying what is okay. Let's start this again. All right. You said, Jonas brothers that we said Hanson, and then we mentioned, Kate Hudson, and her dating his three. And then a rod picture on the toilet that he's suing to get that to disappear. Then we've got the Selena Gomez. And then I said, at one time, Selena Gomez was the most followed person on Instagram. And I think that it's because she was dating Justin Bieber. But she also is an accomplished singer and actress. Right. But I can't name what her most successful song is off the top of my head accomplished Nova, she is because she has a good series of songs. I just don't know what the one song is like, okay. For example, riana. Right. Realize it saw any on of hit songs. Right. But if you were to say, what's Riyadh is best song or most the sex most successful rela. I'd say umbrella, probably right. What the real question? Here. What is, she close with, like what a Selena Gomez at a concert close to me? I like it aiming I you know, Riano something funny about Riyadh. I've been to a couple of concerts and the last concert, I went to his her last tour in Drake came out, and I was like a big thing, it was really cool anyways. So when she was going to perform the song she performed umbrella, and she was telling us us I see us like the fans, like her friends, obviously, she was saying how she was considering not playing it and she's surprised that, that song still gets like a big reception. So much point, I was like, does, she believe that the settlers thought FM? Has it? She says it every show, I know. But you're saying when talking about the sells for the tour, she was considering not playing it, but, like EV soon as umbrellas start. Oh my God. I really sticks out with me. When acts had the same small talk in every city really because a small talk. If you have the same settlers every show that you do at least give a unique small same setup for that song. It's this exact thing. Exactly. Are you saying that when Taylor swift said that the crowd was great at hard rock stadium? She didn't mean it. I'm saying tread lightly friend. I have to be careful with my words at the be careful with my words she does come across a little disingenuous. I'll just who who are we talking about Taylor swift to sift. I didn't do the how music star I wanna go to you on this question. Music at a concert, it are you supposed to play your best song as the first close then you go away? And then you come back for an encore. Or do you save the best songs for when you come back on the encore? I guess it depends on how many great songs you have. Right. You know what I hate? What if you have only one like just one like your biggest hit is one song that one? I love Jack white. I think he has a million good songs, but his most famous songs with the white stripes at seven norm. Right. He typically closes with seventy let's see if he went off stage before playing that song. I know he's coming back on for an encore. So I think he should play what he should play that song. And then he leaves the stage because you always want this not because don't you want? You don't. Want to know that they're coming back on because that's a fake encore? You want them to leave on core. And you want to imagine there in the back listening for the crowd like on might not come back right now. The great mystery breaker, there is when you check sent let's beforehand, then I'm always a guy don't go anywhere, folks. They're coming back. You don't never doesn't encore. I feel like this is going to get me pit bull. Kind of, basically, he decides the concerts over and then credits just are going up on the screen. Yeah. Like he but he also has his concerts also like six hundred songs like do every song he does every song. He'll be performing forever. It's a real crowd, does he do Golo, of course, of course? But depending on where he does Kulu kind of dictates what kind of video is being shown on the screen if it's a pit bull concert. Oh man. The video that's on the screen in the background. But if it's good Morning America. Well, good Morning America. He wouldn't do it. But if it's like halftime at, like thanksgiving for the Cowboys, then there's video until I die because remember people used to be like hard. Yeah, yeah. It used to be our Mondo used to be really hard in the in these streets. You're gonna do the Super Bowl man. I want him to a couple of years ago, I thought there was definitely a chance that he do the Super Bowl. I think everybody would. But there hasn't been no. They say that one, they say that, though, but if he if he got it, he would put on a good show would be like it'd be one of those things where everyone would be mocking it. And then the show would happen in the next day, people will be like better than I thought, if you go to a pit bull concert, you will have a good time like he puts on a good show, and there's a lot of energy and he has the same dancers. The most bad ones, I think would be cool, but I think it would really took a lot of people off, if they got like a Spanish language artists in Miami. They should make it. You know what they should j Galvin had a