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Darwin-Wallace paper on natural selection published - August 20, 1858


From fireworks on the fourth of july two long holiday weekends away. There's plenty to look forward to during the summer but why way to celebrate new deliciously spreadable konichi kana cheese singles is giving you a reason to celebrate every single day with their single best. Stay sweepstakes visit create with cacani dot com for your chance wants to win fifty dollars daily prizes and a grand prize of one thousand dollars plus get tips and inspiration to help make every single day the best day ever this day in history class is production of iheartradio. Hey i'm eve and welcome to this day. In history class a show that uncovers uncovers history one day at a time today is august twentieth two thousand nineteen the day with august twentieth eighteen fifty eight british naturalist charles darwin darwin and alfred russel wallace published the first printed formal exposition of the theory of evolution by natural selection in the early eighteen eighteen hundreds french naturalist john baptiste lamar developed a coherent theory of evolution by then ideas around the transmutation of species <music> as evolution was called. We're already percolating and during these years the principle of natural selection had already been recognized natural selection is the process that leads to the survival and reproductive success organisms best adapted to their environments and that causes the selective elective reproduction of the best genetic qualities but darwin and wallace's work put a spotlight on natural selection after reading robert chambers. I book vestiges of the natural history of creation wallace became intensely interested in figuring out how evolution works he traveled and collected and studied studied plants in animals in eighteen fifty four he left for an expedition to the malay archipelago and spent years studying specimens in writing and contemplating evolution in eighteen fifty five while he was answer raw walk in borneo he wrote a paper titled on the law which has regulated the introduction of new species which demonstrated his understanding of the process of evolution scottish geologist charles lyell l. red wallace's paper and began to consider theories of evolution in eighteen fifty. Six darwin told lyle that he had been working on theory that explained how evolution works for twenty years lyle encouraged him to publish his ideas but darwin was set on writing an extensive look on natural selection around the same time wallace would come up with the idea of natural selection. He wrote an essay on natural selection on an the indonesian island in february eighteen fifty eight. He then sent the essay along with the letter to darwin whom he knew was interested. Sit in evolution. The letter arrived at darwin's house in kent in june of eighteen fifty eight so british botanist and darwin's friend joseph joseph dalton hooker linked up with charles lyle and they decided to present wallace's essay along with excerpts from darwin's writing on natural selection and they presented the paper at a meeting of the society of london on july first eighteen fifty-eight darwin and wallace were not present at the meeting in which was attended by around thirty people on august twentieth. The paper was published in the journal of the proceedings of the lithuanian society zoology. Its title was on the tendency of species to form varieties and on the perpetuation of varieties and species by natural means of selection and in the publication darwin's writings were put before wallace's essay making it seem like darwin's contributions took priority the paper <music> included extracts from darwin's eighteen forty four manuscript of a work on species and an abstract of a private letter darwin addressed to american botanist as a gray gray in eighteen fifty seven to show that darwin's views had not changed between eighteen forty four and eighteen fifty seven the paper also included who'd wallace's essay titled on the tendency of varieties to depart indefinitely from the original tight in the introduction to the paper lyle l. hooker say that both darwin and wallace conceived the same theory and can quote claim the merit of being original thinkers on the topic and that both of them unreservedly placed their papers in our hands but that was not the case wallace later said that his essay say was printed without his knowledge and without any correction of proofs the paper was reprinted in other magazines darwin decided to halt work on his extensive book on the subject and instead write an abstract of what he'd already written that abstract became the foundational text on the origin of species published in november of eighteen fifty nine wallace continued to work on and write about natural selection. Go wallace has been overshadowed by darwin in recent years for his role. In developing the theory of evolution by natural selection wallace acknowledged darwin's ruins pioneering work on the subject during his lifetime. I'm eavesdrop coat and hopefully you know a little more about history today then you did yesterday if you you have any burning questions or comment to tell us you can find us on twitter instagram and facebook at t d. I h podcast. I thanks again for listening and i hope you come back tomorrow. For more delicious morsels of history <music> for more podcast iheartradio visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows in the montgomery county maryland courthouse there are thousands of pages of documents detailing the horrific murders of three innocent people soon as i heard the details. I knew my dad was involved right away. Instantly i says lawrence but at the time of the murders lawrence horn was clear across the country. 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