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<music> hub hopper originals hello friends who welcome to the podcast executive mom stories. He's this is not an ordinary business podcast but this show is with ordinary people who are making an extraordinary efforts the working moms who are with juggling to keep a balance at walk in home today on executive mom stories shelly sudan sherman simple things like for example it whether you should food massage your child yourself or should you hire manage money so a lot of people use to tell me my my mother said oh no no modest but he's good you get a good modestly. They do massage but somewhere in my head. I failed at monash. What he the new potential points the she would know what is reflect solid you for aww side. How would she know what art of the body needs to missed. Michelle lee is a mother of fires boy and the communication consultant. It didn't having twelve years corporate experience. Where shirley is the founder of blah. The jumper tree a must go platform for parenting tips and hacks. She holds a bachelors in mass communications from i._b. College for women delhi university and masters in international public relations from cardiff university woah sleep et presents us walking slurp farm as we'd be marketing n._p._r. Is flooded to have you on that. The episode that you could take off on sunday or what are you doing and it's a pleasure to be a part of something which is such a great initiative peter thank you vote to a broker and as a mother has started simultaneously incident forty yeah it is it has been a very very beautiful journey for me old so you know how <hes> a woman has to juggle chugging since strengthening date. My life is being lick. That was when i couldn't see it was the euro three codeine eighteen. I was pretty much shored. That knife is going to change in ways beyond comprehension but not pregnancy. He was extremely got so i could not get on and that was when off you know oh came in my life and <hes> tom. I was expecting a north pins on nine. Hundred hundred good that dogging is a great way to excessive points <hes> as a model as a new mom. I was overstated kind of extremely confused about teams that among a new mom should do not do you have your mom the mom and low around but you still to want to not fall but it this new wave of upbringing ninety so i used to walk on nine. You don't do that is is that a lot of questions that are new more expedience mom for that matter. Has you know they are constantly looking for something which violates their own beliefs <unk> and systems so that's when this idea of logging came into existence and the jump marine her sooner bugsy each tabooed five years of age and i'm not putting them booth with an investor who would would would you believe what you wanted to explore. It's very simple things like for example. Whether you should massage your china your self or should you hire managed by so north. People used to tell me my mother-in-law said modest good. You get a good modestly massage but somewhere in my head i felt at monash what he believes the exact pressure points the she would know what is legit for child ready food giant giant. How would she know what off of the body needs to best. That's what's that team which kind of these kind of practices which offense to be questioned and why to blindly follow what other people are doing. I i didn't know what have i never heard him. Honestly i did it all by myself so think these you know they want. Someone told me that oh you know what you should not win. The child is napping and offended tended. It's difficult big if he's sleeping and i won't manage things are managed those other things while he was asleep because i can't speak when he sleeping spur producers or you don't you would be able to feel fresh because if you sleep with the baby the new low viscosity aspects abebe it never happens like that but you know and people should not force themselves sounds to do things like this because it's not possible itself so these things these were the beef the <unk> egypt traditional practices which effort that off aw adding too much seth and finish knife of new mother whose anyways very stressed about an order for the things and then suddenly beeper telling her this. This is right it not that you should do it this way not that we you know these were the belief that have wanted to your midst. I wanted to bust and <hes> <hes>. If you go to my blog you will see that i lead one thing to each and every read out there that do what instincts the going to go straight like. I said topics like these the ones which i feel that mum's googling the most for example. I wanted the two new at what age should i discontinue breastfeeding and i knew that this was one question. The north men's would have in mind so usually i kind often from all a sectoral model of what is it that she's looking for. What kind of questions baby food jars height and weight is my baby green at the right base than when the child is a talk no certain other things that are so meeting more and more people like minded nine to keep and also when you of you get a lot of you know understanding what kind of topics that people are searching for so it is a mix of experience and a lot to speak demands like me. I'll be ready to go. Findings from the google did go big defunding. You'd go to do snack. I said you know you speak to fifty people and alice fifty people for the telugu lose something something which is in sync with good philosophy for example you know you can win your child after eight months and you know that that's necessarily ankle that's looking for me and that's probably my baby actress and telling me the same thing and a lot of other monson who thinking i follow that but i'm not a firm believer in often people to do what i'm doing at least lieber disclaimer in the end saying that but at the end of the unique or personal instinctive tired wants to get you on feeding new oh you're the one wanting to have milton go with the flow but after eight months it's okay to you know even the switch over to autumn mother. What worried you the most and how many more do that you know. I don't worry too much about auguste pigs because those things to me earlier but i move forward in this journey of muddled i these things which every mom is wetted about should not rinus that she needs to learn to let go and reduced. This mom geared these students over hype when i was a new mom abusive enemy all you don't know you must squid john and work from home or just don't work because you have a time in your life. I i feel that. Why is this unknown in a society. Why is it a woman is not allowed to do what she wants to do. Being a mother is not a liebler <unk> woman look after your family and renting if the mother wants to step out and walk or starting join again that would mom that she's you know more than herself. She's made to feel like that reggie working in the office. She's made to feel that all why she's doing this. You should be with the child because the child is probably not eating drinking when hooping well. I feel that these things which every mom experiences at some point you should let go of these things. Let go of habits nick of of your child. It's okay coach. Ivan knock drank too much because he can't see you around or they're tightening not not fall ill because he's crying because you