Super Bowl half. Wow. Yeah. They should has Coachella set. J bobbins Coachella set was amazing, my wife is sort of lukewarm on j Galvin. I'm on the big j Alvin fan. She actually saw the said. She's like this dude is incredible amazing. Who do you think should do the halftime show next year here? I feel like it should be a bunch of like it shouldn't be one person. I feel like it should be Miami, please. And don't take the wrong way realized that, you know, like taking a shot at the king Queen here. I do not wanna see a Stefan's at the Super Bowl like no offence Stefan's. I do not want to hear conga. I don't want to hear any of that little cameo appearance so me maybe. But like I want you know, Nikki Jan lives here. I want a little NICKY jam. I'd love some trick daddy, if trick daddy was there. That would be awesome Rena starting to find the NICKY, James from Boston that, that just blew my mind DJ college the one that. Oh my God. This. So. Right. Seriously is named honestly. No. I mean, he must make great beats right for him to have the respect and keep getting on these songs were all he's saying the name. I don't wanna be must. See boys are. Some of my favorite one of my favorite muse musical acts of all time. But and I'm going to say this about how does the same people. He must have add some value to, like, why are all these big artists continually doing music with him if he doesn't add some. He's a brand absolutely social media. He's still weirds me out. I saw a video of him and his like his family in the pool and he was telling his like how old is his son Esau out to he's very comfortable with his shirt off very comfortable like it. I love just like Assad. He's like you think in too much right now. I don't think I love how for like like me. Four straight years, four straight years. He's been on this diet. He's promoting and he's always on a treadmill. And he's always talking about his progress, then, you know, wanna be a jerk. I'm fluffy rose, Dave. Grubman. That's true. You follow grummin on Instagram? No, dude, that's a body transformation, and he might run into the thing, Dan. Because remember, I see these clips of Dan, like these older? Like when we were in the fusion set and used to be like, really thin for dad almost two thin, but people still call them fat even back then. So he was like skinny fat grub and runs up against the same thing. But shut out the Dave Grubman for the body trade. The best celebrity body transformation. Jimmy Kimmel had a really good. Join a hill fluctuates. Yeah. But that fluctuates I'm talking about, you know, one big change. Jimmy Kimmel was fluffy. And now he's Jimmy Kimmel looks way, better way better. Now the hair though there's something going on there. You want to know one of one of my life regrets. I guess it shouldn't be a life for that's a bit excessive. So we've talked about purple on the show before purple is. Constantly in the gym, and he's constantly in the clubs whatever windows purposely. It's weird. I don't think purple sleeps. Do you think he has like Instagram on a timer so he can just continually post throughout the day? I don't know while he sleeps. I there's purple doesn't sleep. So a couple of weeks back, purple tag, the show in a story 'cause we got the little notification. Yeah. The show accounts like I was on the shows Instagram, Alison showed me, it should up messages like your tag. They wanna purple stories but we didn't see it and it disappeared within a day. So I have no idea what purple did that he posted about the show. Very sad, mess linger, you can always go back now. But like you fall. No, no. Because it was like a story of your own. You can always go back and see, I know scroll through Mexico back because sometimes when people reply to a story from months ago, I can go back and check the original, I think your story. No, he posted a story in tag, this show in it, and it was gone because a day had path, and at the time the show wasn't following purple. So we didn't get a look in the messages. It was in, like the other messages. That the request. Yeah. Do we have calls about? Verse back to the Jimmy Kimmel thing. I heard him on a podcast with Conan the way he lost all that weight originally. He said he didn't. He is like some weird fasting thing where he didn't eat anything on Mondays and Thursdays. Just a weird. I was just like I couldn't imagine doing that. It's a very effective diet, not eating, and I think a pin down. What's a little weirder about Jimmy Kimmel? And then he got his eyebrows done. I mean he's in Hollywood. I mean, I'm sure I mean, the pressures of Hollywood just waxed. Or I think. I think like there was like some stitching. I dunno. Like maybe an eyebrow transplant there's certainly a lot darker. Yeah. It's the eyebrows. Alison your Jimmy Kimmel expert. Am I wrong here with the, there's something with the eyebrow, eyebrow transformation with, oh, she's not going to see a negative negative? I'm giving. She's she loves them. Kim beard, help the beard, absolutely helped, and I heard that have you heard Alison, have you read the Conan, O'Brien episode Conan O'Brien needs friends