What would Dwayne Haskins bring to Giants? Land Grant Holy Land's Patrick Mayhorn tells us


Welcome giants fans. You are listening to the Valentine's views podcast here on big blue view radio part of the SP nation family of podcasts. I'm your host at Val anti big blue view today's show is going to focus on the New York Giants quarterback situation as the off season begins to roll along. The quarterback situation is the one right now, that's in the news constantly, the one that has all of the questions surrounding it. What is the future of Eli manning? What will the giants do in the draft? Will they look to replace ally? You know with a veteran placeholder, you know, while they look for their quarterback of the future today a little bit later. We're going to be joined by Patrick may horn of SP nations, Ohio State website land grant holy land. Patrick, and I recorded a. Russian about Dwayne Haskins the house Ojo state quarterback who's considered to be the the top quarterback available in the upcoming draft class will play that for you a little bit later rate. Now, though just wanted to talk a little bit about the giants options going forward at quarterback in two thousand and nineteen. I still believe that as long as he wants to play that did giants intend to bring ally manning back next season. And at this point, I believe that remains to be their best short term option when it comes to veteran quarterbacks. I there's a lot of interest in Nick foles of the Philadelphia Eagles have written at big blue view. I simply don't think that's a realistic option for the giants fact is even if the eagles decide that they wanted to trade foles. Why would they move foles too? To a team within division. Not to mention the fact that why would the giants turn around and give several draft picks to the eagles. That would help the eagles set themselves up for even more future. Success a deal between those two teams just doesn't make sense. And really neither does the idea that the eagles would allow foles to become a free agent. I simply don't see that happening. Not when they could be able to trade foles, you know for draft choices for things that can help them in the future. I seriously doubt they would just allow foles to walk away. Another option. People can consistently talk about his teddy Bridgewater, and considering the Bridgewater hasn't played in three years. I'm just I'm not convinced that Bridgewater is a guy that you can build around. He was not impressive in the one game. He played at the end of the season. For the New Orleans Saints, and we can't make a definitive judgment off of that. But the thing about Bridgewater is that even if you sign Bridgewater. I think you need to go into the draft. And find yourself a plan b because I'm just not convinced at this point. Teddy Bridgewater is a long-term answer the third name that keeps coming up is Joe flacco of the Baltimore Ravens. It's apparent that. The ravens are going to move on from flacco with Lamar Jackson having taken over that job in Baltimore thing about Flaco. When I look at it, though, it only makes sense to me to bring flacco to the giants. If he li- manning were to retire. Simple reason that flacco. Yes, he's younger than manning. But he's basically the same quarterback. He's an older quarterback. Not really a mobile quarterback guy who. Probably in my view at this point is probably not even as good as Eli manning at this point. So any is also more expensive than than ally. If you look at their two thousand and nineteen cap hits. So that one doesn't make sense to me unless the giants are in a situation where ally manning decides he does not want to play in two thousand and nineteen. There's no way I could see the giants going out and intentionally replacing manning with flacco, at least that's not something that I would do. So you know, that leads us to to the draft. And obviously things have gotten a little bit interesting in the draft class with Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State having declared and now this week with the news that Keiler Murray, the the Heisman Trophy winner from Oklahoma is perhaps going to declare for the for the draft something. That people didn't think he was going to do since he's already signed a baseball contract with the Oakland days. There are talent evaluators out there who believe that Murray a smaller quarterback at five nine or five ten is a guy who still a first round talent, perhaps a late first round kind of a pick. So that just adds intrigue to the situation. But today, let's focus on Dwayne Haskins. And to do that let's play for you an interview that I did with Patrick may horn of Espy nations land grant holy land regarding Haskins. Okay. Giants fans we are joined now by Patrick may horn of SP nations, Ohio State website land grant holy land. And Patrick is here to to talk about someone that the giants fans are very interested in these days that would be quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Patrick, how are you? I'm doing great. How are you? I'm good. Thank you very much for spending a few minutes with me today. You know? Hey, so so let's just start with this. Have you since Haskins declared for the draft. You have have you seen sort of the the hysteria in in giants land these days. Yeah. I think that that would be a pretty good way to describe it. I'm I'm not as tuned into NFL fan basis as I am to to college fan bases. But I have certainly seen just in like the replies to his tweets. And from various giants fans that I do happen to follow online. And it seems like people are very excited about him. And I think for for good reason because he's he's a very very interesting quarterback is a very interesting player. And I can certainly, you know from watching him all your I can certainly understand. Why people are so excited about him. Well, you know, I'm sure that it was a a PR thing. But did he really have to go in and put, you know, a drawing of himself in a giants uniform on social media. Duane is. This is something