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Once you've made your big discovery next you have to prove it works in our second episode of engineering big ideas we had to Milan to talk prototyping with our dino founder Mosima the band's visit Mazi dot com slash empowering innovation to watch the episode back the first editor podcast in about a month since Sis We're we're all we've caught up on sleep Bro laxed have on the podcast with me Jen Marston in January you're in these coastal more somewhere on the east coast I'll leave that to up for people to get an undisclosed location we have Chris Albrecht. I'm in a punk rocker here Chris and his island bunker yes I am yes also an undisclosed location Catherine fully disclosing around I think you're on Capitol Hill yes you guys I'll share with anybody if you want out okay well it's good to be back in kind of a tap this Mike and see if it still working we're GonNa talk about some of the stories of the week and I'm excited to start with the first one I think Christie wrote about it it's called the Bruti maker Brew Beer You with what are those two dots omelettes blitz they are spinal tap esque Wilde's or on what's whatever you WanNa say yeah sure I'm an ugly ugly American this thing it promises to remind promises me t perfect every time and lower your energy bill tells Chris also about this tea maker so so it's on kickstarter so let's put the caveat out there I if this product doesn't exist in the marketplace yet they built prototypes but it hasn't reached mass production scale so anything anything could happen between the time of its funding and if it ever comes to market so always have that Bhairavi wear whenever dealing with crowd funded projects but it's this countertop device automatically bruce t so that sounds kind of boring because you can just use a kettle and tea is really easy to make but what I liked about this was that it it allows you sort of so when I make t t every morning and it seems like as I look at it it's a very energy intensive process I fill up a kettle not all the way but I fill up more than I need and and I just boil it and then poured into a teabag and then they're still water leftover so I'm using more energy to heat more water than I need and depending on the kind of t t needs to be media need to boil water for every kind of tea in fact should be at different temperatures so this allows you to kind of control that and by doing so so even though that's like a small change right like it's only heating up enough water for your cup for the amount of for the amount of t want you can set it to whatever two hundred forty milliliters or whatever whatever the amount is it's only heating that amount of water and so that to me is like okay so if you do that every single day then you're actually not using thing as much energy and it probably won't show up on your energy bills like a huge thing but again it's those little things those incremental changes that could really changed the amount of energy use over that could put you know not a huge not like you know turning off your fridge but it's it's still an amount of energy or you're not using off off the grid you're not pulling off the grid yeah I mean I think that's interesting I think it's more interesting to me is I if I was like a Super Tea Aficionado I like the idea of getting exact temperature right because I'm sure if you're a tea person who really knows the way you like your tea brewed it's hard to dictate what the temperature would be if you're putting ahead on a pot or whatever you want to say but but at this little is you kinda hit that exact precise temperature yeah and again it's so like I have an electronic kettle that has different settings so it's got like an Yulong setting like a green tea black tea so but again I'm over filling it yet we well I don't want to Brag but you know for people who are like it's it's probably not as rabid as I coffey people are you know that coffee culture but you know you certainly see we saw this I think people who mytalk this might immediately think like oh great you know how tough is it the boil water and put it in you know put it in a cup and it might ring for spoon readers they might remember the T. four which launched at smart kitchen the very first smart kitchen summit I remember seeing that thing at the smart kitchen someone and it promise granular controls over the very specific types of tea you have and to have it at the precise brew steeping times and you know the tasted good but it was a fifteen hundred dollar machine and you know that's it's a tough sell t fauria than folded a couple years later just because people aren't gonNA spend fifteen hundred dollars on a on a T. making machine with like it hadn't in hand blown crafts glass graphs and it was just you know in retrospect you could say well it's kind of silly but I think it's sort of what I like is at its it's using kind of a smart device to really not only allow you to set the temperatures you want to have more precise control over your t but also making better use of resources a combination of those things and all for about one hundred and fifteen bucks us I think if you're a back at the nail now that the difference with two four as the two forty was like fifteen hundred dollars this is about one tenth the price to forty did have some features at that were cool the fact that you could like kits and flavor notes some kind of adjust those which the they talked about but I think trying to convince anyone to buy a fifteen hundred tea maker is really tough especially when you have companies like gourmet doing knockoffs which we we saw soon after the two forty launch so but yeah I'm interested to see how this one does I'm intrigued by it I couldn't bring myself to bite because I I'd probably be in trouble Oh but Chris are you going is this you can see on maybe you're under your Christmas tree next year well what I was actually what I could see dot spoiler in case they're listening but for my parents you know it's it's not shipping until February so it would be like a piece of paper placeholder and again hopefully it makes it the market 'cause they they don't want another right press situation but you know my dad and mom drink tea all the time and you notice like my my parents are up right now and I went to go use the kettle this morning and it was full of water and other why is this a somebody was heating up too much water last night and that's that makes you sound like the old man who's using my cattle but it I think for them it's something that would be pretty useful and you know if if it works for them then I would get one for myself as well Jenner tea drinker I am Nam but my just Chris you mentioned of of parents made me think of my mother who actually still measures out water and puts it in her electric kettle to make tea every morning because she's very very much about not wasting water not heating up more than you need something like this would really speed up that process for a person like her who super for conscientious about how much energy they're using well the other thing too that I forgot to mention is that you can use either loose leaf tea or tea bags so you don't have to get like any kind of particular pod or some kind of Ti pod to throw in there it can be it can fit already into your existing T. lifestyle as a T. new over here if I got this and like I don't know I boil water for tea and I just do it all same and you're saying there are different temperatures that bring out the nuances of different teas today have any sort heard of guide to help you figure that out that I am not sure if there's any sort of official thing that would come along with it in terms of presets at looked from the video that they showed that you were sort of you could there's a there's a dial button that you push so you might have to kind of research a little bit more but that would be easy enough to find out you

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