podcast. No, no, you're saying. I listened to it. That's where I heard that the fasting story. Yeah. Conan's podcast is really good. I don't I know promote. Absolutely. That's good stuff really ever Selena Gomez. Eric online one Eric what is Selena Gomez is most famous song. The one I like is good for you. But yeah, I mean you guys are right as far as it's amazing. How popular she is when she basically just has a batch of about five or ten good song, which. I just wanna look good for you. Good for you. There's always. Yeah. I was talking about did she collaborate with anybody like that? Because I think our biggest songs eight Sabbah rocky. It's not just the collab-. I mean it's her song, and they said Br 'cause yeah lately, he's been collaborating with Hispanic artists, and it's just amazing, you know, Alvin get. And I like that song, right? Another thing I went to a concert in Miami. He's not he's not goodbye. Really? Surprise me live. Eric is communica mayo. She was one of the old. Yeah. Go ahead. Sorry. She was one of the opening acts for the Taylor swift concert, and I don't want to disparage Taylor in any way. Camille was by far the most talented person that night she was incredible incredible. And I don't know her, but I felt so happy for her because she's from south Florida. So felt like such a big moment for her that I, I was in the crowd and I was just getting emotional, four her, like I could feel her emotion, and it was being Mered by me. Great. So I did the meet and greet. And I actually grabbed my life to it because I was a fan. How did I? So. Good. I'm telling you, it was really emotional emotional. Yeah. Vanna. I just love. No. Yeah. I feel you know it was I'm telling you guys it was a moment where she was performing. It was so great. We're telling me that she's from America's got talent. And that's how she was. She was on shoes on x factor and they put her in farm, and again, then she eventually left fifth harmony, and they kind of painted her to be like the bad guy, but she was like, really talented. So like I don't necessarily blame her. And then they had a thing at an award show, where they had, like five people, it was after she left. So they had five of them on the stage, but she left the group and it was like, whoa. Fifth harmony. And then, like it was like a dummy, and they pushed it off the stage. It was very odd way. Sorry air Timberlake, the Timberlake, Eric, what's no wait. Hold on. How did you stay song who Camilla sheet? Oh, she has live popular, and it was, it was only like three hundred bucks to meter. Only really awkward because she was like, chatting up my wife and I'm like, I'm I'm the fan you know, playing five year old. That's, that's your fans. But whatever. Already settled once you told her, you know, on assuming very nice to you. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Jerry night. She seems very investment. Yes, she does. What's your second biggest song because I'll say Havana's probably better than any Selena Gomez song that up. But I also don't think she has much of a Catalino Bob. No. Once once she starts going. You realize how many songs she has? So like you didn't realize. Oh, white. That was a communicable song. She has a bunch of psalms. Yeah. Well, she'll has one solo album, and it was he won a bunch of awards for that. But yeah, she also is doing some of the collab- she just released one yesterday. And then she had one with look it up. But yet it you know, she's her her album. I think it's a little bit slower. So it's not gonna be like on all the pop top list. But it's, it's definitely. Great. And like I was saying her her actual voice at the concert topnotch is insane. I'm telling you, locate does not have a great wait. Did you get to meet hold on? Did you get to me, also or no, no? I went to the Jesse Camilla concert. I can only imagine how much it'd be to me. It's probably like a whole to do with security. She has a facial recognition software and just probably just like you shake a hand. Hello, goodbye. Probably Hanson ties after I think you can tell that. I don't I'm not a Taylor swift guy. Erica. Yes. Another surprisingly good act ear mentioning pit bull. Pistols, very good live. He the Tory did with Enrica was. For that one. I've seen him a couple times with Enrica. He does. He's done that to her a couple of wait. Where are you from you're not from Miami? No, I'm from the very okay down here for the music. Yeah. Offer everything. Or I love. What's the draw down here for dolphins game? Oh my God. Yes. I was at a dolphin patriots game linked to and they want a couple years ago. It was the mazing or, or cultured will sorry back to who who's surprising. Exactly. DJ Callan really come on dude. Eric, I've seen those stream I could see him putting on it entertaining show. Other people other people on the good show, and he's just there screaming. The hype man, and he brought out fat Joe. And it was it was down there in Miami to and Glenn went wild. It was all or nothing easy. I saw I saw DJ Cal performance like a Puerto Rico hurricane relief tour a concert Marlins park. Yeah. And DJ college set was crazy. He brought out