that Ohio State fans. Have I don't know if enjoy endured is the white right word because it's really not. I mean, he's just he likes to play the social media game a little bit. He likes to he likes to tease fans a little bit. And he he spent several weeks after the the season ended saying that you know, he might come back. He might go. He's he's fifty fifty. And I think that he's the guy who you know, he's he's what twenty twenty one years old. He's he's a young guy who likes the social media attention. He likes that. He can he can drum up so much hype. From, you know, a graphic tweeted out, and I think that he's definitely a guy who is, you know, he's not going to take everything super seriously all the time. And that's that's part of what makes him, you know, such a likable character and such a such a fan favourite at Ohio State is. That he's got this more laid back side. He's he's a leader. And he's able to you know to focus in when the game is actually happening but off the field. He's this very fun. Very joyous person. And I think that that comes through in his social media that's interesting because that's a little bit different than the the current New York Giants quarterback near the guy. That's been the franchise guy for the last decade in a half, you know, ally manning, I'm not sure even knows what Twitter Instagram. Yeah. That would probably be fair to say. But you know, let's talk a little bit about Haskins the player, did you expect this what you got from Haskins this year entering the season a guy that was really a first year starter. Did you expect what we saw a guy that wound up in the Heisman Trophy conversation? I was on the I was on the side of Dwayne when there was a quarterback battle in the spring between him and LSU quarterback Joe borough. And I was I was pretty confident that Dwayne was going to be very good. And I think that that almost makes it more significant. How surprised I was that. He was as good as he was I you know, I expected that he would step in and be a a very solid starting quarterback immediately. But I did not, you know, even in like, the the the best of the best. I did not imagine that he would be a Heisman finalists thawing for almost five thousand yards fifty touchdowns. He was just excellent. And I think that coming into the season we knew that his potential was sky high his his arm talent his just ability to play the game. But we didn't know that he would be so polished so ready to play right away. And he he really did. I think just blow away the whole fan base. And that's even you know, I even I was blown away. And I expected quite a bit of Dwayne. I thought he was going to be a very very good player. I thought it might just be a couple years down the road not as a redshirt sophomore first year starter. So was there, you know, what you would basically call an aha moment a sort of own my God. What have we got here? This guy is really really good. Was there? One of those moments or one of those games where that realization just sort of set it settled in during the season. I think that the the game where he really shined the most may not have been an aha moment. But the TCU game released stands out to me is a, you know, this guy is for real moment. But even from the first game against Oregon state. He he came out, and it just the offense felt completely different from what it did under J T Barrett. It it felt like you could really trust whenever he was going to drop back that he was going to make a play. He was games going to you know, be willing to throw the ball anywhere on the field. And that it would get to the receiver and the the confidence that he plays with the way that he carries himself on the field and the throws that he makes really from the get-go he was firing all on also under and I think later on in the season against teams like Michigan northwestern, and then Washington to indices, and he was really at his peak. But even going back to just the beginning of the euro member him making throws that I've I've never seen Buckeye quarterback. Make before. So I think it was almost immediate a stern as he stepped onto the field. But he he went and proved himself against TCU against Penn State in these these big moments and stepped up and continued to make those big throws kind of made you realize that this was you know, he's the real deal. This guy is a an NFL talent. And one of the if not the most talented quarterback in school history. So if you look at it, you know, obviously, he put up great numbers this year. He's QB one, you know on on pretty much every analysts draft board at this point. And yet, he's only got the fourteen college starts. Are there any sort of red flags for you or concerns about Haskins as an NFL quarterback? I think that the the main concerns for me, and they're not I wouldn't call them red flags because personally, I think Dwayne Hassans is going to be an extremely successful enough. Oh quarterback. But the the hangups that he's had this season that showed up a little bit against the against Penn State where in the fourth quarter, Ohio State pretty much had to go to an all screens all underneath offense, and it showed up a little bit against Purdue at showed up a little bit later on in the season. In the second half of the Washington game is his ability to handle pressure or lack thereof and it improved quite a bit. As the season went on. I think the walking got better too. But early on in the year. He really didn't. He didn't seem to know what to do when there was heavy pressure in his face. And he I think relied on his his pure, arm talent and athletic ability, a little bit too much at times early on in the season where he would you know, he would see a guy blitzing. He would see a guy getting close to. Him and he wouldn't think decided feet for she'd just oh the ball with his arm, and you would see some accuracy issues. You would see some some decisions that weren't necessarily the ideal thing you would want your quarterback to be doing where he's throwing it into