something is not happened the where the china wants. Let and let go of this woman rich draft. Do what you feed cd is right. Sometimes it is easier said than to do you do and still doing you know flake blake every day. Something goes right and then some things are legal and that's when you question us other hearing our philosophy of wanting to let go. Was it right thing to do but you just have to believe in yourself and just being stubborn and it's okay we deal with this mums <unk> one two situations they wanna make sure that you know the house clean and the baby's the china's welfare they didn't do everything was under. Sometimes it's not possible. I know that even at times when i feel that letting has happened for me and suddenly when i know ooh i come back from that and you think that he you know i can't let let gu. I think the thing thing is that you sit back and think of beep briefly five minutes and ask you says gideon mcgee wa is this is not happened. Will it really seems life if if the china's not haggas milk in the evening today literally changed his life. It's okay he can have it at night. He can have it tomorrow. We can compensated the giving him yogurt cheese. Whatever define new peace and act will blinking who like to do so yes our deck with it and <hes> did obvious as to deal with it but i think it's important to <hes> the good that there are symptoms. Dan defied the symptoms and what are you doing being sued. If things the meaning they were if he does the public. You know that have been times this than i have written. Something and i've got feedback with north people have come back to me and said that who will but you know this is not right because you that was my initial yours because at that point in time i was kind of still big rig of myself but after a while i realized is that it's ready to be very mindful of all sorts of experiences that it logging to <hes> sometimes what you see see. You may not mean it in a particular way but people take it doesn't offense so i've started putting disclaimers towards the end. I've stopped talking to more and more like i said my sample size was expanded. Those <unk> red eye released then people and figured out on certain. I would just go. Nothing's changed any talk booted movie to get ninety decent awesome get credibility. It's very important to be very very careful of the language. You should not be authoritative in what you you should want these leave it to the reader to the site at the you are absolutely you're just giving them a framework. It's not an authority say. This is what you must do. While i was miss. Leave it to them. I always tell them that. This could be one of the ways of something but if you have your own instinct to former which you must them do that and eh <unk> instead of the inaugural wood heating matlock who did a few you must be injecting as you said we know so people food particularly in what are the cdc was struggling to find. I do think the silly actually because i feel it even a simple question. Elect baby's poop color steen suddenly found still people out there who don't know anything about you know in the initial stages of <unk> giants poop but some of those silly questions and like. I said they're not silly but i feel that they're very valid for example couches. Can we put agile which is an ice because revealed the decisive grew on you know bathing <unk> milk will electing complex the next <unk> those age org traditional baptises rich <laughter>. I think existed for some other reasons but have been this indicated offered sample it. Is it okay to of you know <hes> questions which i feel maybe both know but they are important become lupin sipping credit bringing mix of traditional and modern but you know what is right and what is not yourself by experiencing it and that goes out hobie income food in controls being dame's in the league and this is also a very very important question that a lot of readers actually most of the time ninety percent of the time the question to these only ridden or ask. Nobody different screen time me limited. I feel like today with dad's and the ourselves are so gadget inclined that <unk> is just doing what we are doing the right i have you know there was a time when he was all zuhdi addicted to it by extending to other day and i realized i said this was not picking this anywhere so now i as soon as cocoon with a take him out for his biking cycling sports foods in the night <unk> books <hes>. I'm only giving him half an hour of t._v. Exposure which is in the form of nat g._o. Or something just more informative discovery channel that he can learn a lot about what's happening around so his screen name has been taken gill if it never happened overnight and and i knew every person is dealing with every parent has this question everyone receives that you can be what you can but don't only you think this don't give up like today. If you try to watch him five us next week. Bring it out to food then three then do it can never be like yes. It can never be so this patient likewise with food. Eating habits do not ever ever exposed to be jealous. Eating i went to difficulty. We have the dundas but these fixer as-as again and it's never believed if you had five of each child has been used used to eating certain foods that's actual their tastebuds evolving even today to introduce something nuclear child and your child died nip assistant then times he's he will say no no eleven time he'll automatically yoshi will have i was explodes and then you'll see that one may he'll she's exactly an cocoon hobie keeping millions among radius bonding nodes mother blogger equalize hollywood. It's hard but but i think it just keeps me sane. You know i feel like this very little time. You know in the sense. Even twenty four hours. I due compromise on my sleep was so which is not a good thing but ethnic this is mccain and i want to give a lot the people around them my family or their people like me in his on his own but it's moms or dads you you don't feel that we should be able to explore avenues displays and you never know i mean in that goes of these stressing. Something beautiful might happen to you. Would you feel was at your blessing in this. We know that may not have taught all and in those three years when keun mitch i i was able to be more creative expressive and i was also making money so you these things don't one is never evolve while you're hot action. If you are aiming at money feeble fascinated and everything else was do pace. Thank you sleep. Go way entry someday. We won't be arsenal's. Thank you hannah working. Mums learn to let go and come out of the mothers killed many times. Sometimes things happen unplanned but they will give you good surprises too so just folio instincts have a wonderful time and stay tuned to execute a mom stories stories. We would love to hear from you for any feedback ought to be guest on our show. You can reach us at e._m. Stories are jimmy dot com or execute executor's. Mom stories facebook page. I hope you enjoyed this hubbub original podcasts. If you wanna get started with your own show plays do get in touch. We'd love to have you onboard sending email to info at hubbub dot com. That's info and hubbub dot com and look it back to you in a flash looking forward to creating some great audio content together.

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