TI at one point like he was just freaking out. He does he know. But it was awesome. I'm imagining Callard like the day of a concert. I don't have anybody to come out. What am I gonna do you gonna yell my name if you remember like beyond see had a tour and DJ follows the opening act, snapshots jets he would bring people out? Yeah. But that's fun. Right. But it kinda like imagine your favorite artists, but they're being pumped up by counts Hormann exact much better. That's like kind of his, his deal. Every DJ colleague concert is like an all star game. Essentially the only way he can do by himself. Is that song? And everybody's hands go up. That's they're like, that's his life. And also it's the same Kesse. Character. There's right for once. I'd really like for him to say, you know, it's Michael bull in, but you just someone totally out of left field Giorgio. It's my homie jot cicada. It'd be incredible. Edina manso. Remember frozen? It's your song was going back down. That would be great, actually Charles coming out and being, I recommend man. How do we make this happen? Eric. No, I wanted to be Kenny G and DJ. Four noises. Here's. As we worked suburban garden, gnome Catholic Catholic without stubbing it, he it moves, like not at all. It's inanimate and utterly without brain function. But despite that, when it got known his about how gyco not only saves people money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone. It's clear to them. 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All right. All right. So, Dan, we wait with bated breath. Your favorite Selena Gomez song. What would you say? She passes away tragically. What? Remember that? Lina Gomez that, like did it have to be tragic dark, imagine she has pneumonia, and she can't sing anymore. Drifts away. Inter sleep. Hold on a second retires. Hey, you know what she has battled serious? Jesus. You guys are out of control today. First of all, Dan. Yes. If you pass away, it would be tragic, no matter how it happened because she's in her twenties for ours is eighty years didn't cheat weight I feel bad because Selena Gomez should some as she dealt with the serious illness, right. Yeah. I think she had lupus lupus lupus. I don't remember asked me the other day, Mike you asked me to start naming all the Drake songs that I liked. And my I wanted my response to be is I know that song where he gets his feelings hurt because a woman wouldn't call him arm. Sorry, that's all the songs that's all the songs that has nothing zero to one hundred has known. Songs by names. I'm not good at that. Not. But that's the thing. She was Instagram's biggest follow for a long time. She dated Justin Bieber famously, but she doesn't really have the catalog to support such accolades. Didn't he like rent out the, the forum or something to, to wine and dine her one night at a Bieber did? Yeah. Of course, what it Selena Gomez do. Whoa. Guys, say gone Barney. She was on wizards of Waverly place. Like she had an accomplish acting career before she also had lupus and a kidney transplant. So the kidney transplant is what we were thinking about Jesus lupus, I don't think is the thing that goes away. I think that's something that you deal with your life soukous that took a dark turn. Yeah. I mean you guys are the ones that kill Mike kilter. What do you remember her? And so, the question I'll probably that time that Justin Bieber rented out forum defeat, her the word that song on, I tunes. I love you like a love song baby Frenchie to solved Ivars over here killing Selena. That is great. Reverence here too, too soon. Get out of it can't be too soon. That's a tragedy that really was that, that's you don't get it. There's another Selena before Selena Gomez. Well, yes, that was a real store namedrop aging or something, there was like obsessed with her. And how is it true story? That was a real. Did you know that Selena was a real artist? I know the Jennifer Lopez, it was a movie called Selena. That was real. Yeah. I mean, I don't know what offload you thought that that was a song that was just made for a movie thought it was just a movie. Wow. That is shock. Judge him put it on the poll at lebatardshow gear mode should Chris, Cody be vilified and judged for not knowing very much about the Selena Gomez resume and Cadillac. No, it's not Selena Gomez. He doesn't know that Selena Gomo LA flawed content to a mode. Mideast sit too was a real artist. He just thought it was a character in Jennifer Lopez vehicle. Dan? That's absolutely where shade is it? Yes, I don't feel it, usually I feel, shade when I should I'm just I feel like I just didn't know of you. I mean, she was she probably movies out there that are made that you don't know are based on a true story, perhaps she was. I mean I wouldn't make you feel bad about it. Did you did you see that? Cardi B, Cardi B says she doesn't have time to work out. But if you. Cardi B's. She looks incredible. And it's all plastic surgery. What it's apparent? It's all plastic surgery. She says that she's dropped over millions and millions of dollars on plastic surgery because she doesn't have time to work out. Isn't