triple coverage is trusting his arm a little bit too much. And that really it faded down the stretch. It was not a it was not as big of a deal in the last couple of games, especially against Michigan a defense that I thought was going to give him a lot of trouble. He he didn't struggle at all of them. But I do think that it'll be a bit of a learning curve for him to get into the NFL and to to face defenses that you know, weekend week out can get pressure on the quarterback. And I think that he will have to he'll have to shore up his his technique a little bit when it comes to setting his feet when it comes to not just doing the the first thing that comes to mind, and and trying to you know, trying to do too much. He he has to not necessarily learn, but he has to improve his. Ability to play within himself and trust his his mechanics and trust his technique rather than trying to resort to just using his arm to to make those because that's when he starts to get in trouble. So let's talk about this aspect of Haskins entering the NFL, you know, in two thousand eighteen I think we saw five quarterbacks. Taken in the first round all of those quarterbacks wound up playing a significant amount. If not starting you know, right from the get go in the two thousand eighteen season with the giants. We don't know right now if Eli manning is going to be back next year. I tend to think he will be regardless of what the giants do in the draft at quarterback. Is haskins. Or would he be better off in a situation? Like that say with the giants where there was a veteran in place who probably would play, you know, most of the time in two thousand and nineteen you know, a guy that he could kind of sit and learn from would that be a good situation for Haskins going forward. I think that if he does get to spend a year behind a guy like ally manning, it would be helpful for his development. I think that that is a situation. He would probably thrive in just, you know, learning from a veteran quarterback how to how to handle pressure a little better how to stick to those those techniques like I mentioned, but I also think if Eli manning is to retire. And if if Dwayne is the starter from day one, I think he can handle that he he might not have a a rookie season on the level of like Baker Mayfield. Then I think that you will see some. Young quarterbacks struggles as you would with any rookie. But I think that really regardless of the situation Dwayne going to be able to adapt and handle it and ultimately thrive. He's he's done it at Ohio State now. And I think the NFL's obviously a different game. It's a it's a different experience. But I think that he has the maturity the the field will wear nece the intelligence, and then ultimately the natural ability where whatever the situation the giants or any other team put him in. He'll be able to succeed, you know, either from the John bore after a year or two on the bench. I I'm not I'm not super worried about that Slask question for you in regards to to Haskins and New York, you've talked a little bit about his social media. You talked a little bit about, you know, he likes to have fun. You know, New York is a little bit of a different animal in the way that it treats its athletes in the way that it treats its quarterbacks. Just in terms of the media and the pressure that gets put on some of these some of these guys. Can he handle the New York environment? I know that Dwayne growing up was in. He's from Maryland. He's he's used to the the northeast and he's used to living in a city if I remember correctly. And the, you know, the New York the New York bright lights, so to speak and the the media attention infanta tension. He'll get there certainly going to be an adjustment. But I think that if there's ever been an Ohio State quarterback that I've seen even a college football quarterback that I've seen that is able to to handle that attention and thrive in it. It's him. He he is the these the exact kind of personality that can survive and really make that that attention work for him. He he is a. I don't want to say that he's built to be a superstar because he's still he's such a young quarterback. They're still so much that he's going to be you know, improving onto his game and changing about his game. And it's just it's impossible to say with one hundred percent certainty that any young quarterback will become you know, a a great player a guy who thrives. But I do think that his personality the way that he carries himself has confidence. I think Joel super well with New York, I think that on and off the field. He's the kind of guy who can really not just not just live in that system and kind of make it work around him and kind of try to ignore it as much as he can. But I think that it's something that he would really delight in. I think that having that that fan base having that attention as something that he almost you know, almost was missing at Ohio State, and that's that's strange to say because Ohio State has such a massive fan base. But I think. Duane is more than willing to be that, you know, that media darling. More than willing to be that guy who has to carry the the weight of a whole city as the quarterback in. I think that's something. He would really enjoy doing interesting Patrick. Thank you very much for spending. Some some time with us perhaps. We'll get we'll get back with you guys a little bit closer to the draft regarding you know, some of the other Ohio State draft prospects. Really appreciate your taking a few minutes. Of course. Happy to come on, man. Hey, no. Thank you. Okay. Giants fans we think Patrick may horn of land grant holy land for spending some time with us dropping some knowledge about Dwayne Haskins. They potential pick for the New York Giants at number six in the upcoming NFL draft. Also wanted to remind you please subscribe to big blue view radio on all of your favorite podcast applications. Check out our Facebook page. Check us out on Instagram. 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