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37 :: Gallivant in Peg-Leg Pants


with Grand Valley WHO AND WELCOME The Passion Project soldiers on my name is remedy Robinson. From a linguist author an ardent Elvis Costello Pan and this is an appreciation. This is an exploration of linguistics. Clever wordplay and the power of homophones Amish as framed by the peerless poetry of the modern day master Elvis Costello. Today's slow drag is with a voice in the dark from national ransom released in twenty ten. The songwriting is credited to Elvis. Costello reminiscent of Crooner ditties from the past notably pennies from heaven. It's a piece of unbridled word play and sheer delight. Nothing is so serious that it can then be sailed with Witty self-deprecation in a few of the live versions of voice. In the dark that I've heard Mr Costello begins with a MEL torme prelude a long time ago. A MILLION YEARS B C. The best things in life were absolutely free but no one appreciated a sky that was always blue and no one congratulated a moon. That was always blue. So it was planned that it must vanish now and then and you must pay before you get them back again. That's what storms were made for. And you shouldn't be afraid for Mobile. You can read right through a book of matches but that won't make you smart. You can laugh in the face of watches but time will only break your heart. That upbeat old-fashioned delighted crooning sets the scene. Well just listened to the joy where in for with this piece for lines. In with an a B structure conjuring the powers of both heart and mind the futility of reading a book of matches and laughing in the face of adversity. We can do our best. But these circumstances always seem to win out or will they. The word play in these first. Four lines would be enough for many other writers but the talented. Mr Castillo has so much more in store in the span of the next. Three minutes King's reign beneath umbrellas. High pennies down in cellars. Money pours down and yet not everyone gets soaking wet with an A B B structure. Now comes even more incredible word. Play a king ruling under umbrellas pretending to not benefit as pennies are squirreled away. The world is upside down another stunning four lines that have been strung together and yet there continues to be hope when bores in bullies conspire to stamp out. Your spark. Listen for a voice in the dark. The juxtaposition of a faint light in the darkness is as sweet as it is heroin. It's hopeful in hopeless at the same time. The words are so pleasant however that we barely notice the potential for an adverse situation now with the scene well established this master wordsmith ventures deeper into this whimsical mindscape. Not a moment too. Soon as we blew the MON and a Wolf began to hal in tune I announce for all mankind a boon stand aside too big boon now on the prize. Invention here the image of yourself. Forget your cares your disapproving stares. I'm not here to try to jump your borders disaster nieces and your daughters. What a joyous collection of sounds moon. Boone baboon care stairs borders daughters. All these smooth fitting words envelope a rare introspection. That comes through with charming optimism. It's the sort of passage that is fun to linger on for moments at a time. Hoping for clarity and not caring if it comes and flat as a soul and happy as a clam but you don't know the kind of man I am little fish swimming in a jealous show that my net is overflowing and suddenly. I seem to be all seeing all knowing. I got something right here. You Might WanNa hear. I have no fear Linda. Hand London near if you rent. Money is in arrears as promised the story that started with a pun continues to rely on the pragmatics of language to create as many connections as possible within such a short span of time. The rhyme stays consistent throughout the clever grouping of soul clam and shoal together with my net is overflowing defies sentimentality. Regardless of how jubilant it is in other words it doesn't seem to grind the teeth of his ardent guilt and revenge fans of which. I count myself among. We don't seem to balk at the remarkable altruism of this verse is just another verse that's fun to Linger over will be striking up a symphony bandstand long hair and lucid tooth. They'll be pirouettes and startling handstands but who but acrobats know how to tell the truth when all is said and then redundant they gallivant and peg leg pants. I'll be your servant. You'll be my pal and I'll be faithful. You know show. There's no fool like an old photo who blames it all upon his youth when times are tough and you find your down without a starter wish upon listen flora voice in the dark bandstand handstands. To in Truth peg leg pants and servant payer wets acrobats. Who are the only ones who know how to tell the truth in this circus of big words a gentle promise to be faithful pal? When Times are tough listen for a voice in the dark it's unadulterated sweetness and joviality. And then of course the clever Motif of restating the thesis as he ties it all back to the beginning shorter follow and so it does. I was striking through a box of matches. Hoping that one would spark I heard somebody call in to me of voice in the dark. A sound both wild and gentle daring and confidential. I thought there was music playing but it was all an only talk. The voice in the dark is both wild and gentle what could possibly be more fulfilling than that when liars and bullies conspire to stamp at your spark. Fill up that empty space in your heart. Listen as the Herald says hark believe in the voice in the dark twice before the refrain is to listen for the voice in the dark in this last iteration. It's touching to hear the directive is to believe in the voice in the dark. This is told without a hint of sarcasm or at least that's how I'd like to interpret it from top to bottom from beginning to end this pieces silly likeable and buoyant. There are three hundred and sixty eight words in the span of three minutes and thirty four seconds that fit together so naturally the story that unfolds is an exercise in cheery self awareness. It's been said a million times before but it's always worth repeating one of us. Castello song would be someone else's five or six songs no matter how dark the world can be. It's still a wonderful place. As long as we have Elvis Costello songs to take a slow drag with again. This has been a slow drag with a voice in the dark from two thousand. Ten's national ransom is the very definition of charm of wits of lighthearted whimsey wrapped in clever homophones of Amish. Pay To crooners of the past son by the ultimate crooner of our time. And that's it for today's slow drag my friend. Thank you for listening. I urge you to go back and listen to episodes sixteen and seventeen of slow drag with remedy. I might recite a small prayer and the quickening art. It's a slow drag with bedlam. Another gem from national ransom as well as a supplemental episode concerning the deep history of bedlam and the notion of music as last memory of our lives. Please follow us on twitter at slow drag remedy and please visit our companion blog for transcripts and references included in each episode. Of course everyone has a podcast. It's true and I'm proud to say this one's mine. It's called a passion project or reason so please. Tap The rate this podcast link in the show notes it's resource for where you can leave a rating and review. Thank you for listening and forgetting the word out about this little podcast. It means the world so until next time I do my little valley so.

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