that obvious? If you look at her, I mean, she looked a lot, but it's incredible work is what I'm saying. There's this producer DJ Louis on. Is that how you pronounce it? Billy. I don't know. Produce a lot of, of the, the urban Latino hits and he used to be heavier set. And he's lost them. Wait shout out to him big wrestling fan. One of my favorite wallows on Instagram. However, he so clearly has fake apps. It's like what? Yeah. When I can do that. I know this guy seen them on Instagram before he was at RIC flair his birthday party. I had no idea. I was like talk a pin care. We went out through was he doing the song with bad bunny. Maybe he was there, presenting Rick flair with a plaque on behalf of bad bunny, because he produced the song, but he like, wait a minute. Bad bunny, didn't go to the party, not sent a plaque and DJ Louis Louis young. Yes. So and Rick wasn't happy that bad bunny was touring South America at the time when Rick cut a promo because you can Rick flair a microphone at its seventieth birthday party. It gets going to be a while it took twists and turns he namedrop four people in drop triple, h the doctors had saved his life me, weirdly and bad bunny. And he was very upset that bunny was, too. Hiring and couldn't make it for the seventieth birthday because you only turned seventy once however you only turn sixty nine. Nice six eight wants to that point was has been made yet you only turn everything once. Yeah, I don't know. Why was named their Ricardo Montalban type fake prosthetic upper body in the Star Trek movie, I'm telling you this, dude, you didn't know that. I knew that Ricardo Montalban had a fake pro was a prosthetic in terms of his just I didn't know that Mike Ryan is claiming that there's a guy wandering around there and celebrity with fake ads clearly this, this is my Accu sation because the rest of his body just does not fit. And then one day he just became supremely confident was showing off his ads and something just doesn't look, right? Just doesn't look. Right. I think it's the amount of fat before you actually get to the ads. He must work just the core constantly and nothing else. I'm glad that we're on this subject because I was thinking this at the gym the other day. So like, let's say that I went to a plastic surgeon, right? And I got calf implants. Right. If I start working out my calves a lot. Do you then see the implant if I'm going to be real? I wasn't thinking about cats at the time I was talking while. Yeah. Is that right? I was talking to my fiance, shake the rest of the body doesn't make sense. And look, he's squeezing yet to let me say tightening its core. So signing my fiance about, like, like people, but implants, like Mike marchant with. Voting random mentioned there. Plane that talent this talent years ahead of his time. So, like, yeah, if you were to get like, but implants, for example, right? And then you're just doing lunges and you're doing all kinds of the but workouts like can you then see the but implant because it's I'm assuming on top of your muscle. Right. So if you're developing the muscle underneath the implant, wouldn't that, like, enhance do what you've done because you're actually building a but, like if you gotta a implant, why would you work out your but you already have it done right? Mike. Are you showing me Mike marchant Vert Lewis on Joan Louisiana before the first time you saw it? You add like did Mike to show me a topless woman's photo because he's got the chest of someone that doesn't work out. The core as much as look at the light. That's not real. Right. I can't be alone. That's, that's where does it go? Can we empty out the fake Cody file for Mike marchant? And I know there's not time now but maybe we start the next feel with national show. So random enough for the local. Editorial decision. Maybe let's table this for the war. I mean, here's some of Lake City, a love it. Here's what's in the fake, Cody file light. Never heard I've never heard fame remember guys. This is a different time. I have to listen to everything because all over the age stop. Don't stop it social response. Marshawn many Greg Cody zones. I've had edit. I want to give people access to the fake, Greg, Cody his own son is in familiar, this was this predates his son's interest in our show. Chris Cody has no idea that there was a fake Cody out there in the first thing that I see is. D. Y niakliayeu. I can't even sung to the tune of maniac. Oh, that's right entre. Well, it's, it's pretty good. Let's hear it. Let's take your chances pick boy right to the break. No. If you're looking for the reason to work with a local gyco agent, I have all of them because I'm the voice of reason reason one. Geico agents could help you save on more than car. Insurance reason to they can help. Tell your policy to fit your needs reason, three their local and for their local. Yes, I already said that. But still, good reason. And if you're looking for more ways to save your local gyco agent could help with more than just your auto insurance. Stop by give them a call today. They're here to help.

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